Buckle Up – Central Bank Economic Review About the Numbers

The keynote of Governor of the Central Bank Cleviston Haynes’ latest review of the performance of the economy was about growth for 5 consecutive quarters. The blogmaster is happy we are seeing an uptick in economic performance. Who does not want to see growth EXCEPT the ignorant and those rabid political partisans. Oftentimes we forget an economy is about how people in a country efficiently utilize resources with a goal of supporting a reasonable standard of living. 

However, five consecutive months of growth in the local economy, if one considers that in 2019 the global economy was significantly impacted by the pandemic should not be waved as a pretext that it will be business as usual. It is known by all and sundry our economy has a structural problem. The blogmaster recalls Dr. Frank Alleyne in 2008 – at the time serving as financial adviser to late Prime Minister David Thompson’s adminsitration- making the point there was an urgent need to address a tired economic model inherited from Barrow. It is 15 years later and the conclusion any fair minded commentator can make is that there has been negligible change to the structure of the local economy. We continue to be over reliant on tourism. It is understandable given the natural beauty of the Caribbean people will want to visit for a price BUT too far east is west.

Of mighty concern is the average Barbadian seems blissfully unaware the challenge the island is currently facing because we are a price taker in a global economy that is seeing a spike in inflation for commodity and services. It is fashionable of recent to blame the disruption to global supplies because of COVID-19 and Ukrainian Russian conflict or a slow down in the US economy which is forecast to enter a recession soon with the Fed intervening for a second time to raise interest rates. The performance of the US economy is important for Barbadians to take note given the parity of the Barbados dollar to the US dollar. Through it all too many Bajans continue to expect a broke government to be able to fund conspicuous consumption habits, giving credence to the adage – a people with champagne taste and mauby pockets.

Where do we go from here?

To a simple way of thinking, we have a people comfortably living a lifestyle that is unsustainable and has to be continually supported by debt financing. We have also the situation of successive governments, in order to maintain popularity, fueling the addiction of citizens to conspicuous consumption by borrowing. And thirdly Barbados is plugged into a capitalist system which will drag us along with it IF…We are truly in a pickle. A situation which older folk describes as one not being able to tell the other comeback. 

Your guess is as good as this lowly blogmaster where we are headed. We may agree that if we continue to buyin to the notion that our borrowing is within our capacity to repay without factoring the inherent risks of a small developing state, we should sit back, buckle up and enjoy the ride to the Economic Cliff.

Central Bank of Barbados Governor Cleviston Haynes delivered the Bank’s review of Barbados’ economic performance in the first half of 2022 and took questions from the media and online audience.

328 thoughts on “Buckle Up – Central Bank Economic Review About the Numbers

  1. Mottley is on record as stating that the printing of Money does help to bring an economy out of depression
    Makes for wonder what is her boisterous opinion now that under her govt the printing of money has become a practice for paying some forms of debt

  2. @ David

    Barbados is in no position to pay a wage increase right now. Not that the workers don’t deserve it but you can’t increase expenses when you already running a deficit and printing money. Plus the opposition should be the last to talk about wage increases when they had a wage freeze for 10 years!

    Regardless to what the faithfuls say the economy is worst than it was in 2019 and in more debt as well. In real terms we are therefore what is know as ” cash poor.”

    • @John A


      The political talking heads forget the country was at a standstill for many months and had to pay public sector salaries. Why should there be a surprise the government is printing money? The government should retrenched public workers?

  3. @ William

    I would have to assume your comments are being made town in cheek. If you look at the debt and revenue base in 2022 and compare it to 2019 and think all is well, I suggest you read the numbers again.

  4. @ David

    Personally I don’t see the PM as having any room to do much right now. Yes there is recovery but we are not back to 2019 yet. We can’t therefore spend like we did in 2019. One also has to understand the level of inflation we are facing, which also will affect government expenses in several ways. They can not therefore ” free up” the state cheque book now.

    • @John A

      The plan must be to protect the most vulnerable in your HR opinion?

      What about disruption behaviours anchored to conspicuous consumption behaviour?

  5. @Sarge
    Thank you for that lengthy read.
    I had little insight from the Barbadian perspective. I knew the ‘climate clause’ was an issue, but from the creditor side, not the debtor.
    The article, despite it’s length, made little attempt to delve into terms like “broke”. They even used the C word, which might have infuriated @HalA, preferring incompetence.
    The shift is away from private capital towards multiple bi/multi lateral lenders, is beneficial for it is not THEIR employees money, and hence more open to arguments for debt forgiveness. And this is the direction of the wind?

  6. There is no surprise on govt printing money presently
    But a call for transparency and accountability should be offered to the people on the issue of printing of money presently
    A called which holds govt accountable for previous statements made in the last ten years
    Govt cannot continue to play a game of smoke and mirrors and not be held accountable

  7. @ John A
    That was pure sarcasm my friend. Actually meant to defend your position .
    Seriously, don’t forget that they were many on BU hailing the “ quick” IMF loan as our savior.
    Luckily for them,they can now claim COVID got in the way.
    I did not know that reusing to pay ones debts was good personal or national financial planning.
    This is years now that tourism has been giving with one hand and taking it back with the next.
    But with or without COVID, we were on the same failed path. But, nobody is prepared to be bold and creative.
    Economic cowardice is the order of the day.


  8. @ David

    Yes the vulnerable must be protected, but again we have to credit the PM with the basket of goods and reductions. Let’s be honest no company or state entity can pay a raise large enough to right off the increase in inflation. Plus many will argue things can’t be that bad when 11000 people can go to a fete. It’s all a matter of perspective.

    • @John

      …and purchasing Swifts like sweet drink.

      Seriously though, the cover of going to IMF provided balance of payments cover and unlocked concessionary financing was a plus, however, in recent months we have been seeing the fuel import bill triple in cost which translates to burning foreign exchange: a challenging time for SIDs.

