Indian Lives do not Matter – violent incitement against Indians


Submitted by Dr Kumar Mahabir

On her Facebook page, well-known ruling People’s National Movement’s (PNM’s) political activist, Juliet Davy, of Trinidad and Tobago, created and shared a blood-curdling video recently.

No one in the mainstream media even made reference to it except for an Afro Opposition United National Congress (UNC) radio talk show host, Barrington “Skippy” Thomas. The video was captured for posterity by a UNC activist, Garth Christopher, who is racially-mixed (25/6/20).

Not even a single Indo-Trinidadian made a public comment, except for journalist Niala Maharaj who has been living in the Netherlands for the past 40 years.

On her blog (30/6/20), Maharaj wrote: Between the BLM [Black Lives Matter] movement and electioneering in Trinidad, Indian-bashing is getting to be the new normal on Facebook. No one blinked an eye last week when a video repeatedly made the rounds with a PNM activist urging ‘Africans’ to jump over the walls of Indian-owned properties, rush into their houses, and ‘deal with them’.

The majority of Afros (Africans) support the PNM while mainly Indos (Indians) back the UNC.

Are Indians really docile and afraid to speak out, even those in the UNC against whom the threat was made specifically? No leader in the PNM distanced the party from, and denounced the violent incitement of Davy.

I instantly reported the matter to Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith via his Facebook page but I did not even receive the courtesy and comfort of an acknowledgement. He is known to scan and respond to every shadow that jumps at him on social media. Beyond a shadow doubt, Davy has committed a seditious act and she should have been investigated, arrested and charged.

A seditious act

The Sedition Act (1920, last amended in 1976) states that a seditious intention is a plan to engender or promote (i) feelings of ill-will or hostility between one or more sections of the community on the one hand and any other section or sections of the community on the other hand; or (ii) feelings of ill-will towards, hostility to or contempt for any class of inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago distinguished by race, colour, religion, profession, calling or employment (Section 3).

A person is guilty of an offence who has been found to have communicated any statement having a seditious intention. Subject to Subsection (3), a person guilty of an offence under this section is liable (a) on summary conviction to a fine of three thousand dollars AND to imprisonment for two years; or (b) on conviction on indictment to a fine of twenty thousand dollars AND to imprisonment for five years.

Is the Black-dominated Police Service (TTPS) racially and politically biased? In April last year, the police, led by Inspector Wayne Stanley, executed a search warrant at Radio and TV Jaagriti for an audio-visual clip. In the clip, the late Hindu and Indian civil rights leader, Sat Maharaj, is reported to have said that Tobagonians are lazy and the men are rapists. The matter went to court.

Sat’s stereotypical description pales in comparison to that of Davy’s violent instigation: “Is many of you holding it back; many of you holding back. … What we really need to tell them is how they mother really make them. That is what we really need to tell them … We suppose to jump over they fence, run up inside they house, hold them, and deal with them seriously.”

In August last year, Opposition Minority Leader in Tobago, Watson Duke, was arrested for a speech he had made in 2018. As part of the speech, Duke reportedly said: “I am sending the message clear. Let [PNM leader] Rowley them know that the day they come for us in WASA, we are prepared to die and the morgue would be picking up people.”

Duke was arrested, charged for sedition and released on TT$250,000 bail while Davy remains unscathed.

Hinds unscathed

On a political platform in Mafeking Junction, Mayaro, on November 16, 2016, PNM Minister Fitzgerald Hinds urged his mainly Afro audience supporters:

I said to my colleagues, as a younger parliamentarian then, I said the UNC is badly wounded. We need to finish them out. Kill them dead. I want you to understand that on November 28 [local elections day], you have the opportunity to drive a PNM balisier deep into the hearts of the wicked UNC vampires. Take a stake with a balisier on top and drive it deep within their heart and finish them off once and for all.”

His audience howled: “RAYYY!”

Hinds has never been questioned by the police, arrested or charged for sedition for having publicly expressed “feelings of ill-will or hostility” against a section of the community (The Sedition Act, Section 3 (i) and (ii)).

As with Davy, no leader in the PNM has distanced the party from, and denounced his hateful and violent racial and political instigation.

98 thoughts on “Indian Lives do not Matter – violent incitement against Indians

  1. Stupse! This man is no fan of black people. I don’t know why we continue to give him a space here. This article is the height of hypocrisy.

    • @enuff

      Are you not interested in the Guyana and T&T societies given the ethnic compositipon?

  2. Go read the comments on trini newspaper pages to see how Indian supporters of the UNC see black people.

  3. EnuffJuly 6, 2020 8:25 PM

    Go read the comments on trini newspaper pages to see how Indian supporters of the UNC see black people.


    … or go to Chicago and see how black people see other black people.

  4. If you do decide to go to Chicago you had better do it quick.

    It may not have many black people left for you to find if you leave it too long..

  5. Saw this is my facebook feed as it is definitely going viral as it should.

    BAJANS you CANNOT be passive and docile when these people make statements like this. You do have a choice to spend your money where it is respected. The action each and every bajan can take today which will definitely work is to identify every possible business that is owned by the poster and simply galvanise and do not spend your money there. The one language these people always understand is money. So instead or abundance, show them scarcity and spend your money elsewhere. No need to wait for reparations or some other action for others to do. Take action yourselves and protest with your spending power.

