Coronavirus Back Story – Why Barbados is NOT Banning Travel from Affected Areas

The Editor

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Barbados, W.I

Dear Sir/Madam

There was an article in your newspaper of 3 .February 2020 entitled: “Barbados not rushing to ban travellers from China.” The same message was also aired on radio. Mention was made about the statistical likelihood of an outbreak locally being under two percent. There was even mention of the fact that since 1967 there was no real impact on Barbados of the outbreak of contagious diseases. According to the aired news the local authorities were following the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines. As the holder of a doctorate in microbiology and some one who has done post doctoral studies in the discipline, I have a few questions, which I want answered in the public interest.

According to the Center for Disease control and Prevention (CDC). the virus has an incubation period of two weeks. Infected person maybe asymptomatic during the two-week period. It was for this reason the USA instituted a ban on persons who had been exposed for less than two weeks entering its domain. The reason given for doing so was the logistics involved in screening for potential carriers. Let me explain.

Let us assume there is an asymptomatic carrier who has entered the Barbadian domain and is interacting with the locals. After realizing that there is an active carrier in Barbados, it is incumbent on the authorities to track down and screen all persons who have interacted with the carrier. If the carrier has interacted with one hundred persons, each person has to be screened. This only allows for interaction of the carrier with one hundred persons. Allowance also has to be made for the interaction of each member of the one-hundred with other people. As can be envisaged, the number of persons required to screen, dramatically increases to such an extent, that the screening process breaks down. It is for this reason that countries have introduced a ban on persons who come from infected areas. In the case illustrated above where would Barbados get the required trained persons to actively carry out screening?

There has been mention of the fact that Barbados is following the WHO guidelines. Is this the same WHO that was shown to be totally incompetent its handling of Ebola? What about the Haitian cholera outbreak? The latter was under the aegis of the United Nation of which WHO is a part. The best scientists in the field do not work for WHO; they are found in research institutions. The WHO like all other United Nations bodies are constrained by political realities of member states who push political objectives ahead of what the correct scientific should be. As far as I can make out, there seems to be a pecuniary method behind Barbados’s stance on this matter: namely an effort not to affect the tourist industry.




Robert D. Lucas, PH.D.


  • Ok knuckle head


  • “But i can bet you that i command a living wage more than double the size of the peanuts you earned or have earned.”

    @ Mariposa

    “Spot on.” “You are correct.” “Ignore the background noises.” “Keep firing.”

    I remember you ‘telling’ this forum you manage a large corporation. Additionally, it seems as though you have single-handedly assumed the duties once performed by Fractured BLP, NationBLPnewspaper, Waiting in Vain, Carson C. Cadogan, T. White, Kevin, et al.

    So, the salary earned from the corporation, plus the extra income from George Street, may be “more than (enough to) double the size of the peanuts earned” by anyone here.

    BTW, I admire your exceptional time management skills. You being able to shuffle between managing that big company, along with visiting BU and Facebook……. and writing your numerous BU contributions……. for almost an entire day…… is truly amazing.


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  • @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here in “support” of Mariposa


  • Help me nuh !

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  • @ john2 February 13, 2020 10:30 PM “I ate bakes and saltfish.”

    I just had three bakes (made with multigrain flour) and a flying fish, and a cup of herbal tea (don’t ask which herb because I won’t answer). Going outside now to do 2 or 3 hours work.

    A happy Saint Valentine’s Day to all the BU intelligentsia.

    And to Mariposa.

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  • So here is what the Honourable Blogmaster is refusing to post

    De ole man RARELY will “support” the politically biased ManyPussy aka Mariposa but

    A few weeks ago she commented about the Quarantined Citizens.

    In fact it was she who noted that Senator Caswell Franklyn had been instructed in the House to retract his comments

    And in the same way that the BLP senators sought to silence Senator Franklyn PEOPLE HERE ARE DOING THE SAME SUPPRESSION for Mariposa!

    Somehow, neither Mariposa nor wunna BLP poochlickers ARE UNDERSTANDING THE EXTENT OF THIS VIRUS!

    But, it is not for Mariposa to decide policy or practices for containment and eradication of the Coronavirus IT IS FOR THE 30 TO 0 BLP GOVERNMENT OF MUGABE MOTTLEY to manage this problem!

    And stop the fvucking lies!

    Here be an angle of discussion for the poochlicker brigade led by John2 the reincarnated 1ST OF THE RENTED JACKASSES now operating under his new name (like my Walter who is matchless in his substantive skill)

    “…But the labs reported that while performing a verification procedure they realized the kits were returning inconclusive results, meaning neither positive nor negative, said senior CDC official Nancy Messonnier.

    “We think that the issue at the stage, can be explained by one reagent that isn’t performing as it should, consistently,” she said, referring to one the substances used in the kit….”

    De ole man wants the poochlicker brigade to read and absorb the above statement AND THEN READ THIS FINAL QUOTE FROM MESSONNIER BELOW

    “…And that’s why we are remanufacturing that reagent…”

    Now de ole man know wunna stoopid so I gine help wunna here wid de discussion.

