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THE CRIMINALIZATION OF MARIJUANA must be placed within the context of the European history of invading, persecuting, and eradicating indigenous peoples and their cultures.

It should be noted also that utilizing the services of TRAINED NEGROES to persecute and brutalize their own people is commonplace in the history of colonialism.

Read the story of AMARANTH, a grain that can now be found at any Whole Foods market.

Who is making the profit today?


Foods of the Americas: Amaranth, the Outlaw Grain

Chola Con Cello
Nov 19, 2017 · 6 min read

Huaútli — banned by the Spanish Empire and the Catholic Church since 1519

Huaútli is the Aztec name for a plant so important to the people, it was banned by the invading Spanish Empire led by Hernán Cortez and the Catholic Church in 1519.

Today huaútli is most commonly known as amaranth, a super-food gaining worldwide recognition as a high-protein plant edible that could easily figure into the solution for world hunger. Although not considered a grain, the tiny amaranth seeds contain eight to nine grams of protein in a one cup serving, offering a nutritionally complete plant food that has all the essential amino acids needed by the human body, without gluten.

Pre-columbian cultivation of huaútli (amaranth)

Together with corn, beans and chia, amaranth was a key part of the near-perfect core diet of Mesoamerican Indian civilizations, and a tribute item demanded by the Aztecs. But the invading conquerors prohibited its cultivation and consumption calling it an ungodly pagan food, something full of sin. So for hundreds of years under the rule of Spain, amaranth all but disappeared from the face of the earth except in the highlands of Oaxaca and to the south among the Mayan people where its cultivation most probably began some 10,000 years ago.

Cultivating Huaútli

Harvesting Huaútli

Amaranth was a primary crop not only important as food, but central to the spiritual and ritual life of Mesoamerican indigenous civilizations; its precious seeds and leaves were nutritious and therapeutic; it was an offering to the gods as well as the ingredient used by midwives to bathe newborn babies; it was mixed into a paste and transformed into miniature reproductions of the child’s future attributes: a bow, an arrow, the hunter’s instruments; or perhaps a flower or an animal spirit-guide. Amaranth was not only food and medicine for the body it was also valued as a divine plant.

The Midwife or Tlamatlquiticitl attended to the comfort, support, hygiene and spirituality of the mother and the newborn, including the baby’s first bath which contained amaranth- Mendoza Codex,16th century

Prized as a gourmet food, amaranth was traditionally prepared like corn: cooked, popped or ground into a flour masa for tortillas, tamales and atolli (atole), a traditional hot beverage.

Atolli or Atole, a traditional Mexican hot beverage, can be made of amaranth

But more importantly, it was used in religious rituals offered to certain deities, as a dish called tzoali, a delicacy of popped amaranth and sweet magüey blue agave syrup or honey, mixed together and shaped. Today those same tzoali are called alegrías and can be found in bakeries and stores throughout Mexico and in the Southwestern United States, or anywhere Mexican culture and cuisine flourish.

Today tzoali are called ‘alegrías’, meaning joy or happiness

Yet when Spain invaded the Americas, they soon criminalized the cultivation of amaranth, as they did with the quinoa plant in South America. In doing so they banned the cultivation of one the world’s best sources of plant protein. The Spanish Empire imposed the most cruel and uncompromising punishments for growing huaútli, including cutting off the hands of those who dared to plant it.

Cutting off the hands of those who dared to plant it

So why did this beautiful nutritious and mystical plant elicit such a savage response from the invaders? This atrocity was most likely triggered by the importance of amaranth both in the people’s diet and in their spiritual life, a plant rightly held in high esteem.

Chalchiutlicue, Aztec Goddess of Waters and Purifier of Newborn Babies

Upon their arrival, the Catholic priests were horrified to find that amaranth was considered a deity and used in religious ceremonial rituals. It was consumed and mixed, according to some sources, with the blood of people who were sacrificed, and was perhaps a tad too close to the religious ceremonial ritual of the holy Eucharist, the Catholic ritual that consecrates the body and blood of Christ and is also eaten. But the Eucharist is of course not considered savagery by the church. To the contrary, it is considered a blessed sacrament.

