The Grenville Phillips Column – Power Can Corrupt Very Good People

Solutions Barbados recently held their Annual General Meeting.  All Executive positions are for one-year terms, and Grenville Phillips II was re-elected to serve another term as President.

Politicians in all of the political parties, who participated in the last general election, know that politics is not only a very dirty game, but a cesspool of some of the worst types of behaviour.  The public gets a glimpse of how vile politics truly is, by the constant accusations of gross corruption that our Members of Parliament regularly accuse each other in our House of Assembly.

All politicians constantly face two main temptations, and the public always pays a very high price if politicians surrender to them.  Solutions Barbados Candidates are also aware of the significant harm to their professional reputations and their families if they fail in this manner.  Therefore, we have taken drastic steps to protect the public and our families, by willingly restraining ourselves.

The first temptation is accepting bribes, and politicians facing severe financial challenges are most vulnerable.  Politicians who cannot afford their mortgage payments are extremely vulnerable to accepting bribes.

To address the bribery temptation, all Solutions Barbados Candidates willingly sign a binding contract, to go bankrupt if they accept bribes.  Each Candidate’s contract is terminated at the end of each election cycle if the Candidate is not elected.  Once terminated, the contract may be renewed.

Of the 28 Solutions Barbados Candidates in the 2018 General Election, 17 chose to protect the public by renewing their contracts.  Of those who chose not to, approximately half found the cesspool of politics to dirty to continue, while the remainder chose to continue their quest with other parties, but unrestrained by our contract.

The second temptation is far more sinister – and permanent.  It is the corrupting influence of power.  British politician, Lord Acton, observably wrote over a century ago, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

From our last general election experience, it appears to be the craving for power that can corrupt previously decent people very quickly and very easily.  It also corrupts them stealthily, so that persons are unaware of how far they have fallen.  It is this craving for power that led Judas to deceptively betray Jesus.  Deception and betrayal are the two obvious symptoms of persons corrupted by craving power.

To address the corrupting influence of craving power, Solutions Barbados Candidates have deliberately chosen not to become career politicians.  We offer ourselves to the public for two simple reasons.  The first is to bring relief to Barbadians who have had enough of the gross mismanagement and political corruption that both established parties regularly accuse the other.  The second is to actively help all Barbadians to prosper.

If voters have had enough of what they have been forced to tolerate from both established parties, and want prosperity for their households, then they are welcome to support Solutions Barbados candidates – for their own benefit.  Our economic growth plan, which was independently favourably assessed, and which the Prime Minister promised would be allowed to contend (a broken promise), can still be used to bring prosperity to Barbadian households without austerity.

We are committed to offering ourselves to properly manage the public affairs of Barbados, whenever the next general election is called.  Unlike the last election when voters felt that they needed to vote against the DLP, this time, they can choose to actually vote for something good.

If voters have not yet had enough of the dirty political game by then, then we will accept their decision as final for us.  To continue to offer ourselves to an unwilling public after the next general election, is for us, to crave power.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

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  1. I wonder where this “T. Inniss” is on Barbados Underground, who has always so deifiedly worshipped his master Sinckler as a financial genius.

    Maybe it’s just difficult to get access to the Internet in New York jail.

  2. Just a short note about those fleeing the confines of Solution Barbados to the comfort of the Bishop and his fledging Party. Barbados has always been home to a peculiar insect called political grasshoppers jumping from field to field seeking greener grass. At present the BLP field is full and the DLP pasture has died up so the PPDD is the only viable source of nutrition, don’t forget that every bajan wants to feather their nest wunnah shouldn’t hold it against those folks.

  3. When ya hear fowls/frauds/land thieves talking about JAIL…me thinks they too can SENSE?..JAIL around the corner FOR THEM TOO….wuhloss…

    Early morning jail talk.

  4. Nixon the president of the USA and a Republican resigned in disgrace. Bush ran the USA into a great recession and Herbert Hoover another Republican was president at the beginning of the great depression. and Trump was recently elected as a Republican.

    so why is the DLP seen as dead in Bim?

  5. Mariposa
    June 13, 2019 9:04 AM

    What growth are u speaking of.
    All i know is barbados dependant on Tourism
    Without a sustainable growth plan there will be no growth and govt has yet to submit such a plan in Parliament
    Paying debt is not considered a Growth Plan

    Is that why they negative 0.7% growth under the DLP?
    Because they had no sustainable growth plan?

    When you produce one of the DLPs growth plans and it successes then I will produce one from the BLP.


    And when there is growth under the BLP for more than a year will you please shut up? DEAL?

  6. Hal Austin

    Growth plan? Please do not start writing shite when you are on a role. What plan for growth that would be sustainable, conitnuous and productive that Barbados can turn too in the current climate of economic uncertainty? Can we look to agri or agrocilture? Industry? High Tech production? What type of plan has a feasibility that s great enough outside of tourism and foreign investment for us to come up with something that would put Barbados on a path of growth? Our search for oil came up short. Our search for diamonds, gold, cobalt, bauxite etc has not yet wet our appetites for natural resources. So you being a guru on economics, why are you asking Rouge Works for a growth plan when such a plan cannot draw from any alternatives outside of tourism which all parties have sought to beef up things by way of more hotels so we can attract international tourist with deep pockets.

