Computer Misuse – growing threat or the price of progress?

The following submitted by social commentator and environmental activist Kammie Holder – with the message “computer misuse as interpreted by Judge Birch”Blogmaster


In previous years, the use of words and images to inflict damage, create menace or discomfort to others lay in the province of defamation, whether criminal or otherwise. Such cases were relatively few in number and occurred with remarkable infrequency, although it must be said that many potentially defamatory actions tended to end in a quiet settlement and an apology posted far from the front pages where much of the libel and slander began.

With the advent of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, the instance of computer misuse arose very slowly, largely due to the lack of computers and connectivity for the general public in those early years. The increasing sophistication and lowering of cost allowed the connectivity of computer users to increase exponentially in obedience to Moore’s Law1, which posits that computers double in power and capacity and halve in price approximately every 18 months.

Naturally, this led to the increase in sharing of ideas and knowledge at an astounding rate. However, this also led to the dissemination of defamatory images and text in a manner that penetrated the human consciousness in a manner not seen since the creation of the printing press 300 years before. Messages that once had to rely on print and television to be shared now began to move at light speed to computers. The muttering crank in the basement and the conspiracy theorist now had the means to lie, spread the lie, and yet cower in anonymity behind the keyboard.


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  1. “Price” is a keyword as computer telecoms tech industry is a big money scam. Income is generated by making kit redundant after 5 years requiring more purchase of new and latest products and technology. IT Tech has been abused by Government spying where each individual has their own database permanently recording random thoughts used as psychometric indicators that can be analysed long after individuals have any memory of saying something (which can be forgotten instantly). It has overtaken whole industries like manufacturing of tangible products such as cars etc and has replaced job tasks like calculating figures with automation and has drastically changed areas in arts like filmmaking music and design. The internet is a forum for people to voice and vent their bitter disgruntled inner racial misogynist hate and prejudice anonymously and say things they cannot say in public without getting slapped or punched in a beat down. Politics now triggers the hurt inner child in people subliminally stirring up irrational demagogues as false leaders.

  2. The only thing we have come to know is war!

    Cyber wars are in our future, are happening already. Even as most have no idea that cyber attacks are potentially far more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

    Cyber attacks have the capabilities of disabling entire industrial control systems. Should this happen sewage plants, electrical grids, water systems, etc will not be able to work. And on and on.

    It it not precisely for this reason that the military gave us a cyber existence or are the philosophers arguing that we have no ability to maintain civilization, long term, right?

    • @Pacha

      We witnessed it recently in Barbados when several businesses has to deal with ransomware attacks. A few years ago the blogmaster ran several blogs about cyber security, it was scoffed at by many as a non issue.

    • Conspiracy theorists may opine that Covid 19 whether by accident or design has forced a reformatting of objectives re budget allocations. Makes you go hmmmm.

  3. Section 14 of the Computer Misuse Act states:

    Where a person uses a computer to send a message, letter, electronic communication or article of any description that

    (a) is indecent or obscene;

    (b) is or constitutes a threat; or

    (c) is menacing in character,

    and he intends to cause or is reckless as to whether he causes annoyance, inconvenience, distress or anxiety to the recipient or to any other person to whom he intends it or its contents to be communicated, he is guilty of an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $10 000 or to imprisonment for a term of 12 months or to both.

    Remarking that the definition is a broad one, Birch noted, “It takes on peculiar resonance when it comes to making public comment about other persons in authority or celebrities.”

    During his presentation, the Chief Magistrate made reference to two cases that have been pursued in Barbadian law courts under the Computer Misuse Act.

    The first was Commissioner of Police and Yarde et al where intimate photographs taken during the course of a relationship went viral after the offender showed them to friends who took them and shared them. They were prosecuted and, as first-time offenders, they were sentenced to carry out community service.

  4. “Conspiracy theorists may opine that Covid 19 whether by accident or design has forced a reformatting of objectives re budget allocations. Makes you go hmmmm.”

    If you have a conspiracy theory / hypothesis you are alluding to you should spell it out, with emphasis on theory and hypothesis.

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  5. The problem with this Govt. is , the Social media now represents the voice of the people. The Govt. can control the regular media and get them to say what they want, but not with the Social Media.

  6. David
    Open another thread. We need to interrogate the insurrection, political collapse, imperial decline of the USA.

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