Barbadians Are Afraid Of The Large Influx Of Guyanese Into Barbados And The Changing Face Of Crime

Marshall: How many Guyanese are there in Barbados?

Faria: That is a question to pose to the local authorities.

Marshall: You are the resident Guyana Consulate and you can’t

provide this information to the public?

Faria: Yes I have an idea but it is not me to provide this information.

Marshall: Oh come on! The public wants to know!

Faria: I have a meeting to attend so I have to leave the program.

Marshall: Thank you Sir.

This is a paraphrase of a discourse which took place between Tony Marshall (Brasstacks Host) and Norman Faria (Guyana Consul General in Barbados) earlier this week. Norman Faria originated the call to the program to respond to concerns raised that alluded to Guyanese involvement in crime in Barbados.

BU wishes to ask Faria why the need to shroud the issue of how many Guyanese are currently in Barbados? Has he ever heard of reverse psychology? The more the secrecy about this issue the more the public will want to know. Why not just deflate the issue by communicating to the public information to which they are entitled. BU has not forgotten that Mia Mottley promised to provide this information a few years ago, as far as we are aware this promise is still outstanding.

The matter of the influx of Guyanese into Barbados we think is an important issue for a number of reasons. A BU source as confirmed that the Guyanese population in Barbados has reached the astronomical number of 34,000 as at January 2007. The source also confirmed that the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Immigration Department have had to allocate significant resources to investigate the issues arising from the influx of Guyanese.

Additionally the source revealed that many Guyanese children have had to be accepted into the school system because Barbados laws make it mandatory for all children of school age to attend school. There is also stress being placed on the health care system and several other public services supported by the taxpayers of Barbados. Special mention was made of the pressure the Guyanese problem currently has on the Immigration Department which continues to struggle to maintain an accurate Guyanese database. It has become the norm for Guyanese to routinely enter Barbados using forged documents many times over. It was recently reported in the Press that a Guyanese woman after being deported seven times was still able to circumvent the system to re-enter.

The greatest concern for Barbadians has been the growing fear that the changing pattern in criminal activity is associated with the modus operandi of the Guyanese-especially the Indo-Guyanese. Other sources confirm that the recent robbery at Champers Restaurant and Lemon Harbor was perpetrated by Indo-Guyanese. The victims were made to lay prostrate on the ground and their personal effects of value was taken, before fleeing, they would have pistol whipped someone at random.

BU anticipates that we will be accused of being xenophobic. It is a quality which Barbadians seem to have mastered, to be more magnanimous than any other country in the world. No apology will be offered for expressing a concern which a growing number of Barbadians currently harbor. It is instructive that the unscientific poll currently being conducted by BU forcefully enforces the point made in the article. Barbadians continue to be afraid of the rapidly growing Guyanese population in Barbados. Several social services are under pressure and of paramount concern has been the changing face of criminal activity in Barbados. It is perhaps what is happening with the worsening crime situation which is of greatest concern to BU. Top of the mind is the recent report of Guyanese and Trinidadians who have been implicated in a plot to destroy JFK Airport.


  • Barbados is going to be hell on earth soon when the true impact of the guyanese is felt.

    But guess what,some iggrunt bajans believe it makes them look oh – so – intelligent to bash bajans for expressing their concern about the guyanese negative influence in this country.

    This is why norman faria can laugh at us and respond to tony marshal like he did above,after all if he poops too hard he can call in the media to report on it and they slavishly do.

    Well I guess all we bajan need to do is just wait for another 10 – 15 years until the guyanese and jamaicans bring barbados down to the level of guyana and jamaica – all compliments of Owen ‘de big tief ‘ Arthur.

    What a wonderful legacy for barbados – a complete erosion of our position as a model developing country – to another backwater banana republic.

    Thanks owen ma boy,thanks BLP,thanks barbadians who decided you were going wid owen.

    It seem that if you are not careful -you might be ‘going with owen’ straight to hell in a handbasket.

    Well done.


  • This areticle above troubles me so much because it is not us – this current generation – who will suffer – but it’s the under 18’s who will have to deal with a new group of persons (ie indians) who black bajans belive think that this group see themselves as black people like them (the bajans) – but sadly what they don’t realise is that indians consider ‘negroes’ below them – and only good as consumers – or persons to bribe to get passports,loans,contracts and other benefits.

    More importantly,this gov’t which the BLP tout as being ‘the most brilliant’,with the’most brilliant economist’ at its helm – seem not to really care about the rapid downward slide of this country.

    In the USA right now,and in Britain ‘IMMIGRATION’ is the #1 issue for elections in these countries – their citizens are rebelling against the large influx of immigrants.

    Note,these countries are thousand times the size of barbados.

    Pray tell me,how can a government plan,or make futuristic public policies without knowing how much people you are planning for,what age groups we are dealing with – how our water supply,our roads,our land space,our garbage disposal capacity,our food supply,our hospital capacity,our school space,our transpotation system – etc etc – will be affected?

    You think owen really care?

    Remember when the BLP first came in – and David Simmons was attorney general – then thousands of guyanese and other non nationals were given amnesty to live free in barbados.

    Pay careful attention to this barbadians – because it is mighty strange that owen nor mia will tell us how many guyanese came in – minus how many left.

    What about how many got ID cards,passports ,citizenship etc

    Is this some big ruse to not tell us the numbers of guyanese here – so that when they say they want to give another blanket amnesty to these people – that we will not have an idea of the numbers?

    By the way BU – the numbers from a reliable source in immigration – is that the guyanese numbers are closer to the 100,000 mark than 37,000.

    Listen for the ‘so called’ enlightened ones’ arguments about guyanese working hard here,and bajans going overseas to work,and bajans being lazy etc

    When the sh*t hits the fans – it will be ‘too late,too late shall be the cry’.

    Why isn’t the opposition raising these issues,why do the moderators shut up the callers every time they try to express their concers about this influx on the call in programmes?

    The ‘so called intellectuals like Don marshall and peter wickham always pooh – pooh these concerns – I suppose they (that small miniority)work in other caribbean countries – so they feel they must defend the indefensible.

    It is time to march – this opposition is too weak knee and lazy.


  • Let me just comment that I find some Bajans have got very prejudiced towards Indian looking people generally, Guyanese or not. So there is some under current there. Is it just mere numbers of Guyanese, is it that crime has escalated or is it because generally they have a better work ethic who knows.

    On another note re. strain on the economy because of this influx of Caribbean people, that was an obvious problem from the start. I would have thought that all these facets of CSME would have been discussed before the whole thing was rolled out.

    It is natural that Barbados being one of the more stable islands of the Caribbean, would have a higher percentage of people wanting to migrate there.

    We have the UK as a good example of this considering what is taking place these days. Everybody and their dog wants to migrate there. No wonder the British are so up in arms, I would be too as it is changing (or has changed) the whole identity of the UK.

    Would one not have thought that the leaders of the Caribbean would have learnt by the mistakes of the EU and try not to repeat them.


  • There is a real fear with the Barbadian regarding the Guyanese issue. We are sure that PM Arthur is cognizant of what happened to Christie in the Bahamas recently. Similar concerns about immigration and corruption combined to send his party to the opposition benches when it was thought they would regain the government easily.

    Do we see any similarities with what President Bush is reported to have said in his weekly radio broadcast and what we are discussing here?


  • Anonymous, I don’t know how old you are, but you may not remember that when Tom Adams was P.M., it was not the Guyanese, it was Vincentians and St. Lucians. They were being brought into the island to swell the voting numbers for the BLP. Now it is the Guyanese. Opposition? Don’t make me laugh. There is not ONE politician, nor political party that will take a stand on the Guyanese issue. They are all too weak-kneed as you said and they all want the votes and they don’t care how they get them. WE ARE DOOMED.