  7. Well worth repeating…so MINORITY THIEVES..will understand, that DESPITE THEIR HOUSE NI** parliament and bar association….we are coming for their TIEFING, PARASITIC BACKSIDES…UNTIL THEY ARE GONE..

    “And what about the expendable crooked politicians and parasitic white and off white businessmen?????”

    find someone else’s BLOOD TO SUCK..leave black people’s BLOOD alone..goddamn tiefing criminals.

  8. As usual..LYING GOVERNMENT MINISTERS….Hinkson LIED…all they ever do is LIE TO THE PEOPLE…each and every time,

    ” Mitchell-Gittens said while she was relieved to hear that action was being taken, the numbers given by the Minister did not add up.

    “I am happy to see that things are finally being put in place to prevent this kind of travesty from happening, but I am surprised to hear that there are less than a handful of prisoners who have not come to court in two years,” she conceded.

    “In the last week I have had three who have come before the court…and yesterday [Tuesday] one of those guys that came to court indicated that there were 17 persons in his block in a similar position who had been waiting to plead guilty but could not get to court.

    “I have seen a list that contains at least 50 names of people who have not come to court in a while and are begging to plead guilty, and it is my understanding there are more. From my vantage point it appears to me that it is a little more than a handful,” Mitchell-Gittens told Barbados TODAY.”

  9. Well spme one ought tp reinforce in the PM head het charades if nothingness to offer the country borne out ig sustainability cannot be reached with long winded speeches and having a beggars attitude and expectations that digs into expats pocket books at free reign
    The long and short revibrates along a line of policies that would stop govt from reaching out far and wide from borrowing

  10. revibrates? pretty as sh!!te.
    Now tell us about the RETURN to the people of Barbados of the $4 Billion spent on the social economy?

  11. @Greene that is attempted highway trickery at 10:42 particularly for a blogger who regularly disparges discussions on US politics here on BU …respectfully bro but your comparison is speciously suspect…BIG time!

    When Nixon resigned as the president of the USA his party was a viable and very active participant in the Senate and House .. VASTLY different to our situation !

    You can Google the actual numbers but they had more than 35% of the Senate i believe and well over 100 seats in the 430 seat congress… the DLP had ZERO and ZERO as i recall…but we can google those numbers too 🤣!

    Long story short let’s deal with apples and apples…in the region!

    Surely the DLP can rise again as the Bees did after their throunching to just three MPs; or indeed as happened in Grenada after Mitchell won his first all seats majority and the then opposition regrouped and came back to be a force and winner again.

    However….be wary…Dame Eugenia resigned and her party subsequently lost all seats way back in mid 90s…they have basically never recovered and could have been seen for many years as politically dead, somewhat.

    Your party were disturbingly disgusting in the last term and need to jettison many or all of that leadership group and restart…doable of course. … so no need to bury them as dead yet…but ‘bury’ them as deadwood debris to be reshaped, we must!

  12. @John2
    a typo? The DLP aint borrow?
    you meant the DLP ain’t Barrow?
    You know ac still votes for EWB.

    And they didn’t borrow. The world experienced the Great Recession, and it revibrated(?) in Barbados longer than anywhere else. To support the social economy, (as BT would say ‘whatever the hell that is’) the GoB spent more annually than it collected. This was funded by deficit financing. Get it, financing not borrowing. The social economy went to hell and a hand-basket immediately following the last election. Instead of following suit, (remember the D’s had followed the pattern set by the B’s in 06 and 07 of spending more than they collected), and not paying the NIS contributions for public employees, selling off every public asset they could sell, forcing the NIS to buy more GoB paper, raising taxes and not defaulting but becoming more delinquent on certain monies owing (ie more than tax refunds), and hiring more pubic servants while freezing their pay, carried on indefinitely. Thereby supporting the social economy.

  13. Whatever they decide, EU and UK need to watch closely how US handles the IMPLEMENTATION…of REPARATIONS for the BLACK descendants of slaves..

    ….in the Caribbean…particularly in Barbados, you cannot put any money in the hands of Barbados’ CORRUPT GOVERNMENTS…the black descendants will not SEE A DIME..all they will get are LIES AND MORE VICTIMIZATION.

    “The reparations debate became part of the 2020 presidential race early, as several Democratic presidential primary candidates signaled their support for compensating the descendants of slaves, though not in the traditional sense of direct payouts to black Americans. Most have been vague on more specific ideas, but they have instead offered policies addressing economic inequality that could disproportionately benefit blacks.”


    Greene June 13, 2019 10:42 AM… Inferring to the Incompetence of Republican Presidents Starting with Herbert Hoover Lets Step Back a Notch to President Calvin Coolidge before Hoover under who’s Presidency America Roared. THE LEFT ARE NOTORIOUS FOR DELETING AND RE-WRITING HISTORY. Those who do not Learn History will be Doomed to Repeat it!

    After the Roaring twenties under the Republican President Calvin Coolidge Administration, Herbert Hoover assumed the presidency in 1929, the economy began to decline, between 1930 and 1933. With Hoovers, inability to stem the collapse, in 1932 the voters elected Franklin Delano Roosevelt, along with a Heavily Democrat Congress, and set in motion the radical restructuring of government’s role in the economy known as the New Deal.


    Why Did New Deal Spending Fail to Lift the American Economy?

