The Grenville Phillips Column – Gluttons for Punishment

About ten years ago, CLICO was unable to meet its obligations to its over 20,000 policy-holders.  Fortunately, CLICO had assets which could be sold and equitably distributed to policy-holders.  They could then sue the government for any short-fall for its failure to properly regulate the company.  That was the advice given to policy-holders, but they rejected it and chose to trust a Government-managed process that tied-up the CLICO assets in court.

Since the Government failed to properly regulate CLICO, it seems reasonable that they should bear some liability for any policy-holder losses.  However, it was clearly foreseen that the Government, who failed to properly regulate CLICO, and failed to properly manage public services, would never magically obtain the managerial competence to equitably fix the CLICO mess.  But the policy-holders believed otherwise.

A decade ago, all policy-holders should have been instructed to stop making any further payments to the failed company, and a liquidator should have been appointed to identify, sell, and equitably distribute CLICO’s assets in Barbados.  Instead, they trusted the Government to represent their interests, and were directed to do something that should have alerted them that something was clearly not in their best interests – keep making payments to a failed company.

The policy holders should have known that any Government managed process would be extremely inefficient, costly and badly managed.  It was foreseen that most policy-holders would be given an unfavourable like-it-or-lump-it solution.  They were warned that they would be bled dry by the process that they were asked to trust.  But they could not be dissuaded.

After an unnecessarily inefficient 10-year delay, the policy-holders finally regained control of the CLICO assets.  However, rather than seize the opportunity to sell the assets and equitably share the revenues, the policy-holders once again inexplicably trusted the Government to represent their interests.

In exchange for the policy-holders’ child-like misplaced trust in them, the Government has decided to take away all rights that policy-holders have to the valuable CLICO assets, and give many of them nothing in return.  Policy-holders are once again allowing themselves to be tricked.

The Government is cleverly reducing the amount that it will pay for the CLICO assets, by forcing trusting policy-holders to pay the Government for taking away their rights to them.  The Government did this by dictating that any policy-holder who did not pay their premiums after the company failed, would have those unpaid premiums deduced from what was owed.

To put this in perspective, if a person’s monthly premium was $200, and they had not paid their premiums to the failed company for the past 10 years, then the Government will force that person to pay a penalty of $24,000.  If the policy-holders’ investment in the CLICO assets is less than $24,000, then the policy-holder gives up their right to their stake of the CLICO assets in exchange for nothing – they are effectively disqualified.

Over the past decade, politicians have tried to shame CLICO policy holders for investing in a company that the government was responsible for regulating.  Now they have the gall to penalise or disqualify policy-holders who stopped paying premiums to a failed company.  If the CLICO assets had been liquidated ten years earlier as recommended, no policy-holder would have been penalised.

The policy-holders have clearly been frustrated.  They should have the same right to the CLICO assets today that they had 10 years ago.  The assets were protected by the courts and have not gone anywhere.  They are finally available to policy-holders.  To disqualify policy-holders from their stake in the CLICO assets, on the basis of not continuing to pay premiums to a failed company for the past decade, is unconscionable,

The policy owners are once again advised to maintain control of their right to CLICO’s assets, and to have them sold and equitably distributed.  They can then decide whether they wish to pursue the Government in the courts for any short-fall due to Government’s failure to properly regulate the company.

Regrettably, their reaction to this advice is foreseen.  We have all watched in dismay as over 20,000 CLICO policy-holders allowed the Government to parade them around with derision for the past decade.  They are showing no signs that they have finally had enough.  CLICO policy-holders are, more than the rest of us, gluttons for punishment.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at

45 thoughts on “The Grenville Phillips Column – Gluttons for Punishment

  1. The President or whatever title he carried, the alias being the leper,he and his board of directors should have been hauled before the courts 10 years ago.The courts gave him back his money Justice Chandler had withheld being the bill he and Thompson the crook cooked up and tried to implicate innocent people onlynfor an innocent lawyer exposing the lie.Further the commercial account closed by First Caribbean and the crooked DLP politicians with the connivance of the Central Bank Worrell took the milllions from the lepers account and he got away scot free.He’s damn lucky he’s not living in Jamaica.
    I don’t know why this inexperienced political wannabe is blaming the government.Blame the politicians.The leper funded DLP campaigns.The policy holders made their choice.I am sorry for the 71 British American staff who have not got their pensions owing to an ‘oversight’ by the great Chris Sinckler.He never intended for those staff members to get one cent.I know of one who has since passed on minus over half million in pension she was waiting for over 10 years.

