Defamation Act: A Different Interpretation

Submitted by Grenville Phillips II

Under this act, anyone who revealed genuine cases of corruption, with incontrovertible evidence, could be found guilty of defamation and punished accordingly. However, the Act protects politicians if they talked about it in parliament*


I will say it again, Grenville needs a legal advisor, and not only to serve as AG in any unlikely Cabinet of his. If there is incontrovertible evidence of the imputation made, the defense of justification will absolve any defendant in a defamation action, And there are defenses even to criminal libel-




he defence of comment and the defence of privilege (whether absolute or qualified) shall extend to a prosecution for criminal libel as they respectively extend to an action for defamation.

      – Jeff Cumberbatch

I note that Jeff Cumberbatch is querying my understanding of the Defamation Act, which has led David to cast aspersions on my motives. Please note that I am offering myself only once more to the public as a politician, and I will not tarnish my reputation by lying to the public. Let me try to engage Jeff in an honest discussion.

I claimed that the act was cleverly written to allow a person, who is speaking the truth about an allegation of corruption, to be charged with defamation. Jeff disagrees. So Jeff, let us present and discuss evidence rather than make disparaging remarks.

1. Defence of Truth

I refer to sections 7.1 and 7.2.

  1. (1) The defence in relation to an action for libel or slander known before the commencement of this Act as the defence of justification shall, in relation to any action for defamation brought after the commencement of this Act, be known as the defence of truth.

(2) Where an action for defamation has been brought in respect of the whole or any part of matter published, the defendant may allege and prove the truth of any of the charges contained in such matter and the defence of truth shall be held to be established if such matter, taken as a whole, does not materially injure the plaintiff’s reputation having regard to any such charges which are proved to be true in whole or in part.

My interpretation is that someone accused of defamation for, say, accusing someone of corruption, may use a defence of truth. (7.1) However, the defence of truth supported with incontrovertible evidence may not work if the plaintiff’s reputation is materially injured (7.2).

I am suggesting that by not allowing truth to be a absolute defence, a loophole has been introduced in the Act to find people, with truth on their side, guilty of defamation. Jeff, do you have another interpretation.

2. Qualified Privilege

I refer to sections 11.1 and 12.

  1. (1) Subject to this section, the publication of any report or matter referred to in the First Schedule shall be protected by qualified privilege.
  2. The defence of qualified privilege shall be defeated if the plaintiff proves that the defendant in making the publication complained of was actuated by malice.

My interpretation is that if, for example, an allegation of corruption with incontrovertible evidence was made at a public meeting (First Schedule 12.1), then its publication is protected by qualified privilege. However, the defence of qualified privilege can be defeated if the publication was found to be actuated by malice.

I am suggesting that by allowing malice to trump truth, a loophole has been introduced in the Act to find people, with truth on their side, guilty of defamation. Jeff, do you have another interpretation.

354 thoughts on “Defamation Act: A Different Interpretation

  1. @ Walter

    PLEASE take A. Dullard’s advice about taking Bushie’s advice at 9.06 am.

    You don’t have a whacker…
    You have been rejected by the DLP
    You did not get the pick with NIS

    …boss, what do you need now ….to tell you to lighten up…
    We are all going to die any damn way…

    Look around ..and see what little good you can do..
    If you find someone that truly LOVES you – Thank God every damn hour
    …but try to love everyone as selflessly as you can – even GP 🙂

    MOST importantly…
    STOP sweating the small stuff …
    ….like who says some shiite about you…
    ….or who don’t seem to like you…

    You will be surprised how much FUN life is … even in brass bowl land
    ONCE you adopt such an attitude.

    ..and leave Donna alone please…
    You think she gives two farts if you put her on your list or not?
    Dat woman is special
    Shiite … she manages to make Bushie feel stressed at times …in comparison to her..
    ha ha ha

  2. Pieceuhdecockyeahtight,
    For background purposes, let me state that just after I first appeared on BU, you accused me of being a thief. Although I maintained that I was innocent, I was still forced, for many months, to vigorously defend my name, character, and reputation against your vicious, relentless attacks.
    Eventually, you admitted to BU readers that you had no justifiable reason for calling me a thief, and as a matter of consequence, you apologized. I accepted your apology and advised you to “go and sin no more”.