    The New Deal: FDR’S Interventionism

    The most prominent of the New Deal programs were supposed to deal with economic problems arising from the Great Depression. Most of them were put forward as remedies for depression-related conditions, many of them in an emergency atmosphere. But rather than cure the depression, they plunged it to new depths.

    On the eve of America’s entry into World War II and twelve years after the stock market crash of Black Thursday, ten million Americans were jobless. Roosevelt had pledged in 1932 to end the crisis, but it persisted two presidential terms and countless interventions later.


    The Great Depression of the 1930s was by far the greatest economic calamity in U.S. history. In 1939, after almost two full terms of Roosevelt and his New Deal, unemployment had not dropped, but had risen to 17.2 percent. Almost nine and one-half million Americans were unemployed.

    On May 6, 1939, Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s treasury secretary, confirmed the total failure of the New Deal to stop the Great Depression: We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work. . . . And an enormous debt to boot!








    The Financial Crisis was caused by Government Interference and Greed and the Genesis of it was Caused by Government Interference. It was caused by the Democrat Policies by pushing Banks to give people loans that they would not qualify for in the name of Social Equity. Bill Clinton passed the Laws to allow that, and the Greed was caused by the Issuance of Derivatives being passed off as good investments.

    When the housing market crashed that the Derivatives were based on, the cards came tumbling down. They are more houses as a percentage under water in Barbados than they were at the height of the financial problem but because we do not have a Secondary Derivatives Market our homes are not sold out from under us as fast.

    In Barbados we have individual mortgages, in the US at the time they grouped thousands of these individual mortgages together and sold it as one loan so when individual house loans started to go belly up, the grouping of all the individual mortgages was now considered a bad loan. Under American Law at the time the Banks had to sell their Bad loans within three months, and so thousands of people’s homes were sold for cents on the Dollar, whither they were making their payments or not! I do not doubt that it was Engineered but its Genesis was from the Corrupt Laws that were passed, that they were warned that it was not good to do that and it had its Genesis in the Leftist Philosophy of ‘if you can afford it or not you should still be able to buy a house.’ That was a Sure Recipe for Disaster.

    Before all the Bundles of Mortgages were sold, the number of individual mortgage failures is lower than what they are in Barbados as a Percentage. Hal called this “the Biggest failure of the Financial System,” This was caused by Leftist Philosophy of Equality in Outcome and the System of CRONYISM took advantage of this as they always do in Leftist Regulations.

    We have always said that one of the Functions of Government is to prevent fraud. Although this was Rampant Fraud NOT ONE PERSON WENT TO JAIL but they choose a Scapegoat, the Lehman Brothers to take the fall, but this was just the Rivalries between the Banks and the Lehman Brothers did not have the ear of the Government at the time.

    All of this Occurred by One Democrat Government hiding the Sins of another Democrat Government and the world suffered. Leftist/Socialist Corruption Kills!! So many people lost their jobs because the economy crashed and whole families Committed Suicide.

  16. Maybe it’s time for bajans to stop listening to their DIRTY LEADERS…and find out more about THEIR OWN HISTORY, WHERE THEY CAME FROM, THEIR BEAUTIFUL CULTURES, cause right now, YOU HAVE NONE…….and what ancestral cultures are theirs to claim ..the black population will remain RUDDERLESS WITHOUT THIS.

    ….your black leaders are TRASH..and will always be USELESS..

    “May 16, 2018 at 02:32 am | HISTORY
    Farida Dawkins
    FARIDA DAWKINS | Contributor

    “Farida Dawkins is a blogger, video content creator and staff writer at Face2Face Africa. She enjoys writing about relatable and controversial lifestyle issues that pertain to women in Africa and the African diaspora.

    Gullah, descendants of African slaves in South Carolina who haven’t abandoned their cultural roots
    Sally Hemings, the slave of a U.S. president who had 6 children by him
    Nigerian singer killed in suspected domestic abuse by Danish husband
    Meet Andre Rush, the White House chef with a staggering 24-inch biceps


    The Gullah Geechee Kinfolk…Pathfinders Travel Magazine

    The Gullah people, also referred to as the Geechee, reside in Georgia and the low country of South Carolina within the United States. They are also located within the coast and the Sea Islands – which are a series of minute islands along the Atlantic Ocean. They equate to over 100 islands.

    Originally, the Gullah people inhabited the Cape Fear region of North Carolina extending to the Jacksonville, Florida area. They eventually heavily populated South Carolina and Georgia.

    They differentiate themselves by referring to one another as saltwater Geechee or freshwater Geechee; this describes the mainland and the Sea Islands settlers.

    Geechee or Gullah are also the names of the language spoken by the African natives. The name Geechee is said to derive from the Ogeechee River within the vicinity of Savannah, Georgia.

    The Gullah originate from Angola, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Senegambia, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Mozambique and the Bight of Benin which is a bight in the Gulf of Guinea on the western African coast.

    Gullah/Geechee The Gullah are African Americans who live in the Lowcountry region of South Carolina and Georgia, which includes both the coastal plain and the Beaufort Sea Islands…Via Nakeshia Williams

    Slaves from this portion of Africa were brought for the chief purpose of profit for slave owners and colonizers.
    Two British trading companies operated the slave castle at Bunce Island, formerly known as Bance Island in the Sierra Leone River. Henry Laurens, a slave agent was based in Charleston, S.C. His colleague, Richard Oswald was based in England. Any slaves taken from West Africa passed through Bance Island. It was the principal spot for slaves being shipped to Georgia and South Carolina.