    • Are some of these former board members not serving in loftier boards and other prominent positions? What does it say about holding appointed officials accountable. Our governance frameworks and enforcing the requirements of the Companies Act.

  2. Bait and switch. BLPDLP corruption. The famous words Paris said to then Prime Minister Owen Arthur:

    “ I have given you what you want. Now you give me what I want.”

    Six and half dozen.

    Grenville is right . They will now put their legal claws into CLICO assets. And their friends (Bees and Dees) will haul in with excessive legal fees.
    The policy holders will end up with little or nothing.
    Duopoly rules !

  3. This comment also applies here, so do you see my point now Gabriel, instead of brazening it out, which IS NOT GOING TO END WELL….i repeat…it will not end well… do something about the criminals in DLP.

    But Gabriel..why is Mia not arresting those in DLP yall keep posting ruined the economy with corruption…ya can’t keep saying they committed crimes against people and country…but ya government REFUSES TO BRING THEM TO ACCOUNT..why???

    people are already tired of hearing all of you talk about these crimes but ya government can’t touch them…ya get my drift..she has police, DPP and can request FBI help…so what is the problem.

  4. This is so unfortunate. The governments duped the policyholders and Joan Fowler led them to the slaughter what a bunch of docile goats.

  5. DUMB BAJANS, the following terms IMMEDIATELY come to mind, SHEEP, FLEECED, DUPED, IGNORANT etc etc, the LIST continues to infinity.

    DEATH by projectile LEAD POISONING is quickly migrating to the top of options list.

  6. “To put this in perspective, if a person’s monthly premium was $200, and they had not paid their premiums to the failed company for the past 10 years, then the Government will force that person to pay a penalty of $24,000. If the policy-holders’ investment in the CLICO assets is less than $24,000, then the policy-holder gives up their right to their stake of the CLICO assets in exchange for nothing – they are effectively disqualified.”

    They are putting those big brains to work.
    If you disqualify enough persons, then we may reach a point where the assets are in excess of the debt. Everybody (except some policy holders) get paid: the lawyers, the wind-up artists, the restructuring guys …

    How come no one jump forward to tell us that no locals are qualified? In this case the local ghave easy access to funds, so everyone is qualified. But it looks like we are making a real mess of things …:

    Here is a European document. Which strategy are we following?

    The Solvency II directive gives EU countries different options for dealing with insurance claims when winding up an insurer. They can either
    give insurance claims absolute priority over all other claims on the insurer

    give insurance claims priority, but allow claims on salaries, social security, taxes and assets to take precedence over insurance claims

    decide that the costs of winding up the insurer take priority over insurance claims

  7. Well, what an eye opener! Penalties for not paying premiums? I have many friends who decided not to send good money after bad and they are of the opinion that they will be compensated. With this penalty I doubt they’ll get much.

    Of what use are these ‘wrap up” guys if all they do is wrap up the assets for themselves in pretty gift paper. What purpose are they serving except to rob the ordinary man on the street? You drag out the process until you have bled the organization with invoices for fees?

    God must have been whispering in my ear when I chased that aggressive Clico agent out of my office!

    Good job, Grenville!

  8. Home So wrong, Mr…
    So wrong, Mr Straughn

    Added 26 December 2011

    I am surprised that the president of the Economics Society of Barbados, Ryan Straughn, would be so reckless as to state that the Government should not assist those thousands of Barbadians who are now out in the cold with regards to the CLICO/British American debacle. Shame on you, Straughn! The former Prime Minister David Thompson said the people’s money was safe and there was nothing to worry about. The present Prime Minister assured the policyholders that they would get their money back. When you get this sort of talk with no substance coming from the Government, who should lead by example, what does it leave the average citizen to say or do? In effect, Straughn is saying that people should not buy insurance policies or invest in any insurance company. That is so wrong, Straughn. Do you realize that because millions of dollars are tied up with no accountability on the part of the top executives of the company, those funds have been taken out of our gross domestic product and thus we are worse off as a country?

    Perhaps at that time Mr. Strauhgn did not know he would be a cabinet minister presiding over the same policy holders !!!!!

    Duopoly Rules.

  9. Seems like he was falsely accused. Why wasn’t the video looked at before all the fuss? I did not comment before because it all seemed a little off like the Jussie Smollet story.. Guess my Ms. Marple radar is still working! I’m two for two!

    PS. Now he knows what it feels like to be a black man accused by a white woman in London.