    As expected, Bush Tea, playing his accustomed role of moral degenerate and back-skating hypocrite, castigated you profusely for apologizing to me in the first place.

    We all think differently.
    If, out of a genuine love for Barbados, I had reached the stage where I felt compelled to call certain people “thieves” publicly, I would collect the Auditor’s General Annual Reports from 1980 – Present.and let those reports be, at the very least, my guide.That’s just me.

    All of that slime remained behind us until July 31, 2018.

    I am a real person, with professional standards to uphold, a reputation to defend, and a family to feed. You are a cyberspace persona. You do not exist. You do not have a reputation. I can do you no harm. However, although you do not exist, you can be extremely dangerous to me.

    Suddenly, and for some unknown reason, my qualifications soared in importance to you. You insisted that I make my qualifications publicly known. To humour you, I published them on BU. Enuff immediately expressed his disagreement with my action.
    I don’t know what about my qualifications angered you, but, in a fit of rage, you immediately insisted that I published my CV. At that point, I retreated, watched, and waited.

    My interest was piqued when you fired the following salvo:

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right Exposes Walter “NO CV” Blackman” as Posturer July 31, 2018 10:59 PM

    “Walter PPK
    You need a lesson in real humility and I shall give you one kind sir.”

    That salvo convinced me that your mind had now become laser focused on creating images, posters, and cartoons, using my picture, to propagate and spread negative things about me on the internet. You had dragged my name into dangerous terrain.

    Being a member of professional organizations, I found myself wondering what the reaction would be if another member “googled” my name and of one of those hate-filled posters with my picture came up, declaring that I am a fraud.

    I found myself wondering if I were trying to offer services to a new client, and that client decided to check me out on the internet and came across one of those posters declaring me to be a fraud, what would my changes be of getting the business?

    The more I thought about it, the more I realized that my concern related to people accessing these damaging, malicious posters were real.
    You showed me how real they were, when you wrote:

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right Exposes Walter “NO CV” Blackman” as Posturer July 31, 2018 10:59 PM

    “Walter PPK

    the object lesson is “Hit count” how many times your CV related images will be reviewed on line.

    That will do a few things Walter

    It will show if there is untoward interest in your credentials RATHER YOUR CV…….

    You a(r)e indeed a special breed of Posturer and Fraud”

    By now, I knew for certain that you knew what you were doing. You had become a real threat. You had decided to destroy my name. You were so sure of success that you even started to exude cockiness:

    pieceuhderockyeahright August 1, 2018 8:40 AM
    “It Will mean you are going to have to find something new quickly to redeem your name.”

    On August 1, 2018, you took all of your venom, mixed it with all of your creative juices, and produced your poster, with my picture on it, declaring me to be a fraud. Operation “Destroy Walter Blackman’s Name” was fully underway.
    You made it clear, to all who had ears to hear, that this poster was just the beginning:

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right August 1, 2018 11:19 AM
    “And de ole man going hound you till you come clean ……..”

    The Lord moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Within 7 minutes, you were ordered to desist from pursuing your evil agenda:

    David August 1, 2018 11:26 AM
    You should give it a rest.”

    Four minutes after the order was given, Operation “Destroy Walter Blackman’s Name” came to a sudden halt when you meekly capitulated:

    Piece Uh De Rock Yeah Right August 1, 2018 11:30 AM
    “Ok David I shall do as you ask.”

    No cyberspace persona should ever be allowed or encouraged to defame a real person on BU. Grenville Phillips was right. You say and do all of this crap believing that your actions are risk-free. The way you see it, the publisher has to take the hit – not you.

    Any person who tries to take bread out of my mouth, is by definition, a dangerous person. I consider your attempt to destroy my name to be unwarranted, unforgivable, and unforgettable.

    What motivates black Bajans to be so nasty-minded towards each other?

    Bush Tea hinted that the need for entertainment might be the underlying driving force. If that is the case, then all I can say is, when it comes to this particular matter, “What is sport for you, is death for me.”