    1.Of the batches of kits that Messonnier speaks of above, DID ANY ARRIVE HERE IN BARBADOS?

    2.Even more important than that question DOES BARBADOS HAVE THE RASSHOLE CAPACITY to determine the reagent capacity of a testing kit?

    Now let us be honest here! Which local entity, BNSI or other, has the capacity to determine that imported kits are defective?

    But guh long, continue to suppress ManyPussy and castigated her for being the sole? champion who, because of her bias, continues to show up HOW THE MUGABE GOVERNMENT IS LYING ABOUT THE NUMBER OF SUSPECTED CORONAVIRUS PERSONS!

    Of course wunna recognise dat de ole man ent ask how many is really infected OR HOW MANY PEOPLE DEAD, TO DATE!


  • Did you know Barbados would not let a cruise ship dock last Sunday as norovirus was present?

    I know someone on the ship.

    I bypassed the first stops, then stopped at Martinique and a day or two later I heard it was not going to come to Barbados.


  • From a Facebook post by Dr. Robert J Rowan:

    I’ve been wondering why the coronavirus is exploding in China. This article provides some answers, some of which are very worrisome.

    It appears that the new coronavirus will bind to certain proteins (ACE 2) in lung tissue. Turns out that Asians express significantly more of this protein than other races. And there is more in men than women. That matches the early data the more men are falling from the disease than women. And why it seems to be spreading like fire in Wuhan.

    The report tells us that scientists are racing to find antiviral agents. In the meantime, I am told that the Chinese government has given the go ahead for high dose vitamin C treatment.

    So, where am I on this? I believe that I have already connected critical dots to remedy this situation, and only the FB group knows or cares about it. Though I’ve passed it on to the Chinese embassy. Ozone therapy is a natural for coronavirus. The virus requires active sulfhydryl (SH) groups to fuse to your lung alveoli. The fusion sites of the virus are also rich in tryptophan. Guess what? Sulfhydryl on the amino acid cysteine is the most susceptible amino acid residue to ozone, and tryptophan is next. A few ozone molecules might be all that is needed to whack off the fusion sites. Does medicine care?

    FYI From his Facebook biography:

    Robert Rowen, 65, is a native of Delaware. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University (1971) with a BA. He attended medical school at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco, graduating in 1975. He attained the unusual distinction of becoming board certified in two conventional fields: Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, but in the early 1980’s he made the leap to unconventional medicine realizing that chemical based medicine may do far more harm than good.

    He’s earned the affectionate title of “Father of Medical Freedom” from his colleagues for pioneering the first-ever statutory protection for unconventional medicine in Alaska in 1990, and was appointed in 1992 to a term on the Alaska State Medical Board. He survived multiple attacks by “quackbusters” and a hostile medical profession. A long-time medical journalist and clinician, he’s become a world leader in innovative medicine, and a sought after speaker on many medical topics. His passion is helping patients otherwise given up on by conventional medicine, and preserving and expanding what little is left of medical freedom.


  • @Piece the Legend February 14, 2020 7:42 AM

    :”But the labs reported that while performing a verification procedure they realized the kits were returning inconclusive results, meaning neither positive nor negative, said senior CDC official Nancy Messonnier.”

    It is common to get false-positive results. There maybe need to improve the purity of the antigen/antibody so as to improve the resolution of the test. As I said previously, either the ELISA method or a modification using monoclonal antibodies would most likely form the basis of the test kit. Monoclonal antibody is more precise but more intricate to make. Since there is a rush to get the kits out, ELISA maybe the method used.

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  • My point in addressing the issue was not to scare any one but to hold this govt accountable and transparent
    A promise which they had made to people while 10 years languishing in the wilderness
    It is said that Barbadians have short memories and most likely govt was relying on such motive to hide information out of the public domain
    In order for good governance to maintain a high level of democracy for its citizen
    Truth founded on transparency and accountability must be the burden bearer

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  • @ Dr Lucas
    @ Dr. GP my fellow myope and apostate

    De ole man slow and doan understand these things so bear with me.

    If you are saying that there can be “false-positives” with the ELISA KITS given that suggests another side of the scale, it is possible to misdiagnosed an infected person with the same kit?

    Would one then bring back in all the people previously tested to RETEST?

    sorry if de ole man expose me ingrunce but I jes asking because it would seem like if the second type of kit is more efficient.

