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China Continues To Abuse The Rights Of Their Citizens But For The World, Including Barbados It is Business As Usual

400 Chinese Fathers of Child Slaves Seek Help Online


Reuters, Wed Jun 13, 2007-

BEIJING (Reuters) – About 400 Chinese men whose children were sold to work as slaves at brickworks were seeking help online after risking their lives and spending all their savings in a mostly futile search, media reported on Wednesday.

At least 1,000 children, with the youngest 8, were kidnapped near train or bus stations in the central province of Henan and had been sold to work in northwestern Shanxi, the official People’s Daily said on its Web site (

Read More: Reuters Report

The matter of Chinese labour is topical at the moment and when we read this story it highlighted the double standards of our times. This is a story which clearly shows that economic considerations will over rule ALL. In Barbados there is the concurrent issue of 100 Chinese artisans working on the Four Seasons project at Black Rock. The response from the government so far has been to lie by the Reverend Joseph Atherley on whether work permits have been issued and whether Barbadian labour was ever an option.

We are sorry Minister Atherley we meant to say you have “messed-up” big time.

Again it causes us to choke that a man of the cloth would compromise on the basic teachings of the bible in the cause of politics. We also make the observation that Prime Minister Owen Arthur is currently in China, no doubt to curry favors. No wonder the social weave of our societies continue to plummet. The politicians of our times continue to make decisions making from the economic side of the spectrum only, forgetting that the social needs of any Nation must be attended.

Back to the goodly Reverend!

We believe that this is the same Reverend Joseph Atherley in a recent debate in parliament of Barbados stated that politics had done more to develop Barbados than religion. BU concedes that every man is entitled to his opinion.

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9 thoughts on “China Continues To Abuse The Rights Of Their Citizens But For The World, Including Barbados It is Business As Usual

  1. Amazing, simply amazing. Have we forgotten the hastly called press conference, surrounding the 14 Indian workers, starring Mia Mottley? and her Subsequent Law and Order speech in parliament? How does this latest incident differ? where is the out cry? Do Barbadians really care what is occuring right under there noise?

  2. Adrian~seems that Barbadians have become numb to issues which they should be harshly discussing, especially with an election imminent. Sadly though the carrot of a billionaire investing USD500+ in our economy makes the arrogance of Pemberton stating publicly his preference for Chinese labor all the more unpalatable. An educated Barbados must stop and analyze and conclude that like Judas we have sold our sovereignty for the almighty dollar.
    The situation reminds me of how rich our lives were in the village even though we were materially poor when compared to these times. BU wish to record that we are not anti-foreign investment but it must be done within a framework which recognizes the domestic customer.

  3. It’s amazing that Mr. Atherley stated that no applications for work permits were received by his office, nor were any work permits granted by his office, therefore if these Chinese were indeed working it would have been illegal .Lo and behold the next day the Nation’s frontpage shows the same chinese hard at work, on Barbados soil. Yet all the minister can say is ..
    over to the immigration. What a shame!!
    To think a Reverend , would turn his back on his principles for political gain is truly a huge disappointment.It only shows people really do have a price.

  4. David… I want to add a little correction. It was Esau who sold his birthright just for a pot of stew.

    In the case with Mr. Atherley, In a great man’s (I meaning God – creator of heaven and earth – not Owen Arthur – mover of heaven and earth) house they are vessels of honour and dishonour. He will now have to choose which one he wants to be. But he should note that all eyes on him. I myself watching.

    As citizens of this country we have been robbed maligned, abused and misused and then the BLP would really want us to vote them back in? To do what? put the final nail in de coffin. Stuspse.

    I have questioned many times on the BFP regarding the amount Chinese living in Barbados and living on Government lands and perhaps in Government buildings. Check Warrens and Clairmont and Wildey? You trying to tell me that they don’t know. As they continue to stick they heads in the sand their tail feathers showing and things ain’t looking too good from that business end.

    What is the Immigration department doing? Will they wait until Barbadians are packed on a Moses and put out to sea then to act?

    This foolishness that going on in this country will not stop until some “big -up” get lock-up!

  5. Warrior~you need to remember that the Chinese have been here since the days of the Gym and Queens College. Also China is a member of the CDB so that they are entitled to bid on all projects. We must be careful not to mix illegal with legal.

  6. I am quite aware that they were here from those projects. But when the job finish they should go back to their country. When we leave loose ends like that then we give rise to any kind of corruption and illegal activity.

    Remember the ones living in Paradise Hotel, nobody knew about them either.

  7. Today we got a clearer answer from the Reverend. The 50 Chinese workers were brought in from St. Lucia to work on the project on temporary visas while their work permits were being processed. The building they were captured in the media working on was some housing quarters and not the hotel. Atherley did concede that they should not have been working and he has instructed the Chief Immigration Officer to make a recommendation.
    We shall wait to see the outcome. But remember BU say that money talks.
    Ok, so here is my question. Couldn’t the Reverend have gotten this info before he came to the public with his arrogant posture?

    Here is the latest from the Godly man.

  8. A couple years ago a friend of mine was travelling on a BWIA flight back to Barbados from JFK.

    Two Chinese – a man and a woman were on the flight and could not speak a word in English. Someone got an interpreter and they in essence said that they were going to Barbados to go over to Dominica and from Dominica onto Canada.

    Apparently they were met at the airport by a Chinese man dressed in a suit and they were dressed in near rags.

    More in Mortar than the pestle. Canada is right next door to NY why come to Barbados go to Dominica and then to Canada.?

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