  3. Hi Walter
    I read your last post and believe I was able to fully understand your position.

    However, I feel your effort to combat this problem has resulted in a longer trail of ‘W B’ on BU. What is done is done. I am suggesting that you use a pseudonym for SOME of your discussion.

    I have a fondness for both of you and it pains me that we have reached such a stage.

    I can now see why GP makes a post and do not return to it. To do so might result in unwanted excursions.


  4. @ Walter
    Get a pseudonym.
    It takes REAL balls to use your slave name on a blog like BU
    …and then to take strong positions that offend brass bowls.

    It is also problematic if you are …
    – looking for slave work;
    – concerned about your image;
    – in debt;
    – have skeletons in closets;
    – thin skinned;
    – hungry
    – claiming to be a Bible expert – when you don’t know squat.
    – missing a screw
    – ugly

    Your solution has ALWAYS been simple… get a BU-name…
    Even Hall has tried that approach, but he talks so much crap that it cannot be hidden… and we all recognise the scam.
    How about ‘Wicked Wally” for you?

    BU is no damn place to seek to build a reputation as a politician or church leader.
    It is a Rum shop…. for heaven’s sake…
    If you are keen on being looked upon as a goody two-shoe – then you need a Sunday School – not a rum shop.

    All Piece was doing is taking the lead in grubbing… to see what stuff you were made of…
    If he did not do it, some one else would have taken on the responsibility.

    Check Caswell …to see how to use your name …and STILL piss on any and every one..
    Check Jeff …to learn how to cuss bloggers in such impeccable language (that they will hail you as a MASTER)
    Check Grenville …to see how to continue with your single-minded plan – NO MATTER who says what…
    Check Hall Austin to see how to use your slave name when you have nothing to lose…
    – cause EVERYONE done know that “you is an idiot”…
    ha ha ha

    You are to blame for your predicament Walter…

    What exactly makes you think that Bushie’s REAL name is not Mister B Tea..
    Bushie finds you to be fresh….

  5. TheOGazerts December 17, 2018 8:49 PM

    Hi Walter
    I read your last post and believe I was able to fully understand your position.

    However, I feel your effort to combat this problem has resulted in a longer trail of ‘W B’ on BU. What is done is done. I am suggesting that you use a pseudonym for SOME of your discussion.

    I know there is always some wisdom in the advice you offer me. We have the same mission, but sometimes we see things from a different perspective. You hold me no ill-will and I hold you none.

    As far as this matter is concerned, as long as you recognize that I have not initiated any untoward action and hurled it in the direction of anyone, then we are fine. I was the one under attack, and being forced to defend myself.There is absolutely nothing wrong with me, a real person, standing up and defending my name. Is there? If doing so results “in a longer trail of WB on BU” (what does that mean?), then that’s the price I am willing to pay.

    I have not interfered with anybody. I have not done anything wrong. I have not said anything wrong. So, I don’t feel any need or pressure to make any adjustments.

    If the time ever comes that I am unable to make a point on BU as Walter Blackman, and I must hide behind a moniker to do so, then not even Usain Bolt would be able to reach BU’s exit door before me.

  6. Walter

    Give me a few seconds, I will revert to you in a few minutes

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You are going to ban me

    I gave you a promise but this man has not abided by his side of the bargain so I am sure that you are going to ban me

    But soft a while, de ole man shall return to you soon

    Hard ears would not hear so own way YOUR GINE FEEL MY MAN….

  7. Bush Tea December 17, 2018 9:23 PM

    “@ Walter
    All Piece was doing is taking the lead in grubbing… to see what stuff you were made of…
    If he did not do it, some one else would have taken on the responsibility.”

    Bush Tea,
    Are you Piece’s lawyer? Is this really the best defence you can come up with?

    I might as well start researching the highest penalty that can be imposed on Piece.

    Does he have a house? Any land?


  8. Bush Tea December 17, 2018 9:23 PM

    “@ Walter
    It takes REAL balls to use your slave name on a blog like BU
    …and then to take strong positions that offend brass bowls”

    Bush Tea,
    Think about it.
    You all ran Carl Moore and Peter Wickham and sat back and roared with laughter when they high-tailed it out of Dodge. You abuse people who use their real names, and show no regard for their friends and families, and their reputations.

