The Phartford Files: Nation Newspaper Editor Calls on Church for ‘Help’

The editor begins by affirming that Barbados “continues to be a predominantly Christian society” and alludes to evidence of the same in the national anthem. To his or her credit, the editor makes it clear that the church is NOT the building or structure but the people who worship there. For pointing out this, we must thank the editor. Why so? Because not even some church goers understand this!

So let me elaborate on the editor’s point: the word “church” comes from the Greek word “ecclesia” from which we get the word “ecclesiastical” which means basically “having to do with the church”. Therefore, it is sometimes used as a synonym for “religious” or “clerical” or for “church” itself.

The original meaning of “ecclesia” then is, “the called out ones” which means the people (that have been called out as disciples). It is not the building. The point is very well taken.

Church Response to Covid-19
To be fair to the “church”, early on in the covid-19 pandemic, several ministers did indicate that the church is the people and therefore, continued offering services to those people online with Zoom and other technologies.

One of the reasons why many church goers do not even understand the point made above about the church is because simple things like these get overlooked in church meetings or assemblies because it is assumed that people know. Too many churches are more concerned about “preaching” (which usually means “shouting”) and less about “teaching”.

Most assemblies spend the bulk of their time in helping members, especially new ones, understand WEIGHTIER spiritual matters such as the meaning of salvation, the work of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers and the afterlife, to name a few.

Some assemblies also spend time in trying to build a church community and the more resourced assemblies try to help the surrounding communities. I have been a member of such an assembly so I am not speculating or guessing.

The editor devotes a whole paragraph to asking a “barifull” [?] of questions about the response of the church to the covid-19 pandemic. Clearly he or she is not asking about how the church organized for the “continuity of worship” for “services” during the covid-19 pandemic. Rather, the editor seems more concerned about the ESCHATOLOGICAL issues surfaced by the covid-19 pandemic.

Eschatology is “a branch of theology concerned with the final events in the history of the world or of humankind”. This includes teachings about “judgement and the final destiny of the soul and of humankind”. In other words, the editor wants the church’s help in understanding the meaning of covid-19 in the context of the final destiny of mankind!

Pandemic Fears
This is not surprising at all. Sales of bibles escalated especially in the early days of the pandemic. Why? Because most people in Christian societies have already heard, PERHAPS MORE THAN ONCE, that humanity is set to have a rendezvous with the man whom God has appointed to both Judge and Rule the World, Jesus Christ himself. So naturally they thought this was “the end of the world” and got scared!

Perhaps they thought that by buying a Bible, even reading it, that it would “save them”. Now that is very funny! Why not go and buy a book on rocket science and ergo find work at NASA? See how ridiculous and hypocritical this is?

I know you think I am being overly sarcastic but if that is what is necessary to get people to wake up, expect more of the same!

Church’s Work Clear
For years “churches” in this country have been “open” (=not under lock down) and for years “the church” has spent endless effort, time and money trying to bring the gospel to this nation. Every radio station in Barbados carries at least one religious programme every single day of the week. All of these are paid for one way or another. Several carry programmes or “services” on TV. All of these have to be paid for.

All this has been going on, yet on average, church congregations are getting smaller! Now a covid-19 pandemic hits and suddenly everybody wants the church to be open and to “rise to the occasion!” To do what, exactly? Console people who have put their faith in “the government” or in “horses and chariots” or their job? I know I am sounding harsh but hold onto your seahorses for a minute because I am going somewhere with this!

Christian Society?
Let’s cycle back to the beginning, dear editor. What do you and Barbadians mean by the expression; “Barbados is a predominantly Christian society”? I challenge you to respond on this blog.

I can tell you what it CANNOT mean! I CANNOT mean that this is a society of people who have heard the gospel and responded to it as required, by which I mean, in summary, the following:
1. Acknowledged that we are sinners
2. Acknowledged that Jesus Christ died for our sins.
3. Acknowledged that Christ’s way is the ONLY way out of God’s judgment on sin.
4. ACCEPTED the sacrificial work on the cross even if you do not understand fully understand all its divine legal (yes legal!) and other ramifications.
5. Submitted to the inner work of the Holy Spirit that begins once you have accepted Jesus Christ as Saviour and Ruler.
Some people call the above being “born again”. I am not particularly fond of religious clichés but if that helps, so be it.