    Can’t always be a doormat

  6. @David
    I think PLT dealt with Peter Webster well but I think you can see the level of hatred and disrespect for African people that is entrenched in the minds of some of the white supremacists here in Barbados. Imagine speaking that way about the majority population when you’re in a minority of less than 3%.

    • @Tee White

      The crypto racism accepted for years to satisfy the establishment not wanting to rock the boat is finished. The boat has sailed and people like Kohn and Webster will be left behind to wallow in their tub of bigotry.

  7. Who is this Webster creature? What a silly surface analysis! Reminds me of the ramblings John Knox who pretends not to understand the connection between, poverty, disenfranchisenent, desperation and violence.

    There are forces at work beyond what this Webster creature wishes to acknowledge.

  8. Oops! The hazards of posting so early in the morning! A re-read of PLT ‘s post showed that the racist
    Webster was knocked to the canvas and was lying SENSELESS. There was no need for me to address him.

    This is nothing but an attempt to scare us into accepting status quo. He knows some weaklings like Grenville Phillips II are frightened to step out boldly, believing we don’t have what it takes.

    That, more than any other belief, has been our downfall.

  9. Soo….. fighting against racism or reversing the effects of racism is according to non blacks, a racist act.

    Is it also murder when one kills an attacker who is trying to kill you?

  10. I guess it is also stealing when one reclaims the goods that were stolen from one???

    Pretzel logic always leaves its users tied up in knots.

  11. I lived in Trinidad for ten years. Dr Kumar Mahabir seemed to have forgotten how Satnarayan Maharaj the Hindu extremist and racist (who operated out of the “Red Spot” in Curepe) categorized blacks.

  12. Peter Webster seemed to have forgotten that the owners of the sugar industry really did not look to the future .Did not seek to exploit derivatives from cane to any extent. Then there was the exploitation at every level of the industry from growing to export by a clique intent on gouging out the industry for personal gains. Having said the above, the several governments haven’t handled the situation any better. They did not seem to have a clue after opting for tourism.

  13. The chairman of BU is a very strange man. Here is a black-focussed blog and he thinks he is being fair and pluralistic to give a racist idiot space to insult black people.
    Would Jews have given Hitler space to invite them to the gas chamber? Numerous people, from all persuasions, have raised this issue, but the chairman continues on his merry way. It reinforces my suggestion that BU might well be a front for someone or some institution.
    After ten years, no obvious monetising, then the product must be those who come on the blog to debate. It gives the cyber crime experts access to IPs and it keeps the security services busy compiling files on suspects. There is no other logical reason for allowing this offensive Hindu nationalist, as near to a repugnant Fascist as you can get, on to a black blog.

    • Look at it this way, you are Black and come to a Black focussed blog every day to lavish insults on fellow Black commenters including the blogmaster. You have zero credibility in the issue at hand. If you do not agree or want to read the submission, move to Rh long. You can have the last word.


  14. When minorities become successful in business
    majorities can be stirred up to become resentful.

    Whispered words into an ear can make racial and spiritual divide bigger.
    People become Cowboys and Indians and you have to pick a side.

    “There will come a time when the world is ready for me, when nation will battle nation, when race will devour race, when brother will kill brother until not a soul is left. Are you ready?”

  15. @ Robert Lucas
    “ July 7, 2020 7:06 AM

    “I lived in Trinidad for ten years. Dr Kumar Mahabir seemed to have forgotten how Satnarayan Maharaj the Hindu extremist and racist (who operated out of the “Red Spot” in Curepe) categorized blacks.“

    You are absolutely correct. These frauds engage in all kinds of discrimination but they can give and not tek as we say. All of these Caribbean countries are going to transition and the final stage must be the redistribution of wealth and creating progressive opportunities for Blacks .But first, we must hold the Black political managerial class feet to the fire. We must not allow them to get in bed with white , Indian and other groups when it is convenient for them to do so.
    Marcus Garvey spoke about the “ enemy within” and we must not be ashamed to call them out.
    We find them like flies on molasses sucking up to the traditional corporate elites , exposing themselves like some entertainment show rather than look after the basic needs of the people.
    It’s a new day and those who can’t stand the heat must be chased out of the kitchen. We cannot allow another two or three generations to work for less than $300 per week and the poor blacks to be carrying the weight each and every time. Fire going to bun the downpressors and those who using political power and social prestige to continuously undermine the completion of the independence project.

  16. I am thinking about the costs of the loss of liberty and life of our enslaved ancestors during the crime of slavery. I am astounded that those who continue to benefit from this crime have the gall to publicly propose the continued subjugation of an entire people for the financial benefit of the few. Young bajans, educated at great expense through the public treasury must move away from the dehumanising exploitation embraced by the Peter Webster model and embrace an unselfish search for economic activity which promotes the humanity that we all share, no matter how hard that may be.

  17. robert lucasJuly 7, 2020 7:12 AM

    Peter Webster seemed to have forgotten that the owners of the sugar industry really did not look to the future .


    Look at the sugar output and you will find quite the opposite.

    The owners of the sugar industry through investment in technology moved the industry from an output of 10,000 tons during and after slavery to an output of 200,000 tons in the 50’s and 60’s.

