Why are Regional Prime Ministers silent over their creation of CDB’s leadership crisis?

Name withheld – Blogmaster

I firmly believe that the highly respected and soundly run Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is heading into serious leadership trouble. What I’ve heard is very troubling.

I am a very seasoned banker who has worked across our region. I know a thing or two about banking in the region. I’ve tried to get information directly from CDB but they have not been forthcoming at all, so please publish this letter as I have a few questions to ask.

Is it true that with the generous helping hand from our Prime Minister Keith Rowley and  the other regional Prime Ministers, the newly appointed CDB chairman, Prime Minister Mia Mottley from Barbados, has instructed that the bank appoint her advisor, a British national, as the new president of CDB? Wouldn’t this selection and appointment stink of blatant nepotism and cronyism and taint Barbados? Can a chairman of CDB select the President of CDB from his/her own previous clients and own pool of personal advisers? And no other Prime Minister can stop it?

What about qualifications of the individual being imposed on CDB? Is the British advisor more qualified than any other Caribbean professional to run the Bank? The President of CDB is always a person from the Caribbean of high stature, regional intellect and integrity. Does this British advisor even have a Caribbean identity? Does he know and understand what it takes to achieve successful regional development? Does he have a record of successful projects in the Caribbean? Has Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and the region not learned anything from the many hotel debacles and the many other failed development projects that die and only leave the lawyers and advisers rich. There are many other highly qualified bankers and economists with good track records of integrity and success in the region who can run CDB.

There are many options. Why has Rowley failed to nominate any experienced banker, economist, or academic from Trinidad and Tobago? Trinidad and Tobago has majority stocks and votes in the bank. Where is Prime Minister Rowley’s voice and why would all the region’s Prime Ministers Gonsalves, Browne, Holness who are so usually loud about regional issues suddenly stay silent and surrender so meekly to Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s moves to capture CDB for her adviser? What is really going on with this coming ugly affair? Something looks very rotten in the region.

Will our Caribbean leaders find the good sense and fortitude to avoid the stench of cronyism and do the right thing to keep the Caribbean in the leadership of the CDB and to maintain its development focus? The dodging must stop. The Prime Ministers and CDB must start talking. We deserve to know.

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  1. Or, if everybody had done a co-ordinated response the virus could have been brought under control long ago.

    Two months lockdown and DONE.

    Other countries up Sweden’s side have not done badly and have far fewer deaths than Sweden. New Zealand also has done a good job.

    They are not even sure how long the immunity will last.

  2. https://www.nationnews.com/2020/10/17/mia-dems-last-talk/

    i knew i was not imagining it but had to go looking, in that article Mia is accusing DLP of interference in the police force….

    so i ask again…

    So now we are on the vendors subject, would the police removing vendors from SWAN STREET SINCE THE 70s have anything to do with some of them being in the syrian store operating the CASH registers…asking for Greene

  3. True…but since the screw up is so BIG, if they are the ones who got the downgrade, CXC is still saying …IT WASN’T ME…

    i had to go checking again, but i could swear a retired cop just ACCUSED THE MIA GOVERNMENT of police interference too…so exactly what’s going on here…maybe DBLP will have to form a coalition with all these ACCUSATIONS back and forth…..they leave ya head spinning, no wonder Bajans are deathly afraid of all of them.


    “A retired high-ranking law enforcement officer has accused politicians of interfering in the operations of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), and he has urged senior lawmen to stand up to the political directorate. Although he did not identify any particular politician, former Deputy Commissioner Bertie Hinds, in a recent interview with Barbados TODAY, charged […]”

  4. “and he has urged senior lawmen to stand up to the political directorate.”

    can the gurus, fowl slaves or yardfowls clarify if Bertie Hinds means D or BLP…considering it’s BLP in the parliament…

  5. Hope yall can view this video, but am sure everyone remembers it from the BIG “we gathering” victims splash in London…where the lady was asking Mia about fraud against the elderly in Barbados relating to her father’s death and subsequent attempt of the theft of his estate and bank account, same lady who was arrested just last weekend for doing as she was insructed by Mama Mia..