  • Thislte~I think that you are wrong. This is crunch time for David and he has to go for broke. The risk of not attacking an issue which currently is resonating with all Barbadians is a risk which I don’t think he cannot afford to take. If he vacillates on this issue he loses…AGAIN.


  • Thistle

    The vincentians and st lucians integrated well into the barbadian society because they were black and there were commonalities between us and them – not so the indians – note how whichever country they go to they all set up enclaves and are extremely clannish.

    Do you remember how they behaved when barbados played Guyana in the regional games?

    Same behaviour when India is playing the West Indies in Trinidad – a large percentage of the indian population turn up and support India.

    What is going to happen with this group is – like in Britain and elsewhere – they are waiting until they get sufficient numbers on their side to begin making demands -e.g. we want indian public holidays,we want indian prayers alonside christian in public functions,we want equality in numbers in the houses of parliament etc etc

    Bajans are asleep and snoring and these middle class ‘high -brow’ politicians don’t really have a clue.

    As for David Thompson speaking out against this – remember he has esther suckoo in his line-up who is half indian.

    Even so David thompson being half white might feel a bit disloyal speaking out.

    You see people can make the distinction about discussing race relations and discussing the possible social impact which happens when you introduce an ethnic group which has a particular history of not integrating well into other societies with other ethnic groups.

    It’s takes guts Barbados Underground to discuss this topic boldly and honestly – and let the chips fall where they may.

    Right now norman faria got us by the b*lls


  • David: I hope and pray you are right about Thompy.

    Anonymous: Your comments were well thought-out and comprehensive, but I’m wondering if the issue with Esther Suckoo is really relevant, because she is mixed and consequently not a full-blooded Indian. I very much doubt she is Muslim. I’m not sure Norman Faria is capable of grabbing ANYONE by the b*lls – he is an imbecile and the government of Guyana should be ashamed of keeping him in the position he is in.


  • Wishing in Vain

    Have any of you taken it seriously that a very large percentage of the crimes now taking place in Barbados that most of them are being committed by these same Guyanaese??
    Just take a look at the pages in the Nation any day now and see if they are not featuring almost daily now.
    Their numbers have reached dangerous proportions and it needs to be addressed maybe not by Owing as we all know his stance on having them here, so maybe we need a change of Gov’t to bring this action about!!


  • Re. large minority groups making demands on the island…..not possible unless the Government allows it. The island belongs to Bajans and hence we can control what takes place here.

    Again the UK is a fine example of what not to do. They are trying now to rectify what had been happening since the 50’s.

    Why can’t the government of Barbados look and learn.


  • Iriebrown: How can we Bajans “control what takes place here” when the government is encouraging it? We can’t do a damn thing about it, and if the government changes, the next lot will say they are committed to the CSME and any Tom, Dick and Harry from the Caricom area can come here. And where can we go (if at all we want to go anywhere else) – Jamaica? Trinidad? Antigua? NO THANKS. Just as the traditional British identity is fast disappearing, so will ours. It’s not only the Guyanese committing crimes here, it is the Jamaicans too. May the Lord help us.


  • Thistle~does BU detect a defeatist attitude? Barbadians are known through the years for making good decisions. Do you think that the discussion we are having is all part of the process to sensitize our nation of the need to create a plan which we all can fit in and not something from Owen’s head?


  • David: It is not difficult to adopt a defeatist attitude in the Barbados of today. Putting aside the Guyanese (and others) migration issue, look around you and see the conditions that almost amount to anarchy – the minibus/ZR culture, violence in schools, road rage on the highways and byways, littering and pollution – on and on, ad infinitum. Laws are being broken as if they don’t exist, and there appears to be NO ONE IN CHARGE (even in Immigration – what are they doing about the illegal immigrants?) As to the discussions on this web blog, and others, yes, they are definitely a “process to sensitize our nation of the need to create a plan”, but how far-reaching are these discussions? Are they getting through to the masses? I have to admit I am very despondent, but I love Barbados and would live nowhere else!


  • Thistle~BU understands your state of mind but do not despair!
    It is one reason BU has been asking all those reporters/journalists and other influential individuals that visit BU and we are sure BFP has well, to help us. We all have a stake in building a better Barbados. BU has sent emails to influential Barbadians to ask them to make contributions on the many challenges facing Barbados, they have all been reluctant so far citing fear of victimization.

    We have inquired discretely the possibility of procuring email databases to target Barbadians so that we can increase our circulation with little success
    The point which BU is making is that we can only do it with the help of others.


  • David, I must say I appreciate your interaction with bloggers, and it’s good to see that you’re actually doing something to increase the circulation. I can’t say I blame many Bajans for their fear of victimization. I know for a fact that a well-known personality who appears on other blogs has been able to access my IP and knows who I am. My computer technician is going to help me to stop that happening in future. I’m not au fait with such computer technology! I wish you all success in your endeavours.


  • If you want to really worry about something look to the US and deportees coming from US jails schooled in serious crime. Look to Jamaica and the drugs and gangs and the boats silently anchoring off the East coast. Even look to the kidnapping spree in T&T. Everyone’s entitled to worry about immigration but to blame crime and social ills on the Guyanese is nonsense and to specifically target the Indio-Guyanese is straight up racist. Nobody wants over-immigration of the Guyanese or anyone else because it causes all sorts of problems, crime included, but let’s keep it in perspective people.


  • Well said James !

    I think really it’s an excuse because they are giving Bajan workers a good run for their money as they have a better work ethic generally.

    Barbados has never had to work for what they have, it has just literally fallen into their hands. Tourism ……because Cuba went under it opened up the whole Caribbean. Hence the attitude that …service or value for money doesn’t matter, people will still come.

    Attitudes will not change until Barbados goes through a really rough time and it actually hits everybody in the face and they realise the reasons why.

    As our grandparents used to say …’ If you don’t hear, you will feel !!!’ And we will eventually.


  • Please don’t trivialize the concerns of Barbadians over this issue. People who live on the ground can see the impact on the society each and every day. It is not the only issue which is engaging Barbadians. Should we just sit back and witness the negative impact and say and do nothing? Barbadians by dint of astute management has been a model economy to the world and we deserve to benefit from it. Ok, BU agrees that times are a changing but it is a process which calls for the type of change which does not happen overnight.

    The wish that we should hit rock bottom to witness some epiphany is a cop-out position in our view.


  • David,

    I certainly didn’t make it a wish in my comment, I think more of an equation.


  • Watching and waiting.....

    Well said.It sickens me to hear people ready to cry down the Guyanese like that.
    A true perspective would be the number of bajans who are exploiting them daily also.
    We have immigration officers who are doing a brisk trade getting them in the country for a fee.
    We have marriages for money in order to achieve status,work permits for non-existing companies and the list goes on ….
    We very bajans are contributing to the influx also.
    Then when the numbers rise and we have made our money we cry out when things get rough.
    We are a reactionary people and that will be to our demise…….remember how the ZR culture was created?


  • Watching and waiting~your statement is contradictory. If Barbadians have concerns about the influx of Guyanese is this not showing that we are <em>proactive</em> in this instance?
    Your other points about Barbadians exploiting the Guyanese are other problems which we have to deal with which <em>does not preempt</em> the substantive issue at hand.


  • Tell me which other country so despise its own that it insults its workers,shuts up its citizens when they complain,suspends its immigration officers – when complaints are made against ‘foreigners’ coming into their land.

    Foreign – not part of,not local etc- so don’t bring this regional dribble to me – I’m talking about this small apace,this rock.

    Living in Barbados blog seem to have picked it up,the undercurrent in this society with bajan citizens is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

    I’m always curious as to why people like James and iriebrown feel so strongly about these guyanese that they will wish to decry the sons and daughters of this great land – and promote the guyanese as ‘the best thing since sliced bread’.

