Our Economy Should be Designed to Thrive NOT Grow

We have discussed the conspicuous consumption model which people everywhere have become addicted at every level of society. The individual aspires to buy a house, car, travel and in large part sees the acquisition of material things as a badge of success. The government (reflecting the sovereignty from the people) works hard to maintain popularity with the people and therefore pursues policies to satisfy as insatiable thirst of the conspicuous consumption model.

In order to disrupt the downhill rollercoaster ride to nowhere enlightened citizens will have to shout enough is enough. There will have to be a revolution in thought, word and deed. Listening to the debates and various exchanges in social media and elsewhere it is evident the majority of our people are locked in an unproductive mindset. The reality is the cliche it is not business as usual is apt now more than ever.

The blogmaster watched the following presentation A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow by Economist Kate Raworth and was intrigued by her postulation. Take the time to view the 15 minute presentation to feed your mind a different perspective IF you dare!

Oxford Economist Kate Raworth – TED Talk

288 thoughts on “Our Economy Should be Designed to Thrive NOT Grow

  1. Ways to annoy passive-aggressive people
    Confrontation. Assertive, not aggressive, confrontation is the best way to frustrate the goals of a passive-aggressive person. …
    Exposing motives. This goes one step beyond assertive confrontation. …
    Tit-for-tat. Passive-aggressive behavior often succeeds in annoying us. …
    Non reaction.

  2. Actually, I have NEVER used the term “throwing shade”. That is why I spoke about “us”. It’s the blogmaster’s term but we all know where it leads.

    Meanwhile, I was researching the term “passive aggressive” and the words “plausible deniability” showed up.

    Seems I know the terms instinctively. Also saw where it says one is not always aware or conscious of one’s tendency.

    Who would have thought it?


  3. TheOgazertsJuly 10, 2021 2:05 PM

    By the way, have you provided any numbers to support the height of the red line?



    Check reference to Dunn, Sugar and Slaves and you will see output was between 10 and 15 thousand tons per year in the 17th century.

    Standard text book, … like Schombuirgk who will give more or less the same figure in the 1840’s!!

    Point is that all through slavery output was capped by milling capacity even though the slave population doubled.

    Doesn’t matter where I start the graph, 1650 or 1840 same result because output was the same, more or less.

    By 1859 there were a few steam mills, rated about 14 HP (Horse Power) so no big change till technology started to improve and the market demanded dry sugar so the HP (Hose Power) had to be greater to run the centrifugals etc.

    That’s around the 1890’s which surprise surprise, the author of the paper who produced the graph begun.

    The author didn’t worry himself with the pre 1890 output because it was insignificant when compared with the WWII era.

    He was only interested in the era when it was over 50 thousand tons and worth writing about.

    The red line I put in to show just how insignificant the output was pre 1890 and I thank you for helping me to make the point so clearly..


    It isn’t till the decades after the WWII that output really took off and the economy boomed.

    Grantley Adams and Erroll Barrow were passengers on the steam train in the 50’s and 60’s which supported the Deep Water Harbour and QEH..

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  5. It is my impression that back in the early 60’s the 11+ was not really as rigid with regards to age as it has subsequently become. Many children sat the 11+ at age 10+. Students who did not wish to take the exam at [that is in the class 3 year in public schools. I know nothing about private schools] 10+ or whose parents did not want them take it that year, or whose teachers felt that the student was not ready could chose not to take the exam until the following year, at age 11+ /class 4 of public elementary schools. At my public secondary school therefore, each year there were 2 sets of newbies. The ones who had taken the exam in class 3 at age 10+ went into Lower 1, and the ones who had taken it in class 4 at age 11+ went into Upper one. I was told that there had even been a class called Prep where children who had taken the exam at 9+ or earlier went into Prep. I expect that since it was a newish exam in the 1960’s that the rules were still quite fluid.

  6. We all know John is an expert at statistics. Why his brilliant analysis told him that Trump would win all fifty states!

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  7. Ian Drummond and his co-author, Terry Marsden are not historians.

    They deal in cold hard facts.

    They did not even bother looking at the era before 1890, just the century 1890 to 1990!!

  8. So the question is, if sugar output prior to 1890 was not worth analysing technically, what was the economy on which Barbados life’s blood depended?

    Is there anybody on here who can figure that out?

