Here Ye Hear Ye – Barbados Bar Association Proposes to Increase Fees at Special General Meeting!

Rosalind Millar, President of the BBA
Rosalind Millar, President of the BBA

Pursuant to Rule 11 of the Rules of the Barbados Bar Association NOTICE is hereby given of a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Barbados Bar Association to be held on Friday 1st July 2022 at 3:00 PM  Via Zoom. The main agenda item is “Scale of Fees”.


1.            Welcome and establishment of quorum.

2.            To consider and adopt the Report of the Costs Fees Committee for the amendment of the Legal Profession (Attorneys-at-Law) Contentious Business Rules

3.            To approve the submission of the said Report and new draft Rules to the Rules Committee of the Supreme Court for consideration and approval pursuant to Section 35 of the Legal Profession Act, Cap. 370A of the Laws of Barbados.

NOTE: The Report and the relevant proposed resolutions are attached.

Dated the 20th day of June 2022

By order of the Council

Raquel R. Gilkes

Hon. Secretary

173 thoughts on “Here Ye Hear Ye – Barbados Bar Association Proposes to Increase Fees at Special General Meeting!

  1. @David, I find it interesting, the earnings data of the lawyers, irrespective of how small, the sample pool was, and the volume of high volume of family matters. Thus, I am led to belief again, some lawyers who work on family matters, may be manipulating, these highly emotional issues, to top up their earrings.

    • @Kammie

      You have been in town long enough to k ow how these things go, a few people sit around a table and the deal is done.

  2. Thus, I am led to belief again, some lawyers who work on family matters, may be manipulating, these highly emotional issues, to top up their earrings.

    they drag cases out for years, treating men like criminals, breaching human rights,
    fathers have to give it up or go to bankruptcy court

  3. Waru
    This is an epical battle.

    On the one hand, White people in this fight for the continuation of world leadership know that a lost in Ukraine is the end or the beginning of the end for them. Just like WW1 was for the British.

    They will resume the status they once had when “Europe’ was the backwater of the world with hardly any natural resources. They got rich by war, genocide and theft.

    On the other, the Russians and their allies have clearly discerned the imperial exhaustion of the Anglo-Saxons and are intent on delivering the death knell. Make no mistake!

    That exhaustion is pelucid within these cancel culture, wokeism, gender multipolarity artificial discourses erected to distract as Rome burns.

  4. The issue of thieving Lawyers is now passé.
    That is all akin to striking up the band on the Titanic for the grand finale…

    As Bushie has been trying to explain now since the damn whacker get tek way, there is a BULLDOZER on the way and there is no shiite nylon on those blades….

    If wunna don’t yet grasp the URGENCY of the situation, then wunna may as well worry about the shiite lawyers yuh real…

    It is lifeboat time inna Babylon …Boss…..

    @ Pacha
    Your fascination with BRICS and the other ‘MECHANISMS’ of the coming ‘bulldozer’ is admirable.
    Bushie continues to be impressed with your insight in this regard…
    But how you cannot see the majesty of OPERATOR of all these mechanisms of REPARATIONS (KARMA in the flesh) is itself a wonder……

  5. Furthermore, all he had to do was register himself as the new attorney of record, and write to the insurance company requesting payment. If the funds were already paid to the attorney, then they would have told him so.

    I told the woman that her attorney should not need to be “contemplating” his next move. It was pretty straightforward.

    Conclusion: The previous attorney had taken his call (obvious since she would not have even asked why he was calling). He knew that the judgment had been settled. She had spent the money and he was covering for her.

    This man took the destitute, single mother’s borrowed $700 and sold her out.





  6. Pacha…there is definitely an escalation, this signals that we ought to spiritually position or reposition ourselves…

    they are asking westerners to sacrifice their basic needs,,,,don’t know where all of this is going but don’t sound positive to me….people in the Caribbean should know what they have to do…everyone is responsible for their own selves…

    apparently UK is headed to war in Europe…been hearing the saber-rattling for days…

    and of course there are those who would use Afrika as a pawn for their own means…..but the continent should ALSO know what they have to do..

  7. Pacha…it’s clear that it’s gone way past just the average war and is now a battle to THE DEATH from what am seeing on other platforms…..

