Today Ends Barbados’ Lesson on the IMF

Submitted by Kemar J.D Stuart, Director Business Development , Finance and Investment Stuart & Perkins Caribbean

However On September 28th 2022 the Prime Minister of Barbados announced the details in regards to signing another IMF program. Included in this new IMF program is pension reform and reform to state owned enterprises

In the press conference earlier this month the Prime Minister when asked by a reporter she venomously denied that pension reform will be included in this new IMF program but it will be done in the old program which ends september 30th today .

The mention of the credit rating agencies, keeping Barbados’ credit rating at stable is nonsensical as Moody’s already indicated publicly in a release that Barbados will not be downgraded as long as it signs another IMF program. Barbados has not regained access to international capital markets after the voluntary default in 2018.

Prime Minister Mottley said it was difficult to say how deep state owned enterprises reforms would be under the new program . This is a confusing statement as the government circulated a survey previously under the first program asking citizens which SOE’s should or should not be privatized.

The strategy to cut as many SOE’s from government funding is still in place. The strategy is to fund them via a tax or levy or privatization . The PM made reference to urban and rural development which will be merged into one department, she made mentioned of CBC which will be privatized , the BWA will be privatized as the first hint of this plan was when former Water Resources Minister Charles Griffith indicated that government is appointing a 20 man water committee to tackle the water woes. The committee is made up of a list of wealthy businessmen , BWU leader Toni Moore , Director of Finance Ian Carrington who was the IMF press conference , Dr. Clyde Mascoll, as quizzed by myself, admitted on Brasstacks that the government is now seeking to find the right price for water. The IMF in 2007 recommended that to achieve savings and to reduce the amount money government spends on BWA that automatic price increases will address the cost prices imbalance in deliver of water to Barbadians

The PM hinted that she provided an additional 30 Million to BWA instead of increasing prices , as this program progresses the BWA will face a price increase in water rates once the electricity rate increases. Transfer funding to entities such BWA are to be cut as part of the IMF deal and in observation of other countries worldwide under IMF programs saw private water companies emerging when the conditions took their toll on governments , the GAIA is still in negotiations to be leased out

The new IMF program will continue to focus on digitization of the public service as the impact of Covid-19 pushed many economies to focus on delivering services online. The government declared that their policy is to take Barbados into fully digital and cashless society under the original BERT plan

The recent tongue lashing and attack by the Acting PM Santia Bradshaw on government workers who are attached to economic programs such as the Ash program is a bluff to create reasons for the cutting of these programs as a condition of the new IMF program. The programs were always intended to be temporary but were used as tools to hand out jobs for election purposes. That vile tongue lashing was unnecessary when the truth could have been told. In order to bring improvement in the government’s fiscal position all covid related expenses and ash expenses will go. The implementation of a fiscal rule to limit domestic deficit financing will tighten in.

The writing is on the wall as further expenditures cuts in government will see some thousands of government workers laid off under the new program. The wage bill of government which stood around $850million is the one of the main consumers of government funds and the IMF recommended that it should be cut.

As the PM spoke about the UK’s currency devaluation as a reference to Barbados not being as bad as other however the continued borrowing of foreign debt to keep the 2:1 peg avoiding external devaluation comes with measures to implement an internal devaluation which is one of main reasons why prices are so high in Barbados. The internal devaluation comes in the form of government laying off workers and cutting the wage bill, reducing funds allocated to Ministries , reducing and cutting pension monies , placing caps on capital expenditures and overall cutting government provided income. Dr. Kevin spoke of how government is going about the internal devaluation while speaking with Lisa Lord on CBC tv in an interview.

The mention of Barbados having 17 Billion in debt in 2018 vs 13 Billion today is numerically true but disingenuous and misleading because the government simply wrote off $4billion in debt overnight owed to Barbadians overnight in a very draconian debt restructuring and still has not repaid those debt. The CBB lost $1B and still needs to be recapitalized and this is another missed target under the first IMF program , the NIS lost close to $1B , treasury bills were cut to the value of $1B causing Barbados to make world economic history as this action only ever occurred in Russia 1998, Ukraine 1998 and Uruguay 2003 . The last $1B were in overdrafts , government guarantees, SOE debt and arrears. The danger that locals face moving forward is that there is a high chance of another debt restructurìng and reprofiling happening where the bond payments that government promised these creditors are postponed. The likelihood of local creditors being repaid in cash is extremely low and precedence has shown that government can abuse it’s parliamentary majority by using the clause included in the debt restructuring bill which states that only 75% of creditors need to agree to any changes for new debt restructurings.

One last potential abuse of power is the government’s new thirst for compulsory acquisitions of land. Under the government’s passage of the debt settlement bill in parliament persons whose land has been taken under the Land Acquisition Act, section 4 made provision for those persons whose land was acquired by the government to be paid in bonds, this provision also covers all legal claims or outstanding liabilities.

So the question must be asked of government , once they compulsory acquire the properties in St Lawrence Gap will the property owners be paid in bonds according to the law passed via the Debt settlement bill?

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  1. Cuts!

    The writing is on the wall as further expenditures cuts in government will see some thousands of government workers laid off under the new program. The wage bill of government which stood around $850million is the one of the main consumers of government funds and the IMF recommended that it should be cut.


    Macroeconomic fundamentals are topics that affect an economy at-large, including statistics regarding unemployment.

    Bureaucrats/Civil-Servants to be effectively utilized/multi tasks.

    You don’t like it. Go work for Andrew Bynoe.

  2. New Retirement age 70?

    Grow your own food program coming.

    Bajans to become extremely resourceful in the nearest future. Farming via Urban Hydroponics.

  3. “The team would like to thank the authorities and the technical teams for their openness and candid policy dialogue and congratulate them on being the first country to access the RST.”

    Thank you Sincerely.

  4. Hope they weren;t waiting to hear that……the best idea they ever had by the way….i picked fresh spinach and okras this morning….everyone who is anyone knows that is what they should be doing.

    and that free money they are getting for the UNBORN TO REPAY… the form of DEBT SLAVERY……should THIS TIME and going forward….go DIRECTLY TO the Afrikan population to get all the necessary equipment that they need for hydroponics…those who can’t afford it ACROSS THE ISLAND……IT’S NOT CHEAP…

    give the skimming and the SCAMMING a goddamn rest.

  5. Listen just tell the people you acquiring the land to facilitate Maloney proposed St Lawrence Marina Project. No different to the Miss Ram saga.

  6. @ John A
    Note a small swing bridge is included.
    Remember: COW Marina ……….
    West Coast and South Coast covered.
    Maloney large and in charge.
    His reach is far and wide both in the BLP and DLP.
    Let partisan clowns fight for the crumbs and continue to talk nonsense.
    More to come.

  7. Not sure if he still has interest there. But was told he bought the one across the street that the beef restaurant was in. From what I gather the entrance to the marina is proposed for between castaways and the old Pisces restaurant. So the bridge will go there that will swing up and you enter from that point and head towards South Winds. Of course all like now the hotel in Bay Street was to be built and open with fill occupancy. LOL

  8. @ William

    I had a problem with how Mrs Rams land was handled and I got a problem with this. The day a government acts as an acquirer for private investors I see that as a problem. What’s the next acquisition going to be for Maloney now after this? Lord whether B or D when it come to him, the plan is the same it seems.

    That is why I could never be a politician. LOL

  9. My problem with this whole thing is this.

    Suppose a fellow wanted to build a marina and he approached the people who owned the parcels and some said yes I will sell and others said no I am not selling, who is government to come and take up the non sellers parcels and say to the developer ” ok we get the parcels you couldn’t buy pay me for them and do the project.”

    Of course I talking hypothetically, cause that could only happen with Putin but still. What if???????

  10. William….the HYPOCRISY is amazing….

    but they are STUCK in Barbados, and some regional countries at least 2, to do shite…….so their fraud fowls and supporters can admire…..too notorious everywhere else.

  11. Now next ting!

    Let me say now I glad as tail that the IMF drop the hammer on us, cause if they didn’t we would end up in a debt trap there would be no recovery from.