Mexica Aztec Warriors ate amaranth

As many scholars have noted, amaranth was an important part of the diet of warriors as well as a sacred plant that came into the cross-hairs of the Church’s war against paganism. So the more likely truth is that the criminalization of amaranth was both a military strategy intended to weaken the Aztec people allowing for an easier conquest. It was also a brutal tactic used by Catholic Church to eliminate any practices or evidence of an indigenous religion.

Mexica Eagle Guild Warriors

Like all warriors, the Mexica Eagle Guild Warriors ate amaranth and were responsible for fighting off and killing about 80% of the Spanish invaders who died in battle, despite their iron swords and their use of horses and dogs as weapons of war. So it was urgent for the Empire and the Church to weaken and crush the masses of people and their warriors by any means necessary.

Despite its near extinction, today’s amaranth, the hardy survivor huaútli, can be found in contemporary cooking from granola to pancakes and is once again taking it’s place as an important plant food in defiance of its illicit past.

Diverse varieties of amaranth were cultivated all the way to the lands of the Inca people in the South American Andes, where it is consumed to this day. High in protein and the essential amino acid, lysine, amaranth found its way to Europe and is even consumed in India where it is known as rajeera, or the king’s grain.

How ironic that this offering of forbidden toasted amaranth seeds, held together by the sweetness of agave nectar and honey, made round in the shape of the sun and the circle of life, should survive to be called alegría, happiness or joy. No blood this time. Plenty of that was spilled by the Spanish invaders.

From Mesoamerica to East of The L.A. River, from street vendors to neighborhood mercados, bakeries and marketas you will find amaranth sold as the popular treat called alegría, the Spanish word for happiness or joy.

María Elena Gaitán (Chola Con Cello) writes about her obsessions, musings and rants from the heart of the universe, East of the Los Angeles River. This is first in a series about the global contribution, politics and cultural impact of Pre-Columbian foods. Thank you for following.


  1. “It should be noted also that utilizing the services of TRAINED NEGROES to persecute and brutalize their own people is commonplace in the history of colonialism.”

    The problem in Barbados now is not even UK can get their trained house negros to STOP brutalizing, criminalizing and violating the rights of the Black population, particularly the Rasta population, they also can do nothing about them stealing billions of dollars from the population as they have for decades.

    these pig negros are doing all of this solely out of greed, self-hatred and nastiness, no one is forcing them to, it is their DIRTY, LOW CRAWLING NATURE…so in reality we can blame UK/Europe for centuries of crimes against African descendants also but they CANNOT be blamed for this when the pig negros FALSELY claim to be intelligent and educated, christ most of them are low class lawyers.

    the house slaves/house negros created by UK, do not know when to stop their crimes against Black people. They believe they are untouchable, while highlighting their lack of basic education as it pertains to IGNORING the human rights of their own people.

    Over 50 years POST INDEPENDENCE and they STILL DON’T EVEN KNOW the West African cultures from where their ancestors originated, they never wanted that level of education in the schools, all they were AND STILL ARE interested in is keeping the black population uneducated and unaware of their history and cultures.WHILE THEY STOLE/CONTINUE TO STEAL AS MUCH AS THEY CAN…

    Schools in US teach more African history and have more respect for, believe it or not, the suffering visited on African Slaves and their descendants than these house negros of parliament in Barbados do..and these are the direct descendants of slaves still trying to pretend that they are not..

    just imagine it’s 2019, nearly hundreds of years post slavery and the pig negros still treat Black people who look just like them as though they are still slaves, entitled to NO HUMAN RIGHTS, NO WEALTH, NO FUTURE PROGRESS, HAPPINESS OR FREEDOM…all they can expect from these bunch of criminals is more of the same going into the future.

