To Prime Ministers and other Leaders of CARICOM…

Submitted by James C. “Jim” Lynch, Captain, retired

Good day, Ladies and Gentlemen…

I already know that the worst among you will hit the delete key before
you get halfway through this email. But if you do so, feel free to
acknowledge to yourself that you truthfully don’t really give a pinhead
of a damn about your own people, locally or regionally.

In Jamaica, aviation is growing, with one new airline in process and
another (still confidential) about to launch.

But in the rest of the English-speaking Caribbean, including the Bahamas
but especially in the eastern Caribbean, aviation has been stifled,
restricted, actually attacked by the Civil Aviation Authorities and
Departments and bound in red tape to the point where it is almost
non-existent – all the while allowing foreign carriers and even private
pilots with illegal small aircraft to rape the local and regional
carriers into bankruptcy.

And the government-owned airlines continue to operate merrily along on
political expediency, Board bullshit, and hundreds of millions of
hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

— St. Lucia used to have three small airlines. Now it has zero.
— Grenada used to have two airlines. Now it has zero – SVG Air serves
— St. Kitts and Nevis used to have two airlines. Not they have zero.
— Dominica has had one or two airlines on and off. Now it has zero.
— Barbados used to have FOUR airlines. Now it has one.
— Barbados used to have a thriving Flying Club. It still exists, but
most of the time its facilities are a deserted wasteland.

After spending as much as S$30,000 of their own family’s money, newly
trained pilots come back home to face a year or more of red tape,
examinations, significantly more expenses, sheer official nonsense, and
no small amount of bureaucratic contempt – this discouragement in a time
when there is a global pilot shortage.

Is LIAT going to end up advertising for European, Canadian or American
pilots while regional pilots stay home and find work selling TShirts on
a beach?

The same Authorities have turned a blind eye to non-CARICOM airlines and
even private (non-commercial, uninsured) pilots flying – in AND out –
stealing the traffic small regional carriers (who don’t suck up taxpayer
dollars) used to rely on.

FIRST for instance, business jets based in the USA are called to bring
passengers to the region, and ALSO to pick passengers up here and take
them back. When business jets based in OUR countries are called for a
charter, it takes more than 8 hours to get permission from the USA to
operate the charter – and that is whether the flight is going there or
picking people up to bring back.

By the time the regional company gets that permission, many times the
passengers have called a charter company in the USA, the bizjet has
arrived AND departed, they are already on their way, and the local
charter company is left holding useless permits.

SECOND for instance, there is someone flying a slow single engine piston
aircraft registered in the USA – apparently based in Martinique –
operating commercial charter flights throughout the islands, including
as long as Barbados to Aruba. By law, single engine flight over water
for commercial purposes is ILLEGAL, yet not a soul in authority ever

I was told action has been taken on this particular offender, but there
are others – the fact is THERE IS NO OVERSIGHT ON THE GROUND.

And the last I heard, all of the regional aviation authorities
REQUIRED US-registered aircraft based in our islands to register
locally. But is it because it has a US registration that the pilot is
somehow untouchable? I guess he might be “touchable” if the legally
required Authority personnel were actually doing their jobs and policing
all of the airports properly. The Americans sure do.

Aviation in Barbados, particularly, is a GLOBAL JOKE. The CAD has been
stripped down to almost NO personnel, and even those have been moved a
mile AWAY from the airport ramp – where they should be on the spot where
they can see what is going on. In Barbados there are not enough
personnel/Inspectors to oversee a small KingAir, yet they accepted a
Boeing 747-400 on the registry. GLOBAL JOKE.

So tell me, where is the oversight on that huge aircraft? Little wonder
the FAA laugh at Barbados when the country says they want Category One
status. Last time they performed an evaluation they said don’t call us
for another ten years – these guys do this for a living, and they know
what they bare talking about. GLOBAL JOKE.

Barbados is not serious, not the Prime Minister, not the Minister
responsible for aviation. CANNOT BE SERIOUS. As one of my former
colleagues would say, “Not ready”. Barbados is not even “ready” for what
they have now, far less competent to provide oversight on a 747. GLOBAL

If one of our regionally based bizjets operates to the USA – including
to the USVI or Puerto Rico – without permission, they would be met by
Customs, Immigration and the Police. There is every chance that the
pilot would be fined, and even possible the aircraft could be
confiscated or impounded.

If a US-based bizjet operates to any of our islands without permission,
they clear Customs and Immigration, pay the landing fees, file a flight
plan, and fly back out. And this is whether they bring passengers in or
take passengers out.

I know you Prime Ministers don’t give a damn about things you don’t
really know about. For years neither you nor your Offices, or your
Ministers – ALL servants of the people – even acknowledge or respond to
emails from your own citizens. Is it not time that you stop destroying
an industry that makes a major contribution to the region? This is the
same industry you made into a “cash cow” and now refuse to roll back?

If all this were not enough, I have been told that the last meeting of
CaribAVia (an affiliate of the US-based National Business Aircraft
Association) in Sint Maarten was flooded with US airline representatives
lobbying for MUCH greater access for US carriers to the eastern
Caribbean islands, including what we call “cabotage”, or inter-island
flights they do not currently have rights for. If this is agreed to by
CARICOM, MASA would have been a hypocritical piece of stink political
crap and we, the people, will know that politicians received millions of
dollars in bribes, ALL of our carriers will disappear, and the
literally billions of US dollars that taxpayers put into LIAT over the
decades has slipped down the drain.

