Address to the Nation By The Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

Credit to Neil Holder, leader of the Barbados Integrity Movement for the copy.

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica – photo credit: Dominica News

Fellow Dominicans, residents, Friends of Dominica…

Daily over the past week we updated you on various aspects of our relief and recovery efforts.

Two weeks ago I shared with you the broad outlines of our vision and plan going forward. This evening, I will make the first of a series of important announcements regarding our recovery and rebuilding plans following our Washington and Miami meetings last week.

Some I am sure will wonder why we are spending time on recovery and rebuilding when the relief work is not complete.

Ladies and Gentlemen I wish we had the luxury of not worrying at this time about recovery but we cannot afford to do so.

We have to restart our economy so that we no longer need relief.

We have to revive our economy so that we do not become dependent or addicted to food parcels.

That is not the kind of development we want.

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4 thoughts on “Address to the Nation By The Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

  1. At least Skerritt understands he not only has to be proactive, but also build stronger infrastructures for the next batch of hurricanes.

  2. How are regional leaders going to oppose regional interference when only this week we had the Canadian high commissioner to Barbados and the so-called EU representatives interfering with our internal arrangements.
    Both those jobs worth should have been hauled in by Maxine Maclean and given a good talking to. But would she? Could she? The nation-state is a myth in the English-speaking Caribbean.

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