Government collects more taxes to replace tax System (TAMIS)

The Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) was implemented in 2018 for business and individuals filed one year later. From all reports it was implemented at great expense to taxpayers. It should be an easy process to identify the cost of government projects but as we have found out with the Trident ID project as one example, it is not.

TAMIS has caught the interest because of utterances from Commissioner of the Barbados Revenue Authority Louisa Lewis-Ward in May of 2021. She was quoted that discussions had NOT reached an advance stage on if TAMIS had to be replaced. 

“…The directors are taking a look at it in earnest to see how far we can go to rectify some of the issues which caused taxpayers discomfort in the system…The system did cost quite a pretty penny and therefore, it’s not an easy decision to make to throw the baby out with the bath water. We’ve just moved from one system to another…and the TAMIS system was supposed to be the technological replacement, so we will take a look at the system in earnest…

Barbados Today  

A few days later a similar utterance came from Prime Minster Mottley where she was quoted as saying, “This country has been the victim of the most set of unfortunate circumstances for the procurement of software in too many instances of Government departments and software that when we check it, we either negotiated poorly because they are asking us to be able to pay large sums of money for basic changes when we should not be paying, and I am referring to what happened at the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) with the software that we have inherited there and I’m referring to what happened equally at the BRA”. The truth is both political parties are guilty of agreeing to questionable agreements resulting in squandermania. Mottley could have also mentioned the procurement issues of the NIS software system and elements of EDUTECH that bordered on malfeasance and incompetence.

It seems the government is now at an advanced stage of identifying a replacement system for TAMIS. It has to be replaced because software maintenance under the contractual arrangement is cost prohibitive; production reports are not adequate to provide relevant management information along with legacy issues associated linked to poor implementation. One may justifiably surmise that the poor TAMIS implementation gives credence to the growing reputation of government’s poor implementation record.

In all seriousness, it is farcical, abominable and criminal that in less than five years a decision has to be made to replace TAMIS. Bear in mind the financial and non financial cost associated with replacing a tax system in a country. Surely we have reached a point where enough is enough. While the ire of public will be directed at the government – and correctly so – for signing off on the procurement of a software at TAMIS, NIS, BWA and other government agencies through the years NT fit for purpose, we should not give public servants involved a bly. The blogmaster understands in the case of the procurement of the TAMIS software, government at the time accepted the recommendation from a team comprised of public servants. 

What must taxpayers do to hold public officials accountable under our system of governance? Whither the fourth estate to investigate and keep at the forefront issues of this nature which point to malfeasance and incompetence?

And the beat goes on!

46 thoughts on “Government collects more taxes to replace tax System (TAMIS)

  1. What is the surprise?

    Never before in the history of this Cuntree has there been such a collection of incompetents, – who have now promoted ‘failure’ as a new badge of honor – such that losers with embarrassing histories of FAILURE continue to be pushed to fail at higher heights….

    -Minister of Health gets to F&%$ up the QEH….again!!
    -Minister of Steel Houses now gets to be senior, and to F&^$ up ALL our infrastructure
    -Minister of Car Tyre Slashing, having f^%$ed up Energy, is now getting to f%$# up fishing arrangements etc
    -Persaud keeps on talking shiite about Four Seasons, instead of explaining his role in the saga to a JUDGE…

    These bunch of women at BRA have been a laughing stock now for YEARS.
    Can’t even arrange to collect road taxes effectively, so it is only natural that we get them to invest $millions in complex software systems….

    What a CURSED place….
    “Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”

    BTW, “F&%$” = fowl for the warped among us…

    • @Bush Tea

      To a lowly blogmaster it is obvious that almost all of the islands must have tax software installed to support tax management. How difficult is it for us to develop an alliance with a few of them to benefit for good pricing of and importantly post sales support? A critical component to software procurement is ongoing upgrades m as well as having access to data to support analytics in order to manage the business. One does not want to be paying an overqualified system analyst to extract basic information from a system.

  2. @ Pacha
    This is not new…
    There has been a LONG history of woe-unto-men ruling the roost.
    It started with Eve and, has accelerated through time via the likes of Delilah, Jezebel, Athaliah, Gomer, in the Bible and even with worse examples in history, such as Bloody Mary, Karla Homolka and Amelia Dyer.

    What IS new however, is the seeming COMPLETE lack of ‘men of wisdom’ to counterbalance this fairly obvious historical propensity for woe…

    The REAL problem therefore is with the proliferation of shiite ‘men’ ‘bout the damn place. If the damn fowl cocks chasing after each other, wuh the hens will only do shiite …instead of laying productive eggs….

    • Bushie
      Lest we distract from the expressed intent of this article, kindly permit us to defer your “Ancestral”, albino-centric, correction for another time😄

  3. Interesting to see the explanations being provided
    Two things should be borne in mind and everything else falls into place
    (1) All these recommendation and purchases put money in someone’s pocket
    (2) In a scam system, being paid twice/thrice is always preferable to being paid once.

    • Some of these decisions is about incompetence and shortsightedness. It is not fair to paint with a broad brush every problem.