    Don’t worry, I got that covered too … just waiting to see if any of the resident geniuses can figure it out on their own!!

    Whatever it was, major profits were made from it.

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  11. Tax expert backs call for more time

    By Tony Best
    Barbados, which relies heavily on its offshore financial services sector to raise Government revenue, has so far declined to sign onto an initiative designed to reform international tax rules that could force multinational firms to pay more taxes.
    But in taking that waitand see stance on a plan engineered by the United States and other members of the G-7, Barbados has so far declined to join most of its CARICOM neighbours in approving a “framework”, which expert and diplomatic critics said could prove costly to small island developing states by reducing much-needed revenues designated to accelerate their pace of economic and social development.
    Noel Lynch, Barbados’ top diplomat in Washington, Bruce Zagaris, a prominent international tax expert and Winston Cox, a former Governor of Barbados’ Central Bank have all backed the island’s call for more time to study the proposed global corporate tax plan.
    No rush to sign
    “We haven’t signed onto it because we want more time to study its implications. Most of the tax experts in our country want more time to study the proposed plan. In any case there is no need for us to rush to sign it. We have time until about 2023 to sign on,” said Lynch.
    Zagaris, once a tax adviser to Barbados, said he had not been consulted by the Mottley Administration on the G-7 plan or on the proposed tax reforms being coordinated by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). “I don’t have a dog in this (international) fight over corporate tax reform but I agree with Barbados’ decision not to sign any statement at this time. There are too many unknowns and there aren’t any penalties or repercussions for signing later. So why rush to sign it?”
    Cox agreed: “There are too many issues to be resolved and questions to be answered at this time. There is no need to rush to sign on as many Caribbean countries have done. Ireland, Estonia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Guyana, Venezuela, Cuba and Nigeria haven’t signed”.
    However, the United Kingdom., Russia, China, India, South Africa, Singapore, Mexico, the US, Zambia, Turkey, Panama, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bermuda, Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, Grenada, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands are among the signatories.
    The new Biden Administration is pushing for a global corporate tax package that would establish a minimum tax floor of about 15 per cent on corporate profits.
    “The (proposed) framework updates elements of the century-old international system, which is no longer fit for purpose in a globalised and digitalised 21st century economy,” the OECD claimed in announcing the jurisdictions which have joined the
    framework that called for a “two-pillar package” coordinated by the OECD.
    Taxing rights
    “Pillar one will ensure a fairer distribution of profits of taxing rights among countries with respect to the largest” multinational corporate enterprises, including digital companies,” OECD promised.
    “It would reallocate some taxing rights over” the multinationals, regardless of where they operate.
    The second pillar, added the OECD, would put a floor on competition over corporate income tax, through the introduction of a global minimum corporate tax rate that countries could use to protect their tax bases.
    Lynch said his country considered the introduction of the proposed minimal corporate tax “puzzling”, contending that the island had been “battling” the OECD over the establishment of low tax jurisdictions. “Barbados went through a lot in the last couple of years in terms of converging our domestic and international tax rates so that we could compete in the international business sector on a level playing field.”
    The country went to great pains to settle an issue of Barbados being inaccurately described as a “no-tax jurisdiction” instead of being defined as a “low-tax” centre. He also insisted Barbados was not a “tax haven” as some have called it.
    “We expended a lot of resources, ensuring that there was compliance with the rules and the protocols set up by the OECD for these low-tax jurisdictions to thrive or exist,” he said.
    Two years later, Barbados was being told it could no longer be a lowtax jurisdiction but a place where a minimum of 15 per cent could be imposed, he charged. Just as important, the country was unaware of the method which would be used to implement the proposed plan, he said. “Apart from the fact that we have not had enough time to study, to look at the numbers to determine how it would affect us in terms of revenue and expenditure, we have not been given enough time to study the proposal.
    “That is why Barbados has said it is not yet ready to sign,” Lynch declared. “Most of the tax experts in Barbados and the people involved in the process have said they need more time to study it. The Government is looking at it. We have until October to sign on.”
    In any case, the plan isn’t expected to be implemented until 2023, so there was more than enough time” for Barbados to act, the Ambassador said.
    Cox believed Barbados was “following the right course” by studying the plan and its implications before rushing to sign. He expressed doubts that the plan was even “implementable”.
    “There is considerable doubt that the Republicans would allow it to pass the Senate,” he said. “Should it go through the Senate, it would affect
    the language in several double taxation treaties Barbados already has with foreign countries, including the U.S. itself. Many of those treaties would have to be changed.”

