To Serve with Love

Every time Barbados enters an election period the quote attributed to the late John F. Kennedy (JFK) comes to mind – “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country“. It is said that droves of young people offered themselves for public service as a result of Kennedy glamourizing what the blogmaster considers to be the ultimate act of selflessness – offering oneself to serve the people.

As a young boy growing up starry eyed under the Bajan flag in the post 1966 period, we were inspired by that generation of Barbadian who inculcated values which aligned with the Kennedy quote. We lived at a time social centres were a hive of activity for sport, assisting with teaching skills to residents in the locale, hosting limes and many other community building activities. Most if not all so-called community practitioners were to be found a dime a dozen.

It was close to mandatory for young boys and girls to be members of the 4H Club, Boys Scouts, Girls Guide, YMCA and the numerous other civic non profit associations which all combined to foster requite skills to prepare us for future leadership roles. These types of engagements have not totally disappeared from the landscape of Barbados but one senses there is a relationship between non interest being shown by citizens in community and non profit associations and a diminishing attitude and focus in nation building behaviour.

We have concentrated and allocated billions of the national budget to growing a paper-middleclass in the last three or four decades. The consequence of which has been the emergence of a strident political directorate more concerned with feathering the nest by securing everything financial at the expense of serving with love. This is the root cause of the societal decay we continue to witness on the tiny island of Barbados in 2020. Unfortunately a scan outside of the local orb reveals that this is a universal trend.

Perhaps it is a simplistic view but the blogmaster argues that because of our small size and heavy investment in educating our people in the last 40 years – to the doom and gloomers nothing is perfect – we should be able to offer a better defence to protect from alien customs that have compromised the Barbados model we use to be admired.

We look to politicians moulded from a dysfunctional social system and wonder why things are not changing for the better. Successive governments continue to rollout policies that encourage conspicuous consumption habits, allow rampant undisciplined behaviour at the level of the individual and household, embrace all things foreign and then we wonder why has the Barbadiana brand faded. In a world where globalization is the new way, it is inevitable we will have to manage a level of multiculturalism entering our space. However, we cannot allow it to be dominant to the extent it subsumes homegrown customs which define who we prefer to be as a people.

To return to the community model on an island that measures 166 square miles cannot be too hard. Having 200,000 motors cars, mobile phones and an illegal gun in too many homes should not define who we want to be. What has to define us is our ability to cut and contrive, to assist our neighbour in times of stress, for each citizen to understand roles and responsibilities towards making Barbados the best country on the planet..feel free to add to the list. In other words we cannot leave any man, woman or child behind. An egalitarian society is idealistic but we need to strive for it.

Lastly for those offering themselves for political office to be always mindful of what JFK said – “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country

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  1. This topic brings in focus Mia Mottley who belives she owns the country and in her mind the Constitution does not matter and she can do dam well as she pleases
    For certainly Kennedy words does not applies to Mottley words and action
    In any other democracy run by the rule of law calls for Mottley resignation would be loud and clear
    She has placed barbadians and barbados on a dangerous path of being ruled by dictatorship laws and regulations
    Those with greater understanding of Democratic rule are the ones who should step out and be guided by Kennedy words to stop the madness of Mottley whose has an insatiable appetite for power

  2. It was close to mandatory for young boys and girls to be members of the 4H Club, Boys Scouts, Girls Guide, YMCA and the numerous other civic non profit associations which all combined to foster requite skills to prepare us for future leadership roles.


    What do all of these civic not for profit associations have in common that could explain people turning their backs on them?

    HINT: They also have the same thing in common with JFK and his words.

    So why are we surprised?

  3. Another hint!!!

    “Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country“

    What is the difference between “your country” and “your Government”?

  4. David

    It matters not how much you, rhetorically, bury, pardom the mixed metaphors, your writings in the sayings of the JFKs we’ve seen, this socalled underlying “democracy” compact can no longer hold at its centre. On balance, even Kennedy himself was a product of the very fraudulent electoral system at the heart of the wider existential threats we face.

  5. First of all,I would like to thank all those politicians and want to be politicians for coming forward at great expense and risks to themselves ,and offering themselves for public service.
    You will find that it is a thankless task. They are noise makers who do not have the courage to come forward to offer them selves but view themselves as judges, unpaid and uninvited critics of your politics and your families. Ignore them. They are of no consequence. It is bare envy that they are displaying and a large dose of ignorance of what is required to manage the affairs of this country. They just do not have it and hope to live vicariously through you. Keep on soldiering on.

  6. “Having 200,000 motors cars, mobile phones and an illegal gun in too many homes should not define who we want to be.”
    Small point.

    The number 200,000 caught my eye.
    I googled to learn that in 2015, there were 90k cars and 20K commercial vehicles.

    One hundred and ten thousand vehicles. This was surprising, especially given the dire need for public transport.

  7. Vincent Codrington
    What a complete asshole you are.

    Or maybe you live on another planet because these misinformed mouthings seem wholly inconsistent to lived realities everywhere on Earth.

  8. @ Vincent

    The bitter tongue speaks. It is an admission of in ability to discuss with reason. Abuse, ignorance and aggression, an explosive mix. Let us call it the Bajan recipe.

    • @Pacha

      No man or man made system is perfect.let us go with the meaning the words convey and forget the man.

  9. Has the ugly man from england said any new here in the last 10 years?

    That is worthy of bitterness.

    Indeed the unfortunate reality that a halton austin and a vincent codrington exist fortified by a belief that some cultural importance lies with them is unfortunate and worthy of the application of extreme malice.

  10. @Vincent Codrington,

    i have often wondered why you never put up yourself as a representative of the people in some constituency. why, if you dont mind answering?

  11. David

    What is a man?

    Why are meanings important?

    And if JFK was the product of a fraudulent election should not all the forces be weighed and not just rely on a single factoid, quote.

    Warning, this is a deeply intellectualised debate not likely to meet the favour of the ugly man who wants to say the same shiiite all day, all night.

  12. David

    How could that be.
    The notion of a country has been a very recent creation, post 1648.
    In the future another fiction may replace it.

  13. Pacha
    I am no scholar.I know I will also achieve the wrath of your angry tongue. Why do you always to curse those who have a different opinion from you as it relates democratic governance? From what you write I take it you are a believer in communism/socialism.To me opposing views are not entertained in those systems.The leaders are always despots who enjoy the sweets of the country like the animal farm tale.

  14. Ok
    No, permit us to know better, we reserve that tongue for particular usages. You are in no such iminent danger.

