House Wrongfully Obtained from Government

Submitted by Concerned Citizen. If there is relevant information anyone is willing to share about this matter please forward to the blogmaster @confidentialmessage.
General Manager of NHC Cupid Gill

For some time now I have minded my business but I do not think that what is happening is at all fair to persons deserving of houses. So I have decided to speak out.

There are two houses being built in Savannah Road, Shorey Village, St. Andrew, side by side,
and it is believed that they are being constructed through the Government’s initiative for the
houses destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Elsa. At this point, the houses are near completion.

I am writing because these persons deceived the Government in order to obtain these homes.
Prior to the construction of the two houses, Mr. Thomas alias Catman resided in a wooden house, which was fairly old. However, his lifestyle contributed to the dilapidation of the house as he is a very heavy drinker of alcohol, is old and his surroundings were unkempt. He has a number of adult children who are able bodied and could’ve contributed in the upkeep of the premises. However, they do not live with him. He has one daughter, “Angie”, who visited and took food for him on occasions and tidied up the house. He lived with his girlfriend, Mavis and his son, “Fred”. “Fred” is not all there mentally and would sleep at “Catman” occasionally, if he’s not in The City, Bridgetown.

There was an old unoccupied structure, similar to a shed, which was located to the front of the
house. NO ONE OCCUPIED THIS SHED. “Catman” stored bottles to sell and other old items
inside of it and it was literally nearly falling apart.

After Hurricane Elsa hit Barbados, there was nothing out of the ordinary with the house or the
shed in terms of damage. In December 2021, “Angie” brought an old carpet and some other
things and she and “Fred” cleared out the shed and tidied it up and made it appear as though
“Fred” was living in the shed. This was for about two days.

It was then realised what their plan of action was when contractors from a company were seen
about two days later photographing and inspecting both the house and shed. Afterwards, both
structures were demolished and these new ones were constructed…two concrete board, 2
bedroom 1 bath houses with kitchen and living room and verandah. One can only assume that they were aware of the site visit and made it appear as though the shed was being occupied all along and claimed damage for a new house.

On top of that, the lands the houses are on belong to Government (BAMC or BADMC) or what
is commonly called Greenland lands. As a concerned citizen and tax payer in this country, I want to know how the Government will account for this extra house or the houses. Was an investigation done to see if they qualified for a house through these means (Elsa)? Is the house or houses going to be paid for or have they been paid for or are they free of cost? Are the houses being rented to own? Was the lands surveyed and bought? Is there an agreement in place for the houses and lands?

There are many Barbadians who had their homes destroyed or damaged and they have received no help as yet. They are some who I’m sure is willing to pay for a house and these are getting them free compliments hard working taxpayers.

It can only be suspected that one of the houses when completed will be occupied by one of
“Catman’s” children or bloodline. None of whom resides in the area. This is very wrong and is pure criminal behaviour. Barbadian should be made aware of these things. Too many things are going unnoticed but God above knows. Someone should be held accountable for at least that extra house. Surely, the truth would come out if persons in the community are interviewed…Postmen work in the area that can tell you, Police Officers live in the area that can tell you, persons in the area can tell you, the photographs taken are there, the workmen are there, the records at NHC or Rural or Urban or Town and Planning or the Minister of Housing and Lands or whoever is responsible.

This needs investigating as soon as possible before it’s too late.

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  1. Somehow the same mischief makers are NEVER concerned when the subspecies minorities and their corrupt parliament partners RoB, the treasury, vat and pension fund NIS of billion of dollars, rob the elderly of their lands, estates and bank accounts, tief all the land and give it away to criminal minorities for a cut…under the most vile of pretenses….as they have all done for the last 100 years and ongoing…

    …”concerned taxpayer” my ass, ya mean malicious mischief maker.

  2. This has to be very wrong for Cupid to speaking out and voicing his opinion. What about the 40 million from an international agency for water infrastructure on the island?Considering that the hard drive was stolen. from The Water authority computer hard drive has gone missing and from the second floor of that new building and was allegedly reported to the police, we will never hear the results of that investigation from the police, however the computer hard drive is gone and they are investigating workers or cleaners for the hard drive and those people will hardly know which computer to remove a hard drive from and how to remove the same missing hard drive from A computer
    so I am wondering if this is an inside job and why would a computer hard drive be conveniently missing when the 40 million is still not accounted for. We have not heard anything more about this 40 million for the Water Authorities infrastructure.