    Me,I’m just tired ,bajans too iggrunt boasee – the gun in front their face and they will tell you -leave it – is only a lollipop.

    Que sera sera.

    Barbados underground – I suppose people are still taken up with BFP – and not too sure who you are so they maybe scared of posting – however I will compliment your on your high standard of writing – a rarity these days.

    Your typeset needs to be a little bigger,and you need to posts multiple posts per day if possible to keep the blog lively and up to date.

    I find myself checking in more often now,if only for comments.

    One parting shot – I find most bloggers posts on whatever topic here and on BFP – boring,poorly expressed,repetitve – and sometimes a waste of space – but guess what – that’s freedom of speech for you – which I cherish dearly.

    I hope bajans will soon start showing some life and not be dictated to all the time- I hope the opposition take the lead instead of always playing catch up after the people have spoken.


  • Anonymous~thank you for you favorable feedback. We would like to do what you have asked but personal commitments make it difficult to blog with such frequency. We had asked BU readers out there to send us contributions so that we can list other perspectives. So far only Bush Tea has responded.
    The size of the font is controlled by the theme which we are using. Unfortunately we would have to use the same theme which BFP uses to get that font style and we did not was to do so for obvious reasons.


  • I just hope that this blog is fair and balanced to all topics and views.
    In my humble opinion,people tend to draw close to gossip and rumors rather than truth and facts.
    I like what I have see so far on this blog especially the interaction with David…shows me that there is always feedback..not only when you disagree.
    Keep up the good work guys ,I’ll be sure to spread the word among my fellow bloggers.

    BU got your email, not a problem!


  • I disagree with more than 50% of what’s written by BU but at least what I’m disagreeing with is well written and well moderated. For me, the best Barbados blog by quite a distance.


  • I wake up each morning feeling depressed at what is happening in Bim. Yesterday and this morning we were advised to keep on driving to a police station should we encounter an attempted robbery while driving at night. How many stations can be accessed late at night? Who is really looking out for the locals?


  • JEFM

    Who is looking out for the locals you ask?

    Well certainly not owen ‘de big tief’ arthur.

    Why aren’t more of you writing letters to the newspapers editor,sending e- mails to starcom,calling the talk shows,harrassing your opposition candidates to speak out more ,and more importantly stop renting these non national who are commiting crimes your homes,hiring the illegal ones,selling them your passports?

    Barbados is now the haven for criminals from the region – ie hardcore crime;
    as well as for criminals from the international countries – ie white collar crime – corruption,money laundering etc

    The writing is on the wall – if we don’t start packing back these criminals,and putting wrong things right – this ticking time bomb will explode.


  • Annoymous: Why aren’t more of US not corresponding or communicating with the media and our representatives about our concerns?
    Don’t we? How many letters are not printed? How many e-mails are NOT read out to the listeners by the moderators? Can we reach our MPs readily? Do they return phone calls? What do you want from me? Blood? We, the natives, have to love each other and unite in the struggle for our offspring and for our country. We must start a ground swell and let the politicians understand what we want while being peaceful.



    I think the above article highlights the problems in Guyana which through CSME threatens the rest of the caribbean.


  • Jodiperry

    Thank you for that link.

    It reinforces what I know to be true that persons of indian descent especially those in the caribbean have no love for their fellow citizens of african descent.

    There are so many examples I can give,but you know what,as soon as you start highlighting these things bajans somehow think – well that’s Guyana or Trinidad – it won’t happen here in Barbados.

    Well you just wait and see barbados.


  • Jodiperry.

    That news story is an eye opener. This is what Mr. Owen Arthur has brought upon us


  • No wonder Bim is the way it is today- you are all a bunch of racist small minded a-holes.Stay in your little holes and spew racist venom, you cowards!!!


  • Canadian~can you explain what you when you wrote “No wonder Bim is the way it is today”
    Bim must be doing something right if it continues to attract hoards of immigrants. Please note that all countries around the world today are battling with the problems of immigration-even the USA and UK.


  • I’m talking about the decline of society in Barbados that started long before the ‘influx of Guyanese’- the ZR culture, the loose morals of the young and the crime that is ever increasing due in large part to drug use among the population.And I don’t think they are black! But, it is easy to blame outsiders. Get your head out of the sand, guys! Barbadians aren’t perfect! Furthermore, if you want to be racist why don’t you guys talk about the selling of Barbados to the noveau riche whites from the UK and other countries,making land unaffordable to locals? These people have no love for blacks- they view us as inferior and merely as their servants. A transplanted white immigrant to Barbados once cussed me out, telling me ‘it’s a white man’s world’ What about 10% of the population controlling 90% of the economy in Bim? This continued dispossesion of locals by the rich outsiders and white locals create further ills of society, don’t you agree?
    As one Bajan said to me ” Barbados has lost its charm” What a tragedy for our beautiful country!

    These problems started long before the Guyanese came in their numbers, and are only intensifying. It is always easy to play the race card and blame others for our problems. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but in every bunch there are bad apples,and for sure there are idiots among the Guyanese who can give all a bad name, but it is a rather sad commentary when Bajans want to blame others entirely for all the problems they have created.

    Oh- some of the immigrants to the countries you mention above are also Bajans such as myself, so should we be blamed for the ills of those societies and the ‘problems of immigration’ that you so eloquently state above?


  • Canadian

    You say you are bajan(got my doubts about that),you call yourself canadian (tells me a lot about how you see yourself),and yet you pompously arrogate to yourself the right to tell us bajans who are living here under the horrible conditions created deliberately by this BLP administration – you tell us what we should or should not be saying?

    How come you defending the guyanese so though,you’re guyanese or what – or you married to one?

    Let me tell you, the guyanese who are here in numbers close to 100,000 I’m told – are destroying the hardwork that my foreparents built up to make Barbados what it was (not is), – these set of guyanese literally represent the dregs of that society – the ones who were left at the bottom of the barrel and were not able to get out.

    Sadly all the decent guyanese with skills ,trade and profession – left guyana a long time ago – what we are getting now – are the labourers in the rice and cane fields coming to Barbados to work in construction because they hear they can get easy money – pretending to be masons,carpenters and plumbers and mucking up people’s homes,we are getting the prostituties from as young as 12 or 13 – who according to the bajan prostitutes (as quoted in the daily nation),- these guyanese ones are willing to debase themselves beyond imagination – walking around the garrison in bras and panties and like in everything they get into – undercutting the bajan prostitutes.

    We have those who pretend to be maids,but really specialise in breaking up the homes they go to – by enticing foolish bajan men – or those (especially the indian ones) who prey on our old senior citizens pretending to care about them,and wanting to look after them – and then – whaps palacks – they get the old man to marry them – then quickly divorce him – and they bring in their husband who was in Guyana all long – but would pretend to be the ‘brother’ when he visited Barbados.

    People with mindset like that will do anything.

    People with mindset like that – who don’t value their bodies or thei lives – can be found in the middle east – as sicide bombers – there are some things as a people you will find that bajans don’t stoop to – that’s why the other islanders -called us ‘too proud’.

    These people are like on a plague on this once sweet island.

    All I want the opposition to do,is to immediately on assuming office,get them all out of this country – we can’t afford for these numbers to remain – – they must not fall for any for any ‘poor me’ stories that norman faria will run to the media with – and most importantly to send all these current politician tieves who plundered the treasury like Idi Amin and mobutu sese seko did to their countries – to send these bajan dictators to jail for their crimes.