  10. So the man is saying that he had been warned about the local women? Well a lot of us have been warned about British men

    He is saying that the video exonerated him. But who has seen the video?

    I know what I have seen with my own eyes at a very nice hotel on the South coast, a middle aged male British tourist attempt to entice my boss’ two daughters to join him in his hotel room. The boss was there for an official meeting and her daughters were seated quietly waiting for her. Both girls were younger that 13. When it was drawn to the attention of the boss, she ran over and pulled her daughters to within arms reach of her. No my boss was not a prostitute. She was a very senior, very well paid, white official of a first world government. But her daughters were not white.

  11. Re: the CLICO matter.

    Long ago in my rural elementary school, the teacher would at the beginning of the week write various sayings/proverbs on the board, in nice pretty elementary school teacher handwriting. One of the sayings was:


    It would help if we remembered the things we learned as little children.

    Just because Prime Minister A or B or C or D or E or Z says something, it doesn’t mean that that person is speaking the truth, or speaking in the best interest of the listeners.

  12. The cancer that is tourism will ALWAYS attract RAPISTs and SEXUAL PREDATORS out of UK and former enslaver countries. The useless corrupt governments KNOW THIS…but continue to encourage it to ENDANGER BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN…because of their own greed, they have not REGARD for the safety of Black women and children.

    The magistrate was weak, that sexual predator should have had 3 months with the studs at Dodds, instead the foolish woman cut him loose and now he is lying and saying the police beat him and his wife when neither of them have a mark on them.

    …. when will these dumbass magistrate’s and judges in Barbados learn these criminals are still criminals and rapists….and to lock up white rapists and sexual predators to protect your black women and children..

  13. I said this before.

    I think most would agree that there is sexual tourism in parts of Asia and the Amerocas. I find it strange that we never hear of it in the Caribbean, But then again we have euphemisms for some engaged in sexual tourism —– beach boys.

    The gentleman acted according to what he heard. Where he went wrong was that he made the mistake of thinking ALL Bajan women are involved in sex tourism.

  14. Theo…you won’t believe the ugly…you should see what Pemberton of 4 Seasons scam does, i have seen him with my own eyes and that is with young black men in Barbados..

    You should see the old ass american and english predators who stalk young little black boys on the beaches.

    The real ugly is when the stink criminal minorities who have run the drugs and guns on the island for decades and LEACHED OFF THE BACKS OF BLACK PEOPLE FOR DECADES, now their latest generation of criminal demons are hoping to profit from the RAPES OF BLACK WOMEN AND CHILDREN ON THE ISLAND..

    ….and the stupid magistrates in the judiciary are already mobilizing to help them, look at what this real ignorant magistrate did and am sure she only did it because she got a call from some lowlife government minister trying to cover up for a white sexual predator…now it has backfired, because the predator is lying on the police and am sure in all his self righteous criminal anger…will try to sue the Barbados government.because of a dumb magistrate..

  15. Now everyone could see why i could not take Grenville seriously, part of the reason anyway..

    ,,,,and i would never take the Judas Atherley seriously either…

    ….both of them believe putting a criminal minority in the parliament, in the lives of the majority population is a good idea when they know this is a whole family of frauds and thieves ..because they are both stupid and visionless like that..

  16. Riddle me this…..

    Who said these words….

    Asked to explain his resisting arrest by the police, he responded: “Of course I am going to resist arrest because I haven’t done anything wrong.”


  17. The magistrate did not even give him time for resisting arrest, more than one crime and she let’s him walk…he should sue her ass personally….

    However, each magistrate and judge love to lock up black people and give them 6 months for resting arrest…

    …..he also admitted to resisting arrest didn’t he, ah guess that is why he is so uppity and arrogant, with his….. “of course i will resist arrest, am white in n*gger town Barbados with it’s racism and apartheid against the black majority so i can do as i like, especially since the black leaders are corrupt, dumb and do not protect their own people from white sexual predators and criminals like me.”

  18. I wonder what happens when black men in America resist arrest because according to them, they haven’t done anything wrong?

    What is the response of the average white man.? I wonder what the Money Brains and his ilk think about this ?

  19. Lol…this was bound to happen, your leaders are SHIT…and every day…they show the world…the high levels of SHIT that they truly are…..that predator should be in Dodds today, instead the shithounds unleashed him so he can return to the UK and create some real trouble for them…

    Showing the world their self destructive, dangerous streak.

    The black leaders are a REAL LIFE THREAT to the majority population….especially to BLACK women and child.

