Bajan Black Lives Then and Now

Submitted by Roslyn Stanherd

The fervent tone of most of the panellists supporting the removal of Lord Nelson’s statute on the Sunday July 12, 2020 programme, ‘The Peoples Business’ muted that of the sole panellist against its removal.  There was a lot of emotion, stated positions but no balance view on why the statute should be removed.  Research was necessary to determine fact from fiction and emotion from material evidence.

Lord Nelson shared via his writings, his ‘old-school’ views of a profitable British colonial system dependent on the slave trade, i.e., supporting money for the plantation owners and death for thousands of slaves.  Production was of prime importance to plantation owners who had mortgages to pay. The common practice therefore was for slave owners to deliberately work slaves to death via overwork, poor nutrition, poor work conditions, brutality, and disease simply because it was cheaper to replace slaves every 7 years than to feed them properly.  The high death rate among the Barbados slave population in the 1770s is evidenced by the annual importation of the 5,000 slaves necessary to increase the population by 700 per year. Therefore, slave owners by their actions bring into question the validity of the contention that Lord Nelson’s sinking of ships carrying food including bread fruit to the islands caused the death of thousands of slaves.  Sugar cane was a land intensive crop that required plantations used most of the arable land. With few exceptions, slaves were only allowed to cultivate food crops on rubble land but were granted limited time to do so. Owners did import costly foodstuff but they rationed these with a stingy hand. It was the Amelioration Act of 1798 which forced planters to improve conditions for slaves.

Yes, he spoke of his support for slave owners and the slave trade but was Lord Nelson overtly or privately racist.  Evidence suggests otherwise. He helped secure the release of slaves, hired ex slaves, paid them well and supported the idea that plantation slaves should be replaced by freed, paid industrious Chinese workers.

Finally, his success at the Battle of Trafalgar created the conditions that supported the British abolitionists.  Now in control of the seas, the British adhered to the abolition of slavery capturing 1600 slave ships and freeing around 150,000 slaves.

Whether we choose to learn our full history or err on the side of emotion is left to us.

The Sunday Nation of July 12, 2020 article ‘Black Lives in the Spotlight’ by Colville Mounsey addressed realities centred around the position “that elements of our historical starting points still shape the Barbadian economic power structure’.  This balanced article provided a contra position that was interesting, in that it might remind one of the American constitution which informs that all men are created equal, yet generations of blacks continue to be marginalized. The article is worth the read.

From my Barbados experience, though black business people had limited experience running businesses, they all had good ideas.  Unfortunately, they were naive always expecting business to be good and never planning for worst case scenarios.  Their mindsets prevented them from being responsive to situations which hampered businesses growth and development. In addition, money to cover business lags was not every easily accessible and most of them failed.

Retail banks and credit unions are usually wary of startups. Most of the local companies once providing funding to businesses as well as offering much needed advice and guidance are no longer in operation. A business plan along with collateral security are prerequisites for obtaining loans but whites and Indians have the option of obtaining financial handouts and other material support from family and friends something that is a rarity for blacks. In addition, the long preparatory process inclusive of financial assessment  can open doors for ideas to be subtly and overtly sabotaged.

Even at the end of a successful black businessman life cycle there is generally no succession plan for the handover of the business to a competent offspring. A failed black business most often means a loss of property/ies with black people poorer for it. Successful black businessmen also fail on a macro level in that they do not transfer key business information and knowledge via offers of support and guidance to start ups.

Then there’s this; the A students work for private enterprise, the B students for Government and the C for themselves, with the later typically starting at an early age.  There is no need to guess the categories preferred by black people.

My response is not analytical because there’s little evidence to support the perceptions and questions raised by those who doubt that black businesses are disadvantaged.  It is an area that should be investigated/researched.  Meanwhile, successful black businessmen should develop strategies to offer support to startup businesses.


  • We have to ride this international wave. It is a wave that seeks to wipe out discrimination in ALL its forms WHEREVER IT BE FOUND. We just need to ride our own surfboard, that’s all.



    this child should not have been targeted by backward, malicious bullies and the under-educated for abuse….this is a clear case where the perpetrator(s) should be found and prosecuted.

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  • Read the story. Did not see the video.
    I hope one of the lesson that the young man learn is about different types of friends.

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  • @ Mr. Skinner

    You’re welcome.

    I mentioned a few cases of discrimination against poor Black Barbadians, by certain ethnic groups, which you correctly described as “another travesty that this society has been sweeping under the carpet for donkey years.” And, to use dpD’s comment, replacing ‘Americans’ with ‘Barbadians,’……….. it “has been an enduring burden on the lives of Black (Barbadians) for generations… frankly, it is well past time for it to be shouted from the roof tops and bridges endlessly.”

    Then, dpD essentially went on to explain my point with his comments re “We should be using it (BLM) as a source of inspiration to our local benefits… as all others around the world are!”……….. and “effectively localize it to energize our struggles against our own long standing discriminatory behaviors.”

    My use of the word ‘trend’ may have annoyed dpD, but BLM is what’s ‘trending’ now. #BLM speaks out against police brutality and abuse of human rights. In the USA, for example, people are seen video recording situations involving police abusing their authority, by unlawfully arresting, detaining, searching or entering people’s homes, based on racial profiling.

    Which Barbadian, riding on the ‘trend’ of BLM, would have the COURAGE to challenge the police for operating above the law and violating the constitutional rights of citizens, similarly to what is occurring in the US or UK? Bajans can’t record incidences involving the police and if you’re caught, they ‘order’ you to delete the video.

    How effective is the Police Complaints Authority?

    Since we’re following the ‘trend’ in supporting the ‘George Floyd protests,’ will we be now asking for an independent investigation, for example, into the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of then 23 year old I’Akobi Tacuma Maloney after an encounter with police on June 17, 2008? His parents have been keeping this issue alive for the past 12 years.

    Last month, the General Secretary of the Caribbean Movement for Peace and Integration (CMPI) David Denny, gave the office of the Attorney General a one month ultimatum to report on why the murder case of Selwyn “Blues” Knight is still languishing in the Magistrate Court after 5 years.

    At least, this is a start.

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  • Artax,

    Never fear! Our surfboard is here! Have patience!


