Why Is The DLP Looking For The Knock-out Punch While Forgetting To Score Points. Can't They Examine The National Housing Corporation (NHC)?

In our short existence we have been labeled pro-DLP and more recently pro-BLP , the only label left is the PEP~however we all know what they say “sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us” (David, BU)

We get the feeling nowadays that the DLP is waiting to land a knock-out punch. We all heard the “BOOM” when David Thompson landed that big one during the budget reply but since that time there has been a “quiet” around the political landscape of Barbados. BU is of the view that the DLP if it wants to can find many issues swirling around the country which can be used as fodder to agitate and attract public opinion. The current strategy in our view is fraught with high risk. If the DLP is not able to captivate a cynical electorate with a strategy which is overpowering, Prime Minister Arthur will carry the BLP on his back yet again and take the DLP to the cleaners with David Thompson firmly deposited into the eternal political wilderness.

One such issue which can strike an emotional chord with a politically distrustful public is housing. It has been identified as a pressing need and over the years we have witnessed the spectacle of a former Minister of Housing, Liz Thompson having to suffer criticism from her own backbench from the likes of Trevor Prescod and Joseph Edghill when they sought to represent the needs of dissatisfied constituents. Housing is an issue which BU feels strikes an emotional chord with Barbadians and one which the DLP could score many political points. Information readily available in the public domain confirms that because of the archaic system which currently exist at the NHC; it has seen wanton abuse to such a degree from successive Ministers that long standing employees have been lobbying in recent years for NHC to revert to the old system of recording information on index cards. The current computer systems have only made things worse. The chief offender of the abuse BU understands has been former Minister Gline Clarke! His exploits as a Minister have been well documented over at the Barbados Free Press

BU admit that there are pros and cons to both systems but we insist that any system must be transparent. The NHC committee is currently headed by Hal Gollop – responsible for the approval of all applications to the NHC – and we can confirm that the perennial Deputy Manager, George Edghill, Roger Coppin and other non-NHC people comprise the committee. As previously stated there are merits and demerits to any system however BU have a difficulty with the current policy which sees the list of approved applications having to be sent to the Minister of Housing for final approval. Our information suggest that that this is when the process is “interfered” with.

We wait to hear what the DLP will promise to improve the important statutory corporation of the NHC. The BLP if we are to judge by Clarke, Thompson and now Farley appear to be struggling. One improvement which BU would like to see is the NHC working to create a better synergy between themselves and the lender of the prospective NHC applicant. Our feedback suggest that this is the source of great pain in the process.

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