In such circumstances we WILL lose LIAT, Caribbean Airlines, Cayman
Airlines, BahamasAir and all others, government and privately owned.
They will be replaced with US airlines whose executives care nothing for
OUR needs, but in having the monopoly they will soak our citizens like
our politicians’ current cash-cow behaviour could never have imagined or
realised. They will serve the routes that make money, and ignore the
rest of us.

On the subject of new airlines, three years ago (based on four years of
actual data) I created a Business Plan for an intra-Caribbean
pan-regional airline… Surinam to Puerto Vallarta to Bermuda to
Surinam, with no US destinations… using single-aisle Airbus A320
family jets, with over 100 pages of details. Plus 350+ pages of private
ancillary ideas and notes.

I decided to keep the funding in Caribbean hands, so I sought a loan
from every agency I could think of, as well as the Chinese and some
Europeans. Nothing. Nobody was interested, not even Caribbean
“Development Banks”. I guess I did not offer any “grease”, so they
discarded my communications. But most of those people are political
appointees, and it is clearly apparent they are in those positions to
take such advantages.

In my travels, it appears the same “Development Banks” you politicians
set up to help entrepreneurs NOW make it harder for someone to get a
loan to start a business than the commercial banks. And I have
definitely tried, believe me. These “Development Banks” now appear to be
just dumping grounds for your political friends who have no competence
in the matter but draw huge salaries, just like on the LIAT Board.

If it walks like a duck…

And you have set up certain Banks to deal ONLY with governments – so
what Development does the CDB help with? Certainly not entrepreneurs.
They actually take orders from – and lose BIG money – only to our broke
governments whose politicians cannot pay their loans back.

I heard that CARICOM was setting up yet another fund with unused
regional bank money “to help entrepreneurs”. I wrote to Mr. Comissiong
in Barbados, and he responded with enthusiasm. I also wrote to a Ms.
Yearwood at the CARICOM Secretariat and she also responded with

But unfortunately neither one now seems willing or able to respond to
further emails. I wonder what new scam is brewing there and who will be
the new millionaires in the region. Yes, I said it. What is happening
with politicians these days is nothing short of despicable.

Transparent and accountable – don’t make me laugh out loud and fall off
my chair. And I don’t give a rocket-powered damn if you are “not

I now live in Canada – out of reach of anybody’s petty malicious local
retribution – yet I do have a strong desire to make a major contribution
to CARICOM, CSME, intra-regional travel and making a difference in all
of the communities the airline would serve, but since you ALL seem
not to be the slightest bit interested in improving CARICOM, maybe I
should stay the hell away from the entire CARICOM region for the rest of
my life and vacation in California or Hawaii instead. They certainly
would be cheaper to visit – especially not paying your damned greedy
cash-cow taxes and fees which double the air fare or more.

Yes, I have been somewhat insulting here. But just how long ALL of
you Prime Ministers and Ministers think you can keep up this rudeness
and neglect OF YOUR OWN CITIZENS until so many people – other than I –
get totally frustrated with the waste of people, time and money and
throw CARICOM away?


Thank you so much for your extremely valuable time. And obviously I
don’t expect an acknowledgement or response to this email from ANY of

Best wishes to all of you anyway,

James C. “Jim” Lynch
Captain, retired
* Originally from Barbados, West Indies

Sutton West, Ontario
Near Toronto (Eastern Time, same as New York)
416-602-7389 : Mobile
jim.lynch : Skype (email first to coordinate time, please)

Barbados Air Traffic Control – 2 years
Charter pilot – 3 years – TropicAir, Carib Aviation
Airline pilot – 18 years – Air BVI, LIAT (1974) Ltd.
Management training and experience
Webmaster, Programmer & Systems Analyst
Aviation Consultant & Caribbean Specialist

SVG Air Head Calls Public to Challenge Govt on Wet Runway Closures

ECCAA Under Fire From Saint Lucia Minister

Saint Lucia to Sever Ties with ECCAA?

IATA Encourages Change in Caribbean Aviation


  • A strong message to the HoGs. Predictably they will respond to the style and not the substance. The reality is that there seem to be a lack of leadership in the aviation sector.


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  • Sir. I know what you are saying,that is why many of us are not returning to retire there, after having problems with a lawyer , l return homeless. No help from the powers at be. Lawyers take my money,did nothing to help, one is in NY now hope he stays there.


  • Mr. Lynch,

    when I read through articles such as your own my automatic response, AFTER NODDING IN TOTAL AGREEMENT, is to rush to my constant litany about the origin of the problem which you speak about.


    De ole man gine be brief with my contribution to your eye opening indictment on this issue.

    “…Some people may learn to loathe themselves after years of neglect as a child. They may be “taught” to have a low opinion of themselves due to the way they are treated and spoken to.

    Their caregivers may have driven home the message that they are worthless and useless and undeserving of love, and the child grows up believing this.

    Similarly, emotional and psychological abuse as an adult can dismantle an otherwise healthy self-image and lead to a distortion of one’s beliefs and thoughts…”

    De ole man WILL NOT BORE YOU about the cause of self loathing BUT SUFFICE IT TO SAY, the matter that you are describing is absolutely descriptive of “self loathing”

    Occasioned by our collective slave history, aided and abbeded by successive government administrations POPULATED BY VISIONLESS LEADERS.

    what is the solution Lynch?

    There is none!

    Our hatred is so deeply rooted in our psyche that IT IS GOING TO BE IMPOSSIBLE TO DISPLACE!