    They invested in Trinidad and Guyana with boundless water and land.

    They overcame the handicap of depending on wind energy, lack of water to create steam and a limited acreage to do it..

    Most sugar factories were self sufficient in water.

    Vaucluse for example had no well but through sheer genius water was harvested throughout the year and husbanded once extracted from cane.

    However the fact remains that even at 200,000 tons, the output was a drop in the ocean of the world supply of sugar.

    There was no way the capital could be raised to get into sugar refining, or sugar derivatives.

    But it could be raised to diversify out of sugar.

    The Deep Water Harbour and QEH and various Hotel projects undertaken by the owners of the sugar industry are testimony to their ingenuity.

    Their contribution to the well being of the island is there for anyone who cares to look to see.

    Read the article by Robert Goddard published in the William and Mary Journal and you will appreciate just what happened to the sugar industry.

  18. The Deep Water Harbour and QEH and various Hotel projects undertaken by the owners of the sugar industry are testimony to their ingenuity…(Quote)


  19. DavidJuly 7, 2020 7:53 AM

    Look at it this way, you are Black and come to a Black focussed blog every day to lavish insults on fellow Black commenters including the blogmaster. You have zero credibility in the issue at hand. If you do not agree or want to read the submission, move to Rh long. You can have the last word.


    Are these the sentiments of a racist?

  20. That Webster has the gall to say these things straight to our face tells you the depth of the problem of racism in our country. If we had handled things right from day one he would never dare insult us so. So we have oursleves to blame. Let’s put it right now so that the future generations don’t have to go through this sh*t any more.

  21. @ John at 7:41 AM

    It is my humble opinion that you are misleading BU household. You need to revisit the sources on which you based your conclusions. The QEH and the Deep Water Harbour were not the products of the fertile minds of the owners of the plantations. The BLP under Grantley Adams had to fight the establishment all the way to completion. We owe it to posterity to be accurate.

  22. @ David BU
    I hope it is coming home to the BU Household that it is not the colour of the skin that matters but the state of mind. For racism to be effective there have to be a victim and a victor. They both have to cooperate for it to be a success.We should look beyond colour and listen very carefully to what a commenter says and how he says it.

  23. @ David Bu

    We are aiming for an “Ideal World ” are we not ? We may fail to reach it.but reaching an almost “Ideal World” Is good enough. Very few shooters get a perfect score in order to be considered a marksman.

  24. @Vincent
    I think you overestimate the power of John’s words. I think most people see through him like a window and he has very little, if any, power to mislead. Best ignored I think.

  25. @Robert Lucas 7:06 a.m., Dr. Kumar Mahabir (UNC) is the author of Satnarayan Maharaj’s fake autobiographical fluff piece, referring to him as a “Hindu (Brahmin-ist) Civil rights” leader. THEY ARE THE
    S-A-M-E !!!

  26. Oh dear! Not trying to go off track and there is no need to comment but that idiot Bolsanaro from Brazil has finally managed to catch himself some COVID. Wonder if he will have Boris Johnson moment.

  27. Fun Fact : Juliet Davy, is a UNC creation. She was a long time UNC activist from 1995, until Kamla’s term 2010-2015, Juliet was typically mistreated and DEFECTED to PNM activist role she now occupies! She detailed the racist abuses and maipulations of the UNC Brahmin-ist/Hindu party she slaved against her ethnic group’s interests for. They have been trying to HANG her ever since in the media! Those “Africans” you see and are mentioned/ shown are UNC/INDIAN Loyalists!!
    Garth Christopher- In 2011, the then UNC PP COP government, and their slaves (MSJ TOP NJAC) , in response to rising discontent with government racism and theft scandals, decided to neutralise african talk show hosts programmes. Harvey Burris, a former diplomat and PNM Host, worked at power 102 fm in Trinidad (Owned by a chinese UNC ) and had a evening programme titled “Solutions” followed by Richard Noray, another African PNM member. The then government aligned management, facilitated, the forcing of “Co-hosts” (babysitters, obstructionists) to these well established programmes.They placed Garth Christopher, on Harvey’s “Solutions” programme, and SIEWDATH PERSAD, a Brahmin-ist/Hindu UNC (husband of chutney singer Drupatee Ramgoonai and cousin of Kamla PERSAD-Bissessar) on Richard Noray’s programme. It was beyond despicable… every day, any attempt to discuss and address, the horrific instances of the then Kamla Led government’s racism against african people or corruption, Garth Christopher and Siewdath Persad, wouldliterally interject and spin or force the discussion off topic!Even everyday, general public instances of indian anti-african racism was forcibly spun and or curtailed by talking over the original hosts! Dr. Kumar Identified Garth Christopher as mixed-race (African/Indian) why didn’t he use the common, racially abusive brahmin-ist/Hindu term “Doogala” to describe him? So, when the brahmin-ist/hindu, Indian party has state power, they send a brahmin-ist/hindu indian man, and a partially indian man, (both UNC operatives) to DICTATE to two AFRICAN MEN:
    (1) What is racism, and when/ if they can talk about it
    (2) What is corruption, and when/if they can talk about it

    This is how Brahmin-ist/hindu and indian culture views power!!
    Pay attention to how mouth frothed, the idea of global anti racism protests make “Dr.” Kumar Mahabir. He’s also leading the pushback AGAINST removing the statues of racist white colonists he calls “Heroes”

    I for one can’t wait until they sufficiently bump up their population numbers in barbados through children and immigration…I can’t wait! They’re already working on it!