  • @TheoG
    You were eleven once and his friends are probably eleven-years old like himself and they will do what that age group will do. Some of us bore the scars (some fondly others not so fondly) of nicknames acquired by some misstep we made at 11 but in those days, we were spared the derision from social media and only had to navigate the local grapevine.
    The blame lies solely with the media house, whether the juvenile corrected himself or not they had the power to either edit the tape where the unfortunate remarks are not broadcast or not to publish the whole episode. Their comments about suing anyone that uses the material strikes me as a little too late.

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  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Sargeant, well stated. I would add that this generation MUST develop extremely ‘thick skin’ and parents MUST help toughen their mental strength also… the social media derision of which you speak is a very daunting problem!

    In this case, however, it’s moreso a case of malicious bad intent… a colleague who happens to be a teacher sent the clip to me and I responded with a riff on his English skills, an emoji laugh … and then automatically apologized for laughing at the lad…(but the context was funny)….. But right then she sent me another version of the video … where the lad had IMMEDIATELY corrected his misstatement… so of course, someone HAD DELIBERATELY edited the vid clip to create their ‘joke’.

    There have been cases where young folks have done fatal harm to themselves due to very harsh social media derision … so our youth better brace themselves to handle their embarrassing, very embarrassing and egregiously unpalatable ’15 minutes’ of infamy!

    I thank heavens every day that there were none of these camera phones around in my youth…phew!….. But then again there was one absolutely attractive teacher at secondary school who for some reason loved to wear these cute, mid-thigh sun-dress (transparent on corridors) and provocatively sat on the edge of the desk or in her chair with a Sharon Stone ‘Basic Instinct’ style leg-closing decency 🙂 in front a form of 13 year old boys… so many adults like her had to be happy cameras phones were not as available then, too!

    I gone.


  • I know this is all OLD TALK by Comissiong but ah want the fowl slaves to know, that he too understands what indigenous means…

    “He said: “For us in the Caribbean, reparations is not simply about a money payment. Yes, there is a money component, but reparations is about much more much more than money gains. We see reparations as a revolutionary programme of transformation that is designed to eradicate structures, practices and consequences of anti-black and anti-indigenous racism, discrimination and inequality, and to create just societies.”

    and as for this DELUSION right here…ah would like to be personally present for this…..the long talk, talk only bullshit brigade… would be simple and easier to just get UK/Europe to agree to provide reparations for the African descended ONLY in the Caribbean….. other countries are making their own applications, going around and around the mulberry bush will see these big brain schemes right back where you started, the world is more complex than simple minds believe…..yall still believe ya talking to idiots, 400 years obviously taught none of you anything, sit there and think that these highly skilled minds who have had 5 centuries of practice… learned nothing too like you…steupppss..

    “Ambassador Comissiong said that Caribbean states were inviting the former colonial masters to engage in a developmental conversation with the people of the region, and to find a way to make a meaningful contribution to the societies and people that were affected as a result of slavery.

    To this end, he said the CARICOM Reparations Commission was calling for the restructuring of international institutions such as the United Nations Security Council, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund; removing all monuments of historical personalities associated with slavery; establishing a CARICOM Sustainability Fund; and declaring October 12 as Caribbean Holocaust Day, instead of Columbus Day.”


  • I think racism is an important issue.

    For a long time, CARICOM members have not addressed their support for the racist Burnham regime in Guyana, especially Barbados with Barrow’s strong support for his ideological brother Burnham.

    CARICOM members supported the reign of terror of Burnham and his party for very obvious racist motives. As a result, half of the Guyanese had to emigrate to escape assured starvation. Many other Guyanese were murdered or tortured.

    So when we talk about racism, let us start with the crimes in the region, rather than always criticising Britain.

    However, I want to give credit to CARICOM, led by Mia Mottley, for now openly acknowledging the mistakes made in the 1970s and 1980s. Our leader, Mia Mottley, is now on the right side of history, on the side of democracy, not dictatorship. What counts for Mia Mottley are the people, not the archaic tribal thinking of the stone age.

    That is why we need a truth commission in Barbados that openly investigates the entanglements of the Barrow governments. If it turns out that Barrow actively supported terror in Guyana at the time, he must, of course, be stripped of his position as a national hero. We must apply the same strict standards to Barrow as to Lord Nelson to avoid the smell of racism. Of course, for many ardent Barrow admirers, local nationalists and the die-hard, this is a tormenting process. But the truth is often uncomfortable.


  • nelson andela


  • The international human rights of the indigenous African must always be observed and respected, to date, too many States have for decades ignored those fundamental human rights of the African descended across the Americas and in the other Diasporas.

    Racist, apartheid Barbados is famous for violating the most basic of human rights of the African descended, pretending these human rights don’t exist, refusing to let the majority African population even know of the existence of these human rights and using that lack of knowledge as a weapon to financially and socially disenfranchise the African descended on the island for the last 50+ years. Human rights laws were ratified at the UN level since 1948 and the Black majority in Barbados were only made aware of them in the last 3 years by comments on this blog. Barbados’ leaders never thought it important to inform their own people about their human rights under international law, they much prefer use every opportunity and excuse to violate those laws and not ratify or acknowledge them in any way. Black governments continue to treat their people like captured slaves under colonial laws still infesting and infecting the statute books..

    ▼Article XXXIV In the event of conflicts or disputes with indigenous peoples, States shall provide, with the full and effective participation of those peoples, just, equitable and effective mechanisms and procedures for their prompt resolution. For that purpose, due consideration and recognition shall be accorded to the customs, traditions, norms and legal systems of the indigenous peoples concerned.

    ▼Article XXXV Nothing in this Declaration may be interpreted as limiting, restricting, or denying human rights in any way, or as authorizing any action that is not in keeping with international human rights law.

    ▼Article XXXVI In the exercise of the rights enunciated in the present Declaration, the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all shall be respected. The exercise of the rights set forth in this Declaration shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law and in accordance with international human rights obligations. Any such limitations shall be non-discriminatory and strictly as required for the purpose of securing due recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for meeting the just and most compelling needs of a democratic society. The provisions set forth in this Declaration shall be interpreted in accordance with the principles of justice, democracy, respect for human rights, equality, nondiscrimination, good governance, and good faith.


