Fresh Start

Submitted by Dr. Grenville Phillips II

Every four years there is a Cricket World Cup. The West Indies team won the first two Cricket World Cups in 1975 and 1979, and were runners up in 1983. We were champions of this sport, but have been in the basement of the 8 top cricketing nations’ rankings for so long that it was only a matter of time before we would not qualify for a major tournament. That time has come.

This year, we did not qualify for the 2023 Cricket World Cup. The new head coach reportedly wants the players to believe in themselves and in the team. The captain wants a “fresh start” and our support. Beliefs and fresh starts require firm foundations. Our support requires an exceptionally difficult conversation.


Our players are talented, winning matches against much higher ranked opponents. Our players are also hard working, doing what coaches ask of them during practise. But in competitive sports, talent and hard work must stand on firm foundations – and our boys had them.

Our players qualified for a place on the West Indies team full of promise. They were trained by school coaches and had the support of their families, schools and churches. Then something seems to go terribly wrong soon after they join the team.


Encouraging young players to become connoisseurs of liquor, to distinguish the good stuff from the ordinary, may harm their otherwise promising careers. Encouraging young players to become promiscuous exposes them to a host of curable and incurable sexual transmitted diseases.

We used to watch hopefully when our players started a new tour, but are now accustomed to them playing the first part of the tour with energy, and the remainder in a lethargic manner. When I questioned past team managers on these consistent observations, the problem was revealed.

Despite having a curfew, our players would be encouraged to revel, and even bring women in their rooms. What we saw on our television screens, as we willed them to win, were players too tired from the night’s activities to play consistently at the level required of professional athletes.


Senior players should mentor younger players to reach higher standards, but they may be incapable of doing this if they were badly mentored. Leading younger players down a path of clubbing, liquor and promiscuity can only erode their foundations, thus sustaining the practise of bad mentorship.

When senior players’ foundations have decayed to the level where their performance is unreliable, they are replaced by new players, full of promise, but destined to be mentored by players whose foundations are already corrupted.

At the end of their careers, old mentors may use their fame to market liquor to a wider audience. Some may boast about their ability to hold their liquor and their sexual exploits – as if those were honourable achievements. Such is the illusion that a decayed foundation may have on the mind of one who still thinks it can support him.


So, what is the solution? We had one. In January 2019, we employed a coach to prepare our team for the England tour in February 2019 and the World Cup in May 2019. He seemed to recognise the problem – our players needed stern fatherly direction. The change appeared immediate – we won the test series 2-1, our first series win over the much higher-ranked England in ten years.

In our excitement, we momentarily forgot that we do not care about real success, only appearances – we just want to look good. We decided that the glory of winning the World Cup must not be given to this coach – who happened to be white – so we fired him.

The players wanted their coach but were told that they needed a coach that could “get along with the boys”. The World Cup results for our team were foreseen. Other teams came prepared to play cricket, we came prepared to compete with designer shades and earrings. Of the ten teams in the tournament, we ended second from the bottom, only higher than war-torn Afghanistan.


We keep hoping for some nostalgic solutions to improve the West Indies cricket team, when all that is needed is to write two clauses in the players’ contracts and enforce them with zero-tolerance.

The first is that no alcohol must be consumed from the start of the training camp until the end of the final match of a tour. The second is that during a tour, curfews will be strictly enforced to allow players eight hours of sleep.

Will our players object? Of course. But we should remind them that we have tolerated their wayward ways for far too long and are dissatisfied with their inconsistent performance – so it is time for a fresh start.

Grenville Phillips II is a Doctor of Engineering and a Chartered Structural Engineer. He can be reached at

47 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. You are so fucking sick, in the head!

    You continue to be the quintessential asswipe.

    Digging up any canard, any self-hating meme, any previous deviation from a fucked up religious predisposition.

    You have a PhD now, has the time not past to locate these observations within philosophy.

    And confort your peers about some basic truths. Or are weeee to forever be recipients to these your pig food for scholarship.

    This puerile defense of White people always surfaces. Where have been the defenses for nigger like you?

    Here the defense of a White man’s sport runs in line with the love of monarch and the threat to bring an injunction against a government willing to turn its back on the dead queen.

    And what if cricket is dead in the West Indies. Even as it would have been assholes like you who would have dutifully killed it.

    People like you who conspired against the winning ethos. People like you who were apologetic when that team was crushing your beloved Whiteness.

    We say let it die! And hopefully your ilk as well.