    To the PM I want to also say kudos to you for being a realist by concluding that we could not continue on this path and warning the bajans change has to come. I don’t think we could of continued as we are for another 24 months. We can brag about reserves being high, but when dem high based on borrowed money as opposed to earned by us what you really got? Secondly we can not run these deficits locally for much longer, so change must come and government’s expenses have now to fall. You cant print no more money neither cause nobody ain’t buying it and the NIS and central bank already busting with it.

    Good dat is Bim in a nutshell in simple Bajan parlance.

  12. John A

    I read the land acquisition included Bath Village.
    And, that is the village going towards Dover Pavillion, Braddie’s Bar and ending at the junction.
    Pieces Restaurant is at the other end of St. Lawrence Gap, near the Church.

    Judging from what you’re ‘saying,’ it seems as though ‘government’ is in the process of acquiring the entire St. Lawrence Gap, Paradise Village and Bath Village.

  13. Paradise Village is a very small neighbourhood, extending from the main road to the junction in St. Lawrence Gap, directly opposite Southern Palm Hotel.

    I’m wondering what parcels of land ‘government’ is proposing to acquire therefrom.

  14. See what rumour mongering causes? Majority of the land already used for sidewalks and walked on by those spouting on BU. Keep it up!

    • Comment received via emai.

      “The country needs to address what is happening in the Gap. This overdevelopment with the new proposed marine project as well as the rumors about massive land sales/acquisitions for development is going to turn the Gap into a Disney type scene and take away from what locals and tourists once went there for.”

  15. “Weeks after Government officials were boasting of the completion of Phase 1 of the Highway 1 road rehabilitation project, some praised the work done while others voiced their dissatisfaction with the resurfacing of the road.”

    Did you see that last bit? J2, Lorenzo and Enuff were doing a victory lap, high fiving and praying that rain doesn’t fall.

    Ruwa and nslt we’re griping and praying for a downpour of rain.

    Rain fell, Lorenzo and Enuff got washed away. Ruwa and nslt clinging to a tree and construction companies queuing up for another $15M.

  16. “Traenhart acknowledged that visitors staying on the west coast were sometimes not aware of the island’s offerings and said the BTMI was about to launch its winter campaign to advertise what Barbados has to offer.”

    I must be harsh. I must hurt your feelings. I must force you to look in the mirror to see your true image.

    Can you imagine on a 21×14 Island with little to offer and with over 50 years in the tourist business ‘visitors staying on the west coast were sometimes not aware of the island’s offerings’.

    All of those in high profile do nothing jobs need to be terminated.

  17. The level of water that we had this afternoon – we had four inches here in Holetown – that is crazy within the timeframe that it came. We also had in St Lucy 30 millimetres in 30 minutes,” the Prime Minister noted

    They can be honest about nothing. So conditioned to deceive that they attempt to do so when there is no need for it. They switch between Barbados and US $ without missing a beat.

    One minute Mia is talking inches, the next minutes she is talking millimeters.

    For the record 30 mm= 1.18 ins. Descarfed.

  18. ” He contended: “What I find difficult is that with this government you don’t . . . have any details in terms of their development plan, in terms of the sources and usage of funds. It is difficult to advise them to do anything because . . . you only get pieces of information now and again.” (Retired university Professor of Economics Michael Howard)

    Speaking the truth can get you shot on BU. Let the apologists wriggle the way out of this. Well, it bad everyway they will say and the borrowed money real cheap. Or you don’t live here. The dynamic comedy duo Lorenzo and Enuff will go into overdrive to discredit the professor.

    • What happened with the report produced by a Sinckler sponsored committee that was headed by Dr. Robinson? Why do we continue to giddily circle the mulberry bush?

  19. TLSN…..i won’t accept NOT ONE WORD of apology from these FRAUDS, they NEVER thought so many local/foreign whites where going to go after their backsides in their land and property seizing laundering and recycling SCAM., and it surprised them, because they have gotten away with seizing what don’t belong to them in the last year, for 100 YEARS BEFORE THAT…..and the people COULD NOT FIGHT BACK…

    .new world order in their demonic asses…

    “Government representatives on Friday night admitted they erred in the handling of the proposed redevelopment project for St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church.

    During a packed town hall meeting at the nearby St Lawrence Primary School, Minister of Housing and Lands, Dwight Sutherland, and Minister of Energy, Kerrie Symmonds, said residents should have been consulted before hearing about the proposals in the media.

    The plans have been in train since the early 200s and require the acquisition of 25 parcels of land in the Gap, Dover, Bath Village and Paradise.

    “I apologise profusely on behalf of the ministry because you should have received letters. I speak under correction, but I think letters were sent in 2004, but I don’t think any letters were sent now,”…

    “They can be honest about nothing. ”

    their little bottomfeeding IMPS are even worse.

    Theo….evating BLEW UP ON THEIR EVIL BACKSIDES and DROWNED them in their own FILTH raw sewage water…………..they can’t even find a straw to hold on to……but it int dun yet, more to come.

  20. Gap apology

    Ministers say announcement could have been handled differently
    By Tre Greaves

    (centre) speaking during the town hall meeting at St Lawrence Primary School yesterday, which Minister of Housing Dwight Sutherland (left) and Acting Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds also attended. (Picture by Lennox Devonish.)

    Two Government officials last night publicly apologised to several agitated St Lawrence Gap residents who were up in arms about a proposal to further develop the popular area.
    Although acting Minister of Tourism Kerrie Symmonds and Minister of Housing Dwight Sutherland agreed that building out parts of the Christ Church community was necessary to help reduce crime, address environmental issues and attract investment, they acknowledged they could have done a better job at re-engaging residents about the rehabilitation plans which were in the works since the early 2000s.
    The two ministers were addressing scores of people crammed into St Lawrence Primary School, and many others standing outside, at a town hall meeting to discuss a proposed development which requires the acquisition of 25 parcels of land in the Gap, Dover, Bath Village and Paradise. They added it was also to boost parking facilities.
    “I apologise profusely on behalf of the ministry because you should have received letters. I speak under correction, but I think letters were sent in 2004, but I don’t think any letters were sent now and I join with Mr Symmonds and I apologise on behalf of the ministry,” Sutherland said.
    “However, rest assured, we will not bring any ugly monstrosities into St Lawrence Gap because we need to attract people.”
    Symmonds sympathised with a resident saying they should not have been caught off guard by notices and stories in the media.
    “All of this has not been without blemish. When people live in a community, they expect the courtesy to be extended to them,” he said.
    “It is vitally important that where there is going to be a significant development, whether for better or for worse, that the people who are impacted by it must have a say and share their opinions. So we have to come to a point in Barbados where if we are going to have a notice of this nature put out, that you do not take the community impacted by the notice by surprise,” the Senior Government Minister with responsibility for the Productive Sector said.
    Member of Parliament for Christ Church South Ralph Thorne chaired the meeting. Also present were land surveyor Kevin Belgrave, Government’s chief property manager Niki Smith and other officials to answer some of the queries.
    The meeting followed recently published Government notices for landowners in Bath Village and Paradise Village which are located within the St Lawrence area.
    Smith explained that the notices were put out to settle matters with landowners whose property was used previously to widen the road and install sidewalks several years ago. He said that the residents would not be disadvantaged.
    “Those lands have been utilised; they benefit you and the public, but no additional lands are being taken in St Lawrence Gap,” he said.
    However, several residents outlined their concerns about the proposals, including Loreto Duffy-Mayers who first vented her frustrations on social media.
    “We know The Gap is in shambles and has been for the last 15 years because nothing has been done. I think everyone will welcome progress, but it has to be sustainable and it has to be progress that does not negatively impact on the area or the environment. I think that is the crux of the issue,” she said as others applauded.
    In yesterday’s Weekend Nation, developer Mark Maloney announced plans for a St Lawrence Harbour Village, which he said were in no way related to Government acquiring lands in St Lawrence Gap.
    He explained that the mangroves and other environmental features would be preserved and the residents and businesses would not be displaced.
    However, during last night’s town hall meeting, sustainable development professional Robin Mahon expressed concerns about the harbour and its implications for the environment.
    “We have systematically destroyed coastal habitats from Oistins up to Six Men’s Bay. What we have here is not a piece of bushland, it’s a wetland and it has the potential to be a valuable part of the St Lawrence Gap if it is properly maintained.
    “There are some concerns in relation to this proposed marina, including the implications of dredging a channel on the coast,
    but these will all come up in the environmental impact assessment. It should be preserved and I believe that many of the benefits that I heard particularly related to the community can be achieved without turning this into a marina,” he added.
    Former president of the Democratic Labour Party and attorney Verla De Peiza, who let it be known she was representing clients there, said there was a bigger issue.
    “We know that there is a larger issue and for the Government to be silent on that larger issue, you need to speak directly and specifically to the major project that will be dispossessing residents of property they constitutionally hold and can only by law be taken from them for a public purpose,” she said.
    In response, Sutherland said the development will benefit the residents and the country as they are trying to make the tourism product more competitive.
    “The public purpose was for environmental improvements. The swamp was there for over 30 years harbouring mosquitoes and presently the swamp is not being utilised.
    “Rehabilitation of these urban areas is critical to Barbados’ stability. It is critical for us to build out Barbados . . . . We have to present ourselves as a competitive destination. We are known as a tourism destination and we have to develop our areas that can attract tourists and bring business to this country,” Sutherland added.