  • @ WURA-War-on-U
    Can you check your numbers and revert back feels like I been chatting lyrics bout human rights truth and rights and equal rights for long time bout 10 years onbu already you must never get your rights wrong you may fight for your rights in spiritual and legal battles but it is no victory to win you rights as they should have been given in beginning under intuitive spiritual tort law which conscious minds already know and is just a 1-1 score draw


  • 555…while you were well aware those human rights existed particularly.if you have been living in metropole cities and paid attention or worked in any legal environ and had access to certain laws which made you well aware of their existence, not surprising. In comparision, the average Bajan and Caricom citizens had no such access and those laws and the requisite necessary information regarding human rights laws were deliberately and maliciously hidden from the populi and the slave laws still on the statute books still take center stage and are religiously and wickedly applied to the lives of the African descended instead, every generation by both black governments.

    Now if Comissiong wants to really do something instead of spewing his usual shite, now that the UN is talking about dismantling inequality worldwide which we know is still empty talk, Comissiong and Mia should lead by example and dismantle Barbados repulsive racist, apartheid, disenfranching slave society designed to reduce, demean and rob the majority each and every generation. He cannot be berating UK and Europe for their roles in the slave while maintaining the same evil colonial practices in Barbados right into the 21 century with Black people’s. Then it can be said they are actually doing something to dismantle and reverse the colonial crimes and damage to Black people. Until then BLP is not even ready, just like their under-developed minds.

    BTW..i have been posting these human rights from Article lll…they can be found on different links for the last month and i will repost as the need arises. They are on several media platforms across the diaspora and on the Continent. Progress.

    Can’t get into spiritual laws with some of them they will never understand it as colonial slaves.


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  • Now if Comissiong wants to really do something instead of spewing his usual shite, now that the UN is talking about dismantling inequality worldwide which we know is still empty talk, Comissiong and Mia should lead by example and dismantle Barbados repulsive racist, apartheid, disenfranching slave society designed to reduce, demean and rob the majority each and every generation. He cannot be berating UK and Europe for their roles in the slave TRADE while they themselves continue maintaining the same evil colonial practices in Barbados right into the 21 century with Black people’s MONEY. Then it can be said they are actually doing something to dismantle and reverse the colonial crimes and damage to Black people. Until then BLP is not even ready, just like their under-developed minds.


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  • Waru this is just an observation I dont really hear of the klan anymore or white nationalists dont see them marching much its not a thing with anyone I have known in my lifetime, but why not?? well its two fold. Every monday morning the supremist opens a beer ( of course) sits down and reads the paper and sees what a wonderful job your brothers in the big cities have done killing each other, then he goes to the business section and sees the govt has given x million to planned parenthood snuffing out thousands of more black lives . You have finally succeeded… have put a bunch of white people out of work.
    You have upscale white kids burning down black businesses and your cheering them on Defund the police they chant knowing the people who will suffer the most are in poor black areas., and you think this a good thing. HUH


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  • 555…do you see what i am talking about with this video..if Comissiong and this government want to be taken seriously about his mouthings in Australia they would dismantle the oppression, exploitation and racism that is a staple in Barbados, dismantle the despicable slave society, get the minority criminal class of private sector crooks out of the treasury and pension fund and GIVE THE MAJORITY POPULATION ACCESS TO THEIR OWN MONEY… their own opportunities to their own lands….and stop trying to spin the reparations TREND they are now on into reality..

    now the African descendant of slaves is a minority in the US among several OTHER minorities…….so the games are being played, that is why i would ignore Comissiong unless he can do the intelligent and JUST thing for the people who pay their salaries…


  • *AND START spinning the reparations TREND they are now on into REALITY…

    Reparations start at home….

    both governments who colluded with minorities over the decades to sabotage black wealth, black empowerment etc owe the majority population reparations for those crimes against themselves…time to give back the people what is RIGHTFULLY THEIRS…the best reparations…

    i should not have to tell all these lawyers in the government to REMOVE the destructive centuries old slave laws off the statue books…that too can be seen as reparations…

    i should not have to tell all these government ministers to remove the racist nelson monument that Comissiong was telling Europe to remove from their countries not even 2 days ago.


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  • Lawson,

    The Klan are still marching. Google it! White supremacists militias proliferated during Obama’s presidency. Google it! America’s greatest threat of terrorism is from right wing/white supremacists extremists who have taken out quite a few especially under Trump.

    The last high profile killing was in Charlottesville in 2017 after a march that started the night before with torches and threatening chants. There were several more marches around that same time and they continue up till today.

    The white kids doing most of the present damage including killings of cops are from right wing extremist/white supremacist groups.

    As for the abortions, your lot knows very well that these women who have them are often unable to take care of the children and are often desperate enough to visit a quack. I guess they would love to kill two birds with one stone and have the mother die as well.

    As for the black on black violence, this takes place in depressed inner cities where hope of a good life is absent. It is the same in depressed cities in Ireland and Scotland and I would guess every depressed city. Nothing race specific about it. GOOGLE IT!

    “Defund the police” actually does not mean to do away with the police. It has to do with taking away some of their functions and hence some of their funds and having other agencies deal with non violent situations such as the counterfeit twenty dollar George Floyd case for example. Some funds would also go towards community programmes to bolster interventions that would serve as crime prevention.

    You repeatedly spout all the usual white nonsense and never try to learn anything. You are therefore part of the problem.


  • Donna…don’t mind Lawson, he got a hangover from last night, probably holding his head under the water and puking while posting that shite…


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  • Donna look back at real klan marches not the little things that go on now, so you are saying blacks are allowing white supremist kids to march with them and ruin their businesses you know how silly that sounds you probably are right in iceland or scotland probably 99 pecent of people getting aborted are white but near 40% of the ones in the states are black…way out of whack


  • Lawson,

    They don’t know that they are white supremacists. Haven’t you been watching the news lately. Some of them have been identified, arrested and charged.


    Is he really a drunkard? That would explain why he seems to be so erratic. Sometimes he makes no sense.


  • Lawson should google about knife crime in Glasgow and drugs and gangs in Dublin and Limerick.


    These people behave as though gangs and drugs and violent crime is done only by black people. It seems that is what Lawson believes. In truth, it occurs in depressed cities everywhere and coincides with POVERTY. Now, if the system functions to keep blacks poor then the incidence of black crime will be higher.