    Baindu Jabati (left) and Mary Moran were the only two women to remember a Mende funeral song performed as part of the village tradition in Senehun Ngola, Sierra Leone. The song was passed down through Moran’s family in Georgia from her enslaved ancestors, who were related to Jabati’s ancestors in Sierra Leone… Photograph by Sharon Maybarduk

    Along the Western coast of Africa, the natives grew and harvested rice. This rice was initially planted and grown in the inland delta of the Upper Niger River. British colonizers realized that African rice could be cultivated in the southern parts of the U.S. Hence why slaves were captured from Western Africa. They were needed to build irrigation and dam systems that would aid in growing the rice.

    By the 18th century, large acres of land in the lowlands of South Carolina and Georgia were made into African rice fields. It proved to be very lucrative for America during that time.

    The Gullah have been able to preserve much of their African culture due to the similarity in the climate of their origin and their new land. Many slave overseers were African which enabled a fusion of African cultures and preservation of customs. Additionally, because malaria and yellow fever became endemic, white slave owners, rice field owners and plantation overseers were forced to leave their homes and migrate to the city. This attributed to the increase of African rice overseers.

    1861 ushered in the beginning of the Civil War. White planters, afraid of an invasion by U.S. naval forces, abandoned their land. Union forces soon arrived on the land and were introduced to the Geechee who were eager for their freedom and willing to risk their lives for it. The Gullah joined the Union Army as the First South Carolina Volunteers.

    The Sea Islands became the first place in the South where slaves were freed. Unitarian missionaries from Pennsylvania also formulated schools for freed slaves – even before the end of slavery.

    After the end of the war, the rice fields became damaged and chances of labor were considerably low. Rice planters gradually abandoned their land. In 1890, hurricanes obliterated the crops altogether. The Gullah were now the main inhabitants of the low country which isolated them from their former owners and the greater population. This allowed for the opportunity to practice their culture, undisturbed by outside influences.

    Wooden mortar and pestle from the rice loft of a South Carolina Lowcountry plantation, similar to ones used by African rice farmers…Wikimedia Commons

    There was an awesome mending of customs and traditions from the Mende, Baga, Fula, Mandinka and Wolof tribes, to name a few.

    Some mentionable customs that have passed from African traditions are the Gullah word guber which is derived from the Kikongo and Kimbundu word, N’guba. The Geechee version of gumbo comes from the Angolan dish of okra called Umbundu. Gullah herbal medicines are highly comparable to traditional African remedies. Gullah strip quilts are made in the same fashion as Kente cloth from the Ashanti and Ewe people of Ghana as well as the Akwete cloth from the Igbo tribe of Nigeria.

    During the 20th century, wealthy whites redeveloped some areas of the plantations destroyed earlier on. Since there has been an influx of visitors who wish to enjoy the favorable weather and beautiful scenery. Juxtaposing this notion has been the Gullah fighting to preserve and practice their culture. Development of the plantations for tourism purposes has also threatened the livelihood of the native Gullah.

    In 2006, the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Act enabled the preservation of historic sites as it relates to Gullah culture. The act has also provided $10 million towards the cause aforementioned.

    Gullahs have reached as far north as New York City; keeping close ties to family members by visiting and passing down their traditions to newer generations. Some Gullahs have established relationships with natives in Sierra Leone in the form of reunions.”


    You continue to confirm to the electorate of Barbados how patently Stoopid you are

    And how much of a Bible illiterate you are!!

    You said and I quote

    “…It is this craving for power that led Judas to deceptively betray Jesus…”

    Besides the illiteracy expressed by saying “deceptively betray” cause the juxtaposition of these words are of no logical purpose, you are truly a Bible novice.

    Tell us here assembled what “power” did Judas crave?

    Think this through carefully dufus.

    Jesus the Son of Christ performed many miracles which Judas was privy to.

    Imagine being in the presence of the Son of God and seeing him change water to wine, or causing the lame to walk, the deaf go hear, the blind to see, Lazarus who stunketh from being in the grave for several days, imagine that dufus

    What is the logic of your statement of Judas craving power?

    You are in the Presence of this Omnipotence and you crave power?

    Where would such dispensation of power come from fool?

    If you see and know Triune God where would mortal Judas seek this reward of power from fool?

    Judas had seen all Christ’s miracles and sought to trick the high priests and take the 30 pieces while Jesus would have been free.

    He Judas knew not what his function was.

    So if you had said he craved money, then you’d have a foot to stand on.

    But your infantile man child brain wants to weave a story around the word “power” into your narrative because you want to decry you former colleagues leaving you alone to wallow in your egomaniacal chants.

    And to this end you take ghd Storg of Judas and wrap it in there to mek a point

    ISO TALIBAN, the pretend Leader of the pretend Monoplly game of Contracts & mock man agreements.

    Heheheheh heheheheh heheheheh

  18. Talk of treason is a waste of good ink.
    As a supporter of piece, I did not engage in treasonous activity.

  19. PIECE



  20. @waru-war-on-u
    Good piece. I shur position too.
    We need tk know our own history- unlearn the crap we were first taught – in order to go forward assuredly

  21. RE…What is the logic of your statement of Judas craving power?

    Gwenville Phillips Spoke of those who seek Power and the influence of Corruption that comes Stealthily until it has you in its grasp. And he likened the Betrayal of Judas who the Scriptures says that he was a Trusted Friend of Jesus and he was, because he was the one in charge of the Purse. Psalm 41:9 Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.

