What happened to democratic debate?

Submitted by Steven Kaszab
  • Professional Misconduct
  • Censorship
  • Ideological discrimination
  • Institutional Intolerance
  • Cultural & Gender Wars
  • Dictatorial Pronouncements by Professional Associations
  • Struggles of New Canadians within a Closed-Minded society.
  • Educational Institutions that teach intolerance
  • Does anything catch your attention, specific to your world experiences? The above-mentioned issues cause concern, fear, confusion and sometimes hate within our democratic society. 

    There was a well-known writer named J.K. Rowlings, and a professional nurse named Amy H. who have run into conflict with these above-mentioned issues. A writer whose is very open to all forms of equality yet showed concern for the young and how they are experiencing gender issues, while gender activists purporting to support them, appear to be indoctrinating them instead. She was attacked for showing concern for the young. Nurse Amy H showed her respect for this writer by making a sign that said, “we love J.K.Rowling”. The nurse was involved in the gender wars also, fighting to have equality above all else established and learnt. Both of these individuals were and are under attack by the forces of gender orthodox, a powerful and influential group within the educational, institutional and media sectors of our societies. These people and others who simply express their thoughts and beliefs come up against a unyielding wall of closed mindedness, one that purports to be democratic yet proves itself to be undemocratic. Those who opposed them simply complained to their professional associations who councils decided against the nurse.  Debate, the very essence of higher education and democratic thought is being silenced by groups and individuals who have learnt that simply saying it is not so, and this is the only truth acceptable will prevail against any foe. The opposing opinion is considered the enemy.

    My son David went to York University, experiencing the dictatorship of the minority fully. Having a opposing opinion resulted in verbal conflict, accusations and that did not come just from his fellow students but also from many of his instructors. Ideology in whatever form is king at York and many of our centres of higher learning. Many of our professional Associations have been occupied by similar minded ideologues. Debate, discussion, differing thoughts are viewed as unessential and dangerous. These actions were taken from the play books of the Jewish Defense League and LGBTQ Community activists of the 1960-80s’ and beyond. If you refuse to listen, will not discuss, but simply act as though the opposing opinion does not exist or is a horrid thing, your opinion will eventually be victorious. 

    Our society’s intelligentsia, those who in the past forged get ideas and cultural achievements are now the bullwork of bombastic anti-thought.  They are now the keepers of ancient ideals that have no functional place in working society. Equality means something totally different to them, an ideal that ensures their goals at the cost of others. Tolerance has no meaning to them, and words mean less then actions. All they want is to get what they perceive to be right. Democratically inspired citizens need to stand against these “useful fools”(Lenin) and press the majorities cooperative advantage. What is more Canadian, American, Caribbean like, then cooperating with our fellow citizens? Please consider, excuse me, sorry are words voiced by us who only want to build, while these opportunists’ words tear apart, derail and often destroy. Image means more to this lot then reality, because they believe our reality is false, misrepresenting and manipulative. 

    Our lives end the day we fall silent about the things that matter to us. Strong people will stand up for themselves, while even stronger citizens stand up for others. Charity, Concern for others, respecting your opinion and the opinion of others is what democracy is all about. Ideologs, arrogant super men and women need to hear the fire of debate, the expression of thoughts and principles that have and will shape us all.

7 thoughts on “What happened to democratic debate?

  1. #ᶠʳᵉᵉᴶᵃʰᴾᵉᵒᵖˡᵉ
    The Bias of white trash has been voiced since 1950s civil rights fights with push back by white power at every stage with percentage of racist white trash dropping from circa 99% to 50% over last 70 years, and then a resurgence of white trash with racism populism in politics such as Brexit Trump and racist divisive politics in all white countries and colonies.
    British Royal Family was responsible for slavery colonialism and white supremacy racism stress captivity and bondage for 400 years.
    We stay humble as the truth unfold them a snakes in the grass they swear say them wise come and go like them pure like Christ ready to sell at the highest price them intention is to control your life.
    It’ not like we don’t know Babylon is where the wicked grow but one day they will fall on their sword and the lion will roar.
    Narratives need changing and rearranging, JK Rowling is not my hero and should learn not to offend the gay community and give it up when they push back against her she gets no sympathy for me.

  2. Jet Black Dead
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    No more heroes any more
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  3. There is no truth. There is only perception . Gustave Flaubert


    The author states the following:
    His Excellency Errol Barrow “let the cat out of the bag” when he was justifying the change from a foreign Governor General to a local. He said then that “all those foreign Governor Generals did was to go to the Savannah and yacht clubs and ‘write reports on politicians’”.
    and concluded “He wanted no such accountability!”

    Barrow’s statement is worthy of further research. Where the author sees the Hon. E. W, Barrow as desiring a lack of accountability, I see the Hon E.W. Barrow as condemning a system in which accountability was a series of useless reports and fancy dinners. Barrow was describing the lack of teeth in these lunch reports. he wanted greater accountability.

    Barrow’s story is a complicated one. We cannot allow perception or a lack of perception to drive us towards the wrong conclusion. Perception has driven us to two extremes.

  4. My truth is my perception. Your truth is your business.

    Barbados weekly grade
    F+ (room for improvement)
    We gave the + for effort and new initiatives.

    Problems were discussed and solutions proposed. However, we believe these initiatives will result in the denial of rights and harassment of Average Joe.

    After giving these initiatives some serious thoughts we are expecting the worst outcome. For this reason, we have awarded the speeches and initiatives with an F+.

  5. I am in a post where there is a constant reference to the fact that Sada Williams did not make the honors list.

    I will assume that statement is correct.

    Let’s not beat about the bush and just say it out loud “when it comes to track and field, we are short on world class talent; therefore exceptional talent should be acknowledge and rewarded”

    2022 was a good year for Barbados sports. We were at the top and near the top in several areas. I remember extending congratulations to the Maloneys (my team) and others whose name I forgot.

    I would bet that this year Barbados got more international publicity and exposure from these athletes than it did from those dog and pony ‘Tourism’ organisation that we pay salaries for.

    Who was not mentioned and who was omitted from the awards list just points to the weaknesses of the nomination committee and what criteria were used.

    Sada, in my book, you are a champion, a hero and deserving of national recognition.

    Now we see what happens when a Giant is to be rewarded by Lilliputians – height discrimination.

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