    Just like you have good and bad cholesterol, you have good and bad bloggers.

    Well it is time that people with real names strike back at the bad bloggers!

    I have a few bad bloggers -wouldn’t put Donna on this list- (you, piece, DPD, A. Dullard) all charged up and frothing at the mouth. Just the right testosterone level for a good fight.

    PS: I have already hit Piece with a pre-emptive strike, so expect him to talk bare “idle” when he recovers.


  9. But before I go.

    Let me give you a little preview of what is in store for you

    You are a effing liar Walter Blackman and a posturer as well who is grudgeful of people and the perpetual backstabber of persons

    Did anyone say Sandiford

    But let me show you how this assassination is done Walter AS only we can.

    I will take my time with you as I took 727 days with the Democratic Labour Party

    But you are not going to take as long

    Chapter One

    RANDOLPH A. More to come anon.

  10. @ Walter
    I have not interfered with anybody. I have not done anything wrong. I have not said anything wrong. So, I don’t feel any need or pressure to make any adjustments.
    What you have done is Not wrong…. It is IDIOTIC.

    Bushie has ALWAYS said that the ONLY sensible way to use a blog is via an anonymous name…
    This way, the ONLY things up for discussion can be the IDEAS presented.
    There are a VERY FEW EXCEPTIONAL cases where it makes sense to use a REAL name…
    Bushie CANNOT think of more than four or five genuine cases on BU….

    Persons who use their REAL NAME – with some kind of thinking that this ADDITIONAL clout will give them leverage in getting their ideas across …are misguided, ill-advised AND misinformed.

    Never mind the IDIOTIC advice of the Carl Moore and Hal Austins of this world.

    Whatever attributes you have – there will be SOME people who hate your guts…. for whatever reason.
    How does it make sense to walk into a crowd of people wearing masks …and stand up for some principle or virtue? What do you expect from haters…?
    fair play?
    …in THIS world???

    Give Bushie a damn break boss.
    Leave that kind of idiocy to Hal.

    The public sphere is a WAR ZONE…
    If you come improperly prepared – you get killed.
    Innocence is no defence.

    You are clearly NOT READY for such a war zone.

    If Piece has some kind of personal vendetta against you (and from his initial approach this may well be the case) he probably is not the only one…
    There are persons on BU who HATE Bushie’s guts too – just that they don’t know it…
    …because Bushie is a man of PRINCIPLE….
    Being principled brings enemies of the ilk that crucify people skippa….

    GROW UP Walter.
    Get the damn pen name… and let people respond ONLY to your ideas…
    or grow a pair….

  11. TheOGazerts December 17, 2018 10:05 PM

    “Hi piece
    Just walk away
    Let it finish
    This battle helps in no wa(y)
    Just walk away”

    Do you know what it feels like to walk into a lion’s den, and hold him by the tail, and spin him around until he is giddy?
    Take it easy, Piece. I am not laughing at you. I don’t know either.

    Using all of the techniques at my disposal, I have sought to sensitize BU readers about the plight of victims who suffer anxiety, pain, and damage as a result of misuse of the internet. My simple message is, since BU affords us plenty of room to have fun, and to educate each other, there is no need for us to cross the dreaded line.
    Bush Tea can call me as much Scrooge and Mother Teresa as he wants to, my position remains unchanged.

    I have been deliberately provocative at times, and I must admit that is where I got most of my fun and internal giggles. I believe my work here is done, so I am going to take this opportunity to walk away also, and let peace reign.

    PS: As man, if you weren’t keeping your eyes on me all of the time, I woulda ‘ring a hard stinging slap ’round Piece scoop head.


  12. @ Piece
    Boss …
    You should REALLY hold the aggressive bad-boy approach…
    It does NOT look good on your resume…
    …and in ANY case David(BU) will NOT allow it.

    Misguided thought he is, Walter makes a strong case that perhaps we are too aggressive against each other…
    He may be right. Attacking a target from behind cover is “sniping” …and is somewhat cowardly…
    HOWEVER, strong soldiers are NOT produced in the girl guides.
    NOR are strong leaders forged in Sunday schools.