    It certainly must be a useless life to be a hater of ones self and overcomed by the need to constantly protect and assert international Whiteness.

  2. Perhaps Grenville is engaging in satire with his weird imagination.
    Grenville is more weird than wonderful – but the stars will align for anyone with a taste for the absurd.

  3. Pop!Pop!Pop! That’s the sound of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. It must be Christmas @ Grenville’s.

    Pacha….I’d be a hypocrite to ask you to tend your judgements with compassion, but I too cannot help but see Grenville’s lamentations for the exclusion of ‘whiteness’ in the society throughout his many postings.

    Grenville….Did the Greats like Sobers and the teams from ’75 & ’79 have coaches? You do know that coaches do not win games, do you? You can take a look at Basketball…the Bulls. the Lakers with the Greats like Jordan Pippen Kobe Shaq and Rodman just to name a few. Do you think the coaches made them win or they made those clueless white coaches Phil Jackson and Pat Riley look good? Like diamonds in the rough, these men took their raw, natural abilities and polished them sans coaching Coaching just allowed these white men to associate themselves with ‘greatness.’

    Maybe there’s something deeper at play with the young boys, something other than sex and alcohol.

  4. Some more comedy relief to match Grenville’s reasonings

    Why did God invent the orgasm?


    So West Indian cricketers would know when to stop fucking
    🍆 💦 👄

  5. Mottley rassoul!

    All she shall do is what she’s always done and shall continue to do.

    For the centre cannot hold. Mottley or no Mottley!

    A lot of hyperbole and like Ms Malaprop will continue to deceive the many with impressive sounding words, meaningless in the end, but still the opium of beguiled fools.

    • They got the place hot and in anticipation for what is rolling out on them next.

      Trip, slip CRASH..

    • Waru

      These people exist merely on propaganda.

      And that somebody like a Mottley could have been compared with Valdimir Putin, comparably based on size, scale and power generally alone, is of and in itself a very dangerous mindset.

      A craziness!

      Let Mottley save her country from the harshest and most sanctions ever imposed by Western countries at a time of war, for starters.

      The country just keeps deifying political criminals and when dead and gone nothing would have changed!

  6. If Miss Mockley had any sense, she would fire the whole set of them and shut down the WICB or whatever it is called these days.

    Save the money and bring down the national debt.

    The boys just cannot compete with the men in world cricket. They end up looking small.

    Real good cricket playing these days so we are not going to miss anything. The West Indies team is just out of its league.

    Clive Lloyd told the story of him telling Dennis Waight in Australia he wanted his fast bowlers angry and mean when play started so Dennis Waight put them to run up and down a steep hill until he reckoned he had them where Clive Lloyd wanted them.

    The rest is history.

    Watch this clip from 2010 where Roach decides to try and rough up Kallis with 18 runs left to win admittedly 2 wickets were down for 29 and adrenalin could be flowing but watch the boy lose it and the man saunter around unconcerned and drive him batty.

    • Stop spewing shiite!!! No regional head of government can ‘fire any cricketer or shut down CWI.’

  7. No alcohol for about 6 weeks and a curfew.

    Some of the Greatest Bajan players would not sign that contract.

  8. “We used to watch hopefully when our players started a new tour, but are now accustomed to them playing the first part of the tour with energy, and the remainder in a lethargic manner. When I questioned past team managers on these consistent observations, the problem was revealed.

    Despite having a curfew, our players would be encouraged to revel, and even bring women in their rooms. What we saw on our television screens, as we willed them to win, were players too tired from the night’s activities to play consistently at the level required of professional athletes.”

    This smells like a lie to me and another figment of Grenville’s mind
    some serious spin like Murali Muralitharan

  9. My comment is a simple one. Why does one have to search for a link or web address for these talks/presentations.

    Then they will come and tell you about digital stuff they are planning to do. They cannot even create a simple poster/flyer

  10. Prime ministers and former PMs have also showed keen interest in West Indies cricket.
    Michael Manley wrote :A History of West Indies Cricket
    The PJ Patterson report on West Indies Cricket is catching dust somewhere.
    PJ Patterson also gave a lecture on West Indies Cricket some years ago in Barbados at UWI.

  11. There are many black tropes being circulated here
    they are:
    too lazy
    poor leaders
    overly sexualised

    • Another school boy essay from Grenville. Man, has he looked at regional cricket and seen the decline in standard? Has he looked at the BCA cricket and seen the decline in standard? Time was when a single Shell Shield team could acquit itself well against England.

