Haiti False Narrative Exposed

Submitted by Tee White

Haiti – CARICOM caves in to US pressure

By A.T. Freeman

As had been widely predicted, CARICOM caved in to the intense and relentless US pressure on it that the regional body threw its support behind the planned US military attack on Haiti. Meeting in Trinidad and Tobago, from 3-5 July, in its 45th Heads of Government conference, which also marked the 50th anniversary of the organisation, CARICOM abandoned its months long opposition to the US assault on its fellow member state and issued a statement in support of the “immediate creation of a Humanitarian and Security Stabilization Corridor under the mandate of a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Resolution, and agreed to seek support from international partners to help finance its establishment and the strengthening of security in Haiti”.

This change of mind on CARICOM’s part was no doubt influenced by the presence not only of a bipartisan US Congressional delegation led by Democratic politician Hakeem Jeffries but also of Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.

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35 thoughts on “Haiti False Narrative Exposed

  1. We had long opined that these niggers in charge would repeat their previous mistakes in Haiti.

    And that this would happen in spite of the suffering their have inflicted on Haiti the previous three times.

    Haiti has been the best example of the criminal nature of White people and their Black lackeys like Mia Mottley.

    Then they are the niggers here who feel no affinity whatsoever for a Haitian people who are toooo Black, toooo Afrikan.

    As it continues to pay the eternal price for being the catalyst to end slavery. White people, the French, the Americans, will never forgive them for their role in destroying the international slave economy.

    We can only trust that the Russians and the Chinese will continue to block these White people and their house niggers, at the UNSC, from conducting war on Haiti as the means of continuing its rape.

    • This article also exposes another hypocrisy. Many public commenters talk about Haiti only when it fits a narrow interest to do so.

      CARICOM – what next?
      OVER THE PAST WEEK the Caribbean region celebrated 50 years of the establishment of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). It was an occasion worthy of the heartiest celebration.
      However, amidst of the lofty toasts of self-congratulation on past achievement the necessity of casting a glance to the future should never be lost, since it is there that the true significance of the 50-year regional project will be judged, assessed, and determined.
      It should never be forgotten that CARICOM exists as the ugly second-choice of a far more beautiful and meaningful goal – a single sovereign state: the United States of the Caribbean. CARICOM, as such, is a compromise from this reality.
      I say “reality” instead of “ideal” since the political union of the English-speaking Caribbean was already a concrete fact from 1958 to 1962. We face the danger, therefore, of remaining entrapped in the compromise while forgetting the original intention. It is suggestive of lazy comfort with failure.
      Caribbean citizens should never lose sight of the original goal.
      It is in the pursuit of the original purpose of political integration of the Englishspeaking Caribbean into a singular sovereign entity that the real work of the next steps of CARICOM should begin.
      However, this next goal is not a task for Caribbean governments. It ought rightfully to be the work of the Caribbean people. Indeed, too much of the work of the last 50 years – its successes, failures, doubts, missteps and missed opportunities, have fallen to the feet of CARICOM governments and the CARICOM secretariat itself. CARICOM has thus far been an elite state-led project and it is for this reason that ever since the collapse of the West Indies Federation, no one has seized upon the necessity of putting Humpty Dumpy together again as an absolute necessity and a sine qua non of Caribbean global civilisational significance and self-respect.
      This is a task for the people. Caribbean governments have done all that they possibly can and will only do more when they receive clear signals that the Caribbean people are autonomously and organically moving towards a more concrete political union.
      Consider the reality that while there exist regional grassroots movements covering nearly every issue under the sun – environment, gender, religion, sexual rights, all – there is no existing grassroots, broad-based movement organising specifically around the question of the political integration of the English-speaking Caribbean, as an end-goal in itself.
      There is no existing Caribbean integration movement with organisational reach and purpose across the Caribbean.
      This is the urgent task of the next generation of CARICOM state-builders and should be priority number one as the next 50 years begin.
      In subsequent articles, the outlines of the political structure and programme of such a movement will be presented with the hope of sparking regional discussion, but more importantly, concrete political action.
      Tennyson Joseph is a political scientist at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, specialising in regional affairs. Email tjoe2008@live.com

      Source: Nation

    • Unfortunately there is a vicious circle at play with Haiti. Who is of sane mind will invest in an unstable Haiti. However, in order to improve investment is needed. A very difficult situation. That said it does not explain the lack of effort to help.

  2. Tennyson Joseph is generally right and maybe one of the few people saying things that are important and should be respected.

    The Haitian people are best left alone to lead their country with all foreign interventions, even under the guise of investment, not following the colonial line of the past.

    The Chinese were sane. The Venezuelans were sane. Both countries investing a lot into Haiti against a wall of Western colonial exploitation. An historic extractionist set of forces which nullified the efforts of both Venezuela and China.

  3. The Biden crime family aided by the deep-state which planned the war in Ukraine.

    And are being assisted by Mia Mottley and Carigone misleaders to f-up Haití again must be the most corrupt people in the world.

    The socallled leftwing, the wokeist, the Greens, democrats, republicans and the pragmatic-nationalists have now all fully embraced fascism. Many scholars, thinkers, have long forecaated this.

