Barbados Underground Reminisce About The Time Owen Arthur Threatened To Quit Elective Politics

view_5083.jpgDuring the course of the week while listening to a call-in radio program, a caller’s discourse reminded us of the early 90’s when Prime Minister Owen Arthur who was a struggling Leader of the Opposition at the time; threatened to resign. It is amazing how fate intervened to result in the elevation of Arthur to the highest post in the land. Arthur who we believe professes to be a religious man must deliver prayers on a frequent basis to the almighty for the blessing he has seen fit to bestow on the short man.

It makes for interesting observation that to this day we have not heard a forgiving Barbados public question Arthur’s commitment to politics. Maybe it explains his unreserved acceptance of Clyde Mascoll to the Barbados Labour Party fold_leader of the Opposition one day, Junior Minister in the Prime Minister’s office the next.

As the caller rightly pointed out; the then leader articulated, in one of the most passionate deliveries seen in the august chamber of parliament, that on his opposition salary he was indeed struggling to “make ends meet”. It is noteworthy that his wife at the time was a qualified nurse who we assume would have been supplementing the income in the Arthur household at the time. We believe that Arthur was able to attract other income by lecturing at the University of the West Indies. BU believe that the Arthur household would have been classified as middle income at that time and with prudent financial management of the household the budget of the Arthurs’ should have been able to “eek -out” a decent existence. Wasn’t he a trained Economist! It would be enlightening if Arthur for the sake of clarity could define what he considered to be a decent salary back then so that we could map-it to the current scenarios.

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During his passionate delivery many people were driven almost to tears.

We have painted this detail picture to convince ourselves and others that Arthur, more than most, must be able to identify with the hardship which the high cost of living is having on many Barbadians today. Arthur’s popularity through the years has been his ability to stay glued to the concerns of the masses. Many commentators have written of late that Arthur, apparently suffering from third term lethargy, is rapidly losing touch with the people. It is only a fragmented Opposition, much improved we must admit in recent months, which has fanned his popularity.

BU tried very hard to get a copy of that speech to publish. We believe that if it were to be published today it would provide for interesting debate in the current climate. If any BU reader is able to deliver this speech we would be grateful. Did he also mention in his now famous speech that the sum financial commitments he had at the time was his mortgage and some other miscellaneous bills? We don’t recall him mentioning that he had a child to support. In light of recent revelations it would have meant that he had a daughter who was approximately 10 years old at the time. Perhaps that is where the problem resided.





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6 thoughts on “Barbados Underground Reminisce About The Time Owen Arthur Threatened To Quit Elective Politics

  1. What a pity that we gave him the chance to rape this country as he has so ably done, with his personal wealth reaching the multi millions it is reported to be in the region of $ 50 million and growing which is really a bit mind boggling when one considers the prison project as just one example of his corruption this is over $ 200 million over budget and it would be fair to assume his share to be maybe at least half, then we have his new approach of buying properties with gov’t funds but arranging to pay double the real value if only part of this excess is diverted back to his account, actually the estimate of his wealth at $ 50 million is a vast underestimate of his real worth, now this is worth in dollar values not moral worth as he has none of that at all.
    He has come a long way since Bernie Weatherhead bought him his clothes and saw after Beverly while Owing saw seeing after everyone one else like the village ram, but lets consider what damage he has bestowed on this island ? he has masterminded corruption to new levels never seen before and he has the gall to ask for another 5 years ? for what purpose and for what reason ?

  2. I hope David Thompson is noticing what is happening in other caribbean countries – and more particularly St Lucia.

    Richard Frederick a government minister has been charged and is now out on bail – for tax evasion.

    Apparently he brought in vehicles without paying the Taxes/Duties.

    Let this be a signal first to David Thompson – that times have changed and the ole style ‘ political croneyism’ and ole boys network – can no longer be used as a shield.

    Secondly,let it also be a signal to Arthur and his bunch of tievin crooks – that – ‘it will not be business as usual’ when they exit office.

    Barbadians have had enough and will be going ‘for the juggler’.

    (This might be repeated – if so sorry)

  3. We require a gov’t that will not be scared to fight this corruption and charge those that need to be charged with corruption .
    There is no point in side stepping and acting like it never happened, the extent is way to large to turn a blind eye.
    We need the guilty ones before the courts and charged with robbing us the taxpayers.

  4. About a month ago, I made mention of the comments of the then opposition leader Owen Arthur who was adamant that he could not survive on his salary. Those comments were made on the Barbados Free Press blog. It is said that Barbadians have short memories, and from the behaviour of some Bajans who somehow feel that this man, who incidentally cares NOTHING about the average man, is untouchable and a saviour, the statement proves itself. The selling off of every successful intity to Trinidadian interest, the large scale use of foreign labour, the influx of Guyanese on his encouragement, the fact that the West Coast is totally foreign owned, are just a few things which show how this great deliverer cares about us as people. His immoral behaviour, his vicious attacks on anyone who does not agree with him, the massive wastage are just some reasons why he shold NEVER be allowed to lead this country again.

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