    RE…You are in the Presence of this Omnipotence and you crave power?

    But like all men even those with a High Calling, have their Free Agency to Choose and that is why at that time… SATAN ENTERED INTO JUDAS, Luke 22:3 (John 13:2, 26–30). “the devil having now put into the heart of Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, to betray him;” and Judas listened to the Adversary just as Cain did when he killed his Brother. God Spoke to Cain and he heard God’s voice, but he Still Choose to be influenced by Satan and murdered his Brother. Cain murdered his brother for Power and Gain, he wanted what belonged to his brothers without working for it, (That Ideology has Morphed through the Centauries changing names to Suit the times, as a Result of Envy & Greed!).

    Under the Adversary’s Influence, It is likely at the time Judas did the same for the Filthy Lucre at the hands of the Authorities and he may even have been seeking their recognition.…Matthew 26:14–16 14 ¶ Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, 15 And said unto them, WHAT WILL YE GIVE ME, AND I WILL DELIVER HIM UNTO YOU? And they covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver. 16 And from that time, HE SOUGHT OPPORTUNITY to betray him.

    RE “If you see and know Triune God where would mortal Judas seek this reward of power from…”

    Nothing New Under the Son…That Started Long Before with the Community Organizer who was the Sun of the Morning that Dwelled in God’s Presence and was cast down and a third of the Host of Heaven that listened to him…
    Revelation 12:7-17 King James Version (KJV)
    7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
    8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
    10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the ACCUSER of our brethren is cast down, WHICH ACCUSED THEM BEFORE OUR GOD DAY AND NIGHT.


  22. Blp supporters keep burying wunna head in the sand
    Keep shouting Lawd de reserves plentiful
    In meanwhile Barbados social enviroment in im deep trouble
    Another murder is recorded

  23. I hope the PM comes to grips of the reality that this 166 can least afford the escalating murders ongoing almost daily
    No sense in inviting people to barbados shores when govt can not find a secure solution to this unprecedented criminal activity
    Yes the diaspora is watching these turn of events and are very concerned about their safety after being invited by this govt for a 2020 event

  24. “I hope the PM comes to grips of the reality that this 166 can least afford the escalating murders ongoing almost daily..”

    Please explain what is the correlation between the Mottley administration and escalating murders?

  25. Piece:

    You asked a valid question on Judas craving power. Regardless of how disrespectfully you may ask a valid question, I will always provide you with a respectful response. Not so with defamation.

    Judas, like the other disciples, understood that Jesus was going to set up a kingdom, and they would rule by Jesus’ side. The historical context of the area was that the Jews were looking for a liberator-messiah. The prophets spoke of such a Messiah who would rule all kingdoms.

    Judas Maccabeus was a Jewish liberator over a century prior, having defeated the Greeks. Judas became an honourable name after that.

    From Judas’ reaction to Jesus’ kind actions, he seemed to want to advance the program. He knew that Jesus had power, so by forcing His arrest, he hoped that Jesus would finally start the liberation-conquest phase of the program. Do you see the quest for power?

    When Jesus would not resist those who arrested him, and was handed over to the Romans and condemned, Judas realized that the quest for power was over, and he hanged himself.

  26. “And they will fight against thee; but they shall not prevail”. Just my contribution to all this Bible scholarship that flourishing around the BU Household. Is there an inverse relationship between the growth of religious practice and immiserizing growth?

  27. @ nextparty246 June 14, 2019 9:24 AM
    “From Judas’ reaction to Jesus’ kind actions, he seemed to want to advance the program. He knew that Jesus had power, so by forcing His arrest, he hoped that Jesus would finally start the liberation-conquest phase of the program. Do you see the quest for power?
    When Jesus would not resist those who arrested him, and was handed over to the Romans and condemned, Judas realized that the quest for power was over, and he hanged himself.”

    What an intellectually-infantile interpretation of that chapter of the Passion Play!!

    Don’t you think the same way Bishop Atherley had to be the one chosen to be leader of an imaginary Opposition that Judas was chosen by the same Jesus to be the fall guy so that people like you can obtain redemption?

    Didn’t Jesus know long in advance that Judas would have ‘grassed’ on him?

    How else would have Jesus died for your sins? Like Samson or from a stab in his back from Thomas?

    Whom do you think should have played the part of the ‘Traitor’?

    Barabbas? Or Simon Peter the denier of the same Yeshua?

    Maybe Judas was so jealous of John that he betrayed Jesus with a ‘passionate’ kiss.

    Big Man, stop believing in those Jewish fairy tales! It’s just a play written in the same vein of the Shakespearian Julius Caesar.

  28. What is there to explain
    The PM is in charge of the justice system and against that back drop
    The people are expecting answers from her as to what methods are the govt taken to control the escalating murders and violent crime
    Obviously methods taken by govt presently are not working

  29. Heard Atherley saying that behind all the policies implemented by govt is an undertow of political stench that lends itself to selfserving actions by this govt pertaining to harsh and fast punishment on the people with an intent to push these austerity methods forward as fast as possible getting them out of the way before the next election
    Hopefully on that scorecard bajans would not have short memories as the feeling of pain and suffering would be a lasting memory which gives enough reason to say to govt No more you must Go

  30. As usual, you are being silly by attempting to politicize a serious situation.

    The police has indicated that, acting on intelligence received, they were able to prevent a number of “hits” (assassinations) on specific individuals from occurring.