  6. The same police had sufficient evidence to arrest the victim when she found her father’s body had disappeared from the hospital through forged documents, he was buried using forged documents, his bank accounts were raided in Barbados, using forged documents, there was an attempt to raid his bank account in UK using fraud, but the bank red-flagged it and called in the police, his will was forged, letters testamentary forged, until exposure forced them to have that fraud rescinded via Registrar…and all types of players from Barbados to London are exposed as being involved.

    ..so in essence, if you go to the police to complain about fraud against the elderly as a beneficiary…THE POLICE WILL ARREST YOU…once the scum of the earth common class self-proclaimed black elites are involved…..Mia should have said that though….while sitting on the world stage..

  7. @ WURA-War-on-U October 17, 2020 4:11pm

    Are you saying all this fraudulent activity took place in BDS under the nose of our modern security banking system??? One’s account becomes inactive after 6 months without activity. Litigation against the banks are peradventures ?

  8. So what does Fowl Enuff and Spike the She-man Lorenza think about all of this, i can never remember the other fowl slave’s name…,,ah thought they would all fly out to defend by now, but not a feather not a fowl.

  9. Don’t know what alternate world you live in, but an account can stay active if someone wants it to, it’s after a year activity ceases and depending on the amount..etc, etc, ah can ‘t help ya with timelines for withdrawls, ya will have to ask Fowl Enuff….but multimillion dollar accounts are known to COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR in Barbados, forged documents and powers of attorney are easy instruments to forge and not from Black people’s accounts alone..the fowls may be able to furnish you with details…

    it as my understanding a couple years back that one dude had up to 20 accounts and 3 or 4 completely walked out the bank door, WITHOUT A TRACE….i don’t run in those circles, ask the defending yardfowls…

  10. I have been reading and trying to understand this blog. I simply cannot understand the comments about the selecting of the President of CDB.
    Will someone please explain the process.
    Who selects the President?
    Is it one person?
    Is it a group of people?
    If so how many?
    Just trying to understand the process.

  11. Dear patenham I , like you don’t understand it either . What understand for sure is that it is about cursing the prime minister of Barbados . The chairperson cannot on his / her own appoint the president . Any proposal would have to be endorsed and agreed upon and voted for . So why blame and accuse the chairperson .

  12. If you say so, the person i know lives in Barbados and held the accounts in Barbados…so am not the one to argue…as i said, i dont run in those circles…..plus there are other missing accounts belonging to Black Bajans in Barbados who never been to Guatemala…so i cant dispute what they say, if you know better, please share.

  13. ‘’The chairman , WITH THE GENEROUS HELPING HAND OF KEITH ROWLEY and the other regional leaders “ How does that make her a despot or dictator deserving of all the nasty and negative things being posted on this blog

  14. @ WURA-War-on-U

    Who are we now???????

    It’s a dam shame. We are actually stealing from the dead. Our profound ethical standards has withered away.

  15. “Multi million dollar accounts are known to completely disappear in Barbados “ Could my dear friend Wara-war -on – u give us at least one proven example. Don’t want no long winded nonsensical or nasty rant or rave Just a factual comment

  16. @ WURA-War-on-U

    I would hope this is just an alleged that has no merit whatsoever. However, If there is any sound proof surrounding this matter, I’m very certain our Prime Minister will appoint a board of inquiry.

    This pill is hard to swallow. Stop throwing darts 🎯 @ my Mia, she’s not responsible for this one…you need to direct your queries to the banking systems..

  17. “Could my dear friend Wara-war -on – u give us at least one proven example.”

    why don’t you go ask the Bar Association…WHO HAVE ALL THE COMPLAINTS…or ask the banks and their heaquarters about the complaints, or ask the victims, yall love to go after victims anyway, so ya can ask a question and don’t pretend you don’t know who the victims are, you are probably one of the BIGGEST THIEVES. …it’s only in Barbados people pretend to never be aware of what’s going on, especially when the criminals AND joke elite, frauds and sell outs are involved…then when all the shit comes out WITH EVIDENCE, VIDEO EVIDENCE, yall want more…and then disappear when asked questions…..but that is one video that’s playing all across the earth and none of you can make it disappear…it’s on a loop, especially on the Continent, to keep the thieves and their toxic racist wannabe slave masters out..