Great Commission
Dear editor, the message of the above is what the church has been “preaching in season” (=no pandemic) and “out of season” (=in the covid-19 pandemic season). That is its mission given by Jesus Christ himself!
[Jesus speaking] Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matt 28:19 [New International Version]
I tell you dear editor, that if we stop preaching this gospel, the very rocks and heavens and the seas will cry out harder (they are crying now) and tell you this message in their own way!

The church is not a social club, although it would appear to be so for some DENOMINATIONS.

Does that mean we do not care about people’s bodies, family life, poverty etc? Absolutely not! The same Jesus who preached “Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” is the same Jesus who healed the sick, cast out demons, feed 5,000 one way and 4,000 another way and still had food left over! Comprehensive ministry, Mr / Ms Editor! Spirit, soul and body!

And that power of provision demonstrated by Christ is what true Christians (I make no apology for that phrase!) experience BECAUSE THEY HAVE OBEYED THE GOSPEL!
[Jesus speaking Sermon on the Mount]
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33 [New Living Translation]
When people were being laid off in the covid-19 pandemic, my son got a job! Needless to say I reminded him at every opportunity about this provision and how grateful he ought to be. Every day I start out by giving thanks for being on “the wake up list” once again and for all the provision around me. I don’t take it for granted!

If you think we have problems, consider the problems of the people in China, as the evil communist government there unravels under the might of the awesome weapons of the heavens and the gathering military forces of the west whose every existence (including ours in Barbados) the CCP has endangered by unleashing the covid-19 virus! If you are not up to speed on China see my blog entry here:

Media Dropped the Ball
While we are here dear Editor, why has your newspaper not reported on the CCP and its shenanigans vis-a-vis the pandemic? Why are people in Barbados so uninformed about the complicity of the WHO in the cover up and the spread of Covid-19 in the west? Why are the alternative narratives re. the wearing of masks not dilated in the media? Whose job was it that to report these things? I challenge to you to respond to these these charges on this blog so we can freely debate them!

Anyone Christian who is au fait with Bible prophecy can help you understand where covid-19 fits into the overall plan for the human race. But you dropped the ball in NOT reporting all sides of the issue!

Doers not Hearers
No dear editor, what people need to focus on is DOING what the Bible says: “Repent”. That is an action word; it did not say “know” as important as that is. It says: “Repent”. Therein lies the problem of this so-called “Christian society”; it is a hearer of the word and not a doer.

The people in Noah’s day heard him speak about the coming flood. For 120 years! They heard, so they knew! They scoffed and they jeered until the rain started to fall and Noah and his family entered the ark. As they say, the rest is history. That is why Jesus said this prophetically while here on Earth:
Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Luke 17: 26 – 27 [English Standard Version].
By the way, the remnants of Noah’s ark have been found! I publicized this on the blog many months ago. But here it is again:

I hope this was helpful Ms./Mr. Editor although I have lots more to say on the issues you have raised. But I’ll leave you with this:

If you think the covid-19 pandemic was/is a problem, you may not want to know what is coming next! This is what the church should be proclaiming at this time! And if that is what you are thinking, you are absolutely right!

The Church and Covid-19 is the title of the editorial in this Wednesday’s (mid-week) edition of the Nation Newspaper. I find the editor’s outpouring absolutely fascinating so I could not resist the temptation to respond.

Submitted by Ironside



Sweet Sunday Sermon – Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?

Submitted by Dr. GP

All Christians will suffer affliction, trial, and tribulation in this world. It is a fact of life and it is a truth of Scripture.
• The Lord Jesus Christ said, “In this world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world”

(John 16:33)

Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 04.59.58

Open Letter to the Religious Community


It is with utmost humility that I write as the Political Leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement (BIM) and more importantly as Christian Believer to engage All Leaders in the Religious community together with their Congregants across the length and breadth of Barbados to stand up and be counted in this season of great distress and uncertainty for our people and country as a whole.

BIM recognizes that our beloved country is today facing the worse financial crisis in its history aided by what appears to be a severe lack of decisive management and a patriotic vision. Our National Anthem states that “God has been the people’s guide for past 300 years” but several of our current parliamentary leaders in themselves exude behaviors as though there is no respect for the “Almighty God” as is frequently demonstrated in their speech and actions. It is BIM’s goal therefore


A Homophobic God!