    Source: Nation

  21. the money derived from tourism DOES NOT BENEFIT ANY OF THE ISLANDS majority people…MOST OF IT STAYS OFFSHORE and barely pay shite salaries, which the fraud hoteliers tief along with labor and any benefits that workers are entitled to……NIS SCAM………along with the low paying jobs only enuff to pay overheads for hotels are allowed on these pauperized islands…

    the tourism FRAUD/SCAM has been around from the 1800s and the islands are STILL RIDDLED WITH and reside IN generational POVERTY…

    told yall the dead cow’s plot is still in place for the niga traitors to carry out

  22. Thorne: Folk have right to object
    The people of Christ Church South retain the right to challenge or question any future physical development in their communities.
    Member of Parliament Ralph Thorne made that clear yesterday as concerns were raised over a proposed multimillion-dollar development in the popular St Lawrence Gap area in Christ Church.
    Speaking on Starcom Network’s Down
    To Brasstacks radio call-in programme hours ahead of last night’s town hall meeting at St Lawrence Primary School, the Government backbencher said the fact that the issue had become national news showed the strength of citizen engagement and social media’s emergence as a legitimate game changer.
    Thorne said the people’s concerns were legitimate and he was glad the issue had been immediately brought to his attention.
    “It is the interests of the constituents that
    matter here,” he said, while stating he had not seen pictures or an official plan of the proposed project. “I have had a limited scrutiny of things on social media and the newspaper, but from what I understand there is to be a channel of water stretching into the swamp area and reaching close to the hotel.”
    He said Barbadians definitely had the right to challenge any acquisition of land in their communities. (BA)

    Source: Nation

  23. 70 ON BOARD
    First batch of Bajans picked for 2 000 cruise jobs on offer
    By Maria Bradshaw
    Seventy Barbadians have been offered jobs on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines but the Ministry of Tourism is giving the assurance that more are to follow.
    Government had previously stated that 2 000 were up for grabs, which attracted the interest of many Barbadians, especially those who had lost their jobs in the tourism sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was revealed that 3 000 Barbadians applied and 1 500 were shortlisted.
    Shelly Williams, chairman of the Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI), told the Saturday Sun this was just the first batch to be selected. She said the previous cancellation of in-person appointments at the United States Embassy had somewhat affected the process, but also revealed that some people were ruled out because of health challenges.
    “Even though we had 2 000 jobs, all Barbadians would not have qualified,” Williams said, pointing out that some applicants did not pass their medical tests due to hypertension, diabetes and being overweight, among other factors.
    “The embassy only opened recently with a significant amount of backup. People are being employed at different times to different cruise ships, so I want to make it abundantly
    clear that more jobs are on the way,” she added.
    Tia Broomes, BTMI senior business development officer (cruise) who was recently posted in Miami after Barbados moved its cruise operations there, said a recruitment drive was taking place with the Princess Cruise Line.
    “We are exploring additional opportunities with other cruise lines. For the past two days our team has been supporting recruitment initiatives with the Seven Seas Group on the ground, where over 300 persons were shortlisted for interviews with Princess Cruises,” she said.
    She noted there were vacancies in the food and beverage department, human resources, cruise operations, guest services, rooms division and tour excursions.
    Aggressive engagement
    “We are now aggressively engaging with a number of our international cruise line partners,” Broomes said. She also mentioned the local recruitment agency Trinity Recruitment which had been securing jobs in the cruise industry for Barbadians.
    As to the Royal Caribbean recruitment drive, which includes the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Celebrity Group Cruises, Broomes said the successful candidates would be deployed on ships in the US and Europe. She said many left Barbados between August and September to take up positions.
    “Congrats to everyone and we wish them well. We have an excellent training
    programme coming out of the Barbados Community College through the Hospitality Institute. Tourism is our business and we take the act of training persons for the industry very seriously. We hope that those who were successful come back to the island with a greater level of exposure and additional skills that they can even bring to the local sector,” she said.
    However, Broomes acknowledged that “onboard crew ship life was not for everyone” but encouraged those interested to try it out.
    The BTMI official said Barbados would continue to aggressively go after the jobs since a number of cruise lines were emerging out of the pandemic and on the hunt for crew.
    Barbados cemented its relationship with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines when it allowed stranded cruise ships to dock here during the pandemic.
    Barbados and Royal Caribbean Cruise signed a memorandum of understanding back in April to hire not just for hospitality staff but also creative positions like entertainers, musicians, choreographers and photographers, plus engineers, carpenters, plumbers, seamen and sports facilitators.
    A woman who left Barbados last week to join one of the cruise ships said the application process was tedious with some hiccups, but she was looking forward to her assignment.
    “I was selected to work in hospitality. I am totally looking forward to this and making my country proud,” she said.

    Source: Nation

  24. It is simple. Here is how it works. You first take a lap around the mulberry bush.
    “What happened with the report produced by a Sinckler sponsored committee that was headed by Dr. Robinson?”

    Stop. Turn around and ask
    “Why do we continue to giddily circle the mulberry bush?”

    Then prepare for the next lap

  25. For the bottomfeeding pimps/fowls.

    “#BTEditorial – $15.2 million in roadworks yet Holetown is floodedArticle by
    Barbados TodayPublished on
    September 30, 2022
    Some questions have to be asked, and in this right-thinking, democratic and engaging governance system, answers should be forthcoming.

    3 / 6

    It was two years ago, September 2020, that the Government, in true public relations style, announced a major multi-million-dollar road rehabilitation project for Highway 1.

    At the time, then Minister of Transport and Works and Water Resources, Ian Gooding-Edghill, said Phase 1 of the project, scheduled to start in the coming weeks and completed by December, would cover 6 500 metres between the Frank Walcott Roundabout to Seaview Road, St James. The price tag was $15 281 656.00.

    So massive was the undertaking that the minister stated that five major companies were to be contracted.

    He explained that in order to complete the rehabilitation works within the prescribed timeframe, the Ministry was engaging five contractors who have previously carried out trenching operations for utility companies. He announced that these were Ajax Construction, Arthur Construction, C.O. Williams Construction, Infra Incorporated and Jose y Jose.

    It was noted that it had been over 30 years since any major rehabilitative work was done on this stretch of the highway. It was touted that at completion: “There will be the replacement of six culverts with larger ones and improvements of the drainage systems; improved sidewalks making good existing footpaths; manhole covers will be level with the road; in addition to the milling and paving of the highway.”

    One of the biggest planks was a better drainage system which would “mitigate” flooding on the West Coast especially in Holetown.