    Even as all Western countries are crumbling. Today Putin said that Western economies are collasping. For example, a colleague in London has seen a morgage payment go from 500 pounds monthly to 1500 in less than six months. With all other variables being the same.

    Here is a former Ukrainian ambassador who was on the ins before the Maidan Square, American sponsored, George Soros, NGO, backed coup of 2014 with a rare interview as to how this war started. Thanks to our friends at The Grayzone. A real jounalism shop.

    For Haití has some similarities.

  4. Once you believe NOTHING politicians or their supporters say, you will survive.

    They are not in charge…they are only yappy talking heads, pretending…even i saw that decades ago…

    .watching a video calling all of them liars.. warning people to not trust them at any time….for any reason..

    It’s a mess…we knew it would reach to this, now it’s here.

    Pacha…it’s now time to stay closer to family and those you care about….the likeminded, help who you can….until everything stabilizes.




  6. Saw people having fun with this on another platform…the comments are brutal….calls for le guillotin..

    .am sure the Haitians would have something even more creative…

    Things are getting very real..

    “Macron Gets The Finger: Body Part Sent to Elysee Palace

    A letter with a human finger was sent to the Elysee Palace, according to the magazine Valeurs Actuelles.

    The letter was received on July 9-10, a few days before Bastille Day, which is celebrated on July 14.

    The finger was stored in the refrigerator where the police leave their food, according to the magazine’s source in the security service.

    The identity of the person to whom the finger belongs has been established. Other details are not yet known.”

  7. Pacha…since yesterday i heard people complaining about Con-missiong and some fraud article…then i heard what it was about this morning…the nerve on traitor bloodlines….wilfully LYING to and MISLEADING the population..

    The disappointment at seeing the slave society they are determined to keep intact, while others fund it, falling apart right in front their evil eyes is indeed awesome..

    …an even GREATER disappointment is as things stand they cannot TIEF our Afrikan birthright to do so…….NEVER…the exposure on them is too great…..comeuppance..

    Take good care of you and yours, those who did not listen to you and had nothing but stupid talk have to figure it out….dont be too concerned.

  8. Waru

    No worries here!

    If what is in front of us does not make it clear ………. well!

    We have a fascist, colonial, White supremacist war in Ukraine as a single data point which clearly explains the nature of things

    Where the dying hegemon is supporting Nazis in a failing effort to maintain the criminal, capitalist, system as the local Con-men still looking fuh monetary extraction without value exchange. Financialization!

    If financialization is not the highest form of slavery, well there’s is no slavery at all. For it is a system where a few countries have a presumed god given right to take peoples’ things in exchange for useless paper. Paper printed by them.

    Even this pretense of the centrality of commerce is dispense with in the case of Syria where the country’s oil and grain are being stolen in broad daylight by the United States and Joe Biden.

    Where the Trumpian fascist, acting as braggart, boasts about stealing all of Venezuela’s oil. Venezuela a country recently visited with pomp and ceremony by a cadre some of whom that pretend to be leftists.

    Even the notions of left or right. Green or not. Have been consumed by the globalization of the fascist ideal.

    • That’s why i stay away from politics, geo and otherwise.

      Brain can’t handle it, requires too much energy and expending of power I prefer redirect. Plus it never ends well.

      People are amazed at the lengths these petti-bourgeois pretenders sucking on taxpayers will go to keep the Afrikan descents trapped in slave mindedness while they boast about how much land they all ready acquired in Afrika…the Commi-Frauds.

  9. Pacha.. dont know if you heard:

    ” Digicel is now owned by 3 US bond holding companies, majority shares, and undergoing a 1.7 billion dollar restructuring”….guess they called in their markers…

    Am sure it’s the same one months ago telling the mirror image clown, they can help them get reparations…

    bankruptcy in the air????..

    • Waru

      Was not aware. When you’re dealing with the public markets, like the B’dos Light and Power/ Emera, or whatever, there is no mercy as the greedy pigs seek profit maximization.

      Meaning that rates will be as high as necessary to satisfy rent-seekers. Even as Servqual is lowered.

      Same for the telecoms.

  10. At least the French are nothing but consistent.

    “Macron Booed In Bastille Day Parade.”

    • Well, the storming of the Bastille, circa 1789, was an historical moment for the French, and some argue for world democracy, so-called.

      However, what followed has shown clearly that the French people in general were/are just as vicious as the monarchical regime they sought to replace.

      Even today the issue of ‘bread’ and ‘cake’ is as prescient as it was 245 years ago. And when one adds the colonial impositions of the French all over Africa, The Pacific, the Middle East and the Caribbean, our determination must be that there are no differences between the protestors and the banking oiligarchs, like Macron, in relationship to peoples of color.

      Therefore, it’s good to see these brutes fighting amongst themselves. So let it continue. What goes around, comes around.


  12. Pacha…have not confirmed yet, since so much is being posted everywhere but seeing certain posts saying that 2024 could be last election…..

    IF TRUE I immediately saw the UPSIDE to that…no more useless politicians and their equally useless followers in people’s lives…all will be out to sea..

    Again, no confirmation yet.