    “This pill is hard to swallow.”
    imagine how the victims feel.

    “We are actually stealing from the dead.”
    yall been stealing from the dying, weak, elderly, dead and unborn from the 1940s, yall have been REWARDING THE THIEVES with slave titles out of UK and rewarding them with high paying jobs AT TAXPAYERS EXPENSE…..

    “Prime Minister will appoint a board of inquiry.”
    at whose expense? surely NOT THE TAXPAYERS, surely at the EXPENSE OF THE ACCUSED, who all get fine salaries at taxpayer’s expense already…..their names have been all over FB for over a year, so don’t pretend you don’t know.

    and surely not an excuse to hold another inquiry, like the removal of nelson where there was one 22 years ago but Mia was still planning to hold another unnecessary one, if people who live off island know who all the THIEVES ARE IN BARBADOS especially those in the judiciary, bar associaton and the parliament…..what yall need an inquiry for…steuppps….another board of inquiry to NOWHERE? do you plan to benefit from it financially.

    when frauds and bullies believe they can RULE Black people and not lead, and do so by intimidation and fear over a 50 year period, one day, one day, they tend to meet their match, in the form of their VICTIMS….methinks Karma has finally arrived, Retribution is standing right there too…ENJOY!!!

    I noticed everyone is pretending there is not an accusation of political interference in the police force, by a retired cop no less, keep on pretending, don’t stop, it looks even better when all the dirty shit comes out.

  18. We had $800,000.00 disappeared after being paid to a lawyer. In this case, there is little talk of restitution as all I see in the papers is ‘brilliant legal’ bullshit on what can be done to the lawyer.

    There are two other cases where a total of more than half million dollars disappeared from lawyers.

    Then, there is a case where a woman from England is claiming that her deceased dad estate was stolen. Heard the victim went to Barbados looking for justice and was jailed.

    Victims are known. The thievery is known and documented.

    There is even talk of a meagre victim’s fund which has as one of it rules.. “You ain’t gun get back all of yuh money. Just a symbolic amount”.

    Yet it would tax the mind of some to imagine that thievery from others is ongoing. Even when it has be proven that ‘the king has no clothes’ some would pretend he is wearing a suit and tie.

    In a corrupt society that is built on secrecy, the request for details is part of the cover-up.

  19. It is possible that funds in a ” client account ” could be an overdraft facility for some lawyers in Barbados.

  20. BU blogger Peece de Profet wrote that if lawyers in Barbados did not have access to client funds some of them would be bankrupt.

  21. patenhamOctober 17, 2020 5:30 PM
    “I have been reading and trying to understand this blog. I simply cannot understand the comments about the selecting of the President of CDB.
    Will someone please explain the process.
    Who selects the President?
    Is it one person?
    Is it a group of people?
    If so how many?”
    The Board of Governors of the CDB is the body that elects the President & CEO of the Bank by a vote of its members. Nominations to the post of President closed on September 29, 2020. The first vote must be taken by October 28, 2020. The term of office of the President is for five years.

    “Each member country nominates one Governor and one Alternate Governor. Each Governor casts the votes of the member territory which he/she represents. The British overseas territories of Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands are regarded as one member.” — CDB website

    Borrowing Member Countries:
    Antigua and Barbuda
    British overseas territories of Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Montserrat and Turks and Caicos Islands
    Saint Kitts and Nevis
    Saint Lucia
    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
    The Bahamas
    Trinidad and Tobago

    Non-Borowing Member Countries:
    United Kingdom

  22. So there are 24 entities entitled to vote for the next President & CEO of the CDB, of which 15 are from the Caribbean.

  23. “The purpose of the Compensation Fund is not to make the injured party whole.”

    That is exactly my point. Let me make it as absurd as I can. A crooked lawyer steals 800k. Along comes the fund and gives you 2k. Then you are supposed to say thank you sir and disappear.

    I seem to recall that if you prevail against the lawyer and get some money back, then the 2k would have to be paid back. I am doubtful you will get this 2k if there is a chance of prevailing.

    No, it is not raining and I am not a fan of golden showers.

    Have a great day.

    • You need an insurance plan to cover some of the risk and an enforcement of the laws not the compensation fund.