  9. @ William

    I agree with you 100% that even without covid we would of had challenges because we keep banking on a 1 horse economy. I mean we are now 3 years post covid and what have you see that shows we have made an effort at any large scale diversification of our economy? We talk nuff and act little.

  10. @David
    Nor should we ignore rising interest rates. I have no crystal ball look into the overall picture, but rising rates are sure to hit somewhere, when carrying the amount, and variety of debt the GoB services.
    I often relate SIDS operations to those of individuals. A whole bunch of debt maybe fixed, but that variable rate mortgage used to afford the new home, is now eating up more cash than you have.

  11. Calling a spade a spade govt is as clueless as the past givt Mottley criticized
    Now some here are hailing hand outs baskets as a perquisite for saving families and households
    Meanwhile big business badkets were chick filled of financial goodies to do as whatever pleases them

  12. @ac
    On calling a spade, you opted out in the thread No Quick Fix
    ““A modern national.stadium is also a priority”
    It went from a ‘dream’ to a ‘priority’ in one day?”
    And onto “Calling a spade a spade govt is as clueless as the past givt Mottley criticized”.
    You are finally admitting the previous administration was clueless?
    Slowly you are realizing we have two LPs, there are more similarities than differences. The primary difference is WHO gets to feed at the political trough!!!

  13. Speaking within present Tense it is clear and obvious who gets first servings under this govt and who gets left over crumbs
    A govt built parks who pays for those constructions
    A govt buys buses who pays
    Garbage trucks who pays
    And and not one wheel of productive to carry the debt burden but the people
    All covered by taxes and fees
    Now pray tell how can economy and society survive under such pressure

  14. @ David July 30, 2022 6:17 AM
    If unemployment number was say 20% in 2019, affected by the pandemic and it is down to about 9% today- would you say this is one good indicator that the touted growth in the economy has helped some Barbadians?

    Welcome back, Blogmaster, from your break. During your absence your mothering role was sorely missed in the same manner suckling babes like “ac” miss their mother’s breast milk.

    But how can you really believe that the unemployment rate is currently “9%” as stated by the Guv?

    Even in much better economic times prior to 2020 such an unemployment figure would have been considered a stellar achievement for the ruling administration.

    We know you are quite familiar with the previous Guv of the CBB propensity to massage the data to suit the agenda of the political master who created the said Guv.

    Why do you think that there has been a change in the mould which created the previous puppets?

    Why has he been so low-keyed in identifying the many projects in the investment pipeline as was his wont in earlier reports including the ‘imminent’ erection of the Hyatt and the resuscitation of the Four Seasons ghost?

    Instead of relying on the obvious biases of the creature of the ruling administration why not use a politically impartial formula to measure the ‘real’ unemployment situation in Barbados with its sophisticated but rather small employment market?

    How about the following:

    (a) Total NIS registered employees of working age minus those incapable of working and those in full-time education minus (-):

    (b) Those who are making monthly/quarterly contributions to the various NIS funds.

    (c). equals (=) the total number of unemployed persons expressed as % of (a).

    Even our esteemed actuary Walter Mc.M Blackman would agree such a formula is worthy of some serious consideration.

    • @Miller

      Thanks for your kind words.

      Forget the numbers used and go with the scenario economic activity has picked up post 2019.

  15. @ David July 30, 2022 4:03 PM

    “Forget the numbers used and go with the scenario economic activity has picked up post 2019.”

    But, but wasn’t a similar upbeat scenario painted by the same Guv for the first half of 2021 compared to 2020?

    The acid test of real growth within the Bajan context is whether more forex has been earned (not borrowed from the IMF) compared to the previous year-to-date and whether the Treasury has collected more VAT and Income Tax instead of printing money to pay the government’s operating bills.

  16. @ David July 30, 2022 4:37 PM

    “Exactly, pre COVID economic activity will not be achieved in one swallow.”

    Neither would it be achieved by bullshit promises and lies but through real investment activity.

    Where is the Hyatt hotel which was promised to start since May 2020?

    And please don’t talk about Covid being the reason!
    Why is there a ‘no-start’ to that project since hotel investments have been taking place across the region and the Sam Lord’s Castle project is expected to be completed “soon”?

    Maybe Ronnie Yearwood should pick up that ball and run with it instead of talking about salary increases for public sector workers at a time when the IMF would like to see the public sector (mainly the SOEs) trimmed by at least 25%.

  17. @ David.

    To me the question is can we get back to pre covid levels of economic activity without diversifying our economy? Can a 1 horse economy based on tourism generate the same level of activity post covid as pre covid?

    Personally I think it is a dangerous thing to depend on this happening as it leaves us open to way too many external factors, such as inflation in the home markets etc.

    • @John A

      It can only happen if the global market bounces and even then given the nexus between Barbados and USA economic there is the 18 month lag indicator to factor. In any event it wouldn’t be sustainable.

  18. The current Governor like his predecessor is a creature of the Minister of Finance like all former governors were.
    When or if he stops serving the interest of the Minister of Finance , he will be fired or forced to resign.
    This blog was full of people who hammered Dr. Worrell and now they are realizing the nature of the job.
    The same clowns who are talking about the need for non -partisan debate on economic/ national matters , are the identical ones who push partisanship.
    Simpson started there by the Globe selling cars; became a billionaire and now I reading bull shit about people buying Swifts. Petty nonsense; one in every three cars on the road was probably sold by Simpson for decades and yet , we come here pretending that “ buying swifts” epitomizes consumer spending.
    We couldn’t stop it at Hindsbury Road but we could stop it at Warrens.
    Bull shit!

