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Monday, July 30, 2007

M I L E S T O N E – 400th Post: Barbadians need to respect Handicap Parking spots

This is a momentous occasion, started late December and now we are at late July, and Four Hundred posts later, so in my view this entry needs a pithy matter –

If I am wrong and it can be proven, I am willing to update or delete this entry, let me know via

But do these shots taken at Big B from Saturday 28th July strike you as a disabled person parked in this spot?

I have a big bugbear over such incorrect use as my mom is a diabetic with feet which had surgery, and when she does get out and about, she needs those spots like how you need water after crossing the Sahara.

For that matter, Big B needs to do like their BS&T cousins DaCosta-Mannings Fontabelle branch and have the Handicap spots closer to the entrance and put their shuttle service where they currently house their Handicap Service (one sign was knocked down and they have the single indicator left)!

Congratulations to Bajan Reporter blog on reaching a significant milestone. Even before BU started-up we have enjoyed our visits to the site where a wealth of information can always be found; especially on issues related to entertainment and sports!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations To Bajan Reporter Blog~When We Grow-Up We Want To Be Just Like You!

  1. Excellent work! More of us need to help with cleaning up the mess, one step at a time, which is our country.

  2. the relevant association for the handicapped should be allowed to issue car stickers to qualifying handicapped persons that would certify who is allowed to park in such areas

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