    Source: Nation

  12. Past
    Thriving Vs Growing
    is just mathematics like
    Multiplying Vs Dividing

    Can Blacks become powerful players in the game of life
    as a collective union with social living independent and free

    Youths are dying
    Oldies are lying
    Spirits are rising
    in the aquarian age
    ascension timeline
    of god’s children

  13. David, the International Banking gig is over, by the time Barbados has put in the changes, the Clients will have moved their monies

    • @Kiki

      What events in the last two decades have shown us is that we have to work at a good mix of economic drivers. An over reliance on any one sector will not translate to good planning. Unfortunately Barbados and many of the SIDS in the Caribbean depend on tourism and services. Finding other economic drivers to generate adequate GDP has been a challenge in a globalized market place. The commonsense thing to do until we can develop the right mix of drivers is to pullback consumer spend, doing so will obviously have consequences given our dependence on retail and wholesale distribution.

  14. What strikes me is that Jamaica and Grenada has signed on.

    What does that say about Caricom? I bet they are trying to gain favour. I bet they do not rely on such business in the same way that we do.

    We are still not getting how much we need each other!

    • Jamaica has always had a mixed economy re manufacturing and agriculture.

      Grenada has its spices as well their economy created some fiscal space as they when it took a haircut after a major hurricane some years ago.

  15. Damn little chunks of rocks in the middle of an ocean thinking we can go it alone!

    Stupid, stupid, stupid!

  16. The Barbados Rip Off is the Rich Rich and the Poor Poor.
    GDP is meaningless when the have alls have all and the have nots have not.
    Having no money is the secret formula to pullback consumer spend.

    • The rich will always be with us in a capitalist system, therefore policies to ensure efficient distribution of wealth should be a priority with any government BUT the PRIORITY 1 must be building a sustainable economy read protecting the whole.

  17. The Capitalist system has failed and Barbados is ahead of the curve as debtor in possession defaulting on Government Bonds.

    The division in Barbados at every level is between creoles and blacks as a legacy of division between whites and blacks.

  18. Barbados was a laboratory to develop a world domination model for some but not all

    Anticipating next question what is the obvious no brainer solution secret formula for life in Barbados for the thinking man woman child plagiariser and parasite

    socialism > nationalism > afros > dreadlocks > back to africa > youths = link to future > a peaceful revolution > hundreds of thousands saying the same thing > unitied black diaspora > dancing to zipping up my boots going back to my roots original discomix

    … To the place of my birth, back down to earth, yes
    Not talkin’ ’bout the roots in the land
    I’m talkin’ ’bout the roots in the man, yes
    Zippin’ up my boots, getting back to the roots… More

  19. DavidJuly 11, 2021 7:28 AM

    The rich will always be with us in a capitalist system, therefore policies to ensure efficient distribution of wealth should be a priority with any government BUT the PRIORITY 1 must be building a sustainable economy read protecting the whole

    A poor excuse for keeping the majority poor

    Govt policies are those to blame for keeping the rich wealthy and the poor clawing for the crumbs
    Example the 124 million plus other millions in tax write off to the wealthy businesses
    The large amount of govt hand outs that entice business’s to invest in return for jobs
    These financial sourcing of govt give away up adds up to plenty in comparison to nothing of real economic substance of helping the poor get out of poverty

  20. What “wealthy businesses for which 124 million plus other millions in tax” were written off?

    As far as I can recall ALL businesses, whether or not they were owned by the rich or poor…….. Black or white people ……. or if they were large, medium or small…….. BENEFITED from the tax write-offs.

    “The large amount of govt hand outs that entice business’s to invest in return for jobs. These financial sourcing of govt give away up adds up to plenty in comparison to nothing of real economic substance of helping the poor get out of poverty.”

    Does this means there has been a ‘change of heart’ as it relates to the generous concessions granted to Sandals?

  21. Artax

    Does this means there has been a ‘change of heart’ as it relates to the generous concessions granted to Sandals?