    While addressing the House of Assembly on July 6, 2021, Minister Gooding-Edghill told the Lower Chamber that his Ministry had undertaken flood mitigation initiatives despite having limited resources. He said the Drainage Division had cleared water courses and constructed detention and retention ponds, which resulted in significant improvement in areas where flooding is usually a problem.

    In November 2021, speaking on the reopening of the Highway 1 he again reiterated that the works carried out would ease the flooding menace.

    A month prior, October 2021, his Government colleague then Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Adrian Forde, declared that residents of Holetown and Trents, St James were now seeing some relief from flooding due to project: Adaptation Measures to Counter Effects of Climate Change.

    “When we could have this amount of rainfall … and then have, for the first time probably, an area which was prone to flooding before, which is now seeing water being removed in its natural course to the sea, this is nothing short of amazing,” Forde said then.

    Ironically, as the ministers were mouthing off in true politician style the reality for residents and businesses in the area did not line with what they had promised or hoped for.

    It would appear that neither the mega roadworks project nor the beautification initiative produced the fruit the ministers were bargaining for.

    Weeks after Government officials were boasting of the completion of Phase 1 of the Highway 1 road rehabilitation project, some praised the work done while others voiced their dissatisfaction with the resurfacing of the road.

    The naysayers were justified since heavy rains fell and the road was not only badly flooded but there was damage done to it as well. That was in 2021, weeks after the “new” road, which was Phase 1 of the $15.2 million dollar project, was completed.

    Then Minister in the Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources, Charles Griffith, along with Deputy Chief Technical Officer Philip Tudor and Deputy Chief Technical Officer, Design, Jason Bowen, fielded calls on VOB’s Down to Brass Tacks call-in programme and revealed that the five contractors involved in the project were instructed to rectify the flaws. Government gave the assurance that the work would be done at no extra cost.

    Fast forward to a year later: Today, September 29, 2022. There has been rain on the island since weekend. The past few days alone the rain has been incessant especially in the west and north of the country. We now have photos and videos of severe flooding in Holetown and while some of us may want to comfort or fool ourselves into believing the footage is old, sadly it is not. The flooding not only has affected residents and businesses, but it has disrupted school at St James Primary and Frederick Smith Secondary.

    Therefore, the entire saga begs the questions: Did the five contracted companies ever correct the road works as instructed by the Ministry? Has any maintenance or follow-up work been done at the start of the hurricane season in June 2022? How much will it now cost to rectify the flooding issue that both ministers boasted was fixed? Will heads roll since we were told the flooding issue was fixed, now only to realise that it wasn’t? Given our current debt-restructuring, can we afford to spend $15.2 million on roadworks that do not fix the major issue of flooding? Will the good people of St James finally get real relief from the flooding menace that has plagued them for decades? We are confident that answers will be forthcoming.”

  26. I like this guy Ralph Thorne.
    I am just hoping that he has the courage to hold this position and cannot be bought.

    Remember this, being bought is more than receiving dollars and cents. You figure out what is important to a person and you give it to them.

    It doesn’t have to be money. It could be a nice little position. Put them in a nice little corner and their voice is withdrawn from the struggle.

    If you don’t know what I am saying then ask Norris.

  27. “I like this guy Ralph Thorne.
    I am just hoping that he has the courage to hold this position and cannot be bought.”

    you are getting TIED UP….that is a good cop/politician/bad cop/politician scenario..

    ya need to understand the script…it’s VERY OLD.

  28. “I apologise profusely on behalf of the ministry because you should have received letters. I speak under correction, but I think letters were sent in 2004, but I don’t think any letters were sent now,”…

    2004? Is our postal system that slow? Geez, so I should not give up hope on that mail I was expecting in 2009. And when they say the BRA refund “check is in the mail” they are not joking.

  29. It’s a simple SCAM REALLY….they don’t want to CONCRETIZE THE ROADS which would ENSURE they last 40 YEARS OR MORE like the old Sewell Airport road that they have NEVER HAD TO RESURFACE OR FIX and it’s been over 40 YEAR.S…..because dey int no bribe in dat every 3 years per the dead cow SCAM……..

    well ah cahn tell ya wuh dey did on Highway 1 that the water is still gushing down via Trents and STILL FLOODING the wholetown areas……ya should ask those who RECEIVED millions to do the job.

  30. ya do know that these same rancid lawyers will take up the land grab case and keep it TIED UP FOR DECADES in the fraud of a court system, until they die, and another gaggle of LIARS, the newest crop or the older ones still alive, will continue dragging it out until EVERYONE ELSE DIES……including them and the judges.

    this is old school, been going on from BEFORE THE 60s..

  31. the solution is even simpler. of the few i will offer..

    those who have the means….and i know there are many, need to hire LAWYERS OUTSIDE OF BARBADOS, they may find a few on the other islands but i would go even FURTHER AFIELD…

    do not hire the salivating crooks who would take their money and let the case drag on for another half century….especially those who have already positioned themselves in their game of good politician/lawyer, bad politician/lawyer roles….ya can see the DROOL HANGING OUT OF THEIR LYING MOUTHS…

    refuse that advice and ya asses will be BEYOND GRASS……per the Bushman.

  32. WAR!!

    (U seem a tad angry as per usual)

    I concur that the tourism game does seem to be a colonial legacy catering for luxury of wealthy foreign visitors

    do many locals (apart from wealthiest) use hotel services such as swimming pools, fitness centres, golf courses, tennis courts, spas, restaurants, bars, clubs, weddings events, business meetings, illicit affairs etc

  33. there was a time for many DECADES, locals….the Afrikan descended populations, including the fraud politicians themselves who were forced to use the hotel back doors, not the front, could not even go near those hotels unless they worked there….the people’s access to the beaches are still heavily restricted…with the hopes of ending it all together…

    .then the shit hit the economic fan some years ago, i think it was around 2007-8 or 9, they then had to drop their pretense to the level of STAYCATIONS……where you see more Afrikan descended/locals now using those facilities, even the high-end expensive ones, than their white tourists fantasy…..the fraud hoteliers hate it, do as much as they can to restrict it, but they have no choice to continue, either that or SHUT THEIR DOORS…

    something like the billions in remittances that keep the island afloat where the islands people working across the diaspora have worked for DECADES and contributed, same scenario, now we see the Afrikan descent staycations and Afrikan tourists from the diaspora are what is really keeping their doors open..//though they would pretend otherwise….and LIE ABOUT IT…

    am in no way angry, i work overtime to tame and control that anger because when i reach that place….REAL SHIT HAPPENS… very proud of the progress i made over these last 3-4 years…

  34. Theo….ya can’t blame them., we are in an area where private structures go up weekly, a lot of really massive ones, there was one right behind us that went up so fast, it took me months to realize that i could not see the neighbors house behind it, completely blocked out….a smaller area with smaller structures and that sunlight and wind would have been gone also..

    .so they have a right to PROTEST AND REFUSE to accept..especially since they are at HIGH risk at NEVER getting a dime for those properties and ending up homeless and destitute for the next few generations…it’s a TREND…

    ….all the people you see on the streets on the island are not just certain circumstances, many have been made homeless over time due to the reckless greedy actions of corrupt thieves and sellouts who colluded to steal their ancestral birthright DECADES AGO….the homelessness is generational….and results in massive poverty and mental illness.

    another reason i work overtime to make sure the continent know about all these VILE CRIMINALS on the loose on our earth..

  35. ” Maloney says the land being acquired by government has nothing to do with his marina project .” OK I feel so much better now as it must just be coincidence that they after fifteen years are now acquiring this land at the same time he is planning his project.

    Yes it’s all clear now. LOL

  36. @ David

    Forgive me for straying but I see Emera saying their profits are a result of under performance. So wait suppose I say no sir, your ” low” profits are a result of inflated expenses. Dem can’t say I wrong neither correct?

    • @John A

      The irony is that these subject matter experts will refer to industry benchmarks to support arguments at the hearing. This is how the game is played.

  37. but to think we were told that all of this was conspiracy theory…,,,the fowls and pimps really got a credibility problem…

  38. @ David

    From what I can see the FTC was too quick to grant the increase and did not drill down deep enough on the numbers. Don’t bring benchmark earnings to the table without including population density per sq mile and industrial use per 144 sq Mile. Also per capita earnings must be factored in for each country.

