Hello World and Especially Barbadians!

Welcome to The Barbados Underground Blog or the abbreviated version BU. We intend to focus on the news which does not usually make it through to the traditional Press because of the very old slander laws which currently exist in Barbados. Given the recent assault on the Barbados media it behooves each and every Barbadian to “speak-out”. Many of the articles posted will be the opinions of my wife and I which have been influenced by our experiences derived from observation of our society and interaction with many people both past and current. We seek to stimulate discussion and at times we expect that discussions may become robust but that is fine because Barbadians are not known for speaking-out. We will be seeking to join others who have resorted to the Internet to fight to protect our democracy that we hold so dear.

By the way – This is a work in progress so please do bear with us!

2 thoughts on “Hello World and Especially Barbadians!

  1. Thank you BU.
    I must say that I do not agree with your discrimination against homosexuality.
    Especially when you promote nudism.
    Be that as it may, it will no doubt be a great photo opportunity when Barbados “bares with you”.

  2. I am not against homosexuality to the point of discrimination. It is about the fact that Barbadians would want us to discuss how we want our society to integrate more so than a couple politicians who are sympathetic to the group leading the charge.

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