    And they are now showing the world that they don’t care, they have no plans to stop, but they will be sooner rather than later..let them continue driving NAILS INTO THEIR OWN COFFINS thinking they are burying their own people to continue their greed and self-enrichment..they are bigger, better STRONGER forces than them at play..

  2. Waiting to see barbados in the next five years become a nation of pot heads
    Then put on America’s most watched list for the importing of drug
    Those who are actively endorsing this bill (if passed) would get to understand criminalization and its effects to barbados through America’s legal system and the war on drugs
    Since marijuana is not legalized expect for medical use it is still considered an illegal drug

  3. Too early to talk shite Mariposa…,all the pot heads are in DLP…should i point to the ones that are your hetoes, that you look up to…steupps…and let’s not forget the cocaine users and traffickers….in ya now dead party..

  4. The fact being numbers matter and America would certainly view this legislation as Barbados opening a door for drug trafficking
    Just wait and see

  5. In the case of Peru 168 conquistadores defeated an army of 80,000 and captured its leader, Atahualpa at Cajamarca.

    Steel made the decisive difference in the capture of the Inca.

    After the capture it was all gravy because the Supreme Inca was viewed as a god who told people what to do.

    One man paralyzed Peru and handed it to Spain on a golden platter.

  6. Mariposa…read this and then go and read a book, or update ya knowledge with some news

    ……ya just showed us HOW AND WHY ya corrupt government ministers….ROB YALL WITH SUCH GLEE…even yardfowls..

    “WURA-WAR-on-UNovember 22, 2019 3:28 AM

    Since this happened, nearly 48 hours ago, i have been waiting to see if Barbados’ HALF-ASSED government controlled PIMP media published the story, BUT NOT THEM, they are not interested in letting the public know anything positive, don’t want them knowing anything that can FREE THEM MENTALLY.

    well as long as they got the memo…THAT BARBADOS’ MODERN DAY SLAVE SOCIETY WILL BE DISMANTLED…they can continue believing that they will be allowed to hide critical information from the black majority….that can negatively impact them and their future generations IF THEY DO NOT KNOW.

    maybe they still believe that all the money they spent trying to get and KEEPsocial media out of Barbados to keep the people in bondage and WITHOUT INFORMATION, has finally worked, i beg them to reconsider….lowlifes.

    “In a surprising turn of events, a key Congressional committee, the House Judiciary Committee, has voted to approve the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2019, or H.R. 3884, which would effectively put an end to cannabis prohibition in the United States of America, on a federal level by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act.

    The bill also stipulates the potential expungement of certain federal cannabis convictions—with expenses being covered by a small excise tax imposed on the legal cannabis industry, as well as the creation of a Cannabis Justice Office focused on reinvesting resources into communities most affected by prohibition. Finally, if fully passed, the law would allow the Small Business Administration to issue loans and grants to marijuana-related businesses, and provide a green light for physicians in the Veterans Affairs system to prescribe medical cannabis to patients, as long as they abide by state specific laws.”

  7. See Mariposa…yall should THANK SOCIAL MEFIA…or ya would be well on ya way to be SHACKLED AND CHAINED AGAIN…

  8. Amaranth, is called spinach or Bhagee in Trinidad and Tobago. In Barbados it is considered by the uninitiated as a weed.
    This ancient grain is rich in fiber and protein, as well as many important micronutrients. In particular, amaranth is a good source of manganese, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Since 1976 Amaranth has been banned in the United States by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a suspected carcinogen. As I have stated else where on this blog, because the Americans ban any substance no matter at what level the supposed carcinogen is found. Els where, it is used in the making of bread.