    The FTC in my view was too quick to issue the green light. Plus if you not happy with your profit look at your production cost and expenses first. How I know I not being asked to reward inefficiency here? Stupes.

    • @John A

      From a distance it seems a David vs Goliath (interveners vs L&P) given the resources available to L&P. We have civic minded persons having to make severe sacrifices to make the case on behalf of the public.

  39. David
    “This overdevelopment with the new proposed marine project as well as the rumors about massive land sales/acquisitions for development..”

    What massive land sales/acquisitions? Where’s the emailer’s source/link? Hasn’t the majority of the land to be acquired already been used in the upgrade of St.Lawrence Gap yeeears ago? Apart from the swamp, where are these massive land parcels? You would do well to get credible info before becoming a convert to Salemitism.

  40. @ David

    You are correct yes those private persons who question the proposal must be commended. Thing is though it would take a professional account firm to drill down on the numbers and that cost money.

  41. @ Theo

    Yes you are correct but they tried to give examples based on usage that were unrealistic. Then you have the fuel charge to consider too. Who really looks after the small man or pensioner here?

    • @John A

      That is the job for the FTC. To be fair any commercial enterprise’s goal is to make money. Being a monopoly makes the job of the FTC important.

  42. @ David

    When the fowls come pecking at you on this land issue ask them one question.

    How many of these proposed parcels border the existing swamp or are in close proximity to it. LOL

    Anyhow my granddaddy used to say ” you could hide and buy ground but you can’t hide and work it.” I gone have a good day with the apologist and fowls

  43. “You would do well to get credible info before becoming a convert to Salemitism.”

    don’t involve me because you are the one got caught with ya pants, hope ya int wearing panties, around ya ankles….and LYING….

    wuh ya involving me fuh!!!

  44. Minister Symmonds admitted that the authorities had failed to notify residents in a satisfactory manner about the proposed plans, particularly given the number of properties that would be affected even if on a small scale.
    From the article in BT

    Whither “Transparency”? I guess it is just another word that is thrown around at Election time but means nothing in the broader scheme of things.

    • On the face of it this is a transaction being forced through to satisfy the investment itch given the perilous economic times.

  45. Default position.

    All beach front land should be acquired by any means nescessary and used for Tourism development.

  46. The political/ PR strategy these days is simple:
    Make decisions
    Leak them to the press
    Enrage the populace
    Promise they will be consulted
    Hold Town (Tongue) Hall Meetings
    Sit at the head table
    Put on false smiles
    Get their pictures in the press
    Declare the people have participated
    Go ahead and do what they had planned to do anyway.
    Any primary school student following this nonsense will know it’s bull shit!
    Does anybody believe business people will spend a few millions of dollars to bring a plan to conception without consulting the political heavy rollers first?
    Does anybody really believe that with all the legal costs knocking around high profiled projects the lawyers will not know what’s happening.
    Imagine a minister pretending he was in the dark and offering some cook up apology.
    Latest joke: an MP said he got news of the project from somebody in New York
    Ah bet yuh nuh body hey gine ask Thorn to identify that person.

  47. Over the last few days The New York Times have been forced to withdraw a statement which credited colonialism for bringing democracy to India.

    And a lot of Bajans are guided that colonialism was a net benefit to us as well. For example, the Christian idiots deeply hold that slavery somehow opened the door for them to the White dog.

    Indian controlled about 30 percent of global GDP before its colonialization.When the British were forced out that figure was in single digits. Plunder!

    Western democracy, like Christianity, is the same White man’s trick. Only operating in deferent spheres.

  48. Best joke # 2
    “I speak under correction but I think letters were sent out in 2004, but I don’t think any letters were sent out now…….,”
    (That’s Sutherland Minister of Housing.
    Nation Saturday Sun. Oct., 1st.)

    That’s about 18 years ago.


  49. William….leave them, they trying to SEIZE/TIEF estates and other properties from the RIGHT CROWD NOW…

  50. “Over the last few days The New York Times have been forced to withdraw a statement which credited colonialism for bringing democracy to India.

    And a lot of Bajans are guided that colonialism was a net benefit to us as well. For example, the Christian idiots deeply hold that slavery somehow opened the door for them to the White dog.”

    glad ya found the scam to see what they are uo to….and perpetrated by a career journalist….a disgusting fraud…

  51. Only singling one that got caught so far, he was the first one with the goddamn NERVE as you can see to throw that lie out there actually believing it won’t be challenged until it was….

    ..but expect more of them to be used as vehicles of fraud to create more diversion and confusion…they are the best weapons in their arsenal right now to distribute the REWRITE…for gullible fools who would believe them, but i think they underestimated reactions while overestimating their power to convince everyone..

    of course it’s all A TAPESTRY OF ANCIENT LIES……but what is also being revealed are the truths, which once distilled properly will save those who are not slave minded..

  52. although for the last few months i have seen a lot of misrepresentations across news sites, which prompted my comment when you spoke about the news being not real anymore….i literally ignored the others because they were not much different to the lies we get most of the time, but that one was the WORSE BREACH TO DATE…

    i was waiting to see just how far they would go and as you can see, they are in it for the long haul to win it..

  53. Whenever anyone has to inform you of any attempts you make to mislead this forum you ‘cry foul’ and ‘say’ that person is “attacking African women.”

    Based on my experience having worked in the hotel industry, in Human Resources, I can state without fear of contradiction, your comments are MISLEADING.

    RE: “the money derived from tourism DOES NOT BENEFIT ANY OF THE ISLANDS majority people…MOST OF IT STAYS OFFSHORE……”

    The above comments were perhaps based on the assumption all hotels in Barbados are owned by foreigners.
    Before making such a generalised comment, one would first have to determine how many hotels are locally and foreign owned.

    However, it may be reasonably applicable to hotels that are owned by foreign investors, who usually own a group of hotels and, rather than have a reservations department at each hotel, would establish one department, to service all the properties within that group.
    Fairmont Royal Pavillion, for example is owned by the Fairmont Group, which owns several hotels worldwide.

    RE: “…… and barely pay shite salaries, which the fraud hoteliers tief along with labor and any benefits that workers are entitled to…… along with the low paying jobs only enuff to pay overheads for hotels are allowed on these pauperized islands.”


    Although expatriates hotel employees earn much more than their local counterparts, the salaries and wages are more than reasonable.

    Housekeepers (maids) in a ‘diamond’ or ‘five star’ rated hotel, can earn $700 per week, especially depending upon the amount of service charge points they are entitled to and the service charge payment per week.
    For example, if a Housekeeper earns $450 per week in addition to 6 SCP, and service charge for any given week is $35, then, that person’s would wages would be $660.
    And, this doesn’t have anything to do with the ‘tips’ they receive.

    Approximately ten (10) years ago, a Housekeeping Supervisor at the Hilton was earning over $1,100 per week.
    In 1996, the Head Gardener at Royal Pavillion was earning $1,500 per week in addition to 20 SPC points.

    Butlers at many private homes earn as much as $2,500 per week.

    There are persons working in the hotel industry as Porters, Busmen, Stewards (people who wash the dishes, cutlery etc), Security Guards, Pool & Beach Attendants or in Maintenance, have been able to earn a decent living, acquired their own homes and live comfortably.

    I have a cousin who has been working as a Busman (Bellboy/Bellhop) for the past 27 years, and has been able to acquire his own home, a taxi and three (3) hired cars.

  54. Oh dear me! Everybody seems to be running around with their hair on fire!

    Me? I will await the full details of the St. Lawrence Gap development. Still haven’t got them yet. As for the “fake news” I am unaware that the Oistins Police Station is part of that proposal. I do realise that Holetown is being developed though.

    All acquisitions should be scrutinised and challenged, if they would have a negative impact on citizen’s rights.

    My concern would be for the timing and manner of settlement and to ensure that they receive a fair price. I am also concerned for the environmental impact of any development.

