Prime Minister Arthur You Cannot Have It Both Ways

BU wishes to extend our deepest sympathy to Prime Minister Arthur and Mrs Arthur at what must be a very difficult time. Our sympathy for sure goes out to Mrs Arthur, as a mother it must be even more difficult having carried the baby in her womb for seven months. The pictures which have been appearing on our television and newspapers have evoked some very sad emotions in the BU household. BU has taken a position that we will not publish any pictures associated with this tragic event on our website.

After some very long discussions within the BU household; what has emerged is that we have some concerns about how the Arthurs have managed this whole funeral business. What we have also found out is that many Barbadians seem to feel the same way but appear to be locked into silence because of the sensitivity around the tragic affair. There is no doubt that Her Majesty’s Opposition and those in the public who feel as BU does have already assessed the enormous risk to go vocal. What we do know is that for Mrs Arthur, a mother, the public show which she witnessed this week must have racked her emotions to the core.

Could it be that Arthur being the political savvy politician that he is has deliberately orchestrated how events unfolded around the funeral of his daughter?

To answer this question BU tables the following arguments:

  • Let us recall that when the Prime Minister got married last year it was done at a private ceremony on the Illaro Court grounds. What we gathered from scrutinizing the small gathering in attendance at the wedding from the video released by the Government Information Service, it showed a small group known to be close friends of the Arthurs. If we compare a marriage and a funeral we have to admit the wedding provided the opportunity for the Arthurs to include the Barbados public. Information reaching BU even suggests that the wedding was close to being held overseas. Robust advice received from a senior minister persuaded the Arthur’s to reconsider.
  • To further demonstrate the extent to which Arthur has guarded his private life, Barbadians had to wait until after his most recent marriage to find out that he had a 21 year old daughter who had been attending university in the USA. Since the wedding the 21 year old has been included in many of the public photo shoots of the Arthur family. Why the sudden change? Political strategists have suggested that the Prime Minister is aware of how the “moral righteous” in the Barbados society regard the “family man”.
  • The Prime Minister and Mrs Arthur were involved in a serious relationship long before his divorce was final and was kept from the public eye…well relatively so. The fact that it was a clear breach of protocol for a Prime Minister to be “courting” during a legally active marriage was tolerated by Barbadians which is not unprecedented where our Prime Ministers and even Ministers have been involved.

There are several other examples which we can offer which reinforce the point that the Prime Minister has always protected his privacy. His recent departure by throwing open the doors to the public for such a tragic, sensitive and personal affair is therefore viewed with suspicion by BU.

24 thoughts on “Prime Minister Arthur You Cannot Have It Both Ways

  1. Well for a start – LADY Arthur??? When was Owen Arthur knighted? Please tell me I’m dreaming. God, what a horrible thought.
    Thanks Thistle this is what happens when other members of the BU household leave me at it alone.
    David 🙂

  2. David, I think the brouhaha accompanying the funeral of the little one may have smacked slightly of publicity as a gimmick to draw peoples’ attention away from the CWC fiasco and the monumental corruption which is currently associated with this government. Personally, I think it is gauche, to say the least, to hold a large funeral like that for a tiny infant, and I hate to say this, but I don’t think you would find people of class doing that. I know I’m treading on dangerous territory and I may be accused of being politically incorrect, but the pictures all over the media made me shudder.

  3. Thistle~the barometer for the BU household was when my family ran from the room when the images were splattered unashamedly on the CBC screen. We did think long and hard before we wrote this piece because we know that some people may view it as crossing the line.

  4. David, judging from some of the insensitive comments on the BFP blog, there were many who would not have thought it crossing the line. Personally, I had a lot of sympathy for the Arthurs and the only comment I made was one of sympathy, but, as I said, I think everything about the funeral was grossly exaggerated and not in good taste.

    P.S. I like this blog site, so will be visiting it regularly!

  5. My thing is….why the media thought it was such a big deal…the child was premature and it died people loose babies everyday…why couldn’t they let the Arthurs grieve in peace?

  6. Take the press coverage in whatever form you can get it in.
    If the Arthurs were so upset about the press coverage they would have asked for a press black out this did not occur hence it was taken for political mileage sad state of affairs but true to Owings form.

  7. During the lead up to the funeral, I stated certain things which were not carried on BFP and on the BLP blog. I was careful to be clean, sensitive and politcally correct. I said that the loss of a premature baby is normally a very private affair. The child is speedily and quietly buried. I suggested that a public funeral for a woman who must be in turmoil, would only add to her turmoil. Despite the fact that other persons may have been involved in the planning, she would still have to have a say in who is called; be upset by who calls; be upset by oglers – well meaning or otherwise, and the list goes on. When I heard him “announce” the funeral and then read the notices in the newspaper regarding time and place I declared ‘how tacky!” But let me go back.
    Before Julie was even showing, Owen was at Gold Cup blaring out how she was pregnant. He appeared at meetings talking about political campaigning in the dew and changing pampers. His behaviour was not that of a dignified expectant father. His anxiety to get as much mileage out of this first child born in wedlock was obvious. And the question remains: If he was genuinely eager for public sympathy to lets say, get over his grief, then why on earth did he not tell his cabinet colleages on the Thursday afternoon when he met with them that his wife was delivered of the premie? He SAID NOTHING to them. He got up in the afternoon after a call and went back to the QEH and told them nothing. Some members of the public knew before them. But yet he expected them at the funeral. Please note these were the same persons who were not invited to the wedding! C’mon Barbados, wake up and smell the coffee! See this man for what/who he really is.

