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New Fuel Prices Do Not Add Up!

The following submission credited to caribbeansignal.com – David, Barbados Underground The new July 1 retail fuel prices are not adding up. Having read about them here and here, and having looked back at my own historical fuel price data, as well as the text of PM Mottley’s mini-budget speech, I will argue that something is not adding up, and here it is:

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Fuel Price Changes to Come

Barbadians continue to be intrigued by the rollercoaster and out of whack local market position of fuel prices compared to regional markets. With world oil price edging north further interacting with the effect of the NSRL, 2% FX fee and so on, it is anticipated the local consumer should anticipate a hike in the cost of living (already high) at

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Barbadians Breathe Sigh Of Relief As World Oil Prices Fall; but Why Is The Gas At The Pump Not Falling?

Barbadians have started to breathe a deep sigh of relief at the news that world oil prices have tumbled from the $150.00 per barrel to $100.00 in recent days. Several reasons have been given by the market analysts but at the top of the list is a weakened demand caused by slowing down in global economies. Whatever the reasons are

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