  13. On the Covid note…things are happening and looks like it will come down to the nitty gritty one way or the other, as expected..it’s evident there will be a reckoning over this…Pacha

    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved @ 2:07PM

    Source: americanmilitarynews.com


    COVID-19 vaccine is ‘biological weapon,’ must be banned, Fla. county GOP says shots to be outlawed in the Sunshine State.

    BREC sent a letter, obtained by CBS12, to registered Republicans in Brevard County – the tenth most populated county in Florida classifying the COVID-19 vaccine as a bioweapon as part of a broader effort to get the jab banned from the entire state of Florida.

    The committee is also sending the letter to all appropriate representatives, as well as Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott and Gov. DeSantis.

  14. Now designated a bioweapon, let’s see what happens going forward upon batch tests.
    Yolande Grant – African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. July 28, 2023. @ 6:48AM

    Source: Caribbean Covid Crimes Evidence

    Florida County GOP Declares mRNA COVID Vax a ‘BioWeapon

    The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee has passed a resolution in a landslide vote to ban the mRNA COVID-19 injection, deeming it a “biological and technological weapon.”

  15. Isn’t the Caricom effort headed by PM Holiness of Jamaica? Why the vitriol directed at the Barbados PM?

  16. Talk is cheap!

    “Jamaica defends decision to deport Haitians

    KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica Wednesday defended the decision to deport more than 29 Haitians who arrived here illegally last week, saying that it acted in accordance with international law.
    “Jamaica is a signatory to all the relevant protocols as it relates to persons who find themselves in these positions, and we are ensuring that we follow these protocols,”
    Information Minister Robert Morgan told the weekly Cabinet news conference.
    On Tuesday, 29 Haitians including five women, were fined J$7,000 (One Jamaica dollar=US$0.008 cents) or face three days hard labour, after they were charged with illegally entering the country.
    The Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency is making arrangements for the Haitians to return home.
    Morgan told reporters that upon arrival, the Haitians were briefed on their rights as illegal immigrants, including the option to apply for asylum. But, he said no application for asylum was made.
    “They would have been, based on the treaties that we signed, advised of the rights that they have as persons who entered the country in the circumstances that they have.
    “The other thing that we must take into consideration is not to assume that the intended destination of the individuals was Jamaica. There have been circumstances in the past where due to the trade winds, they are seeking to go to the north but they end up in the south. I’m not speculating, but because they have not applied for asylum, then a particular process has to take place from the Jamaican government,” Morgan said.
    He told reporters that the decision to deport the Haitians will not affect Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ advocacy for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and the international community to work together to address the security and humanitarian crises facing Haiti.

    • Jamaica urged not to deport Haitians
      KINGSTON – A human rights group in Jamaica – Freedom Imaginaries, is calling for the halting of deportation proceedings against more than 30 Haitians who recently landed in the eastern parish of Portland.
      In a letter to foreign affairs minister Kamina Johnson Smith, the group made the appeal claiming Jamaica has an obligation to help the Haitians under international law.
      “Given the devastating humanitarian and security crisis in Haiti, and the state’s obligations under international refugee and human rights law, we urge the government of Jamaica to refrain from deporting the Haitians and to take the necessary measures to ensure that they have access to protection and support services,” said the letter that was signed by the group’s founder, Marlene Alleyne, an international human rights lawyer.
      On July 11, 37 men, women and children from Haiti landed on Boston Beach
      in Portland.
      The 29 adults were subsequently charged with illegal entry in Jamaica and fined JAM$7 000 (BDS$91.59) when they appeared in the Portland Parish Court.
      It was revealed that deportation proceedings have commenced against the Haitians.
      Minister with responsibility for information, Robert Morgan, has since revealed the Haitians did not apply for asylum in Jamaica and according to reports, the contingent was most likely headed to the United States.
      Freedom Imaginaries in their letter also said that the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has warned that “conditions in Haiti continue to be dire, and not conducive to forced returns”.

  17. David, I’m not sure if you are aware, but trouble seems to be brewing between Jamaica and the US. Apparently, although the Americans know homosexuality and same sex marriages are prohibited in Jamaica, they assigned a ‘bulling’ diplomat to the island and requested the government to extend all diplomatic privilages to his ‘spouse.’ The Holness administration denied the request, which, if granted, would essentially be ‘an exception to the rule.’ The US responded by refusing an extension for three Jamaican diplomats based in that country. I’m sure the Biden administration would not have sent that couple to Saudi Arabia or Israel.

  18. @ David

    I was watching an interview on a Jamaican channel, of two Jamaican academics, one is a professor living in the USA and the other in Jamaica.

    The US professor was of the opinion that the Jamaican government should ignore the island’s laws and accept the diplomat, rather than ‘picking a fight’ with America, which they cannot win.

    Approving the USA’s request that all the privileges be given to the spouse of diplomat who will be posted in Jamaica soon, would essentially would mean island recognizes same-sex marriage, which is illegal there.

    In response, the US has reportedly rejected a request from the Jamaican government to extend the stay of three diplomats in Jamaica’s embassy and consulates in the United States…… and served notice that the trio must leave immediately after their five-year diplomatic visa expires.

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