    BUT….as things are I would have no problem selling my beachfront land if I wasn’t in a position to take full advantage of it.

    Now….wrt tourism, I have no problem with it once we are not too dependant on it. Almost ALL countries practise some level of tourism. The problem arises when we are desperate for business and have to sell our souls. Once we diversify SOMEWHAT, I accept tourism as an earner. Also, we have to take advantage of opportunities for supplying goods and we must ensure that qualified locals are not being overlooked for high paying positions.

    These are the matters that need to be addressed.

    But…..we have long established that Barbados’ tourism offerings are few and also dated. So…….

    On another issue, I, like John A , believe that we could not continue as usual. Adjustments are obviously necessary. Public sector reform and SOE reform were on the table since the days of Owen Arthur. Restructuring plans were submitted and resubmitted for some SOEs but were never implemented, except on a piecemeal basis. This resulted in the inefficiencies continuing.

    We get here and complain about poor service and inefficiency but we do not seem to want any changes.

    There is no getting away from it! It is adjust or bust! We have been living above our means. “Champagne tastes on mauby pockets.”

    My only hope is that political considerations do not dictate how we bell the cat. I hope that political leaders understand that they too need to reform the manner in which they do business and cut out the shenanigans that also contributed to where we are today.

    I also hope that pension reform begins with a reform of pension arrangements for politicians.

    If our leaders wish us to get on board with the notion of sacrifice, they must also be prepared to sacrifice.

    Leaders should, as they say these days, lead from the front! I am beginning to grasp what that means.

    They have failed us so far in this regard.

    If the “brilliant” people on BU have other ways to Barbados’ a 2×3 island with no “natural resources” keep from sinking, I would sure like to hear them.

    That is, apart from increasing agricultural output (and maybe agri-processing) and developing renewal energy infrastructure, already being pursued, even if not with the desired intensity.

    Donna, the clown and slave is still not running around with her hair on fire.

    I have never run with the crowd and will not start now. I will continue to use my own brain and not those of the BU “brains”.

    P.S. Did anybody notice the “white” Bajans represented in the concerned citizens’ of St. Lawrence crowd? Will not their properties also be acquired?

    Not EVERYTHING is black and white.

  55. @ David October 1, 2022 8:48 AM

    “On the face of it this is a transaction being forced through to satisfy the investment itch given the perilous economic times.”

    Should we conclude that the Bridgetown Pierhead Marina (many times re-designed at great cost to taxpayers) project has now been lost to the ravages of Covid-19 on the Bajan tourism industry?

    Would that investment money (U $ 175 million) earmarked for the Hyatt Mirage Hotel be now be diverted from the Carlisle Bay to the St. Lawrence lagoon?

    Oh how easily black Bajans can be fooled while being taken for a ride on the road to seeing Dipper Barrow’s nightmare come true!

    • @Miller

      The Bridgetown Redevelopment project appears to be in limbo. The question is whether our planners have abandoned said project.

  56. The young DLP grandee accuses our honourable government of implementing necessary reforms. What a load of bullshit! These reforms have been pending since 2013 when the capital market in New York stopped lending money to us. Since then, 9 years have passed and little to nothing has happened because our naive local masses and their DLP-supporters believe they have some kind of Southern privilege to lime at the expense of our great local businessmen.

    I’m just throwing into the debate here that Lufthansa/Eurowings carrier has just withdrawn from our tourism market. Obviously because of the far too high prices and because of the riots last year (the muslim brotherhooder and his anti-vaxx rebels) and two years ago (so-called Nelson race riots). We still have a lot to do to restore lost foreign confidence. For me, this includes a moderate currency reform (“New Barbados Dollar”), the banning of trade unions and the implementation of reforms like in Chile under the great reformer Augusto Pinochet.

  57. Pacha……some Afrikan people in US are only now seeing that the fake integration that King et al erroneously thought was a good idea because they were misled, kept them trapped, they are now looking to remedy that….and not a moment too soon.

    looks like this war is going ahead…….no room for negotiations….. the nazi clown wants regime change in Russia…..that’s why politics is not my cup of tea, since there are those who want him gone from Ukraine too…lol…

    and it looks like yesterday Burkino Faso military grabbed power, second coup d’etat since the start of the 2022. a nine-month period…things are moving on the continent in more ways than one. I actually give them credit for certain things, they have improved significantly in the last few years…

    wish i could say the same about the borrowing beggars…..
    am seeing all morning “unidentified Drones Spotted Before Nord Stream Blasts”

    question is, why did Norway and the other country whose pipes were sabotaged., knowing that those drones should NOT BE THERE….maneuver to knock them out of the air…..wuh dey int yours, why did you leave them in the air to surveil.

    there is talk about a cholera vaccine because outbreaks are reported in 26 countries…..ah hope they know that vulnerable little islands cannot handle cholera…

    italians at risk of freezing, can’t get Russian gas…..nuff more going on….

  58. “Would that investment money (U $ 175 million) earmarked for the Hyatt Mirage Hotel be now be diverted from the Carlisle Bay to the St. Lawrence lagoon?

    Oh how easily black Bajans can be fooled while being taken for a ride on the road to seeing Dipper Barrow’s nightmare come true!”

    on the way???? Miller, i know you have been away for a while and missed a few things…….but long gone past on the way…is definitely one of them..

  59. Did ya see ya friend Enuff…..bending and contorting to cover it up yesterday………lol…it was hilarious, he bent himself so much into pretzel shapes, he reduced himself to claiming they are only taking the sidewalks, out of sheer exhaustion by nightfall……. which he says they already got…

    .all this time photos of the discussion was out there for hours and other information has been out there for some time.

    Information on this was out and about since last year…

    but the fowl..still can’t get its bearings, don’t know how much more it will embarrass itself before it gives up…..

  60. ArtaxerxesSeptember 2, 2016 10:36 AM

    “What other attractions does Barbados have to offer tourist, other than the Friday night lime in Oistins?

    St. Lawrence gap was one of the biggest tourist attractions in Barbados. However, the rich, white residents of Dover complained about the noise coming from the various night clubs, protested wrote letters to the parliamentary representative and solicited signatures residents in the surrounding neighbourhood. The last “casualty” was the guy operating a bar on Maxwell Coast Road.

    Eventually, St. Lawrence Gap has now become a ghost town. This same gap was filled with taxi operators, people vending art, souvenirs, food, etc. At that time no one bothered to think about “the lunacy in action as FDI which could improve their economic situation (took) flight.”

    However, now people are voicing genuine concerns about the Hyatt project, (although they are actually NOT against the project) they are deemed to be unpatriotic.

    It seems as though the DEMS and their supporters BELIEVE to be CRITICAL of the DLP is an ACT of TREASON.”

    The more things change…………………and now :

    It seems as though the BEES and their supporters BELIEVE to be CRITICAL of the BLP is an ACT of TREASON.

    And that’s the problem right there.


  61. Donna October 1, 2022 11:47 AM

    I agree with David…… excellent contribution.

    However, although I agree with you that we should “await the full details of the St. Lawrence Gap development,” I’m not in favour of any ‘government’ acquiring properties to facilitate private sector development projects.
    Or, the length of time it takes to compensate property owners after the acquisition process.

    Especially when you take into consideration ‘government’ can ‘legally’ acquire your property for its desired purposes, after which payment in LATE in forthcoming……

    …… but Barbadians and MORESO non-nationals, can ILLEGALLY OCCUPY someone’s property, IGNORE notices to quit…… and ‘government’ can move with HASTE to REWARD them for BREAKING the LAW, by either COMPENSATING them with house and land, or providing loans and grants.

    • According to MP for the area Thorne he heard about the development as a result of a inquiry raised on Facebook by a resident. There is a lot to unpack from his revelation.

  62. Mr. Skinner

    For a guy who have on numerous occasions ‘said’ you don’t have the time to dig through BU’s archives, an activity you have frequently ‘frowned upon,’ you’ve now dug as far back as six (6) years ago…… to 2016.