    SO….we are back where we started. THE PROBLEM IS THE RACIST SYSTEM.


    Google it, Lawson!

    But you prefer to stay ignorant. You do not want the truth. You want to believe what you want to believe.


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  • “WURA,

    Is he really a drunkard? That would explain why he seems to be so erratic. Sometimes he makes no sense.”

    think Black John, but a whiter version, until we find out otherwise…lol


  • It’s very clear that the intent, even after centuries, is to pretend that international human rights laws and declarations do not exist for and don’t apply to the African descended indigenous in the western diaspora/Caribbean/Americas. All of these laws intended to PROTECT the vulnerable and deliberately ignored and DISRESPECTED by Black governments so they can continue to maintain a vile and destructive racist colonial system/society is quite glaring.

    It is obvious that they don’t and never will understand that you cannot have it both ways, either dismantle the colonial system that you are on cameras everywhere complaining about with your deceitful selves or adopt, ratify and enforce international human rights laws that exist, are currently in place and have been in, some cases, for decades.

    ▼Article XXXVII Indigenous peoples have the right to have access to financial and technical assistance from States and through international cooperation, for the enjoyment of the rights contained in this Declaration.

    ▼Article XXXVIII The Organization of American States, its organs, agencies, and entities, shall adopt all necessary measures to promote the full observance, protection, and application of the provisions contained in this Declaration, and shall endeavor to ensure their efficacy.

    ▼Article XXXIX The nature and scope of the measures that shall be adopted to implement this Declaration shall be determined in accordance with the spirit and purpose of said Declaration.


  • limerick donna
    there once was a woman so stupid
    she came on a blog to find cupid
    her contributions were lame her opinions the same
    her partners she found are well suited


  • Said the girl to the man, “It’s a shame
    That from year to damn year you’re the same
    But the world has moved on
    And soon you’ll be gone
    And your children will play a new game.”

    Resistance is futile.


  • Donna…i was just telling some public nuisances aka fowl slaves the same on another thread…Lawson will always be Lawson, his children and grandchildren will be the ones to create changes, he is too busy looking out for raccoons, moose and snakes and trying to keep Justin….when he is not tormenting us…..

    .. but there are some live idiots on BU who have posted the same shite over and over for nearly or more than a decade, they never post anything that will bring about a positive change not even for themselves, they can show no one where their posts have uplifted anyone, caused a positive change in any direction, taught anyone anything, they cannot show where they have ever created anything using their minds that could further create a catalyst for change on the island to benefit everyone…nothing, nada, they are pure empty shells, but got talk for everybody, and still can’t contribute anything positive to save their own lives or that of their families..

    those are the ones i show their posts to other people so they can get their unknowing doses of anonymous ridicule, they are pure laughing stocks….some people cannot believe what these clowns post on a blog, in these times……

    if they don’t believe i will write a book about them, they gotta be mad….i always exact my pound of flesh from fools…..and it’s always green…so many have moved on to so much better, but these blog rats just can’t, because this is the only blog they can carry on that backward practice, FB would destroy them and some blogs i know will never let them in with that mentality, they will never show their faces on any media platform again if they dare carry that shite to FB, so they are stuck on BU….can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so definitely cannot multi-task…..and ya can’t carry them anywhere, because they will act like new negros and embarrass ya…


  • WURA-War-on-U January 16, 2020 4:46 AM

    And as for the Fulcrum scam, what is all of that about at taxpayer’s expense too.

    This is what you call conducting PROPER RESEARCH and TEACHING people NOT to follow the conspiracy shiite and LIES you post to BU.

    Artax January 16, 2020 7:47 AM

    David BU

    I’ve read where it’s being suggested, because they were 6 officers and 5 registrations, Fulcrum Chambers Ltd. is a scam.

    I prefer to be FAIR, rather than rushing off to make wild, unsubstantiated accusations.

    What were the reasons for the resignations? Is there any evidence to indicate whether or not those individuals that resigned were members of the Board of Directors or employees?

    (1). Lee Marler – Director – resigned on March 31, 2012.
    (2). Anthony Edward Richard Wheatley – Director – resigned on November 21, 2014
    (3). David Huw Williams – Secretary – resigned on October 18, 2019.
    (4). David Huw Williams – Director – resigned on October 18, 2019.
    (5). Ivan James Pearce Molland – Director – resigned on October 18, 2019.

    It’s important to note that ONE man represents 2 of the 5 resignations.

    There are 17 individuals listed on their website, who are described as being “at the heart of what (they) do.” And, they have very impressive profiles…….including David Huw Williams and Ivan Pearce, who are FOUNDERS of Fulcrum Chambers Ltd.

    So, it’s clear Williams and Pearce resigned as Directors ONLY…. and not from the company.

    David Huw Williams areas of practice includes International Bribery and Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering; Global Investigations; Commercial Law; Commercial Fraud.

    Ivan Pearce’s areas of expertise includes International Bribery and Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering; Global Investigations; Price Fixing; Dealing Offences; Asset Forfeiture; Tracing and Confiscation.

    Kudos even from David BU.

    David January 16, 2020 8:12 AM


    Thanks for your input as usual.

    Taking this opportunity to restate that the directorships exposed on the Panama Papers website is a CAIPO dump. The directorships exposed is not a conformation of a corrupt behaviour.


  • WURA,

    It is unfortunate for him. I would hate to be bigoted. It is a sad life to live. Anybody who has to belittle a whole race in the face of all evidence to the contrary must actually feel rather small inside. I doubt he could even risk googling what I told him to google for fear of what he would find. A white bajan psychologist named Richard Browne said many years ago that there is no such thing as a superiority complex but only an inferiority complex masquerading as a superiority complex. I have never forgotten that. The perfect example of that is Donald Trump.

    I feel sorry for him and all who share his affliction. It is so freeing to accept that all human beings are just that – human.


  • Correction – Bajan


  • “those are the ones i show their posts to other people so they can get their unknowing doses of anonymous ridicule, they are pure laughing stocks….some people cannot believe what these clowns post on a blog, in these times……”

    I could imagine the amount of uncontrollable laughter that came as a result of showing people your contribution, in which you argued Dr. Rolerick Hinds was the duly elected representative for St. Thomas, based solely on his election billboard that was erected near his constituency office.

