The Grenville Phillips Column – Repent

Government Ministers can corrupt a national economy by giving no-bid (or no-tendering) contracts in exchange for bribes.  The participating businesses are normally the least competent in the country, who can only survive by paying bribes to shield them from fair competition.  Their incompetence is normally revealed in the substandard goods and services they provide.

The substandard goods normally require excessive and costly maintenance and premature replacement.  The same protected businesses are normally contracted to provide those additional services.  The public is forced to pay for the bribes, and the excessive maintenance and replacement costs, through increased taxes – craftly taken.

The advice of no-bid consultants tends to be abysmally substandard, resulting in costly consequences for the Government.  The Ministers dare not accuse the no-bid consultants of gross incompetence, since that risks exposing the no-bid contracts to scrutiny.  It is much cleaner politically to simply increase taxes on citizens to pay for the no-bid consultants’ costly mistakes.

In Barbados, both political administrations have accused the other of awarding no-bid contracts to their supporters.  However, what occurred during the last decade should never be repeated.  A first-hand typical example in one economic sub-sector should suffice.

A Consulting Engineer’s curriculum vitae (CV) currently has a functional life of 5 years.  That means that if the Engineers cannot prove that they have worked on similar projects during the past 5 years, then they are disqualified from tendering on those types of projects.

Under the last DLP administration, there were several projects in my field that I would normally have submitted a tender.  However, tendering seemed to have been abolished.  My qualifications and experience are internationally competitive, and I was able to find sufficient work around the Caribbean.  However, what was merely inconvenient for me was disastrous for others.

As the 5-year CV deadline was approaching, I was contacted by several Engineers who needed to participate in some work in order to keep their CVs alive.  I helped as many as I was able, but tragically, I could not help them all.

I literally begged three Ministers of Government to allow tendering to resume in Barbados, and was told that a ‘berry’ could be found for me.  I explained that I did not want any ‘berry’.  I just wanted all Engineers to be given the same opportunity to tender fairly.  I received no ‘berry’ and no tenders were allowed for about 7 years.

To disqualify Barbadian Engineers from tendering for 5 years is wicked.  To extend that to 7 years, thus damaging the competitiveness of Barbadian Engineers, is to cross a boundary into an evil that we have hitherto not known in Barbados.

I have been informed that members of other professions had similar complaints of the last DLP administration, with all work being given to the politically favoured through no-bid contracts.  Many good companies were severely harmed, and became significantly less competitive, due to the DLP’s unconscionable behaviour during that time.

Before DLP candidates even think about making any public comment on any issue in Barbados, they first need to repent of the wickedness and be exorcised of the evil that they embraced, to our harm, during their last time in Government.  Nothing less should do.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados.  He can be reached at


  • Say hi to Jackie…Enuff yardfowl…ya know how ya love her…


  • So tell us what experience Cow the Crook got working with shit or sewage which is one and the same other than the deplorable, shoddy road works of FRAUD he has perpetrated on the island for the last 40 years, along with the shitmunchers in parliament ..

    ….maybe Northern can explain cause Enuff yardfowl is too dumb to understand..


  • One thing’s for sure..Mia Borrows CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


  • ” Yesterday during debate on the Public Accounts Committee report which was laid in Parliament,

    Abrahams admitted that Prime Minister Mia Mottley warned him in the presence of his other Cabinet colleagues that if in his efforts to fix the problem, there was so much as a hint of inappropriate spending, he would be held personally liable.”


  • The WORLD has to know that all of you ARE CURSED and BLIGHTED with bribery AND corruption…

    tek daH..


  • That is all for show…how will the people know when Abrahams gets Cow to inflate his invoices to the tune of millions so he could get his cut AS IS THE NORM…as ah said..neither Mia nor her Crook friends and masters to whom she is STILL doling out taxpayer FUNDED. contracts will be getting away with ripping off the treasury this time without massive EXPOSURE WORLDWIDE…..


  • So who put Alex McDonald to chair the oil company..all we keep seeing are crooks who have no problem selling out the people to their crook friends and business partners for millions…popping up everywhere..on this board on that board….this cannot end well.

    “These assurances have come from Alex McDonald, chairman of the Barbados National Oil Company Limited (BNOCL), in an update on what was being done to find new oil sources for Barbados and the refining needs for locally-produced crude, since last month’s closure of traditional partners Petrotrin (Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Ltd).”


  • “Abrahams admitted that Prime Minister Mia Mottley warned him in the presence of his other Cabinet colleagues that if in his efforts to fix the problem, there was so much as a hint of inappropriate spending, he would be held personally liable”

    I love a sentence like that….. Who determines what is “appropriate” and what does ‘personally liable’ means .We have the Auditor General writing the same report every year, identifying the same problems and nothing changes…


  • Theo..all for show, wait until the invoice amounts are made public, then we will know who got what cut of the inflated amount, once again ripping off the treasury….none of the players have changed, the ink was not yet dry on the CDB and IDB loans before Mia Borrows had crooked Cow back fixing roads that did not need fixing and ignoring the deplorable roads that are getting harder and harder to drive on…the bribe taking and inflated invoices are a given…

    In the meantime ..Lawson…is this dude related to you, sounds like something from your bloodline..

    “An accused pervert landlord who has been charged with hiding secret cameras in tenant bathrooms could allegedly spy on renters live from wherever he was jetsetting around the world.

    Barbadian-born James Maxwell, who calls himself “Tiger”, allegedly installed tiny secret spy cameras in the male bathrooms and a bedroom of the apartments in Pyrmont, Sydney, which he managed.

    When police allegedly uncovered the cameras they also allegedly found an app on Mr Maxwell’s phone which enables accessing video footage from anywhere in the world.”


