Dave Cameron Has FAILED West Indies CRICKET

President of Cricket West Indies (CWI) Dave Cameron is being challenged for the position by Ricky Skerrit in an election scheduled to be held in Jamaica on the 24 March 2019. The blogmaster does not have a horse in the race, however, of concern is the autocratic manner the Condé Riley led Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) has involved itself in the contest.

It is a standard affair in any democratic process for all persons contesting an election to be given a chance to present a ‘manifesto’ to  those casting the vote.  The decision by the board of the BCA to decline a request from Ricky Skerritt and his running mate Dr. Dr Kishore Shallow – the challengers to incumbent Cameron and Nanton –  disregards all reasonable convention and ‘good taste’ as far as right thinking observers can see. Acknowledging that the rules of the BCA indicate that the Board is not obligated to seek direction from its membership on the  matter.

It is noteworthy the BCA board invited Ricky Skerritt and Shallow to present when news broke that the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill- to its credit-  had invited them to share plans in a public forum. As if to trivialize the invitation AND magnify its collective ignorance – there was a simultaneous item running in the media confirming BCA’s support for Dave Cameron and his running mate Emmanuel Nanton.

The decision by the Condé Riley BCA Board violates all guiding principles around good governance of a Board of Directors. There is the irony that that the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA) has extended an invitation to Skerritt and Shallow to present their Cricket First plan for developing regional cricket. If the irony has escaped anyone, Dave Cameron is from Jamaica and in all likelihood will gain the two votes from the JCA which has not declared public support for either side as far as the blogmaster is aware. Twelve votes are available from the six regional boards which comprise the CWI. Skeritt has the support of Trinidad and the Leewards and Cameron that of Guyana, Barbados and the Windward Islands.

It will never happen but the blogmaster wishes for it all the same. The BCA membership should trigger an extraordinary meeting to express a lack of confidence in the Board of the BCA regarding the decision to give unconditional support to Cameron while barring Skerritt and Shallow from presenting to the Board. If we pretend to be a democratic people utilizing democratic processes then a project to democratize the BCA must be a priority by its membership.

On what basis does Dave Cameron command unconditional support from the Boards of Barbados, Windward Islands and Guyana anyway?

In 2012 West Indies was ranked #7 in Test, #7 in ODI and #8 in T20. 

In 2019 West Indies is ranked #8 in Test, #9 in ODI and #7 in T20.

In summary, after 4 years as president, Cameron the incumbent, has not been able through his leadership to improve the performance of West Indies team on the field in ALL forms of the game. The blogmaster will resist including in the analysis of Cameron’s performance the cancellation of the 2014 tour to India, his unprofessional trumplike Twitter tweet directed at Chris Gayle in 2015 and the lack of respect shown to Caricom governments through his tenure by his Board – one of two key stakeholders.

West Indies cricket is one of the few regional entities which serves to thread the former British colonies together. It is unfortunate and ironic that the process to elect the President of the CWI does not reflect the very democratic ideals practised by all the countries CWI represents.




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  1. If “the performance of West Indies team on the field in ALL forms of the game” is the criteria ….. Skerritt & company are failures also………. a whole ‘new’ gang is required both in the field and the boardroom!!!

  2. David
    I support your view wholeheartedly.I am convinced that the T20 performance in the just concluded English tour was meant to send a message to Cameron and his allies.Cameron showed no respect for the UWI nor for the Caricom Community and on that basis alone he should not be re-elected.This is a game that affects the psyche of the Community people.It has to get better but it won’t, under the continued failed management of Cameron.

  3. Mr Blogmaster no one can dispute your assessment of Cameron’s overall bad management failures but what is also evident is his superior deal making/back room glad handling skills!

    Were we not here about …what four years or more ago when Joel Garner contested against Cameron!

    Then too his JA association waited until the final bell call to give him their support … the sides were arrayed maybe about the same…well except for Bim naturally against him.

    This man is resolute, skillful and clearly absolutely Machiavellian !

    And BTW some here surely recall the fracas when the BCA board rep (years ago) went to a similar decision type meeting with a CLEAR mandate from Board/members and in a style reminiscent of his swashbuckling opener days he beat that decision outta the room … and did as HE wanted!

    Intrigue and backroom dealing in WI cricket has been much too nasty for too long … it seeems Cameron will pull off another such dirty backroom fix!

  4. I believe articles such as this should be written based on analysis and facts, rather than on emotion.

    How is Cameron a failure and what are his achievements when compared to those of his predecessors? Or are the reasons for saying he failed WIC based upon us disagreeing with his methods and management style?

    We had previous presidents presiding over “bad behaved” players, whose indiscretions were swept under the carpet for them to remain in the team, while the team managers were replaced.