    And how is Donald Trump, and many historically loved by the West, any different to those you comdemn?

    Our point is that this has to go beyond personal commitments to isms.

    Personally, we care not what colour the cat is once it catches mice, sic

  15. First of all, I would like to thank all those politicians and want to be politicians for coming forward at great expense and risks to themselves ,and offering themselves for public service.

    Hahah. Joke of the day. What service what?! Politicians in Barbados serve no one but themselves and the odd young damsel. Politics in Barbados is primarily a means to amass great wealth and perquisites. Nada mas.

  16. @Pacha
    The notion of a country has been a very recent creation, post 1648. In the future another fiction may replace it.

    Correct. I would go further and add that the contemporary notion of of the modern nation state, the sovereign state began after WW2.
    The idea of nation is not fixed and immutable and changes with time. It is not timeless.

    @David wheel and come again.

  17. David
    The failure to accept the position of The Dullard threatens to prevent you from properly understanding current phenomena. LOL

    • @Pacha

      Do you observe how BU commenters prefer to discuss corn beef politics instead of the more meaty issues which require some independent thought?

  18. @Dullard

    I like your idea of the modern nation state being born after World War Two. Was it to do with the break up of the British Empire? What about the division of Africa? Or, even, the Westphalia settlement?

  19. David

    That has always been our constant and greatest frustration.

    It is like if the conversation begins from scratch every time with belligerents in their corners.

  20.’s about time this happens, Barbados is 40 YEARS BEYOND THE POINT OF RIDICULOUS….we’ve spent years on this blog, outlining the stupidity and many offfered a way forward out of tourism dependency and colonial racist politicies but the ignorant fowl slaves made sure to fight back….well there is NO FIGHTING BACK ANYMORE….bunch of asses.

    As long as the miinorities were able to enrich themselves, STEAL BLACK PEOPLE’S MONEY those black face frauds in the parliament cared nothing aboiut the majority populaton and their families, after begging them for votes…well take this….SELLOUTS..Tiefing the people’s money, giving it away….writing off 1 BILLIONS in VAT STOLEN by ya business partners, who should ALL be in prison, now ya BEGGING FOR SEBT RELIEF…..ya must think these people are just as STUPID AS YOU….and don’t know that every black government in that parliament have UNDERSERVED the majority population..

    all the time they were lyng, tiefing and selling out, they never told the people they had decades of low growth, ya have low growth but TIEFING BY THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS…all of you should be in PRISON.

    “Mottley has argued that there could be severe consequences for small states that have been suffering from high debt and low growth for decades.”

    “A top official of the World Bank has poured cold water on any hopes of Barbados getting debt relief from lending partners.

    World Bank Chief Economist for Latin America and the Caribbean Martin Rama said countries in the Caribbean should not count on getting any debt relief and should therefore look seriously at other alternatives of effectively managing and growing their economies.”

    Police need to SPEAK about the decades of interference by backward, corrupt politicians who have RUINED the reputation of the force with their wicked policies…

    “A retired high-ranking law enforcement officer has accused politicians of interfering in the operations of the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF), and he has urged senior lawmen to stand up to the political directorate.

    Although he did not identify any particular politician, former Deputy Commissioner Bertie Hinds, in a recent interview with Barbados TODAY, charged that “politicians like to put roadblocks in your way”.

    While stopping short of pointing fingers at anyone for “interfering” in the promotions process within the RBPF, Hinds, who had a fractious relationship with his former boss Darwin Dottin, now a Government consultant, pulled no punches regarding the quality of leadership put in place over the years.”

  21. You can’t only ask citizens to give of their best when the party you support is in office. A positive call for nationalism of ones country should be constant not intermittent.
    Saying that the current pack of political jokers come to serve this country is a pure joke. What is their ideology, philosophy?Where is the record of these servants for the past fifty four years? Where is the legislation on land reform; enfranchisement? Did theses servants deliver water to the rural areas ? Why are the poor Black people who look like them still suffering while others are relieved from taxes and given mammoth financial aid?
    Sometimes one laughs so as not to cry when reading BU.
    Yep they come to serve all right but the last half century certainly shows they are not serving the majority of people who look like them!
    We still praising them for garbage trucks, buses and putting marl in pot holes. When the folks in the rural areas get water they are so happy they call Brasstacks.
    In the meantime millions going to consultants ……… yes sir they do serve but not the folks who look like them and this goes for both of the major parties. Yep after 54 years of independence we know who gets this incredible service.

  22. Miseducated, corrupt, self-destructive, self-hating negros with slave titles…how does it feel, now the laughingstock of the region…who would still rob and sell out their own by default.

  23. At least Elizabeth now has a whiff of what her little pet slaves, pet monkeys, PET SNAKES are desperate and want to GET AWAY FROM HER to do, she thinks she got plans but theirs are much, much bigger….

    man makes plans, the DIVINE laughs…

  24. David

    We were never convinced that the political elites have been very successful in feathering their own nests.
    That the appropriation of public resources, through any guise, was a reliable wealth accumulation model.

    In other words that they are any good at thieffing, anything more than petty crooks.

    What they have excelled at, like dutiful servants, managed to consolidate most of the new wealth created into a few hands of the people in the minority communities.

    This is their gift to country.

    • @Pacha

      You can use all the euphemisms in the world, it does not change the fact that any type of behaviour that cheats the people and is rewarded with crumbs from the table whether in kind or money is what it is.

      We have created a zombie class who believe by placing an x on a ballot paper, civic responsibility has been discharged. We have to turn this around.

  25. Elizabeth’s colonial pet snakes in Barbados….all because they could not steal the family’s estate, the daughter fought until she t FRAUDULENT LETTERS OF TESTAMENTARY WERE RESCINDED, this is their retaliation….a set up, wuh they SETUP THE MIGHTY UNITED STATES …ya think they frighten to setup anyone else….really…

    “Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie
    a Uk citizen has been arrested for telling the truth about the corruption in Barbados that was able to let a man from Afghanistan collect her father’s body after his suspicious death and since have held onto his estate illegally . So Pamela Small who buried Valerie-Suzette Jean-Marie father illegally told her to come to the funeral Parlour today even though she was told to come on Monday and was arrested when leaving . Set her up .low lifes.”

  26. David

    We would be willing to tolerate a cadre of generationally corrupt Black politicians if in exchange the standard requirement that any and all significant developments in the country have to go to the “hirelings”

  27. David

    Call for the disgorement of the wealth accumulated as a result of the corrupt acts by politicians and senior civil servants.

