Is Ralph Gonsalves an Honorary Member of the Cuban Communist Party?

Submitted by Nathan ‘Jolly’ Green

Watch out Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Gonsalves got you in the doodoo again. By using Cubans to build our airport at Argyle, to develop and man the specialist hospital at Georgetown, and to bring the unnecessary Cuban doctors and nurses to manage our COVID 19 situation, the US will punish us, some think rightly so.

The Cuban Flag Flies on Vincentian Soil as a Cuban Medical Brigade Arrives at the Airport which the Cubans Built.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott has called to punish countries that employ Cuba’s medical brigades to help provide care and to classify such nations as participating in human trafficking.

Why human trafficking, how can that description be valid? It most certainly is a legitimate call because Saint Vincent does not employ Cubans; it has Cubans sent to SVG to work and pays the Cuban government. The Cuban government pay those workers just a fraction of what SVG pay the Cuban government. That makes it a valid argument that these Cuban workers are trafficked.

Last week, Scott, joined by Cuban American Sens. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, introduced the Cut Profits to the Cuban Regime Act. If it passes, the bill would require the State Department to publish the names of countries that contract doctors through the Cuban government and to consider that as a factor in their ranking in the State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report.

The State Department has said Cuba’s medical program subjects’ doctors to “exploitative conditions” that are also “abusive.” Some doctors who have defected from the missions, and documents disclosed in Brazil, accuse the Cuban government of pocketing almost 80 per cent of the money that countries pay toward doctors’ salaries, restricting their movements, and pressuring physicians to inflate statistics.

Ralph Gonsalves knows that the Cuban workers only get a small proportion of what SVG pays to the Cuban government, so therefore he is compliant in the overall scheme of the trafficking of Cuban workers.

Please, Uncle Sam, we the Vincentian people do not have a hand in bringing Cubans to SVG. It was comrade Gonsalves along with Health Minister Luke Browne, so if you must employ sanctions, please consider applying them to him, his family dynasty and Luke Browne. But if you decide we must all be punished for electing him and his family members, so be it, we are guilty as charged, or are we?

Please take into consideration that we the people allege that the regime was elected due to fraud, most of us did not vote for them and do not want them. We are hoping and praying we may soon return to democratic leadership; at that time, we will butt kick the Cubans out of SVG, we are under their evil control via our leadership.

The Cubans and Venezuelans fund the ULP during elections, what do the US sanction makers think about that? we need help to get out of this spiral of evil.

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  1. Are you Granville’s brother? The people of the Caribbean don’t need any more Uncle Tom political leaders like you. It’s one thing to criticise the SVG government but to support the racist harassment of Caribbean governments by the US bullies is too much. If you have some profession like civil engineering, I suggest you stick to that.

  2. It means if the US legislature is interest in how medical brigades from Cuba are deployed Barbados and other countries in the region will also have the problem.

  3. The people of St. Vincent need to work much, much harder to get that dynasty out of their lives and stop believing all their lies..

  4. @Blogmaster
    It means every country, via its citizens and businesses, who participate in the Cuban tourist business are similar. Cuba owns 51%, but the minority partners run operations. They pay the Cuban gov’t ‘market rates’ for labour, a miniscule % of which the employee receives. Everything works this way in Cuba.

  5. Its amazing to Wily to see little CUBA competing with big USA in managing the Caribbean Tourism business in Airport infrastructure, Medical facilities etc Wily thought the major Caribbean benefactor was CHINA. Cuba maybe the best organization for understanding the Caribbean Tourist business as its grown their own industry even with major UNCLE SAM sanctions. Cuban Medical infrastructure is head and shoulders above most countries, including several first world countries. Which DEVIL, according to Green, would you rather have, US led by DEMENTED President, Cuba a communist country that knows how to SURVIVE under adversity or then we have MOTHER COMMUNIST/CAPITAL China.

    If you sleep with the dogs your going to get a FLEE of one type or other.

  6. @David
    It means if the US legislature is interest in how medical brigades from Cuba are deployed Barbados and other countries in the region will also have the problem
    The US State Dept led by Pompeo forced several Latin American Gov’ts to get rid of their Cuban Medical teams and then COVID19 hit and some including Ecuador was wishing for their return. Did the US fill the gap that these medical personnel leave? We all know the answer to that but this large country imposes its will on small countries and the poor suffer.

    BTW Cuba sent Doctors to Italy to help the Italians fight the virus and not a peep from the US.

  7. WURA-War-on-U

    June 28, 2020 3:19 AM

    African descended women and children also need to KNOW their rights under international law, this practice of violence against the most vulnerable in the society is not only relegated to Barbados and the Caribbean but can be found across the Diaspora and the Continent of Africa.
    It’s counterproductive to any current and future growth and progress. The people of St. Vincent must be educated that they have human rights under international law, especially vunerable women and children that should never be violated as Yuuge Farrell’s was by a corrupt government.

    ▼Article VII.
    Gender equality
    1. Indigenous women have the right to the recognition,
    protection, and enjoyment of all human rights and
    fundamental freedoms provided for in international
    law, free from discrimination of any kind.
    2. States recognize that violence against indigenous
    peoples and individuals, particularly women, hinders
    or nullifies the enjoyment of all human rights and
    fundamental freedoms.
    3. States shall adopt, in conjunction with indigenous
    peoples, the necessary measures to prevent and
    eradicate all forms of violence and discrimination,
    particularly against indigenous women and children.

  8. @ Wiley
    “Cuban Medical infrastructure is head and shoulders above most countries, including several first world countries”

    I thought so too. Do you have that from first hand experience or what we have been lead to believe? I have spoken personally to a Cuban trained doctor ( actually eye surgeon) now living in Miami who returned to Cuba on vacation and visited their old med school hospital and professors . They said the hospital was a shadow of itself, a shambles, and the whole health system had deteriorated significantly. Their opinion was that Cuba is doubling down on sending doctors/medical personnel as a means of earning foreign exchange and for diplomatic advantage. This, to the detriment of the Cuban health system and people. This is a doctor who had themselves been sent to Nicaragua.

  9. @David

    “Practically all businesses are currently in survival mode”

    All except most of the Caribbean Governments that are in OSTRICH MODE..

  10. The people of St. Vincent need to know their human rights, stop electing and believing these trash families who seek to continue to keep you in a generational slave society, under-educated and in economic bondage unable to help yourself just so they can enrich themselves and pretend they are superior to you…break those chains of their version of evil modern day colonialism being foisted on you by no good leaders, the parasites who continue to feed off your existence……

    ▼Article X.
    Rejection of assimilation
    1. Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain,
    express, and freely develop their cultural identity
    in all respects, free from any external attempt at

    States shall not carry out, adopt, support, or favor
    any policy of assimilation of indigenous peoples or of
    destruction of their cultures.

    ▼Article XI.
    Protection against genocide
    Indigenous peoples have the right not to be the object of
    any form of genocide or attempts to exterminate them.

    ▼Article XII.
    Guarantees against racism, racial discrimination,
    xenophobia, and related intolerance
    Indigenous peoples have the right not to be the object
    of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, or related
    intolerance. States shall adopt the preventive and
    corrective measures necessary for the full and effective
    protection of that right.

  11. Traitor Hal…the pretend journalist, crawl back in ya slaveminded hole..

    if ya were not such a yellow bellied coward and fraud…you would have had this story…ya sell out…

  12. US and Cuba can work together. Obama tried a small move to ‘being nice’. Next move should be another stepping stone, not a stick. The Americas/Caribbean can counter Europe and America will see this. They gonna need us….and we them. New world Order.
    Just saying.

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