    • @William

      Sometimes it is best to ignore your immature inputs. The comment about swifts by the blogmaster was tied to conspicuous consumption behaviour our people seem to have become intoxicated. There was a time the objective was to save to make a down payment on a piece of land or invest in one’s education. Nowadays it is about travel or buy a car, renting North American style is fine. The dynamic has changed regarding how individuals are prioritizing their lives. People who bought those shodas, CXGs, Forsas were people of a different segment and behaviour to what obtains today when affordability was at a different level.

      Stay in your lane William.

  19. @ David July 30, 2022 5:00 PM
    “You must be aware investment in hospitality sector ground to a halt with covid 19.”

    Come on Master David, you must be able to do a much better job of guarding the political sanctum than that!

    So why not, then, put the money that was earmarked for the Hyatt into some other investment venture like a regional airline to replace LIAT or even into the Avinash touted ferry service?

    Are you saying that the current administration tricked the electorate in January 2022 or was it a mere “invitation to treat” as pledged in their manifesto tissue of private sector pipe dreams with planning approvals prior to Covid?

    “Hyatt Ziva Hotel $425 million, which will employ 1800 construction workers and 1200 full time staff.”

  20. @ David July 30, 2022 5:30 PM

    Isn’t that what the government is relying on to get the economy back on track in order to stave off economic collapse leading to a Sri Lanka scenario of no forex earnings to pay for imports and to repay borrowed money?

    That’s why the current administration was so cocksure as to put it as a viable project in its investment pipeline soon to be actualized in the stream of economic recovery and growth.

    • @Miller

      Let us agree to disagree. The blogmaster aware the need to filter political babel from real talk.

  21. @ David.

    You have touched on an interesting point but let.me share with you the feedback I get from alot of younger people when I ask them about their spending.

    The average young person has resolved themselves to the fact that they will never be able to afford a home. With starter homes at $300k minimum and a 10% deposit that means borrowing $270K over 20 years and you already in the area of a $2500 mortgage monthly. Add a car payment and some children to that and you know where you heading. All that and we ain’t even touch on the point that over the last 15 years salaries have not kept paste with inflation.

    So based on that alot of them have said to me “I going drive a nice car and travel and enjoy life as they are within my reach.”

    Truth is the whole value system is changing, with many couples willing to live together and rent while investing their money in experiences as opposed to things.

    Who knows with the world we live in maybe they have the right idea.

    • @John A

      Thanks for your perspective, it is one that is touted. If you were a young person of today would you think the same way?

  22. Trying to understand wunna mcguffees but it is beyond my comprehension.

    This is Bajans doing what they do best.

  23. @ Hants

    You hit the nail on the head. Nobody ain’t want hear no central bank report now dem want to know who win de car? LOL

  24. @ David
    Let.me answer that this way. Property prices have not yet returned to 2008 levels as yet nor have rents. The big renters like Shell have left Barbados and the average rent in the mid to upper market is still off quite a bit. So anyone buying real estate pre 2008 has made nothing on their investment nor has it even recovered to what they paid for it.

    In the meantime mutual funds even with the crash and covid, are well in positive returns with many being up over 50% between 2008 and now. So where should money have been if we all had a crystal ball?

    Personally I no longer see real estate as a good investment. The cost does not allow you a decent return on investment with rents where they are and that applies for both commercial and domestic properties. Also remember the cost to sell a property here with all expenses in and agency fees is around 11%.

    Does not take a genius to work out that if a $600,000 house is renting for $24,000 a year, then rent it and let the owner pay the land tax, insurance and maintenance on it. As I said the game has changed here.

    • @John A

      A reasonable position, how do we address rampant conspicuous spend give the game has changed as you say?

      We agree it is a consumption model we (country) cannot sustain?

  25. @David
    You can continue with your brilliant analysis but your attempts to pin the lack of economic vision by the two administrations on the backs of the poor working class is pure nonsense.
    Your pretended trip into nostalgia is not worthy of any further comment.
    The simple truth is that the system is designed for Simpson and others to become billionaires.
    It is called rampant capitalism embedded in that system is brutal consumerism. These are simple facts.
    With progressive governments the boosting the credit union movement could have steered some of the money that went into other consumer activity away from the consumerism of which you speak; it could not and did not happen because far from an overhaul economic policy that embraced the credit Union movement, successive governments either attempted to impede them or offered nothing but paltry lip service.
    Obviously your brilliance does not allow you to come down from the mountain and deal with the reality of what radical and progressive national economic policy means.
    Your lane is the same lane yon have been in forever. Look around you – it is going no where.
    Stay there.

  26. @ David

    I don’t think we can as an economy is a living thing so it evolves. The young people have a different value system and I don’t think any of us can reset their clock. The economy must therefore change by looking inside and not outside. As I said 1000 times alternative energy and agriculture are 2 low hanging fruit. I am not saying forget tourism just think its time we look at alternatives.

    • @John A

      A scan of the landscape suggests RE and agriculture have been the focus of the government. Is it a case you are questioning the pace of adoption?

  27. I see that Obama is trying to score some early political points and got the dlpites in a tizzy

    Q2 Post 2019

    2020 negative gdp 16%
    2021 positive gdp 5%
    2022 positive gdp 10%

    Tell Obama to stop being a mariposa and think before he open his mouth

    If u compare apples to apples then we are back much closer to 2019 q2 than most think.

  28. Dr Yearwood is being a realistic he see what every working stiff on the ground sees
    The rich getting rich while the working stiff works like slaves and accomplished nothing
    A govt who would celebrate a transfer of wealth during Covid to the most wealthy in economic terms namely growth
    Is a govt who doesn’t have a vision or plan on hand for the poor .

  29. David bu welcome back.In your absence the blog was over ran by a bunch of pettiness.John 2 this Dlp leader like Ms Depeiza clearly is out to sea looking for soundbites to impress the people.Unfortunately like the last political nightwatchman, Dr Yearwood though an intelligent man is in my virw a political lightweight who will find out the hard way that he needs some guidance from some of the elders or he will suffr the same fate as Ms Depeiza whenever another election is called.He needs to find better persons on brasstacks and on here to represent the dems.I gone.