    • It doesn’t name the author. But it’s confusing.
      Under the new BU look, one must figure out pics can be placed “a top of” and “within” the thread verbage.
      So you have MoH at top, and NHC GM within.
      “the records at NHC or Rural or Urban or Town and Planning or the Minister of Housing and Lands or whoever is responsible.”

      Possibly also rural development persons, or maybe the St.Andrew MP could have their pics too.

    • David
      You can write whatever you want?
      I was merely stating it can be confusing at times when a person is pictured, versus in this case 3 or 4, to indicate they are in charge of the entities potentially involved vs being the author.

    • Over to you Minister Sutherland.

      Concern over HOPE project

      FOUNDER OF THE Barbados Contractors & Artisans Cooperative Society Ltd, Michael Harris Jr, is calling for an intervention on behalf of the contractors and artisans working with the Home Ownership Providing Energy (HOPE) project at Lancaster, St James.
      Harris Jr, who was on the site yesterday to evaluate the work done by contractors, claimed that workers were frustrated with the late payment of wages and, in some cases, no pay at all.
      This, he said, was a breach of the contract signed by the workers who were supposed to be paid every two weeks. He added that the ongoing issue has forced him to invest his personal funds to ensure that workers received their wages.
      “I appeared at HOPE for the first time three weeks ago . . . . I used to deal with all the other jobs for the cooperative but I appeared to represent the concerns of the artisans and the contractors at HOPE on the behalf of the cooperative.
      “Work being done and payment not being given,” he said.
      However, management of HOPE issued a press release yesterday stating that it was informed a caller representing the cooperative society had made “disparaging remarks” during the Down To Brass Tacks
      radio call-in programme. It called the allegations unsubstantiated and untrue.
      ‘Utmost integrity’
      “HOPE has always conducted its business dealings with the utmost integrity and makes payments to contractors once the work done by a contractor has been verified by our quantity surveyor. HOPE will take action against anyone who continues to malign the reputation and integrity of the company or its people.”
      It added that the matter had been brought to the attention of the Barbados Police Service.
      The HOPE initiative at Vespera Gardens is a housing project launched in 2021 that offers hurricane-resilient homes at a cost below the market price. The project was originally meant to provide 640 housing solutions this year and 2 500 within the next five years.
      Wage issues were not the only problems which Harris Jr said have plagued the construction efforts. He charged that workers were not receiving material on time.
      “All now men on-site waiting for certain materials to finish certain work. There’s another issue. Where we [the workers] are right at the back of the site, no electricity was provided. Two generators were provided.
      “HOPE were supposed to provide the gas [but] gas is not being provided. We have to pull our pocket to pay to buy gas and I’m not getting reimbursed,” he said.
      Harris Jr said a letter had been sent to Minister of Housing and Lands Dwight Sutherland asking for an urgent meeting, but he had not received a response.

      Source: Nation

  3. It is really strange that the writer has only now brought these facts to light. The 2 houses are already being built. I would have thought that there is some kind of investigation that goes on before there is an agreement to rebuild a property damaged by a hurricane. To rebuild 2 properties when one was a shed is totally ludicrous.
    My main focus though is how some people can blatantly lie to get something that they are not entitled to. This characteristic seems to be rampant in our society today.

  4. by Barbados Today:

    here is a real topic to expound on, real thievery, crookery, disenfranchisement, am sure it also carries the usual corruption…none payment of salaries, tiefing people’s gratuity and pension money.

    “Union finds it ‘vexatious’ that workers have still not received pension, gratuity payout – by Emmanuel Joseph November 22, 2022
    The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) is threatening protest action on behalf of 30 former Caves of Barbados employees who the union leadership says have not been paid their promised pensions and gratuities since being made redundant two years ago.”

    here is another one, even PSV operators are complaining they are not being paid, this can only be the highest levels of TIEFERY.

    “Six houses were to be handed over on Monday, the roofs of two were to be completed, and workers were also preparing to cast the bottom beams of the foundations for the other two houses.