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  • Artax@Mariposa

    So, the salary earned from the corporation, plus the extra income from George Street, may be “more than (enough to) double the size of the peanuts earned” by any one here

    Bro what proof u have that i earned income from George St
    Why are u blantaly spreading falsehoods about me
    Many a time i have said i have never seen the inside of George nor do i have any connections to those ministers that go to George
    I know for sure nobody that u might know that visit george st. Would tell u they know of me or have seen me inside or outside of George St
    Yes i manage a large corporation with my pea brain and command a substantial wage for doing so
    Unfortunately for some here my making such comment has become a bitter pill for some to sallow
    So there fore the attacks coming from u were your way of responding
    Get over what ever bug that makes you irritable at sound of my name
    Hopefully it is not the Corona virus cause it would not wish it on my worst enemy


  • The statements coming from the business man on baystreet are another revealing eye popping moment for all to witness Mia deceptive practices
    Reason why i dont trust her it seems that when the PR henchman jong is away the real Mia comes out whistles and bells blaring forgetting her lines and throwing caution to the wind
    Even the rhetorical mantra of projects one by one are left over soup by past govt which have expired their shelf life
    The only growth barbadians will see and have to be accountable are those growth measures that take money out of their pockets and create wealth for the rich fianacial barons
    Hell will freeze over before Barbados has long term sustainable growth
    Reason being the education system is stagnant and the educators still belive that Reading maths and arithmetic is all needed to build an economic foundation




  • @ John2

    Try not to kill she rather them!

    They are a multi identity using the same WordPress identity.

    It was a strategy they adopted prior to 2014/2015 to deal with the social media dissent they were experiencing.

    So several DLP supporters blogged under the same name like how the BU BORG does now.

    So, one of the Mariposa, has never been to George Street, but all the rest, especially the former politicians have

    Like you, every now and again de ole man does send her a present and likkle reminder about her party.

    She doan like de ole man at all for my reminders but dat doan stop me


    De politician entities in her multiple identities does cuss de ole man bad but I know dat deep down dem deeply care bout me and my well being and appreciate how I predict a 30 to zero beating for dem!

    Yesterday, I was expecting a Valentine’s Card from dem but dem like dem forgot bout me!

    People tell me not to eat nuffin from DEM so I going pass if DEM talk bout dinner even ef it’s a lead pipe!


  • Are we going to have a memorial service in London for Donville Johnson and Owen Eversley, or they were Dees, so it does not matter?


  • Six Guyanese and one Chinese have tested positive for coronavirus in Georgetown, authorities have said in a statement.
    According to the statement, Six people became ill after coming into contact with a Chinese colleague who was visiting from Shanghai and had recently been in Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak.
    Authorities say the Chinese is still not showing symptoms of the virus despite testing positive and that is why border control did not notice.(Quote)


  • @ Hal February 15, 2020 12:43 PM

    “Chinese is still not showing symptoms of the virus despite testing positive.”

    He is what is called an asymptomatic carrier. Such persons are the source of major problems when it comes to control. I do not believe that there have not been persons in this showing full-blown symptoms. How come the Guyanese can declare cases and not Barbados? People seem to forget that the Chinese like with SARS were very dodgy with information and it seems to be forgotten that there were people from China here to celebrate the Chinese new year. The authorities here have been lying from early refusing to keep the populace informed..


  • @Dr. Lucas

    Are you saying that there are known cases in Barbados that you are aware of?


  • I based my statement on the known willingness of the local authorities to hide up things, That is made perfectly clear. How long did it take for the authorities to admit that persons had been quarantined? Bear in mind that persons were let loose in the society. I have stated from the first article that you posted on the topic, that I would not be surprised if cases were present in the island. With the country in economic doldrums and tourism the main stay of the country, it is hardly likely for the authorities to be truthful.


  • Dat is a point dat de ole man has been hinting at for a while.

    But I ent want to be de prophet of doom and gloom cause people enough gine cuss de ole man for bringing this plague pun de cuntry!


    The economic impact of the Coronavirus ON THE ECONOMY OF BARBADOS WILL BE DEVASTATING!


  • Hal as one looking for Truth i read the Guyanese story on social media
    However i check the Guyanese newspaper and it stated the story was false


  • Another “sick building ”


  • Quarantine offices open
    Now will govt round up the chinese that were let in and have them tested for the virus
    Btw has govt released any numbers of how many chinese entered barbados in the past three months the time period when the virus was active


  • @Mariposa

    About two dozen came in on the same flight in January – mainly men. But we are world class and punch above our weight. We do not have to take precautionary measures.
    I normally would ask the president about this, but I am intimidated and scared she may eat me alive.


  • @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal, with regard to you last post at 2.42 am, you do not have a clitoris so fear nothing…


  • Are plans to blow up the NiS building still on target
    Also why would govt choose a working day in a populated area to blow up the building
    Why not a time period and day when the area is less frequented by the people
    It is amazing how govt make plans without counting the health risk to the people
    The building is said to be sick hence deadly particles from that building would be released into the atmosphere at a time when people are out and about doing their daily chores or going to their places of employment
    But then again this is a govt that continues to disposed effluent in the sea composed of highly deadly bacteria and toxins
    Also a govt having no immediate plans for resolution for the fiery landfills that is wrecking disaster to peoples health



  • The technology to demolish the building is not to ‘blow it up’. Always seeking to be an alarmist. Always pushing disinformation. Always living up to your reputation.


  • Can the technology prevent harmful particles composed of toxic dust elements from entering the atmosphere .