  30. @ David

    I recall that being said after the first 30 to 0 win. Also again in 2019 when covid struct too. Lol

    • The blogmaster just watched a US cable station confirming food baskets and school backpacks were being distributed to members of communities in Georgia, USA.

  31. DavidJuly 30, 2022 8:56 AM

    Agree with the thrust of the comment we need to reduce our reliance on tourism AND government must act as the enabler. However it is the private sector that has to show more enterprise in pursuing business opportunities. Unfortunately most of our private sector was sold to non Bajan interest.


    We need to ensure more of the tourist dollar stays in Barbados and circulates in the economy.

    Kind of impossible with the current setup because for example an airline ticket is paid for usually outside of Barbados.

    All inclusive holidays are paid for outside of Barbados.

    What hotels or airlines are locally owned?

    We will probably be unable to change those two aspects but we can find products and activities that tap into a tourist population which over the course of a year is 3 to 4 times our own and which has foreign exchange to spend.

    Governments don’t create products and activities, the private sector does.

    The private sector creates value for money, Government just looks on and sees how and where it can get a cut of the action.

    Governments tax to spend, ie they usually destroy depending on how much of a cut they insist on getting from the economic activity.

    You will find that Government is the biggest deterrent to economic activity/growth.

  32. DavidJuly 30, 2022 8:15 PM

    The blogmaster just watched a US cable station confirming food baskets and school backpacks were being distributed to members of communities in Georgia, USA.


    Government “enabling” the economy to stagnate and inflation to grow.

    Need to get back to Trump policies.

  33. When will we ever learn?
    by Peter Webster
    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me” – Martin Niemoller “The United States of America made a mistake in giving poor countries food. We should have helped them to feed themselves” – George Bush Jr. 2008 “Examination of our past is never time-wasting.
    Reverberations from the past provide learning rubrics for living today.” – Kilroy J. Oldster, Dead Toad Scrolls Up to 1960, the continent of Africa was a net exporter of food, with many thriving rural farming communities, including many small farms. Around that time, however, these African countries began to achieve their independence and their new leaders, probably misadvised by economists like ours today, started importing cheap food for their urban masses at the expense of their farmers and rural poor who subsequently could not earn an adequate living. An “urban drift” resulted from these rural poor looking for jobs and a livelihood to support their families, which resulted in overcrowded urban centres and even more problems.
    This process has been documented by the international agencies. There was no conspiracy planning to hurt the African countries, just erroneous policy and short-sighted, selfish, political priorities that failed to support their farmers and failed to recognize the true value of their farming community, to their countries’ economies.
    60 years later, Africa is still importing significant quantities of the food it needs to feed its people and billions upon billions of dollars in wasted foreign exchange for those cheap food imports, the modern African leaders are finding that this trend is not easy to reverse. Unlike economists, who the Universities produce by the score, only certain aspects of agricultural science can be taught in a classroom.
    Farming in general, is a way of life, for which aptitude is crucial and cannot be taught like economics in a classroom.
    Compounding the problem is a lack of economies of scale which limit small farmers in their financial margins and unfortunately, they are also expected to feed the poor, not forgetting that these small farmers and their extended families make up the bulk of the rural poor anyway. This is why there is little or no private investment in Agriculture – the returns on agricultural investment are non-existent!
    The records show that there is a high turnover of small farmers, as many as 80 per cent, who fail to succeed in achieving an adequate standard of living within 5 years of startup. This has been the experience across the Caribbean in the many different land settlement schemes from Jamaica which has had more than 40 such schemes in areas such as Beverly, Boundbrook, Kildare, Yardley Chase, Lititz, Wake Forest and Haughton Court; to Wallerfield and Caroni in Trinidad; Orange Hill in St. Vincent and the Grenadines; and Spring Hall and River in Barbados.
    Given the foregoing, how can the Government of Barbados propose to do the same thing, import cheap food, ostensibly for a processing/packaging plant? Who are we really fooling that this cheap food will not end up on our supermarket shelves and deal a devastating blow to our farmers’ market? This at a time when the same Government has recently settled dozens of small farmers under it’s highly publicized “Farmers’ Empowerment and Enfranchisement Drive” (FEED) programme, while making them pay exorbitant commercial rates for their irrigation water.
    Barbados cannot feed itself, so we have to import a substantial portion of our food, but we should not be importing what our farmers can produce simply because it is cheaper. Barbados needs to import rice, corn, soya bean and other grains among a range of crops which we cannot produce ourselves. At the same time, our Government must provide solid support for our farmers to help them reduce their costs and the cost of their products. The Government needs to get our economic (rather than political) priorities right or we will never be able to repay our massive debt. A similar “can of worms” which we have been “kicking down the road” is the lack of productivity and accountability of our public sector.
    When they came for the “Bond Holders”, demanding a “haircut’ – you did not speak out because you were not a Bond Holder; when they came for the Small Contractors (by importing cheap Chinese housing) – you did not speak out because you were not a Small Contractor; when they came for the farmers (by charging commercial water rates for their irrigation water and importing cheap food) – you did not speak out because you were not a farmer; when they come for the pensioners (and they are coming) you will not speak out because you are not a pensioner – yet; when they come for you who will be left to speak for you? Round and round we go, like water in a sinkhole vortex!
    Peter Webster is a retired Portfolio Manager of the Caribbean Development Bank and a former Senior Agricultural Officer in the Ministry of Agriculture.

    Source: Barbados Today

  34. A very good analysis

    TheOGazertsJuly 30, 2022 7:57 AM

    I am doubtful if there is anyone who would be against helping the less fortunate. Now is not a time for setting up strawmen and then knowcking them over.