  4. @BT
    I still think it is corruption, but the great HA used to say our problem was our incompetence. You seem to share a similar thought to HA.

    Incompetence springs from the wrong criteria being used to select candidates: cronyism, nepotism, schoolmates, class mates, friendships

    2×30-0 wasted

  5. @ David
    What Islands what!!??
    They are mostly even worse than we are…

    To a lowly bushman, what seems OBVIOUS is that we have a shiite UNIVERSITY that should be a NATIONAL (and regional) resource for such innovative exercises, BUT which is instead focused on begging for reparations, and even worse, living off the taxes of the damn taxpayers of the Cuntree in the guise of ‘free university education for all…’

    This is a parasite institution.

    Have you REALLY read the report on the recent session presented by Prof Moore…?
    Lotta Shiite about how they are producing ‘graduates’ but there is a need for new businesses to employ them…?

    …and about ‘rents’ paid by overseas students – like if UWI is a damn Hotel….

    Steupsss… YOU betta don’t get Bushie vex yuh!!! 🙂

    • @Bush Tea

      Have we not had this conversation many times in this space about what is required to establish a research driven uni?

  6. Have we not had this conversation many times in this space about what is required to establish a research driven uni?
    Common sense.

    there is no mistaking corruption for incompetence, what Bushie is saying is that where there is incompetence, Corruption tends to be a first casualty.

    Competent managers have a much better likelihood of resisting corrupt schemes…. Unless they are inherently also crooked – in which case we have a doomsday scenario… LOL.

    Most of these jokers are not even really crooked. They are generally ‘maneuvered’ into the crooked schemes due to their ineptness…

    The solution is actually quite simple…
    -Find those who have PROVEN themselves at primary level
    and provide opportunities at level 2
    -Those who succeed at level 2, gets a chance at level 3

    If you CANNOT show success at levels 1 and 2, then keep your donkey off level 3 …..and don’t even THINK about level 10

    It is written…
    “Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things……”

    • @Bush Tea

      Five marks for the theory, how do we address the patronage our system of government breeds?

  7. David…… no, I do not. However, I’ve mentioned in this forum on previous occasions, I understand the BRA was in the process of implementing a new tax management system, for which a consultant was paid $10,000 per month for over one year, before it was ‘shelved’ and ‘government’ subsequently opting to use TAMIS.

  8. Bushie, Bushie, Bushie!

    Nonsense, this rudimentary offering about management theory, praxis, is of an 11-plus vintage.

    Case study

    This writer took an assignment with a certain government and one of the questions posed was this.

    ‘If you found incidences of breaches of security what would you do?’

    This writer said ‘nothing’.

    And that was precisely the preferred answer.

    In the real world there is no place for this goody-too-shoe bs.

    • In the real world there is no place for this goody-too-shoe bs.
      You mean in the shiite world…where nothing makes any sense.

      The ‘REAL’ world is a spiritual reality where EVERYTHING makes sense…
      It is also where Bushie is rooted…

  9. UWI Cave Hill is a regional university, loacated in Barbados, which, in my opinion, has been the focus of unfounded and unwarranted attacks by certain indivduals in this forum.

  10. @ Artax
    Red Herring….!!
    It could be a Galactic university.
    It would STILL owe a debt to the hosting and FUNDING society to be a net CONTRIBUTOR rather than be a parasite.
    This is particularly true when it comes to areas of research, data analysis and innovation…

    What say you?
    …and what is your ranking in this regard?

    Just because it facilitated a few outliers such as your good self, does NOT distract from the net REALITY.

  11. The reason many of these systems don’t work, is the other “systems” which feed into them are too complex. Too many non standard rules, and frequent changes which make interpretation difficult.

    In Canada, we have a strike by the largest public service union. For simplicity the public and members are told the issues are wages and “rules” governing “work from home”. Many striking have placards saying Phoenix this or that. That’s the aptly named Federal payroll system which doesn’t work as intended for a decade now.
    Yet if I told you the Fed Gov’t of Canada has over 110 collective agreements, and within them, for OT there are >80 rules, and for various leaves of absence >205 rules, the complexity is too much for a system to get it right.
    Try to level it out, and everyone wants the “best” rule to apply to all. The cost is prohibitive. The real issue is the GoC is needing to simplify, but it has a big pricetag.

    Each time anything is simplified, a host of people lose their power in their understanding of various complexities. And in some cases their jobs. For sure a decrease in value, whether monetary or status.

    Any idea how many would have no work, if GPII tax policy were implemented?

  12. Bushman….Just saw a news article in circulation …”Not ready for Digital ID” just as i said weeks ago..

    Unless expert help arrives…I MEAN REAL EXPERTS…not the skim from the top, run every scam imaginable brigade and their tiefing consultants and agents.

    …..until that happens they will NEVER be ready for anything progressive.

  13. “In Canada, we have a strike by the largest public service union.For simplicity the public and members are told the issues are wages and “rules” governing “work from home”. ”

    Federal no less. Problem is, not all job descriptions can work from home without risk of security breech. Was hearing about it this morning.