    Being the political animal u are u would be quick to run to the cherry tree and pick the cherry that sweetens yuh mouth

  22. Tax breaks help richest not poorest

    Trump pays less tax than the lowest paid employees

    His only (personal and business) tax payments to Government was out of his employees wages / pockets

  23. If you don’t know what you are talking about, keep quiet!!

    … actually, no, bray as loud as you can.

    Good for a laugh.

  24. The problem with you is, in your haste to score ‘cheap political points,’ your ‘morning and evening words seldom agree.

    Everyone who either reads or contributes to BU knows you’re the ONLY “political animal” in this forum. After all, it doesn’t matter what’s the of the discussion …….. even if it’s about football…….. you always attempt to change its focus by politicizing the issue, while at the same time apportioning blame to Mia Mottley, for ‘every and anything’ you contrive in your ‘delusional, politically motivated one tracked mind.’

    And, you’re also always determined to ‘have the last word,’ because you believe by continually responding to your ‘opponent’ you will win the ‘tit for tat,’ when he/she finally ‘calls it quits.’

    I’ll be an idiot, similarly to you, if I “ran to the cheery tree and picked” its sour fruits.

  25. They might pay much federal tax
    But in reality those taxes paid does not transfer into any significant
    wages paid their employees those those sitting at the bottom of the economic ladder
    One just have to take a look at the lifestyle of the low end employee earning a less than substantial wage working for big corporations

  26. Artax

    I’ll be an idiot, similarly to you, if I “ran to the cheery tree and picked” its sour fruits.


    Ok idiot

  27. See wuh I tell yuh? Yuh just can’t help.

    Hmmmmmm……. comprehension isn’t your strong point.

    I’ll repeat.

    I’ll be an IDIOT, SIMILARLY to YOU, IF I “ran to the cheery tree and PICKED” its SOUR fruits.

    Have a pleasant Sunday.

  28. “bray as loud as you can.”

    I never met a cunt bray as loud as you
    (which is saying something for a bajan .. they most be the most braying petty bitches on planet earth)

    Top 1% make over $500,000 (1.4m taxpayers)
    average is $1.5m

    top 0.01 average $35m
    top 0.001 $152m

    2015 data

    but richer are increasing their share

  29. How much tax did the thousands of his employees who benefitted from the jobs he created pay?

    So long as the tax he avoided legally is less than the tax he created for the Government, everybody should be happy!!

  30. “How much tax did the thousands of his employees who benefitted from the jobs he created pay?

    So long as the tax he avoided legally is less than the tax he created for the Government, everybody should be happy!!”

    they all paid more than the cunt you defend like a bigger cunt

    there is no one as stupid as a trump nut

  31. All I have to say is –

    “Person, woman, man, camera, tv!

    Now how did I do that? Nobody has ever done that before! I am cognitively there. I have a good memory.

    Now … which way is it to my golden john?”

  32. “Whatever they paid it came from Trump”

    Predictable lame response from the lame brain

    poor old trump will be squeezed out of business

  33. 555dubstreetJuly 11, 2021 6:06 PM

    “Whatever they paid it came from Trump”

    Predictable …


    Obvious is the better word.

  34. @John July 11, 2021 6:45 PM “Where can this COVID have been hiding?”

    In somebody’s nose.

  35. Cuhdear BajanJuly 11, 2021 9:45 PM

    @John July 11, 2021 6:45 PM “Where can this COVID have been hiding?”

    In somebody’s nose.


    Left nostril or right nostril?

    It was being shed into the Ground water a week prior to the somebody presenting with symptoms.

    Where was the somebody living?

  36. And where is THE KRAKEN hiding?????

    In the golden toilet water?


    Start another countdown, nuh! I miss the countdown. I want to know which day The Kraken will be released and return The Orange Peril to the White House. The Crack Pillow Man said August but he is too cracked up to receive the full message.

    Listen to The Rush Limbaugh Duppy Broadcast From Hell and let me know!


  37. Braying and Crowing a Bajan Team Sport Online Metaphor
    (of a person) speak or laugh loudly and harshly.
    (of a person) express great pride or triumph, especially in a tone of gloating satisfaction.

    Arguing online is an addictive past time for trolls especially rich vein of alt-right trolls bottling up racism inside and old people who use any nonsense and ill logic to claim they are correct
    which is tapped into by immoral dishonest politicians who crave power with noting to offer

    Understanding Covid is based on scientific principles to investigate the unknown and determine feasible models based on data

    John is a braying crowing addicted online alt-right old illogical immoral dishonest troll unscientifically abusing data to come to conclusion that all Covid infections has been caught drinking fecal covid infected water

    GP is same except he is also fucked on his bible religion

    Have you lost your mind yet?