    So all the local airlines WILL HAVE TO DIE, and be replaced by non indigenous airlines WHERE THE MINISTER ET AL., benefits A LA PORNVILLE INNISS STYLING.

    Remain overseas sir, to return IS TO DIE!!!


  • And, while not to flow a dead horse LET ME QUOTE YOU

    “…I now live in Canada – out of reach of anybody’s petty malicious local
    retribution – yet I do have a strong desire to make a major contribution
    to CARICOM, CSME, intra-regional travel and making a difference in all
    of the communities the airline would serve, but since you ALL seem
    not to be the slightest bit interested in improving CARICOM, maybe I should stay the hell away from the entire CARICOM region for the rest of my life and vacation in California or Hawaii instead…”

    Your article WILL RESONATE with many from the Diaspora WHO EXPERIENCE THE SAME REALITY!

    a few, of the bold ones, will, IF THEY GIVE A SHY$E, comment here but many will miss its message BECAUSE THE DONT GIVE ONE FOOP!

    WE ARE A LOST PEOPLE WHO ARE BEST ENSHACKLED & ENSLAVED because Freedom is wasted on the collective!


  • You need to insult the local rifraff pretending to be what they will never achieve…they will always be common class….can’t run away any faster or further away from their past.

    “I now live in Canada – out of reach of anybody’s petty malicious local
    retribution – yet I do have a strong desire to make a major contribution
    to CARICOM, CSME, intra-regional travel and making a difference in all
    of the communities the airline would serve, but since you ALL seem
    not to be the slightest bit interested in improving CARICOM, maybe I
    should stay the hell away from the entire CARICOM region for the rest of
    my life and vacation in California or Hawaii instead. They certainly
    would be cheaper to visit – especially not paying your damned greedy
    cash-cow taxes and fees which double the air fare or more.

    Yes, I have been somewhat insulting here.”


  • Sir, I agree with you 100% The aviation policies and regulations in the OECS is a discouragement to any young person seeking to start a career in aviation or an entrepreneur wanting to start an airline.

    The USA is #1 worldwide when it comes to aviation because they encourage individuals to pursue and become involved in aviation and smoothens the path as much as possible to facilitate such.


  • Piece the Legend

    Are black people constrained by self-loathing? The sociologists have never found this to be true. You can read the relevant academic studies for yourself.


  • Bajan Free Party 2023 0r sooner

    We are happy to see others from outside Post Truth! there seem to be something in the water in Barbados it needs to be tested from the outside, Nothing can be trusted in Barbados coming from any government agency , I can still remember how BLP MOF wanted 10 Million to keep Red Jet Going, 5 Million$ for him and 5 Million$ for his friends. A Sad ending to a Great Airline! There is nothing you can Post about Barbados that is not True they have done all things against all law and Rule of Law, My Good Sir! Keep posting Truth and we will keep Sharing on our pages!


  • A read with comprehension of the submission shows the problem is a regional one.


  • A partial list of non-starter, bankrupt or defunct airlines in the Caribbean…

    A Fiwi Air – Jamaica
    Aero Services – Barbados
    AeroPostal – Venezuela
    Air BVI – BVI
    – Air Calypso – Barbados
    Air Jamaica
    Air Martinique
    Air Montserrat
    ALM Antillean Airlines – Curacao
    = Airlines of Carriacou – Grenada
    American Eagle / Executive Airlines- Puerto Rico
    Aserca – Venezuela
    AVA Air – Martinique,
    AVA Airways – Dominican Republic
    – AVA Transportation Curaçao
    BES Air – Netherlands Antilles
    BlueSky Airlines – Cayman
    Bonaire Express
    British Caribbean Airways – British OTs
    = BVI Airways – British Virgin Islands
    BWIA – Trinidad & Tobago
    Camacho Air – Antigua
    Cardinal Air – Dominica
    Carib Aviation – Antigua & Barbuda
    – Carib (Air) Express – Barbados
    Carib West – Barbados
    Caribbean Airways – Barbados
    Caribbean Express – St. Lucia
    CARICARGO – Barbados
    = CARICOM Airlines – Belize
    Caribbean Helicopters/Barbuda Airways – Antigua
    Caribbean Star – Antigua & Barbuda
    Chalk’s Ocean Airways
    CIT Airways – Dominica
    – Coconut Airways – Barbados
    Dutch Antilles Express – Curaçao
    Dutch Caribbean Airlines – Curacao
    Diamond Air – Trinidad
    Dynamic AW >> Eastern AL – USA
    = Eagle Air – St Lucia
    EasySky – Honduras
    EC Express – St. Lucia
    Exec Direct Aviation Svcs – Jamaica
    EZjet – Guyana
    – Falcon Air – USA
    Fly Jamaica – Air Guyana – Wings Aviation
    Four Island Air (LIAT) – Antigua & Barbuda
    Gold Air – Antigua
    Guyana Airways Corp / GAC2000
    = Haiti Aviation
    Helen Air – Grenada, St Lucia
    InselAir – Aruba
    InselAir – Curacao
    Inter-Island Air (LIAT) – Grenada
    – Island Air – Antigua
    Island Air Services – Grenada
    Jamaica Air Shuttle
    Jamaica Queen Airlines
    LAMIA – Venezuela
    = Mexicana
    Montserrat Airways
    Nature Island Express – Dominica
    Nevis Express
    Norman Aviation – Antigua
    – PAWA Dominicana – Dominican Republic
    Phoenix Airways – St. Kitts
    REDjet – Barbados
    Region Air – Grenada
    Regional Jet Express
    = St Kitts Nevis Air – Nevis
    St Lucia Airways
    St Vincent Airways
    Santa Bárbara Airlines – Venezuela
    Sisserou Airways – Dominica
    – SkyCruise Airlines – Turks and Caicos
    Sky King – Turks & Caicos
    SkyBahamas Airlines
    Skylan Airways – Jamaica
    SkyService – Canada
    = Spice Air – Grenada
    Sum Island Air – St. Lucia
    Take Air Martinique
    Tortug’Air – Haiti
    Tradewind Aviation
    – Trans Island Air 2000 – Barbados
    TropicAir – Barbados
    Trupi Air – Curaçao
    Winlink – St. Lucia


  • @bimjim

    With that list why would you want to start an airline in this market?