  9. Dont know why some people make such broad based and generalize assumptions really dont know why
    What de hell does Mariposa has to do with people illegal behaviour in party politics
    I dont smoke do not hang out with people who smoke
    If my comments on what the effect of the decriminalization of marijuana in barbados can impact negatively on barbados having systematic observations by the DEA relevant to the importing of drugs (mashed corns)
    Too bad
    The evidence can been seen as America govt tries to closed it borders using such an observation
    Barbados would not be favoured or exempt from the roaming eyes of the DEA if this law is passed

  10. @ John November 24, 2019 8:26 AM
    “In the case of Peru 168 conquistadores defeated an army of 80,000 and captured its leader, Atahualpa at Cajamarca.
    Steel made the decisive difference in the capture of the Inca.
    After the capture it was all gravy because the Supreme Inca was viewed as a god who told people what to do.
    One man paralyzed Peru and handed it to Spain on a golden platter.”

    And you swallow that bullsh**t concocted by the Roman Catholic Church to justify Spain’s genocide and blatant robbery of a people for gold, silver and agricultural crops like the potato tomato and maize?

    What about the many diseases taken to Peru including the deadly plague which weakened and decimated a people whose immune system was never so challenged?

    Didn’t Columbus and his lost crew pull a similar stunt on the ‘simple’ people of the Caribbean archipelago?

    Why not tell us which European “One Man” also tricked and conquered the Incas’ counterparts of the North American swamps, plains and mountains and handed it to a British ‘homo’ King on the Bible and who was the “wisest fool in Christendom?

    Was it a ‘puritanical’ Quaker aboard the Mayflower?

  11. @ Mariposa November 24, 2019 10:27 AM

    Ms Many-Pussies, the political yard-fowl for a weathercock of the ac/dc variety, don’t you realize that your wound-licking DLP shares a similar policy on the decriminalization of marijuana to the one currently occupying the throne of hypocrisy?

    When are you going, for once, to have an ‘objective, well-informed view on anything outside your extremely partisan political myopia?

  12. @ Mariposa

    The proposed Bill only allows for the decrimilisation of Cannabis for a defined religious Sect and they have to grow their own supply at the place of worship. It is confusing.
    At a time like this what we need from the Mottley government is a broad vision for the future of Barbados, not nonsense about kids swimming and being bilingual and further nonsense about citizenship, including passports for sale. We have lost our moral moorings.
    .It is a government that has lost its way.

  13. We always knew that St. Vincent’s PM is a fraud…never liked his filthy looking visage, never will.

    when ya hear them gushing about reparations for black people, watch your back…YOU ARE BEING SOLD OUT AGAIN.

  14. Hal my point being that when small island govt tried swimming in messy ponds under the guise of legal
    The big fish sooner or later finds way to drown them
    Barbados and all these small island nations have been described in not so glorious terms by tge America administration
    A word to the wise is sufficient

  15. Amaranth. One shelf in my freezer door is filled with amaranth…….also known as callaloo. In my allotment, all the Africans grow amaranth. They grow only corn, beans and callaloo. Now, there are several Canadians in the said allotment who are now growing and eating it after asking us what it is, how to grow and prepare it. Some harvest only the flower heads for the seeds, others eat everything. We have 400 lots in our garden association and I would estimate half are now growing callaloo. We have about 30 or so growing sweet potatoes.

  16. The big fish is right, yall are thieves who sell out ya own people anyway, so the big fish is only giving ya what ya deserve.

    “Barbados would not be favoured or exempt from the roaming eyes of the DEA if this law is passed.”

    When ya SET UP the DEA and had the damn balls for years to PRETEND YA DIDN’T they have to watch ya don’t SET THEM UP AGAIN….so keep playing that violin.

  17. Is this the “Puslie” bush Dr. Lucas? If so, there are three varieties,small leaf,broad leaf and green stem variety with thorns.

    • This an extract from the article Ras wants to highlight for many who missed it.

      But more importantly, it was used in religious rituals offered to certain deities, as a dish called tzoali, a delicacy of popped amaranth and sweet magüey blue agave syrup or honey, mixed together and shaped. Today those same tzoali are called alegrías and can be found in bakeries and stores throughout Mexico and in the Southwestern United States, or anywhere Mexican culture and cuisine flourish.