  28. Vincent CodringtonJuly 7, 2020 9:35 AM

    @ John at 7:41 AM

    It is my humble opinion that you are misleading BU household. You need to revisit the sources on which you based your conclusions. The QEH and the Deep Water Harbour were not the products of the fertile minds of the owners of the plantations. The BLP under Grantley Adams had to fight the establishment all the way to completion. We owe it to posterity to be accurate.



    Grantley Adams was a passenger.

    Been through all this already but here it is in a nutshell.

    After the WWII world sugar output had been reduced to 50% of what it was prior to WWII.

    Europe was out, Russia was out, the Pacific countries were out.

    Sugar was rationed for years after WWII in England and America.

    Price was high and demand was high.

    Barbados ramped up its output to 200K in 1957 however, there was no bulk handling capability.

    The mother country decreed that a Deep water Harbour with bulk handling capability be built.

    It was built out of the profits of the sugar windfall after WWII.

    It had absolutely nothing to with Grantley Adams … whatsoever.

    Containerisation came on stream in this era for which the Deep Water Harbour was also purpose built.

    Grantley Adams was a passenger who happened to be around at the time.

    QEH arose out of health issues of the population.

    If you pass you will see the image of a mother and child on the wall … there was a reason for that.

    Grantley Adams was humbled by Dr. Humby in the 50’s and ended up kicking him out of the colony.

    It was the sugar windfall post WWII that built the Deep Water Harbour with its bulk handling capabilities and the QEH.

    BTW, no Quakers I know of at the time, but most of the men and women who did the building were of Quaker ancestry.

  29. This is why I agreed with PLT that the slave trade and plantation life had an indelible impact on the society today and on every facet of life.

    Corruption and dishonest people, whether politicians or business, are the other negative impact. Irrespective of race.

    Which is why I take people as they are, not race first. Unlike some.

    I despair on this.

  30. @ Crusoe

    We cannot be selective about the impact of slavery on contemporary society. There is a strong movement for the removal of the Nelson statue, but the St Michael’s Cathedral was built by slaves for the slave-owning Anglican church. Are we going to demolish it? How about Codrington College?
    Most important of all, how about the descendants of the slave-owning ‘coloured’ people? Do they too have to pay reparations? Or are we giving them a free pass?

    • There is no comparison from your comment to Lord Nelson statue positioned in HEROES SQUARE.


  31. Hal AustinJuly 7, 2020 12:19 PM

    @ Vincent
    “Plse. The man is bonkers. Just ignore him. Let those who want to rant take him on.”

    Good advice. A few blogs ago, about a month or two, he said the freed slaves took Quaker names because Quakers were good people and he did a search and lots of the slave names were Quakers. In his attempt to rewrite history, he forgot to mention that the slaves had no rights and were give the last name of the owners. So that when a slave ran away they were always sent back to their Quaker owners. After emancipation, the plantation owners continued this practice and refused to hire free men from other plantations thus carrying on their slave practices. John thinks he is the only person who can read. He reads but does not seem to understand.
    No one picked him up on that blatant lie.
    A Barbados scholar who went to some little insignificant college in Northern England, probably run by Quakers, when he could have gone to ivy league, the Oxbridges, Queens Belfast, McGill, UBC, UofT, etc. or some other respectable university where he would have been taught to think and question.
    I don’t reply to anything that racist red leg writes.

  32. @Dame Bajans

    Ignore the nonsense about Harrison College and a Barbados Scholarship. That is an exam for 19 yr olds. @John simply has not grown up. According to him, he studied maths. It is not an analytical discipline. On the Quaker myth, have you noticed he now talks about Christians/Quakers.
    Quakers were some of the biggest slave owners in the US.

  33. @ John July 7, 2020 12:13 PM
    “It was the sugar windfall post WWII that built the Deep Water Harbour with its bulk handling capabilities and the QEH.
    BTW, no Quakers I know of at the time, but most of the men and women who did the building were of Quaker ancestry.”

    Yes, it is true that the Sugar Fund (the only real sovereign fund ever in Bim) which help financed in a large measure those two infrastructural projects which, along with the airport, laid the economic bedrock of modern Barbados.

    You were on reasonably ‘comfortable’ ground until you made your final claim.

    Were those “men and women of Quaker ancestry” black Bajans or white British?