    Bushman….let’s hope that they are not STILL LOOKING TO PIMP reparations of the PAPER KIND as CO-CONSPIRATORS in their people’s misery, oppression and all manner of criminality for the last 100 years…nothing but HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES…… knowing their nerve, they problably will…BUT.

    nuhbody int wahn to see dem now, so they better stop drooling over reparations to TIEF…it’s easy to drop a small bomb on a bothersome fly….let’s hope the blast is contained and isolated to one spot only…..cause evabody VEX RIGHT NOW…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. If wunna don’t yet grasp the URGENCY of the situation, then wunna may as well worry about the shiite lawyers yuh real…

    roll up a big fathead doob and sit back and relax to king tubby meets the upsetters in the grass roots of dub

    if you believe in the end times then it is pure niceness

  9. btw…that issue with Donna’s friend, if she wants to see a DIME of her judgement amount that the lawyer stole….and/or have the criminal LOCKED UP SOMEWHERE OFF ISLAND…she better do what everyone knows they have to do right now and ARE DOING IT…

    or….kiss that large some goodbye….cause the criminal syndicate won’t give a shit…

    Kenneth Rijock,

  10. Waru


    The way things going US hundted dollar bills soon going to be blowing bout the place and nobody bending to pick up one.

  11. Lithuania blocks Russian transport to its province of Kaliningrad.

    Kaliningrad, is separated from Russia proper by Lithuania.

    WW3 beckons!

    The Great Bear sees the violation of several treaties as an act of war. Has prepared a response which will be delivered soon it seems.

    Lithuania has 30 percent ethnic Russians. Kaliningrad is dominately Russian

    Of course, little Lithuania is being nudged by NATO, the EU and Uncle Sam to mess with the Bear.

  12. The escalation is very clear..and the dollar needs strengthening…they got a REAL job ahead of them….


    and these are STUPID enuff to believe they can still pull it off AS CO-CONSPIRATORS of Afrikan destruction…they same people they conspired with to destroy Afrikan lives for 100 years…they now want to EXTORT reparations from…i knew all along it was an extortion……and after all that information i got access to….NOT A DIME FOR THEM…MFs..

    Afrika got the same issue too…ya dont CONSPIRE to enslave or oppress ya OWN PEOPLE and then want reparations from whom ya CONSPIRED WITH…..madness especially now every dime gotta o feeding the war machine…

    won’t want to be in any of their shoes…too tight bozie..

    yo Pacha….this is quite the achievement……Nanas Rashidi and Hilliard were contributors…before their transition..,i ,was there for Rashidi…his transition was very recent…

    “ is celebrating 16 years of being the most influential and innovative Black social education site and the only comprehensive Afrikan digital Communiversity online!”

  13. News Flash!!! for all of them though…….

    …both DBLP TRAITORS and the minority Crimemunity of CRIMINALS AND THIEVES both dead and alive…….OWE the Afrikan descended in Barbados REPARATIONS from 1920 and coming forward…..exactly 102 YEARS WORTH OF REPARATIONS…

    ..always knew this is HOW IT WILL GO…even before i got hold of certain things, i just knew…..

  14. Can’t make what up?
    do you have any idea what i have in my possession? you don’t, and it could not be made up either…

    what you should ask yourself honestly….is WHY does nothing happen to change the trajectory on the island from over 100 years ago….some answers may actually come to you..

  15. @ Bushman aka a Cup of Tea ☕
    did you score 14g of the thing* yet as instructed above in your mission statement from HQ
    Here is the album for your listening senses pleasure to sample on youtube streaming service
    If you see it, you should get it and I hope you enjoy it

    King Tubby Meets the Upsetter at the Grass Roots of Dub
    Winston Edwards, King Tubby, Lee Perry

    (*) ‘Mary Jane’, ‘bud’, ‘ganja’, ‘herb’, ‘chronic’, ‘grass’, ‘dope’, ‘bush weed’

  16. Jah Jah Skanking, Winston Edwards, Wood Roots, King Tubby Meets The Upsetter

    Stand By Me, Al Griffiths, Stand By Shaka Dubs, Jah Shaka, Wet Up Your Pant Foot, U-Brown

  17. We got a real live conundrum.

    ‘There’s Going to Be another Pandemic’ – Biden

    “We need more money to plan for the second pandemic. There’s going to be another pandemic,” Joe Biden told the media, while addressing the current state of Covid-19 in the US.”

  18. Waru
    This writer just declined an opportunity to buy some options predicated on the notion that we will return to the bad old days of Covid19.

    Not because the potential returns weren’t great, there were fantastic, but sometimes it’s hard to accept that these fuckers are at it again.