      Today tzoali are called ‘alegrías’, meaning joy or happiness

      Yet when Spain invaded the Americas, they soon criminalized the cultivation of amaranth, as they did with the quinoa plant in South America. In doing so they banned the cultivation of one the world’s best sources of plant protein. The Spanish Empire imposed the most cruel and uncompromising punishments for growing huaútli, including cutting off the hands of those who dared to plant it.

  18. Quinoa is also a big thing now. It just goes to show as the author is trying his best to highlight. Black people are being CRIMINALIZED TWICE FOR MARIJUANA…and RASTAS are the target to bear the brunt of that criminalization once again.


    Mariposa…since ya so far behind and dont stand a chance in hell of catching up….huhhhh..this is for you.

  19. Callaloo is such a delicious healthy plant.

    my concern is why do leaders allow one group of people more often than not from over and away, to dictate what is legal and what is not, the new generations will have to put an end to that crap.

  20. @ Curley 16.November 24, 2019 12:23 PM

    “Is this the “Puslie” bush”
    As I pointed out in our phone conversation earlier today Pussley or Purslane have the botanical nomenclature of Portulac cleracea,
    whereas, Amaranth plants are classified as pseudocereals that are grown for their edible starchy seeds, but they are not in the same botanical family as true cereals such as wheat and rice.Amaranth species that are still used as a grain are Amaranthus caudatus L., Amaranthus cruentus L., and Amaranthus hypochondriacus L. The yield of grain amaranth is comparable to rice or maize. The final photo listed by the author of the article depicts the red or pink plant with red or pink inflorescene. There is also a green pigmented plant which has a green color inflorescence. The inflorescences are where the grain is located. The Trinidadians refer Amaranth as Bhagee or spinach. This type of spinach has a bitter after taste. From a n eating habit aspect, if one is presented with for the first time as an adult, the bitter after taste is off setting. The spinach that most Barbadians are familiar with (Spinacia oleracea) belongs to the same family as Bhagee and is a leafy green vegetable that originated in Persia. It belongs to the amaranth family and is related to beets and quinoa. What’s more, it’s considered very healthy, as it’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.
    There is a column that appears in the Thursday’s edition of the Barbados “Nation Newspaper” Called HEALING HERBS by Annette Maynard-Watson. She deals with the subject area that you are interested in. It maybe useful to contact her via the newspaper. Best regards in your endeavor.

  21. On my phone so edits are limited.

    I saw a post where the AG wanted 5 Rasta names from ‘rasta elders’.

    “This wasn’t just a parlor game. Indeed that notion that any two people – a cop in New York and a street vendor in Mumbai, say – could be connected through five other people was first written about by Stanley Milgram from experiments he did in the late 1960s. It’s a little more complicated than what Milgram theorized but he got the gist right.”

    You give him five names and in a short time they have a list of all rastas. Let them build their list through their own efforts.

    In my paranoid world, these local government actors are getting ‘bad advice’ from others.

    SCIENTISTS have rediscovered an ancient, highly nutritious grain that once sustained the Aztecs but has lain in agricultural obscurity for nearly 500 years.

    The grain, from a large and especially beautiful group of plants known collectively as amaranth, was all but obliterated by the Spanish conquerers who destroyed the Aztec empire in 1521….
    Amaranth contains more protein than other common grain foods (the tiny seeds are 16 percent protein, as against 12 to 14 percent for wheat) and the quality of that protein – its ability to meet human protein needs – exceeds that of protein in soybeans and even milk. Unlike other grains, amaranth is rich in the essential amino acid lysine. When combined with corn, for example, which is deficient in lysine, a ”protein score” of nearly 100 results, meaning all the protein in the two foods is usable by the body….