  34. I got works to do
    So I can’t watch you
    Now they take all the youths them and send them off to war
    Behind closed doors the whole of them are spars
    Let’s single out all warmongers
    And ask ourselves who will suffer
    And take away the ignorance and hypocrisy
    From the big leaders who claims to be
    Now the truth in life is one Inity
    Streched across this earth for us to see

  35. @ John July 7, 2020 7:41 AM
    What technological advances were made in the period between 1970-2020 in Barbados? That is the period I am referring to. I do not live in the past. I know all about the history of sugar cane: its origin in the Dutch East Indies. The utilization of the Bourbon cultivar ,tillering( the growth of lateral shoots which impede mechanical harvesting) and lodging and so forth. The discovery that sugar-cane actually produced seeds (discovered by a black Barbadian and which was then attributed to John Redman Bovell ,a white Barbadian). You seemed to have forgotten that my first degree is in agriculture and that I worked in the field as an agronomist. People of Webster era were in a time-wrap in their thinking. They never expected things to change. They were basically lazy and content to to grow cane and export sugar. I wrote an article which was published in the “Barbados Advocate.” In the article I stated that the growing of sugar-cane was after planting seed pieces and resupplying ( replacing dead plants) was ideally suited for lazy people. After the the initial planting ,ratooning could be done for the next seven years. The hardest period is the eighteen months after planting new field. With ratooning little work has to be done.

  36. As so often, the BU community only sees the small fragments, but not the big picture. The reference to Nelson or BLM is justified to a certain extent. But we should ask ourselves the fundamental question of how freedom looks like in the Caribbean itself. There is no freedom anymore. The pocket dictators in the Caribbean show their true face.

    Some CARICOM members, such as Trinidad and Tobago, have virtually turned their countries into concentration camps, where people are not allowed to travel for the next 12 to 24 months. The BU community is not upset about this. There are now dozens of court rulings in the USA and the EU that freedom-limiting measures may only be imposed, if they are justified, appropriate, necessary and proportionate. In the Caribbean, on the other hand, people accept ALL restrictions on freedom, however ill-founded. That is what we should oppose.

    There are ZERO medical reasons why freedom of travel between CARICOM members, which are largely virus-free, has not been restored since 1 July and why regional flights are not taking place. I suspect that some governments want to establish a dictatorship under the guise of COVID19, as in Trinidad, and use COVID19 as an excuse to introduce conditions similar to a concentration camp or slave plantation.

    Against this background, the liquidation of LIAT also makes a lot of sense, as there is still no substitute for regional flights. It helps to lock up the population for the next years.

  37. Addendum: Within the EU and within China, people are once again allowed to travel as freely as possible. Within the CARICOM region, on the other hand, this is de facto impossible in the foreseeable future due to medically unfounded hygiene regulations and the liquidation of LIAT. De facto, the CARICOM members have established a dictatorship which restricts freedom rights excessively, even compared to China.

  38. In front of over eyes there is a change taking place in the world order.

    China is ascending to the top spot as we speak, aided by an incompetent lunatic in the West. Yes, make no mistake, he is a lunatic and is destroying his own country. Awful that this is happening.

    Instead of fighting among ourselves the people of the islands need to prepare for this and immediately strengthen ties with the EU and China.

    Reading recent events, I am convinced that any national symbols should be of desirable qualities.

    The Russians tore down Lenin. Move Nelson, sell the statue and move forward.

  39. From Facebook
    Empress-kei Kei
    7 hrs · Shared with Public
    Peter Webster and the Deane Family let me set the record straight forward for you. Up in Hanson hill St. George there was a part that your family and the Deane’s own called “nigga Yard”. My great uncle was fired from the plantation because he refused to call him “Master Owen”. The tenantry land that my grandfather brought from Deane is still in the high court after we purchased it and you guys decided in 2003 that it was not good enough for them. So you tried to take back the land. My uncle had to get a petition to show all the old ppl how to acquire their land. You resold the land after we have a deed for it. You wanted to take all the profit and not give any back to Barbados. That is why you didn’t want to continue the Sugar Industry. My grandfather worked hard for you guys and from then until now he died fighting for his land. All that develop Hanson Height my family holds the deed for but some how you guys were able to resell it. The courts in Barbados has this dragging for years. Mr. Robinson from Constant Plantation gave everyone their tenantry land but your family the Deanes from Hanson Plantation refuse refuse to give up what is rightfully own. Mr. Deane send a letter tell everyone to stop working the land. Knowing full well if you stop working the land you automatically give it back to the plantation. My grandfather never stopped working his. You guys are a bunch of criminals. You don’t outwardly kill but you are robbers. Done forget you offered us 1.5 million dollars for the land which we refused. Then you offered us to relocate us. We want our land back. You cut a big road through our land to construct those houses on Hanson Heights. Let Barbados know how you guys are. Talking about racism. The high Court in Barbados it is time to get to our case after all this years waiting. The Nation Barbados
    Barbados Today
    Mia Amor Mottley
    . We have receipts, paperwork from Town and Country everything.

  40. @Crusoe

    The ideas of English-speaking Caribbean unity is a joke. Look at who Trump invited to the White House and who he ignored? Of the CARICOM member states, which ones support Taiwan and which China? Look at ho Hillary Clinton treated CARICOM leaders after the Haitian earthquake? Which nations oppose Venezuela and which don’t? Look at the future of LIAT? How about Guyana?
    The only institutions that work to a large degree are the ones put in place by the former colonial masters – cricket and UWI, and even those are riven by insularity. Have you seen the graffiti at Cave Hill? Tells you all you need to know.

  41. When I take Peter Webster’s reactionary statements, opposite radical demand “buy only from blacks” and the restrictions on freedom by many CARICOM governments together, I get the impression that a kind of dictatorship is looming in the region. Through their agents, the ruling powers are deliberately stirring up mutual racial hate in order to divert attention from mismanagement and economic decline. In the end neither the businessmen nor the black masses win, but the ruling class.