‘I’d rather go to hell than worship a homophobic God’

South African Nobel peace laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Emphatic: Archbishop Tutu said today's struggle for gay rights in Africa was on a par with the struggle to end apartheid

Archbishop Tutu said today’s struggle for gay rights in Africa was on a par with the struggle to end apartheid – Read full article in the  Mail Online

The C&E Lacks Balls!

In 2003 gay cleric Jeffrey John became Bishop of Reading but had to withdraw after the row which ensued - Image credit BBC

In 2003 gay cleric Jeffrey John became Bishop of Reading but had to withdraw after the row which ensued – Image credit BBC

Barbados is a country built on so-called Christian values and where Barbadians boast that a church can be found on every street, in every village and highway. The dominant religion remains Anglican-Christian.

The recent announcement by the Church of England (C&E) to allow gay clergy in civil partnerships to become bishops has the potential to split the C&E. The implication for Barbados given our Commonwealth affiliation and willingness to use the United Kingdom as a proxy for decision making is wide.

BU’s last blog on a related issue  – Church of England Under Pressure to Change – addressed the failure of the C&E to allow the female clergy to be elevated in the role of bishop. After 12 years of deliberation the House of Laity in the C&E shot it down. Some commenters resorted to technical positions to explain the two issues which continue to challenge the C&E; that is, they are driven by different considerations. BU disagrees.

The scenario as we understand it: you can be gay and in a civil partnership and the C&E will allow you to be a priest and bishop, so long as you declare celibacy and make a confession of your sins of homosexuality. We all know that this change can easily be described as bollocks! How can one expect a priest in a homosexual relationship to declare celibacy? How honest, realistic and sustainable is this expectation by the C&E? Bullocks!

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The Church and Gay Marriage

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK

It is no secret that the BU household frowns on Gay couples being allowed to marry in Church. In our simple view, the institution of marriage, related customs, the Church and reproductive sex are all elements we factor to define marriage.

Interesting to note from our research that Canada has had same sex marriages since 2002 and churches are not allowed to refuse to marry people, only the individual priests. Many believe marriage is a legal matter and to obtain a license to conduct marriages, an institution must conduct ALL marriages.

The news that the UK government will “unveil” plans next week to allow Gay couples to marry in Churches is set to raise another firestorm between Church and State. BU recently reported on Church of England Under Pressure to Change by its refusal to allow women Bishops. Prime Minister David Cameron’s government stated position is to protect “churches, mosques and synagogues which do not want to marry gay couples on grounds of belief.”

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Church of England Under Pressure to Change

Photo credit: The Telegraph

The Church of England considers a celibate person of homosexual orientation to be eligible for ordination, even if the person has entered into a civil same-sex partnership, noting “The Church should not collude with the present assumptions of society that all close relationships necessarily include sexual activity.

[Church of England News, 25 July 2005. House of Bishops issues pastoral statement on Civil Partnerships. Retrieved 18 July 2007.]

Last week those who follow matters of the ecclesiastical variety would have been stunned to learn that the House of Laity – part of the General Synod of the Church of England – killed a twelve year effort to allow women to elevate to the position of bishop. There is the ridiculous situation developing where the David Cameron government is considering repealing equalitarian legislation to force the Church of England to accept women to perform in the role of bishop.  The Church of England is answerable to the UK parliament which makes the decision to block women from attaining bishophood the more intriguing given its declared position on human rights.

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Same Sex Couples And Their "Legal Right" To Marriage In Church

Submitted by Yardbroom

Some Church members against same sex marriages

Some time ago I wrote a submission on BU (Barbados Underground) – A Step Too Far Or Fairness And Equality: Same Sex Partner’s Legal Rights asking the question with reference to same sex couples, Is Marriage A Step Too Far?  The subject matter generated much debate.  The BBC picked up the article and it was interesting to read/hear the views of that international audience who were not only divided but  had very trenchant opinions.

I revisit this subject only because in the interval between then and now the situation has completely changed.  In the submission I asked a tentative question, now with the likely change in the Law in England there is a possibility of same sex marriages being permitted in the churches there.