  • Alarmists
    No an advocate for Truth an a voice for the environment a placed we call home


  • @david
    High-Tech Demolition Systems for High-Rises. … In general, however, demolition work is still conducted in old-fashioned ways, crushed with heavy machines from top down and debris dropped to the ground with cranes. Buildings are sometimes even blasted into pieces with dynamite.


  • Maybe they plan an implosion where the building collapses on itself. However, if there is asbestos in the building there will be particles in the air.


  • Whatever the plan the timing of the explosion should not be at a point and time when people are actively out and about attending to their daily chores where particles emitting from the building can impact peoples health also cost to our health care system


  • @ David

    Mariposa’s response came from the following source:


    Safe & Environmentally Friendly Methods

    Novel new high technology has been introduced to demolish high-rise buildings in Japan. Advanced demolition systems for high-rises feature safety, energy conservation and environmental protection. Skyscrapers are being constructed one after another all over the world as if countries are competing with one another for the height of buildings, and new construction systems are being introduced as well.

    (In general, however, demolition work is still conducted in old-fashioned ways, crushed with heavy machines from top down and debris dropped to the ground with cranes. Buildings are sometimes even blasted into pieces with dynamite.)

    The advanced demolishing methods Japan has developed are safe, efficient and even visually beautiful.

    If you read the article, you’ll realize Mariposa purposely misrepresented its content to push her alarmist nonsense.

    It clearly states the Japanese are ‘trying to get away’ from demolition work being conducted in old-fashioned ways, by introducing new technologies.

    The article went on to give examples.

    “One of the new demolition methods was used to break down a 40-story building located near Akasaka, a Tokyo entertainment district. The building, a 140-meter steel-reinforced concrete structure, was used as a hotel that opened in 1983 and closed in March 2011 as its facilities became obsolete. Demolition is in full swing.”

    “The newly introduced demolition system, called the “Taisei Ecological Reproduction System” (Tecorep System), has been developed by a major Japanese general contractor. Under the conventional system, a building is destroyed from top down with the roofless top left open. The Tecorep System, however, keeps the building as an enclosed space, retaining the roof of the top floor for cover. The outer circumference of the top floor is COVERED with SOUNDPROOF panels so that noise and FLYING DUST can be MINIMIZED.”

    “The roof of the top floor is supported by 15 temporary columns, each 20 meters high, which are placed on giant beams two floors below. In the closed space, building components such as steel columns, beams and flooring are disassembled. Every time the two highest floors are dismantled, jacks incorporated into the columns are lowered, and the building becomes two floors lower as a whole. Seen from the outside, there is no way to know the building is being torn down and the building looks to be gradually shrinking, making it a mysterious demolition system.”


  • It has been explained to those who are interested that the demolition of the building will not include explosion. Some people persist in perpetuating untruths.

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  • Why would any sensible individual believe any responsible government would risk the lives of people by blowing up a building in ‘the heart’ of Bridgetown, “where particles emitting from the building can impact peoples health also cost to our health care system?”

    If the demolition technology mentioned in the article, has been used by the Japanese, how do we know whether or not a similar technology won’t be used by whoever charged with demolishing the old NIS building?


  • Does anyone belive that our govt can at a time of austerity and at a time when funding for our schools and hospital is lacking that govt can afford the same high tech demolition as international countries like Japan
    Furthermore our city is very small in comparison to cities like Japan where the fallout would be miniscule also the buildings in those countries surrounding the demolition site are fitted with airconditiong flirtation system
    Also their is a time period of late night for demolition


  • @ Mariposa

    Does anyone have any definite knowledge of the method to be used to demolish the building? If they do, plse state the method. If not we are all speculating. In the UK, if a high rise building is to be demolish, the date and time is made public and the method. Neighbours are also evacuated.


  • I speak to the timing of the demolition and it’s effect from the crushing components which comes from the dust composed of particles containing toxins formed from the make up of the sick NI S building


  • The blogmaster, Artax et al know of what we write about. There is no speculation. The method of demolition has been advised to Barbadians and posted widely in the media. As we are discussing the matter COW Williams crew, the company the job is outsourced, is busy working to prepare the demolition of the Fire Station. Those ignorant by their comments live out of jurisdiction and or are trapped in a perpetual state of negativity.


  • Hal thus govt knows nothing about preparation
    They mode of responding to the people is triggered by political mouthings


  • @ Mariposa

    Your February 16, 2020 2:06 PM and 2:17 PM contributions can only be described as “a monstrous perversion of common sense!”

    It’s either you cannot FATHOM the idea of a building being demolished WITHOUT using explosives and without stones, debris and dust ‘flying all over the place,’ ……….

    ………. or, you’re opposing just for the sake of opposing, because it suits your alarmist political agenda.

    If you REFUSE to avail yourself of any information pertaining to the demolition, then, what particular purpose does your ill-informed alarmist, political rhetoric serves, other than to spread silly political propaganda?

    Your mission on BU is to CRITICIZE EVERYTHING Mottley does, by any means necessary. And, when there isn’t anything to be criticized or worth some measure of criticism, you’ll FABRICATE something just to critical.