    I am not separating myself from ac when I state that the attempt by the GoB to feed the hungry is an admirable goal.

    AC is questionning the ‘entanglements’ that may come with the help. Can we feed the hungry without subjecting to the mockery and ridicule of others? Will acceptance of this offer ruin the chances of self improvement at a later stage, where some clerk pulls out a file and deny your application (for whatever) because at some stage you needed government assistance?

    I like ac’s approach, where you try to see into the future and make certain that you helped not harmed the person. Helped not hindered.

  35. The island’s sole electricity provider has defended its decision to ask for a rate increase, insisting that it urgently needs the money to execute projects that are crucial to providing a reliable service for customers.

    Click here to read more in our e-paper edition:Barbados today

    Matter of Fact BL&P owes customers millions of dollars in refund from the electrical melt down that caused a major blackout for weeks in the country
    The lost of produce and other valuables generated by electricity to homes were destroyed or damaged
    Bl&P has yet to do a moral duty in compensating people for valuables lost
    The fact that bl&P can now stand with hands extend asking for an increase shows the low immoral decent of a company who has no moral soul for the peoples

  36. “AC could be Hal Austin when (s)he talks about Hal Austin / DLP / Indians”

    The 0 could be AC when he religiously praises her shit rhetoric

  37. Today i am in a good mood and I am religiously singing the praises of God the Almighty

  38. USA (Republicans) want to continue Trump extremism with or without Trump.
    Politics is easier when you Bullshit with prejudice as prejudiced people know who to vote for and don’t give a fuck about nuances of honest reasonable reasoning debate.

    Barbados Today is part of the Bullshit Party and is a fucking waste of space that rots your mind.

  39. A wonderful morning to all.
    Before I get serious, let me shout out my new best friend.
    It’s not Barbados today that rotting your mind. Get better quality stuff.
    (I get cussed again)

  40. Doing some tidying up first
    “The blogmaster just watched a US cable station confirming food baskets and school backpacks were being distributed to members of communities in Georgia, USA.”

    Dear Sir,
    Once again, your point is as elusive as Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster. My strenuous efforts to discover the point you are making have all come to naught.

    Kind sir, would you be do kind as to point us on the right direction.

    We are very happy at your return and we are hoping that you were officially cleared to take the reins again. We are beginning to believe that some residual effects (of whatever) are manifesting themselves.

    Your fan, brother in solidarity and ‘well wisher’

  41. “It’s not Barbados today that rotting your mind. Get better quality stuff.”

    A Rhetorical Question for the Vassy Hole
    Q: what the fuck do you know about good and bad stuff
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  42. Let me breathe some life into BU
    I am wondering why some think, BL&P, EMERA, FTC and some new regulations are hot topics, but on BU they do not elicit even a whisper….

    I heard of two Barbadoses, perhaps this is the alternative one that exist in minds like like Lorenzo …

  43. Yes indeed there are two Barbadoesssss
    One which sits on the top tier and deliver PR messages wrapped in hand outs and food baskets
    The other sitting on the lower end being expected to be grateful and thankful.. able and ready to pull themselves up by the boot straps
    Needless to say the bottom tier have not boots first they must be able to buy straps

  44. Also read today in Guayana News in two weeks Barbados would be training 6000thousand guayanes in the hotel and tourist sector as part of the agreement signed between the two countries

  45. https://barbadostoday.bb/2022/07/30/up-the-ante/
    I happen to like this judge and his strong stance on punisihing criminals, but. at the same time he is a very good example of “to a hammer everything is a nail”

    His solution to gun violence and gun toting criminals is to “open the jail and throw the criminal in”. We Barbadians have the ability to take multi-dimensional problems and come up with a one-dimensional answer. I fully understand the judge frustration at not being able to dole out a harsher sentence. I agree that he should have the flexibility to do so but what he has placed on the table “more jail time” is too limited of a solution.

    There is an obvious flaw in his solution, but I do not want to be accuse of giving anyone idea, so I will not mention it and limit this post to few topics that we have touched on already..
    Who is importing the guns?
    Who is hiring these thugs?
    Has our system of education failed them? If they have no certification, does it mean that their time at scholl could have been better directed?

    The judge is trying to engineer a solution by fixing the problem after the brach is discovered. Perhaps, an exploration of why there is this failure would be more productive.

    (I had to turn of my VPN to acess the file)

  46. What the judge needs to.take into consideration that warehousing criminals cost money and at the rate crime is being committed in Barbados with longer sentences Barbados govt would have to fork up.more money to build another prison
    BTW twenty four hours and counting David BU has not been heard
    Usually the Sunday editorials is one of his favorite stomping grounds to arose interest
    David say something

  47. I use the phrases “I am amazed”, “It surprises me” and “I wonder” quite often.

    We have so many issues confronting us, we have so many systems failing but somehow we are able to ignore our dire circumstances and find several distractions but I can uderstand

    Reality is a n ugly cold harsh bitch. No one likes to look at her
    It’s easier to be a debating society

    Wake me up, when it’s all over

    Have a great day all

  48. @TheOGazerts if you are going to retire in Barbados intall your own Solar system .

    Business 101. Continuously increase profitability.

    Emera will try to do that.

  49. G A M E
    O V E R
    DLP are Bankrupt.
    Investing time and effort promoting those losers is mental masturbating.
    Stop wanking in your bedroom and start to penetrate.

  50. It should be obvious to all that if the Central Banker had wanted to present a clear picture of where we are he would also have presented us with a comparison to pre-pandemic year 2019 as base year, the last NORMAL year for reference. Is there a law against that?

    P.S. On another note, I think the raising of water rates for those farmerswho benefit from irrigation water from the BADMC was offset by a decrease in water rates for those farmers who get their water from BWA. I imagine that this was to level the playing field for farmers.

