Is Commissioner Darwin Dottin On His Way Out?

Thank you sir, thank you sir etc. three bags full!!

Commissioner Dottin gets his three bags full of a retirement
package and the PM gets to replace him with an apolitical, very
popular, young at heart and out going individual. Dottin will be
taking an extended leave (what after, CWC, Millennium Heights)
The announcement will be made in time, well before November
which is election month…

Like Barbados Free Press we have been receiving cryptic crafted notes from individuals over the days and weeks.For example, see notes received by BU and BFP above and below respectively.

Story Posted at Barbados Free Press – Message To 180 Degree Change

4 thoughts on “Is Commissioner Darwin Dottin On His Way Out?

  1. Dottin has to rank as one of the most ineffective police commissioners to date. His strength has been his ability to marshall statistics. Under his command the police has had to take to worst beating to its image. If it is true that he has had a falling out with his command, it could just be the shot in the arm the RBPF needs

  2. This is one of the most absurbd comments I have heard in a while. Like any organization things will go ary at time. look at all positive things he has done for the force. In comparision to other countries I think he has done a pretty darn good job.

  3. To: Jill ~ you have had at least 6 weeks to think about this comment, and this is the best you can do. Which part of the post is ridiculous? there were several awkward events that occured under his watch and that’s what I think BK was talking about.

    You could have addressed the recent events, ie: The CWC affair, where some of his senior officers were searched; the gated community affair, the arrest of the media reporters; or at least bring some of his positive events. Which from where I sit, “All the positive things” elude me, and will love to have you make clear.


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