    On March 17, 2019 a 52 one year old female and her 30 year old son were murdered at their Rices, St. Philip residence.

    Please “tell” BU what “methods taken by government” could have prevented the armed assailants from committing this “double homicide?”

    In April 2019, a woman was stabbed to death by her former lover, in the verandah of her #19 Frere Pilgrim Main Road, Christ Church home.

    On Monday, June 20, 2019 a private security guard on board the MV Dreamchaser, was killed after he intervened in a fight which occurred moments before docking. It was reported that “the assailant exited the boat and returned with two other males. Security was alerted and a struggle ensued, resulting in the security guard being shot.”

    According to you, “the PM is in charge of the justice system.” What methods could she have employed to prevent these “spur of the moment” murders from occurring?

    As I have mentioned in a previous contribution to this forum, several of the murder victims and assailants were on the “radar” as far back as 2010…… evidenced by their recorded involvement in violent crimes and the police issuing “wanted bulletins” on them. Some of them had a history of “having a beef with someone,” which ultimately led to their deaths.

    Also, prior to 2019, a number of known “drug lords” and “hit men” were being selectively assassinated…… for example, such as the September 2016 assassination of “Rick” Bryan by a group of men at Warrens;
    June 10, 2017 – Stephen Leonard Agard, formerly of the “Farm,” was shot and killed on the old compound of KFC, Black Rock;
    June 28, 2017 – Jerome “Wild Geese” Bovell, who was killed in St. Stephen’s Hill, Black Rock (it is alleged that Bovell was the person that shot Agard);…… and the list goes on.

    This trend of “revenge killings” has continued and escalated in 2019.

    Since you are “laying the blame of these murders at the feet” of the present BLP administration………..

    …………. perhaps you may want to share with BU what policies your DLP administration IMPLEMENTED during its 10 year tenure to curb this trend in “hits” and violet crimes that has continued into 2019?

    Surely if any unbiased individual looks at this crime situation reasonably and rationally……. he/she would conclude both BLP and DLP administrations must SHARE the BLAME.

  31. the BLP bruited about the long and breath of this island that the DLP was doing nothing about crime and indicated they had a plan that they would implement when they come into power. they are in power now, where is the plan?

  32. The police cam say anything they dam
    Acting on intelligence means nothing to the concerns of barbadians
    The evidence which now shows daily rampage of murders
    So much for jumbled words by police to appease a few
    28 murders and counting
    What people need to see is action

  33. This country is on the tipping point of a social meltdown and Mia runs all over the world like a chicken with head cut off
    Meanwhile her bloated cabinet reacts clueless

  34. Here the old people at the polyclinic can’t get their medicine
    Yet this govt hoots and hollers about reserves in good standing
    Good grief where is their sensitivity
    Peoples backs are literally push against a brick wall and this govt sends signals of good faith to the IMF

  35. All lies
    Was it not Minister Jordan who stated in a public forum that the benefits taken away from the people would be restored immediately
    Well lo and behold almost three weeks later and none such has happen
    Bold face liars and scalliwags feeders of the govt trough for friends and consultants while the poor and vulnerable eat salt

  36. “the BLP bruited about the long and breath of this island that the DLP was doing nothing about crime and indicated they had a plan that they would implement when they come into power. they are in power now, where is the plan?”

    The above comment is essentially an admission that the crime situation predates this present BLP administration.

    However, rather than discussing the crime situation rationally and reasonably, we prefer to politicize the issue into a BLP versus DLP scenario.

    And since the contributor is going in that direction, I’m forced to remind him of the promises the DLP made in their 2008 and 2013 election manifestos relative to the crime situation in Barbados (which I’m sure he would have already read).

    On page 49 of the DLP’s 2008 manifesto, under the heading “(23) Law and Order:

    The DLP believes that law enforcement needs to be stepped up in order to restore law and order in Barbados. It also believes that greater protection should be offered to the source of our income, captive tourists.

    As a matter of urgency, the new DLP Government will:

    …..Provide better remuneration for Police Officers
    …..Improve and/or build new police stations in designated areas
    …..Increase the ranks in the police force creating more promotion opportunities
    …..Upgrade the Government Forensic Sciences Centre to help solve outstanding crimes and restore confidence in law enforcement agencies
    …..Permit the police force to function free of political interference
    ….Convert Glendairy Prison into a publicly funded modern drug treatment and rehabilitation centre.

    I found “Permit the police force to function free of political interference” to be very interesting after the “political havoc” Guyson Mayers wreaked on the RBPF and the low morale caused as a result.

    On page 54 of their 2013 election manifesto, under the caption of “The Royal Barbados Police Force,” this was the DEMS plans to address crime:

    “The police are the main civil authority with responsibility for the maintenance of law and order during times of normalcy. They are the first line of defence of our democratic way of life. A well trained, professional police establishment is essential to the creation of an environment that is conducive to the attraction of new investments from local and foreign sources, and the sustained improvement in the quality of life of our people.”