    I do not know if this will work out to increase production of crops overall, because I think farming is more concentrated, for obvious reasons, in areas where cheap irrigation water was offered. Maybe some of these farmers may throw in the towel Most of them are not young people.

    Also, I find that the BWA water is not as good for growing as the rain water or irrigation water.

    One day of rain and my little garden greens and grows like magic. A marked difference from when I water with BWA’s offering. With BWA water, the plants do grow, but they struggle, grow more slowly and the leaves are yellowy at times.

    Somebody told me it is the chlorine. I don’t know how true.

  51. Good time for rich Bajan investors to buy back BL&P.The future will be great for alternative energy especially Solar.

  52. TLSNJuly 31, 2022 5:19 AM

    When will we ever learn?
    by Peter Webster

    Up to 1960, the continent of Africa was a net exporter of food, with many thriving rural farming communities, including many small farms.


    Much of Africa according to this article is an net agricultural products exporter!!


    But, most of Africa’s Agricultural exports are not life sustaining. No one is going to survive only on Coca, tea, coffee and cotton.

    “Africa’s agricultural exports are rising too. While SSA imports much more food today than it did two decades ago, it exports much more too (Figure 2). Indeed, the region imported roughly $40 billion per year over the past four years while it exported roughly $35 billion. Moreover, the region’s lower-middle-income countries, led by Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Kenya, have become agricultural export powerhouses, with a net agricultural trade surplus of more than $5 billion per year. SSA’s top exports are mainly tropical commodities such as cocoa, coffee, tea, and cotton, while its main food imports are wheat, rice, soybeans, other oilseeds, and frozen meat products.”

    “Wheat is not an African crop, it is not a tropical crop (but) many governments want to produce wheat locally instead of paying for imports,” Hans-Joachim Braun, director of the Center’s global wheat program, told Reuters by telephone.

    The report estimated that African nations would spend about $12 billion to import 40 million metric tons of wheat in 2012, particularly for fast-growing cities. More wheat should not be grown at the expense of other more viable crops, Braun said.

    Braun said wheat was already an established crop in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa but could easily expand to highland areas in other sub-Saharan nations. “Wheat cannot be produced in tropical lowlands,” he added.

    Twelve nations in sub-Saharan Africa produced almost six million metric tons of wheat a year in the period 2006-08, the study showed.

    And wheat consumption was rising fast. A rise in incomes and a shift to cities from the countryside also meant a shift in diets towards wheat and rice, away from crops including maize, sorghum, sweet potato, cassava or yams.

    The study suggested that, with investments including in fertilizers, wheat yields would be highest in the highlands of countries including Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania and Uganda.

    Mozambique, Angola and Zimbabwe were least suited to wheat in rain-fed areas, it said. Zimbabwe, however, is one of the most productive of the wheat-growing nations in Africa but depends heavily on irrigation.

    “If Africa does not push for wheat self-sufficiency, it could face more hunger, instability and even political violence, as bread riots in North Africa showed in recent years,” Bekele Shiferaw, a lead author of the study, said in a statement.

    In 2008, Zambia and Rwanda escaped sharp rises in wheat prices on global markets thanks to domestic production, the study said.

    Braun said it was hard to say when African nations might reach self-sufficiency in wheat if they tried.

    “The biological potential is there. But you also need access to markets. The big issue is the road infrastructure. It doesn’t help very much if the farm is far from the cities,” he said.

    For Rice there is also a plan. https://www.jica.go.jp/english/news/field/2018/181019_01.html

  53. A change in lifestyle in Africa is more likely the reason why Africa may starve as a result of the war in Ukraine.

    For us, it is the wholesale destruction of our arable lands that will be our downfall in case transportation costs and a falling world supply of foods we eat kicks in later on this year or early next year.

    Africa has plenty land in reserve.

  54. HantsJuly 31, 2022 10:00 AM




    Just need to engineer a way production at night.

    How many hours of peak production do solar panels give?

    For Barbados it makes more sense to look at wind energy, which is admittedly fickle but can produce energy 24/7.

    Even better might be tidal energy.

    Water is magic!!

  55. Zimbabwe and South Africa have both forced their white farmers to move on and spread their knowledge all around Africa and as far away as Russia and the Ukraine.

    If you are born to farm it does not matter where the land is!!

  56. “Reality is a n ugly cold harsh bitch. No one likes to look at her
    It’s easier to be a debating society

    Wake me up, when it’s all over”

    brace yourself for MUCH MORE TALK ONLY..

  57. @Hants
    Why ‘buy it back’?
    Solar doesn’t need Emera. To besides the cables should be underground.
    Force it out of business?

  58. David
    The backpack to Georgia school children is like a tradition – donated by business/ sponsors and private citizens and give out by non government charitable organizations

    @ Donna

    From 2019 – 2022. Figures are in the written report . Its the same format for each report
    For the dlp the base year would have been 2008 I don’t expect to hear any GDP report refer to 2019 or 2018 until we have reach back to those levels

  59. Physical Fitness
    Is Money in the Bank

    Here is a routine to put into your exercise toolbox for the practice of life

    Chi-TV July 19, 2022 Sarah led a Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down Method practice

    Cussedness removed a comment between Johns 4 comments above

  60. David
    “A scan of the landscape suggests RE and agriculture have been the focus of the government.”

    Shhhhhh! You know when folks are cocooned in their overpopulated metropoles based on what they don’tknow. But ain’t peeps want applicants fir a license to wait 3 months for someone to lodge an objection and claiming the public will be blocked from objecting?

  61. Enuff is a typical Political lackie…

    Explain the problem you have with Bajans asking questions about foreigners coming to make investments in the HUNDREDS of millions, with 30 year contracts, and who want to do so PRIVATELY with your crooked, bribe-taking politicians?