“Some” members of the Church of England – with strong religious views – are against the proposed change in the law and have been vociferous in their opposition.  If you ask how can a decision made in England impact on Barbados?  I simply add the church plays a major part in the lives of many Barbadians and the Anglican Church is a long established Church here.  Although an island Barbados cannot be completely insulated from the wider world, geographic position is no barrier to what we do or how we interact with others and sometimes  that interaction influences our thinking.

A lobby group formed  by MPs bishops and others who are against gay marriages in church have produced a leaflet:

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Roman Catholic Church Argues Priests Are Self Employed; English High Court Disagreed

Mr Justice McDuff

Today in the English High Court, Mr Justice McDuff handed down a landmark decision against the Roman Catholic Church involving sexual abuse.  In what most Bajans will consider to be a bizarre and totally inappropriate defense, counsel Crispin Hollis, acting for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth, tried to invoke employment law, pleading that Fr Wilfred Baldwin, an ordained Roman Catholic priest, was self-employed that therefore no liability attached to the Church for the sexual abuse of a minor. The Daily Mail report above makes for sickening reading.

The judge, however, disagreed.

If this decision is upheld on appeal, it will open the flood gates to claims against Churches and is most likely to be upheld in all common law jurisdictions, including Barbados. This surely is one of those decisions where the courts and common sense are in accord and a triumph for common sense and under-aged victims of sexual abuse whose abusers seek to hide behind religion.

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A Call To Arms: Should The Church Play A “Bigger” Part In Influencing Barbados’ Society

Submitted by Yardbroom

It Is best being clear at the outset, to prevent unnecessary distraction and diversion into non-productive debates leading into cul-de-sacs.  There are people – of sober mind and disposition – who do not believe in the Bible and what it teaches.  Some boldly say they are not Christian.  Many others have no interest of any kind in Religion and even think it is not a force for good in the world.

This submission is not a vehicle to facilitate an argument to the above views, as I am aware logic “however” arrived at is limited in changing a belief system.  However, it is a fact that a major section of Barbados society is Christian or go to church regularly and have religious beliefs, even if tenuous.

“Protestant 63.4% (Anglican 28.3%, Pentecostal 18.7%, Methodist 5.1%. other 11.3%) Romam Catholic 4.2%, other Christian 7%, other 4.8%, none or unspecified 20.6%”

Source: Religious Statistics

You cannot change a society by “ignoring” the belief systems of a major section of that society, it is that which has led me to pose the question in this submission.

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“A Light That Is Lit ‘Cannot’ Be Hid”: How The Atrocities Of The ‘Reformation’ Defined Modern Christianity And Why Most Hold No Real True Faith In God

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“The ‘STONE’ which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone” – Psalms 118:22

For almost 2000 years, the Bible has remained the most controversial book in all of human history. While today, we take for granted the some 24,000 different translations of the Bible – there was a time when those who read the Book* did so in morbid fear for their lives. Yet we know that the Bible – is the “only” authoritatively-inspired Word of God to mankind and remains “the single, solitary light” through which mankind can past from the darkness of a sin-cursed world into the marvellous light of a world tomorrow ruled by Jesus Christ in utopia and eternal bliss.

It cannot be denied that 2000 years ago, the life and death of this Jewish carpenter changed the world forever. He was murdered by His own people for laying claims to the prophetic “Promise” of the Old Testament that He was indeed Yeshua Hamashiach (‘Jesus The Messiah’).

Following the crucifixion of Jesus, it can be said that the Bible remains the most blood-soaked, blood-stained book since mankind sojourned upon the earth. The atrocities that have been committed in its name and against its true followers are nothing short of patently apocalyptic. Yet many of Christ’s servants have sought to share the Good News of the Gospel while others have sought their destruction and the “trampling underfoot” of their faith as a mean to silence the work of righteousness and the advancement of truth.

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Is There A Scientific Basis For Spirituality? And Can Quantum Mechanics Map A Space/Time Continuum For Proto-Consciousness Which Invariably Frames A Solid Argument For the Existence Of God?

Submitted by Terence Blackett

In 1492, when Columbus was making his voyages through the Caribbean, it is said that the Native West Indians (American Indians who had travelled South) could not see the sailing vessels approaching on the distant horizon. Their brains could not process the information due in part to the fact that they had never seen such large galleons before. It was only after constantly looking out onto the horizon that spatial recognition transformed the ships into physical objects of reality creating a new consciousness in their minds.