  24. @David October 18, 2020 7:37 AM
    “The purpose of the Compensation Fund is not to make the injured party whole.”
    If that is so then it is NOT a compensation fund.

    the action or process of awarding someone money as a recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.”

    If the ‘compensation fund’ does not recompense the loss then it is simply a token, mostly meaningless gesture, so that the Bar Association can assuage their obvious collective guilt.

    It must immediately be renamed the Barbados Bar Association Token Payout to Assuage Our Guilt.

  25. FROM THE LITTLE clip what did bradshaw said that should not be heard by children? children nowadays are exposed to a lot more on the tv and internet than anything i heard on that clip.

  26. @David October 18, 2020 8:48 AM
    “You need an insurance plan to cover some of the risk and an enforcement of the laws not the compensation fund.”
    EXACTLY!! And a Bar Association that was not complicit would have established such insurance coverage generations ago and made premiums and coverage mandatory upon being called to the Bar. It’s not rocket science.

  27. @ TheoGazerts,

    It is possible that the majority of lawyers in Barbados do not engage in using client funds for personal gain but they could consider that their inaction in correcting this ” client account problem ” could be seen as complicity.

  28. “Victims are known. The thievery is known and documented.
    In a corrupt society that is built on secrecy, the request for details is part of the cover-up”

    That’s the level at where the pretentious, fraudulent cabal of crooks and thieves operate while continue to delude themselves that their little colonial slave titles makes them more intelligent than everyone else and IMMUNE FROM GOING TO PRISON, so they can successfully dazzle everyone with legal bullshit..That’s what they have always done, go after the victims, revictimize them and literally scared all of the elderly to death…

    but this time in their greed and need to continue pretending they are so special, they BIT OFF MORE THAN THEY CAN EVER CHEW…

  29. Going forward Bajans have to take better care of their elderly and as a collective, PROTECT THEM from the SELF-IMPORTANT thieves in the Bar Association, the Parliament and in the Judiciary or they will never stop, this is what they live for, this has always been their source of income from the 1940s when the bar association was formed, research and see who actually created this ENTITY OF THIEVES.

  30. Waru

    Nothing less than proscribing all lawyers, or lawyer-politicians, from handling any funds, or being in any position of power over original legal documents at all, except their own as based on a publicly issued scale.

    Anytime lawyers are given power over citizens there’s bound to be officials corruption.

    This should be relatively easy to do. Some countries have agencies where closings are done, for example, and parties turn up with drafts, even personal cheques. This business of entrusting large amounts of personal or corporate property into the hands of lawyers is crazy.

  31. Imagine it is almost 2021 and Bajans are still wondering how to keep lawyers from using client funds as their personal kitty !!!???

    Backward and embarrassing. Since the crooked legal profession does not want this then surely someone from one of the financial regulatory bodies can pressure government to rectify the situation.

    Does the government not see that this is rudimentary matter of good governance and financial practice? Does the govt see the connection between issues like this and the level of investor confidence and spending?

    Then the same clowns in government and the regulators keep wondering why we keep getting flagged for lax regulation and money laundering.

  32. “This business of entrusting large amounts of personal or corporate property into the hands of lawyers is crazy.”

    they will FIGHT everybody on that, it is how they earn their extra income by tiefing from the public no amount is enuff for them, they protect each other on that front.

    …..they already took away the means for LAWYERS TO ROB personal injury claimants their compensation…..by having insurance companies cut two checks, one for the client and one for attorney’s fees, what happens now, they found a way around that, remember a badly injured man went to his grave without a dime of his compensation, it was around about 13 million dollars, the thieves of the bar association made sure to divvy it up between themselves and their fellow crooks in the minority community, by involving them in the man’s case without his knowledge and consent talking about their fronting him money, just like the lady whose case is ongoing nearly 40 years later and the slimy lawyer is acting as though she is a beggar while claiming government has no money, she slipped and got hurt while working at the QEH, and there he is pretending he’s doing her a favor…by dragging out her case until either he dies or she does….she is already crippled because of the decades of contrived delays and it’s only getting worse, but they are waiting her out until she dies..

    the latest scam from them//..they start to compromise and sabotage the case from early in the proceedings….insurance companies are more than happy to pay dirty plaintiffs attorney handsomely to do just that….or they refuse to tell the claimaint what their fees are, so instead of getting a 200,000 compensation, the claimaint ends up with a measly 80,000 if that much and there is always some entity ready to take half or more of that….one way or the other they make sure the injured person is victimized…again…and lose the compensation….but they are playing with the right people this time.