    You come on BU cussing the CITIZENS who simply ask for TRANSPARENCY?
    Have you ANY shame?

  62. NorthernObserverJuly 31, 2022 11:06 AM

    Why ‘buy it back’?
    Solar doesn’t need Emera. To besides the cables should be underground.
    Force it out of business?


    Simple reason.


    Batteries add a whole ‘nother aspect.

    Then there are serious disposal issues.

    Tidal energy still makes most sense, next is wind energy.

    Large solar farms can’t survive unless they have a buyer for their product.

    Emera has the distribution system into which solar farms MUST feed!!

  63. Solar panels on top of a house roof for the dedicated house does not need EMERA once it has batteries to store what it generates during the hours it sees the sun.

    However, don’t do it unless you are a licensed electrical contractor.

    Here is an off grid system with no connection to any Utility Supply Company.

  64. Here is one that ties into the Utility Supply Company.

    If you don’t have battery backup you will be supplied by your system for most of the day with the excess being sold to the Utility Company.

    At night, you will get your power from the Utility Company.

  65. Since we are on the economy, the allegations I am hearing about the Gantry Crane at the port is worth exploring.

    I’m hearing the allegation that the Gantry Crane(s) have been sold to private interests and there is now a $300.00 US fee for offloading each.

    Anyone know if this is true?

  66. @ Enuff
    But Bushie don’t care ANYTHING bout you Boss!
    The bushman was commenting on the lotta shiite you typed bout “But ain’t peeps want applicants fir a license to wait 3 months for someone to lodge an objection”

    Clearly you got clothes on the line and looking fun rain….

  67. Noo, I am the rain soaking yours!




  68. If you want a good chuckle take a look at the job advert on page 16 in today’s electronic Barbados Today.. Apparently the IADP are offering a loan to the Barbados government aimed at their national tourism program. They are looking at engaging a consultant or a consultancy to undergo an environmental and social assessment for upgrades to part of the old town hall building.

    Is it any surprise why the country is broke? Will the people of Barbados benefit from this loan? I doubt it. We have a saying in the UK for such goings on. We call it money for old rope!


  69. Enuff good one to Knowall Bush Tea i am the rain soaking yours(clothes) Love it!Bush Tea, Pacha, TSLN and the liar Waru along with Skinner are experts in all fields telling governments what they should or should not do.Thing is nobody elected them to represent them in nothing.My view just a bunch of shitetalkers.I gone.

  70. [[You come on BU cussing the CITIZENS who simply ask for TRANSPARENCY?
    Have you ANY shame?]]

    Shame? Once the scratch grain flowing yard fowls care nuffin bout shame. Care nuffin bout ethics, governance, what is right or even Barbados. The job of the yard fowl is to promote and defend the party line at all costs.

    What is really comical is that people on BU dismiss ac but yet take Enuff seriously. Can’t make this ish up.

  71. @John
    Of course the distribution system is the crux. Replacing that is a massive undertaking.
    Not an area of specialty for me, but have always been intrigued by rare earth reactors. Expensive to build, but economical to operate.
    You can also break off the main grid in small sections? You have to build your own distribution.
    Who owns the cell towers in Bim?

  72. John 2,

    Okay. So that is where the focus should be.


    I pointed out month’s ago that agriculture is being addressed. Even the monkey population is being culled. Renewable energy is obviously being pushed.

    If we want to question the pace or intensity even the mode of action, then that is all that is debatable, not the intention.

    But you cannot point out these things on BU. You cannot analyse issue by issue. You are only supposed to cuss de guvment.

    I do understand why though. Politicians lie too much to get into power. Everything they do will be seen against this backdrop. The people simply cannnot trust liars.

    Nor should they.

    • @Donna

      On BU one of the great shortcomings is that some are quick to apply political labels if you want to fairly treat with an issue. Do not be deterred, there is a silent readership who may appreciate the info.

  73. @ Dullard
    No one takes Enuff seriously. We are just amazed at how little SHAME he displays….

    Prior to this BLP era, Enuff could clearly see all the political weaknesses of the DLP and never failed to highlight these…
    LO and Behold, the very same shioite from the BLP now meets with his full support and approval….

    Lorenzo is different…
    He is just another mindless yard fowl….

    BTW @ Enuff
    You CANNOT soak Bushie’s clothes Boss…
    You should know that the bushman would have a fancy dryer – Speed Queen skippa..
    You like you forget who the bushman’s adopted father is…?

  74. “Bush Tea, Pacha, TSLN and the liar Waru along with Skinner are experts in all fields telling governments what they should or should not do.”

    looks like yall will NEVER GET OUT OF DEBT….yall will DIE IN DEBT……right where the parliaments LIARS put you…yall will never get away…..but not one of the names you nimble infested fowl called put you there…

  75. David

    I think I understood ur comment and where it was aimed. I guess charity is charity no matter where it’ is coming from

    Backpack containing school supplies are usually distributed to kids that are supposed in need of them

    I am not aware about food baskets being given to the kids but there are a lot of soup kitchen and food collection/ distribution centers in the Atlanta area

  76. Bush Tea unlike you i am no expert in all things.Therefore unlike you i do not comment on every blog.You are the one without shame.You were on here promoting the bullshiter Mr Thompson and when he became PM and did not have a clue what he was do8ng you were as quiet as a church mouse.Perhaps you forgot these things i do not.Therefore you are in no position to criticize enuff as you can be termed a dem yardfowl back then as well.At least you realised Mr Stuart was clearly out to sea and said as much.I gone.

  77. David,

    The labels do not deter me. It is that I understand their position. When seen against the backdrop of lies, broken promises and corruption, every action, is tainted.

    We want transformative government. We want transparency and accountability. Instead, we are often asked to believe the opposite of what our eyes are seeing.

    It is enough to make you want to cuss.