The philosophy of consciousness is inherently a fundamental part of the universe just like scientific issues of matter and velocity. Human spatial awareness is inherently a God-given attribute which has always existed and we each have our own individual consciousness as part of this larger collective consciousness. The exploratory concept of proto-consciousness however assumes that every living thing is also a part of this spatial consciousness, and that each living being has to some extent varying levels of what we term self-consciousness.

This is fundamental to our understanding because it is said that we are only seeing and experiencing the tip of a quantum mechanical iceberg. If our brains can process 400 billion bytes of information per second – then why are we only using 2000 bytes which involves our spatial recognition and understanding of time-space distanciation, our physical bodies and its [5] primary senses and our evolving and changing environment? Are we even capable of going beyond the realm of mere superficial consciousness – migrating from a loci of sensory perception to another proto-consciousness state? And what can the science of quantum mechanics and quantum geometry allow us to understand about our own levels of human spirituality if anything at all?

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The Conversion of Satan: “The Whole World Wondered After The Beast” – Apostate Christianity, Modern-day Spiritualism And The Alchemy Of The Poisonous Golden Chalice

Submitted by Terence Blackett

“And there came one of the [7] angels which had the [7] vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great Whore that sitteth upon many waters… the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornications… (Rev. 17:1, 4).

In an age of rationality (where hardly anything remain sacred), it is easy to see why conditions mirror the Era of Babel where man’s quantum efforts to build a world of their own choosing has resulted in CONFUSION, apathy and everyone a “god” on to himself. Hence the notions of no Absolute Truth; the spurious tale that says “all roads lead to Home” and the bewitching parody of lies which denies the existence of SATAN* and the prevalence of real diabolical EVIL.

“We may disguise poison by mingling it with wholesome food, but we do not change its nature. On the contrary it is rendered more dangerous, as it’s more likely to be taken unawares. It is one of Satan’s devices to combine with falsehood just enough truth to give it plausibility.”

Modern backslidden, apostate Christianity completely mirrors the pagan idolatry of the past. New age theology, modern-day spiritualism and a myriad of hybrid false doctrines have rushed into the modern church with the seismic force of a Tsunami making the common sacred, the unclean acceptable and lukewarm formalism religiously correct. Contemporary spiritualism now imitates nominal Christianity with relentless power to deceive and ensnare. According to the postmodern order of all things “religious”, “Satan himself has been converted” transformed in character to an angel of light working devilish miracles, ultimately causing even fire to come down from heaven with incredible signs and wonders. Deception is rife and has become an acceptable norm while God has been uprooted to be supplanted by the doctrines of men.

The blurring of the lines of “distinction between professed Christians and the ungodly is now hardly distinguishable”. The Church resembles the world; “church members love what the world loves and are ready to join them and Satan is ready to unite them into one body and thus strengthen his cause by sweeping all into the ranks of spiritualism” and a false sense of religious fervour – creating his long cherished ideal of global worship and the usurped sovereignty of planet earth.

So who is this “bloody” woman according to prophecy?

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St. Michaels Cathedral, A National Treasure

Submitted by Charles S. Cadogan

I have read about the conditions of one of, what I would think is a national treasure, St. Michaels Cathedral.  I see the church that I attended as a young boy, knowing how it was very well kept, seeing it now truly make me sad.  Many dignitaries have been in that church over the years. I would like someone to tell me who’s responsible for the maintenance of such churches in Barbados?  In my humble opinion a national treasure like St. Michaels Cathedral should never have been allowed to reach such a dilapidated state. To add insult to injury the church is in the heart of the city. It is truly an eye sore seeing this church this way.

I saw a picture of Bethel Church and that was a very beautiful sight to see, so well preserved.  Why did St.Michael Cathedral fall by the wayside? What went wrong? Who does the church belong to? I thought the government had something to do with it?  Can any volunteer work be done to help restore this church to a much better condition?  Come on Barbadians at home and abroad, can we try coming together to make something happen for what is a NATIONAL TREASURE? I am sure that just like me many of you were members, or at some point in time went to church there.

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