  • Oh boy, we’re having it all today: Canadian’s calling everyone in Barbados racist but hates whites, Anonymous thinks that there’s 100,000 Guyanese hiding in an island that’s 21 miles by 12 and that they should all get kicked off and I’m thinking that if they did, there would be nobody to do the work that Bajans are now too educated and wealthy and complacent to do themselves. It happens everywhere. In the US it’s the mexicans, in the UK it’s the Poles. There is vast amounts of evidence that they eventually integrate (some less than others) and support developed economies by providing cheap labour. Like the Irish in the US, they eventually get wealthy, get integrated and start complaining about the new wave. They also bring problems but immigration is a necessary part of our world today, like it or not, and certainly helps support Bajan lifestyles. Alot of the comments in this post are blind predjudice. Nothing more, nothing less. Let me be clear, there is a problem, and there needs to be limits but it has to be put in perspective. And I’m not even going to comment on Anonymous complaining about the Guyanese prostitutes undercutting Bajan girls. Come on…


  • James
    Thank you for your comments. Obviously, you are sensible and level headed. No, I do not hate whites, I was merely explaining that us Bajans ( yes Anonymous, I am Bajan) tend to ignore other aspects of racism in Bim, and tend to focus on other ( possibly weaker) groups to direct their frustration at the system in place. Contrary to how it may come across, I am VERY tolerant to other races and cultures, with living in a multi cultural society like Canada. I fact, I relish the multi culturism here and wish that we in Barbados could be more open. Additionally, I will never paint everyone with the same brush- there are lots of decent Bajans such as yourself whom I would never refer to as racist.
    Anonymous, your rant does not even warrant the dignity of an answer.


  • You can’t respond to my charges ‘Canadian’ – plain and simple.

    I don’t know where James live – but he produces the usual bourgeoise ‘I’m comfortable,not my problem’ answer – that is, -guyanese are doing jobs the bajans don’t want to do.

    My friend – where have you been for the last 2 years as bajans artisans complain daily on the radio of guyanese getting all the jobs as Bajan employers – concerned only about their profits – hire guyanese and pay them 30 – 40 % less than the established rates.

    Check out today’s daily Mail (british paper) where an MP complained in the house of commons that a young constituent of his was rejected because the hirer told her she couldnot speak polish and all of the other workers spoke polish – so she wouldnot be able to communicate and would be ostracised.

    Like the Mp said:”Don’t bring that crap about polish workers and others doing work the british don’t want – because it isn’t true – british workers are being displaced from their jobs as the foreign workers come in and employers enjoy this influx of ‘cheap labour’.

    When you see the rioting and the social unrest start here in barbados it going to be ‘cat piss and pepper’ – I hope they head straight for your lovely well appointed bungalow james – that is if your actually live among us – if you don’t well – we will just have to live with the shit while you pontificate in comfort from outside.


  • Gosh Anonymous
    You are so full of venom! It must not be healthy for you to live day to day so full of hate! Chill out man- think about your blood pressure before you give yourself a major stroke, breds. (I hope you go to church often to cleanse your soul!)


  • Typical rubbish my friend.

    We are not dealing with me.

    In case you have forgotten,let me remind you, the topic is – “BARBADIANS ARE AFRAID OF THE LARGE INFLUX OF GUYANESE”.


    It is clear that you simply cannot deal with the issues raised – that is,either can’t or won’t.

    Just in case you think this is a bajan thing – let me inform you that in – Antigua,Tobago,Trinidad,St Lucia,Dutch St Martaaen etc, the locals and their immigration depts are up in arm about the growing presence of the guyanese in their communities and the resultant negative influences.

    Guyanese are to the caribbean – what nigerians are to Africa.

    They leave in most cases a negative impression wherever they go.


  • My goodness, Anonymous
    You have swayed me!! I now feel part of the Barbados National Party of Indo Guyanese Haters! Hmmm… so that’s what the members of the KKK felt like …..
    Get a life,chap. Get rid of the hate,or else it will consume you. End of contact with you.


  • Hi James
    As proof of what I was saying, please link to the following:


  • Peoples

    Tell me, how do you converse with an idiot eh?

    I ‘ll leave him in his ignorance.


  • Anonymous, Canadian is not so ignorant and I think makes great points. It is my personal experience Guyanese do work that Bajans don’t want to do – try hiring a Bajan maid!

    Also they work their backsides off, I have a Guyanese maid that puts in an 8 hour day and I have to plead with her to go home at 4:00. A very close friend just built a house with 90% Guyanese labour, these guys worked 7 days a week, hard as ever, with no turnover in labourers. The 10% Bajan contingent? These guys were constantly late to work, lazy as ever, and turnover ran at over 100% over the life of the project.


  • Furthermore, this type of stuff should be good for the economy if it encourages Bajan’s to work a little harder and be a bit more competitive and productive.

    Workers in this country have become a bit too complacent and have an attitude of entitlement. Gone are the days of “pride and industry”, we no longer seem to take pride in a job well done nor are we industrious in any way I have obsertved lately.

    We should be afraid, but we should use that fear to drive much needed changes and improvements in our attitudes and our approach to work.


  • K

    For obvious reasons I cannot go into too much specifics,so suffice it to say – your one swallow doesnot make a summer.

    I have had in my experience to be able to compare and contrast the work ethic of workers from through the caribbean:maid,labourers,artisans etc

    I beg you,do not keep spreading the myth that these guyanese or others are better than bajan because they are not – as a whole. In an isolated instance the good work ethic can go either way.

    From my observation, the guyanese (indians and africans) were tricky – 80% of the indian guyanese who claimed to be artisans were not – usually there was 1 person in the group skilled and he moved among them slyly showing them what to do – needless to say they had to be let go –

    They were paid the same high rate as the bajans but if they were not monitored while on day work they tried to slack too.

    They wanted to work 7 days a week – not caring if it was Sunday or Xmas – because their religion didnot recognise these days – and any way – the main aim – was to make money at any cost.

    The bajans with a few exceptions knew their trade but had become arrogant and tried to skimp you like the guyanese and they didnot like to be criticised.

    However I found some excellent bajan workers who did what they had to do and were quite reasonable.
    The st lucians,vincentians and Trinis – if they worked on their own would put in a better effort – but slip up with them and they also tried to trick you.

    From experience personal and friends experiences – guyanese maids generally in some case turned up early where the home owner was at home,if the employers were out working,they came at 9:00 and left at 2:30 p.m. – they always had a sob story to get something from you,they didnot know how to do proper housework -other than a basic sweep etc

    They always wanted to borrow money,or wanted a favour,and if there was an adult male in the household – a few would try to get to him.
    So much to say,but I’ll stop here.

    All I ‘ll say is that this will come to an end soon,and you will soon see’who is who’.

    If a man is a refuge illegally hiding out in someone’s country – he will be compliant until he has his papers in order – then we will be asking – where are these nice,hardworking guyanese’.

    Just think about this – ask serious small contractors and they will tell you that a lot of barbadian masons,plumbers etc have to be called back in to work on many an unsuspecting bajan who thought he was getting a good cheap deal – and hired these ‘so- called skilled artisans’ – and found out usually after much wasted money and time – that they weren’t getting a deal after all.


  • Canadian, Anonymous, K.
    Unfortunately as Barbadians we have a tendency to hide our heads, when we have a problem that we cannot deal with effectively.

    This debate is raging over at the Barbados Free Press

    Canadian, although I take some of your points, I had me a little confused as I tried to figure out if you were Barbadian, Canadian, or Guyanese. Let’s put it down to, you are a Human Being – that is pretty neutral.

    I can agree with a lot of what Anonymous is saying. I fully understand the right for a “man” meaning male or female to always look to better his circumstances. However, Guyanese cannot now talk themselves out of a situation that they have behaved themselves into.

    They are viewed as dishonest, conniving and basically no-good, why?, they have behaved that way.