  20. And these are the same evil sons of bitches got their tongues and arms all stretched out to UK and Europe to collect REPARATIONS in the names of our ENSLAVED AND BRUTALIZED ANCESTORS… they can TIEF IT,..

    ….oh really, you no good useless, sons and daughters of bitches, really..,that is your plan right….but of course.

  21. Those FOOLS better head that lying sexual predator off by sending the CCTV footage of his slapping and assaulting a black female and resisting arrest…to Scotland Yard..

    ……that disease needs to be put on UKs sex offender’s registry…immediately..he is all types of dangerous.

  22. .both of them believe putting a criminal minority in the parliament, in the lives of the majority population is a good idea when they know this is a whole family of frauds and thieves ..because they are both stupid and visionless like that..

    How many criminal minorities you know…outside of the Williams and other crooks……..are A WHOLE FAMILY of frauds and thieves…and wants nothing to do with your political party anymore…cause they found another black fool in the form of Judas Atherley.


    To vulnerable Bajans on the island, and others in UK, US, Canada, please BEWARE OF BAJAN LAWYERS…they are ALSO predatory and wellknown THIEVES.

    And Vonda is already famous on BU.

    “Land loss
    Article by
    Barbados Today Published on
    May 22, 2019
    Anstey King says all he wants is the balance of his money from accused attorney Vonda Minerva Pile.

    “I feel stupid now for paying . . . all that money upfront,” King told a nine-member jury this morning as the theft and money laundering case against Pile continued in the No. 5 Supreme Court.

    Pile has pleaded not guilty to stealing US$96,008.22 belonging to King between April 29, 2009 and October 26, 2010 and engaging in the disposal of the amount during the same time, being the proceeds of crime.

    Today, King, who is Pile’s former client in a land deal, gave the court presided over by Madam Justice Pamela Beckles his account of the business between the two.

    Responding to questions by Acting Director of Public Prosecutions Anthony Blackman, King who resides in Brooklyn, New York, revealed that he engaged Pile some years back in connection with purchasing a house at Strathclyde, St Michael. That process he said was “smooth with no problems”.
    He explained that he was considering moving back here “full time” and needed a property for his business and since he was “confident” after his initial experience working with her he “acquired her services again” for the second time.

    He said he spoke to Pile sometime in 2009 on whether she knew about potential plots for sale.

    Pile, he said, took him to a property in Maxwell, Christ Church which was
    “butting” the main road and she informed him that the price was “$290,000 – $295,000 Bajan. I said fine. I could afford that”. He then returned to New York and the attorney sent the contract stating the price and description of the land.

    “I sent it back with a deposit of $20,000 US and it was notorised and that was the first transaction,” he told the court.

    King said he subsequently received a call from the attorney telling him that the person who owned the property was sick and was anxious for the balance of the money.

    “I don’t normally send all the money but I worked with Vonda before . . . so I got her . . . bank information so I could wire the money to her. My wife wired her $100, 000 US. I was planning on stalling and then come down. . . and close and pay the balance but Vonda called again. She kept calling saying the lady was very anxious, she was sick and needed the balance of the money and so I proceeded then and sent her an additional wire for $25,000 US,” he disclosed.

    He said he then returned to Barbados to close the deal and went to Pile who sent him to one of her agents. They then ventured to the site.

    “I said to him this is not what Vonda showed me . . . I said this cannot work I need to get a refund. I went back to her office and told her ‘what your agent showed me is not what you showed me and that I needed my money back’, because this doesn’t make any sense,” King said in his testimony. He said he pinned the attorney down to a date when the money would be returned and she told me April 14 she will give me back my money “in full” but that did not happen at that time.”

    The witness said Pile subsequently refunded him $48,000.

    “I was expecting a whole lot more. So I called her back and asked where is the balance. She said she going to send it, she going to send it, she going to send the balance and this went on for a while. But I had known her and we had a transaction before . . . and I was confident . . . I mean I feel stupid now paying somebody all that money upfront . . . but we had a working relationship and I felt [relatively] comfortable,” he explained.

    King said he subsequently went to the police but that was the “last step”.

    “. . . I went to the Bar first. I really tried to negotiate with her,” said King who added that he had no other pending transactions with outstanding balances, neither did he owe Pile any money or borrowed money from her.

    In cross examination by Pile who is representing herself, King was shown the agreement but said that while the signatures were correct, this document did not have a date, and the amount was not the same as the amount he penned his signature to and notorised.

    He also denied being told by the attorney that the vendor’s property was probated.