    One of the most disruptive players in WIC was Brian Lara. He refused to travel with the team or stay at the same hotel. He brought his girl friends on tours; turned up at practice sessions late, in a taxi, with some woman or the other. I recall on one occasion Lara left the team to return to T&T for carnival. Peter Short went for him and took him back to the tour.

    Cameron would have never done that.

    I also suggest you read Wes Hall’s report after the WI 1995 tour to England.

    Another “set of bad behaved boys” were Chris Gayle and the Bravo brothers. Many of the WI players disrespected Otis Gibson when he was WI coach. These players, including Gayle, questioned Gibson’s concerns about fitness. After losing a test match, when he expressed the view that the senior players needed to “step up to the plate,” Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul were offended. Politicians from all over the region said Gibson, having only played one or two tests for the WI, was not qualified to make those comments to players such as Gayle. Eventually Gibson was “sacked” and Gayle remained in the team to walk in and out as he pleased.

    It’s these types of situations that must be taken into consideration to determine how effective Cameron was in being able to reduce the level of indiscipline among some players, who believing they are “star boys,” gave them the right to “do as they like” without reprimand.

    This type of behavior, which was left unchecked by the hierarchy of WICB, also led to the demise of WI cricket.

    • Why don’t you reread the article? Especially the end which points to on the field performance as reflected in ICC rankings. This is the measure the blogmaster has used. If you have others then put it on the table. Could care less about the irrelevant stuff that has no bearing on performance in the field.

    • Further, reiterating the thesis of the blog-

      The decision by the BCA to not give a hearing to Skeritt points to a governance failing. One can only speculate that these are the same minds deliberation on cricket matters at the territory and CWI level.

  5. A few weeks ago, many were “skinning cuffins” at the exploits of the WI team in the Test series then they got to the 20/20 and laid an egg. Every morning at the beach people commiserating “wuh happen?” then they singled out various individuals to blame. “The fault dear Brutus lies not in our selves but in our STARS” (if I may mangle the quote) they can’t play the game, its batting, bowling and fielding If they played tomorrow it would be good to remind them “Beware the Ides of March”

    One step forward two steps back, it aint over till its over.

  6. “In 2012 West Indies was ranked #7 in Test, #7 in ODI and #8 in T20.”

    “In 2019 West Indies is ranked #8 in Test, #9 in ODI and #7 in T20.”

    It’s entirely Cameron’s fault……. not the team’s performance or lack thereof?

    And what’s your definition of the “irrelevant stuff that has no bearing on performance in the field?”

    • He has been in the chair for four years. Just like in the political realm it is a continuum. He ran on a promise to turn things around. Anyone close to the cricket are familiar that support for Cameron or any entrenched President is based on the opportunity the holder of the office has to feather the nest. Let us hope he does not get his way to have the position evolve to that of executive president.

      As always you are entitied to a view. To repeat: performance on the field has not improved under Cameron.

  7. @Artax March 14, 2019 10:53 AM

    You said what I wanted to much better than I could have. I would like Prime ministers Keith Mitchell and Ralph Gonsalves to tell the people in the Caribbean why they never had any problem with (Sir) Julian Hunte, Cameron predesessor, whose record was inferior to Cameron’s.

  8. @ David
    Are you saying that the BCA should give Skerritt a hearing because it’s the democratic thing to do or are you saying they should give him a hearing because Cameron is a bum? Those are two different things as your argument leaves no doubt whom you support when there are only two horses in the field and Skerritt (your preferred candidate) has been left on the outside looking in.

    BTW didn’t the BCA support Garner in his bid against Cameron? Do they like Cameron more or Skerrit less?

    A confession, I have long abandoned WI cricket but sometimes the company of family and friends attract my curiosity.

    • @Sargeant

      The blogmaster is not a fan of Cameron but the thrust of the article is more about the BCA adhering to a democratic process how business is managed.

      @Bajan in NY

      It is worth repeating, Cameron four year tenure is being evaluated. How is going back to Hunte et al adding value to the discussion? It is like Mia Mottley blaming Stuart, Thompson for all the problems. Then again, this is what we do.

      Sargeant you may be correct.

  9. @David March 14, 2019 11:06 AM

    The Jamaica Cricket Association will listen to Skerritt and Shallow and vote for Cameron and his deputy after observing how the BCA was pilloried for not granting them a hearing.
    Is there a precedent for candidates vying for the posts of president and vice president of the WICB/CWI addressing the various cricket boards in the region?

    • @Bajan

      You are probably correct. This is the next stage of the problem with the process and the degree insularity and parochialism hampers.

  10. @Gabriel March 14, 2019 8:12 AM

    Rather that seeing our pathetic batting performances in the 2nd and 3rd T20 games as sending a message to Cameron, you should have seen them as what is most likely to happens whenever the opposition removes Gayle early.