    PERSONAL attacks on BU are par for the course …as far as Bushie is concerned.
    But when bloggers use pseudonyms – LIKE THE BLOG SUGGESTS,
    such attacks can ONLY be targeted at the ideas presented.

    It is clear that Walter cannot handle the level of pressure being applied…
    You have made your point ,,,and should now desist…. gracefully.

  13. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    You understand this predicament?

    One part would put truth to the lie espoused but the other part would escalate this.

    SO what should I do here?

    If de ole man walks away from this Walter’ s version stands and the facts are not going to be shared.

    But what is the purpose of the intervention by Walter?

    He CANNOT honestly believe in what he has said!

    Whu it is like if he wants you to lie.

    And so he leaves me no choice Honourable Blogmaster

    Please post the item that went into suspense.

    He should have walked away all those months ago.

    He did not.

    I WILL END THIS ONE if he does not walk away.

    I want you to tell him privately about the repertoire in the back end.

    You have seen it in fact heheheh …

    Tell Walter that de ole man paused…and he must pause too and walk away.

  14. You note that I have not gone down the list to every single item as is my wont.

    You know me.

    Tell me this Honourable Blogmaster

    Is what was said in paragraph 1 of that 7.51pm post true as to the sequence?

    Or did you not mediate and did de ole man not accept what was said and ease off?

    Do I have to pull a Derek Alleyne /Ralph Thorne Scanned Copy of the ***?

    When de badword does he return to that David?

    Unless of course, of all the commenters here, there is an appeasement being considered?




    Will attempt system wipe again

  15. Donna:

    What attitude? Despite our differing opinions, Jeff agrees that the negative risks of publishing evidence of corruption are unacceptably high. We have converged to some agreement – which is the aim of discussion. Please note that disagreeing with persons is healthy once there is a willingness on both sides to discuss the matter. Simply uncritically accepting what someone writes is unhealthy.

    Piece’s aim is too clouded by hatred as if his eye is bad. Jesus taught on this very thing: “If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.” I believe that Piece is redeemable – for with God, all things are possible.

  16. @ Grenville

    You nor your ilk of eunuchs know nothing of my aim.

    You are harbouring the Accursed Thing and continue, as is your ballsless wont, to cuddle up to the powers that be as you use your bribery chant which goes as follows

    “…I Grenville Phillips have a secret about you Mugabe.

    I went on the Rum Shop Social Conscience Barbados Underground and asked Mr Jeff Cumberbatch his opinion about publishing it.

    Jeff told me that I have a viable matter and that, as long as the item is incontrovertible, I can say or publish that I know.

    This veiled threat is worth at least a few million dollars in contracts to my company so be advised.”

    You are a ballsless man who selectively employs these sorts of games to coerce people to give you a job WHILE YOU PRETENT TO SERVE MY GOD.

    Conversely eunuch I am led by another

    “…And ye, in any wise keep yourselves from the accursed thing, lest ye make yourselves accursed, when ye take of the accursed thing, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it…”

    I going trouble this accursed thing called Mugabe until My Almighty God decides what He in His Infinite Mercy wants me to do.

    You are hiding the sins of this government for personal gain.

    You are an enemy of the Bajan People and like Walter Blackman, you too must be ousted Grenville Phillips

    Barbados needs good men and women to take up the task for 2023 and you are not one of them.

    All of my virtual endorsements of your positions and your campaign Grenville cease as of today

    You are “playing around” with your style to be a representative of the people.

    This is people’s lives and is deserving of much more than this vacillating


  17. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Grenville Phillips thank you

  18. @piece
    “…I Grenville Phillips have a secret about you Mugabe.

    I went on the Rum Shop Social Conscience Barbados Underground and asked Mr Jeff Cumberbatch his opinion about publishing it.

    Jeff told me that I have a viable matter and that, as long as the item is incontrovertible, I can say or publish that I know.

    This veiled threat is worth at least a few million dollars in contracts to my company so be advised.”

    Interesting analysis.
    I did not make such a logical jump, but you have certainly added a new dimension to all this discourse.

