THE ARISTIDE FOUNDATION – Progress Taking Place in Haiti

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Please download and view the attached VIDEO of a March 2019 interview between MILDRED ARISTIDE (wife of former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide) and Barbadian- American journalist, MARGARET PRESCOD, on the 2019 Graduation Ceremony of the UNIVERSITY OF THE ARISTIDE FOUNDATION in Haiti. The 2019 graduating class consisted of 153 Medical Doctors, 34 Nurses, 19 Lawyers, and 8 Physiotherapists.

It is important that we know about some of the positive and progressive self-help work that is taking place in our fellow CARICOM state of HAITI.


David Comissiong

18 thoughts on “THE ARISTIDE FOUNDATION – Progress Taking Place in Haiti

  1. There are some good things happening in Haiti. We ought to be encouraged. Thanks David C.

  2. David

    There is nothing wrong with encouraging our Caribbean neighbors, but before we start to encourage them we have to encourage our own. David, I spent my younger years around the Police Band and not one of the band member would say let us establish a music program for the younger behind District A wall …so I often wonder what would have become of me had I been given the opportunity to play an instrument and learn music in the progress?

  3. Are u jesting @Lexicon…according to you in previous remarks overtime it seemed as if you did get schooled on playing an ‘instrument or instruments’ behind those walls…what music you made is your song to tell!

    And what became of you is clear is it not…you are a man of many skills…tap dancing and comedic thrills among the array !

    I gone…couldn’t resist that one!😂

  4. Pedantic

    This is serious stuff here and no time for cheap jokes … Barbadians in positions of authority do not understand or have failed to grasp the concept of mentorship and volunteerism … and had this been part and parcel of our cultural ethos they we would be a more progressive society today …

  5. For Commie Sing Song to be talking about this you would have to know something is up. And to be praising the Communist Regime of Cuba and praising the wife of a former president who was once Defrocked Catholic Priest who ran for Politics and is worth $800 Million US Dollars. And for Commie Sing Song to be touting the Aristide’s, is he hoping that he or she is going Run for the Presidency of Haiti and bring their Communist Ideals to Haiti.

    When Mrs. Aristide who is a Lawyer and sits on the Board was asked what can the US do to help Haiti she never said The U.S. has been Haiti’s largest donor since 1973. Between the fiscal years of 1995 and 1999, the U.S. contributed roughly $884 million in assistance to Haiti. Although there has been $13 billion in aid money given to Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.
    The Interview gives the idea of the US intervention displacing Medical Students in Haiti and that Cuba came to the Rescue…

    Yes good things are happening in Cuba but not because of the Aristide’s who made their millions by….

    “Aristide and his associates looted government coffers, wrote checks to front companies for nonexistent purchases, padded invoices to get kickbacks from vendors, secretly owned companies that cheated Haiti of taxes, and laundered the money they stole through shell companies and secret bank accounts set up in the United States and the offshore tax havens of Turks and Caicos and the British Virgin Islands.”

    Nearly $20 million has been documented as stolen between 2001, when Aristide took office as president for the second time, and 2004, when he fled or was forced out of the country according to varying accounts.

    And this is who Commie Sing Song is Promoting? Jean-Bertrand Aristide is an anti-American, Cuban-supported Communist thug with blood on his hands.

    A Bitter Fountain cannot bring forth sweet water…You cannot entertain anything Commie Sing Song Says, there is no Sweet water coming from a Bitter Fountain.

  6. Pedantic

    When I use the term District Wall …I am referring to a Wall which runs adjacent to Station Hill, Savannah Road and the 5th Ave Park Road … which separates 5th Ave from District A police Station …in other words … on the left side of District ( depends which side your are traveling) there are no houses that why persons in my generation and beyond regarded it was behind the Wall … But not in the Literal sense of the Words…got it? So all you filthy minds individuals can fantasize about wunnah pedophilia…

  7. Freedom Crier

    Cuba has to be lifted up because it has been instrumental in the Africa fight during aparthied and European colonialism …

  8. Certainly David Freedom Listened all the way through the interview. But one has to know the History of the Aristides in Haiti and one has to understand the Intent of what Commie sing Song is Sympathetic towards “Communism” and what it would Cost Haiti if Jean Bertrand Aristides or his wife runs again…Haiti will turn into another Communist Run Dictatorship… We do not want more Communism in the Caribbean encouraged by the Communist Ambassador to CARICOM… Do WE?

  9. @ David

    I believe I listened. And it was not about Communism nor the Aristides. Did I miss something?

    • @Vincent

      It was an interview about something positive in Haiti. The reaction by a few it must be said exposes why as people we struggle to coexist. We bring our hard positions to the table if if it is not merited. Let us hope the young people graduating help to lift Haiti and the Aristide Foundation is able to secure funding to continue the good work.

  10. @ Mr. Vincent Codrington

    That is the style of the Sand Devil as long as it is written by the David Come Sing a Song she ent going watch um

    She did the same thing with Dubstreet 555 and her songs

    And she and her husband did the same thing with Angela.

    It is an intolerance that tries to hide under Christian Charity, and to comingle its own version of charity which is pretend caring much like you see in Grenville.

    on the front it looks good, but when you examine it closer, it has the smell of faeces

  11. @ David

    It was an interview about something positive in Haiti.

    Come on Blogmeister. You know for people like The Sand Devil [credit: PUDRYR] nothing good can ever come out of places like Haiti and Africa.

    I wonder why.

    • In top of the many problems Haiti has been challenged to overcome, do not forget to add the 2010 earthquake to the mix.

  12. The reparations to France should be added; and operating in power hungry geopolitical environment. Aethiopia did a better job retaining its independence.

  13. This article exposes the warts of Caricom;

    Jamaica votes to recognise Juan Guaido’s choice as Venezuela’s Ambassador to the OAS
    9:52 am, Wed April 10, 2019
    Jamaica has joined several other members of the Organization of American States (OAS) in recognising Gustavo Tarre as Venezuela’s legitimate ambassador at the regional body.

    Tuesday’s vote to recognise Gustavo Tarre, named by opposition leader Juan Guaidó, for the OAS post, is seen as a heavy diplomatic blow to President Nicolás Maduro’s government.

    The United States and many other western countries have recognised Guaidó as Venezuela’s “interim president” as they seek to de-legitimise President Nicolas Maduro and pressure him out of office through diplomatic and economic sanctions.

    Maduro still has the support of some major countries, notably Russia and China, both permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.

    The vote again highlighted a split in CARICOM, with The Bahamas, Haiti, St Lucia and Jamaica joining 14 other members voting to approve the resolution.

    Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, St Vincent & The Grenadines as well as Suriname voted against.

    Barbados, Guyana, St Kitts and Nevis as well as Trinidad and Tobago abstained.

    This is the third vote in relation to the political situation in Venezuela in which CARICOM has been divided.

    Tuesday’s resolution said Mr. Tarre was being recognised as Venezuela’s legitimate permanent representative, pending free and fair elections and the appointment of a democratically elected government.

    Last month Donald Trump, the president of the United States, met Prime Minister Andrew Holness and other CARICOM heads of government from The Bahamas, Haiti, and St Lucia, as well as the president of The Dominican Republic, all of whom have taken postures more favourable to the American position on the Maduro administration.

    All other CARICOM heads of government were excluded from the gathering at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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