    The financial house promoting this is estimating that vaccinated people will die in large numbers etc. Jesus Christ! How could this here writer seek, with good conscious, to make money from death.

    Hoping their estimation is wrong.

  19. Pacha..we have entered a very bad place….now we are hearing the last 50 years were nothing but economic “distortion” which is about to get even worse….they are saying, not a crash but more distortion….which will be a gigantic collapse for those the impoverishment is aimed at…

    we must make sure we are on top of what’s going on DAILY..

    i don’t know how people cannot see the precarious situation in preparation..

    it would be wise to stay away from economic situations we did not create ourselves.

  20. Bammie & The Natty Locks-Herbman Style From Ghetto, Jah Is Shaking In Dub

    I Know My Rights, Rites Of Dub, Keith Hudson

  21. This excerpt should tell everyone WHERE WE ARE GOING…

    “we can afford only one meal a day, because our wage is so low. only 800 rupees. It is enough only to buy two flatbreads and a pound of dhal,” – a tea picker in Sri Lanka

    the balance of it is depressing, these days not even i want to post certain things……

    as predicted Pacha…starvation will become a part of life…..if people know what’s good for them, they will put MILES between themselves and governments, anything to do with the corrupt system AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE….build your own empires and economic realities…ya don’t need politicians to do either…

    William….nuhbody int gotta listen to me, am already well on my way…

  22. If they are still doubting, they should research why over 4 MILLION PEOPLE WALKED OFF THEIR JOBS in US…in recent times…

  23. Waru
    On Runhonor.Rasihidi. Just checked. Dead since August last year. Did not know.

    Black people just would not hear. For a man his height he must have been 200 lbs overweight.

    Anytime one’s waist is larger than the chest he or she is a candidate for metabolic syndrome diseases.

    It’s paradoxical that a man who taught us almost all we know about the ancient global Afrikan could succumb to the evils of sugars and carbohydrates.

    This “sweet food” we love so much is the death of us. Still many brag about how much they can devour.

    Notwithstanding, may the Great Ancestors welcome him into a place of eternal honour.

  24. “Is Ranoko Rashidi dead?”

    Last year August 2nd while on a trip to Kemet to do research, apparently he was ailing for some time.

  25. “Anytime one’s waist is larger than the chest he or she is a candidate for metabolic syndrome diseases.”

    he completed his task….Ase!!

    too late for some, although we have known for years that the CURTAIN OF FAT around your stomach is a KILLER…and should be controlled at all times, along with bad eating habits…all the information is out there….but apparently, it only really catches up with you AFTER DECADES of the same behavior of wearing what you eat…

  26. Someone posted this to a platform, a great topic for islands like Barbados:

    ““We cannot destroy white supremacy until we address the internal contradictions in ourselves and in our communities that allow white supremacy to continue to flourish.” -Dr. Runoko Rashidi

    #masterteacher #runokorashidi #blackpower #panafrican #blackunity

    then someone else asked this… is a fair question…seeing that we are running out of people who could hold a critical thinking and clear analytical thought let alone put it down on papaer…….and not preparing our young people sufficiently to fill that void.

    the person who asked is white btw..

    “Are there any more scholars alive?”

  27. Pacha…did you tune in to the BRICS Forum? a lot being said..

    people interested in their future health wellbeing, happiness and that of their families should…

  28. I know no one can be asking in any seriousness, how we got here…..

    information HIDDEN, well hidden, from the Afrikan population for 102 YEARS… is the biggest tell that no one should follow politicians from that same incestous DNA>..and B/D alphabet…to go anywhere or do anything….AVOID THEM…or don’t and see.

    …all politicians are NOW TO BE vehemently and PERMANENTLY REJECTED….by those who are awake…

    why would anyone trust anything or anyone coming from that parliament is beyond me….

    William…again, everything must be revised for safety, security and future wellbeing……and determinedly FOLLOWED UP….not only on the island but the entire region….those in the diaspora who were watching are on top of it, so they are making their movements accordingly..

  29. TLSN…we know we got some real life demons amongst us…the traitors and enemies within, so talking about this same scenario elsewhere this morning…

  30. I gave out a lot of hints this morning about the 102 years of lies, cover ups, oppression, bondage, thefts of labor and a multitude of crimes against Afrikan people perpetrated by 2 traitor governments and their co-conspirators…..the information is available, not exactly a secret except for the very fine details, which were very well hidden…

    …….i suggest if anyone has information in that regard, that they post it to BU… warn THEIR PEOPLE…

    what i have will be used for my magazine and books…..although from time to time, i will drop a thing or two.

