• Mr. President
    ……… This is Apartheid

    Today the fascist Joe Biden is in occupied Palestine publicly professing that the regime is a democracy. How laughable!

    Indeed, there are no real difference between the mentality or mirror images of a Joe Biden and these “embedded” in the acili of Rastafari as found in a lie-ed bible.

    If we as Afrikan peoples are not loyal to truth, across the board, then they are no differences between us and them.

    Mr. Rasta you are still enslaved by foolishness.


  • @Pacha

    Joe Biden is a figure head of Deep State.



  • David
    That deep state is not the only one presently. Or the only one to have existed. And yet it cannot avoid oblivion. That deep state of which you speak cannot even keep its secrets, its family jewels.

    Leave them to Pacha. This is above your paid grade😄


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    Pacha…indeed evil that a rapist/racist is the photo of a jesus that did not exist in that form….

    but many are seeing the fraud…and turning away from it..

    Keep your eyes on the continent, things are happening…unfolding.


  • @Pacha

    No problem, then it means you should have a realistic expectation of the blogmaster.


  • Waru
    Yes. Always!


  • Is there such a thing as a Bajan intellectual

    or am I just lapping them again and again

    am I so deep that I am on a higher level


  • https://rastafarivisions.com/wordpress/fineartprints/


    The images that have been embedded in your subconscious mind are the motherboard that governs the wiring of your psyche.

    They have a profound influence in your subconscious world.

    They are like a virus IN YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM,working to keep you bowing and submitting to slave-masters in the spirit of weakness and inferiority.

    That is why it is an act of forward revolution to consciously surround your family with images that counteract and neutralize the spirit of white supremacy and Black inferiority.

    In pursuit of this purpose, Rastafari Visions is guided by the thinking thatif the mission is to erase the damage that has been caused by slavery and colonialism, then the ART that we produce should not be exclusively reserved for the wealthy.

    Therefore, Rastafari Visions offers Open Edition Prints with the aim that Africans everywhere can participate in reversing the psychological damage, and be a part of the new era of African consciousness, where the art of the revolution is a normal background to their everyday reality.

    So how can you get a large high-resolution print without paying an arm and a leg?

    See the links below where the art of Rastafari Visions is available not only in fine art prints on metal, canvas, wood, and acrylic, but also available in shower curtains and 3 different sizes of tapestries.

    Because of our recent ability to print these images on shower curtains and tapestries, very large high-resolution images like the one shown in the picture, can now be purchased at relatively low prices.

    Song, Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Same nasty sex tourism they used to destroy the social fabric in the Caribbean, allowed on the continent…

    “Kenya Sexploited / 2022

    Coastal Kenya is a popular destination for sex tourists from around the world who come in search of love. European women, known as ‘sugar mamas’, approach local boys for sex. Older girlfriends provide them with money and presents.

    Finding a white woman is often the fastest way to get out of poverty for many families. Some even encourage their children to skip school and look for tourists who can care for family needs. Some of the prostitute boys are as young as ten when they start providing sexual favours to tourists.”


  • African Online Publishing Copyright ⓒ 2022. All Rights Reserved

    Richest continent on earth and they allow these nasty beasts to corrupt children..


  • O! Bad Shot

    Black Matter Tears


  • Chasing Dee

    Chasing Heather




  • When I saw the headline “IN RESPONSE TO THE CRITICAL NEED FOR IMAGE THERAPY” all I could think was all the CAT SCANS in the island were down again and people had to go overseas.

    I know some with serious problems who had to wait for the imaging to be done so a diagnosis could be made.


  • Try relocating to Cuzco in Peru.


  • RE When I saw the headline “IN RESPONSE TO THE CRITICAL NEED FOR IMAGE THERAPY” all I could think was all the CAT SCANS in the island were down again and people had to go overseas.

    I know some with serious problems who had to wait for the imaging to be done so a diagnosis could be made.


  • Times are coming when everybody, including doctors, have to adjust/

    My father worked as an engineer in Venezuela in the oilfields from 1938, through WWII for 16 years.

    He told me in his work he and all the young engineers used calculating machines that were run by electricity from a generator.

    When it broke down, only the older guys could function with their slide rules!!!

    He had to adjust, as all did!!