  19. Sage advice @BushTea…however men and women MUST be able to associate their names with their principles and virtues even in the midst of greivous masked attacks. Discretion will always be the better part of valor but just as surely there are bold citizens (idiotic or brave or full of integrity) who stand up and hail their name publicly.

    That said, @ Mr Blackman you create your own terrible narrative.

    We accept all you said re @Pieces attack on your professional name but it then boggles the mind (mine any how) that despite your stated concerns about prospective clients or professional collegues trapising across these pages you can yet associate YOUR name with remarks about you 1) finding this as entertainement and 2) you using rather aggressive language yourself to respond .

    If my real name was assaulted as yours was then a strongly worded letter to David the Blogmaster would have gone asking to show validity of my being a thief of desisit and to other sites carrying @Pieces accusation OR an equally NICELY worded contra post advising that the poster @Pieces has a personal vendetta against me etc etc.

    You did part of that I saw and maybe all of it BUT then you (as others note) persisted with your rather powerful verbal push back… that’s your option but if you cannot recognize that that dynamic characteristic is surely one of the reasons you likely attract the @Pieces of this world…then woe is you….SMH.

    And by the way if I was using my real time I would indeed be upset that you associated my name as a supposed bad blogger… but as I have this mask I honestly just question your JUDGEMENT 😂 rather than get upset….solo, tTo speak to you frankly is to be bad! Whaloss!

    Bro, you are like Barrow or Tom or Cameron or Richie etc etc…all super A type personalities that really dont brock pushback …thats all good but as I have said to you before …you CANNOT be of that ilk and play the stupid victimhood…it CANT WORK Bro!

    You are a champion..,get on with it.

    Incidentally @Pieces for all his perfidy may also be a champion…that combination can create ‘thrilla in Manilla’ style fights that can be bruising and do have lasting, terrible affects . I gone.

  20. I have been receiving numerous compliments on this blog of late and I just want to make sure everyone understands this – I am just a human being who has been through some shiite, and occasionally done some shiite in reaction and now has finally located the shower.

    A wise man once told me – “Life is messy.” A wise woman once told me that the trick is learning to plough on through and enjoy the ploughing.

    And take showers as needed.

    I have learnt to discern wisdom from folly.


    Everybody just needs to pause and think.

  21. @ de Ingrunt Word aka De Pedantic Dribbler

    I started to respond to this 8 hours ago and well look what happened to that

    I am too tired now to comment on this issue but you can be assured that I will do so.

  22. @ De Pedantic Dribbler

    So you said and I quote

    “…We accept all you said re @Pieces attack on your professional name…”


    A record exists about a man who proffers himself on the national landscape that he is, like Donsld Trump “a shafter of people with whom he has been in business with”

    So, you know Donald (note that you did not say know of) and you know the party who Donald was in that deal with.

    And you open you mouth and speak of the Donald’s indiscretions BECAUSE YOU DO NOT BELIEVE DONALD IS PARLIAMENTARY MATERIAL.

    A mediator (the Blogmaster) conveys information between you and Donsld.

    And you decide that you are not going to expose the documents on ghd Donsld from 30 + years BECAUSE OF THE REGARD YOU HOLD THE INTERMEDIARY, WHAT IS PERFIDIOUS ABOUT THAT?

    You does talk cause you got a mouth.

    Do you know what business this man was in 30 plus years ago?

    You tink dst de ole man does AS DE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER HAS RECENTLY INTONED “SPECULATE?” on the pretender and liar?

    But I will show you why it is good that he was ousted in this fashion AND WHY THE LIKKLE CRY CRY BABY WAS EXPOSED TO BE SUCH!!!

  23. @ De Pedantic One

    So let me comment on this “perfidy”

    After letting the character go because one was in a mood of forgiveness and decided not go pursue the other Avenue, which one could AND CAN, and WILL, the matter was “progressed by the slime ball”

    The Slimeball announced its candidature.



    “Not on RH seat ”

    But let me tell you what happened to that piece of slime in the process because you have conveniently forgotten the details of the real perfidy

    The character repeated and regaled in his betrayal of him political mentor!