      This alone should tell you that our demise is due to much more than partying, alcohol and sex on international tours.

    • Cricket is the popular flavour of the day, month, year, decade? Why do you think Mia is keeping it close?

  12. “diefying political criminals and when dead and gone nothing would have changed!”

    Ignorant and backward mental midgets, thrashing around trying to ram the corrupt and their evil thievery and corruption down other people’s throats….when EVERYONE is running in the next direction because they dont want the association…..

    ..people want REAL INTELLIGENCE, morals, ethics and integrity in leadership and nothing connected with “animals” who are nothing but 2-legged criminals…they keep showcasing their own well defined lack of credibility, and CORRUPT MIND in constantly highlighting the existence of evil thieves.

    Am sure Putin would feel rightly insulted to be thus disrespectfully without his consent or permission connected to such an idiot from Barbados with a world stage fetish, and so would the animals..

  13. “Cricket is the popular flavour of the day, month, year, decade? Why do you think Mia is keeping it close?”

    People should stop mourning over losses and harping back to glory champion days. There are always losers in sports, which is just part of the competitive game.

    Standards are always improving and people should appreciate the best in the world who truly deserve to win.

    It is more depressing to lose in a final and come a close second than to lose in first round. Appreciate and support those who reached the level to represent their nation, they are the ones who feel the most upset when they lose.

    • A normal process undertaken when non performing is to investigate why and try to come up with approaches to turn it around. To accept that losing is just part of a competitive process – although true – should not negate concerns being expressed by supporters and policymakers, the discussion is a necessary step in searching for solutions. To simple accept it is being passive.

  14. “This alone should tell you that our demise is due to much more than partying, alcohol and sex on international tours.”

    They would have still lost, but at least they got some good memories and had a blast (or have forgotten about the bad ones). Winners also indulge in the party life.

  15. Dear Sir,
    Please consider these words for inclusion in the Barbadian dictionary
    Girunts – giant in Barbados, runt elsewhere
    Benius – passing as a genius in Barbados, cannot pass elsewhere
    ObKnoxious – believing oneself to be brilliant but not convincing to others
    Twackery – Twistory of Quakers
    Thanks in advance

  16. Chat000 fails
    ChatGPT has shown me how easy it is to write in a vein similar to a fellow commenter.

    However I hav been unable to reproduce a similar selection of horrible music as 000.

    Project Chat000 has failed.

  17. I am currently assessing GP2 contribution. I am not as negative as some but it bothers me that GP2 always has a white manas the rescuer.

    A next bone of contention is that He sees WI cricket as salvageable

  18. Dear Mia Amor Mottley

    This writer knows of a few massive, funded, projects similar to ones that you discussed today.

    But at a scale unimaginable to you, by orders of magnitude.

    We are aware that your fan boys here could never be tired of your constant sermonizing.

    However, should you carry the country down these roads, these initiatives will soon prove as unprofitable, like is the general historical trend in Barbados.

    For government is yet to learn a fundamental truth about capitalism. This is, that it is based on the total domination of markets ……… not market share, as you seem a disciple.

    And while we support industrialization as the bedrock of economy. And while we suggest that you seem to be getting some not too bad advice.

    In the areas noted we see no set of circumstances in which the country could be successful.

    But we’re been deemed here to be hypocrites so you may not want to take our free, maybe brutally critical, advice.

    Your ruthless critic.

  19. @David, the blogger with his sweet fah ‘dazes’ words that “It is more depressing to lose in a final and come a close second than to lose in first round” is having his/her De Coubertin Olympic (it’s about the joy of competing and not winningl) cumbayah moment.

    More power to them.

    But of course as you noted after we get pass that feel good session we need to deal wid what’s causing the problems.

    Anyhow, looka 2 things:

    1.Although the Aussies are leading 2-1 an argument can be made that their bowlers got plastered just as ours did in PoS.😎🙏🏿

    I mean, seriously, England scored at a romping 5+/over against the best attack in world cricket and did so over the entire innings … we are talking record balls to 100 (twice nearly); most runs in an Innings and all such, in an Ashes series. Lotta serious stuff there , fah sure!

    So yes the Indians blasted us to get their declaration and our team is NOT anywhere near the kangaroo guys but by Matilda … a pasting is a pasting and it’s surely WORST when u are de champions, yes!

    And 2), dat story of the Phillipino women’s soccer team beating New Zealand is AMAZING.

    You caught the line which said that only ONE- repeat 1 – player was born and lives in de Phillipines!