    I have hired a Guyanese maid – the experience, not a nice one. A close relative married a Guyanese woman – the experience – not a nice one, hired Guyanese workmen – the experience – not a nice one.

    To end in a Bajan adage for all those who looking for cheap labour and ppl to exploit. What Sweet In Goat Mout Does Bun He Behind!


  • Thank you Warrior.

    Finally, a bajan has the cahones to join this debate and put paid to those who try to tell us that what we are feeling is not so.

    Cat piss and pepper soon I tellyou hear?


  • Geez..and I thought it was hot over at BFP,decided to come to a calmer site…and ..bam!!Really cat piss and pepper here…
    Look what a day makes..James is bourgeoise too?

    Warrior sums it up well which save me a long post.In my line of work I come across a lot of Guyanese workers who are supposed to be skilled.On observing them work ,I have to agree with Anonymous here.I had a case where one did not know the difference between a dust brush or a particular paint brush.In another instance one guy was asked to cut 20 pieces of wood at 3 ft 7 inches.This guy was hired as a carpenter but could not read a tape,so one guy who could, cut the first piece for him and he measured it 19 times.
    There are tricksters in every field…who the hell likes work anyhow?
    If given the chance, we would all do nothing for money.
    As a bajan what I would like to see is some form of pool where all artisans are registered with the Ministry.There you can see that there are officially qualified to do the work,hence hold the title.
    They did this to technicians ,who now are government certified,any time you want to know if a tech is qualified you can check the list at the Ministry.


  • Anonymous :

    What you have to realize is that a lot of people come on these sites and comment but have no clue as to the real deal here.
    Some think that reading the Nation News or Advocate online give them a true perspective.They need to get in the trenches like most of us and see for themselves what the situation is like everyday,them see if there thoughts will be the same.


  • Chase

    Thanks for your support.

    Guess what ? – I suspect a lot of those persons decrying bajans on this site have hidden agendas.

    Maybe they are guyanese,maybe they are married to guyanese,maybe they are employing guyanese,or maybe because they work in another caribbean country – they feel they must over compensate.

    Whatever it is, we who live here know what we have to deal with and it ain’t nice.

    Only last week I had another bad experience with a dishonest guyanese,but guess what I have come to accept that as ‘par for the course’ with these guyanese people these days.

    As Gabby sang a few years ago:’one day coming soon,these people will wake up’.


  • Anonymous: It was quite a few years ago that Gabby sang that song. “These people” still have not woken up. I agree with what you’ve been saying about the Guyanese. I am seeing more and more of them every day. They are doing a good job with farming, but you know what? They’re using Guyanese-driven tractors to plough, and Guyanese-driven vans to deliver their produce to the supermarkets. They are graduating from bicycles to vans and cars. The money they earn goes straight to Guyana.


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  • Have followed the comments on the issue of the Guyanese and although I agree with much said the issue of immigration is big for many countries in the world today. In fact the discourse yesterday prompted me to write the most current topic


  • I think there are good and bad in very group.

    I have seen Guyanes workers build a house, quickly and efficiently and most importantly quietly. There was no shouting and chatting to each other, and no curse words between them.

    I was happily surprised.

    It would definitely not have been the same if it was Bajans working on that house…afterall we have all experienced that…..the noise, the cursing, the untidy mess that surrounds them, the general hap hazard way of working.

    The Guyanese workers worked hard, finished it and moved on to their next project/house.

    And it was no problem to me living next door.

    So there, they are not all bad.


  • Thistle // Jun 19th 2007 at 9:36 pm

    Anonymous: It was quite a few years ago that Gabby sang that song. “These people” still have not woken up. I agree with what you’ve been saying about the Guyanese. I am seeing more and more of them every day. They are doing a good job with farming, but you know what? They’re using Guyanese-driven tractors to plough, and Guyanese-driven vans to deliver their produce to the supermarkets. They are graduating from bicycles to vans and cars. The money they earn goes straight to Guyana.

    Hi Thistle, popped-in and decided to post, sooner than I thought I would!

    I guess the question has to be; is it unreasonable for them to be using their own vans etc. and repatriating their money to Guyana? I suspect that we might do the same or similar if we were in their position. In a free country one may not be able to stop them or, indeed, it might not be reasonable, to stop them.

    I suppose, the really important thing is that they (1) pay their taxes and (2) pay their National Insurance Contributions to the national scheme – which I assume that Bim has!

    And third, the big question is; are there too, many of them and are they taking away jobs from Bajans, unreasonably and perhaps, by virtue of such, helping Barbadians to raise their standards?


  • Hey, Bimbro! Glad you joined me on here! You seem to have changed your tune somewhat – are you sure its you??! Until recently, a friend of mine was always telling me off for being what she considered “anti-Guyanese”, until she was made aware of the fact that they do NOT pay N.I. nor taxes in Barbados. She has now changed her tune. Yes, they do show up Bajan workers, who have become lazy and shoddy in their work, and as one blogger stated, the ones on building sites do their work quietly and efficiently. I have a few Guyanese friends (Black) and they are very nice people, but in the forseeable future, do we want the population of Barbados to be majority East Indian Muslims? I don’t think so, Bimbro.


  • Geez…Thistle ,to think I came here for some solace and quiet and enjoyable blogging….let us deal with the immigration issues first before we get into the Muslim side of things.
    Dont let us turn this into a religious topic just yet …ok?
    Nice to see Bimbro here..this is my ‘breath of Atlantic air’ in terms of blog sites. 🙂


  • Thanks for your “vote of confidence”, Chase. You’re happy to see Bimbro (your ‘breath of Atlantic air’) on here, but obviously not me. No problem. I think you will find that Bimbro and I share views on the question of Muslims, but we differ slightly. I DO NOT LIKE RADICAL Muslims. Terrorists, in other words. I do not hate all Muslims. Bimbro is concerned because of their “take over” in the U.K., and I am concerned about the possibility of their “take over” in Barbados. Okay? I have no quarrel with you, Chase.


  • Hi guys, good to see you all. Please excuse any differences I have or have had with you. They’re genuinely, felt but I guess that that’s the nature of life. Guess you’ll never get complete agreement!

    As far as the Guyanese are concerned; ideally, I should like to find other ways of encouraging Bardadian workers to raise their standards than flooding Bim with a lot of Guyanese immigrants and I’m confident that if I were PM, I would be able to. How is it that Arthur has n’t been able to?

    There can’t be any doubt that in the modern world, Barbadian workers need to raise their game. However, I am absolutely, shocked that the Guyanese don’t pay tax and NI in Bim. So how then are they helping BIM if they don’t pay tax and NI other than just doing the job. That does n’t make any sense to me. Is it me, am I missing something here? Afterall, Arthur’s the economist. What the ‘f’ is going on?!!! Does anybody else see the need for them to be paying their dues? What is going on???? No wonder they work so quietly and keep suh quiet. They must be thinking; let’s hurry up an do this before the crazy Bajans fine out dat we doan have to pay tax etc!

    As for muslims, my views are unchanged. I’d keep well away from them and, most certainly, keep them all out of Bim!

    Look at what they did to one of my favourite, little African girlfriend’s country – Kenya. Blew the place up and killed hundreds of her people and, for what!

    Doan tell me ’bout them, please! Plus, my muslim neighbours?!!!!!!!!! Lord ha mercy!!!!


  • Chase, I’m jealous of your ‘atlantic-air’ and Bajan sea, man. However, tell me, have you lived and worked abroad (perhaps, in the UK?)or always been in Bim?


  • Guys, I’ve got to admit that when I see my girlfriend (I wish!) Lynette’s, lovely face, I find it difficult to imagine the BLP could be guilty of any wrong with such a beautiful, Bajan beauty in its ranks. No, I’m sure now that you’ve all got it wrong about the BLP!