    ..if they start doing that with land issues, take away the attorneys opportunities to steal the land or money, they will circumvent that too, it’s where they put all their energies, they are all evil and dangerous to the public….and believe themselve entitled to rob the people, the elderly, dead, young, dying and unborn…no one is safe from bar scum.

  33. @Dullard October 18, 2020 10:23 AM

    Does the government not see that this is rudimentary matter of good governance and financial practice? Does the govt see the connection between issues like this and the level of investor confidence and spending?

    The government is a bunch of lawyers.

  34. “Does the govt see the connection between issues like this and the level of investor confidence and spending?”

    with the government made up of the same lawyers whose names are ALWAYS CALLED in the same thievery of clients’ funds, robbery of the estates of the elderly and their beneficiaries, robbery of money from personal injury claimants, money laundering etc…..i seriously doubt it..

  35. Waru

    Everything you said is correct. This writer has suffered three times from the lawyers-criminals of Barbados.

    Last time we had to do a transaction it was largely done by self. And if that cannot be possible then we will never do business in Barbados again.

  36. The end goal should be to make victims whole.

    This fund is a bad idea, as it will do nothing more than encourage crooked lawyers to steal their client money. It is a cover-up for fraud.

    Crooked lawyers will have the last laugh as the fund managers gives victims a pittance ( a fraction of what is your due) and tell them to get lost. I can imagine a crooked lawyer ensuring that his contribution to the fund comes from his spoils.

    I would encourage honest lawyers to keep their money separate from that of the thieves.

    Don’t contribute.

    Don’t let your good name and reputation be a cover for legal fraud and deceptive practices.

  37. Pacha…investors WORLDWIDE must be warned of the parasites in the bar association, and ON THE BENCH or this will never end, they will steal any amount to maintain their lifestyles of pretend millionaires…it has already DESTROYED the reputation of the island but they don’t care…it’s as simple as that…they will continue undeterred..

    ..stay tune for the next THEFT OF compensation from a personal injury claimant WITH ALL INVOLVED having their names SPLASHED across the earth…they believe everyone is afraid of them….

  38. Waru

    On one occasion this writer had to stop another director of a corporation from killing one lawyer who was a former schoolmate. The orders of magnitude were large.

    But it’s just a matter of time.

  39. “This fund is a bad idea, as it will do nothing more than encourage crooked lawyers to steal their client money. It is a cover-up for fraud.”

    the fraudulent fund has been around from 1984, it’s surviving its purpose of being useless just fine, they will see no reason to get rid of it..

  40. “The orders of magnitude were large.

    But it’s just a matter of time.”

    another instance of somebody wanting to kill one or all of them, am surprised none of them are dead yet, in other jurisdictions none of them would be in existence and still robbing the public and the vulnerable and walking around freely because they control the police and judiciary….but time is longer than twine..

  41. 😂😀😁
    I saw that edit
    “You appreciate the nuances of M̶Y̶ writing style I guess from your long association with journalism.”

  42. David@ 8:48 October 18 2020
    Only Errors and omissions , not known risk. Hence,fraud is an exclusion from the policy. Professional indemnity usually purchase by a risk retention group or pool.

  43. PLT Oct18,2020 8:34am.
    Thanks for the information.
    If 24 Governors nominate individuals and then select a President what is the noise on this blog about?
    What is the leadership crisis at CDB?

  44. Did you notice that 15 of the 24 are from the Caribbean. If it is a simple majority vote and the Caribbean members stick together then the fix can be in. There is wiggle room for collusion. Let’s not pretend that we live in a world without sin.

    I suspect the no borrowing members would go along with the vote unless the appointment was outrageous

  45. Pachamama,

    You want me to teach you the mad woman system?

    I have had only good treatment from one lawyer and problems that I got promptly solved with two others.