    Mugabe will listen to an editor with your influence.

    • Pacha you know that will never happen. It will have be Mugabe, Zimbabwe- the very behaviour you accuser off now you call for her adopt. Make your mind up?

  28. A respected man of the soil step out of his comfort zone to serve the people
    Here comes Gline Clarke on stage talking s.hit about the man because he got him a job
    These socalled political parasites who serve themselves while as ministers need to leave the political landscape quietly
    For every finger they point at someone
    Two is pointing back at them
    Gline Clarke a political parasite has sung 26 years for his supper and has been rewarded having nothing to show but bush and unfinished projects in SGN

  29. That’s what they do. All favors are eventually made public. Loans, jobs any help is revealed. How low can these BLPDLP political vermin go . That’s the great service some on this blog talk about.

  30. Incumbent Leaders of USA and UK, Trump and Johnson, show that powerful nations lie and make up their own truths for propaganda, wars, and trade with false narratives against other nations and people like China, Muslims, Liberal minds etc.
    If you do not toe the line and propagate their false narratives or you become successful enough to be a strong competitor, then you are marked as a threat to their national security and attacked with darks arts of spy wars, trade wars, wars and rumours of wars. Good strong righteous moral Leaders who serve all will always vilified. All main religions and Abrahamic religions are Afroasiatic where people are spiritual minded, Capitalistic nations of West hijacked religions and technology to possess the Power of God, if you do not kill and lie to steal world resources, then you are deemed too soft to lead their nations.

    ▶️ When Jah Comes, Iron Dub

  31. David
    Leroy Parris qualifies as an example in our case against corporate elites benefiting from political corruption for disgorgement.

    If you are disinclined to follow the money you have no right to talk about political crimes.

  32. In addition, the banks in barbados placed “sanctions” on him.

    Now he”ll be carried to the brink of bankrupcy by the courts

    • We need more to be made examples.many of these well placed citizens manage so-called respectable business fronts protected by the political class.

  33. What they have excelled at, like dutiful servants, managed to consolidate most of the new wealth created into a few hands of the people in the minority communities.

    In your view, what is the logical conclusion of this?

  34. Corporate , Legal,Political and Intellectual corruption the diabolical cocktail of our current state.
    And we actually believe it can be solved by the same people who mix it every day.
    No wonder they treat us with such contempt.

  35. Exactly!

    If sanctions were good for Parris and a long list of Black businessmen challenging White interests they should be good for the historically corrupted White businessmen as well.

  36. Dullard

    We are well known for resorting to an instrument which has proven itself a reliable instrument of social transformation LOL.

    However, that may not be useful to you. We suggested 30 years ago that the cooperative movement has the potential to more evenly and democratically distribute resources and should be the dominant economic force in our country.

    Today, we may say the Mondragon model for empowerment

  37. David

    So what we gine do? Live till death under White corruption, officially sanctioned.

    Yes, we have to lock up the Black politicians but also the beneficiaries of their crimes.

    • @Pacha

      A trigger event must occur to create the disruption we want. The gradualistic approach you mentioned is all a part of the process to lead to that disruption event- we hope!

    • Read the majority commentary on BU, local media, at large- the majority of Barbadians are greatly influenced by establishment rhetoric. It will be a hard climb.

  38. David
    All this tells us is that they are sheep waiting for right leadership.

    If this pandemic, deep recession, is not your trigger event, what could be.

    • @Pacha

      Look around the regional and international spaces, what is the approach? We have seen changes to how the establishment will be distributing products and services via technology and that is all. The zero sum game exemplified. We have not seen the commensurate adjustment to mindsets. Our expectations suggest we want more of the same.

  39. “be ready when the tipping point appears.”

    we know Blogmaster is patient, but even he has to know that “tipping points” only appear once every millenna , we are smack in the middle of one now, better not wait for another, we don’t have 500 years to get anything right, if we include the demonic portuguese, 500 is already long gone.and others are way ahead by 400 already..

    first order of business…get rid of the cursed fraudulent pretend leaders WHO LIED THEIR WAY into the parliament…make an example of them so the other retards in waiting slow down and don’t think they hit a jackpot instead of being hired for a job of managing THE PEOPLE’S MONEY AND WELLBEING..

  40. fowl slaves….the younger generation is coming for yall, and guess who is going to guide them, ya done know am not sentimental and would never give any type of shit…so carry on smartly..

  41. I personally want to know when Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean will start dismantling the slave societies that they are so proud of maintaining with the people’s money, that shite about ” building a Caribbean civilization” is nonsense, these islands are slave socieites and have been for hundreds of years, so Enuff with the bullshit, ya can’t build any civilization that are still slave societies….what are yall going to call it??? Civilization of Slave Societies……..

    Sir Slave Title Shillary needs to come clean…Enuff already..

  42. Tens of millions of people are seeing this, very bad business.

    watch muh nuh..

    “Winston Clarke
    tSp9htotfnsored ·
    Jackie Stewart is correct. These people are trying to shut Valerie up in every way possible. This same person who is trying to lock Valerie up put herself in the way to stop Valerie from changing the locks on her father’s house so their friend could get into it; sell the things in it, rent it out and try to sell it. This same person came on facebook and showed Valerie the watch Valerie had given to her father for his birthday and told Valerie she is not getting it back. This person is so afraid that she and her cohorts tried to plant Valerie’s luggage at the airport but Valerie suspected this and did not have any luggage when she was leaving. They tried spreading a rumour that Valerie had Covid. They are afraid because Valerie now has information which can lock all of them away. They are in for a surprise because Scotland Yard also has the matter. The fraud was commited in more than one jurisdiction. The fraud squad here wants to know who signed the name Garfield Steele on the permission note to the funeral home. They made a big error; his name is not Steele and he has never been to Barbados. All of you will fall. The bank has camera footage of you withdrawing money from her dad’s account 22 months after he had died. The licensing authority has said none of you are to drive P 4809 yet you are still driving it.0 ICBL now has the recall letter. Stop showing letters that have been recalled and have been deemed fraudulent.”

  43. @David “Having 200,000 motors cars, mobile phones and an illegal gun in too many homes.”

    Dear David:

    I do not have a gun, so therefore in a place with less than 100,000 households, it must mean that somebody has my gun. Can anybody please tell me where I can pick it up please. O! and I don’t have a car either, so if wunna can tell me where to get one, perhaps I can make one trip outside and pick up both my items.