    And when Simple Simon said you were wrong, rather than conceding, you went on to argue the people of St. Thomas told he was their representative.


    Now, to ‘ignore mode.’


  • Maybe fowl slaves can learn something from this video, they are too one dimensional and full of backward shit….just like the useless being described right here…


  • Yuh see what I tel wunnuh?

    That copy and paste artist does not have the ability to THINK INDEPENDENTLY.

    DISHONESTY……. forging people’s email addresses to send fraudulent information.


  • Artax…all this time i did not even know ya were making comments to me, i only just saw my moniker under your name…….you are the original ignorant as*hole on BU…i stopped reading your posts nearly 2 years ago…when someone called you ignorant, it was not me…but they hit the nail right on the head…so all this time you thought i still read anything you post…lol…delusional…

    ….ya wasted all that time because you have nothing better to do, i have been scrolling pass all your posts and will continue to…..can’t even remember seeing you lately, that is how unimportant ya are in my scheme of things….you have nothing to teach me and need a teacher yourself…ya have been having a conversation with yaself and actually thought i saw any of it……am sure you posted a whole book that i will never read…..


  • Apparently some people thought i was joking when i said i stopped reading a lot of useless posts on BU, no use filling up my head with mindless shit from the ignorant……the fowl slaves on the other hand are pure entertainment…that i can show others and have a great big laugh….

    ah wonder where fowl Enuff is…lol


  • There once was a man called Lawson
    Who told himself he was awesome
    He came to BU and started to spew
    Some Old sh&t with nothing new
    He convinced the crowd he was just dumb

    (it needs work… not in killer/warrior mode)
    Anonymity, a computer and a little learning is dangerous


  • This just for my buddy Lawson..
    There once was a girl called Virginia
    The called her Virgin for short
    But not for long

    Gotta go… Here comes the nurse 🙂


  • You are a LIAR. You STILL READ my contributions, because you responded to all the ones I posted. And, “all this time i did not even know ya were making comments to me,” is EVIDENCE that you do. I can present additional proof, but I won’t waste time exposing you.

    Ironically, the same individual who said I’m ignorant, have similar thoughts about you. Not only did he also called you ignorant, he used words such as lunatic, boring, copy and paste artiste, delusional, mad and fraud to describe you.

    I recall him mentioning on several occasions, how you USED his email address to send malicious information. As such, “fraud” is an appropriate characterization for you.

    “They hit the nail right on the head’ as well. So, apparently we’re ‘in the same boat.’


  • Learning something new, outside of the slave society mindset.


  • The indigenous African in the Caribbean Americas has the right to live freely from colonial labels, free from corrupt governments, free from self serving governments with bad intentions who would collude with any criminal minority to rob their own people each and every generation, free from Black governments who are vain and materialistic and who aspire to only be seen as millionaires getting wealthy off stealing from the elderly and their beneficiaries and continue to tell their limited intellect selves that they are being admired, maybe by slave minded fowls=slaves but no one else, robbing the young of their opportunities, stealing from generations of the unborn to feed their own greed, misusing and abusing the parliaments they were elected to work as servants of the people as vehicles for self enrichment..

    ▼Article XL Nothing in this Declaration shall be construed as diminishing or extinguishing rights that indigenous peoples now have or may acquire in the future.

    ▼Article XLI The rights recognized in this Declaration and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples constitute the minimum standards for the survival, dignity, and well-being of the indigenous peoples of the Americas.


  • The fowl slaves and the mentally deranged are going to fret all day, i shared these Articles of human rights to every corner of the earth so that it’s known that a slave society is STILL being maintained in Barbados against the well of the intelligent, disrespecting our ancestors and insulting the people by using their own money consistently to keep the slave plantation Barbados alive and well, while the corrupt in the parliament see nothing wrong with that in the 21st century, see nothing wrong with violating the human rights of those who elected them to serve THE PEOPLE and not themselves, still seeing themselves as plantation overseers controlled by a tiny minority of corrupt thieves like themselves.

    The latest crimes they are committing against the Black majority is selling 3 plantations, so far, to set up marijuana slave plantations, NOT CONTROLLED by the people…and they see nothing wrong with that picture..they are so proud of their crooked selves and cannot see and hear some minorities who are crying shame on them because they too can clearly see and some are in positions to know where all off this is leading …they can’t see nor hear the people in US and UK crying shame on them.. …they can’t stop the people from wondering how much of the loans and grants they are running around in circles borrowing in the people’s name and dishing out to set up their own people as slaves again..

    so yall have a very good day fretting…ya hear..


  • “…..i stopped reading your posts NEARLY 2 years ago…so all this time you thought i still read anything you post…lol…delusional…”

    A contribution to this blog:

    WURA-WAR-on-U July 24, 2019 1:59 PM

    Artax probably got that info from some St. Vincent newspaper..that was not the only thing he posted…how come ya ignoring the Dubai route….what is so secretive about that one.


  • So when is slave society Barbados going to retire this ugly , colonial designed racist test, seeing all the deranged slave minded people it continues to produce on the island in this era, years ago it was a necessity only because there was nothing else available and everything was still heavily controlled by UK, so what is the excuse in 2020…let’s see if they find an excuse to continue to push back removing this blight in the lives of the indigenous African descended…..disenfranchising another generation through colonial mis-education.

    one need look no further than the parliament to PROVE how many under-educated proud, boastful idiots the colonial test has produced in the last 50 years… need look no further than BU to see how many fowl slaves and mentally deranged clowns who cannot be saved and are proof that the test is mentally harmful…

    St. Lucia is moving forward..

    “(Source: St Lucia News Online) – Several countries in the Caribbean, including Saint Lucia, have decided to retire the Common Entrance Examination, and implement the enhanced Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA).

    The CPEA, introduced by CXC in 2012, will improve the quality of education in primary schools and enable increased literacies necessary for students to benefit fully from secondary school education.”


  • Am sure most people have seen this floating around on whatsapp since last week.

