One World Government In Disguise

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Don't be fooled by the various disguises and the different labels, the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT has been around for a very long time. Look beneath the uniforms of different color and different nationality and you will see there is ONE SPIRIT OF LEGAL BRUTALITY - CLICK Image To Listen


(written and illustrated by Ras Jahaziel August 2010)

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  1. The actions of the OECD, now being mirrored by one of their members UK, must be viewed in light of control of world economies, as the main agenda.

    The OECD, contrary to its mandate is anti-competitive and bent on ruling the financial regulations.

    It is sinister that the operations of that body are being used to change goalposts, work against select countries,specifically against sovereign rights and also push actions that have a very anti-competitive bent.

    One may also think that actions such as those in Libya are unrelated, but are they?

    Libya is oil rich, has much reserves built up and Gaddafi, albeit a bit twisted, has been known to suffer no fools and refuse to abide by nonsense.

    As such, it is necessary to remove such as him to further the economic aims of the sub-department of the OWG, the OECD.

    Note that one of the head contributors and policy leaders in the OECD, France, is also one of the first into Libya.

    Interesting? Logically, the next two that will go are Iran and Venezuela, due to their natural and financial resources and their unwillingness to play by rules which they have not agreed to.

    This is indeed a long road ahead.

    For those who are the policyleaders in this thing though, remember one thing.

    Man proposes, but the Almighty disposes (as Mother Eart has just shown).

    • @Crusoe

      Good comment and all the more reason this should be fought by Barbados in a bipartisan manner.

      The experience of former Pm Owen Arthur, Lynette Eastmond et al should be fully utilized.

      Wishful thinking?

  2. @David, I hope that the Government utilises those minds, BUT they are bowling with a tapeball, the ‘OECD’ playing with a hardball and owns the stumps. It will not stop.

    To stop it will take a unification of ALL small island and lesser developed countries. I mean it.

    Isn’t THAT wishful thinking? Lol.

  3. David,

    By resurrection, you do mean in substance, as the form is supposedly still alive, correct?

    Your suggestion is very relevant and probably the most suitable way of addressing the issue, why re-create the wheel.

    Therefore, an urgent meeting of this body is the first step towards addressing the neo-colonialist financial and tax measures being forced upon us by the OECD.

    Great suggestion.

  4. By the way, working through this body will also address the deceptive and fallback position they use, that if you are ‘not with them’, you are considered subversive.

    An untruth, red herring utilised to create fear and as a bully tactic, much used recently.

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