  44. I still want my gun and my car.

    Because I is people too.

    Unfortunately our politicians, all parties do favors for family, friends, school mates, lodge buddies, and campaign financiers.

    And the money for all f these favours actually all comes out of the labor of decent hard working Bajans. Now that decent hard working Bajans out of work because of Covid the “business class” and the “political class” all hollering fah murder.

    Most of our politicians when they first enter politics don’t have a po to piss in nor a window to throw it through.

  45. Cuddear….all of those little pissy politicains in Barbados are Elizabeth’s colonial relics and she should make a sweep, pick them up and put them in museums in UK or spread them around the various palaces as display pieces, they have served no real purpose for over 50 years, it’s a shame, Elizabeth maybe the only one proud of them outside of their yardfowls and only as a successful experiment.

    I could swear Mia was begging Lawson’s boyfriend to open Canada so she could have tourists flying in droves to infect Barbados with the plague, when he was hot and sweaty to get on the UNs security council, instead of asking for something realistic that would benefit Black Bajans,now that there is more water than flour re Covid, all of a sudden Canada is on a high risk list…that is and has always been the level of intelligence in the parliament…extremely low grade and low vibration.

    “Barbados has placed Canada in the high-risk category in a new set of COVID-19 travel protocols which go into effect on October 16.”

  46. Our model of government must be amended. It is not relevant in these times Ezra Alleyne.

    The Senate: Upper House?

    By Ezra Alleyne
    Last week we noted that the Senate can be a major check and balance on constitutional change. This week I wrap up with these further observations on the Upper House, aka the Senate.
    The two-thirds “check and balance” majority needed in the Senate to change some sections of the Constitution works in a precise arithmetical manner.
    The founding fathers ensured that to secure a twothirds majority (or 14 ayes) voting for constitutional change in the Senate, the Government of the day with 12 senators, has to get support either from the two Opposition senators or from the Governor General’s seven nominees since the Government cannot raise 14 votes on its own.
    Barbados Labour Party (BLP) governments really start with only 11 “aye” votes since that party’s traditional practice has been to choose the President of the Senate from among its 12 Government senators.
    In reality, such Governments need support from both the Opposition senators and from at least one or more of the Governor General’s nominees. If the two Opposition senators vote against the bill or abstain, then at least three of the Governor General’s nominees will be required to join with the Government’s 11 votes to pass the bill.
    So that if and when the Presidency of the Senate is filled by a Governor General’s nominee (as happened in 1971 under the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) administration), a major leg of the check and balance the two-thirds majority can then be obtained simply by the Government securing two ayes in addition to the 12 ayes they start with.
    Now if 14 of the 21 Senators owe their appointment to the electorate’s choice of Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, how accurate then, are the descriptions “Upper and Lower”?
    The “Lower” elected Assembly is the more powerful house, but the appointed “Upper House” Senate has muscle when it comes to constitutional change.
    It may be easier to rationalise if we refer to the Senate as the Second Chamber rather than the Upper House, as some expert commentators have done.
    Anyways, consider these “sensational” senatorial events and smile: It seems unbelievable that two senators were fired from the Senate under a street light at a local political meeting. But it is true. The late Harold Hoyte captures this event well in his book Eyewitness To Order And Disorder.
    At Page 334, he wrote:
    “In political circles it was reported that the two senators (Denis Hunte and John Connell) were fired by their Opposition Leader Errol Barrow under a street light at a political meeting held at Tweedside Road, St Michael.
    Fired immediately
    “I well remember Barrow telling the crowd that night that the two gentlemen representing his party would have their appointments revoked as a result of a letter he would write to the Governor General the following day. Then Barrow snapped, ‘In fact, they are fired right now’, to the loud cheers of the partisan crowd eager for the political blood of the presumed traitors.”
    Matter fixed, but the letter had to be sent; and it went, and it must have been foolproof and precise in every detail as this related Senate story from Trinidad and Tobago shows: Talk is cheap, but writing certifies action.
    Sometime in the mid-60s another Leader of the Opposition, but in Trinidad, Mr Stephen Maharaj, faced a revolt among his parliamentarians. He sacked the four dissident senators, but unlike Mr Barrow’s surgical strike, Maharaj’s “sacking” attempt
    backfired. It failed on a legal point.
    The report is that Maharaj had apparently quoted the wrong section of the Constitution when he sent his advice by letter to the Governor General to fire the senators. His appeal against this decision was dismissed. What a thing! The lesson: Write it right.
    Three “blind mice”
    The next Senate incident occurred right here in Barbados when the BLP had only three so-called “blind mice” members in the Lower House Dr Richie Haynes, having broken with the DLP, carried three of the estranged DLP members with him, formed the National Democratic Party and invoked the Constitution, and informed the whole of Barbados that four is greater than three. Haynes was duly appointed Leader of the Opposition, replacing Henry Forde.
    The two BLP senators (Dame) Billie Miller and (Sir) Louis Tull had their senatorial appointments revoked, effectively through the actions of someone who had not appointed them.
    According to Sir James Cameron Tudor, the DLP’s highly regarded political and constitutional expert, that was the day when “arithmetic became the handmaiden of folly”. No comment.
    Finally, in both the Barrow and Maharaj stories, elected members had also voted against the party line.
    Neither Barrow nor Maharaj attempted to fire them. They were elected by the voters, and untouchable. On the other hand, senators are appointed, and can be dis-appointed.
    Clearly, Toni Moore knows a thing or two about politics. Trade unionists are more secure in the Lower House.
    Ezra Alleyne is an attorney and a former Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly.