  • A few of them were foreigner caused – deverloped-country plans and budgets, refused or tried not to hire locals or regionals, went through money like water and went bankrupt. Most of them were destroyed by political boolshyte. What used to be a $25 Departure Tax in local currency now exceeds the air fare because politicians use taxes and fees as a cash cow without the slightest interest in how they are killing the economy.

    The Bahamas may always do well with US tourism because they are next to that country, but these dodo-heads spend more and more of OUR tax dollars enticing tourists while at the same time making an already expensive destination even more expensive.

    Why would tourists come to the eastern Caribbean and pay even higher than premium prices when they can go to Hawaii, California, Dominican Republic, Cuba for less than half the cost of coming to Barbados or Antigua. Millionaires don’t become rich because they throw their money away.

    The politicians – they call themselves lawmakers – are destroying the EC by taking more of your money to promote their countries and then refusing you a decent living because the resources – hotels, restaurants – have to lower their prices to offset the high air, restaurant and hotel taxes.

    Politicians have become the scum of the earth – and they have themselves made it so. Ask Queen Transparent and Accountable there at home why we STILL have no idea what she did or why she did it in relation to LIAT. And why instead of putting and extra $30 million in the Barbados Treasury she not only lost the opportunity but at the same time gave majority shareholding to Antigua.

    Ask Queen Transparent and Accountable there at home why we STILL have no charges laid against ANY of the DLP Ministers who put the country into massive debt through corruption, but the USA has already convicted and jailed one of them.

    Frustration is not the word for how I feel about my home or about the islands I used to fly into as a pilot. Fat Ralph, especially, is the most disgusting Caribbean politician I have ever come across.


  • We have been asking them, beseeching them, cussing them since last year, but we already know why, they are all corrupt together and locking up one of them will be equivalent to locking up all…but it is in their destiny anyway. KARMA is knocking at their doors.


  • The flavour of the HoGs these days is reducing energy cost. Regional travel and LIAT seems to have slipped on the priority list.


  • Let’s call this one the haunting because IT’S NEVER GOING AWAY.


  • Oops..wrong link.

    Now that i have erred. It is being said one dumbass doctor at QEH was overheard asking why an elderly patient don’t die because they need the beds….in the real world her stupid ass would hve been suspended and ultimately fired, but that is corrupt Barbados where anything goes against the vulnerable..

    In addition..,everyone is talking bout how FILTHY QEH IS….the maids are not paid FOR MONTHS….just as the nurses, so go figure..,they gottta pay the newly imported nurses though.


  • Think i got the HAUNTING LINK now….

    Let the haunting begin,…


  • Green Card holders, don’t say you did not know.

    Wonder if Donville paid taxes on his $36,000 though….lol


  • Only in corrupt Barbados, two men get charged with the same crime, somehow one is on bail from the high court and the other still on bail from magistrate’s court…but both are being tried for the same crime…at least the assizes are held in the high court or do they want to interfere in that too.

    “The charges stemmed from a drug bust aboard the Ecstasy, a private yacht owned by Goddard Enterprises.
    Attorney-at-law Queen’s Counsel Andrew Pilgrim is representing Rogers, while Verla DePeiza is Prescod’s legal counsel. Acting Assistant Superintendent Trevor Blackman is the prosecutor.
    Prescod remains on bail from the High Court while Rogers is on bail from the Magistrates’ Court.”


  • February 3, 2020 6:13 PM
    With that list why would you want to start an airline in this market?

    To answer David’s question – I apologise, I got carried away raging against the corrupt political BS, which Queen Mia seems to be prolonging. The reason I want to start an airline in this climate of failures is that I think I have a guaranteed, fail-safe solution, one which (along with the right funding) would generate an airline which CANNOT fail. Because others (foreigners) have come and gone – with local shareholder money, Bizzy told me he would NEVER invest in an airline again.

    I believe I have to prove the concept, create a “going concern” and THEN seek investment from Caribbean people on the Caribbean stock exchanges at an IPO, but only after as many as five years operating within CARICOM.

    No matter what anybody else says, as far as I am concerned competing on routes to the USA is business suicide for a regional mairline.

    I am also looking for a 100% LOAN, not investment, to get started because big investors eventually start to believe they know more than the professionals and want to install their own Board and executives, leading to yet another example of LIAT – appointees who are incompetent at every level of leadership, and eventual bankruptcy. Why a 100% LOAN? Because I have had seven years of experience with the “Nigerian Scam” (never lost a penny) even in the USA and Canada, and will NEVER put any money up front for some smirking jackass to take back to Lagos – or whatever other American shithole they came from. They stole a great deal of time from me though.