  63. @ Artax
    I usually go back there to show how some people become very patriotic when their party is in power.
    I went back there after reading a post that contradicted every position they have now as against what they said when their twin was promoting Hyatt.
    The major point that @Artaxes made that confirmed my view is where it was stated that treason seems to be the belief whenever one does not go along with their party.
    Quite frankly ,in a very recent post submitted in this thread , I almost could not believe that apologists would actually “ change mout” so shamelessly but I will certainly leave that out for now.
    You note that I did not oppose @Artaxes position but I merely said that the same thing the Dems were accused of is exactly what is happening now.
    And that is why we cannot get no further. It makes no sense.

  64. David

    Since tourism is the current topic of the ‘discussion,’ then, perhaps the forum may find the following news item interesting.

    David Ames, fraudster behind Harlequin Property’s ‘Ponzi scheme’, is jailed. 

    By ET Spotlight Special
    Sep 30, 2022, 09:23 PM IST

    Businessman David Ames has been sentenced to a 12-year jail term after he was found guilty of one of the biggest ever frauds.
    Ames had duped thousands of investors, primarily British, by running a “gigantic Ponzi scheme.” He deceived investors through the Harlequin Property investment scheme.
    The scheme was endorsed by several celebrities, including golf legend Gary Player, tennis ace Pat Cash, property guru Phil Spencer, football expert Andy Townsend, and Liverpool FC.
    The scheme promised luxury Caribbean holiday homes, for which several investors put their life savings and pensions.

    In a unanimous decision, the jury found Ames guilty of two counts of fraud: one for the abuse of position and another for the scale of the scam.
    Judge Christopher Hehir sentenced the fraudster to nine years of jail time for one count of fraud and three years for another, with all the 12 years to run consecutively. However, none of the celebrities who promoted Ames’ scheme were found guilty of any wrongdoing.
    It is because the Serious Fraud Office believed that Ames did not intend the project to be a fraud at the time of its launch in 2005

  65. He don’t dig up to show how his tag team partner is a stranger to truth and facts. Just like how for him every politician is a duopolist but comrades hammie, pressie, commie etc. A fukkin hypocrite.

  66. Mr. Skinner

    I am sure you are aware it was ME who SUBMITTED that contribution, re: Artaxerxes September 2, 2016 10:36 AM.

    The name ‘Artaxerxes’ has been ‘shortened’ by contributors to read, ‘Artax.’

  67. Well I would give this fellow Maloney no more ” assistance ” in acquiring land until both the Four Seasons land and the Bay Street land are built on. Also I want the old eye clinic and ajacent land that Is a carpark which was sold to Kinch for $4M bajan, now acquired as we acquiring. The building can be restored to its former glory for offices or sold as a separate entity and the carpark stay as is, so that bajans can continue to use it as they have for decades. If you going give help to Maloneny we’ll come down Bay Street and give little to the bajans too!

    Right let the fowls fly pun dat too! LOL

  68. William……let them fool themselves to the very end on their little corporate island while the fraud politicians continue to LURE THEM into believing that they are patriots when they have no clue it’s only in someone else’s business fantasy……

    am sure Pacha can expand on that, but personally…i would not waste the time….it’s clear they are not and will not get the info they need, am sure they won’t be able to handle it anyway…without reverting to the only game they know..

  69. So when are they gonna pick up his fellow slick talking enablers across the Caribbean…..he could do NONE OF IT without various governments’ collusion, complicity..

    not sure if it was St. Vincent or one of the others, but people complained bitterly that the government were going to steal their land to enable this criminal….same shite they do in Barbados, under the guise of tourism..

    “LONDON – The British-born, St Vincent and the Grenadines naturalised citizen, Dave Ames, has been sentenced to 12 years in jail for running what a judge described as a “gigantic Ponzi scheme” in the Caribbean.

    Ames, the former chairman of Harlequin, the company that owned the former Buccament Bay Resort in St Vincent and the Grenadines, is also wanted in the Caribbean island on tax evasion and theft charges.

    The unfinished Harlequin boutique hotel at Hastings, Christ Church, was demolished in June 2021, after being sold to a nominee of Preconco Limited the previous month.

    He was sentenced in the British court to nine years for one count of fraud by abuse of position and three years for another count. The sentences will run consecutively.

    Last month, the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) in the United Kingdom successfully prosecuted Ames, who was behind the fraud involving celebrity-endorsed luxury resorts in the Caribbean, including Buccament Bay Resort.

    In handing down his sentence on Friday, Justice Christopher Hehir described Ames as a “slick salesman and thoroughly dishonest with it”

  70. TLSN…it’s good to see UK coming down on these frauds who use tourism to commit crimes and steal properties from citizens on islands..

    …they need to do much more though, they need to go after the ENABLERS who collude with the foreign crooks, and facilitate these thieves, because the local criminals seem to be out of their reach for now..

    Hope you saw the article on Gladstone Park..

    they keep going around and around in circles with talk and talking some more and let’s talk and talk shops to nowhere, that’s why certain people had to do things differently and am sure it will grab their attention…until then, the merry go round continues….

    ““Town hall chiefs in the north London borough of Brent hired ethnic minority artists to carve up Gladstone Park, with plant species representing the slave trade.

    The work, named The Anchor, The Drum, The Ship, will open to the public on October 14 in what was thought to be the four-time British prime minister’s favourite green space.

    It marks the rejection of an “activist approach”, with Brent Council abandoning divisive plans to rename the park since the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.

    Instead, the new slave garden contains three shapes, the Akan symbol for a double drum, a ship and an anchor to evoke themes of Black migration, with plant species native to Britain, Africa and the Mediterranean. It’s an extremely complex history that’s still being lived right now, British colonialism, there are many ongoing negatives of that and people are living with this history. We want to actually talk about this more.”

    She stressed that Britain’s former colonies had received no compensation or apology and many black people still live with “slave surnames”.

    Gladstone Park was considered for a name change when Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, formed the Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm in 2020 to review statues, street names and landmarks after Edward Colston’s statue in Bristol was torn down.

    Gladstone pushed for slave owners like his father to be compensated following abolition, but went on to call slavery the “foulest crime” in history.”

  71. William…once the the crook looks white….they DO NO BACKGROUND CHECKS..

    NO DUE DILIGENCE…….their white or NOT BLACK SKIN will suffice, cause they welcome anyone who does not look too Afrikan hueman…..and that’s why some of them need some JAIL TIME with their fraudulent business partners…look what this fraud did, the extent to which he went….these are EXACTLY THE TYPES they draw to the island like a magnet..

    “The judge said that Ames had no relevant experience entering the property business, noting “you had sold garden furniture and double glazing and been in the loan business, but were twice declared bankrupt, a fact you did not readily declare to those whose money you were after.

    “You said you were a visionary and an entrepreneur, but you were not, you were a slick and plausible salesman and thoroughly dishonest with it … You are a menace to anybody unfortunate enough to do business with you.” (CMC)”

  72. John A October 1, 2022 1:38 PM

    Remember, Bizzy Williams admitted to making financial contributions to the campaigns of both the BLP and DLP.

    And, his brother COW Williams believed he was entitled to receive all Government contracts for road works, he ‘put the ‘government’ in Court’ a few years ago, because his company wasn’t awarded the contract to repair sections of the ABC Highway.

    As I always ‘say,’ during the DLP’s tenure, Maloney was their ‘in-law.’
    And, based on BLP’s criticisms of him at the time, it was clear, to them, he was an ‘out-law.,’

    Immediately after the May 24, 2018 general elections, the BEES elevated Maloney to become their ‘in-law, while the DEMS relegated him to ‘out-law’ status.

    I’m very sure Mr. Maloney WON’T have to complete a Google request form if he wanted to MEET with Mr. Corey Layne, for whatever reason…… and, then WAIT weeks to know whether or not it was approved or rejected, similarly to what is REQUIRED of any other ORDINARY CONSTITUENT.

  73. Artax,

    I am very squimish about acquisitions for private developers also but I believe the courts should be able to adjudicate in such matters.

    I did mention that I am concerned about timely and adequate compensation.