    But, on a serious note, Lynette seems to be talking a lot of sense, here;

    I, too, am worried that our people are becoming some of the greatest thinkers, writers and talkers, in the caribbean but when it comes to actually, getting out there in the field and actually, ‘doing the commercial business’ we may be lacking. Am I wrong, or have the senator and I got it right????


  • Thistle:
    Please dont get me wrong .I am always happy to debate any issue and I for one dont look at people personally when it comes to blogging… may be the one to pick me up if I faint one of these days.
    It is just that over time , Bimbro and I have been at it because of our different views,which makes us kind of familiar to each other 🙂
    I have always also had high respect for your views Thistle,just that we never got into it the way Bimbro and I did.
    I was being sarcastic in saying I came here for quiet and solace,trust me I am glad to see both of you here because with our different views maybe we can just come to some solution and make a difference however small.
    What I find here as opposed to the ‘other’ blogs is the way in which the moderators express their views in their articles,this is my breath of fresh air.
    So you see Thistle,we have no quarrel with each other….let us instead debate the issues..ok?
    God knows with your opinions,mine and Bimbros’……..well…


  • Bimbro:

    I have never worked abroad,only had 2 jobs in my life, one for 13 years the other for 3+. I have spent lots of time over the years on vacation ,(if that counts) in Montreal and USA.


  • What concerns me is the fact that after being billed as a first world country,we are yet to see a minimum wage implemented here.
    What is the hold up?
    We still people working for $120.00 a week in Harbour Road.We have people in the industrial estates still on these megre wages.
    Still the cost of living rising every day.My mother was a laborer at a plantation and worked for almost the same money almost 30 years ago.Back then it was useful but try taking $100.00 to the cheapest store now,buy the basic necessities and see what you get.
    If we had minimum wage here ,you would see the difference in both employers and employees.
    The Bajans and the Guyanese would then have to be skilled to hold down jobs ,as their wages would be equal. Then the true artisans will emerge.This being said ,I know some will find loopholes but you can never catch all.


  • Chase: I’m glad we got that sorted out! I’ve always found you to be reasonable, and a bit of a philosopher and peace-maker. I agree with you that David of BU interacts with bloggers and I like that. I think BU will catch up with BFP eventually. I also agree with you on a minimum wage policy. I think that would alleviate a lot of problems. I guess you and me and Bimbro is friends!


  • So am I Thistle ….life is too short.

    I was talking to a friend who owns a company here about the Guyanese labor.He had a bad experience with them also.
    What he did next time though was smart.He went to Guyana,put in an ad in the local newspaper for carpenters,masons and joiners to work in Barbados.
    He then rented some space in an old warehouse,bought some bricks,sand ,cement lumber etc.
    At the interview,every artisan had to prove his skill.When he was satisfied with their skill,he took their names and info.
    It was only after he himself made checks that he went about getting work permits for them.
    This way ,he was sure about his workers skill.
    How hard would it be for both Governments to have such a registry of artisans,with the necessary background criminal checks,the type of skill ect.
    Then when they come here on work permits,have their employers be made responsible for them.I for one think this could go a long way in terms of regulating and controlling this influx.
    This policy should be throughout the region also ,not just here.
    Funny enough,when I first heard of CSME,I was eager to experience it ,thinking it was for all trades.
    Seeing how much I love St.Lucia,I was asking how easy it was to get in there to do the same work there.Thing is,it was then only for entertainers ,lawyers and doctors…..I thought it was across the board.
    Can anyone tell me if this has changed,I never checked back because I had honestly lost interest in it.


  • On another note…BU…in its current form, will go far .As long as there is open discussion on ALL topics.
    What I like about David,is that if he has any agendas or biases,one can never tell by his articles.
    I think this is what stands out about this site.

    I have to thank my good friend Bajan Reporter for the link.


  • Thanks for all the feedback.
    We try to express our view which may not always be balanced but they are our views. What we have tried to do however is to substantiate our points so that readers to BU can follow whatever rhyme or reason exist.


  • Wishing in Vain

    A big earthquake with the strength of 8.1 on the Richter scale has Hit Guyana. One million Guyanese have died and over a million are injured.
    The country is totally ruined and the
    government doesn’t know where to start with help to rebuild. The rest of the world is in shock.

    The UK is sending troops to help.

    Saudi Arabia is sending oil.

    Canada is sending agricultural aid.

    The European community is sending food and money.

    Barbados is sending two million replacement Guyanese.
    God Bless Barbados’ generosity.


  • Everybody needs to take a chill pill. I have worked and lived in both Barbados and Guyana. I am a British citizen born to a Trinidadian and Vincention parents. To be fair everything said above is true to an extent. However, I must say I find alot of the Bajans I have met a bit xenophobic to say the least (more than most, although it is understandable given their well managed economy), and these are people with university degrees (scary). The truth is that there is much emperical evidence to suggest that immigration (despite it’s teething problems) usually leads to successful vibrant economies. The UK and the US make it a political issue, because that is what the uneducated mases want to hear. The reality is that there is more migration to these countries now, than ever before because their continued economic success depends on it. I personally think it will be the saviour of the caribbean – cuz we are falling further behind everyday and we need to change our sunshine attitude if we are going to catch up with the rest of the world !!! No gain without pain!


  • Emerald~interesting comments. I think we all agree with the concept of immigration and the benefits to mobility of labor etc. What Barbadians appear to fear is the influx of hoards of unskilled indo Guyanese labor who are coming from an environment ripe with criminal activity. As this is happening the face of crime is changing in Barbados. There is the Chinese as well but Barbadians are concerned about them for other reasons, chief reason being how cost of labor is being driven to subsistence levels.
    The question though is how can small developing country sustain the huge inflows entering Barbados now? As far as BU is aware now impact study has been done.


  • It’s really depressing to read lots of the above stuff cos it is exactly, and I mean exactly the same language and arguments that the extreme right wing like the National Front and the BNP in my country (UK) use against Caribbean people coming to the UK, especially the crime stuff (as if the UK never had crime before the 50’s!!) and the cricket stuff,getting all uptight if immigrants support their original country of residence. Its dangerous to assert that kind of thing as a reason to question someones suitability to reside somewhere unless u wanna live in a place where difference is to be feared not celebrated.

    My daughters mum is Bajan and has lived in the UK for many years, most of them on benefits (cos of ill health) from a tax system she has never contributed to directly. That shouldn’t be a problem for anyone…she’s entitled to those benefits by law. She had to question her own attitude towards Asians when her son came home from school crying cos other kids (who no doubt learned their racist values at home) were calling him ‘paki’ all day all though (and this is not really the point)he is obviously not Asian but Afro-Caribbean.

    She had to confront the thought that Asian children would be going home crying for real because of similar taunting and that she had herself thoughtlessly used racist and dehumanising language in her own home and in front of her children about Asian people.

    She was the first Bajan I’d really spent ant time with and for all her good education and charmingness (and yes she is beautiful as it seems is the norm with Bajan women!) she had a shocking attitude towards Asians untill this incident which would’t have ever happened in Barbados and her attitude would have been left unchallenged.

    What I’ve found in life is that governments of all shape and colour are much happier if everyone is fighting amongst themselves looking for a ‘them’ to blame all ills on cos then no-one is looking at what their getting up to.

    I aint saying there is no a debate to be had but someone is gonna start saying that the Guyanese are eating Bajan babies next!


  • rabb~are you saying that Barbadians should sit and say nothing? Are you happy that Barbadians should accept what happened in the UK will be replicated in Barbados? BU is not sure if your viewpoint is an apple and apple. UK in the 60s absorbed the immigrant labor because there was a demand, in the transport, nurses etc. In Barbados the immigrant labor in many cases is displacing Barbadians and driving wages down. BU not sure if the same dynamics were at play in UK.