    One handed over my file and waited for over two years for payment.

    The other played the ass until I pulled him up. Then he proceeded exactly as I instructed.

    I have friends who have been given the run around in very similar circumstances.

    They are too sane, I suspect.

  46. Not letting a fella suck my energy today;


    “ANSWERS WERE GIVEN during the Caribbean Examinations Council’s (CXC)’s press conference yesterday, but some parents and students still have many burning questions they want answered.

    During an online press conference which CXC chairman Sir Hilary Beckles led, registrar and chief executive officer (CEO) Dr Wayne Wesley announced that the review process of the 2020 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) would now include a remark of the exam scripts, and not just an administrative review.”

  47. @Wura,
    The statement is different from what I expected. However, on reading what is said very closely, I am still in wait and see mode.


    “Usually, CXC marks a sample of the SBAs, but this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic almost 100 per cent were moderated from across the Caribbean, a move that uncovered leniency by teachers as opposed to a first mark and there would be a review mark.”

    “According to Beckles, the review found that students are being given false expectations about their performances and so there would be need for improved communication in the submission of grades, including workshops, with teachers. He also urged Caribbean people to guard against the “culture of predictability” in examinations, even as he noted that the exam system was modified, there was a more robust and comprehensive moderation of the SBAs and the multiple choice structure might not permitted practice and experience. “We can understand how maybe this year more than previous years, how the gap for many people between the predicted outcome and the actual could have been of greater concern to a large number of people,” he said.”

  48. “The review fee was reduced to US$15 and candidates who request reviews will not receive a ‘downgrade’. Instead, the grade will remain the same, or adjusted upwards, if the remark supports ”

    Waiting to see how this will play out. Hopefully, there will be a final report of the grade changes (if any).

  49. THeo…as far as i know, SBAs are done really early these days, so they should have been handed in long before Covid, i would swear they start SBAs in 3-4th form, someone can correct me.

    Kootchie Koos looks all fine and dandy in his uniform, where is SSS.

    no one listens to Professor Shilllary, this is the dude who is salivating for reparations, carting around a big old slave title and don’t know that for reparations to be paid to the descendants of AFRICAN SLAVES, it will have to be STOLEN OUT OF AFRICA, where his ANCESTORS WERE ALSO STOLEN FROM….don’t have the energy to listen to his shite.

    from my experience the teachers who give PREDICTED GRADES know exactly what they are doing, blame the teachers is the new CXC Shillary excuse, they cannot retaliate, they can’t even protest without losing their jobs….Shillary should hide his head in shame..

  50. Even i appreciate the genius behind that centuries old colonial scam, am busy trying to dissect it and brush up on my cuss words.

  51. Theo…someone sent me some Swahili words yesterday, when am done i’ll be a pro, swahiling all over the place.

    don’t let anything Elizabeth’s little mascotas do surprise you, they all want bagging up and dropping off outside Buckingham Palace gates..

  52. from my experience the teachers who give PREDICTED GRADES know exactly what they are doing

    Waru, when was the last time teachers gave predicted scores for CXC examinations?

  53. Ah yardfowl jumped right in and missed the whole point…but yet, the parents asked CXC to use the teacher predicted grades as a guide, which INCLUDES THE STUDENT’S OVERALL GRADES OVER A PERIOD OF YEAR(S).

    trying to dazzle me with ya TOAL LACK of understanding is a FAIL…the teachers themselves SAID predicted grades DO EXIST..

    ya better off asking Professor Shillary for details..

  54. Was wondering when Bajans were going to call out Sky Mall publicly for scanning people’s faces under the guise of taking their temperatures, when the temperature setting does not even register on some people….these repulsive wannbe slave masters in Barbados need to catch themselves.