    • Where separate Donna is the transformation you and many of us seek must come from a ‘spring’. It must be forced by the people. The political class on its own will not understand to disrupt a system that provides its life support. This is the quandary John and Jane Citizen find themselves.

  78. Bush Tea unlike you i am no expert in all things.
    Touché Lorenzo…

    Bushie has to respect a fella who confesses his weaknesses…
    But do you understand why cockroach keep way from fowlcock parties…?

    Did you notice that Bushie wished the VERY best to your Auntie when she started out too…?
    and PRAYED for her success…?

    But when she turned round and gang up with the SAME Malmoney that she had JUST accused of all kinds of evil…..
    …and when she COZY up with the Four Seasons architect Persaud…and hide up the clearwater shiite
    ….Bushie cuss her donkey – just like the bushman cussed Thieving Thompson bout the CLICO $3.3 million….

    Bushie deals with PRINCIPLES …not BB personalities boss…

    Wuh . you know that Bushie like Enuff too…
    but the day that we find out that he thief any of his clients funds it will be cat piss and pepper bout here…

  79. The Chinese are dumping solar panels at below cost and have been caught already.

    Surprised our folks haven’t figured out what is going on!!

  80. “But when she turned round and gang up with the SAME Malmoney that she had JUST accused of all kinds of evil…”

    wuh i hear dese days dey pretending the marriage int working out, sound familiar right………sumbody claiming the baggage is becoming too heavy to carry and mekkin dem look bad wid scandal….like if dah int all dey are, one BIG SCANDAL…….so watch out for the NEXT SCAM against the people, vat, treasury pension fund…..

    “but the day that we find out that he thief any of his clients funds it will be cat piss and pepper bout here…”

    “associate” in NYC = ERRAND BOY….i shit you not, dem int lettin dah wannabe nowhere client’s money…

  81. @ David
    There is also a silent readership tgat understands when there is nothing other than pretending to be objective when in fact it is nothing more than a pathetic defense of the status quo regardless of whom is in office.
    I can say that @ Donna is quite objective in her offerings and I will stop there.
    Yes Sir, there is a “silent readership”who knows a whole lot of things and that is precisely why even those who think they are fooling people with what they call “ balance “ are grossly mistaken.
    The only reason the apologists are so feeble these days is because they have seen all the promises about good governance and integrity in public life remain nothing but promises.
    In other words they are shame and shameless at the same time. It’s called : pathetic.

    • In your opinion William. All of us have opinions. What you don’t understand is that we have many actors on BU who play roles. You may have the last word.

  82. Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol on said:

    “Where separate Donna is the transformation you and many of us seek must come from a ‘spring’.”

    In the old days there was less international news and less international influence and interference

    David the CIA operative wants a ‘spring’
    that’s a loaded propaganda word outside of the western warmongers spy community who engage in illegal coups

    Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion
    The CIA supported the Contras who were various U.S.-backed and funded right-wing rebel groups that were active from 1979 to 1990 in opposition to the Marxist Sandinista Junta of National Reconstruction Government in Nicaragua which came to power in 1979 following the Nicaraguan Revolution.

    Discover Your Inner Strength—Introduction to 12 White Crane Hard Qigong Exercises

  83. Across social media platforms people are hollering and pelting big rocks at BL&P from their key boards
    Barbadians need to get up from behind their key boards and used that energy in physically to demonstrate to these one armed bandits that they are serious when these companies rob their pocket books
    All the long talk trying to get these big Mcguffies to understand not going change a dam thing
    The only thing these demons understand is ACTION

  84. Bushie
    Where did I say the public should not be able to object to an application for a license? I simply said “peeps want applicants for a license to wait 3 months for someone to lodge an objection and claiming the public will be blocked from objecting”. If you agree in this day and age, an application for a license should allow persons 3 months to lodge an objection, rather than call me a lackey, explain why it makes sense. Instead of calling me a lackey, enlighten the blog how the bill stops Bajans from objecting. Go further and explain the whole process. Instead of worrying about foreigners, corrall all the expertise on BU and apply! As a non-lackey, investigate where opportunities are available for Bajans to invest and share with fellow bloggers. Stop talking, and at least attempt to act. CYRH.

  85. “First they came …”

    In 1990 they NWO Illuminati Gray Lizards went to War in Iraq
    and I called out the scum as they told Saddam they would never get involved in Arab Arab conflict
    and they were fucking racist to brown Muslims

    In 2001-2021 Anglo-American Warmongers with Drones engaged in War in Afghanistan
    and I called out the scum as George Bush Son of Bush was a lying motherfucker
    and septic tanks could not be trusted and they were fucking racist to brown Muslims

    In 2003–2011 engaged in war in Iraq and I called them out as you cannot trust white people who are evil devils

    2010 I made a comment on BBC about Spring Time for Hitler and Germany song lyrics and those plagiarist white spies started engaging in Arab Spring Revolutions in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, and Bahrain

    Progressives around the world oppose the propaganda war against China

  86. Beware +
    Be Aware
    ⬇ Down with ‘Spring’
    ⬇ Down with David 2.1

    An Unlikely Hit…

    The Producers – Springtime for Hitler / Mel Brooks

    Springtime for Hitler / Mel Brooks
    Germany was having trouble, what a sad, sad story
    Needed a new leader to restore its former glory
    Where, Oh where was he? Where could that man be?
    We looked around and then we found
    The man for you and me.
    And now it’s..

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Deutschland is happy and gay
    We’re marching to a faster pace
    Look out, here comes the master race

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Winter for Poland and France
    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Come on, Germans, go into your dance

    I was born in Dusseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf
    Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Goosestep’s the new step today
    bombs falling from the skies again
    Deutschland is on the rise again

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Uboats are sailing once more

    Springtime for Hitler and Germany
    Means that soon we’ll be going
    We’ve got to be going
    You know we’ll be going to WAR!

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