  23. Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death.
    Worldwide, tobacco use causes more than 7 million deaths per year.2 If the pattern of smoking all over the globe doesn’t change, more than 8 million people a year will die from diseases related to tobacco use by 2030.3
    Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day.1
    On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than nonsmokers.4
    If smoking continues at the current rate among U.S. youth, 5.6 million of today’s Americans younger than 18 years of age are expected to die prematurely from a smoking-related illness. This represents about one in every 13 Americans aged 17 years or younger who are alive today.1

  24. Green tobacco sickness is an illness associated with nicotine exposures among tobacco harvesters. Agricultural workers manually harvest tobacco and thus have the potential for skin exposure to nicotine, particularly on the hands……
    Green tobacco sickness (GTS) is characterized by nausea, vomiting, headache, and dizziness and is associated with nicotine exposures among tobacco harvesters (Gehlbach et al., 1975; Ballard et al., 1995; Arcury et al., 2001a, Trapé-Cardoso et al., 2003). Nicotine is a water and lipid soluble alkaloid found in tobacco leaves (Dawson and Solt, 1960) and harvesters who manually collect tobacco leaves absorb nicotine through the skin due to foliar contact. During the tobacco harvesting process, a worker’s hands and forearms receive the most exposure (CDC, 1993). Increased levels of nicotine and cotinine have been measured in biological samples of exposed workers versus non-exposed workers (Gehlbach et al., 1975; D’Alessandro et al., 2001; Quandt et al., 2001).

    Tobacco: a deadly business
    Child labour rampant in tobacco industry

    Evidence from three continents shows how children aged 14 and under are kept out of school and employed in hard and sometimes harmful physical labour to produce the tobacco leaf that fills cigarettes sold internationally, including in the UK, US and mainland Europe.

    Families are trapped in generational poverty while salaries at the top of the industry run to millions of dollars a year. The companies say they monitor child labour and remove children from the fields to go to school, but experts have told the Guardian that the numbers are going up, not down, as tobacco growing increases in Africa and Asia….

    The Guardian 2018.

    Europeans & their dirty policies destroying the world. Land is being used to make vast profits for a few while the masses suffer from starvation & poverty.

  25. Adonijah Alleyne
    10 December at 23:51 ·



    If you start wrong, you cannot end right.

    This is the response of the Ichirouganaim Council for the Advancement of Rastafari (ICAR) to the Medical Cannabis Industry Bill and the Sacramental Cannabis Bill passed in both Houses of Parliament.

    ICAR has been engaging Government on the two Bills and its advice has in most cases been ignored. The organisation strongly opposed Government’s proposal, now almost law, that whereas cultivation and use of cannabis would be allowed in certain approved places, they would not be allowed in the home, the primary place of worship.

    This is most offensive and disrespectful to ICAR and indeed all Rastafari, as no other organization is proscribed in its observance of its faith. It is also impractical, calling for members of the faith to leave their homes to commune with their God. Since publication of the Bill, points relative to security issues have been well made by Senator Caswell Franklyn, among others. The Bill puts a bullseye squarely on the backs of those administering the places where cannabis can be grown, as well as leaving out of the picture the many non-Rastafari who use the sacred plant.

    Indeed, from the beginning of its engagement with Government, ICAR made its position clear that the findings of the CARICOM Commission on Marijuana’s report should be followed. These findings included the unequivocal legalization of cannabis. It also strongly opposed Government’s decision that a referendum be held on decriminalization of cannabis, pointing out that the Commission had expressly said that such a referendum should not be held.

    The reason for the Commission’s advice on the latter matter is obvious. People have been conditioned by decades of misinformation, propaganda and plain lies about the cannabis plant and while there has been some enlightenment, a robust educational programme is necessary before the referendum. Government has indicated its awareness of such and ICAR is awaiting a date. InI have already started such a programme with appearances on radio plus involvement in panel discussions.

    In certain quarters much has been made of the relationship between Government and ICAR. The public needs to know that ICAR made efforts to meet with the former administration on several occasions, to no avail. A letter requesting a meeting was ignored for a year. Then ICAR was told that such a meeting could only take place when the results of the Commission’s report were known. This was at a point when the Commission’s hearings in the various territories were still taking place.