    There are established legal factors in CARICOM which protect Caribbean owners of extra-regional airlines, and the bigger intra-regional airlines are all run on taxpayer money by corrupt know-everything politicians who appoint incompetent aviation know-nothing Boards and management to operate them. This has become SO BAD now that even the shareholder countries themselves are going bankrupt through sheer mismanagement from the top down in every area of the country’s dealings.

    So, if you know of a source which might be willing and able to contribute to the advancement of CARICOM through an entire business consortium which includes an airline to facilitate an 80,000 person market out to a 17 million person market – and massive future market expansion – ask them to connect with me and we can have a discussion. I have a Business Plan 100+ pages long with a 2.5 page Executive Summary, plus 350+ pages of ideas, suggestions of notes to enhance the ancillary revenue potential and get the entire Caribbean’s entrepreneurs moving on new stuff that we need and could replace the costly imports.

    Things that other people are doing, and we could easily do too, there simply is no investment by government, “Development Banks” or local investors to do what I want to do.

    Our landscape could be changed – by us – in a single decade. All that Sargasso weed that is being cleared off the beaches could be intercepted by spacial boats/rafts which collect it… then someone locally could convert it into fibre and transform it into chemicals, medical drugs and fibre for making things. I would get farmers to grow hemp (not the marijuana kind) and convert the short-life crops to fibres for clothing and other useful materials. A truck collecting waste paper from offices would pay them so much a pound for it, and it could be converted into – you named it – white paper, plus cardboard, pulp, and other materials.

    If you are old enough you would remember the TropicAir and Aero Services day tours (taxes and fees killed those off) that locals and tourists alike used to take to neighbouring islands, and the shopping trips to Margarita… well, those could be started again, but imagine if the real traffic was the other way – to Barbados, and to any of the islands and countries we serve.

    On travel alone, we would review the hotels, tours, rental cars, etc. and sell them up front on our own web site. People – in ALL of mthe CARICOM countries – could pay for everything before they leave and all they would need to take is some spending money. How about setting a wake-up call when you book your trip?

    There are SO MANY things that could be done, here and now, but greedy corrupt politicians stand in the way of our progress with their hands always out for baksheesh. One politician I heard of (now replaced) killed his island’s expansion for 8 years be demanding 15% of every new project’s value in cash before it even started. The result was that the investors went elsewhere without uttering a single nother word.

    If you know someone who could help, I am looking for a LOAN of US$215 million (DO NOT DARE feckin ask me if it could be done cheaper), of which up to US$65 million is available as direct investment, but no less than US$150 million MUST BE a loan. On the loan portion I am offering 8% interest over 15 years.

    This is not a joke – it ent April the one’th yet – dis is de real ting, man. CONSERVATIVE financial estimates suggest a PROFIT (not revenue) of more than a million in operating year 1, and more than US$100 million in operating year 5. That is with load factors lower than may be expected, and costs higher than might be expected.

    I am not a boolshytter, and never nave been, so you need to know that year 0 is an airline non-revenue (applying and waiting for the AOC Air Operations Certificate). BUT I have plans in an ancillary project for revenue to be generated in that aviation-dead year anyway which will merge and mesh with our activities for a long time to come, and we can use the time for training and initiating other joint ventures with regional entrepreneurs.

    So there will be opportunities – in every country of CARICOM, to hell with the useless corrupt politicians already – in joint ventures, training, community volunteering, community services, and much, much more. The way I have planned it, the ancillary activities (joint ventures, etc.) may actually make more than the airline. But the airline would be the facilitator.

    Wunnuh gimme a break, nah?

    Jim Lynch

    Got solid suggestions? Funding leads? Write to me at


  • By the way, whoever finds me that loan (or loan plus investment), gets a substantial Finders Fee – I am not a cheap basterd, and I never expect anybody to do anything for free.

    You may never have to work for somebody else again, but understand I need to know who it is and verify that… and I will only pay ONE Fee – if you have to share it that is your business. Fee will be paid AFTER the loan/investment is secured.

    All you have to do is make the connection and vouch for this ugly Bajan. Ask any older LIAT pilot about me, and they will tell you I am a true Caribbean Man, always working hard to better the region.

    Jim Lynch


  • De ole man Hope’s you will be successful with your venture.

    Only share your business concept with any potential boolshyter

    And, if the investor is serious, de ole man would suggest that you get some sort of commitment from them that shows they are serious


  • Only furriners would be interested – and they don’t qualify for the CARICOM protection from external carriers. And locals/regionals don’t have that much money to invest – nor would they if they had it.

    I think the local Development Banks might be able to raise it, but in my experience – CARICOM-wide – dem cyan be boddered wid dat dey, dat tummuch like doing some wuk. Dem like gubmint wuk – doin sweet feck all fuh nuff munny.

    For instance, if one gubmint got a development loan from the Chinese and added on what I want, there it would be. But again, dat sey is tummuch wuk. Apart from which, I would see hands out and certain corrupt people axin “so whuh yuh gunna gimme fuh Chrisssmuss?”

    Politicians globally – and we know how they are regionally – have become the scum of the earth, and it is THEY who have made it so. I do not except Queen Mia or anybody else.


  • From your writing it is unlikely you will be able to secure 100% financing. You have to target venture capital financing which means you would have to give up equity.


  • I offer up to 30% (US$65 million) equity in a shareholding, but that does not mean they don’t have to cough up the money.

    And if they want control I would rather tear up the Business Plan – REDjet was only the most recent of the catastrophic failures foreign investors and their “experts” have imposed on Caribbean people.