    However, if the gap is now dead, perhaps it is time for the white people who killed it to be challenged.

    I remember that my little part of St..Philip was much happier when The Castle was in operation. Indeed, it was hard to imagine life without it. There were far fewer angry young men loitering on the blocks. Instead, on their off days, they loitered at the stand pipes and harassed the girls as they passed by.

    I too know many who built their houses out of the Castle. And they were far from top level staff.

    Long Bay’s mood has deteriorated significantly since The Castle burnt down.

    The person who is speaking either knows nothing about which she speaks or she does not care for the truth.

    There will always be pros and cons to every endeavour. We simply have to balance them.

  74. @ WURA
    As the old people say: Child rest yuhself,‘cause dey gine still do as duh like
    I read where Mia Mottley took a position on the Diaspora for which some on BU were vehemently criticized .
    Tomorrow, all Mia has to do is keep a Town(Tongue) Hall meeting in Dover/ St. Lawrence and the shameless partisan clowns will jump out here with their hogwash.
    It was the same thing when Barrow was in power/ office. His party clowns also drowned the place with their brand of hogwash.
    I recently read a post in this thread and it was patently obvious that the writer has no real understanding of the area that is now under discussion. However, I decided to let the very inaccurate information go unquestioned.
    Throughout our country, there is a well advanced plan to turn it into nothing more than a playground for the rich. They are using tourism as a back door to their nefarious ambitions. And the plans did not start with Mottley but she is just as aware of them now as when she was in opposition.
    The plans were hatched in both George and Roebuck Streets. Everything is proceeding as planned.
    Remember a few weeks ago, I wrote there was more to come.
    My suggestion is that those who are not in bed with the Duopoly need no defense and they don’t need to respond to the partisan hogwash.
    There is still more to come.

  75. @ Artax

    This time around I had hoped things would have been different but alas that is not to be.

    It seems that once you have the common denominator which clearly is money, you can move from one party to another with the ease of a well greased piston in its chamber.

    The message it sends to all however is that once you got money you can do no wrong and you are in fact higher on the pole as a citizen than others with less.

    As the saying goes ” all are equal but some are more equal than others.”

  76. @ Artax
    This is simply brilliant. You stated:
    “I’m very sure Mr. Maloney WON’T have to complete a Google request form if he wanted to MEET with Mr. Corey Layne, for whatever reason…… and, then WAIT weeks to know whether or not it was approved or rejected, similarly to what is REQUIRED of any other ORDINARY CONSTITUENT.“
    Forget the pie in the sky sweet talking diatribe and deal with the real issues. And that’s what you have done here. Tell like it is and refuse to pretend there is a clear path when all that is there is broken bottles and rusty nails to “jook “up poor peoples feet.
    Well put.!!

    • Allow the blogmaster to repeat that a member living in the constituency of the City is able to ‘walk-in’ and request an appointment if unable to submit via Google link. This was confirmed by the blogmaster.

      The reference to sending letters in 2004 was an obvious reference to the last time there was an initiative in the area and the residents of the area received a notification from government?

  77. Donna
    I made the argument on Ms.Ram case and I’ll say it here again, the public acquisition of land for an urban regeneration programme is a public good even if it involves a private developer, and is normal. The public acquisition of the wetlands serms even more straightforward than Ms.Ram’s. I’d be surprised if the owner of the wetlands isn’t elated at a potential acquisition. Most of the people who spoke last night appear not to be affected by the proposed acquisitions and seemed more concerned about the impact of Sandals’ laundry room and traffic on their health and amenity. I hope Verla in reppin her Dover clients’ interest (in other words trying to upstage Ronnie) is addressing this matter. After all who approved the Sandals priject?

  78. “do many locals (apart from wealthiest) use hotel services such as swimming pools, fitness centres, golf courses, tennis courts, spas, restaurants, bars, clubs, weddings events, business meetings, illicit affairs etc?”

    Facilities “such as pools, fitness centres, golf courses, tennis courts, spas,” are usually reserved for the the hotels’ guests.

    However, unless the property is ‘all inclusive,’ anyone who makes the appropriate reservations, can dine in the restaurants and drink at the bar.
    People, other than guests, ‘can party’ in the clubs as well.
    ‘Unicorn Disco’ in Southern Palms Hotel; Club Miliki at Heywoods Hotel and Rockley Hotel’s ‘Rendezvous Room,’ are a few examples.
    Several hotels host wedding ceremonies, while others have conference rooms to facilitate business meetings.

    But, why would someone want to drink at a hotel bar, where Banks Beer served in cans, for example, is sold for BD$11 each, plus service charge and VAT, when you could go to a nearby local shop and buy four (4) Banks Beers for the same $11…… or Deputy, at ‘4 for $10.’

    Even the tourists are becoming wise.

    And, that’s one of the reasons why I believe the stall owners at Oistins Bay Gardens will soon ‘out price themselves.’

  79. “I read where Mia Mottley took a position on the Diaspora for which some on BU were vehemently criticized ”

    par for the course that’s why information has significantly reduced from my end anyway…

    “I decided to let the very inaccurate information go unquestioned.”

    i do that a lot these days, no use wasting the energy that’s needed in other areas… while knowing i will definitely need mine later..

    “Throughout our country, there is a well advanced plan to turn it into nothing more than a playground for the rich. They are using tourism as a back door to their nefarious ambitions.”

    lots more to come my friend… need to waste energy on nonsense anymore..the time has reached when you have to know the real deal….and just make sure that no one can plot and plan for you……and you have FULL CONTROL of your destiny, future etc.

  80. @ Artax
    I recall when British tourists staying in St. Lawrence / Dover area, used to walk down by the rum shop ( I think the guys name was Boyce) but I may be wrong and drink Banks beer all day and night. They also used to buy the beer and take it back to their rooms.
    They were several small locally owned ( Black) businesses operating all the way up to Enterprise that were very well supported by tourists but they were systematically driven out of business .
    When I hear about the “ new plans” to incorporate the “ rum shop” experience and “ community tourism “, I laugh out loud.
    These vagabonds ( BLPDLP) lick up the small black businesses in tourism and now come back with bull shit to impress they band of pathetic minions.

  81. Mr. Skinner

    You mentioned having “recently read a post in this thread and it was patently obvious that the writer has no real understanding of the area that is now under discussion.”

    I too am guilty of that offense.

    References were made to Paradise Village and Bath Village.
    The only Paradise Village I am aware of in Dover, is the first road on the left, between Bath Village and DIVI Southwinds Hotel, which leads into the small community, which is predominantly occupied by the Lashley, Ruck, Lynch and Chase families.

    On the other hand, ‘Braddie’s Bar” and Dover Pavillion are located in Bath Village.
    The first house on the right, going into the gap coming from the main road, is where former Barbados and West Indies cricketer, Alvin Greenidge, ‘used to live.’

    I was wonder what parcels of land are within those small districts that could be acquired without displacing residents.

  82. @ Artax
    I don’t know which offense you are guilty of. All I can say to you is that the inaccuracies to which I referred were not posted by you.
    However, your comment about good wages and so on is quite accurate.
    There was a time when barmen and those who carried the tourists bags to the rooms made more money than teachers, bank clerks and others.
    We must remember that the hotel workers had pretty good union representation back then.
    I don’t know if those wages have kept up to the present. I know of at least three cases back in the day, when very well appointed bungalows were built by ordinary hotel workers.
    I can however say that many local hotel workers, who went overseas ended up in some very high managerial positions. We certainly had some excellent workers from the bottom up.
    There was a standard saying that if you ever walked into a hotel any where in the world and you told them that you once worked at a certain hotel in Bim, you were automatically given a job !


  83. What became of Bitt?
    I gotta go.
    Here comes the nurse.
    Without the see through outfit – impressive
    With a see through outfit …. my God.
    Oops.. I just dropped my spoon
    Let me take my heart medicine.
    Oops.. droped the spoon again
    Have a great night all. I know mine will be.

  84. Auntie “Big Works ” mum on St Lawrence Lamd Grab.!
    Radical Vaccine czar got the republic by the cojones…LOL

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