    It depicts and highlights slave societies like Barbados with fraudulent black GGs walking around with this racist, colonial abomination pinned to their chests, they are the black human properties of buckingham palace and so very proud to be wearing these despicable racist symbols telling themselves they have arrived and worked so hard to get there, yeah, as laughable human property……the beneficiaries of a racist education system designed by slave masters……21st century ugly.


  • The black skinned slave master’s mentally enslaved, crazy creations need to learn something new…


  • Lol Lol the O
    Somebody has dare poke one of the dragons
    light the fires circle the wagons
    who will go forth and vanquish the beast
    the moderator? the doctor? the Quaker? the priest?
    no…the Irish twat has come out of his hole
    to attack with terse verse and complete hyperbole
    In the hope when its over and this curs in the gibbet
    the stressed damsel will exhale with a lovingly ..ribbit


  • Like

  • Lawson..ya head is feeling better i see….ya are projecting the poet in you….

    It’s always better to develop a useful skill so one can contribute significantly especially in the midst of an evolution, talking useless shite on a blog is not a skill, anyone can do that, ya can train any animal to do stupid things, although animals rarely use that backward practice to promote their own stupidity…

    if this master piece don’t show, am too tired to be bothered…

    [video src="" /]


  • Waru how many times is everyone going to go around the same tree, for gods sake have some fun.. I get it chalky face people bad,.
    “talking shit on a blog is not a skill anyone can do that” I point you have driven home to me time and time again. Can we agree on a few things geoerge floyd killing was cruel criminal and sad, most police are decent people that protect their community and just want to go home at the end of the day. If we can agree on that then each day I will add something else and we can see if we can agree on it.


  • Lawson…stop whining, we agree on a lot….it would be boring to agree on everything…..or even to disagree on everything.


  • @Lawson
    Good one. Did not believe you had it in you.
    i will reply, but let you remind it is not pronounce as 🙂 hyper’bowl” 🙂


  • “Barbados became the world’s first slave society when Britain’s first slave owners built the land on slavery.

    Prof. Hilary Beckles of the University of the West Indies noted it was a historical event as there is a difference between a slave society and a society with slaves.

    “All societies in the hemisphere had enslaved people but Barbados was the first to be built and sustained completely upon the enslavement of Africans with no alternative system of economic development,” he submitted in a BBC documentary.”

    Yes we are well aware of what the UK did in the Caribbean but what i would like the Black leaders in the parliament to answer me is this….

    WHY Barbados still REMAINS the only slave society in the Caribbean and the world in 2020.,

    WHY is a slave society still being maintained with the Black populations’ money and WHY it still a one horse dependency tourism economy 100 years later….. with no diversification or no new system of development outside of the clowns in the parliament now setting up marijuana slave plantations controlled by, according to some people, whites.

    oh, i nearly forgot, yall have maliciously set up laws to convict sick people for buying natural marijuana with $100,000 fines and 10 year prison sentences, while importing toxic synthetic marijuana to poison their systems, so what happens when there is no synthetic marijuana to import as has happened recently when Morphine was/is scarce and patients suffered.

    …….if yall would look at ya dumb selves you will note that you are taking the people backward as usual, yall already wickedly refused to empower the people for over 50 years with their own money …and now you are regressing because you are so determined to keep a slave society going into another generation so ya can boast like the fools that you are………still determined to enslave the African descended in one form or another….an evil slave society controlled by black face leaders and criminal minorities..

    Miller and Pacha could you believe that shite, everyone is talking about these jokers who refuse to STOP the criminalizing and disenfranchisement, this time medical coupled with financial…. of their own people…and they actually tell themselves that people don’t know what’s going on and that they are not being watched..


  • Split personality.


  • George Floyd was a one point in time an armed robber. The white police officer Derek Chauvin was a MURDERER!

    The white man was the bigger criminal.

    No time for fancy words today. I’ll be back tomorrow.


  • To the Laughing Liar Lawson

    The Truth is the Truth
    It can’t lose
    And it cares not if you refuse
    To accept the Truth
    You reject the Truth
    You should choose
    To seek the Truth
    Or you’ll lose.

    The Truth is the Truth
    It can’t lose.
    And it cares not if you refuse
    To face the Truth
    To embrace the Truth
    You can run from the Truth
    You can hide from the Truth
    Or fight the Truth
    But you’ll lose
    And the only thing you’ll abuse
    Is your soul as you seek to confuse
    The Truth shall reveal your sick ruse
    ‘Cause the Truth is the Truth
    It can’t lose.

    And the TRUTH is that your Christian Bible in its attempt to rein in the excesses of mankind mandated only “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”.

    This is not about George Floyd and his criminality. This is about police excesses.

    And it may very well be true that most police officers just want to get home safely. It is also true that MOST BLACK MEN JUST WANT TO GET HOME SAFELY.

    And therein lies our argument. THE PROBLEM IS THAT THE POLICE DON’T BELIEVE THAT!

    Here’s an example of a black man who just wanted to get home safely.

    Elijah McClain. Google it! I dare you!


  • Yes Donna chicago is an example of black men wanting to get home safely, I have worked with cops most of my life and I dont know one that has said I am going to give a black man a ticket today let alone beat up or kill someone, they are all for the most part regular good guys, but because of affirmative action ,nepotism, retirement of baby boomers people have got in that should have been vetted better. Check the stats then check your rhetoric Nobody cares, your plight is becoming white noise in my country, and others, imagine a racist country electing a black president, imagine racist countries letting in black refugees to take jobs from people born there imagine O gazertz being allowed to go out in drag and not get heckled. mine country or the US is not racist I dont think he could do it down there.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Lawson… let’s see if I grasp ur reasoning…

    “I have worked with cops most of my life and I dont know one that has said I am going to give a black man a ticket today let alone beat up or kill someone…

    I have worked with Black folks most of my life and I know not one that said he or she is going to rob a Black person or kill a White suburbanite … so lo and behold NO such criminally minded sociopaths exist in the Black community…. so sayeth sage DpD!

    “[T]hey are all for the most part regular good guys”

    All cops I DpD meet and know are just regular folks who want a peaceful life for themselves and family… none of them have every carried a ‘drop weapon’, never ‘taken’ some cash after a raid at a drug den where hundreds of thousands of $$ was found and surely never ticketed or arrested a perp because he/she simply gave them too much BS chat! NEVER.