    …..Continue to upgrade the technical capacity of the Force through training;
    …..Upgrade and expand the range of management training;
    …..Replace outdated equipment;
    …..Continue the refurbishment of police stations;
    …..Refurbish the Central Police headquarters building;
    …..Expand the range of community policing;
    …..Upgrade the status of the Regional Police Training Centre to a College with consequential upgrading of curricula.

    Please indicate if any or how many of the objectives outlined in the 2008 and 2013 manifestos, as it relates to crime….. were achieved.

    TO BE FAIR….if there aren’t any achievements that could be identified, the, was the BLP “telling lies” re: “….the DLP was doing nothing about crime?”

  37. “The police cam say anything they dam…….Acting on intelligence means nothing to the concerns of barbadians…”

    As I have mentioned in previous contributions, sometimes you make some very interesting and valid contributions.

    However, there are times when you let the “spot on,” “you are correct” and “keep digging” accolades “swell your head.”

    This is one of those times.

    The political yard-fowl you are, it’s obvious you would dismiss the comment about intelligence, while refusing to acknowledge the salient points in my contribution……. because it fits the purpose of your political agenda.

    Additionally, you have REFUSED to “tell” this forum what policies ANY government could implement to prevent people from committing “spur of the moment” violent crimes.

    I recall when contributors to this forum and the general public were critical of the former DLP administration, you joined Donville Inniss, Stephen Lashley and other DEMS to admonish those critics……

    …………….while asking them to “bring solutions”…… or telling them to “stop criticizing and bring solutions.”

    Since May 25, 2018, (and so far) all you have been “bringing to the table were criticisms” only…….. and “not a single solution.”

    I guess, under those circumstances, the critics of the former administration were “thinking of self and not country,” not loyal to Barbados…..and were WRONG to criticize “government”………..

    ………. but the criticisms of the current BLP administration are justified.

    In MY opinion, what is more IMPORTANT is the FACT that REASONABLY and RATIONALLY thinking Barbadians have long CONCLUDED successive BLP and DLP administrations have FAILED Barbados.

  38. Hey lest u forget Mia said that she could do better
    Go read the Covenant of Hope and the blp manifesto
    All dated 2018

  39. Why should i bring solutions Mia hired an army of consultants and advisors
    That is their job
    Not mine

  40. Oh and dont forget the hilarious Monkey Survey to check the pulse of the people
    What more solutions
    As if all of the above was not enough she brought back the tainted Commissioner of police
    Dont mek me laugh
    This smoke and mirror charade about to blow little barbados into smithereens

  41. Artax

    it seems to me that you are admitting that the BLP is just as useless as the DLP if not as lied. that admission is fine with me. Now that they are the Govt then they should get their fingers out and do something about the murders

  42. “Hey lest u forget Mia said that she could do better…..”

    That’s a fair comment.

    .But lest you forget, your comment is similarly applicable to the situation when in 2008 David Thompson said he could do better than Owen Arthur, which was subsequently reiterated by Freundel Stuart.

    The 24 credit rating downgrades and the 30-0 drubbing during the May 2018 general elections, among other things, clearly indicated they failed to do better.

    By your logic, it was the job of the DLP’s parliamentarians, consultants and advisors to provide solutions. Therefore, your suggesting people “should not criticize, but bring solutions” is “NULL and VOID”……. and the critics were justified in criticizing the former DLP administration and not offering solutions in the process as well.

    Anything you mention would NOT negate what I previously mentioned …………. what is IMPORTANT is the fact that rationally and reasonably thinking Barbadians have long concluded successive BLP and DLP administrations have failed Barbados.

    Additionally, I’m happy the younger generation is moving away from your political yard-fowl way of reasoning, evidenced by the 30-0 drubbing you received on May 24, 2018. If the youngsters remain consistent, the BLP can expect to be treated similarly to the DEMS in the 2023 general elections.

    I do not believe the DEMS can “bounce back” by now and the next general elections. And that’s why I’m hoping for the emergence of a viable political party, (the membership of which should NOT include former members of the BLP or DLP)…… and that they would be successful in 2023……

    The BLP was established in 1938 and the DLP in 1955. After 81 years of the BEES and 64 years of the DEMS, both political parties have demonstrated they do not have the capacity to lead this island any longer.

    NOW is the time for “new blood.”

  43. David

    Yes, after a few weeks of being busy, “I have spare time on my hands”……… today.


    Please “tell” this forum what could ANY political administration in ANY country, with a society similar to that of Barbados, do about the types of murders occurring in Barbados?

    Should government react to the murders similarly to the Jamaican authorities by enforcing curfews and deploying soldiers and police in “hot spot” areas?

    Why not let us discuss the issue…. without politicizing it and engaging in the “blame game?”

    • @Artax

      Can we agree managing the crime situation must be by committee? Enforcement is an important component though.