  • @ Mariposa

    I think your name (and others) on a post triggers anxiety in some people. If some of us know the demolition method to be used to demolish the NIS building, common sense says that person(s) can share that detail with the blog. It is not rocket science, nor is it that important.
    But, in true Bajan Condition style, it becomes a reason for another argument, the usual Bajan aggression. Small people, small minds.


  • Your willingness to support a person spouting inaccuracies says more about you than others. Damn hypocrite.

    Spot on!



  • @ David February 16, 2020 3:11 PM

    Nothing but Hypocrisy at the apex of political paranoid schizophrenia!

    And, to boot, the same Mariposa of too many incarnations is a founding-member of the BU anonymous brigade, the archenemy of the same ‘English-Asstin, the know-it-all’ boy from the back of the Ivy who has never produced a single thing of worth other than ‘enquiring’ empty words of criticism.

    If only that twin of all fools can become the Bajan version of the Morecambe & Wise duet of English comedy instead of Statler and Waldorf the double jokers of BU sarcasm, oh what wonderful world that ignorant but happy bunny called Mariposa the eternal butterfly of stupidity would see.


  • @Piece the Legend February 16, 2020 4:28 AM @ Mr Hal Austin… you do not have a clitoris.”

    And how would you know this?


  • My mission is to make govt transparent and accountable
    The fact that there is a discussion ongoing about the method whereby the NIS would be demolished speaks of a govt who has no respect for the populace and in the manner or way they proceed with implementing projects or policies
    Was there a town hall meeting explaining to the people living or working in that area or giving details as to what to expect during the demolishing phase
    But you silly blp yardfowl supporters trying to attack me
    You fools got to be crazy
    Good governance requires of those on charge of country affairs speaking and getting the people involved in critical areas that would affect people lives


  • Your mission should be to acquaint yourrself with the facts if that is remotely possible.


  • That is govt job to lay out facts so that people would clearly understand in order to avoid misinformation or confusing in the public domain
    Mia has a 26 member ministry made up of well paid assistants and consultants her mantra said many hands makes for light work
    Well for sure in serval instances to do with public purse the need for govt to be honest and forthcoming has not happened hence a need to let voices heard and make known all concerns to govt
    Well I’ll be dammed


    Data as reported by 16 February 2020*Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Situation Report –27


  • Data as reported by 15 February 2020*Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Situation Report –26

    [Yesterday] Egypt reported its first confirmed case of COVID-19. This is the second country in the WHO EMRO region to confirm a case,and the first reported case from the African continent. WHO was informed by the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population. More information (in Arabic) can be found in a joint media statement from the Ministry and WHO.


  • Do it one more time.


  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is cancelling his planned trip to the Caribbean this week amid criticism over his government’s handling of a series of anti-pipeline protests that have disrupted rail service in parts of Canada.


  • Coronavirus is now in Africa. But we do not have to worry in Barbados. We are world class and punch above our weight. Coronavirus knows we will resist.


  • I could understand people supporting the political party of their choice, but you take the term ‘die hard supporter’ to a different level.

    I prefer to be FAIR and, according to ‘the old people,’ ‘give Jack his jacket,’ even if I’m accused of being a ‘BLP yard-fowl’ or even a ‘limited range chicken.’

    Let me also add, as I mentioned in a previous contribution to this topic, I’m not in agreement with building a park or demolishing the Fire Station (which I believe is of historic value, but others may argue rather than looking back, we should be looking forward) and I believe the new market facilities should have been built first.

    However, information about the redevelopment of the City under the “Bridgetown Transformation Project” and plans to convert the Treasury Building into a mixed use facility, were in the PUBLIC DOMAIN since June 2019….. or even earlier.

    It was explained phase one of the project will be the construction of the Golden Square Freedom Park and completion of the Fairchild Street Market Village. The initial work for the park would include demolition of the old NIS building, fire station and the temporary Golden Square Market. Additionally, information relative to the phases in which the two building will be demolished, which SOE is executing the project and the names of the companies charged with construction, are also in the public domain.

    The GIS, social media and credible news outlets will be used to keep vendors, motorists, pedestrians, commuters and businesses that maybe temporarily affected as work progresses. There are also plans to deploy public relations personnel in the area and a hotline number will be established to address any concerns raised by the public.

    The BTII, through Joanne Haigh, held at least 3 meetings with the vendors, explaining to them, among other things, about the project, to negotiate compensation for being displaced as a result of the demolition, the new Fairchild Street market facilities will be constructed similar to that of Oistins Bay Gardens, space behind the Fairchild Street bus terminal would be allocated to the vendors at the entrance and surrounding the terminal……. and when notice would given to Golden Square Market vendors to vacate the building.

    Those vendors who are now complaining they didn’t know anything and should have been given more time, REMINDED me of Mariposa. They REFUSED to ATTEND the meetings and came out now, ‘crying foul,’ looking for sympathy.

    I won’t even bother to go into any other details about the demolition. The time you used to Google shiite and extracting certain sentences from a Japanese article to give the impression explosives are still being used to demolish buildings, just to prove some silly point to David BU……

    ……… could have been used productively to acquaint yourself of what’s going on around you.

