Barbados Fuel Price Change July 2021

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From mid-night July 7, consumers in Barbados paid more for diesel and less for gasoline. The retail price of gasoline fell from $3.88 BDS per litre to $3.87, a decrease of one (1) cent / -0.3% from the previous month. The retail price of diesel rose from $3.10 BDS per litre to $3.12, an increase of two (2) cents / 0.6% from the previous month (Source: Barbados Government Information Service).

The rest of this post explores this month’s price change in five charts @Barbados Fuel Price Change July 2021

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    • The price of fuel at the pump is based on a decision to pass thru changes to the consumer. Unlike wheee you refused usage of petrol is not seen as an indicator of the economic health of the country, in fact it is the opposite considering hard currency must be earned to pay for it.

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