Attention: Rastafari Youth, Elders, and Ancients

Submitted by Matthew Bruckler III

Submitted by Matthew Bruckler III

The intentions of this letter is to present my full support of your efforts to procure the freedom to utilize cannabis (Ganja) for sacramental devotion. I share in the same struggle to obtain absolute freedom to practice my spirituality and proclaim our basic human rights to do so, according to United Nations Article 18, of which Haile Selassie I was a “highly respected” member, representing the ancient country and/or Kingdom of Ethiopia/Abyssinia.

I go further by stating that as Rastafari we have the legal right to do so, even a divine right to continue utilizing our sacred herb for such purposes. In November of 1996, the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations approved the consultative status of the International Rastafari Development Society as a Non-Government Organization (NGO), therefore we can and will continue to grow, smoke and barter in a manner that does not cause intentional harm to society. We (Rastafari) live in a manner that is socially, economically, sustainably and re-generatively beneficial to our community at large.

I often question why the “powers that be” continue to hold us back: Are we not some of the most resourceful, respectful and humble members of society? Do we not lead by example and teach our youths how to be self-sufficient leaders? Is it that these “powers that be” fear that by granting our freedom we will create a society which is non-dependent on their economical chains? Do they fear us so much that they create laws and various stumbling blocks to keep us from attaining success? Are we blind to the perception; this could actually be genocide on the poor? Do we not consistently have our backs against the wall, yet refuse to lash out against this oppressive system for fear that we will offend our heavenly father? Do we not know, deep within ourselves, “we possess a wisdom which money cannot obtain?”


  • “I often question why the “powers that be” continue to hold us back: Are we not some of the most resourceful, respectful and humble members of society?”

    You do not FIT into their wicked philosophy of enslaving their own people’s minds for their own personal gain.

    you do not CONFORM to their philosophy of the obedient slave that they can control and continue to sell out to benefit themselves.

    you do not FIT into their plans of keeping the black population far away from wealth creation, positive community building, progress, upliftment and control of their own country…they much prefer to ENRICH OTHERS at black people’s expense, as long as they get something out of it for themselves…their long CON.

    their decades old plan is to continue to build ghettos and keep the slaveminded believing they are doing them favors while continually LYING on the world stage.


  • Simply put, these FALSE LEADERS…once given access to the treasury, once given titles and diplomatic passports BY THE PEOPLE…do not want to see any independent minded black people who believe they can function without being controlled by a bunch of uppity negoes like themselves who were created and churned out by paper mill universities..

    They do not see their own people as functioning and able, they view you as human property to be controlled and SOLD BY THEM..


  • They can use all the cannabis in the world. it doesn’t bother me. The native American Indians of the north western USA, won a court battle which allow them to use the hallucinogenic compound peyote as part of their religious rituals. I have a concerned about the iconic nature of their regard for Haile Selassie. Mengistu Haile Mariam had to deal with Selassie who wasn’t exactly a paragon of virtue in the manner in which he treated his fellow Ethiopians.


  • Another reason i stay the hell away from any and all religion.

    hero worship is just not my thing.

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  • No surprise that Bobby Clarke is still as ignorant as the day he was born.

    some lawyers need to educate themselves more, ya never too old to learn.

    “The stagnation of any progressive reformative just action as it pertains to the legalization of cannabis for sacramental use by the Rastafari community and for traditional medical use by the society at large, is a result of uninformed people leading the process.

    I read an article in the Barbados Today Online newspaper that I felt compelled to comment on. It was entitled “No Easy Fix”. In that article, pan- Africanist, lawyer and social activist Bobby Clarke said, “based on his work as a lawyer he believed most of Barbados’ 40 homicides this year were drug-related. He however expressed doubt that legalization would reduce drug-related offences unless government was able to better control its cultivation, importation and distribution as well as the country’s deeply entrenched violent culture.” It would seem that Mr. Clarke is ignorantly classifying cannabis as a drug and as such heaping the proceeds of violent crime (death) on it. I was surprised to hear this, as what is touted as ” drug related gun violence” is really ” economic related gun violence”. The economics of the extortion styled White – Market (Black-Market) cannabis trade is constructed by the law against it. I made the example at the recently concluded Joint Select Committee Meeting, that were the BLP to outlaw the sale, use and possession of mangoes, the price of that fruit would skyrocket on the white-market (black-market) and in turn would result in violence, gun or otherwise, when money dependencies occurred in the trade of illegal mangoes. Should we then say it is the mangoes that are the base of the violence?”


  • Backward Barbados governments will always be violators of their own people’s human rights..damn public nuisances.


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