  55. Another accustion of being despotic attributed to Mia. What she and her filthy, no good racist THIEVES AND business partners in the minority community fail to realize is that there is NOT ONE EDUCATED BLACK PERSON, i mean people who understand what ALL OF THEM has done to the black population over decades, will sit back and allow them to continue ROBBING the BLACK population, living OFF THEIR BACKS then acting like the people who really fund the island don’t count, don’t matter and are all SLAVES, that is my problem with Mia and that gang of THIEVES….they have stolen from generations of Bajan youth and are still telling themselves they are invincible and cannot be stopped because they fancy themselves slave masters, well that evil shit by black face JAILERS of the majority black population, ENDS IN THIS DECADES…our grandchildren will no longer be the victims of you cockroaches. Don’t know who they think they are, that’s why Africa must be warned about them, they are too damn arrogant and cocky and believe they are going to be the best slave masters, better than Elizabeth, but watch we nuh.


    “Declaring that he is not a “yard boy”, former Barbados Labour Party (BLP) minister Anthony Wood has charged that there is “an element of despotic leadership” in the current administration.
    Referring to the use of the word “despot” by the now late former Prime Minister Professor Owen Arthur to describe Mottley back in 2013, Wood said: “I am concerned that Mottley in her head… thinks she is tightening the vice gripes over Barbadians’ minds and our actions. I am concerned that there is a manifestation of despotic leadership that, if we allow it to go unchecked, we are going to be extremely sorry.”

  56. CDB presidency vote adjourned

    THERE HAS BEEN no decision on the next president of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).
    Professor Avinash Persaud, the Barbados Government’s special advisor on the economy, is one of three candidates in the running for the top post, which was expected to be decided yesterday evening following a special meeting of governors.
    Nominations were received in respect of Persuad, Dr Hyginus “Gene” Leon and Dr Aidan Harrigan within the stipulated period of 90 days after the date of the bank secretary’s notice of July 1. Receipt of three nominations was communicated to all governors and members of the board of directors were also informed.
    Governors were invited to a special meeting yesterday for the vote but it was adjourned and no date was given.
    “The successful candidate must gain the support of at least two-thirds by way of number of the governors representing not less than three-fourths (75 per cent) of the total voting power of the bank’s
    member countries,” a release on the CDB website stated. ( PR/AC)

    Source: Nation

    • So far he has been nominated and based on the criteria for selection he has to win the support of other governors of the board. We will see if the Mottley lobby with the other Governors is successful.

  57. His main qualification is that he is a Guyanese Indian. If one looks at the BU gallery of clever people, just take a look at ethnicity and/or pedigree. Tells you a lot.

  58. I thought that only animals, dogs, cows, horses, etc. had pedigree.

    But what do I know? Since I am only a silly woman and all.

  59. Lol!

    I don’t agree with you, nor with Hal.

    We are all human, on the very same family tree.

    If you or Hal have doubts, next time you need a blood donation, sit down and wait until you can get one from a person of the same or higher “pedigree” than you.

    Ya will both de’d while ya waiting.

    Wishing you both long, happy and healthy lives.

  60. When auntie had her surgery earlier this year ya t’ink that she demanded blood from other Prime Ministers only?


    How we know that she didn’t get a donation from ninja man?


    We must stop engaging in this “pedigree” nonsense which came straight out of the period of our ancestor’s enslavement [your enslaved ancestors, my enslaved ancestors, Hal’s enslaved ancestor’s , Mia’s enslaved ancestors].

    The word “pedigree” should NEVER EVER be used in reference to ANY human being.

    Words have meaning you know.

  61. Leon named new president of the CDB
    DR HYGINUS ‘GENE’ LEON will serve as the new president of the Caribbean Development Bank from May 1.
    He was elected by the board of governors of the multilateral institution.
    Leon succeeds Dr Warren Smith, who has been at the helm of the regional financial institution for the last ten years.
    “I am deeply honoured by the trust that the board of governors has demonstrated in my experience and ability. The CDB remains an instrumental partner in regional development. I look forward to working with all member states and a tremendous staff with zeal and unrelenting commitment,” he said.
    Leon has more than 30 years of experience in economic development and has directed macroeconomic and financial policy support to government authorities in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia and the Caribbean. He has worked with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for more than 24 years, serving as mission chief for the Gulf States of Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates as well as The Bahamas, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe. He also served as the IMF’s senior resident representative in Jamaica.
    Prior to his engagement with the IMF, he was an associate professor at State University of New York at Old Westbury in the United States. He has also served as director of research at the Central Bank of Barbados and country economist at CDB. (PR)

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