    Pile challenged him saying that the only reason he wanted back his money was because there was no approval by the Chief Town Planner to which he said that was not the case.

    He also said the conveyance before the court was not the one he received although the signatures to the back were his and that of his notary.

    When questioned further he admitted that he had not paid Pile her fees for the work she had done.

    “We did not close the transaction. I normally pay when you close. When you close is when you get paid,” King said even as he also admitted that he went to the police and reported that Pile had stolen his money before the estate was probated.

    The case continues in the No. 5 Supreme Court tomorrow.”

  24. Those FOOLS better head that lying sexual predator off by sending the CCTV footage of his slapping and assaulting a black female and resisting arrest…to Scotland Yard..

    ……that disease needs to be put on UKs sex offender’s registry…immediately..he is all types of dangerous.

    Actualy, how they operate in UK…this might fall under Serous Crimes Office…or the Met…but yall are big bajan authorities, ya know how to threaten ya own black people with arrest when ya robbing them…ya should know who to send the footage too..

    .unlike you jackasses on the island, the UK takes these types of crimes seriously..

  25. Artax May 23, 2019 12:05 AM @ WURA-WAR-on-U

    “Then why is it that you can’t put anything involving black and white individuals into its proper perspective, without trying to make it a racial issue?…

    Here you are, on every thread cussing and criticizing white people, yet you feel proud coming to this forum “saying” you are married to a white man.

    You are a FRAUD, NUISANCE and LIAR.”

    So Warmonger you did not get your way on another Tread so you Skip lanes and come to Mr.Phillips Tread with your Usual abhorring behavior to Pollute the Gentleman Space…


  26. @Donna at 8:11

    When black men in the United States resist white policemen, the black man ends being beaten, thrown to the ground and handcuffed if he is lucky.

    If he is not lucky he ends up being shot to death.

    Sometimes black men are beaten and shot by white American policemen even if they are not resisting arrest. Sometime they are just watching TV in their own homes when the police come calling…and the black man still ends up dead. And sometime they have are just walking home from the corner shop having gone there to buy sweeties, and a white citizen asserts police powers and shoots they young black man to death.

    Did not our Mr. Holder, the former U.S. Attorney General tell that he had to give his sons “the talk” that is how not to get shot by white police…because when a young black fella walking down the road he does not have on his shirt a sign which says “my daddy is the Attorney General”

  27. Worse…ya got dumb magistrates cutting loose white sexual predators and criminals just because…they are white….this is absolutely frightening in a black majority country.

    Waiting to see if he sues the Barbados government for being plain stupid.

  28. Magistrates in Barbados are talking tough, but the decisions do not reflect the talk.
    I am searching for a story where a magistrate berated a lawyer for prolonging a case and then allowed the lawyer to draw it oot even longer.

    The yesterday this magistrate was roaring like a tiger and the next day she is purring like a kitty cat.

    The only time they say it and mean it is when there is a Barbadian who is just struggling to survive.

    One must ask, why do they terrorize a docile people?
    Why do they drive fear into the heart of the poor an weak?
    Those are the examples that they use to strip you of your manhood. You are so afraid to make a jail, that the flood will have you in the Atlantic saying “I shoulda”

  29. “I am searching for a story where a magistrate berated a lawyer for prolonging a case and then allowed the lawyer to draw it oot even longer.

    The yesterday this magistrate was roaring like a tiger and the next day she is purring like a kitty ”

    That’s what they do, judges the same thing, say one thing one day and the next day you return to court, they do the exact opposite, that is why black people’s cases could never finish in that toxic, corrupt judiciary…the biggest asses ya could want to find, creating more and more embarrassment for the country, they only know how to lock up and terrorize their own black people.

  30. “Jackie Stewart should stick to matters she may know a little something about.”

    Not too sure what this is about, but if it is the kingsland matter, i do believe there is available evidence and RECENT developments that people in Barbados including Blogmaster, knows nothing about. That the PRETEND big players…aka THIEVES.. were hiding and did not belieive anyone would find and it will turn into some really ugly shit going forward, because they set it up but never anticipated…the blowback..

    just saying, not a project of mine, was not around for the big theft, but can say that the PRETEND big players got real, real problems…and they know it…shit ya do and think no one knows, tends to follow you around and ya can never shake it off…

  31. WARU, the Kingsland matter was a Deane family matter and went all the way to the privy council. it was settled. One of the beneficiaries has already died and the old lady marjorie knox who pursued the case for years died last year or earlier this year in Florida.

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