  47. Per usual Adrian Greene hits on the kernel of the matter.

    Bag of riddles for Bim

    Today, I feel like a red plastic bag; bright and brilliant, of great practical use and benefit, and still stirring strong despite how some may want to phase me out. But, uh feeling old, boy. The way I move, I like to keep it straight. I don’t know if I’m able to twist and turn and bend reason to suit whatever my purpose is, in the way that seems so common. I am old enough to know, though, that this is nothing new.
    The issues of the day could be material taken from old calypsos. The issues of today seem to be the issues of yesterday and the days before that. They keep coming back because we seem to lack the ability to be intellectually honest. Barbadian indignation at President Donald Trump is either hypocrisy or ignorance of the culture of our own politics.
    Barbadians focusing on the racial situation in the United States is a good way to avoid dealing with persistent racial issues at home, which plagued us from day one.
    But I’m a believer. I believe that Barbados has something important to contribute to the world. Many have left these shores if not physically, emotionally. They have given up on the idea and project of Barbados. I can’t say I blame them. Barbados, with its focus on the economic numbers and figures has in many respect neglected actual Barbadians.
    However, I am alive and I live here. It is here I intend to stay.
    So, the only sensible thing to do is to try to make sure that Bim will rise and not fall.
    Mr Harding can’t die
    The only way I can see to do that is to be real and admit that Mr Harding can’t die, and for Barbados to ask itself honestly: “Who or what am I?” Barbados is Mr Harding’s outside child, born to the enslaved. The ghost of the Mr Harding haunts us and possesses us to continually disown our mother. Independence did not automatically exorcise Harding’s demon and neither will becoming a republic. Until we develop a system and culture of our own, we will continue to be hitched to and dragged by Harding’s wagon/ system. It will always be another Middle Passage again and again.
    There is so much to consider bout here, that it could make you lose your hair. And it is difficult to come to any secure conclusion because there is so much hearsay and you can’t always believe what you hear. A lot of what we see is red; red blood, red alerts and red flags. It is enough to give you the red light. Time to stop and exercise some caution because things are getting hairy.
    Paying a high price
    It’s time to count the cost of a fixation on accounting and economics while neglecting those areas of national life which are not so easily accounted for, yet account for so much of our national well-being. We’re paying a high price for a false perception of success.
    The country has been sick and not well for a long time. Yes, for more than a decade. An injection of recycled
    blood every five years will not do it. Any government that is not significantly and openly reforming governance is placing plastas on gunshot wounds. Any government that sees art and culture strictly in economic terms is polluting the waters that nourish the national consciousness.
    Any people that does not understand this has not been paying attention and taking notes.
    Our calypsonians used to help to keep us honest. For a better understanding of the role of the artist in a healthy nation, I suggest going on YouTube and binge watching old RPB songs. Start with “My Victory” and “ Craftsmen of our Fate.”
    Art can be medicine or poison. But when artists who
    could be strict guardians of our heritage are undervalued their hands are tied up.
    When we realise what George Lamming meant when he said that art is the purpose of education, we will have an eruption of innovation, live a volcano and a fantastic national boat ride.

    Adrian Green is a communications specialist. Email: Adriangreen14@

  48. Ezra is now talking about the ‘founding fathers’ of the Barbados constitution. Who are they? Is the man crazy?

  49. @ David BU

    What is” these times”? And what Model of Government do you suggest for “these times”?

  50. @ Hal Austin at & :45 AM
    Surely from the context in which it is used you can surmise who the “founding fathers” are? The constitutions of former colonies did not fall, like manna, from the sky. Those who argued for self government had a big hand in deciding the form of governance.

  51. @Hal,

    i agree. whilst some are useful most of these Americanisms that creep into our lexicon are annoying. i wish we would just say what we mean

  52. @ Hal Austin
    You are also recorded in the archives of BU to state that you do not ask questions the answer to which you do not know. I take it you are using the “do not know ” plaster on this particular blog today.

  53. @ Vincent

    I do not know the authors of the Barbados constitution. I think I am familiar with one of the popular names. If you know the authors you are better informed than I am.
    According to one BU sage, it was written by the Brits. Was it? Others say Barrow was the father of independence. Does that also mean he was the founding father of independence? And, if so, does that include writing the constitution? We need historical accuracy.
    By the way, in cross examination (or interrogating an interviewee) do not ask questions unless you know the answer ie you need to know if you are being misled.
    Ordinarily, if you do not know the answer you ask for it.

  54. @ David BU at 9:11 AM

    We, therefore, do not need to consciously amend the Model of Government. It too is changing imperceptibly along with the changing times. Why do we need this mythical disruption?

  55. 😃😃😃
    The truth is, I try to keep some comments to myself. And then one of you almost draw me out.

    Will not speak out unless I hear talk of “founding mothers”.

  56. @Mr Blogmaster, the earliest responses spoke directly to the awesome ‘contradiction’ of your screed and piqued my cynicism of political conversation…

    How do you, dear sir invoke the words (cultural penetration) of a foreigner like a US president who the blogger aptly describes as “himself […] a product of the very fraudulent electoral system at the heart of the wider existential threats we face” … and then lament that “we should be able to offer a better defence to protect from alien customs that have compromised the Barbados model we use to [admire]”???

    Bro, I get where you are trying to go but that’s like saying you are a ‘green activist” and travelling from meeting to meeting on a badly tuned smoke belching ‘Roadmaster’ Indian motorcycle: absolutely counter-balancing!

    And NOT taking anything away from the benefits derived from any of the programs noted but one must RECOGNIZE (again as the blogger suggests) that the US Peace Corps ran by a Kennedy scion was very much used as US ‘imperial’ tentacles … exactly often abusing (inadvertently or otherwise) the local cultural that you now look upon so wistfully! … So yes… you are going into a quite “simplistic view” of what we as a small nation can and cannot do to re-establish and reclaim a stronger local identity!

    We really need to stop and ask ourselves exactly WHAT was our supposed ‘identity’ and then as important how and from whom did we develop those and how they evolved from generation to generation as influences CHANGED…why now do we EXPECT that they will not continue to be modified as we move forward under ever shifting dynamics!

    BTW, as you further opine WHY do we continue to expect that “politicians moulded from a dysfunctional social system” can change or will change things “for the better.” … We go over this blog after blog after blog: politicians REFLECT society and they often change NOTHING unless they are “moulded” from those same citizens and are ‘pushed’ to power from that mould to reflect that change … We always are seeking the grand independent leader who completely bucks the majority to represent the alleged silent moral minority… and then we cry autocrat when that leader is not the ‘benevolent’ dictator we seek!

    “Successive governments continue to rollout policies that” …the ELECTORATE fundamentally endorse … so yes “To return to the community model on an island that measures 166 square miles” is very HARD… because Bajans do not DEMAND that of their elected reps … well OTHER THAN PRETTY TALK that is!

  57. It bothers me when we borrow bits and pieces of American politics/history/culture and wrap ourselves in it.

    I find it hard to believe that across the colonies that became independent, separate groups of people say down and came up with almost the same document. Even the Bible does not claim that a large number of men independently wrote the same version of one book.

    I prefer to believe a clerk in England put it together and distributed it.

    Do you remember a few days ago, when the argument was about televised debates?

    It is a local race; a candidate could reach a more targeted audience by taking his message to the streets (big truck and speakers) and setting up his own website but we want to the national Harris/Pence thing.