  • Look Underground -those non sensical arguments raised above by rabb – are the kind usually put forward to seek to portray bajans fears as irrational.


    On another point however,I note Owen in today’s Nation newspaper is now saying that “there is an imbalance in the CSME in favour of Trinidad re the exports – while only a few country (he really means just Barbados but too shame to say so),are shouldering the burden of the ‘free movement of people’.

    Isn’t that what we were saying all along on these blogs and elsewhere?

    Of course the said Owen and some of those men in the Ivory Tower at Cave Hill said we were XENOPHOBIC.

    Reality now starting to hit Owen,but he ain’t see nothing yet.

    Put that syrian/indian trini business mix,with the growing indo guyanese population and we will see some intresting behaviour in a very few short years.

    You realise that Owen has sold us into slavery with our eyes ‘wide open’,he has sold us into slavery while the media was busy kowtowing to him and his party,while Clive Mascoll was busily undermining and destroying the DLP party.

    These neo colonists are not going to be concerned about political correctness like the English were – this is all about de money boy – and the black man who is seen by every race as the ‘ultimate consumer’.

    Every race wants to get into a black neighbourhood,or black country to sell black people something – anything – ’cause everbody knows black people like to spend their money rather than save or open their own business and they don’t buy and support their race.


  • David, what do you actually mean by what happened in the UK because opinion is divided here between those who have the mistaken idea that there is such a thing as a ‘British’ identity and those like me who believe that the overall effect of imigration has been a good thing for this country.

    The arguments put forward by racists (both in the 60’s and now) actually focused very much on the kind of ‘coming over ‘ere taking our jobs blah blah angle. Whist it is true that immigration was welcomed in the 50’s and 60’s by the UK government the population, particularly the already struggling working classes deeply resented it and neonazi organisations flourished on the back of this fear that they largely trumped up, even main stream politicians were prepared to throw their spoon in the pot such as Enoch Powell with his infamous rivers of blood speech and on the whole they have been proved wrong.

    Not many people realise (even in the UK) that with more minority ethnic groups numbering over 12000 than in any other part of the world London is the most ethnically diverse city on the planet and manages to rub along most of the time without problem in fact age old barriers are being broken down with more and more mixed race relationships between black and white black and asian white and asian and on and on, also exciting fusions of culture producing new ways to look at the world.

    I suppose what I’m saying is that if there is a debate to be had then have it but I read some stuff here that could have been on any nazi pamphlet touted by the BNP in my country and it is very ugly and surely wont help the debate.

    I feel qualified to have an opinion, not least because my daughter may one day want to make Barbados her home but because coming from the UK I have first hand knowledge of being part of a country with a disgusting racist past and large pockets of racism still hiding behind arguments of ‘them’ coming ‘over ‘ere’.

    And while the debate takes place the vulnerable such as children and the elderly from the immigrant community (and the indigineous one) need protecting and need to be spared from an atmosphere of hatred.


  • rabb~if you have read all the BU articles about the possible impact of immigration on Barbados i.e.socio economic etc you might realize we have been at pains to identify studies done in peer countries which highlight concerns that Barbados cannot ignore. You would have to admit that the interracial dynamics in England, USA and other developed countries must be different when compared to Barbados for obvious reasons. The point about the English government curbing the flow of Eastern Europeans immigrant labor is fact. There is France which has offered money to the African immigrants to coax them to leave. Even in the USA they are pushing immigrant laws to restrict and register immigrants. All these countries have the resources, land space etc to deal with this issue much better than we can in Barbados. Barbados has embraced immigrant labor in agriculture, hotel, as well as the several regional organization which operate in Barbados and many of the workers remain in Barbados, e.g. CDB, CXC etc.This has been ongoing for YEARS. Our legal and medical profession have so many nationalities and have for years. So BU is non-plus when we hear talk about Barbadians being xenophobic.


  • David, I didn’t actually use the term xenophobia but I did talk about racism and an atmosphere of hatred so I accept your rebuke and I apologise to anyone who feels I have generalised about Bajans which was never my intention. I did notice through the thread there are many reasoned voices amid the shrill and I do understand that given it’s geographical size Barbados and it’s culture is uniquely fragile and vulnerable (that is not meant to imply any weakness just the reality of being a small country of limited resources).

    I know from my own contact with Bajans in the UK that there is a problem between Black and Asian people in Barbados and other Caribbean countries. There is no reason I should have been misled and I’ve heard it with my own ears but I would never assume it is a view that all share or uniquely Bajan (I hear it here in the UK a great deal and violence between Black youths and Asian youths in the UK is a very regular occurence) but it is in the mix with this debate and can surley only cloud and distort it and ultimately allow it to be dismissed rather than heard.

    Our health service in the UK would collapse without immigrant labour, that is true, including those from Barbados…I work with stroke and dementia victims in a large UK hospital and there are Bajan nurses here in my hospital, taking advantage (i mean that in a positive sense) of training and education and a welfare system and of course in return they are providing a first class service to UK citizens (which all my Bajan friends bar one who has indefinite leave to stay have actually become now) and paying income tax and national insurance.

    Living next door to france as we do in the UK I know that the french are split down the middle so not all view immigration as a problem actually but the right wing that do use all the scare arguments of terrorism, drug dealing and immigrants having more help than indigineous groups etc and no real debate takes place about the nature of shifting populations around the world and the real causes of it both those rooted in history and more recent phenomena such as climate change.

    The French expression for what is happening in Europe is ‘the bitch of facism is on heat again’.

    The Eastern European thing in the UK is really a non debate puffed up out of all proportion by the hysterical tabloid press in this country who are notoriously racist and represent the very worst in Anglo-Saxon culture so do be careful where you draw your studies. The current Government jump to the tune of the powerful racist Murdock press cos they have the power to make or break elections.

    People are on the move in unprecedented numbers all around the globe and the people who dont have are looking at those that do and who can blame them, if it meant the difference between feeding my family or not I’d be looking too.

    Nothing gonna hold back that tide of angry, hungry people.

    This thread has made me think hard about how different I would feel if I lived in a very special and tiny place like Barbados and hand on heart I cant say my views would be as they are now, i think, especially if I was not a wealthy person living in Barbados I’d feel very threatened.I’ll bow out of this debate cos I’m not sure I really understand it and you’re probably right in what you say, I dunno, I look around Bajan sites with my daughter cos she likes to see stuff about her Mum’s home and I like her to as well but just as where I first came in, some of the stuff, just some, on that thread reminded me so much of the racist nonsense I hear in this cold, damp ,grey corner of our world.


  • rabb~thanks for you very detailed explanation of your viewpoint and the clarifications which you were able to give being on the ground in the UK.


  • Bajans are damm racist. They are just angry that the Indian are smarter and will take over important office and business. …Who are the worst criminals in Guyana? The Blackman is the worst……Lets stop this Indian and Black crap and start living..


  • David, I don’t think that you should regard Rab’s remarks as gospel. I live in the UK, too and see things very diffently. I’m not going to express my opinions here now because the sanctimoniuous, self-deluded and politically -correct Bajans are so fond of crying ‘racist’. But, ‘good luck to Bim’. I dun say all I gunna say and leave Bim to its fate!!!!

    However, I don’t think that you should allow other people to determine your immigration policy for you or necessarily follow, sheep-like, what other people are doing!


  • Listen guys and girls, I’ve been reading all of these contributions this morning from the begining and most of them are most interesting and informative but I do wish that so many of you would just take your time and re-read your items before posting because, so often, they contain so many spelling and other mistakes as to make the whole process far more tedious than it needs to be!


