Rawle Eastmond Don't Make Us Laugh~Because Of Collective Responsibility We Find You Guilty!

Mr.Carlos Todd please come at once because I need to avail myself of your anger management services after reading Janelle Riley’s article this morning! How does the government expect Barbadians to build trust in the public service and especially ministers. Here is an excerpt from the Advocate article:

Minister Eastmond added that it therefore goes without saying that transparency is one of the key components of good governance, and as such, if there is to be public trust in the government institutions, citizens must be given insight into the decision making process.

No country can expect to prosper in an environment of public mistrust. For countries, which rely heavily on government to provide leadership in socio-economic sphere, trust in government and governmental institutions forms the bedrock for most of the political, social and economic activities, which are designed to improve the well-being of their citizens, he explained.

Let us do a short experiment:

GOVERNMENT is promising more financial transparency and accountability before this year is out.

According to Accountant General Margaret Sivers, people will shortly be able to sit in their homes and offices and see just how Government is spending taxpayers’ money.

Sivers explained that Government’s Data Processing department was developing a government-wide Internet portal that would provide Barbadians, the region, and the world with access to Government’s financial information.

Source: Nation

The article appeared in the Nation in July 31, 2005: So Ms. Accountant General is the government-wide Internet Portal available yet?

A FORENSIC AUDIT into the management transactions for Cricket World Cup 2007 could turn out to be a step in the right direction to ensure that the financial dealings are on the up-and-up.

That’s the reaction of Barbados’ Prime Minister, Owen Arthur to the proposal by Rawle Brancker, a top Barbadian business executive who recently quit the position of chairman of CWC.

Source: Nation

This article appeared in the Nation in September 30, 2005. So Mr. Arthur was the forensic audit ever done?

THERE WILL definitely be a referendum in Barbados.

Prime Minister Owen Arthur made the announcement last night as he addressed those gathered at the St Catherine Cricket Club in St Philip.

Responding to a question from the floor, Arthur said Government would be going to the people before it makes the giant step of making Barbados a Republic.

“Barbados has more than proven its ability to run its own affairs since Independence,” he said.

Source: Nation

This statement was made in August 13, 2005. So Mr. Arthur will we get a referendum before the next General Elections? We don’t think so!

IT HAS TAKEN almost four years for the last audited financial report of the Government-owned Hotel and Resorts Ltd (HRL) to make its way to Parliament, and one Senate member wants to know why.

Sir John Stanley Goddard told the BUSINESS AUTHORITY that HRL’s statement for the financial year ended December 31, 2001, was only laid before Parliament for approval last month.

“That huge delay would be totally unacceptable in the private sector and in violation of the Companies Act,” commented the veteran businessman.

Furthermore, the independent senator said it appears the often controversial “Gems” hotel project was “technically bankrupt” three years ago.

“In fact, the total shareholders’ equity of December 31, 2001, showed a negative balance of almost $36 million, which means that the company was almost technically bankrupt at that date and could only survive and continue to operate on the basis of Government guarantees for its debt”, charged Sir John.

Furthermore, he pointed out, the report showed that HRL had a net loss of $22 million in 2001 and accumulated losses of almost $60 million.

“According to that audited financial statement, as at December 2001 HRL had an accumulated deficit of $59 657 642, and I have no doubt, although I have no evidence, that this has increased since then,” said Sir John.

Source: Nation

This article appeared in the Nation on September 05, 2005. So Minister Lynch we understand that HRL is under your care now. Why does government continue to break the laws of the land by not presenting audited financials for HRL Ltd in a timely manner?

The questions that we can ask would take all day but at BU we think that we have made our point. How can transparency and trust be fostered if the public service and government ministers are our biggest violators.

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3 thoughts on “Rawle Eastmond Don't Make Us Laugh~Because Of Collective Responsibility We Find You Guilty!

  1. Wuhloss!!!!!! De “diabolical forces” like duh attack Rawle Eastmond again!
    Mr Owen $ Arthur said that he did not see the need for integrity legislation, so it looks like bacchanal in the BLP is upon us.
    Stay tuned folks!!!

  2. Rawle Eastmond should be the last person on earth to be speaking about ” Trust in Government ‘

    After publicly telling Barbadians that
    ” Diabolical Forces ” have taken the leadership & party he is associated with captive……he has yet to tell the public who are these diabolical forces !

    But is satisfied to have his BLP colleagues deem him ” Incoherent ” !

    In light of this……who can ever take Rawle Eastmond seriously ?

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