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Fuel Price Mystery Mechanism

Retail Prices for Gasoline and Diesel in Barbados from January 2015 to February 2022

The following was extracted from caribbeansignal.com website. Barbadians should be aware there is a policy by the government to pass on changes in the price of oil to the consuming public at the pump. The impact is that for private and commercial users it will positively and negatively be a cost push effect factor influencing price. Will the government in

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Barbados Fuel Price Change July 2021

Submitted by caribbeansignal.com From mid-night July 7, consumers in Barbados paid more for diesel and less for gasoline. The retail price of gasoline fell from $3.88 BDS per litre to $3.87, a decrease of one (1) cent / -0.3% from the previous month. The retail price of diesel rose from $3.10 BDS per litre to $3.12, an increase of two (2)

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Fuel Price Analysis

Compiled by caribbeansignal.com From mid-night February 17 consumers in Barbados paid less for gasoline and diesel. The retail price of gasoline fell from $3.60 BDS per litre to $3.56, 4 cents / 1.1% less. The retail price of diesel fell from $3.00 BDS per litre to $2.89, 11 cents / 3.7% less (Source: Barbados Government Information Service). See full analysis HERE.

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Fuel Price Changes to Come

Barbadians continue to be intrigued by the rollercoaster and out of whack local market position of fuel prices compared to regional markets. With world oil price edging north further interacting with the effect of the NSRL, 2% FX fee and so on, it is anticipated the local consumer should anticipate a hike in the cost of living (already high) at

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