  • Message for WURA-WAR-on-U

    When you borrow a link off Facebook, you can delete everything starting from “?fbclid=”, that is a code FB attaches to track who to charge for the link, and does not affect the URL of the page you are transferring elsewhere.



    You can add a slash after the last character if you wish, but it’s not necessary.


    Jim Lynch


  • Any financial people here?

    I discovered that there is such a thing as an SPV – Special Purpose Vehicle/Entity – which is a separate company and becomes a carrier for the company assets and which the investors invest in. A set ROI is part of the terms of investment, and allows the entrepreneur to maintain ownership in the project. When the investment is paid off, the project belongs to the entrepreneur.

    This would be perfect for me, since I do not want the ownership/control to pass into non-regional hands, yet I can access that big money. The assets would be Airbus airplanes and some real estate necessary for the project to function – Head Office, training buildings, hangars, etc., so it is not a small amount – of the $215 million sought, the assets come very close to $200 million.

    Locals/regionals have been burned by foreign owned airlines before, and would not be interested until the concept is proven, so it is a bridge to where I want to get to before I sell shares regionally at an IPO in about year 5.

    Looking for opinions, thoughts. And if you are all negative, maybe keep it to yourself, I am looking for rays of sunlight (possibility and potential), not rain clouds. You know who you are.


  • SPVs led to the 2007/8 financial crisis.


  • Thanks, Hal. It would have allowed me to get just investors involved – separate from the business – and without handing majority or control away. In the meantime I received an expression of funding interest from Thailand, only time will tell if it is a potential scam or not.


  • @ Jim

    Be careful.


  • Hal…

    Been dealing with the scammers, Nigerian and otherwise, for almost 10 years, haven’t lost a cent yet. We will see how this one plays out.

    Thank you for the concern.


  • More private pilots are operating as Pirates in the EC.

    One was challenged by the ECCAA, the UK authorities and the French authorities in Union island, and another just crashed off Dominica, apparently with four fatalities. These are private pilots flying single small engined airplanes around the Caribbean – as far as Aruba – with fare-paying passengers. They don’t have the training or qualifications to do so, they don’t have the over-water equipment to do so, a rare few know how to fly in clouds or zero visibility, and now four people are presumed dead off Marigot Bay in Dominica.

    There is so much wrong with our so-called “authorities” that the OECS HoGs are discussing the ECCAA and “modernising” it at their impending meeting.

    The Barbados CAD, as I have said, is a global joke. For the last 50 years every single new DCA (Director) has been an Air Traffic Controller, devoid of the training and jutzpah to deal with the VIPs or officers in the government, the FAA, the DoT, the British CAA or any other big-ups which DO visit the CAD. As a result, the Department has been whittled down to a small elite bunch of unqualified inexperienced, incompetent “Officers” who appear to have less suitability for their jobs than the people who clean the offices.

    Am I being harsh? Of course. But this is the agency/authority which oversees the airplanes and all aviation based in Barbados, and all aircraft and airlines which pass through GAIA. Executive Air seems to do as it likes, in it’s time TIA2000 was granted THREE Air Operating certificates — the final one apparently without even qualifying for it.

    The Flying Club on the south side – yes, it is still there – used to be a hive of social and flying activity, Errol Barrow used to be seen there when he came up to fly his AeroCommander, now it is a desert wasteland.

    I once went to the Barbados CAD, when it was at the base of the Tower, had to step over broken furniture in the hallway, stood waiting about 30 minutes while a Secretary studiously ignored me, and eventually a cleaning lady asked me what I wanted and herself went to fetch an Officer from another room. While I waited for that Officer to get some papers I was shown the Director’s office and left alone, where I could have stolen or read any number of confidential documents or take any number of objects in the room. And I was told nobody would be in office until after 10:30am. Must be a hell of a nice job to work at the CAD.

    So yes, harsh. What our politician “leaders” have done to aviation – in the entire EC, not just Barbados – is nothing less than corrupt and criminal.


  • Wow! I will have to learn more about this.


  • Someone suggested our airlines should find “partnerships” with the internationals in order to stay in business.

    A partnership with a “major” carrier ON ANY ROUTE inevitably means those deep pockets will eventually take over through sheer wealth = power. There is little competition on Caribbean-US routes because a carrier – especially when run by accountants, like American – can drop their Caribbean fares well below cost and make up for that loss on their domestic flights, thus simply closing down our regional carriers through bankruptcy. Easy to do.

    This avenue has the same outcome as the HOGs (what a very nice and suitable acronym!!) allowing US carriers to start operating (mostly inter-island) regional routes – loss of ALL of the regional carriers, including LIAT and BahamasAir. And if you think LIAT cannot fail, just remember that it’s not up to you, it is up to the hard-ears, corrupt, lying, deceitful “leaders” who represent their taxpayers but treat it as if it were their own private property.

    PM Gonsalves has been doing so to LIAT for as long as he has been shareholder Chairman, requiring a brand new ATR land at his new Argyle Airport BEFORE it was finished, BEFORE it was commissioned, BEFORE it was certified, BEFORE it was insured, BEFORE the runway was completed – the runway had a huge hole in it where the culverts (flood drains) were to be covered.

    It would also inevitably mean that, to give these greedy bastards the profits they want, fares would skyrocket – and the greedy politicians would probably also jack up the cash-cow taxes and fees.

    Look further down this road towards the horizon, though…
    — Higher fares and taxes means less passengers.
    — Less passengers means less profitability.
    — And less profitability, for any American carrier, means a review of whether they want to serve the routes at all. So in the distance see cuts to sectors and a reduction in levels of service – as in no more free sodas or biscuits, or anything else that is “free” – on board.