  11. Mr Blogmaster I would agree that the results period can be placed at the feet of the leader Cameron but yet 1) @Artax makes valid reasoning re what is ‘failure’ and 2) those off field issues are NEVER irrelevant to on field success/failure.

    I’ll say this is brief to point 1… To @Artax, a careful dispassionate analysis of Cameron’s tenure will always get caught on that Indian tour debacle.

    We can all agree there were bad-boy players and all that over the years but one has to pick one’s spot for that Custer’s stand so to speak and Cameroon erred badly there (as did Bravo).

    So having poisoned the well in that way should he be given credit for lifting the admin out of the heavy legal and financial burdens they faced from the suits etc!


    In sum he did no better than others with man management issues but ….here we are now turning a corner in that regard…are u given him the credit for some of that!

    Seems like many Boards are!

    And to the BajanInNY…didn’t the test series PROVE that WI are NOT reliant on Gayle alone!

    Yes he had an absolutely awesome ODI series and in the main the others didn’t pick up the batting slack but their lack of form does not make ur case!

  12. dpD

    I understand the blogmaster’s position……… and you have introduced some very interesting points that should be considered.

    Let me make it clear, I’m not a fan of Cameron…… but I prefer further discussion of all the issues.

    But…….. won’t it be FAIR if we also gave “a careful dispassionate analysis” of Skerritt’s tenure as manager of the WI cricket team between 2000-2004 as well?

    Let me give you an example. Skerritt served as MANAGER of the WI cricket team for the 2000/01 Australian tour. Roger Harper was the coach and Joe Hoad was appointed as the team’s sports psychologist. Hoad subsequently resigned after citing conflict with Skerritt and major problems with the team…….. low levels of fitness, general indifference and a disinclination to work hard.

    BBC sports writer, Paul Grunill quoted from Tony Cozier’s criticism of WI’s performance in his weekly column in the Sunday Sun:

    “He said management of the side was “deficient, not only in relation to such cricketing issues as fitness and practice but, just as importantly, to standards of dress and demeanour.”

    “Cozier complained about the untidy off-the-field appearance of players and suggested they must be made to appreciate they are representatives of “an institution with a long and proud tradition and millions of people whose very psyche revolves around it,”

    Cozier’s concerns were underlined after the first Test against England in Jamaica when a group of players were seen at a disco shortly after they had been bowled out for 47.

    In other words, the team “had in some bad behaved boys” who Skerritt seemed unable to motivate…… and whose indiscipline he tolerated.

    • The focus of the article is meant to highlight the lack of an audience given to Skerritt by the Board of the BCA. At that meeting would have been the opportunity to quiz him on the matters you raised and others.

  13. We are hazy on details of incidents linked to Ricky Skerritt when he was team manager in Sri Lanka but there were some that made headlines not necessarily for the right reasons.

    The matters revolved around him and Brian Lara in one case and the fairer sex in another. Anyone having the facts you can part with them for posters information.

    It is remembered he protested vigorously over the issues.

    Not sure if these incidents will cramp his run for president they do however provide fodder for his detractors.

    West Indies cricket today is a far cry from the halcyon days the sport would be ignored by more fans were it not for the money involved.

    Mediocre cricketers make millions and such paydays make the sport attractive to young people on the pitch and administrators in the board room.

    None of the candidates arouse excitement that a great leap forward would occur under their watch. It seems to be a half dozen is six dilemma.

    Sir Conrad Hunte was the last candidate who gave hope that a sea change for the better would come under their administration.

    Sadly he died unexpectedly and we were robbed of what possibly could have been a productive era in cricket triggering benefits and healing to all stakeholders.

  14. Yes, in the scheme of things, these incidents are somewhat trivial and won’t be enough to cramp Ricky’s run for president………… and may provide fodder for his detractors.

    However, his detractors and even those who are “backing” him, such as SVG prime minster, Ralph Gonsalves, don’t have a vote on March 24.

    Votes can only come from 2 members each of the 6 territorial boards. And so far, Cameron is sure of 6 votes from Barbados, Guyana and the Windward Islands, since the members of the Boards of these islands have already made up their minds to support him. The Leeward Islands, for obvious reasons, and T&T are backing Skerritt.

    Although Skerritt met with the JCA board yesterday afternoon to make a presentation to that organisation in an attempt to convince them to vote for him in the upcoming CWI elections…………

    …………… there is a likelihood the JCA may vote for Cameron.

    8 votes in favour of Cameron to Skerritt’s 4?

    • @Sargeant

      We have to see how the BCA members will react. The BCA board should tender their resignations with immediate effect.

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