  44. Blah blah 30- 0 and what does the country receive in one year A truckload of negativity people belly crying out in pain because of the ungodly sacrfices they have to make
    Mia always on the run nowhere to be found
    A bunch of clueless wannbe ministers cant find time to face the constituients
    Not to mention a bag full of empty promises
    Did u hear Atherley take on the politics of the blp in one word

  45. Maybe you David cam send Mia a list of reputable names to head the committee
    Just heard they was another shooting
    Hurry quick David time is running out for quick resolution

  46. Artax,

    short term measures

    come right out and tell bajans that the young men in some areas are murderers and are terrorising Bim by killing one another and if they continue so the Govt will have to invite people in Bim to take their place in Bim.

    tell them that illegal drug trade and reprisals are responsible for murders. that the gun are coming thru the port and that any govt officials including but not limited to politicians, police and customs involved and caught will be punished severely. change official corruption laws to suit

    tell mothers and women by accepting drug money and turning a blind eye to the activities of their sons and boyfriends that they part of the problem

    enforce or implement M/L and asset forfeiture laws

    second half the defence force to the police as patrol units in hot spot with a view to engage and challenge suspected drug and gun men / dealers based on intelligence in the first place and observation when they are in the area.

    actually engage and if fired upon shoot to kill taking into consideration threats to their own lives and dangers posed to others in the area

    speedy trials

    look to pop some necks even if it means changing the laws

    talk openly about what is causing the problems and solicit solutions

    seek a truce between warring factions with a forum where where they can confront each other in a neutral setting (do not know if this is possible)

    look at witnesses protection with a view of sending those who qualify to other participatory islands/ countries

    provide and lease farm land to young men and women who say they have nothing to do

    teach civics from primary school with an established set of ideals that we expect from bajans

    and i would say all this to the public

    long term

    look to change the school system to make it more hands on for boys with more technical subjects

    go back to single sex schools

    provide counselling or more counselling for troubled youths and parents with early intervention programmes

    improve the lot of the police by paying them more and making the service more attractive. if the Govt say they have no money they can exempt police, fire and prisons (emergency services) from income taxes and provide free health care at any private facility

    disband the defence force and filter those who want to and are qualified into the police, fire service and prisons

    change corruption and other associated laws

    make marijuana legal for anyone over 18

    decriminalize other hard drugs treating them as a health issue and not a legal issue

    alter all the above from time to time to suit the changing circumstances

    look to improve the long term economic and employment situation

  47. @ Greene.

    A commendable list with some serious thoughts

    That Submission is befitting of it’s own blog and would solicit several hundred comments.

    Placing the comments here means it will die in obscurity

    Well thought out.

    You can expect that this Mugabe administration will implement none of it

  48. Dead bodies showning up all ova de place
    Gangster taking over de place
    And Mia hoodwinking with the President of Ghana
    Not a word in the last year about tackling gun and murder violence
    The only words spoken out of Mia mouth was Not up in here
    But look wunna happening the gangsters reply
    Yes up in here doah
    All happening in less than one year
    Cant help but remember when dale Marshall was asking for the head of past govt attorney General Adriel Braithwaite
    Now it is Marshall turn to do better he draws a blank

  49. “John 22 what have you Achieved that Compares to the Young Entrupeurnal Brains of Gabriel Abed and his Company that Morph and Grew and of which he holds the Majority Shares?”

    =====How one man sees it ======
    I remember the excitement of competing in the 200 yards race for my House. That was years ago. I would describe my start as explosive, others may disagree, and I may have won the race if someone had not ventured into my lane. I seem to recall his name was J Husbands*. Perhaps his memory is different from my own. I was fast, I was there at the start, but not at the end….

    And that my friend is the story of Bitt-coin. Gabriel Abed like others had a brilliant idea, but Bitt-coin faltered and was trailing the rest of the field when they pulled up lame.

    Was Bitt-coin doomed from the start? How would a purchaser in Barbados get US dollars to purchase Bitt-coins? I saw the acquisition of foreign exchange as limiting the volume of Bitt-coin transactions. This more than anything made me suspicious of this venture. Of course, I wondered if they had the technological capabilities to be a strong contender if the field. I suspect their programming strength, though promising was unable to love up to expectations.

    What about mMoney.
    I fear that this too shall fail? Why my pessimism?
    From the description, what is being provided is not new technology.
    It seem to be a collection of existing technology stitched together and being marketed to us. All that is being promised is already done elsewhere. Instead of sitting in Barbados reinventing the wheel, they should full embrace and exploit the already existing technology. ( I should have been able to make a few bucks for that bit of advice)

    I may be misquoting GP, but this is a case of where a “second” is being hailed as a:’first”.

    These ventures and initiatives are just attempts to make money. Nothing is wrong with that. But when government get involved, it is just an attempt to put money in the pockets of a few and to get a cut.

    You wanna look in my sandbox..

  50. Greene:

    That is a useful list for discussion. Some of them are already part of our published policies. Others may work, but the collateral damage may be high. Therefore, it is better to try policies that are effective but with less collateral damage.

    Our philosophy is to allow households to prosper so that they will not feel that accepting ‘drug money’ is their only option. When all of the adults in a household are laid off, and taxes are unaffordable, and the consequences of not paying are to disconnect the services, then some may feel that they have no choice.

    Our land tax, utility, and other social policies remove the excuse that households have no choice but to accept drug money to survive. We think that if they then choose the drug trade, then they will have to live with the consequences of harsher policies.

  51. TheO:

    The bitcoin part of their business was the most risky part for investors.

    The mMoney can be a convenient way of conducting business. However, we are concerned that partnering with the Government may negatively affect the Government’s regulatory role, and be an irresistible temptation to a desperate Government.

    The Government has already shown that it will amend the laws of Barbados to make confiscation of part of our retirement savings and pensions legal, when it is desperate. By partnering with Bitt, they may have more direct access to our money, which they do not have with commercial banks. That is the only reason why I do not use mMoney – despite its convenience.

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