    Government endorsement? It is already impossible to find any cooperation from a government without the added cost of baksheesh – otherwise known as the greasing of palms, pieces of silver, or to remove the cloth hiding it, corruption. NOBODY IS IMMUNE. Development banks? What a joke. What development? Development of the bank accounts of political friends? The “Development Banks” originally designed to HELP people start a business now make it harder for entrepreneurs to borrow tan the commercial banks. Maybe they should be re-named “Rip-Off Banks”.

    — LIAT serves a narrow band of countries.
    — Caribbean Airways – STILL the national airline of Trinidad (and second class citizen Tobago) serves a narrow band of countries. They could have been serving Cuba profitably to the rest of the Caribbean for the last four decades, but the only time they wanted that route was when the USA opened it up and they just had to get in on the action. An arrogant knee-jerk by Board and management who did not – and still do not – know what the heck they are doing. CAL management is now a group of people who used to manage a cellphone company – maybe it’s something in the water over there.
    — InselAir (now closed) used to serve a narrow band of countries.
    — BahamasAir serves a narrow band of countries.
    — Cayman Airways serves a narrow band of countries.
    — The French airlines serve a narrow band of countries.

    As I indicated, I am trying to start a pan-CARICOM airline, but I cannot find a speck of help from anywhere, government or private.

    We have seen foreigners come and go with start-ups, using plans and budgets better suited to where they came from, with all the background supports those developed countries offered (including huge tax benefits). They came, they bankrupted, they left.

    We have seen foreign airline arrive pretending to have our interests at heart, only to screw us over with fares, service and delays, and then drop the routes as fast as they picked them up for somewhere else more financially lucrative. They refused to adapt, so they left. Hmmm, sounds like Caribbean Airlines, doesn’t it?

    So “we shall see”. If our entire region – and CARICOM – while selling every damn thing we own to Merkans and Europeans, does not collapse first.

    And if you think I am being alarmist, re-read the article above, and review the list of almost 90 airlines that have failed in just the last 40 years. The crapola is already hitting the fanola, but the average Joe on the street doesn’t realise it because the corrupt politicians are throwing the turds through the blades one small piece at a time. In the Caribbean, as in the US and Canada, the politicians and the 1% get far richer, the middle class move into the poor section, and the 99% continue to get soaked for taxes they cannot afford.


  • From June, 2017

    I am not by any stretch of the imagination the only one making these noises, but clearly, nobody is listening.

    The OECS HOGs are meeting today – and the ECCAA is on the agenda, but not LIAT, so “Bidness as nusual” in that forum, I expect.


  • They would have had to be born before 1948 – and therefore older than 71 – to be born before me. I have my doubts that is the case.

    Further, in the aviation field they would have had to have started their experience before 1968. That they know more than I do – in aviation – is merely an arrogant figment of their vivid imaginations, and a useless expression of their massive egos.

    We have too many “leaders” who are legends in their own minds.


  • Bridgetown and Port of Spain have agreed to share diplomatic missions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    The announcement was made on Monday by Prime Minister Mia Mottley and her Trinidadian counterpart Dr Keith Rowley ahead of the CARICOM mid-term summit which began here today.
    The Trinidadian prime minister said both countries agreed after exploring ways of effectively cooperating “in every possible area”.
    Dr Rowley announced: “Our discussions have taken us to a place of agreement where Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados have agreed to share some of our missions abroad. …(Quote)

    Here is further proof that the president is incapable of thinking as a regional leader. She all rhetoric and no details. This bilateral agreement is not worth the paper it is written on. We do not need Trinidad/Barbados agreement, but a CARICOM agreement.
    It is like Germany and France opening an embassy in the Caribbean and ignoring the other EU nations. They must go back to the drawing board. Think CARICOM.
    Where is our CARICOM ambassador?


  • And if Caricom is divided on these issues what is wrong with a bilateral approach to kickstart? She cannot mandate that all members sign up. Her Authority as chairman under rotation is using suasion.


  • @ Mr Jim Lynch

    I’d like to give another perspective on this matter AND BEG YOUR KIND INDULGENCE

    Before I start I beg you to understand that, no disrespect is intended!

    The first verse of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner goes

    “…It is an ancient Mariner,
    And he stoppeth one of three.
    ‘By thy long grey beard and glittering eye,
    Now wherefore stopp’st thou me?…”

    At first glance you will say “what de France dat ole man talking bout?

    And I will tell you

    The potential investor(s) are

    1.looking at a not so young man IRRESPECTIVE OF HIS EXPERIENCE

    2.with a business plan that is fraught with hundreds of implementation hurdles

    3.Constrained by the whims and fancies of corrupt HoGs

    4.with a period of investment for 7 to 10 years before there is a ROI

    5.asking for US $260 million

    6.and who does not want an investor but a straight out loan?

    De ole man will tell you this straight that what they see, IF THEY HET PAST YOR BUSINESS PLAN METRICS, is the mortality rather life expectancy OF THE KEY MAN who, at get go, is saying “give me all this money, minus any controls in your enterprise and sit quiet as I manage your US$260 MILLION in all this political maelstrom….”

    What do you think their answer will be?


  • What about then other bilateral agreement to explore for hydrocarbons?


  • Comments re Liat.
    “Similarly, we have recognised that we need to be able to resolve the issue of transport and that is a work in progress. While all of the members of the Conference of Heads are not shareholders in LIAT, it is fair that is necessary for me to report that LIAT now has a new board with a renewed mandate to be able to ensure that regional affordable transportation is made available to Caribbean people. To run a country without transport is to condemn that country. Similarly, to run a Community without affordable transport is to condemn that community.”