  8. Anonymous, please do not blame the media. Owen had no intention of letting the moment pass. I felt sorry for his wife though…

  9. cat eyes~ we agree. An event was held a few days later under the patronage of Mrs Arthur put on by the Child Care Board. Must have been very emotional for her.

    All the best to here as she recovers.

  10. David, I would like to ask you two questions. First, do you know the true identites of the bloggers on here? I am not really au fait with computer technology but someone told me that the moderators know the identities through the ISP number/name. Secondly, are you in any way associated with the BFP people? Hope you don’t mind these questions but I need to know. Thank you.

  11. Anonymous~we don’t know the BFP people. On the IP matter you should do a Google about IPs. On the issue of blogger identity. We have no idea who are our bloggers and frankly we don’t care.

  12. Anonymous,

    About those comments directed to the BLP & its membership…….that is the work of Owen Arthur !

    He is ensuring that wrecks every institution in Barbardos…..starting with Marriage & the party he leads !


  13. Jerome Hinds, I’m not following you. I have not directed any comments to the BLP and its membership. Please explain.

  14. As a female let me add my two cents to this discussion and say that I too am appaled at the public display of this child’s death. My heart goes out to Mrs. Arthur at her loss, but not only this but to the usery that she has been subjected to by the hands of the one who should have been her rock, her sheild, her best aide. To loose a child is devastating i am told but to have it paraded how much more indiginity should she have to suffer.

    As a barbadian i am saddened at the depth to which a leader could go to secure votes, but not mine no not mine. For, to vote for a man who by his very actions show his disdain and disrespect for women (his adultery to his first wife, now this display to the second) would be disgraceful. This is not just my view but the view of about 30 women who i hang with. People are afraid to speak out so thanks BU for this opportunity to vent.

  15. I have to add a bit. None of us as Barbadians celebrated the birth of Arthur’s children. We didn’t even know he had them. He sent his sister to the chistening ceremony of the little girl you see in the photo above at Lucille’s Baird’s church.

    For twenty five years in public life Owen Arthur’s listing in Who’s Who and other profiles said “no children.” That must have saddened his twenty one year old child. It is disgusting.

    This is very much a moral issue. Arthur is unfit to lead for his duplicity, hypocrisy, dishonesty and immorality. I am glad that David Thompson put this in context on Sunday night when he launched Owen’s cousin’s campaign in St. Peter. Haynesley Benn is the proud father of two bright very successful sons who grew up knowing their father and being able to be with him and look up to him. The comparison of the cousins is apt and was very relevant to politics in Barbados today.

    Owen Arthur is a political animal. Not a human being.

  16. some people seem to be party haters, what is wrong with the emotions showed. you people r heartless, kicking a man when he is down.

    Politics it is nasty game, would not like to a politician cause if I cry in public and show my true feelings one would say I do it for votes. give me a break.

    My heart is with my Prime Minister.

  17. The whole of Barbados is making a fuss over Owen’s life story … I personally am not a fan of him nor his cabinet but let me tell you this … he is a man and he is like every other man on this planet … he does what he has to do to make himself look good… None of us and I reiterate NONE of us should be throwing stones cause some of us live in some pretty darn big GLASS HOUSES.

  18. tiddly~are you saying that the individuals don’t have a right to be critical of others? If we take your position then we should all remain mutes!

  19. Well David, what I am saying is that I dont see you airing the bad incidents of your life in your column nor do I read your secrets …. It is clear that all of us have secrets that we wish to keep and we all have a PRIVATE part of our lives that we wish to keep that way…. for my one part I am not saying that staying mute is the option … I am however saying that every man is entitled to his own secrets and to keep them so … EVEN THE PRIME MINISTER … when he took up office and swore in I can bet my last dollar that part of his oath was not ” and I swear to tell the whole of Barbados and have records by the press my most inner secrets about my life.” A man is just a man regardless of race, creed or colour.

  20. OH and by the way let me go on record as saying that I am not speaking from the politics/poli-tricks stand point (lol) but I am speaking from a reasonable human’s point of view … I have never chosen sides in politics ie. I don’t vote for all who had have my vote are now dead.

  21. tiddly~surely you jest?

    Philosophically we believe that individuals who hold public offices must be prepared to offer themselves up to public scrutiny. It goes with the job! it is the reason why many private citizens pass on the job to serve in public because they are not prepared to be placed in the glare of the public eye.

  22. LOL David lol… Philosophically yes … we do believe that individuals holding public offices should be prepared to offer themselves to the scrutiny but its not a criteron of the job and on the other hand I would invite you to understand that if a person know things about his personal life that are constantly commented on or criticised and does nothing to correct or reform himself why should we continue to comment. Example … if you told me that my hair needs to be combed and said ok no prob … the next day the same thing and so on … why should you comment on the 15th or 16th day about it. Isn’t it obvious to you that I don’t to comb my hair. I am just saying all this to say that I have my secrets and a private life, respect that, you have your secrets and a private life and definately respect that and OWEN has his secrets and all of us should respect that too.

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