    Only Mia and her surrogate benefit from a national tv debate.

    • @Dee Word

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing from the learnings and best practices if alien cultures and try to infuse with local narratives. The thesis of the moment is that a society and economy is as functional as the capacity, ability of individuals to deliver at a high and consistent quality based on what we identify to our values, you mentioned identify. While the circumstances that provoked JFK would have been different, it does not change the equation for us as far as what his words portend.

  58. “Independence did not automatically exorcise Harding’s demon and neither will becoming a republic. Until we develop a system and culture of our own, we will continue to be hitched to and dragged by Harding’s wagon/ system. It will always be another Middle Passage again and again.”

    he certainly nailed it, but no matter how sweet and concise the writing or rough and ready like mine, it will all, unfortunately, be ignored, new negros only want to project to the world that they are large and in charge and show how much they can brutalize, rob, dehumanize, demoralize and reduce their own people using a system they did not create.

    sorry Adrian, they will ignore you, ignore African culture as usual, and they sure as hell don’t know how to develop any new system or culture on their own……

    Ms. FIghting Imperialism without any shame, was begging Pope Fraud to create a new order for her, and just a week or two ago was begging either EU or North America for a new financial system, so don’t hold your breath….these are vote begging, fly-by-nighters….with no substance and even less intelligence.

  59. “I prefer to believe a clerk in England put it together and distributed it”

    Theo…don’t mind the delusional, we went through this thoroughly on BU already with a copy of some of the Constitution posted to the site, it was a document drafted in Whitehall by some bored clerk and based on the 16th century slave system, am sure that draft sat in the dusty basement at Whitehall for at least 20-40 years before it was dusted off and delivered to them in 1965-66, it has only been amended about 17 or 18 times by the squatters in the parliament…they had no hand in its original design and creation…..and were granted PERMISSION to be psuedo “independent” by UK….these are jokers who have always pretended to be in control, they are only in control of their own people whom they victimize.

    One godhorse lawyer was boasting up and down that he designed it, but he had to have meant the one they were all playing around with in their dreams of republic..since 1998 with Henry Forde…which is still in draft form.

  60. I realized that we go around in circles, so talk of the founding fathers will be with us again.
    Given the ‘gravitas assigned to EA, I will assume he is perpetually punching below his weight.

  61. @Mr Blogmaster I completely agree that “There is absolutely nothing wrong with borrowing from the learnings and best practices [of] alien cultures and try to infuse with local narratives” and that“While the circumstances that provoked JFK would have been different, it does not change the equation for us as far as what his words portend.”

    Thus my cynicism that you can so strongly opine that “we should be able to offer a better defence to protect from alien customs that have compromised the Barbados model we use to be admired.”

    When you borrow foreign best practices you of necessity bring with it some of the foreign customs that created those practices – now adapted to fit your culture – thus you also then automatically (continually) modify parts of your well with those foreign mores.

    We can’t expect to sip and sup so wantonly on those ‘learnings’ from afar and not expect that overtime we will reshape ourselves to become a vastly different society to the point that it’s almost impossible to “return to the community model on an island that measures 166 square miles” which we may not even remember!

    You get the benefit of advances when you have these modern open border influences but you also lose your “identity”. History paints a sad picture on that. There are very few Amish societies or Amazon forest tribes left untouched and as soon as the new “learnings” come to their village center it’s “good bye” small state “community model”!

    It’s a utopian’s dream not to expect drastic cultural degradation from the stronger outside influence… Barbados has done reasonably well over these many years to keep things from a complete surrender. but is fast going downhill right about now. On that we can agree!

    • @Dee Word

      Let us agree to disagree. This like many of the issues that affect us are not binary matters to solve.

  62. Is the query,“you is a rassh***”, half-a-idiot” a figure of speech for us Bajans that if used by a Guyanese, for example, would automatically be translated by savvy folks as ‘Banna, you is a scunt or what’ !

    What are words if not the simple means of communication to express an idea as powerfully as is possible…so what is a ‘founding father” other than a figure of speech – admittedly made FAMOUS by the US constitution – (BUT a figure of speech nevertheless) which is summarily described in the dictionary as: “an originator of an institution or movement”

    Thus as @VC noted “Surely from the context in which it is used you can surmise who the “founding fathers” are” supposed to be: our founders (whomever they may be named) of our political movement.

    Why beat the simple words to death … is this too the latest fear of more “foreign” corruption of our culture!

    Looka, I vote to ban all books, internet and learnings yes… leh we get back to word of mouth style ‘basics’! …. Wait what’s the Yoruba or should that be Swahili for that influenced English word.

    Really guys get real, please!

  63. @DpD
    Before I begin to answer you.
    Name one founding father that wrote the Barbados constitution.
    Don’t just toss out the name of a politician who was active around independence.

  64. We must be wary of context.

    Can a lie that is given added context become a truth?

    To claim to have written our own constitution is equivalent to plagiarism? Can plagiarism given
    added context become authorship?

    We have a constitution. Why must we wrap it in the story of others?

    How can we reject the alternative facts of others and then try to ram a next set of alternative facts down the throats of others.

    We decided ourselves when we try to make giants out of our leaders. Perhaps, we should ask ourselves.. ‘ “Given geniuses like Barrow, Adams, .and others, why has our nation retrogressed?”

    Hint.. one-eyed men; land of the blind.

    Take the donation and say “thank you”. Don’t embellish.

  65. We deceive ourselves when we try to make giants out of our leaders. Perhaps, we should ask ourselves.. ‘ “Given geniuses like Barrow, Adams, .and others, why has our nation retrogressed?”

  66. “Can a lie that is given added context become a truth?”

    when you repeat a lie long Enuff, it becomes the truth in the twisted toxic mind of LIARS…similiar to the lie about nelson that has circulated in Barbados for centuries, am sure i saw an article this morning where the UK is reevaluating all the lies told to glorify nelson, they will also have to wade through all those lies told by Bajan whites and the frauds in the parliament fooling Bajans that the racist was somehow important and saved them..

  67. @ TheOGazerts at 1 :51 PM

    Ezra Alleyne , myself and may be dpD were around when the Barbados Constitution was being fashioned. We know the brilliant local minds that made inputs into that document. We were around when changes were made to it. Are you suggesting that we substitute our eye witness accounts for yours? You may stick to your perceptions since it is a free world but never arrogate to your self the monopoly of truth and facts..