    But, NO…. being the DISHONEST individual you are, you would PURPOSELY IGNORE all the information, just to ‘come out the saloon with your political guns blazing,’ shooting wild accusations and criticisms, because it fulfills your political agenda.

    Ohhhh, I forgot, “only the intelligent knows your position.”


  • A side note:
    Can you imagine a Bajan who like his liquor deciding to become a teetotaler. As he walks through the village, folks are quick to remind him of the worst of his past behavior.

    “Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you, may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” -Rachel Wolchin


    Main note:
    It would be interesting to know what is the thinking of those in power (on tourism, now that they have seen the effects of the Corona virus on travel and on tourism.

    Cruise ships stuck in ports; cruise ships denied access to ports; flight from some areas being banned for fear of the virus being introduced into countries.


    Data as reported by 17 February 2020*Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Situation Report –28



    Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19

    We are public health scientists who have closely followed the emergence of 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and are deeply concerned about its impact on global health and wellbeing. We have watched as the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China, in particular, have worked diligently and effectively to rapidly identify the pathogen behind this outbreak, put in place significant measures to reduce its impact, and share their results transparently with the global health community. This effort has been remarkable.
    We sign this statement in solidarity with all scientists and health professionals in China who continue to save lives and protect global health during the challenge of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are all in this together, with our Chinese counterparts in the forefront, against this new viral threat.

    The rapid, open, and transparent sharing of data on this outbreak is now being threatened by rumours and misinformation around its origins. We stand together to strongly condemn conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin. Scientists from multiple countries have published and analysed genomes of the causative agent, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2),
    and they overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife, as have so many other emerging pathogens. This is further supported by a letter from the presidents of the US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine and by the scientific communities they represent. Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice that jeopardise our global collaboration in the fight against this virus. We support the call from the Director-General of WHO to promote scientific evidence and unity over misinformation and conjecture. We want you, the science and health professionals of China, to know that we stand with you in your fight against this virus. We invite others to join us in supporting the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of Wuhan and across China. Stand with our colleagues on the frontline! We speak in one voice. To add your support for this statement, sign our letter online. LM is editor of ProMED-mail. We declare no competing interests.


  • What is the latest on the coronavirus? What precautions are we taking?


    About Novel Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV)


  • So far zero case of the virus in Caricom.


  • Fears are growing that the coronavirus outbreak could reach pandemic scale as more cases emerge around the world.
    Most infections are in China but other nations like South Korea, Italy and Iran are battling the virus, which causes respiratory disease Covid-19eeee
    A pandemic is when an infectious disease spreads easily from person to person in many parts of the world.
    About 77,000 people in China, where the virus emerged last year, have been infected and nearly 2,600 have died.
    More than 1,200 cases have been confirmed in about 30 other countries and there have been more than 20 deaths. Italy reported two more deaths on Monday, raising the total there to five(Quote)


  • Is Barbados prepared?

    The World Health Organization has said the world should do more to prepare for a possible coronavirus pandemic.
    The WHO said it was too early to call the outbreak a pandemic but countries should be “in a phase of preparedness”.
    A pandemic is when an infectious disease spreads easily from person to person in many parts of the world.
    More cases of the virus, which causes respiratory disease Covid-19, continue to emerge, with outbreaks in South Korea, Italy and Iran causing concern.


  • US stocks suffered their worst day in two years after a wave of volatility swept global markets as new coronavirus cases outside China rattled investors and dashed hopes that the outbreak had been contained.(Quote)


  • TheoG, Feb 17
    “Main note:
    It would be interesting to know what is the thinking of those in power (on tourism, now that they have seen the effects of the Corona virus on travel and on tourism.

    Cruise ships stuck in ports; cruise ships denied access to ports; flight from some areas being banned for fear of the virus being introduced into countries.”

    Wondering how the markets will affect us as people net-worth decline. Less travelers.


  • Saw a chart that showed airline travel to major Chinese cities pre and post Covid 19, as expected there was a massive drop off in flights after the outbreak with some notable exceptions and guess where those exceptions originated? None other than some countries in Africa and we know that the Chinese are the 21st Century colonials and they have to oversee their plantations so travel continues unabated.

    Just waiting to hear that Covid 19 has surfaced in some African countries then WHO will declare a pandemic


  • I suspect that countries in Africa may be the least able to handle a serious outbreak.
    Let’s hope it never comes to the depopulation of Africa.


  • @Sarge
    as soon as the 2 words…”asymptomatic transmission” were uttered….all excrement hit the fan.


  • @ Mr Hal Austin

    Hal you asked and I quote

    “… Hal Austin February 23, 2020 2:37 PM

    What is the latest on the coronavirus? What precautions are we taking?…”

    Recently, among the precautions, they sent out a so called expert to the Lloyd Erskine Sandford Centre who showed a number of PowerPoint presentations that compared MERS, SARS & CORONAVIRUS

    At the end of his Disinformation campaign, he jubillantly announced that the mortality rate of the Coronaviruswas less than all the others AND THEREFORE WE HAVE LESS REASON TO WORRY.

