Minorities Laughing

Debate about the commitment of the two political parties honouring promises outlined in glossy manifestos aside, the documents serve a useful reference for citizens to hold political parties accountable.

All agree the last twenty years in particular have gotten progressively challenging for Barbados and Barbadians. The outgoing government with its bevy of financial consultants have focused mainly on executing macroeconomic arrangements. However, the harsh economic condition of the last decade and a half has meant less disposal income and some destruction of wealth for the middle and upper class. Of equal concern to the blogmaster is the lack of investment opportunity for wealth generation available to Barbadians, especially after the domestic debt restructure.

What does a check of the manifestos share with the public by the two main parties – Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on plans to address the lack of investment opportunities?

The DLP makes no direct reference in the manifesto about a plan to create or facilitate opportunities for Barbadians to invest. It is embedded in general and vague language. The BLP’s message is more direct – see page below.

This is important because it is no secret the economic pie is disproportionately owned by minority groups in Barbados, comprised of less than 10% of the population. Why would majority Black political parties not prioritize implementing policy to afford mainly Black Barbadians greater opportunity to invest? Some will dismiss the manifestos as fluff, BUT, what else does the citizen have to hold the parties accountable?

There is little doubt in the mind of the blogmaster who added to the coffers in the last 20 years.

There is little doubt in the mind of the blogmaster who added debt.


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  1. 2 days to go
    penultimate day
    last but one in a series of things
    second last

    People should be more mindful of what they say and make an effort to be more intelligent positive and constructive

    The best way is to absorb this study as a spiritual ‘vitamin’ to enhance your empathy and understanding of other people. Reading a person by feeling him/her spiritually gives us a whole picture rather than reading a few traits of a person from some hand and face markings.

  2. White folks are anti-China and prejudiced AF
    “No Viet Cong ever called me Ni993r”
    White folks dispute Muhammad Ali said that
    but, they have been calling black people Ni993rs since slave days

  3. DavidJanuary 17, 2022 5:40 AM

    He gave the government a B+?

    Well.who would have thought that Sinckler opinion mattered to the B’s
    What a ting doah

  4. It’s all gone to hell in a handbasket, it was bound to….the warnings were ENDLESS…but everybody believed they had this, well ya never did, ya weren’t meant to….

    how can a people just one day wake up and be positive and constructive when they were colonized not to with LEARNED BEHAVIORS…very few knew how to make that EFFORT….even less succeeded UNTIL NOW……

    HOPE = a lot are VOLUNTARILY jumping the colonial ship..you can see A BIG difference now that they FINALLY realize they have been PLAYED for over half century and are LISTENING TO THE RIGHT PEOPLE…finally, you have no clue how heartening that is, after YEARS and YEARS of pushing them in the RIGHT DIRECTION… ..RA

  5. “how can a people just one day wake up and be positive and constructive”

    they just need to say to themselves that everything that they feel inside themselves from head to toes is the visible presence of God
    and keep repeating it in everything they do

  6. ” but I believe that the calling of the election at this time is a prelude to something. That something will no doubt be hard to swallow”

    HR, join the crowd. This is the fear of thousands of Bajans.

  7. “” but I believe that the calling of the election at this time is a prelude to something. That something will no doubt be hard to swallow”

    “This is the fear of thousands of Bajans.””

    let’s hope it is not semen sperm cum or the more vulgar term spunk

  8. “Are we pretending to be ignorant about the present state of the Barbados economy?”

    the poor are already poor
    the rich have more to lose
    and will go crazy like madmen

  9. Liz Thompson comes out swinging against Moe stating the PM is not vindicate and uses OSA as an example of proof
    Liz said that even though OSA had said back things about OSA
    The PM forgive and hire him

  10. The house-building programme of both parties serves only our high lords of the island, the white shadows.

    Barbados is still one big plantation, the population lives in an illusion of freedom. Emancipation is only on paper, but not in the bank account.

    We finally need a bold culture with entrepreneurial venture, not sleepy slaves in the public service.

  11. @ angela cox January 17, 2022 9:13 AM

    Your naivety knows no bounds.

    Our smart Supreme Leader has sent the arrogant OSA on two suicide missions, first to the savages in Guyana and second to this bankrupt airline. If Moe gets another government job, it will only be one where she fails completely and that failure will be her personal end.

    Tron, second month of our New Republic

  12. @Tron
    Yesterday some were talking of the use of BCE and CE instead of BC and AD.

    I see you are now inventing a next scale as we are now in 1 NR (year 1 of the New Republic). How is 2018 measured on this scale.. BR or BM?

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