Is Barbados Doing Enough To Forward The Cause Of The Disabled?

Barbadians have enjoyed a high standard of living for a long time now and our per capita income has hovered between USD8,000 and 9,000 dollars for as long as we can remember. A reasonable expectation should be that if the country is enjoying economic prosperity then all areas of the society are entitled to participate in the wealth of the nation. One group in the Barbados which we feel has been struggling to participate in the wealth are those of us who suffer with disabilities. BU received an email recently which reminded us of our responsibility to become more aware of the plight of this group and to assist is fighting the cause for increase financial resources from government. More importantly is the need to unfreeze the insensible attitudes of Barbadians we often witness which is targeted at this group. What has impressed us is the fact that unlike the Barbados Association of Journalists and other more equipped organizations this group is using the technology to fight the fight. In the email which BU received we were directed to the website run by the Barbados Council for the Disabled which impressively details the movement and the people responsible for advancing the cause.


Many stories have been reported about uncaring Barbadians who park in car spaces designated to the disabled. We heard of the plight of the Thelma Vaughn Home who literally had to beg government to approve a grant to ensure that they continue the work of the centre. A scan of our workplaces visibly demonstrates the lack of employment opportunity given to our citizens who are physically challenged. BU wishes to appeal to the goodly Senator Linton who is visually challenged to be more active in the Senate at promoting the cause of the disabled and to remember that politic is only one aspect of life’s needs. We are extremely disappointed with the Senator’s laid back attitude that we would have to issue such a call to the Senator. Your legacy in the Upper Chamber should be one of championing the cause of your colleagues and we urge you to be more proactive.

So Barbadians we ask you to remember that a disabled person is an individual with a heart and a mind like any other citizen. Let us ensure that we build our society to allow them to reach their full potential.

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