    The opening remarks


  • Have we reached the tipping point as far as harmonizing and deciding on regional travel?

    Many think not!


  • One by one…

    Hal Austin…

    “Bridgetown and Port of Spain have agreed to share diplomatic missions in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.”

    And tell me now, WHO is going to operate them? Caribbean Airlines? They can’t even operate POS-GEO without feckin up the people at both ends. They never wanted to include Cuba until the Merkans flooded in there. And now they quit that, too.

    Our politicians have been signing these long distance overseas abroad bilateral agreements for decades, and NOT ONE SINGLE AIRLINE IS OPERATING ANY OF THEM – AND NEVER HAS. All this nonsense is a gross waste of taxpayers money.

    All this bilateral stuff with far-away countries is just an excuse for the politicians involved to take extensive trips at the taxpayers expense. First Class, of course, and I include the 5-0-Star hotels they would never see if they were paying for the trips out of their own wallets. Politicians are SCUM.

    Piece the Legend…

    “2.with a business plan that is fraught with hundreds of implementation hurdles”

    Not at all. If you were a banker, would you not know how to implement your business? Same with airlines – there are ways to do things and there are ways NOT to do things. For example, our own two nearest airlines are veritable experts in knowing how NOT to do things – but when they screw up their jobs are not in jeopardy and they just tap the taxpayers for more. And I am not alone in this… I have a team of Caribbean regional experts in their own aviation fields waiting patiently, plus fellow consultants who have similar decades of global experience to put me right where I am wrong.

    “3.Constrained by the whims and fancies of corrupt HoGs”

    Wrong again. There will never be any HOG in charge of or influencing this entity, if I can help it. In fact, I hope we can become large enough to push the influencing in the other direction. And CARICOM has put it in writing that I will be protected from competition.

    “4.with a period of investment for 7 to 10 years before there is a ROI”

    Whoops, wrong again. I have four years of past passenger numbers – from Sabre and the GDS databases, plus a financial forecast which tells us that we will make a PROFIT (as opposed to just revenue) min year 1, and by year 5 over $100 million PROFIT. Plus, the calculations were made conservatively, with higher costs and lesser revenue. You are not talking to a young man with wild ideas and even wilder numbers.

    “5.asking for US $260 million”

    Maaaan, you HAVE to get your numbers right. I am asking for $215 million, which includes a buffer for those little “surprises” we encounter in the EC.

    “6.and who does not want an investor but a straight out loan?”

    I am talking to a Far Eastern company as I write about exactly that – a 100% loan, partial investment. No guarantees t=it will go to completion, but I have been here before and it’s not that unusual. I have been doing this for 8 years now.

    “De ole man will tell you this straight that what they see, IF THEY HET PAST YOR BUSINESS PLAN METRICS, is the mortality rather life expectancy OF THE KEY MAN who, at get go, is saying “give me all this money, minus any controls in your enterprise and sit quiet as I manage your US$260 MILLION in all this political maelstrom….”

    What do you think their answer will be?”

    So far, encouraging. The Business Plan is over 100 pages, includes a livery and all the details.

    This would fully enable CSME and intra-regional travel, lower fares, stop the need for US visas (can cost an extra US$1,000 in travel and hotels at the US Embassy location) and eliminate the overnights in Miami or New York because the connecting flight left already (can cost an extra US$300 in hotels), and get people where they are going non-stop or through a hub. Barbados-Belize could be 4 hours direct or 5 hours through a hub, as opposed to two full days via Miami – LESS the visa and hotel expenses.

    Think nobody wants go go to Belize? Not if we market it and create the demand… they will want to come to Barbados, too… and fill some of those empty hotel rooms you are always complaining about.

    NorthernObserver and David…

    On LIAT, no disrespect to Owen Arthur, but the musical chairs at Board level and the appointment of a new Chairman – who is by profession a talk-a-lot, do-nothing politician – in place of the former say-nothing, do-nothing Chairman, means that nothing has substantially changed there either, and now still as rank amateurs they are deciding the fate of a highly technical, low-profit-margin entity which needs major surgery (of the RIGHT kind) to ensure survival.

    Good luck for your future, LIAT, you are going to need it. Or else continue to suck at the taxpayers teat for MORE hundreds of millions of dollars.


  • There is a new strategic plan to address financial issues at LIAT

    The only strategic plan we have seen from the shareholder Chairman so far is to threaten the non-shareholders and to increase the demands on shareholders. NO CHANGES ARE IMMINENT.

    Unless LIAT makes MAJOR changes, it is going to fail. We STILL have mostly amateurs on the Board, from Chairman right through to a guy from AA who would do very well as a Station Manager, he is not Board material (probably a political friend). The CEO is an failed hotel book-keeper whose accounting qualifications are in question, she never even worked for an airline before getting the job of CFO – through “good friend” and former Chairman Jean Holder – now she has been promoted to CEO with neither qualifications, experience nor competence for the job. And so LIAT continues down the slippery slide.

    Ever hear of the Peter Principle? Well, she is a perfect example – from hotel to airline, she has risen to her true level of incompetence.

    Unless Owen Arthur makes the right moves, LIAT is fecked. And at this time he is about to do the rounds of the PMs and find out what kind of LIAT they want.

    Question: How the HELL would a former Prime Minister know what kind of airline would be best for the EC?


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