Transport Suggestion

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Transport Board a failing state enterprise

Transport Board a failing state enterprise

There has been much ado about the Transport Board’s new service which was supposed to be rolled on 22 June, 2014. My question is: Did they really mean 2014 or do they mean 2015 or 2016?

The service is just as mediocre as before!

Does the Transport Board not have to strive for service excellence like all other entities offering  a service in Barbados?

Why do some people still have to wait two hours or more for service and buses are sent to places like Silver Hill and Wotton with 3 passengers, and they have the audacity to say that they are having challenges with the services?

Common sense would tell me that buses should be sent to those destinations where there are enough people to fill two buses first. They often announce that they are having challenges with the services. The only challenges I can see are the mental ones of the inspectors, because it is absurd to send out the buses mentioned with the three passengers and shortly after to announce that they are having challenges with the service.


  • That IS what I said. WORSE! Even the government workers cannot depend on the Warrens buses to get them to WORK. NOBODY waits for the TB buses anymore besides the pensioners. Sometimes they have to go back home if they cannot stand for long and in the terminal. I understand it can be a four hour wait for certain routes.


  • I for one am willing to give the Gov’t some slack on this issue, it is barely six months into its tenure but at least it got the easy stuff done (Forde). For the past few decades the TB has been neglected and the ZR brigade was allowed to run roughshod over public transportation now its hard to exercise some control and get the genie back into the bottle.

    Time will tell whether Duguid is up to the task…….


  • re Time will tell whether Duguid is up to the task…….



  • “Mia said she was ready for the school year and that lasted for about a week.”


    Are you sure school children pay minibuses $8 per day? Is that 4 trips @ $2?

    I thought their fare was $1.50 per trip?

    To be fair……. there has been an increase in the number of units that should be available for service. Several of the buses that were out of service have been repaired and are currently undergoing repairs and refurbishment. Unfortunately, many of the repaired buses remain parked because they have not undergone inspection at MTW and are not licensed and insured.

    And this does not help the transport situation.

    TB would purchase 50 buses, for example, and would license and insure them “collectively”…….then immediately take 50 old buses off the road, rather than gradually phasing them out over a period of time. A year later, these 50 “new” buses have to be taken off the road for repairs and prepared for inspection, licensing and insurance.

    As it relates to TB’s management, in MY opinion, this current BLP administration made a step in the right direction by offering Sandra Forde a “separation package.” However, they made a step in the wrong direction by appointing a lawyer as Chairman.


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