    The injustice of slavery affects everyone, not only the descendants of slaves. Slavery should teach us all the value of freedom, regardless of skin colour.

  42. By the way ,I worked with Peter Webster when I was at Soil Conservation . Let us just say we had a difference of opinion.

  43. @ Hal
    The EU and Brexit are worst than CARICOM will ever be. Where is the unity in Europe or any other global block?
    I don’t think you are near accurate when you assert that UWI was a gift from the colonial masters either. You may want to revisit that position.
    The first move toward English speaking Caribbean unity was the Federation . That failed because the odor of colonialism was still very strong.
    Since 1973 we have made great strides but as always we have lacked true national leadership. However we now have several successful regional organizations: Caribbean Development Bank; regional security systems and our artistes are very well unified. We still have CARIFESTA and the CARIFTA games etc.
    While I like many progressive Regionalists am often frustrated, I cannot describe attempts at regional unity a joke. The same UWI that I often hammer is now among the top 100 global universities. We still managed to get our own Court of Appeal and quite a few countries are republics.
    I would expect that we are often embarrassed and confused by our leaders but Caribbean unity is stronger now than it ever was if we speak from results and obvious historical and politics constraints.
    It is certainly no joke, Comrade.
    BTW as for cricket when we were finished with it it no longer resembled what the colonialists introduced. We completely revolutionized it and cut their asses but you already know that bro’.

  44. A word on Mr Webster´s comment

    It is true that Barbados is now worse off than the British overseas territories. However, this is not the fault of the blacks, but the consequence of running a microstate. Barbados has to fund all state functions, whereas the overseas territories do not. Also: the fact is that after the Second World War Britain wanted to give up the vast majority of its colonies anyway, because the costs exceeded the revenues.

    Similarly, the inefficiency of the Barbadian administrative apparatus is not a specifically black problem. We find similarly inefficient administrations and bloated social services in many countries, for example in Africa, South America, Southern and Eastern Europe, Russia and parts of Asia.

    As far as the sugar industry is concerned, it is simply that cane sugar cannot compete with industrial sugar.

    Mr Webster should rather name the real problems, primarily the lack of public governance, including white businessmen’s practice of systematically bribing ministers, than playing the trump card.

  45. @ Tron July 7, 2020 8:14 PM
    “Mr Webster should rather name the real problems, primarily the lack of public governance, including white businessmen’s practice of systematically bribing ministers, than playing the trump card.”

    Does that category of “white businessmen” include the “passing-for-white Bajan who recently converted his former DLP’ blue-eyes’ to the current ‘red-eye’ boy called Mal money the Cyclops of hotels and restaurants?

    Stop blaming the white businessmen who are nothing more today than dinosaurs or Neanderthals in the Bajan world of business and commerce.

    What about those who Hal Austin refers to as the “New Barbadian” who- unlike the black immigrants- are about to control the commanding heights of the Bajan economy?

    Did any Bajan “white businessman” seek to entice either the ministerial Don of Pornville or the ‘brown’ Leper Le Roi of the local Clico wash their dirty money behind their own corporate machines?

  46. robert lucasJuly 7, 2020 4:32 PM

    @ John July 7, 2020 7:41 AM
    What technological advances were made in the period between 1970-2020 in Barbados?


    You’ll find Colin Hudson with a few patents to his name.

    Long stick harvesting, technology developed in Barbados sold to sorghum farmers in the US.

    Introduction of chopstick harvesters.

    One plantation I know of advertises for cane cutters still.

    Could rent the harvester but prefers the old method to avoid soil compaction and reduction in yields.

  47. I suspect Portvale is probably pretty much run by computer but hat to admit I am out of touch.

    Lots of electronic control and measurement also in the field.

  48. Hal AustinJuly 7, 2020 5:02 PM

    How many patents have been registered in Barbados between 1966 and 2020?


    Don’t know if he registered a patent here or anywhere else but here is a Barbados Scholar (HC) who developed the first internet search engine called “Archie”,

    Probably how your Harry and Megan got the name for their first born!!

  49. @ Miller July 7, 2020 9:25 PM

    In Barbados today, “black” and “white” are only codes for the stupid tax slaves on the one hand and the profiteers of the plantation called Barbados on the other.

    Those who demand a social balance from the whites in favour of the blacks in Barbados obviously do not live in the gated communites of the island. Otherwise they would know that the upper class knows no racial, only financial barriers. The racial issue only serves as a flash grenade to divert attention from corruption and neptism. These two enemies of humanity know no colour.

    The masters of Barbados, who are pulling the strings in the background, are of course very happy about the recent racist attacks by whites and blacks. They also rejoice at the Nelsen riots. So they can continue to secretly suck the taxpayers dry, while the stupid masses on BU are easily distracted.