    And de ole man, me grandson, and about 10 others used his very boastful and PERFIDIOUS words to destroy his aspirations to be leader of the same demonic liars that he so casually claimed to have destroyed 30 years ago!!!

    De old man WAS NOT ALONE in that segment of his decimation, he was essentially tagged to political death

  24. @ DpD

    Now we go to Act 3 THE DENOUEMENT

    During the months leading up go the General Election The Piece of Slime made his third and greatest mistake.

    He intimated AS IS HIS WONT, that his “qualifications” exceeded someone at some institution

    I simply do not care to remember which institution.

    But in much earlier threads, AND THIS IS SOMETHJNG THAT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND, Artaxerxes and Watchman had hinted that The Pidce of Slime was only an insurance salesman!


    Artaxerxes was the author of this superlative piece of bait that REALLY GOT THE PIECE OF SLIME ENRAGED

    THE CV!!

    And it is on this that this whole matter lies.

    The piece of Slime NEVER PROVIDED HIS CV!

    He hinted at his qualifications BUT, LIKE MUGABE AND HER LEC, the character NEVER PROVIDED HIS CV!

    Now here is a really strange phenomenon DpD

    Just a few days ago the Honourable Blogmaster went to some pain to publish a document which highlighted a party by the name of Cummins at the Urban Development Commission who Derek Alleyne wrote concerning his qualifications

    So that features in that document.

    Such qualifications brought Enuff of Lorenzo duo to the blog to intimate that said qualification as was possessed by Cummins was adequate for the job

    Yet and de ole man recalls well that Lorenzo had Enuff AT THAT TIME TOLD the Piece of Slimeball “not to provide his CV” WHICH THE SLIMEBALL NEVER HAS.

    The document provided never showed where The Piece of Slimeball worked NOR IN WHAT CAPACITY, like Rawdone’s CV, foisted on us by Mugabe, ATTEMPTS TO DO BUT FAILS.Does this

    Not seem strange to you why everyone else’s qualifications and certifications CAN BE HELD UP TO THE LIGHT but even at this point THE HONOURABLE BLOGMASTER IS wisely “limiting” this conversation about The Piece of Slime?

    The Piece of Sljme is seeking legal damages against an anonymice

    He is claiming that his reputation has been damaged because of the sequence of events here on BU

    And My God shows me that.

    But if you read the matter here, what you see is three separate issues.

    A situation where the Piece of Slime’s previous endeavours were highlighted because they are known.

    An unrelated campaign go oust his misguided attachment to the Demonic Liars.

    A sub theme that relied on the lies he told about his first destruction of the demonic empire in 1991, HIS ELECTRONIC RECORD IS HERE TO SHOW THAT!!!

    And another unrelated point where he claims to have been more qualified than the person at the NIS and his detailed qualifications were summoned by BU.



    This is the nature of the Man who wanted to be an MP

    This is why My God who guides my fingers CANNOT BE STOPPED DpD by these insignificant people who pretent to be Whizz Kids.

    You, and he knows who I am referring to, DpD, you the SljmeBall, are too Wicked to be a representative of the people of Barbados

    You have been weighed in the Balance of My Lord AND YOU HAVD BEEN FOUND WANTING

  25. @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I am in training.

    I am in training in time zones that necessitate de ole man to be up at these hours because of 10 hour differences.

    I have not slacked from this fight kind sir ON THE CONTRARY, I have upped my game.

    The real fight requires BIGGER AND MORE RESILIENT TOOLS AND HR

    It cant be done alone but you must be assured that de ole man has not given up.

    As you will soon see

    Something you have noticed is that *** I being viewed from places that you have never seen.

    Watch carefully what is happening BECAUSE THE REAL WARRIORS ARE HERE NOW, not the pretenders like The PPK and Jong

    This is going to be an interesting ride

  26. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with the final element to the PPK

    Thank you for your assistance on both fronts

    Their Hands are Too Short to Box with God…and no, I am not God

  27. Sometimes I get the sense that if it were possible for Piece to discuss openly and freely some of the things that have to remain hidden – that we would find some interesting nuggets.