    Yet we are seeing significant lines to drug stores and hospitals.

    And, the understandable fears have now started to affect the financial markets and industries and commerce.

    world renown festivals and races are being cancelled

    BUT BARBADOS, WITH OUR FRAGILE ONE PONY ECONOMY OF TOURISM, is soldiering on, hopefully oblivious to the reality of the February Tragedy that is upon us.

    This is going to deplete social gatherings and cause much sick leave.

    Simple supply chain logistics functions WILL BE DELETERIOUSLY AFFECTED!

    The fallout from this on the Barbados economy IS GOING TO BE DISASTROUS if these numbers increase and no cure is found.

    Liked by 1 person

  • @Piece

    Compare our apathy with the rest of the world. When I say Barbados is a failed state the prowlers come out like tigers in the night looking for blood.


  • The CDC is now predicting that coronavirus will hit the US. Are we prepared in Barbados?


  • How does the coronavirus epidemic threaten tourism?

    Rishi Sunak will delay some of the government’s biggest decisions on tax, spending and borrowing until the autumn, as the chancellor acknowledged that growth forecast downgrades and the coronavirus outbreak had created a difficult economic backdrop to his first Budget.
    As the Treasury prepares for the statement on March 11, Mr Sunak, who has been chancellor for just two weeks, has ordered his aides to focus on delivering specific promises from the Conservative manifesto. Officials are referring to the Budget as the first instalment in a “trilogy” of statements this year.
    “The chancellor’s view was very clear from day one — this Budget needs to do what we promised and deliver on the manifesto. It’s about trust,” a Treasury official said. (Quote)


  • Two more patients have tested positive for coronavirus in England, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to 15.
    They have been transferred to specialist NHS infection centres, the Department of Health said.(Quote)


  • What’s the latest on the riots in Hong Kong?


  • de pedantic Dribbler

    @Mr Blogmaster you mentioned that “So far zero case of the virus in Caricom” as a way of hope, optimism or just momentary joy!🙃

    Incidentally I thought there was a case noted at the Jamaica UE med center!

    Based on all we see thus far containment of this virus is not possible so one moment zero cases and the next, patient zero starts to infect (and in Italy case can’t be found initially).

    A situation for deep concern.

    One expects that the Mottley admin is at top of their game and despite the optimistic outlook and pronouncements have active measures in place to rush into practice as soon as needed and are carefully checking travel plans and so on.

    I am sure they recognize the fragility of our economy with it’s tourism base and the impact of these world wide scares!

    As a nation we have been here before (re tourism) with other infections and go through it annually with hurricanes so it’s difficult to perceive there are any ostrichs there hiding their heads from the harsh realities of this problem.

    We can beat up on them and keep their feet to the fire but to lambaste them as completely clueless or out of touch is just a bit ridiculous!


  • @Dee Word

    It was an update, that is all. The Jamaica case was a quarantine out of an abundance of caution by local health authorities. Agree that it is practically impossible to detect, one must do what we can to monitor elevated temperatures and known itineraries.

    The challenge will be to ensure spaces and adequate equipment is available and well trained staff. This morning NPR carried a story about many American hospitals not feeling prepared to cope. Trump and government just allocated one billion dollars and some are saying it is not enough.To put things in perspective.


  • Four people in quarantine in Barbados.


  • Barbadians have been in self-quarantine.


  • Our president has just had a Trumpian moment. There is concern about an engineer on a cruise liner, but the president just told a news conference that as an engineer he would not have mixed with passengers. She is clearly an expert seaperson.


  • What is going on about coronavirus?


  • Did the president mention that four people were in quarantiine? If so, why iis this not mentioned in this report? By the way, who are they calling ‘Mottley’?

    Barbadian health authorities are at this hour preparing to conduct tests on a 48-year-old crew member on board the cruise liner, Carnival Fascination, docked just off the island.
    Thirty-seven Barbadians are also on board the vessel, which was headed to St Lucia this morning, along with 140 others who will disembark here to make a connecting flight to the United Kingdom.
    Prime Minister Mia Mottley made the revelation this morning at a press conference held moments ago at Government headquarters while describing as “scurrilous” reports of severely ill passengers on board the vessel.
    “There is a scurrilous rumour going around that would suggest that the Carnival Fascination cruise ship has over 170 passengers sick and I want to debunk that and let all Barbadians know up front and center that that is untrue.”
    Mottley told journalists that one crewmember and two passengers were tested on board for flu-like symptoms earlier this week.
    Two of them tested positive for Influenza A, but the third person by yesterday had stopped showing any symptoms.
    “ As a result of that, they [medical personnel on board the vessel] are reasonably comfortable that there is nothing to worry about, “she said.
    From left, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator Jerome Walcott, Prime Minister Mia Mottley and Minister of Health Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Bostic.
    Mottley said the Government has taken a decision to have the crew member tested here and the vessel will be thoroughly inspected by local health officials.
    She explained that St Lucia does not have the capacity to test for the coronavirus (COVID-19) while stressing that Government has an obligation to protect Barbadian citizens on board.
    “We are therefore ensuring that the ship can come into harbour, “ she said, noting that discussions were already held with the General Secretary of the Barbados Workers Union Toni Moore, port authorities, and medical authorities on arrangements.
    Noting that the test results should be completed within four hours, the Prime Minister assured:
    “We don’t expect it to be positive, largely because once a person doesn’t show symptoms, they don’t get back symptoms again. There is a distinct likelihood that we should be ok. But we are not taking any chances with the people of this nation. We have a duty to protect people’s health and well being,” Mottley stressed.(Quote)