    “…but because of affirmative action ,nepotism, retirement of baby boomers people have got in that should have been vetted better.”

    Eh! Is it that large segments of police depts consisted of Irish and Italian kith and kin or … that the KKK grand wizard(s) who led police depts and that in some states were entire depts were KKK members should have been vetted out? …. Or is it that the ‘stupid’ Black folks who only made it via being ‘affirmative actioned’ into the forces are now mucking up things royally!

    Woe what a bad place we have NOW REACHED!

    “Check the stats then check your rhetoric”

    Recommend that definitely… stats can be misrepresented surely but the blunt data does paint a woeful picture re police brutality/harassment towards Blacks.

    “imagine a racist country electing a black president, imagine racist countries letting in black refugees to take jobs from people born there”

    Indeed imagine that….. Can a country be racist… well no really as everyone is not so mentally deficient BUT its leaders can and a large percentage of its population can exhibit racist behaviour… like shouting ‘White power rules’ … or ‘we will never be replaced’… or ‘they were fine people on both sides’!

    Do countries seek cheap labour to fuel their developed high tech, big finance economy … yes they do and repeatedly let in Black and brown refugees (even purchased some as chattel) to support that money churnning economy !

    What an amazing new thing, isn’t it!

    And so amazing that we would think that the son of a KKK agitator who himself sued his govt to deny Black folks a place to rent at his lily-white buildings could be considered racist… what a weird and counter-intuiative thought!


  • Donna…the fowl slaves all disappeared like magic, where oh where have they all gone and why..ah sincerely hope they were all invited to the Cliff to fete and spat in each other’s faces.


  • dribbler I can understand our different points of view I have worked with mostly white cops so I cant speak to gun drops etc. and I dont think all blacks are criminals but like I said with cops there are some bad apples and I gave some reasons why there are many more inferior training for one.
    “Large percentage are racist” again how is it possible for a black man to be elected president even though biden said he was the first guy to be clean and articulate there is no way a largely racist country would have voted him in .
    Why import them in ? Lebron James Nike etal keep their slaves at arms length over in china they only need the end product. Which begs the question if the people in the UK used sugar were they really involved in slavery or just Lebroning it.
    one of the heads of the kkk was an icon senator byrd…… hillarys mentor and who gave his eulogy ? look you guys are pawns as most of us blue collar guys are but the difference between you and I is I know it.


  • Now this is what we are talking about, Black Barbados wake up, you know what you have to do….if the tiefing minorities with the help of your sell out government tries to sabotage you, you still know what to do..this is a different era…use your power…stop giving crooked minorities any of your money..

    “When we talk about white privilege and systemic racism, one thing that always comes up is generational wealth. It’s a thing white people disproportionately benefit from and a thing that is virtually nonexistent for Black people, as history has shown us far more instances of Black wealth being sabotaged (cough Black Wall Street cough) than instances where it has been nurtured and encouraged. One former lawyer has taken steps toward rectifying this disparity by launching the first Black-owned stock exchange in U.S. history.

    In an interview with Black Enterprise, former attorney Joe Cecala discussed The Dream Exchange—a stock exchange he founded in partnership with Cadiz Capital Holding L.L.C., a minority-owned private equity firm. According to the Dream Exchange website, the company focuses “on small business capital formation and diversity using the power of the American investing public.”

    “Early in my legal career, I learned how stock exchanges ‘hunt’ for liquidity because I was the lawyer for the founders of Archipelago, one of the first and the biggest electronic stock exchanges in the world,” Cecala told BE. “Archipelago grew into what the world has come to know today as the New York Stock Exchange. Because of my experience in understanding the formation of the world’s greatest electronic stock exchange, I learned how a stock exchange creates and controls liquidity in the markets.”


  • We know how fraudulent these stinking racist are…

    “Derek Chauvin
    Fired Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with second degree murder in the killing of George Floyd, has now been hit with nine felony charges for tax fraud in Washington County, Minneapolis.”


  • So….. you don’t think all black men are criminals and yet I must check the stats and consider the black men in Chigago.

    So…..most black men are criminals??? Is that what you’re saying????

    I think you may be trying to have your cake and eat it too.

    PS. The country is fast becoming less white. For Obama to win he needed some white folk but not half of them. Nobody thinks all white Americans are racist. It is the system that is racist and it is propped up by the thirty per cent that are. THIS THIRTY PER CENT MAKES UP THE TRUMP IMMOVABLE BASE.




  • Good one, DPD!




  • donna are you insane yes the country is becoming less white but that does correspond it becoming more black, I see that the new mantra is black and brown people. Dont be so sure they want to hook up. The stats i was talking about was murders by police , many more blacks are killed by anyone other than police do you know that more people are hit by lightning than killed cops in usa.


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Lawson, I have to presume that you are an honest broker and bring rational and reasoned fact based arguments…

    Butttt… then I get concerned when you deliberately state half truths… that’s at best disingenuous and at worst being a liar.. particularly when you say: “the difference between you and I is I know it.

    Do you KNOW that KKK Wizard Byrd reached that stage of life where he disavowed his racist past and worked manfully to validate that atonement as real…. YES he damn well was a racist guy and yes Clinton as a young woman supported him… but if you KNOW that then you MUST KNOW the whole story of the man…

    Are you deliberately lying, senor!

    I was going to break apart ur other stuff but I see its futile… you have a perspective which is fueled by disinformation and half truths…

    I gone… I try to know to, guy… bcz knowing is half the solution … interpreting and describing that knowledge FACTUALLY is the other important 100%…… I clearly failed maths or I am being disingenuous,right!


  • wuhloss…where are the fowls…is this true…lawd me gawd….ah knew the fowls them were way too quite..not jumping out to cuss me is always a tell


  • Idiot! Haven’t you been watching the protests???

    They are already hooking up.

    Asian, Native American, Latino – HOOKING UP.

    But your argument is kinda crazy. I did not say that the country is becoming more black. I said it is becoming less white. Less white=less white supremacist.

    You are arguing against yourself. You say a racist country could not elect a black president. Now you say nobody wants to hook up with blacks.


    You exhibit the classic signs of a person who will say anything to avoid the truth.

    Such contortionists tend to tie themselves up in knots from which they cannot extricate themselves.