    However, Harris said the workers were upset about the pay and materials situation and after he vented their frustration to the BCACS, he visited the worksite to get a better understanding of what was occurring.

    “I appeared at HOPE for the first time three weeks ago . . . to represent the concerns of the artisans and contractors on behalf of the co-operative and found out that they were being [mistreated] by HOPE. Work [is] being done and payment not being given. We signed a contract [where] we are supposed to be paid on Friday [and] you are going into the third week without pay. Wells [are] being dug 20 feet down and [you] can’t get paid,” Harris complained. “Poor people are fed up. Poor people want justice, fairness and equity . . . so we are calling today for the President of this nation to address this matter.”

    Harris said that over the past weeks, debt to the BCACS had reached about $100 000 and contractors under the construction body were pulling their pockets to pay workers, buy materials and facilitate work, but were never reimbursed.”

  5. Taking the Herr HitSchwab’s “you will have nothing and you will be happy.” shite too far…all of this is SLAVERY..

    and of course Satan’s minions in Slave Society Barbados are rolling it out first.

  6. “Attorney sentenced to six years Attorney Ernest Winston Jackman has been sentenced to six years, and 151 days in jail for stealing his clients’ money.”

    time to reflect.

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with the taxpayers providing modest housing for an elderly gentleman who is disabled by his alcoholism [alcoholism IS A DISEASE] and his son who “is not all there mentally” that is the son is also disabled. Since Angie is providing care for her disabled father and brother, and since she is herself likely very poor I see no problem with housing her either, even if their home(s) were not damaged by Elsa but were in a bad state of repair because of multiple disabilities in the family compounded by extreme poverty.

    I doubt very much that the elderly gentleman’s adult children are in any position to rebuild a house for him. Tell the truth now, how many of us working, healthy, well educated and middle class can afford to rebuild our elderly parents’ deteriorating homes?

    If the taxpayers do not help the elderly, poor, disabled who then should be helped?

    • HOPE houses in Lancaster sold out
      THERE ARE NO MORE HOUSES available at Vespera Gardens in Lancaster, St James.
      Chairman of HOPE Barbados Inc., Tony Hoyos, said yesterday all of the 160 homes being built there as part of Government’s Home Ownership Providing Energy project were sold. “For the first phase we are building 92 two- and three-bedroom houses and for the second phase we will be building 68 more houses, so it will be 160 in all, with an estimated value of $60 million. That is not how much it will cost people though; that figure is for the bank records.
      ‘Great demand’
      “There is a great demand for housing in Barbados and the mandate given to HOPE Inc. is to build 1 000 affordable homes a year.
      These homes do not cost the Consolidated Fund a cent and we do not charge legal or evaluation fees; it’s all bundled into the cost.
      We have approximately 3 900 people who have applied online and have uploaded the necessary documentation. The homes here at Vespera are part of HOPE Direct – for people who earn $2 500 to $5 000 a month – and are already sold out,” he said.
      Hoyos was speaking after renaming the first completed avenue after National Hero Sir Garfield Sobers, who was present to cut the ribbon. During an unveiling ceremony last April, chief executive officer of HOPE Barbados Inc., Tamara Allman, said there were 152 houses planned in two phases.
      Back then, Hoyos said 2 971 total applicants had been approved.
      Therefore, 1 000 more people have been approved since then and room was made for eight more houses.
      Hoyos said there were still housing spots available at Colleton, St Lucy and Pool, St John – though some had already been sold.
      He added they were seeking to build at Clifton, St John; Searles, Christ Church, and Vineyard and River Crescent, both in St Philip. The chairman said they were expanding and diversifying their repertoire so all the homes would not look the same. He said they were in the process of sketching designs using gable roofs as well as looking at building town houses at Pool.
      Hoyos said they were also assisting the National Housing Corporation in
      building houses for low-income earners, but were seeking to utilise material such as concrete board as well as metal frames in this endeavour. The HOPE project involves signing a 20-year lease where potential homeowners swap land cost for access to their roofs for photovoltaics. It is divided into three variants – HOPE Direct, as well as HOPE Premium for those who earn a minimum of $4 000 a month, and HOPE Advance, where applicants must make $2 000 or less monthly.

      Source: Nation

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