  31. Clarification as encouraged by the blogmaster. Barbados joined the Organisation of AMERICAN STATES in 1967. Barbados has also competed at the PAN AMERICAN Games since 1963, both at the junior and senior level. I find it hard to believe that Barbadians needed a copy+paste specialist to tell us we’re part of the Americas. The pimps can come fuh me.🤣

  32. Magnificent a.k.a Magno – Yu Heard Formula: C₂₁H₃₀O₂ IUPAC ID: (−)-(6aR,10aR)-6,6,9-trimethyl- 3-pentyl-6a,7,8,10a-tetrahydro- 6H-benzo[c]chromen-1-ol on said:

    People need to understand Corruption.
    In developing countries there is corruption in Leadership to steal money.

    In developed countries there is corruption for wars abroad and wars against it’s own civilians such as blacks and liberals.
    Conservatives want to control Supreme Courts to stop progressive laws.
    There is corruption in media and politics by white supremacists.

  33. “The pimps can come fuh me.🤣”

    so i fully expect YOU…to tell your AFRIKAN people what was DONE TO THEM AND THEIR FAMILIES in the last 102 YEARS, by the traitors in the parliament and the THIEVES in the minority crimeunity…THEIR CO-CONSPIRATORS…

    …ya don’t need me to do it, you and ya fellow fowls already know all about it and should do this public service to save them from more OPPRESSION, bondage and black on black IMPERIALISM…for another hundred years…

    am waiting, not holding my breath, but waiting..

  34. William….dah is wuh happen wen dey tink dey slick…jump out to demonize and intimidate me and GOT CHECKMATED!!! and did not even see it coming, still BEWILDERED………blind fowls…..murdahhh!!, been laughing since day before…

    they don’t understand the concept of OUT OF REACH…either, just as they don’t understand the concept of HUMAN RIGHTS…

  35. Funny Enuff, I’ve “been laughing since day before” as well.

    As predicted, they’ve dug themselves into a hole and are now pretending to be the ‘victim,’ while continually sending out the ‘Bat signal’ and calling for ‘back up.’

    Unfortunately for them, neither ‘Batman’ nor any other member of the ‘Justice League’ has so far responded.

    🤣 😂 🤣 🤣

  36. some just don’t get tired of looking stupid and childish……guess they never will….

    when all those criminal acts from 100 years ago gets thrown out there….try stopping it…..from ya position as an anonymous..

  37. William….BIGLY problem for them, ah already distilled some out there, but they won’t know how or where to find it…they gotta wait till someone tells them about it and then claim they knew all along….but right now, ah cahn get not one fowl to put even a morsel of that information out there to save their people……

    .THE GREAT PRETENDERS…pretending they know WHEN THEY DON’T…

  38. “some just don’t get tired of looking stupid and childish……guess they never will….”

    You’ve definitely mastered the art….. to the point of professionalism.

  39. “Bat signal” “Justice League”


    Now I’m laughing too!


  40. Such an perfect description! I’m still laughing!

    “Batman signal” “Justice League”

    “Calling for backup!”



  41. This is another one.

    Human Rights Video #10: Right To Fair Trial

    Despite being misrepresented and called a “liar and fraud,” I’ve presented TWO (2) examples to BU, that clearly substantiate my comment relative to CBC TV8 (CBC Television, channel 8….. for the ‘slow’ among us) highlighting the Articles of Human Rights.

    Your Honour…… I rest my case.

    According to Dave Martins & The Tradewinds’ song, “Civilization”……. “and that ain’t no joke, who civilized…. and who’s ram goat.”

  42. Artax,

    I remember seeing them aired every night right before the news where nobody was likely to see them.

    Like everybody was not seated before their television sets awaiting the beginning of the news.

    Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes had a hit with “If you don’t know me by now (you will never never never know me)”.

    Only newcomers to BU don’t know who is who. And if they stick around, they will soon find out. Never fear!

  43. “I remember seeing them aired every night right before the news……”


    Thank you.

    I’m happy to know that you’re at least ONE person in this forum who is HONEST enough to VERIFY having seen those Human Rights videos on TELEVISION……

    …… and, NOT being “RECITED on the RADIO” as a certain individual claimed I ‘said.’

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