  68. Check it out Theo…they glamorize a barbaric piece of shit in Barbados while knowing it’s all a LIE….and they have the dumbest of Black people who would go right along with it…a battle which had absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH BARBADOS….mind you, the maritme museum has ALL THE INFORMATION that ever existed about nelson, but bajan whites and other ignorant people still persist with the outright lies that they made up..

    “Colonial legacy of Admiral Lord Nelson and the Royal Navy’s links to slavery ‘to be re-evaluated’ by Greenwich Maritime Museum who plan to change their historical displays following the Black Lives Matter movement

    “The National Maritime Museum is seeking to communicate the ‘often barbaric history of race, colonialism and representation in British maritime history’, the Telegraph reported.

    Issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement will guide its new strategy, which will use a database to reveal Britain’s links to slavery.

    Statues of Royal Navy heroes including Admiral Edward Pellew have also been brought into the publicly-funded museum’s review of Britain’s naval past.

    Royal Museums Greenwich director Paddy Rogers told staff the societal reassessment of colonial history after Edward Colston’s statue was toppled in Bristol earlier this year provided the museum a ‘moment to shine’.

    Nelson has been criticised for his support of slaveholders and the British Empire’s colonies. Pictured: The museum’s portrait of Nelson
    The museum holds the admiral lord’s love letters and the the bullet (pictured) that killed Lord Nelson during the Battle of Trafalgar
    Nelson has been criticised for his support of slaveholders and the British Empire’s colonies. Pictured: The museum’s portrait of Nelson (left) and the bullet which killed him (right). It is also on display at the museum

    Victory at Trafalgar: How Nelson routed the French navy to save Britain from threat of invasion by Napoleon
    It was fought of the coast of Spain and was to be Lord Nelson’s (pictured) last and greatest victory against the French

    The 1805 naval Battle of Trafalgar is considered one of the most divisive naval battles in history and saw a British fleet under Admiral Lord Nelson defeat a combined French and Spanish fleet.

    It was fought off the coast of Spain and was to be Lord Nelson’s last and greatest victory against the French.

    The battle began after Nelson caught sight of a Franco-Spanish force of 33 ships.

    Normally opposing fleets would form two lines and engage in a clash of broadsides until one fleet withdrew, but when planning to engage with the enemy, Nelson divided his 27 ships into two divisions.

    He signalled a famous message from the flagship: ‘England expects that every man will do his duty.’

    In five hours of fighting, the British devastated the enemy fleet, destroying 19 enemy ships.

    A French sniper fatally shot Nelson in the shoulder and chest. He quickly realised he was going to die and was taken below deck where he lost his life about 30 minutes before the end of the battle. “

  69. Anything you hear Bajans say as it relates to the British drafted Constitution, or slavery or anything that negatively impacts African descended people, always take with a pinch of salt…..they continue their existence of living in LALA LAND,.the constitution has a foreword that tells you exactly who drafted the document BEFORE any amendments, i believe those started in the 80s or thereabouts. by those in the parliament…i read the document myself….you can ask Blogmaster to post it, we beat it to death already..

  70. I am outside my area of expertise.
    However, I believe the evolution of the constitution of these smaller island is similar to that describe here.


  71. As i told you, do not argue with Bajans as it relates to slavery, constitution, nelson, racism, mental slavery……nothing that their minds are unable to process…they will chase you around the place until ya get exhausted…..there is Vincent with his fantasy of probably drafting the constitution himself with a bunch of the other deluded ……they would even tell ya that the pretend independence was their idea when am sure it was a long term plan concocted 50 years before Barrow or any of them were born, they won’t hear that they are no match for these people, they insist on living in their little colonial world, their cocoon and comfort zone, safe from reality…

    “Independence constitution is the name commonly given by African political scientists to originating constitutions (many of which are extant) of former British colonies, primarily in Africa, which gained their independence approximately 1960-1990.

    Due to these colonies’ low economic output and the United Kingdom’s fading imperial prowess, independence was usually granted after little instigation, with the UK presiding over creation of the new state. Generally local leaders were hand-picked by the UK to be the new governing body and were given a political education in London, during which they often served as the sole representative of their country in the negotiation of their country’s new constitution. In short, independence constitutions were written in London, by a primarily British body, in line with British systems of governance. Supporters applaud the UK’s responsible transfer of power; critics cite low popular perceptions of legitimacy and claim that the independence constitutions maintained essentially colonial states.”

  72. In search of founding fathers – 2

    Investigative reporting has discovered that the first Barbadians landed on Pelican Island.

    Move over Plymouth Rock.

  73. @ Vincent

    Ezra Alleyne , myself and may be dpD were around when the Barbados Constitution was being fashioned. We know the brilliant local minds that made inputs into that document. We were around when changes were made to it. ….(Quote)

    Plsea explain. Don’t go silent on me.

  74. A British colonial designed Constitution, means it was DESIGNED FOR SLAVES LIVING IN A SLAVE COLONY…..neither that document nor the colonial laws designed for people who are STILL SEEN AS SLAVES…should be in existence today and should be all NULL and VOID…but ya can’t tell that to old slaves, they too love their enslavement…and want to trap everybody else right there with them..

  75. @ Hal Austin

    Silence is golden. A brilliant investigative journalist, as you are, was also around. You in England and I in Jamaica taking a more than vicarious interest in our small country. Please do not play this ignorant game too. You should be above this level of discourse.

  76. @ Vincent

    You claim that Ezra Alleyne was around. Was he and who were the authors of the constitution. I am a pensioner, not an investigative journalist. Was that statement correct?

  77. Vincent….cousin Boris won’t PISS ON YOU if you were on fire, he certainly not going to save your slave ass from us.

  78. @Theo, I am not and was never into clarifying who were our elders drafting/designing the constitution … that’s 1) a question answered from historical review and 2) has been debated here quite well several times.

    Producing names … seems an exercise in satisfying deeply held perspectives of that process and adds heat rather than light!

    I merely questioned the unnecessary analysis of the figure of speech “founders of our constitution”!

    So do proceed apace with your clarifications.

  79. Everyone is trying their best to erase the evil associated with racism from the public space and from the people’s face, everyone except a bunch of piece of shit Black leaders in Barbados…they don’t serve the people, they serve racist ideologies aimed at their people.

    “Princeton University is naming a residential college for alumna and major donor Mellody Hobson, the first Black woman to have that honor in the school’s history. Hobson College will be built on a site once named for former President Woodrow Wilson, the school announced Thursday.

