Our Nation Is Crying

Tonight I blog with a heavy heart. I observe how the moral fabric of our society seems to be tearing apart and I feel helpless. What can we do as individuals to reclaim our once humble but proud land. We observe the escalating crime; I know, I know, I heard the glowing report from Inspector Barry Hunte at the recent Police press conference staged for CWC. We know differently, don’t we? But tell me, is it really true that the statistics now record Barbados high on the chart as a country racked with HIV/AIDS when compared to the world? How can this be in our so Christian society? Who should our populace reach-out to? The Church, the government, who then?

My heart is heaviest as I observe our next generation, many of them know no moral compass. They absorb the “bashment” culture imported from an illiterate element of a Jamaican society. It seems to collide with all that seems to be right and then there is chaos. A quick observation suggests that a generation is lost…forever. The solution let us go into the primary schools and begin the job of moulding those so innocent and impressionable minds. But I forget, it is an Archean educational system which still have oversight and which respond with the pace of a slug to a living and breathing organism we call society. You don’t believe me? Let me debunk the myth that all is well in our older grammar schools, oh the nerve I have. It is a myth which our middle class and hypocritical society work hard not to scratch the veneer. Why is it that our children continue to commit sexual acts in our classrooms or in the “trench” behind one of our well known secondary schools to be found close to the Queen’s Park and our administrators appear helpless. Why is it that fifth form student at one of our colleges fit for a queen wage bets to see how many first formers they can entice to engage in sexual activity? I could go on but I too am middle class and suddenly I have become extremely uncomfortable scratching the veneer, in fact I feel sick in the stomach.

Barbados is a small island, very little can happen without public knowledge. Why do our leaders cover-up and remain silent. Don’t they know that we can see the lie? Why can’t we all be enticed from our “comfort zones” to roll-up our sleeves and lead the fight to win back our young minds who are the future of our nation. My heart boils over that in our primary school system the majority of our schools have AIDS/HIV infected children – infected through no fault of their own – but yet we can observe no coherent educational program to ensure that this parasite on our society is delicately exposed to our generation next. Why don’t those with oversight respond to the natural curiosity of young minds who when they see blood will want to sympathize?

Their innocence may sound a death knell!

Maybe we have something in common with the USA after all.

9 thoughts on “Our Nation Is Crying

  1. the name of the game in Barbados is deny every thing, reality is to hard, we just prefer to stick or heads in the sand as our children run wild.

    Or better yet we cover for those who go to the “good” schools, what a crock, the depravity of those children from the older secondary schools, would make some people who sell their wares on bush hill blush.

    The pathetic double standards make me sick.

  2. really sad that we continue to bury our heads. I suppose one can understand the sensitivity when dealing with primary school children. However we Dr. St.John who is charged with overseeing this growing problem in the schools need to be held accountable. Where can we see the data as a nation? Don’t we have the right?

  3. As a mother it saddens me to think about the life my children will have to face. But what do we expect to happen. The adults are morally corrupt, lacking in ethics, those who should be role models are vastly inferior to those of days gone by. So what do we do.

    For my husband and I we are raising our children to be sound individuals. First and foremost we live by the biblical codes laid down for us to follow. The golden rule is evident in our lives we r by no means perfect, just praying our kids will follow our lead. Too many bashment girls are having kids therefore it would stand to reason the same continues. The poor are increasing in numbers, while the middle and upper middle class are having one maybe two children or none at all. What will happen in 15 -20 years. Which culture will win out.

  4. Regarding AIDS I firmly believe that the messages that we are sending out there are not getting through to our youth. When you have healthy looking individuals saying “can u tell” what is there to fear? Why should i change when i can still look the same with the disease, take the drugs and be fine.

    I BELIEVE we need a campaigne that shows the world what end stage AIDS looks like. Really looks life and hear what life is like then. Out with the darn soft ads and normal looking persons asking me to tell. Children need to see, youth and adults need to see that yes it is a disease that KILLS. We can almost say SEX KILLS.

  5. We agree with you Isabella. In fact only last week I was involved in a discussion with some young people about AIDS/HIV and was told point blank that there is medication nowadays that can negate the effect of the virus, so who cares.

    God help us!

  6. You said “How can this be in our so Christian society?” Sir/Madame ~ where have you been all your life? Don’t you know everything here is done to satisfy APPEARANCE? Don’t you know that a majority of ppl ‘go to church’ on Sunday just to nice up their social image but otherwise it’s just a sham? Get real … please.

  7. barbados is not a christian society it is a church going one and morals have been declining for quite a while and while some of it can be blamed on music coming from jamaica a lot of it is a result of the lifestyles potryed by american soap operas and adults within society who entice young people. Adults do not lead by example and Aids is not a young people disease a lot of older men and women are having sex with young children and so aids continues to spread. Barbadians are never realistic about anything all we do is complain and then move on and the problem remains and grows.

  8. Melsha~you make a good point about the adults. Going back in history to the village the eldders were always the ones to impart wisdom. Generations have always relied on the transfer of knowledge/culture etc to perpetuate itself. Recently I attended a funeral where many of the attendees were mature people and there was complete reverence…god behaviour through-out the service. Those young people in attendance followed the lead of the elders and not a murmur was heard. So the moral of the story is LEADERSHIP by our adults.

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