    While the present administration was in Opposition members of ICAR had a meeting with the then Leader of the Opposition, now Prime Minister The Hon. Mia Amor Mottley. Upon her election, ICAR requested a meeting, which led to engagement of members of her Cabinet. This is the way in which ICAR operates. InI find it more useful to engage people, whatever the result, than to shout from a distance, however self satisfying that may be to some.

    For the purpose of clarity, let me state that ICAR is committed to the legalisation of cannabis, InI holy sacrament, including the rights to cultivate and use the plant in all forms. ICAR sees the need for and calls for reparatory justice in any medical cannabis industry, including the granting to Rastafari of free licences, as a means of atonement for the decades of discrimination, abuse and even death suffered by the community.

    ICAR acknowledges that putting sacramental use on the table is Government’s response to urgent concerns by Rastafari, including ICAR. However, in ICAR’s opinion it has been handled badly.

    One Love
    Ras Adonijah for ICAR

  26. I support the decriminalization of marijuana and indeed all drugs. The use and more critically the abuse of chemical substances is, in my opinion, primarily a public health and safety issue. The best approach to the use of all chemicals is through the education of the public with regard to the uses and misuses of any substances. Tobacco and alcohol abuse would be worse if these substances were illegal. The criminal activity would have been more intense and thus resulting in more severe social disturbance if these substances were illegal.

    Barbados is moving towards the reduction in prohibitions of the use of marijuana. It seems, to me, that public policy is not being guided by the science of the issues but by sentiment. The unfettered smoking of marijuana is presently having a deleterious effect on many persons particularly young persons. While plants of the cannabis family may have many diverse and positive uses, the public needs to accept that unfettered and indiscriminate smoking of marijuana is likely to be harmful to indulgent individuals. I fear that there is a popular misconception that smoking of marijuana is not only harmless but may be beneficial to those who smoke. The association of marijuana with the Rastafarian community and some in the creative groups (singers, actors, artists, etc ) certainly help to cloud the issue. Just like tobacco and alcohol, marijuana can be a most harmful substance.

    My support for decimalization of marijuana is not support for its misuse. Widespread and concerted public education must precede the removal of prohibitions on the use of marijuana. I submit the following newspaper article to interested persons so as to counter the fallacious view that smoking of marijuana is harmless.

    “Cannabis-related psychosis, addiction, ER visits: For young users, marijuana can be a dangerous game

  27. Pleasantly surprised that the author in the headline looked wider, to the socio-economic and historic aspect of criminalisation.

    That is really the crux of it. Why is the most depraved thing, the most wicked thing, the most destructive thing in this world not criminalised? That is immorality?

    Not the immorality in the biblical sense. But immorality in the way of manipulation of the masses, by device or sword, to create or extend the power of s select few.

    Why is attacking villages with women and children, from the air, not criminalised? That is immoral. But it is not seen as criminal, except by the victims.

    Why is the profiteering from private prisons not criminalised? Why is the profiteering from the over pricing of critical drugs to assist the ill not criminalised? All immoral.

    The discussion of the legalisation of marijuana is a red herring in the large sea of iniquity.

    The people from the mid and lesser developed countries need to look past these red herrings and focus on the larger picture. This is why I remarked repeatedly on the non aligned movement and its unfortunate demise.

    There is an urgent need for the resurgence of the non aligned movement. Bear in mind that there will be challenges to this and sabotages. Ultimately, as Saddam and Gaddafi found out, outright destruction of any opposition to world domination by a few. Not a few countries, but a few individuals and groups.

    In the US, that is the whole purpose of Trump. To redirect animosity from the wealthy few groups, to the masses. Divide and rule. Make them despise one another instead of despising the few. He is doing a great job at that, enabled by the stupidity of gullible people. The masses are relearning to despise both themselves and the others, be they recent immigrants or otherwise defined. That is not important, what is important to those who seek control, is that the masses despise one another. By that, they are easily (mis) guided.