  • The Ministry of Health and Wellness has advised residents of Barbados against travelling to China and South Korea, unless absolutely necessary.


  • “The outbreak may open another front in the Hong Kong protests and foment wider anti-mainland sentiment as well as mistrust with the government.”.

    Did the protests ferment an occasion to find a solution to these protests by the motherland?
    Did the solution prove too drastic and had to be abandoned?
    Was there a 3rd party interest in the wings and advances covertly foiled at the epicenter?
    Why were professionals warnings gagged or ?
    Is there a crematory built into the quickly established 3 section facility?
    Why is media spinning with hype predictive programming?
    What roll does Biometrics, 5G, nanobots and smart dust play?
    Do any known viruses lay latent in the anatomy?
    What does 60Ghz do to oxygen and body?
    Which countries and ships have thus far rolled out and incorporated 5G?
    Is there a connection?
    Patents, who holds them, who finances them
    The roll of WHO.

    None of the comments here thus far have not addressed any of these questions.
    Many races by any means necessary,.for superiority.


  • “The outbreak may open another front in the Hong Kong protests and foment wider anti-mainland sentiment as well as mistrust with the government.”.

    Did the protests ferment an occasion to find a solution to these protests by the motherland?
    Did the solution prove too drastic and had to be abandoned?
    Was there a 3rd party interest in the wings and covertly foiled at the epicenter?
    Why were professionals warnings gagged or ?
    Is there a crematory built into the quickly established 3 section facility?
    Why is media spinning with predictive programming hype?
    What roll does Biometrics, 5G, nanobots and smart dust play?
    Do any known viruses lay latent within the anatomy?
    What does 60Ghz do to oxygen and body?
    Which countries and ships have thus far rolled out and incorporated 5G?
    Is there a connection?
    Patents, who holds them, who finances them
    The roll of WHO.

    Many races, many means..


  • Were Barbadians told of this at the time?

    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) last December, Barbados has quarantined about 65 people who arrived from China.
    Minister of Health and Wellness Jeffrey Bostic said they had been screened and home quarantined, and most were eventually released.
    He was speaking during a media conference called by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley at Government Headquarters yesterday in response to the anchoring of the Carnival Fascination off Barbados.
    The popular cruise ship was turned away by St Lucia because a few on board exhibited flu-like symptoms similar to the coronavirus. (Quote)


  • (Quote):
    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) last December, Barbados has quarantined about 65 people who arrived from China. (Unquote).

    And to think the go(o)dly Bro. Sen. Caswell (in his unapologetic no nonsense delivery) was almost crucified for making a similar assertion!


  • @Miller

    What did Caswell say?


  • Did Boston speak? The PM doesn’t like to share the microphone and I dozed off during the “ news conference” so I may have missed those details. These public appearances are more exercises in PM speak than in substance but hey from extreme Stuart silence to extreme Mia chatter

    Can’t win


  • Did Bostic speak…….


  • @Sargeant

    Barbadians like a ‘visible’ prime minister. In this case the PM has adopted a 101 communications strategy to try and stay ahead of a dangerous story.


  • @ Sargeant

    You are right. It is nauseating when the president grabs the publicity, no matter the subject. She loves publicity; she loves being in the limelight; she adds very little value to the press conferences; she has a short attention span (note on the few occasions when she is not speaking how she intervenes or fidgets, which is distracting); and, finally, it is clear she knows best and has no confidence in her ministers and officials. Look at how they sit around her like a mother hen.


  • @Sargeant
    Barbadians like a ‘visible’ prime minister. In this case the PM has adopted a 101 communications strategy to try and stay ahead of a dangerous story.(Quote)

    What does this mean in simple English? Do they still teach basic English in Barbadian schools?


  • @David

    Did I hear the PM say “Dr. Brown” do you have anything to say”? Shouldn’t the Doctor be the individual to allay fears?
    BTW wasn’t there a report about Bajan students who returned from China and “completed” quarantine? Shouldn’t the public know more?


  • February 21, 2020 Hal Austin said: I think we will do a lot better if we were to concentrate on debating ideas rather than drifting in to personal insults and abuse, even if that is the Barbados way. {Quote}

    This morning he said: What does this mean in simple English? Do they still teach basic English in Barbadian schools? {Quote}

    Silly man, don’t you ever take your own advice?


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