  • Riahanna, was speaking about you when she sang ‘them haters’, reading these blogs makes me realise how educatedly small minded most of you are,


  • What a load of bunk. Bajans, spend your time in improving your spelling, grammar, and your minds.


  • Harper~while we appreciate your fixation with grammar etc please understand that this is a BLOG which is focused on delivering a message and most of the time we free write when an idea hits us and move on. If you understand the message then we would have been successful in what we are trying to do. So don’t get caught up with a poor syntax, the odd verb disagreement etc. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE MESSAGE?

    BTW what about the piece that you don’t agree…some detail from you is required!


  • the problem with the guyanese is not that they are from guyana but that they are indian. no bajan wants the indo/afro problem that is prevalent in guyana to extend to bim.

    we really do no fear immigration. however all immigrants do suffer some initial taunts and the ever present go back to where yuh come from.

    for years we were getting vincies and lucians and because they are black they integrated and disappeared into the bim society but the indos will not and that is what is feared.

    what i really do not understand is when the guyanese say that bim is selfish and we are all from the west indies as though bim has an obligation to provide a living for others. they then remind us of the fact that many a bajan went to demarara in the 50’s and 60’s forgetting that we were invited if not coaxed.

    it is really time for the owen administration to go but i do not hear david raising this problem as a campaign issue.

    really the problem is a ethnic one. bajans are used to dealing with balck, the not so black, mixed, the white and not so white but not the indians in such numbers and they really fear the future.

    but having visited recently the indo numbers are not that large that we cannot one day ship them all back to guyana.


  • Do you know that most guyanese have bajan ancestry, my self included? Maybe Guyana should have “shipped” the bajans back…Surely not all Guyanese on a whole are bad people, I know plently. Maybe instead of complaining about it, do something about it. How about having a system in which those who offend, get sent back which makes sense. To sit there and say that they are all bad is unfair. That would be like America saying since there are a lot of black males in prison, they are a race of problems, lets ship all the black people out of America and back to Guyana, Barbadoes, Africa, Trinidad etc. We need to stop the division and come up with feasible solutions. I am all for punishing those that are commiting crimes, and I dislike racist people. That I agree with, but to sit there are generalize about a group of people by race, or by country is just plain wrong…


  • I completely understand where the bajans are coming from with the whole influx of guyanese. So are you saying basically that if there were more black guyanese rather than the indians then you wouldn’t mind because they would just blend in?
    Anyways about the who shipping all the Guyanese back, I need you all to think very carefully about that because it wouldn’t be very smart. In our world today every is getting more expensive and countries like the United States are fueled by cheap labour! If you say that the Guyanese numbers are up to 100,000 and your population in Barbados is roughly over 200,000 if half the population left, what would that mean for your entire economy? I’ll tell you it would crumble in less that a few months. You’re lucky Barbados has alot of tourism but just rmember you guys still have to compete with other islands like Antigua and Trinidad that are catching up to you guy very quicky! Be careful what you wish for!


  • Barbadian Beauty

    Something needs to be done seriously about the number of Guyanese in Barbados – not only are they here but they are also making sure that they breed here and have their children here. They are breeding like rabbits in our island and I don’t like it…honestly.


  • Barbadian Beauty, it seems that u will just have to grin and bear it because my exp. of Bajans is that if u try and warn them of an impending danger they’ll only verbally, abuse you and say that you’re imagining it and there’re all kinds of things the matter with you, etc!! So, I don’t hold out much hope for you!!!! Accept that because of the nature of your own people, you’ll be taken over by all and sundry. Soon, Bim will no longer belong to you!! Sorry!!!!


  • all i have to say is bajans are afraid that the only place people will want them is in there own country i hope wishing in vain wish will not go the other way cause when u wish bad on people it just come back to you and as u say the can ship the guyanese back but let me tell u some thing if what u wish guyana happens in barbados we in trinidad don’t want you all bajans coming there and i know the lucians and vincie don’t like you people so may be just may be the guyanese might have to take you all in hahahahah


  • barbadian beauty let me tell you something if you in know all ready when you say the guyanese breed like rabbits well is your bajan men in most casese is the daddy be coz we all know bajans can’t wine the can only wak up as the call it so is all you bajan men going after the guyanese and trini and other non national women think about it and i must say we trini women can wine real good as all you see then you come to we carnival


  • Interesting response, trini, but have u heard of commas and full stops!! Do u have those in Trini?!!!

    I’m no authority on ‘wining’!!!! 🙂


  • I find the comments of Barbadian Beauty very disgusting and racist. Maybe you are too young to know. In the 30s and 40s when bim was in economic trouble many bajans like my grandmother and others went to guyana seeking help which they got until they died. We have short memories. I don’t know why our people feel they have to settle in other people’s country. Guyana is simply beautiful


  • These bajans are the most backward people on the planet!….Good that they are confined to a little island


  • A True Believer

    I would like all the guyanese to left we alone on our little island.


  • A Man
    We Barbadians are the most backward people on the face of the earth.However we were able to develop the most stable and prosperous Caribbean Country today that all you all Guyanese and other non-nationals are clamouring to get into.


  • Canadian you are onto something. I have visited Barbados in the past and it is hard to understand that in 2009 they are black people that are so backward. i am talking about black people who would spit on their fellow black brothers because they are a so call “foreigner” but would lick the white mans ass. i think Barbados is a beautiful island i would visit again but some not all of the Barbadians some of them are still in mental slavery. Some of these guys are calling themselves little England? are you kidding me? this is not real. They talk about black foreigners commiting crimes and coontributing to problems in society. what about the loose white women from the UK who visit for strictly for sex what about the UK white men that are involved crimes? As you said Canadian some Bajans heads are in the sand. Canadian i will quote you “why don’t you guys talk about the selling of Barbados to the noveau riche whites from the UK and other countries, making land unaffordable to locals? These people have no love for blacks- they view us as inferior and merely as their servants”. All the black ignorant Barbadians on this site bad mouthing the black foroigners think about that question that Canadian asked.


  • When are we going to get it? We are all in this together as Caribbeans and as human beings. In trying to put down another black man or another indo man we continue to perpetuate a climate of hate and racism. The payoff is feeling more superior than another which I guess make up for our shortcomings as an individual and as a nation.
    I agree, Bajans and other black nations treat the white man better than their own black man. I don’t think it matters where we are from, what about the fact that we share the same experiences as human beings.

    Why isn’t anyone complaining about all the white folks in Barbados? They are the ones running things all over the world and they don’t think much of other races in general however we continue to play uncle Tom with them and kiss their asses on a daily basis.

    This world can never unite for a common cause with others trying to always feel superior than their fellow man. We are all seeking better opportunities in countries that are at an economical advantage- this is why people migrate. Ask yourself, why are Bajan’s in other countries? Why not stay in Barbados? It is just ludicrous to believe that one should not try to find a better life even if it means going somewhere where you are not wanted. The world is now a melting pot and as long as a government and a country is allowing others to enter then these migrants must be doing something for the economy.

    Wake up people, lets deal with more important issues such as climate changes and what it is doing to our world and environment as a whole. Will we even be around in the next ten years to talk about it? It is time to unite as a people and repair the earth that we have deeply damaged. Stop the hate, the racism and the wars. It makes us seem very Hitler like!


  • Interesting to read all the comments here but most have forgotten the issues that really matter: Due to high levels of corruption, uneducated ministers and crime lead by an Indo government ( with the help of Roger Khan), ruination of a beautiful country then fleeing over to somewhere else and continuing there ways (watch out) will turn Bdos into another Indian fifedom( employing their own, running your business, Pure Indian government)….Also, Bdos, try to respect your fellow black brethren, your BLACK waiting staff attitude in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc, remind me of South Africa during Apartite!!!


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