Dr. Jerry Emtage Has Many Faces

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Watch the short video of well know urologist Dr. Jerry Emtage.

Now read the letter below with attention to the surgeons who signed off.








6 thoughts on “Dr. Jerry Emtage Has Many Faces

  1. So the doctors including Jerry stated their concerns in writing on April 17.

    Today is June 10th from the video of [what date?] it seems as if thec oncerns have been addressed to the satisfaction of Dr. Emtage.

    But I still don’t know whether the other doctors are satisfied that their concerns have been addressed.

    If they have been, then all good.

    If there are still concerns then the QEH has to work to address any remaining concerns.

  2. Will somebody tell me what all the hullabaloo is about?

    All I see is a request by the surgeons for a meeting because they were not in agreement with the hospital’s management decision after assessing the level of risk and costs to mitigation.

    From where I sit, the policy to keep the QEH a COVID free zone is the biggest risk that must be mitigated first and foremost. Knowingly taking COVID positive persons to the QEH for any treatment is plain foolish and unnecessarily puts all QEH patients at risk if there is some sort of isolation breach.

    As far as I know, COVID infection does not lead to any conditions that require surgery so I see the odds of a COVID positive person also suffering from another condition requiring emergency surgery that can’t wait as being minuscule. Now, I don’t know the Enmore surgery room limitations but since the management has decided to use that facility to accommodate surgeries, they should focus their support to that facility and recommend upgrades make those surgeries easier.

    In my opinion, the surgeons’ efforts should be placed into measures at the QEH aimed at
    1) Reducing the backlog of people currently risking death and deterioration because they have been on a surgery waiting list for long.
    2) Reducing the wait time for persons requiring treatment.

    While all these medical practitioners that should know better continue to suffer from COVID paranoia, people are suffering and dying from delayed treatment of existing conditions.

  3. @Critical Analyzer June 10, 2020 10:03 PM “the odds of a COVID positive person also suffering from another condition requiring emergency surgery that can’t wait as being minuscule.”

    Women are still giving birth everyday. A woman might require an emergency C-section, and that cannot wait.

  4. This CA fellow like he us a Chvunt Absolute.

    The issues being presented are based around the constraints of existing plant!

    And the inability of QEH personnel to outfit another plant within a reasonable time seems unachievable.

    What CA has said is that, irrespective of the circumstances, even if the only operating theatre and equipment are at the QEH, the Covid 19 patient WILL NOT BE TREATED AT THE QEH.


  5. Doc responds to QEH, awaiting next move

    Countries urged to accept cruise workers



    Dr Maurice Walrond

    Embattled general surgeon Dr Maurice Walrond is waiting to see what, if any, discipline he will receive for speaking to the media without the consent of his employer, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

    Walrond was charged last month with bringing the hospital into disrepute, after making several claims surrounding the standard of equipment being used at the Martindales Road, St Michael facility during an interview on Starcom Network’s radio call-in programme Down To Brass Tacks.

    Walrond has since written a letter to the QEH explaining his actions and is waiting for any discipline that may follow.

    When contacted yesterday, Walrond confirmed he had responded to the hospital’s claims, a right granted him under the terms and conditions of his contract.

    “I have responded to the hospital, through my lawyer, to the charge within the two-week period specified, and I am awaiting a response from the QEH,” he told the DAILY NATION.

    The surgeon declined to go into details of his letter.

    QEH executive chairman Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland was also tight-lipped about what discipline the surgeon was facing.

    “It is our policy not to respond in any way to matters involving our employees as all staff are entitled to privacy with respect to their employment matters. I will, however, say that Dr Walrond continues to be a valued member of our team,” she said.

    Declined to give details

    During the radio interview, Walrond highlighted several inefficiencies in how the QEH was being facilitated for possible surgeries of COVID-19 patients.

    The hospital has since completed a successful surgery on a COVID-19 patient and returned that person to the isolation facility at Harrison Point, St Lucy.

    The QEH sent a letter to Walrond on May 19 informing him his actions were a breach of the terms and conditions of his contract and advised him an official enquiry had commenced.

    In that letter, the doctor was reminded that public statements were not allowed unless permission was granted by the executive chairman.

    “The statements made by you to the press in violation of rule 4.9.1 of the terms and conditions, have brought, or are likely to bring, the QEH Board

    into disrepute,” the hospital charged.

    Before being charged with misconduct, Walrond had also written a letter to his representative, the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners, on May 13, highlighting what he considered to be some weaknesses in the QEH’s framework as it related to the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

    On May 22, the QEH held a press conference, revealing it had spent $9 million on COVID-19 from its budget. Bynoe-Sutherland revealed that $5.9 million went to securing ventilators and other equipment, while $3 million had paid wages and bought personal protective equipment and other supplies.

    Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy, Kirk Humphrey, has appealed to leaders in regional and international communities to allow the repatriation of citizens stranded onboard cruise ships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    He made the plea in light of the reported suicide of 28-yearold Mariah Jocson, an assistant waitress on a cruise ship anchored in Barbados’ waters. The Philippine woman was one of 2,000 crew members on theHarmony Of The Seas awaiting passage to their respective home countries.

    They make up a small group of between 150 000 and 200 000 seafarers trapped on these vessels, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

    As he extended condolences to the woman’s family and friends on behalf of the Government and people of Barbados, Humphrey called for empathy and compassion during this difficult period.

    “Those of us who have been asked to quarantine at home; those of us who have had restrictions on our mobility, it’s been difficult and the mental anguish has been tremendous. [So] imagine the mental anguish being placed on persons onboard these ships. So I’m using this opportunity to ask regional and international leaders to do the right thing.” ( BGIS)

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