Noel Lynch's Grantley Adams International Airport Post 911


Airport security costs ‘too high’


Crowds at Heathrow Airport

Passengers face much more stringent security checks

The aviation industry has said it can no longer afford the spiralling costs of security at Britain’s airports. Costs have risen by 150% since new security measures were brought in after the September 11 attacks in 2001.


Security now accounts for a quarter of major airports’ income. Airports cover all security costs themselves, but say this is simply not sustainable. The industry now wants the government to contribute, but it insists the aviation industry must foot the bill.

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Here is an international story with a relevance to the local landscape. The essence of the message highlights the high cost of airport security post 911. It is estimated at British airports that security costs have risen by about 150% . The bother for airports is that they are expected to cover all the costs of installing and managing the security infrastructure. The airports have been throwing the argument back to the British government to suggest that terrorism is usually targeted against the state and not the airports. This argument has translated to say that the running of the modern airport should be subsidized by governments.

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BU found the story interesting against the backdrop of the spanking new Grantley Adams International Airport recently revamped. The recent increase in departure tax from $25.00 to $60.00 has incensed many Barbadians. The argument by Minister Barney Lynch that the airport must pay for itself hence the increase in the taxes appear to be using a flawed business logic if we use the BBC news report. One can easily assume that to increase revenues by 150% in the short term is not achievable or realistic, in fact BU think that it is a silly and irrelevant business model built on an unimaginative business logic.


So Minister Barney let us go back to the basics. Don’t be overly influenced by your illustrious colleagues in Cabinet who have forgotten the Keynesian Theory of economics and now practice the Cronyism Theory instead.

8 thoughts on “Noel Lynch's Grantley Adams International Airport Post 911

  1. Maybe the Board at Grantley Adams can look at this initiative as a means to raise revenue. The business travelers I am sure will pay for it!

    Airport security lines: detour ahead
    Registered traveler programs, which speed preapproved fliers through checkpoints, are set to expand to 20 US airports in ’08.
    By Alexandra Marks | Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

    New York – The E-Z Pass of the air could be coming soon to an airport near you.

    The registered traveler program, conceived after 9/11 as a way to speed frequent fliers through airports’ long and unpredictable security lines, is finally gaining national momentum. Though it isn’t expected to be operational in enough airports to ease those jam-packed security lines for this peak flying season, it should help by next summer, when as many as 20 major airports are expected to have special security lanes for registered travelers.

    Full Article

  2. Is this not asking too much of Lynch to think ?
    More over is there any way he can steal and pocket the monies otherwise he will not be looking at anything.

  3. I would like to see exactly WHERE the 140% increase in airport departure tax is going.
    If we are to believe the Minister, then the through-put of passengers through Grantley Adams is 1.5 million per year including intransit travellers.
    Thats $90 million annually.

    And what about the doubling of car parking charges and the increased revenue from shops and other concessions?

    Of course it would help keep costs down if they didn’t buy four totally unsuitable buses and then have to buy another four that were suitable.

    What was the cost of the trolleys that are not being used?

  4. Braying jackass Lynch back in the news. After spewing so much lies and rubbish about 700 hundred yachts, cruise ships, finest hour, lower airfares etc he is desperately seeking any opportunity to announce the starting of up something, anything. Poor Rudy Grant dont get a look in anymore. Lynch no matter how much you muscle in mary lamb cooked. Tell us where you got the millions you boast about after living near poverty a few short years ago?

  5. Wishing in Vain~BU read your very provocative postings made the length and breath of the WWW and we know that you have a lot of information to share with us. It does seem that you sell yourself short when you make these shallow one liners.

    So as elections approach let us get some more weighty participation from you please, I am sure BU readers will be looking forward to it!

  6. David Everything in the fullness of time my boy.
    I merely stated the obvious above that we have an idiot of mega proportions running what must be the engine room of our economy that is the ministry of tourism and he Lynch having done a miserable and poor job of it he ought to be fired 4 years ago.

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