  50. @ William
    I bow to your greater knowledge, but I am not sure where you get your information on the EU from. Is it Nigel Farage? Don’t believe the propaganda. The only thing wrong with the EU is that they should press on for a Unit ed States of Europe and get rid of some of those former Soviet nations.
    Aa to Brexit, you are right. It was, and is, the most spectacular act of slow political and economic suicide any nation has ever committed – all because northern Brits do not like black people.
    Plse correct me, but the university college was established when, where and by whom? As to the history of regional unity, I will say the first attempt was the 1876 Confederation, which also failed, the West India regiment, the Appeal Court, cricket.
    The Federation failed because of Bustamante, maybe you do not remember the way Bustamante campaigned against the Federation. Once Jamaica walked out, Eric Williams followed.
    In fact, Bustamante’s dislike of the Federation (look at CARICOM and the behaviour of the ruling party in Jamaica to see how history repeats itself, only the second time as farce) that any Barbadian in the UK would tel you of their relations with Jamaican, and the term ‘smallie’. That is where it came from..
    What great strides have we made since 1973? We have a CCJ and cannot even get all members of CARICOM to recognise it as the final court of appeal; we have had the disaster of the 2008 global banking crisis, Clico and the meltdown of economies and even something as simple as the harmonisation of financial regulation we have failed to do; we now have a global pandemic and we cannot even work across borders on how to manage the dangers.
    As to cricket, the less said the better. Let us have a separate discussion on the state of West Indies cricket, which has been playing tests since 1928. Just look at the state of it. You are confusing individual talent with organisational incompetence. Talk to Conde Riley.

  51. @ Hal
    I did not know that a people struggling to emerge from the most vicious and inhumane system ever visited upon any one race, can be casually dismissed as jokers because they have been failures or confusion as they attempt to build a unique civilization.
    They are the same people whose labour built the same empires that we continue to worship as examples of successful civilizations. That position must be the most ironic of our times.
    What is even more traumatic is that we are still measuring progress by the yardstick of our oppressors. To this very minute we are marching and fighting for basic civil rights but yet we pour scorn on all that we try to achieve – that my brother is the real casualty that goes way beyond Bustamante; the current shortcomings of West Indies cricket and the short comings of the UWI.
    In many instances we can’t radically go forward because we are simply looking to those who enslaved us as models of perfection. The truth is that CARICOM will eventually overcome.

  52. @ John July 7, 2020 9:49 PM
    If you are referring to the sugar-cane harvester you need to think again. Hudson did not invent the sugar-cane harvester. he modified harvesters to meet the Barbadian condition. He got help from international agricultural engineering( International Harvester) outfits when he ran into problems with his design : he could not get it to work effectively since he had no background in engineering. It is easy to modify a pre-existing invention. It is difficult to come up with the original invention itself. Hudson came to these parts without a background in agriculture. To remedy the situation he did a diploma in Tropical Agriculture at the St. Augustine Campus. You may wonder how I know all of this: his manuscript for the diploma is lodged in the library at St. Augustine. I perused it out of curiosity since I was wondering how he had more say than local Barbadians trained in the discipline. He eventually did his doctorate.
    “Introduction of chopstick harvesters.”
    Hudson did not invent this procedure. It was already utilized by farmers making silage from corn and other crops.

    As I have stated, it is difficult to be original. It is as I have been trying to tell blacks who keep a lot of noise about white people: go and invent things. Stop being envious and resentful of the achievements of others. Create things do not destroy that which others have invented and which you seem incapable of inventing. One needs to acknowledge one’s short comings to eventually correct them.

  53. @ William

    I am not sure what you mean by the most vicious and inhumane system ever, and I refuse to try and read your thinking. But a people trying to free themselves from any oppressive system cannot be described as jokers. Nor am I sure what you mean by empires and successful civilisations. I am afraid you will have to spell it out.
    However, as we have seen on numerous occasions, part of the problem with some forms of nationalism is that we sweep up the good and the bad.
    Reactionary nationalists often are swept in to power under the umbrella of national pride and it is the role of revolutionaries to weed them out. You have mentioned the duopoly. It is the duty of radicals to oppose the duopoly, not just sometimes.
    As to the yardstick of progress, this discussion is going round and round in circles and in as many ways. The global convention is to measure progress by economic growth. I do not. I have written on numerous occasions on BU about the relative newness of growth as an economic theory (Rostow, Solow, Arthur Lewis, et al),having only been created in the 1950s/60s.
    As you know, I talk about St Giles and the Ivy as my measure of happiness (an alternative metric of growth (see Bhutan, and Prof Layard, et al), and not of the many other experiences I have had, for the simple reason that J.O. Morris made a greater impression on the young Hal than the many professors and politicians and CEOs and civic leaders I have met in my adult life. Some have criticised me for seeing the past in rose-tinted glasses.
    Like you I want Barbados, and the wider Caribbean, to do well and have said so. Yet, I have been slaughtered for saying that Jamaica was the most creative nation in the English-speaking Caribbean.
    I go further than that and compare Jamaica positively with the US and UK on many metrics, but do not want to upset those on BU who are not Jamaicaphiles as I am.
    I have spoken loud and clear about the creation of the Transport Board and the bragging rights it gave some of us living in the UK for its competence then, compared with London Transport and have been criticised.
    I have talked about the vote at 18 in 1963, long before Britain, an achievement we have since abandoned; and I have talked about the achievements of the Adams government (the Deep Water Harbour and QEH, etc). Voting in Barbados should be at the age of 16; even on BU there is evidence of a 16 year old discussing serious issues.
    What I am not prepared to do is to endorse incompetence and mediocrity, nor wait for Godot, for the moment that CARICOM sees the light. Look at the mess that is LIAT; do you see anything replicating the Bustamante affair? How do you think that Antiguans will view Barbadians post-LIAT?
    The reality is that Barbados (and CARICOM) will not improve until radicals speak out without fear or favour and call for widespread reform of our major institutions.
    Radicals must have a clear vision of the kind of Barbados they will like to see and a roadmap to achieve that. They cannot just mix and match bogus policies from bogus governments. Not to is to be an enemy of the people.

