David Thompson~Are You Ready?

Do you think the BLP will win the next General Election in Barbados?





Don’t Know


Total votes: 109

The result of an informal poll carried out by BU over a two week period. Although unscientific one can conclude that there is healthy DLP readership of the BU blog or a general dissatisfaction with the incumbent Arthur government.

One can argue that one of the most talked about politicians in the last 15 years has been David Thompson. To many of us who have followed politics in Barbados whether at home or abroad there has always been the inevitability that he would assume the highest office in the land at some point. Some may argue that it is not his fault that Barrow elected to leave an ambiguous succession plan. Other argue that David Thompson like Carlisle Best started a career at the wrong time. Whatever the reason we are at that point in our history when the public will have to decide, yet again, David or Owen. There is consensus that should David loose the election this time around he may have to look at giving stepping aside though still a young man.


The upcoming election is filled with the usual intrigue but at the top of the list must be the anticipated clash between Mascoll and Thompson. If previous confrontations are anything to go by it is expected to be gory and must be rated X. What about the GEMS issue this time around? Is it an issue that will resonate with the electorate this time around? At the top of the list must surely the issue of the donation which Arthur received to his personal FCIB account. For the first time Barbadians witnessed Arthur making a hurried retreat when confronted on prime TV. Has he had time to recover or is he gathering dirt to ensure that he can counter punch at the right time.


What impact will the CWC 2007 have on the outcome. BU recognize that the BLP spin on CWC is to labeled it a success. Maybe all except the BLP think so. Anecdotally it seems to BU that tremendous disappointment exist among Barbadians at the money spent and the many problems which kept surfacing, least among them being the alienation by the LOCs of the cricket loving public and the huge sums spent to ready for the games. BU thinks of all the possible issues raised the one of immigration and the seemingly wanton influx of Indian Guyanese will be a a hot issue. It is an issue which appears to be of concern to all Barbadians and it is to span the social spectrum. Whether Thompson is prepared to risk creating a racial divide which could ensue from making this a platform issue is left to be seen. Please note that BU has not listed corruption as an issue because the libel and slander laws of Barbados makes it impossible for any messages of this nature to be promulgated.


It is too early to call this election because of many unknown variables. What we know according to Professor Don Blackman is that a third term lethargy has reared its head in the Arthur administration. This apparent “tiredness”, a settled DLP leadership and a historical impatience by the Barbados electorate for third term governments all combine to give David Thompson his ONLY but BEST chance to win the next government.

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13 thoughts on “David Thompson~Are You Ready?

  1. of course David is ready and the party is more than ready , to much rubbish going on in the current goverment ,they have been in too long ,they need voting out

  2. What we have on our hands is doodling Gov’t with loads of corruption on their hands and plenty dishonesty in their mix.
    This sets up for a keen battle to maintain the power and control of the people and the purse strings of Barbadians.
    To the extent that it would not at all surprise me if this gang of crooks were to adopt a method of stealing the election be it in the form of vote stuffing, intimindation and fear tactics, all things are possible with this gang of crooks, do not be surprised when you hear on election day people cannot find their polling stations or their names not being on the polling list, we are dealing with a set of dishonest bastards who need the power to continue their evil deeds of raping this nation.

  3. The make or break of the DLP returning to power is not if Thompson is ready. It is if the Country is ready for Thompson – again.

    It is sad but true that Thomo has nothing to offer Barbadians. He is bankrupt of ideas and concepts which can improve Barbados in general and Barbadian society in particular. He is no EWB. He has had a long time to think and plan his return and we have heard nothing new or creative. Moreover, his past Leroy Parris connections are still prevalent in the minds of the voters.

    I regret to say that the DLP needs a new leader. One who will bring a vibrancy and new ideas to the many of us who are disillusioned with the present Government. If the DLP wants our vote they need to convince us that there is a new and fresh line up of candidates led by someone with vision and integrity.

    What needs to be addressed?
    1) Integrity legislation for politicians and those in Government service.
    2) Ethical guidelines for the judiciary.
    3) Unemployment.
    4) Price gouging being carried out by all sectors especially by the supermarkets and restaurants.
    5) The environment. Starting with the beaches, the offshore coral as well as an adequate and regular supply of clean drinking water to the whole population.
    6) The economic future of Barbados.
    – Tourism. There must be a 5 & 10 year plan laying out strategies which include construction zones, tax free enticements for construction and plant, greater emphasis on training at all levels – including the ancillary services.
    When it comes to the BTA, there must be a reduction in the Board to 8 members and a
    greater thrust outside of the traditional markets of the USA & UK. We are being beaten
    black and blue by Jamaica, Dom Rep and Aruba.
    – Agriculture. Why grow more? Is it not cheaper to import?
    – Technology. Stimulation of the creation of a wireless wideband network over the island.

    7) Health. Can private companies do a better job at running the hospitals?

    A few words but a large mountain to climb.

  4. laughing barbadian~I suspect that whether the government is perceived by the public as doing
    “too much rubbish going on in the current goverment ,they have been in too long ,they need voting out”
    it will not be given the government on a platter. The DLP will have to enunciate its policies to clearly satisfy the public..

  5. Thompson has no clear policy positions, no clear stance on corruption or integrity legislation, and a record that does not bode well for the future. The current government is thoroughly corrupt, almost totally out of touch and tired. I think it will go down to the wire on election day. If the DLP had a half decent leader who could demonstrate competence it would be a piece of cake for them. Sadly it won’t be.

  6. Let me throw the cat in the pidgeons!

    It is time Mia Mottley walked the floor and took the DLP to new heights.

  7. Udo Xavier~ a suggestion which would make for good discussion but one which BU regards as premature. Mia is still a young woman.

  8. Ahmmmmm, David, I am afraid you didnt cater for all of us with your voting boxes to the question of whether the BLP will win… so I will create my own box.. he goes…. (box – checked) depends on how much money giving away.

  9. i am not much for the political back and forth but i have been around long enough to know that people dont vote in governments they vote them out. Opposition parties the world over like to romantisize themselves that their “brillient policies” got them elected but that is total rubbish. Elections are always a referendum on the government but in Barbados some people seem to want to make it a referendum on the opposition. I dont see it. If the peolple of barbados are ready to change the government they will do so in spite of how the opposition looks. And, finally, is there anyone who could tell me what were the full slate of BLP proposals and alternative policies rolled out in the year before the election was called in 1994? i would be more than interested in hearing them.

  10. It is plain and simple…..the DLP is hsort of ideas. Can you see the members of the present DLP representing the people of Barbados at places such as the UN or discussing issues with teh World Bank…….stupsee we would be a laughing stock as talking hard in parliament does not qualifiy you.

  11. foolishness Billy old boy they are several members of the DLP who can do that with distinction. The Leader who was minister of finance did it already; freundel stuart as is widely acknowledge is one of the most resepcted intellects around politics today; Irene Sandiford Garner is a successful business women with an MBA; Donville Inniss is one of the best International Business Specialists in Barbados;
    Should I go on….oh! I almost forgot what about that fellow Chris Sinckler has he not represent several regional organisations in such agencies as the World Bank, IMF, WTO, and yes the United Nations. Is’nt he an international trade specialists who currently sits as a member of the small regional advisory committee on the implementation of the CARICOM Economy and an advisor on the Regional Preparatory Task Force for the EU-CARICOM Economic Partnership Agreement Negotiations? What foolishness are you talking old boy

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