  28. Piece, you and Enuff keep making erroneous statements,thereby confusing yourselves and others. Instead of dropping salacious remarks, why not simply ask me questions, which I will happily answer. Asking a question is not hard, so what has gotten into you two to prevent you from doing so?


  30. I am unsure as to what to ask you now that you asked Mr. Phillips

    Should one ask sorry suggest that this is the time to painstakingly detail your ideas on the critical diversification of the Economy?

    At least in one area?

    Grenville, could it be that you present just one topic which you present with all the fanfare of the Public Relations that Mugabe put in the clean up of the shit processing well in Fontabelle AND AFTER DOING THAT, THE PR FAILED?

    Could you just point the entire nation to an exhaustive series on one well presented issue Grenville?

    You dont need to fear the BLP


    Get 10 of your best minds Grenville a Chrome book each and have them install Whonix server and client on that machine.

    And only blog on Barbados Underground using that machine.


    De ole man understands the need to “PROTECT” your identities but the thing is that you have to expose yourself and them to ridicule early.


    and please, do not bring idiots to the fray, tek your time WE ARE TIRED OF THE MOTTLEYIAN AND FUMBLES PROFILES.



    Observe how Donald Trump is forcing the world to war as de ole man has stated. The impeachment will continue and..

    This chapter of self preservation will end, Trump cannot put the lives of his military at risk.

    Pence WILL BE PRESIDENT, watch ss it unfolds.

    But back to you

    Every one of your candidates should be given a portfolio and their name here can be Solutions Barbados Minister of Such & Such. So when they post people, while we dont know their names, will know their portfolios.

    And examine their styles.

    Use the BU blog wisely Grenville and let technology be your friend.

    Isolate your machines and when you click a file or pdf, it will download to those temporary instances of the additional dedicated computers that you got them.

    And all the Charles Me Love You Long Time “call home” keyloggers will only reside in that whonix instance.

  31. @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item here for Mr Grenville Phillips thank you

  32. Oh dear…I am merely providing my views based on the details available here senor ole man @Pieces…soooo I really should have captioned perfidy as “perfidy”….thus giving it the due reported from another awareness.

    Consider that @Walter accused you of defaming his good name and showed how he saw that defamation unfolding …and as I noted I took him at his word on that series of events…let’s not quibble on that itself…thats how he saw it and we took it as presented to move the discussion along.

    I obviously have no idea of what you originally accused him about because as you suggested all that was “quietly” resolved after the “intervention”.

    Looka, as I ALSO said (maybe not CLEARLY enough) you too are a champion…that is pellucid to all who have followed you and your grandson on these pages… I would much prefer you to proceed on the real issues as the Blogmaster noted but alas you are as freespirited as Senor Blackman, and if you think HE is an issue well looka trouble…

    …. soooo again as I noted (this repetition of myself is annoying 🤣) you guys appear intent on channelling Ali and Frasier’s ‘Thrilla in Manilla… pls leave me out I am too small and puny to be in that ring… I am just reporting from way up in the press box!

  33. @ the Author of this Piece

    Periodicall Mr Hal Austin speak out about investigative journalism OR THE LACK THEREOF, in Barbados

    Just as a matter of passing interest de ole man would just wish to know if you have made any outreaches to any of the parties herein referenced.

    For example did you try to speak to Derek Alleyne the former? garrulous director? of the Commission?

    Maybe even a call to Ralph Thorne?

    Whu after all this article has shed some uncomfortable light on Mr Thorne the Honourable MP WHOM MIA HAS MADE IT HER BUSINESS NOT TO GIVE HIM A PORTFOLIO!!!

    Hmmmmm de ole man wonders why not?

    She gives Kerrie Oblong Head a Ministry AND HE IS NO QC!

    She gives Dale Marshall a Ministry even though he is embroiled in that Ermine Atwell estate thing!!!

    She gives George Payne a Ministry, AND MAKES HIM DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER heheheheh and he is neck deep in that estate thing.

    She makes Eddie Hinkson the purported Muff Diver, Minister!

    But she does not give Ralph a Ministry.

    Why is that?

    Could it be that Kerrie “Ratted” on RALPH, oh dear, is there no honour among thieves? But these are all Honourable Men…

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