  54. robert lucasJuly 7, 2020 4:32 PM

    @ John July 7, 2020 7:41 AM
    What technological advances were made in the period between 1970-2020 in Barbados?

    If you are referring to the sugar-cane harvester you need to think again. Hudson did not invent the sugar-cane harvester. he modified harvesters to meet the Barbadian condition. He got help from international agricultural engineering( International Harvester) outfits when he ran into problems with his design : he could not get it to work effectively since he had no background in engineering. It is easy to modify a pre-existing invention. It is difficult to come up with the original invention itself.


    Your question was not about original research in the sugar industry, it was about the application of technology.

    The Deep Water Harbour was not the result of original research.

    What original research was involved in getting the sugar output to 200K in 1957?

    It was all about the application of existing technologies.

    Hal’s question was however about patents, the result of original research.,

  55. BEIRUT — After she was fired without warning from her job as a housekeeper, the Ethiopian woman said, she was dumped at the side of the highway by her Lebanese employer.

    He had intended to leave her outside the Ethiopian Consulate, where dozens of other Ethiopian domestic workers have been abandoned by their employers during the recent weeks of economic crisis here, but he stopped short, afraid of being spotted by news crews outside. The woman, named Tigist, said her employer had not given back her passport and phone or paid the year’s salary she was due

    This story is from Lebanon but it could have been from any country in the Arab world

  56. @Sargeant,

    Yuh feel dem sweet? The Arab countries treat the servants too bad, whether African, Indonesian or Indian.

    Has been so for a long time. They are called servants but slave may be a better term, because removal of a passport also removes inherent rights of the individual.

    Them not nice at all.

  57. To de Trinis. Y’all chupidy or what? Yuh neva hear bout divide an rule?

    Who is the real enemy, yuh Indo or African neighbour or de fella carrying way allyuh money?

    Allyuh betta check yuhselves

  58. Darren Sammy needs to watch this test match in England and open his big mouth about this tieffery.

    Had not for technology England would still be batting.

    Three decisions were overturned in just a session. All were overturned in WINDIES’ favour.

    Jason Holder continues to be a better umpire than the umpire who is supposedly in the best viewing position. His reign as king of the review continues. Statistics have crowned him as such. He is hardly likely to be dethroned until WINDIES lodge a serious complaint and somebody, say Michael Holding, opens his big mouth as he did one series in Australia when he counted bad decisions and at last count before I could no longer take it, had counted 17:3 in Australia’s favour

    Now, some white man and house negro, say Barry Wilkingson of “umpires don’t cheat” fame would explain these decisions away by stating that the batsman gets the benefit of the doubt.

    Unfortunately, that argument was obliterated when WINDIES came out to bat. Two decisions have again been reviewed by John Campbelland overturned by. It took the umpire three finger raises before it stuck.

    For a long time I have been saying that WIndies play against a team of thirteen men. These decisions were overturned because they weren’t even close. But all the close calls are in favour of the opposition. Those stand and often make all the difference.

    These umpires remind me of the policemen, keeping their knees on our necks until there is no sign of life. Even with the cameras on they still believe they can get away with it.

    I maintain that there is a deliberate attempt to keep us in ‘our place’.

    The white man has not forgotten his prolonged period of humiliation. We will never rise again until our players are twice as good as the opposition. We are not willing to put in the work that will get us there again.

  59. @crusoe 3:47 am. …Indian neighbour IS the one running away wit d’ bag o’ money!!
    “Divide and rule” only apllies to other africans! Indians are not (as a group), and have never been allies against racist and oppressive “others”,…they ARE the racist and oppressive other!

  60. @ Sargeant,
    Over the last six (?) weeks, I had forwarded the Sammy and Ethiopian maid link to BU. For those who may not have seen it, hopefully, it will serve as a remainder to Barbadians that we should not be opening our doors to foreigners in general – particularly Arabs and Indians.

    @ Hal,
    Further development in the Covid-19 outbreak in Leicester which was due to Indian-owned businesses.

  61. @TLSN

    You are spot on. But I am afraid you are not saying what the majority of BU commenters want to hear regarding our Middle Eastern and South Asian friends. I witnessed them in my district ignoring the advice on social distance and facial masks. It is a cultural thing. They believe that death is preordained, that when it is your time you will die. Don’t give up. You are right.

  62. @ Hal
    Do not back down my Comrade. Funny things happen. We are suddenly reading James Baldwin again.

  63. @ William

    Backdown? Never. Not if I think I am right. By the way, I once interviewed Jimmy Baldwin; the photographer on that job was also a Bajan, Rudy Atwell.

  64. No,You DON’T…but, i get yours!
    I plead with YOU david, to read the articles i presented, and this video!

  65. Bajans know what they are dealing with, just that they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening.

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