  • Like

  • Emancipated and free
    “We are aware that the price of freedom is ongoing vigilance. We must have ongoing demonstrations to people who may think of reversing your gains, reminding them that we are still here and we are still pressing for our freedoms.” – Dr Deryck Murray, director of the Centre for Hybrid Studies Martin Luther King, Jr wrote that “Freedom is never given voluntarily by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Consider that we are currently in the season of emancipation, celebrating England’s granting of “freedom” to the Africans it enslaved. Britain did not simply have a crisis of conscience and a “come to Jesus moment”. Yes, there was pressure from the abolitionist movement in Britain to end slavery.
    But there was also pressure from the enslaved whose rebellions were growing in frequency and intensity. There was economic pressure as well.
    The sugar plantations in the colonies were no longer as profitable, and hence were losing favour with the Crown. Ending slavery was a strategic decision designed to benefit the British more than it benefited those where were enslaved.
    Britain went to great lengths to ensure that the plantocracy in the region was supported.
    Reparations were paid to slave owners. “Freed” people were made to work for free for a period of years after they were “freed”. To this day acts of seeming benevolence by colonising nations are questionable. We need look no further than the dismal record of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) aid programmes to the Caribbean, which have historically exacerbated regional A.I.D.S.
    (Acquired Internal Deficiencies and Struggles).
    Probe into disturbances
    A hundred years after emancipation worker revolts broke out across the Caribbean, Britain sent a commission to investigate the cause of the disturbances and what they found was truly disturbing. A hundred years after emancipation, the lives of the formerly enslaved Africans were not much different than before they were “freed”.
    Emancipation is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as the process of giving people social and political freedom and rights. The word has its roots in the latin “emacipare” which refers to a parent setting a child free from their control. The relationship between enslaved Africans and their enslavers has never been parental. So, if freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor, what really occurred with the Emancipation Act of 1834? You can be emancipated and yet not free.
    If someone releases formal or legal control over you, but you are still mentally or emotionally attached to them, what they have done is relieved themselves of much of the responsibilities of slavery while maintaining much of the benefits.
    Our continued economic and political dependence, despite producing erudite politicians, economists and legal minds, is connected to our lack of appreciation for the intellectual, mental and cultural dimensions of slavery and its evolutions.
    Haitian revolution
    We were not only placed in slavery. Slavery was placed in us. Even the heroes of the Haitian revolution are not exempt. Toussaint L’Overture argued that his victory was for slavery and for France. He was captured by the French after accepting an invitation to come
    on board a French ship to talk. He thought that they would treat him fairly and honourably the way they would be expected to treat a British general. On his ascent to power after Toussaint’s capture, Jean Jacques Dessalines instituted a system of forced labour to rival that previously imposed by the French. He could not or would not envision a system radically different from the only one he ever knew.
    To this day we make similar mistakes. We approach the world economic and political system as if it will treat us fairly.
    We reproduce, copy and import systems which we inherited from oppressors and fail to innovate our own. We continue to be at the whims of international political winds. We continue to be a playground for foreign commercial entities. And so, Dr Murray is correct. The gains we’ve made were hard won. They can easily be lost. Resilience demands that we remind ourselves and the world that we are still here and we are still pressing for our freedoms.
    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: adriangreen14@gmail.com.

    Source: Nation


  • Daddy Africa (Lelelavalam Jam)
    “England’s granting of “freedom” to the Africans it enslaved. Britain did not simply have a crisis of conscience and a “come to Jesus moment”. Yes, there was pressure from the abolitionist movement in Britain to end slavery.”

    In 1834, the British government decided to begin to free the slaves through apprenticeship in Barbados.

    But what came next?….
    Robbery with Aggravation
    aka Colonisation of Africa
    They had been in Africa since 1600s with small holdings but after slavery came the rush to take control of Africa.
    Established empires—notably Britain, France, Spain and Portugal—had already claimed coastal areas but had not penetrated deeply inland.
    From 1880-1900 Britain gained control over or occupied what are now known as Egypt, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Gambia, Sierra Leone, northwestern Somalia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, and Malawi. That meant that the British ruled 30% of Africa’s people at one time.
    The 1885 Berlin Conference, initiated by Otto von Bismarck to establish international guidelines and avoiding violent disputes among European Powers, formalized the “New Imperialism”. This allowed the imperialists to move inland, with relatively few disputes among themselves

    Present Era
    The point is these European nations and White Colonies are still manipulating world power dynamics and are still racist


  • Rastas & Hooligans Theme (We Dance in Peace Mixx)

    Rollin Round Africa


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