    Princeton announced in June that it would remove Wilson’s name from its School of Public and International Affairs and one of its residential colleges, citing his “racist thinking and policies.”

    Hobson, a successful businesswoman and former CBS News contributor, was honored after making a generous donation to her alma mater. She said she’s proud to help erase Wilson’s racist legacy.”

  80. A case you cannot keep a good man (entrepreneur) down?

    Barbados developer eying housing investment in Guyana

    Mark Maloney
    Mark Maloney

    By Stabroek News October 12, 2020

    Barbados developer and the principal behind that country’s US$175 million revamped Hyatt Ziva Barbados Resort and The Village at Coverly Housing Project, Mark Maloney has expressed interest in housing investments in Guyana and last week met with President Irfaan Ali to discuss possible projects, sources say.

    “He had discussions with the President”,  sources close to the government confirmed with the Stabroek News.

    This newspaper understands that Maloney’s discussions with the president centred on “areas of housing and other sectors”.

    With multi-million dollar investments in transformational projects in his home country, Maloney also owns the Rock Hard Cement Company and shares a business partnership with Norwegian-born Barbadian developer Bjorn Bjerkham of the Preconco, Marina Construction, and the Jada Group and Caribbean Homes businesses.

    Maloney’s The Village at Coverly project saw the transformation of land into over 600 houses in a modern housing community in Christ Church.

    “Our Mission is to provide affordable, quality housing using a concept which maximizes the use of land for the benefit of all homeowners and by doing so permits homeowners access to more affordable properties while enjoying a Lifestyle Community,” the project’s website states.

    The community features low-to-middle cost, energy-efficient homes built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, a 5.0 earthquake, storm surges and major flooding. The fully planned development also offers residents a medical centre, gym, restaurants, stores, recreation centres and sports fields.

    Maloney is well-known to the Guyanese motor racing community as he competed often here during his career as a speedster.

    Also last week, representatives of famed Shark Tank billionaire and US investor Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments LLC, arrived in Guyana aboard a luxury jet for a two-day visit.

  81. Subvention share a concern
    OPPOSITION LEADER Bishop Joseph Atherley is questioning where it is written for one party to receive all of the Government subventions.
    “We have suggested that the document we have seen that purports to support the position of those who don’t think we should have the subvention is a document whose legitimacy we question, so we are not fully persuaded that represents the position on the matter of the subvention . . . which I think is something which must be properly documented and framed such as it becomes understood law,” he said.
    Atherley, speaking on Monday at the Office of the Opposition Leader in Worthing Court, Christ Church, said he wanted to make it clear he was not advocating only for himself and his party, the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP), as he was perfectly fine should the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) receive the subvention.
    “I think it is wrong that if you say the PdP has not participated in the last election and therefore does not qualify, and at the same time say the DLP didn’t win any seats so they don’t qualify either. Even if Solutions [Barbados] or the UPP (United Progressive Party) don’t qualify, tell me where in the document it says that one party should take all of the money? Tell me where in the document supports the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) position of holding on to all of the subvention,” he said.
    Atherley said this went against preserving the democratic political system and if it was indeed part of the subvention document, then it needed to be changed.
    “Any time you go down that road, you are looking to marginalise all the other parties. There is no way that it is a moral thing . . . and if the positions were reversed and the Dems were getting it all, I would say the same thing. That could never have been the intention of [late Prime Minister and former leader of the BLP] Owen Arthur’s position when it was instituted,” he said.
    Atherley said he had never considered taking the matter to court, adding he preferred to look after the people’s interests than get consumed in matters to cause them to lose focus or project false
    motivations. He said some people already thought the PdP was only formed to get the subvention, a notion he described as “a joke”.
    “The electorate decides what is just and right and if we ever become the Government, which we will one day, we will change that. We will have proper political campaign financing so we get away from a lot of the skulduggery and avoid the influence of donors on the Government of the day.” (CA)

    Source: Nation

  82. Eyes on Gline Clarke
    THAT POLITICS AND DIPLOMACY are closely associated is very evident given the appointment of a former parliamentary representative for St George North, Gline Clarke, as High Commissioner-designate to Canada.
    His engagement to this important diplomatic posting in Ottawa will hardly attract discussion on the campaign trail amongst the political parties seeking the electorate’s nod on who should succeed him on November 11.
    Foreign policy issues never form serious discussion during national campaigns and will not be on the radar in a parochial election. The emphasis will be on the provision of jobs, reliable public transportation, fixing of roads and a dependable water service, among other issues.
    There are, however, some issues which make Mr Clarke’s appointment of particular national interest, as the Barbados Labour Party administration continues a trend since its return to office 28 months ago to reward political appointees. These appointees have been stationed to nearly every major foreign posting while career officers seem to be virtually sidelined as heads of mission.
    We cannot prejudge Mr Clarke’s capabilities and competencies for his new assignment, but know Barbados needs a level of efficacy from all its overseas missions to serve the country’s best interest, particularly post-COVID-19.
    Our diplomats must build on and extract all they can from long-standing good relations or develop such in new delegations.
    While there is a tradition to give party loyalists and those with political connections some plum overseas assignments, the Government must be cautious not to let amateurs lead major diplomatic commissions.
    Mr Clarke will be briefed before he leaves for his new duties by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and he may very well seek guidance from some of his predecessors on the likely challenges.
    Such preparation, however, will not position him for the issues which can only come with on-the-job exposure.
    His timing and embracing of the media, digital skills and effective utilisation of the diaspora in key ridings across Ontario will be required to ensure that our diplomatic responses are proactive. As our lead emissary in Canada, he must be aware of public opinion and perception there.
    The High Commissioner-designate
    must also protect Barbados’ reputation as a clean jurisdiction from the lobbyists in Ottawa eager to label us as a taxavoidance country because of the tremendous investments by corporate Canada, which stood at over CAN$65 billion in 2017.
    Mr Clarke must be conscious of the desperate need for jobs by many people across St George North and indeed the entire country, given the fallout caused by COVID-19. There is an urgency to get more Barbadians into the Seasons Agricultural Workers’ Programme and the Temporary Workers Programmes, and promoting the island as the ideal location for Canadians to vacation, particularly the “snowbirds”.
    Even as he investigates new opportunities to attract foreign investors to our shores, the former MP must take up his role as trade representative by vigorously promoting Barbados’ rum, given its foreign exchange earning potential.
    All eyes will be on Mr Clarke.

    Nation Editorial

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