    The one thing that I had difficulty reconciling, was the assistance of the Russian element, in this quest. Finally I have come to the understanding that this is also in the interest of the wealthy oligarchies. To rule the world, the symbiotic relationship of US and Russia is critical. Hence, by working together it ensures that those few across the globe continue their hold on power.

    This is why democracy is under attack, even in the west. Democracy strengthens the average man, the middle class. Over time, this erodes the power of the few. Therefore, it is to be hobbled to ensure that it cannot continue to weaken the hold of the few.

    Criminality without morality is merely a manifestation of power, nothing more. It does nothing to advance civilisation, it does nothing to protect the citizen, it does nothing to teach people that a better way exists.

    For criminality to have credence, morality must be a foundation for the laws that determine life.


  28. @ Crusoe

    This Boxing Day you stated a great truth when you said.

    “…In the US, that is the whole purpose of Trump. To redirect animosity from the wealthy few groups, to the masses.

    Divide and rule.

    Make them despise one another instead of despising the few…”

    De ole man doan really talk bout Trump over than to say he mouf gine sell he head.

    But there are similarities between what he us doing AND THE MINISTER OF DISINFORMATION HERE ON BU

    you continue by saying something that is disturbingly true for Trump and the Honourable Blogmaster

    “…He is doing a great job at that, enabled by the stupidity of gullible people….” OTHERWUSE CALLED SHEEPLE!

    LOOKA WHAT HAPPEING PUN Barbados Underground!

    Senator Caswell Franklyn get rob at gunpoint AND NOT ONE ARTICLE HEAH PUN Barbados Underground

  29. Indeed, it is puzzling that the story of Caswell’s robbery was given less ink than the ‘salt bread’.

    Surprisingly, BU bloggers show little or no interest in the story.

    I can understand suppression of the story. Clip it wings and the victim will realize how inconsequential he is.

    I cannot understand the silence of the bloggers. Has the number of murders numbed us to the point where a robbery is no longer a big deal?
    Even when:
    it is a politician?
    it could be much more than a robbery?
    a warning?
    a message?
    A threat to what we call our democracy?

    It will be interesting to see the impact of this robbery on Caswell’s behavior.


    Molasses cake with THC served to children, staff at Eskasoni [Nova Scotia] school

    “Kate Augustine’s eight-year-old daughter, who attends the Eskasoni Immersion School Augustine said her daughter was pale and sweating after school on Friday. “I asked her what was wrong and she just kept telling me she was tired and her eyes were sore,” she said. “When she woke up in the morning she was still groggy.”…One adult was sent to hospital shortly after eating the cake on Friday. A number of adults and children later sought medical attention after feeling ill. Some tested positive for THC. Those include Kate Augustine’s eight-year-old daughter, who attends the Eskasoni Immersion School, which has children from kindergarten [age 4] to Grade 4 [age 10].

    According to a post by the Eskasoni School Board on Facebook, the school was having a mid-winter feast on Friday. “If you have [ingested] food from this event, or brought home from the event you should seek medical attention if necessary,” the post reads. “If you have food from this event in your possession, please destroy it immediately.”

    The number of young children in Canada in need of medical care after accidentally ingesting cannabis has been on the rise, according to a report last year from the Canadian Paediatric Society. The report said the majority of confirmed cases were due to accidental ingestion of cannabis belonging to a parent or caregiver

    So somebody was so careless or so malicious as to place LEGAL marijuana into food being served to elementary school children. And yes multiple children became sick, even though they did not know that they had been served marijuana. And instead of the school board advising parents to turn any residue over to the police the Board advises parents to destroy the evidence.

    But this is a school for indigenous children and we know how Canada has treated indigenous people:

  31. Ta-Nehisi Coates and Danny Glover testified in House Hearings for Marijuana Tax to be used for Reparations for black communities due to disproportionate abuse of blacks from day one in all aspects of life outside jail such as employment to be used as tools and inside jail where 13th amendment allows legal slavery in prisons and 1 in 3 blacks are put in as opposed to 1 in 15 whites etc

    Point I would like to make is best herb is found in black communities rasta business

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