    Fantastic Negrito – Chocolate Samurai

  38. I’m saying that there are at least two modes of transmission.

    The first is airborne.

    Once that has taken hold the virus is shed and enters the water cycle from which we get our water..

    From there it can spread in succeeding waves aided and abetted by airborne spread.

    Look at India.

    The mother Ganges I reckon was riddled with the virus.

    Kumbh Mela caused an inordinately high spread as pilgrims washed in it.

    Now that it is over, things are reverting to normal.

    … until next year, or whenever the next time Kumbh Mela takes place!!

    By then we will be into the zeta variant as successive waves will continue to break and experts will look for differences in the virus and not at the way it spreads.

    If its in the water as observations suggest, it needs to be killed or left die there.

    If Singapore can do it, and New Zealand and Australia, other countries can too.

  39. What conversation, David? There is only John talking to himself and two of us laughing.

    We KNOW that many infectious diseases have been water-borne, spread via fecal contamination of water.

    Why would John think that this has not already been considered?

    I continue to be amused that he thinks he’s operating on some higher plane.

    Reminds me of another person who frequently claimed he knew more about EVERYTHING than ANYBODY else on the planet.

    He passed the doddering test with flying colours and even now challenges Biden to a duel!

    Now, there’s something I would pay good money to see! I would not have to pay a doctor for a long long time! The laughter would cure all ailments!

  40. Union harmony a must, says BWU chief
    Peace has to be restored within the trade union movement if it intends to be successful.
    General secretary of the Barbados Workers Union (BWU) Toni Moore made that point on Friday as she urged those within the labour movement to set aside individual goals for the advancement of the collective.
    Moore was speaking during the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Durham Constabulary’s police executive leadership seminar’s closing ceremony at the Hilton Barbados Resort where she pointed out although the unions were under attack, they still had a key role to play.
    “Notwithstanding the slurs and attacks, the BWU continues to be an independent organisation that maintains its focus on the upliftment of workers within our country. We recognise and maintain our civic duty and the wider responsibility that is ours to develop the larger society.
    “With this said, I am not going to shy away from the very glaring reality that the effectiveness of the labour movement will not reach the extent of historical impact and success unless trade union harmony and solidarity is restored,” Moore said.
    Earlier this week, elections for the National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) were placed in limbo after Justice Cecil McCarthy granted an injunction brought by suspended president Akanni McDowall.
    McDowall was suspended pending investigations into the charge that from June 2 to June 17, he encouraged and promoted a resolution which sought to install himself as secretarygeneral of the NUPW for four years, contrary to Rule 10(a)(1), Rule 10(a)(iv) and Rule 12 (a)(i).
    During her address, Moore pointed out that her union was celebrating 80 years, and altercations within the union did not help them build on the foundation laid. “Fighting within and between unions undermines the legacy of our collective contributions and our efforts to ensure that people and social justice are kept at the centre of everything that we do. Indeed, it undermines the struggle and victories of the past 80-plus years. The trade union is based on the principle that an injury to one is an injury to all. We must resist the temptation to be inflicting pain on ourselves and on the collective as we pursue our individual ambitions,” she added.
    Moore also responded to criticisms about her appointment as the Barbados Labour Party’s Member of Parliament for St George North. And despite naysayers, she said it was still her goal to uphold the movement, and she urged others to join her.
    “I take pride in the fact that the movement has made an invaluable contribution to the social and economic development of our society especially as it relates to the attainment of our formal democracy, the introduction of important pieces of legislation that benefit our people and the pursuit of social justice.
    “These accomplishments were achieved as a result of our strong advocacy coupled with our participation in the Parliamentary service over the years. Today I urge you to recognise that the progress of labour is not dependent on the BWU’s leadership alone or the leadership within the trade union movement alone. The successes have never been standalone, our progress has been the direct result of resolute efforts by ordinary men and women who were prepared to keep the objectives of trade unionism alive. The future of the labour union, therefore, depends on me, yes, as much as it depends on you and all of us combining our skills, muscle, talent and resources to move this country forward,” Moore added. (TG)

    Source: Nation

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