  • Need to let go another 10 parasites from the parliament and save the taxpayers some money and that entourage of other parasites, bigger than Lawson’s boyfriend entourage from Canada, that people in NY are talking about because they just cannot understand why PM from such a small island would need that large an entourage to travel with when they can connect on ZOOM……. it is said Mia traveled with them everywhere before Madame Plague put in an appearance…get rid of them too…


  • It takes a while for a gentleman li DPD to consider you might be a liar. He has a tendency to give the benefit of the doubt. Even now he has difficulty in calling you a liar outright.

    But he’s almost there! You should think about that.


  • Correction – like DPD


  • Here’s a story of someone using “White Power” to stop police from advancing on a crowd of demonstrators in Portland.
    “Then, a naked woman appeared. She walked out to the intersection in front of where police were standing. Killen said she was wearing only a face mask and a stocking cap while she was facing the police”.

    Liked by 1 person

  • That’s exactly what they are trying to do, flood the island with white criminals, most of these people will not have jobs, they are about to be evicted in their own countries because they cannot pay their rents and mortgages and they are infected with the plague..

    ….but when ya drowning ya catch at straws…maybe it’s time to take responsibility for your decades of wrongdoing against your own people before real shit begins to fly….yeah ah know something that they don’t..

    “Opposition Leader Bishop Joseph Atherley is concerned that Government’s programme to attract non-national remote workers may redefine family under Barbados law, while leaving the country vulnerable to foreign criminals.

    Atherley also questioned why there appeared to be a rush to approve the Remote Employment Bill, 2020, and he cautioned Government to be careful that the measure does not put the country under a new cloud of international blacklisting threats.”


  • So dribbler when a man regrets his past and changes he shouldnt have his statue ripped down …I agree with you
    Sargeant as you know the power of the purseee always have to be considered when running a police department


  • So far for the year 413 murdered by BLM in Chicago


  • john those arent murders they are distractions from the real murderers of black men the POLICE sorry no its smoking and weight


  • That’s exactly what they are trying to do, flood the island with white criminals, most of these people will not have jobs, they are about to be evicted in their own countries because they cannot pay their rents and mortgages and they are infected with the plague.. {Quote}

    The people that ain’t got no jobs gine look for airfare and gine satisfy all the financial requirements, plus the $2,000 or $3,000 US to come here and stay a year, without no guarantee that they gine get a job.

    The people duh can’t pay rent or duh mortgages and about to be evicted, instead of paying their bills, duh rather get airfare and enough money to satisfy the authorities that dey won’t be a burden on society, plus the $2,000 or $3,000 US to come here and stay a year, without no guarantee that they gine get a job.

    After the year gone and the visa expire, they still have to go back to where they came from to look for a job or face the debts they ran and left.

    If somebody else did write that shyte, Hogging the Blog would of said that is the mind of a slave. But I hope wunnuh people on BU now see WHO IS THE REAL fowl slave and mentally deranged? Wunnuh see how fowl slaves and the mentally deranged does THINK? Wunnuh see how Hogging the Blog is a fowl slave and mentally deranged clown who cannot be saved is proof that the 11+ test is mentally harmful?


  • Robert best not let the truth get in the way of a good story, lest the succubus squad screw up your nights.


  • It sure took the other racist a long time to get here. The magic word was Chicago.

    But……have you ever stopped to wonder what is causing the increase in violence at this time?

    By the way, at a recent funeral of a promising young black teen, Al Sharpton preached on reducing black on black violence. It is being addressed. We can walk and chew gum at the same time just like the white man.

    It is you racists who try to distract by always reverting to the black on black crime narrative as though it makes the state sponsored murder of black people acceptable.

    Does the murder of a black man by another black man excuse the murder of another black man by a white policeman?

    If not, your “argument” is irrelevant.

    Not only racist but stupid!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Crime in Chicago and most places is symptomatic of deep issues. The seriousness of the crime the deeper the issues. To trivialize what the #BLM has come to represent exposes an insensitivity to what is real for many. What is good is that John and those of his ilk will be vanquished with time. The young ones will lead the charge for equality.

    Liked by 1 person

  • what are you saying donna its who not quantity that is your benchmark, Al Sharpton lol what a loser you are. I hear him lenin and rbg have the same embalmer.


  • I see the Orange Turd has set up his own paramilitary secret police to deprive white people of their rights. Snatching white people off the streets, forcing them into unmarked vehicles, tear gassing moms, beating Navy non-violent white Navy veterans with batons and being overtly dictatorial by ignoring states rights under the Constitution.

    He is digging his own grave.

    And not soon enough.

    Meanwhile, Dr. Fauci has been invited to throw the first pitch at a baseball match.

    I guess people can see that they’re not “down to zero” yet. The “very stable genius” now says “it will get worse before it gets better”. He is now promoting himself as the Lone Ranger in a mask.

    Oh dear me!

    What idiots ever thought he was a very stable genius????

    Liked by 1 person

  • Chicago is always the fall back option for those who are unable to defend the indefensible, how many times have Chicago been brought up when there are discussions about Black empowerment, racial discrimination, White privilege etc. They try to infer that Chicago is the root of all evil in the USA and all the trouble in that City is the locus for all the ills that are prevalent in the USA, if Chicago disappears off the map the US would be a fine upstanding moral country but at present the country has been brought to its knees because of Chicago.

    I would venture to say that Chicago hasn’t received this much notice from some people since Mrs. O’Leary’s cow kicked over the lantern in 1871.


  • No lying, Lawson! You will be the loser! The young whites are now making more noise than the blacks. The cameras are on. The world is seeing the depravity of the racists. They are as savage as they were in 1968. Most of the world is disgusted with you lot. The veneer of civilization has been stripped away and those who denied now see clearly that you, in this moment, are far worse than the black people you decry. The world is re-examining and re-evaluating the fake history you have written and have realized that the white people of the world have invaded more homes, committed more burglaries, rapes and murders than any other race.

    And still you put your knee on somebody’s neck and snuff out his life over a fake twenty dollar bill. The world had time to absorb it. Young white people squirmed in their seats. And finally they SAW THE LIGHT!

    Resistance is futile.

    I will enjoy watching you lot beat your heads against the wall.

    Oh dear!


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