  14. Actually, the article headline is:

    “Far from Ready for a Digital ID.”

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  16. I remember Bajans talking about becoming best at IT in the whole world

    Projects often go tits up

    Just ask Elon Musjk

  17. Whether government collects more taxes or not it would make no difference at all.

    When we add what’s coming down the pike our current preoccupation as a means of avoiding the inevitable will have images of musicians playing on the Titanic.

    A tsunami of political, economic, social, technological, environment and legal problems are arising. Real problems for which we generally lack the means to confront.

    Given the circumstances, it’s well considered to keep the band of distraction going.

    Or, listen to Colonel MacGregor. He’s no leftist. Far from!

    Or, the presence of the mushroom-headed deckie in wunna Pedantic, wokeist, nunu could be continually ignored

  18. “A tsunami of political, economic, social, technological, environment and legal problems are arising. Real problems for which we generally lack the means to confront.”

    Seen, and it’s really bad.

    Am just a spectator these days, refuse to get involved any further.

  19. Pacha…the truth…empty promises and outright lies…decades worth…shame and disgrace, blight on the land.

    “Local media are more exposed to defamation actions by virtue of the absence of critical protective legislation such as a Freedom of Information Act.

    Long promised by politicians, freedom of information is still an elusive dream of media workers. Such legislation, as exists in Trinidad and Tobago, would help to lift the veil on information that should be readily available to the public because it is in the public’s interest to know.

    Why in 2023 are Barbadian media unable to have ready access to information on all the businesses and individuals who have received contracts or awarded tenders by government?

    Why is the public not fully apprised of data like the number of people who have been given work permits and in what areas of employment? Members of the media and the public should have access to simple information on who are the largest land owners. What portion of land in Barbados is owned by Barbadians and how much is owned by non-nationals? How many gallons of potable water are used annually? In the current drought conditions, what are the current levels of water in our reservoirs?

    The amount and range of information that Barbadians do not know and have no access to is staggering.

    The debacle causes us to refocus our attention on how Barbados’ defamation laws, while protecting the good names of individuals and entities from defamatory words and actions, are also too restrictive, and they depress the cause of investigative journalism in the country.”

  20. Pacha….curious minds were wondering if half or more immigrants are not already on the island…how many were they trying to import again…80-85K.

    It’s not like anyone will notice them right away….just wait for even bigger screwups and ya will know they are there…

  21. @blogmaster
    I know that ‘her handling of the national finances is a bit iffy and perhaps you really meant “Minister of if Finance”…. but that would be unexpectedly brave of you and so I will assume that the “if” in the picture was a typo.

  22. Wily has told anyone that would listen, very few if any listen though, that Barbados thinks Technology(Software) solves all problems, when in fact its only a TOOL, pardon the pun. Knee jerk purchases for none functional software that was proclaimed to be the BEST was not effectively evaluated or implemented. A very robust, knowledgeable, competent & professional IT organization is required in this age, which Barbados has no expertise. Wily hears the government senior ministers, civil servants spouting the usual we bought THE BEST, however they FAIL to understand what it takes to efficiently use and maintain THE BEST.

    Wily remembers when TAMIS came online it was going to be better than “sliced bread”, well guess what the bread is now moldy.

    TURD World Rules.

  23. @ DAVID

    “It is not fair to paint with a broad brush every problem.”

    If every problem has the same RESULTS, then painting every problem with the same brush is appropriate.

    Maybe CORRUPTION, INCOMPETENCE, The Education System, Too many lawyers or just maybe its a bunch of BLACK “X” Slaves thinking they KNOW IT ALL when in fact Massa not there to direct their efforts.

    • @Wily

      It is not all doom and gloom in Barbados although for some of you on the outside you seem convince of it.

  24. Buying the best means having the best IT, softwsre and web developing experts to implement, and LISTEN TO THEM….it’s THEIR field of expertise…

    .but some clowns believe when they have a degree, unrelated to such disciplines, it makes them experts in evating….that’s why nothing

  25. It is not all doom and gloom in Barbados although for some of you on the outside you seem convince of it.
    So how about we highlight some of the positives…?
    You go first Boss, cause Bushie drew a blank….

  26. Positive vibes this weekend for those who like reggae.
    Good news Hants…

    That should resolve some key existential issues facing the Cuntree.
    Bushie recalls the inspiring music from the band on board the Titanic too…. made drowning a lot more palatable.

    WRT the desal plant…. do a search and see how many times BWA officials, especially him, has used that SAME speech….

    …but as you know, promises are a comfort to some of us.

  27. Money will be made from doom and gloom.

    Importers of bottled water and importers of ruit and vegetables will be happy.

  28. Northern…have yall seen Lawson lately. Heard they had a $20 million dollar gold heist at Pearson…

    …he is strangely scarce since the clicking debacle.

  29. @David

    “It is not all doom and gloom in Barbados although for some of you on the outside you seem convince of it.”

    Well this is a matter of opinion, it’s like the person looking at the forest but cannot see the trees. Barbados just continually moves from one crisus to the next, only to repeat down the road again, same crusus same results.


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