    What de backside …. 18 of the ladies are US born (of Phillipine citizens, of course) … and were operating on a shoestring budget (literally it seems 😎) just 10 short years ago.

    Dey does say: where there is a will, a way to glory will be found. Or something so.

    So later wid competing for its sake: On to victory and winning. All hail Minnows!


    • And did any one of the 13 pre-qualified bidders announced get the contract?
      The observer from the North has already noted this

  20. Look at the bright side…..they may put robots to play cricket, that should take care of the problems and complaints, ya would only have to give them a little oil so they dont rust, no more big salaries…millions saved…no more scandals, they dont drink and i havent heard yet about robots needing romance…but dont quote me…

    Ask the Hollyweird actors and writers how they feel bought robots….it’s now a thing..

  21. Assuming the fifth test plays to a result, my gut feel is one or the other team will not just win but will be dominant.

    I like Australia regardless of England’s performance.

    Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschange have been dismissed unluckily and luck has a way of changing.

    The weather was always against Australia when they batted in the first 3 tests so its change to favoring them in the fourth was to be expected.

    Whatever happens it is a match to be enjoyed.

    Good cricket all around.

    Hope Smith makes another century.

  22. Yolande Grant African Online Publishing Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on July 25, 2023 at 7:00 PM said:
    Rate This

    Look at the bright side…..


    The bright side is that come Thursday we should get some great cricket being played, no need to invest emotionally in the losers the West Indies have become.

    There won’t be much demand soon for the West Indies in any of the big countries if they keep playing the way they are playing.

  23. Cricket is a metaphor for life. Our masters who saved us from di African ting to serve them and pagans taught us upside down christianity aka white supremacy capitalism where we should know our place and not rise up above our station so we could go to heaven when we dead were disrespected by the field negroes when they dissed the queen and dashed away nelson’s image. This made the White God vexed and the West Indian cricketers listen to the Devil who fornicated with sinful women and did not retain their semen which would have given them the strength to win. This was confirmed to me in my imaginary conversations with all the managers.

  24. I saw Mia on YouTube last night.

    It pains me to say this….
    Dat woman is a boss. She believes ‘sweet are the uses of adversity”. Tickets are not selling and what does she do? She makes it possible for children to attend the match.

    A masterstroke, g̶e̶n̶i̶u̶s̶ ̶b̶r̶i̶l̶l̶i̶a̶n̶t̶, and good move.

    Giants, girunts and runts. Seem as if I have to create a
    special category for her. Not a giant, not a genius but a political wizard – gipolius. Her opponents (polirunts) have to up their game.

    Sadly instead of a “you go girl” I have to start issuing “Gipolius, stop it. Give a fellow a chance’

    • A ‘non event’ IMO. The avg age on Ministers declined slightly, a few fresh faces in minor portfolios (excl Justice), they were balanced by geography represented, and male/female.
      The prior discussed concept of “communication” seems to have fallen short, by keeping many of the older folk, tagged with being ‘poor communicators’.
      The pendulum is swinging, and as with any longer term PM, the ‘Welcome’ on the entry mat, is fainter with use.
      The only pre-election matter unresolved, is when and how does he cut ties with the NDP?

  25. Pacha…all we can say they are expending so much energy frauding and distracting that only the corrupt likeminded are convinced, everyone else is like steuupss…cant do any better.

    It must be exhausting being that hypocritical and deceitful..

  26. TheO,

    “White man as the saviour” is disqualifying for serious discussion.

    Did you hear about the pastor and Florida rep. who thanked the God for slavery, because otherwise she would be in Africa, worshipping a tree?

    This kind of mindset from a black fool gives cover to the new curriculum’s insistence that the benefits accruing by way of skills learnt by the slave during his enslavement be acknowledged. 🙄

    But they didn’t stop there! Then came the insistence that black acts of self-defence against the white attackers engaged in race massacres, must be taught alongside the deliberate and unprovoked acts of the attackers.

    What do you think is the end game here?

    GP’s warped mindset is a danger to black minds. I cannot bypass that, no matter what good ideas he may seem to have on occasion.

  27. Yolande Grant - African Online Publishing Company Copyright (c) 2023. All Rights Reserved. on said:

    Pacha…the Russia Afrika plenary summit now live is jampacked with new ways forward.

    I just dont have the energy to take it in fully..

  28. I just saw a robot playing table tennis, ya cant beat them and if they can play tennis, cricket is a breeze..just imagine the speed and excitement..

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