  • Oh! Please nothing but theatrics and another dose of PR publicity
    Most contracts when drawn gives a number for products labour and completion
    However there is no way a contractor can determine unforeseeable circumstance which can cause delay and incurred further cost
    Mia is full of jobby some one needs to get her a couple boxes of toilet tissue cause she be needing them in th next four years
    Abraham if he is a lawyer should never have spewed that kind of baloney all meant for the peanut Gallery of blp yardfowls


  • WARU

    Yuh dunce, any Dutch I speak would be in Amsterdam. Stay in yuh lane.


  • Yeah sure, in the red light district..


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ GP,

    You recently introduced the phrase ” Inferior Superior”. Here’s a good example of this in action. The Field Commander Rommel was referred to as “The Desert Rat” and was considered a military strategist of the highest order by his enemies during the second world war.

    Hitler was out of depth as a military strategist yet refused to listen to his superior inferior Field Commander Rommel.

    Shortly after this exchange an attempt was made on Hitler’s life for the good of the country.


  • That is the type of crap these ignorant government ministers do, Crown land belongs to the PEOPLE not to the weak ass, shitehound idiots in parliament and NOT to Cow or Bizzy Williams…..what about the hundreds of millions stolen from NIS Pension by Cow has he repaid any of it…

    ….. after all of that they then allow Cow to dip his thieving hands in the NIS Pension Fund, money belonging to the PEOPLE …. like if it is his…sell out negros..the whole lot of them, that is the only thing any of them in that parliament are any good for…selling out… ..all of them do the same nasty thing, exclude the PEOPLE who pay their salaries..and sell out the people to the first lowlife criminal who bribes them…

    “The former Minister of Housing also defended himself against the position taken in the PAC report that he swapped Crown lands at Lancaster No 2, St. James with C.O. Williams Construction in order to satisfy an outstanding debt with that company and while doing so caused the NHC to take a financial hit.”

    “The general manager informed the board that the Minister of Housing Denis Kellman indicated that a price of $35 per square foot was ‘feasible’ to erase the outstanding debt,” the report said. The debt owed by the NHC to C.O. Williams Construction Limited was $1,145,357.56, plus interest of $500,000. The land in question was 3,021 square meters or 32,291 square feet, at a value of $2,098, 915 as opposed to $1,130,185, according to the report.

    “To be more precise, the NHC received $968, 730 less, given the lower valuation imposed in this transaction as a result of the directive of Minister Kellman,” revealed the report.”


  • Amid concerns about the public sector retrenchment process, which forms part of the wider public sector reform, one of Government’s economic advisors is warning that there can be no easing up until the course is fully completed.

    In fact, likening the reform to a relay, economist Dr Kevin Greenidge, on loan to the Barbados Government from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Government could not afford to drop the baton.

    “We cannot afford not to do it. Let’s suppose that we don’t do it, what happens? The IMF withdraws its endorsement and we maybe have to pay it back, I don’t know. But the rest of world would say ‘those people are not serious, all they had to do is their part and they can’t do it’.

    “Investors would start to wonder ‘are we going to go back to where we came from? Are we going to get another restructuring, what is going to happen?’ So everything will unravel. We cannot afford to not do our part,” said Greenidge, who pointed out that the number of workers retrenched so far was “bel


  • An excellent crafted GreenGiant, that is all both governments have been good for in the last 3 decades, they lack creative thinking, have no idea how to grow an economy without the dependency of tourism which is not and WILL NOT work as a one egg in the basket economy..ergo…no growth in the economy…

    …THEY HAVE NO IDEAS HOW TO CREATE JOBS…by leaving the majority population to be innovative, creative and build the economy…without a government minister expecting a BRIBE OR STEALING THEIR IDEAS TO SELL IT OUT TO MINORITIES….they have no IDEAS how to do anything to benefit the majority population outside of the low paying, starvation wages of the tourist sector…..they have no original ideas outside of BORROWING and IMPORTING…they are ALL USELESS, as I have been saying for YEARS..

    @Carson Cadogan, Harry Turnover & Carl Harper: The cats are crawling out the bags. Both B L P and D L P are specialist in retrenchment, borrowing, and importing.

    You have both failed to retool productive sectors, no fishing agreement, fast track a sound sustainable development policy, restructure the public sector for efficiency, reform education, manage civil infrastructure, renovate dilapidated real estate for revenue enhancement, restructure agriculture to save foreign exchange, create and develop a sound housing policy shared by government and committed private sector partners.

    Had either party address these almost prehistoric mission critical issues over the last three decades at least we would not be where we are today. So all of you could stop picking at each other with who is an ex parliamentarian, who is a paid operative, or who is a yard fowl. All three of you have been prepaid for decades now, and comes here daily only serving your party’s interest.

    The prototype, design, and manufacture of the acid bomb dropped on Barbados by the Mottley led administration in 2018 was designed by the Arthur administration, structured by the Thompson government, enhanced by the Stuart clan, and finally administered by Mottley. So who’s guilty? He without sin can cast the first stone. Things will only change in Barbados when we have a government without the dominance of either the Bees or Dems. If Barbadians can’t see this, they’re obviously blind and our ophthalmologist should be the wealthiest professionals, or if they don’t believe then the brain wash done by both these parties has done more psychological damage than that done during the middle passage crossing.

    Barbadians simply need to remember that this government like the D L P, mislead them to believe that they could fix everything painlessly. We need to remember too that all the things that were to be last resorts has become ‘mission critical’, with those promoted as mission critical has now become secondary. So while the minister of finance shuffles her human cards around with an almost non existent ‘queen of spades’ globe trotting only to return in time to read the IMF daily express, the doctor being shuffled around to see where his rare screw head really fits, the young pit bull pup raging and barking at every passerby and Judas avoiding the media for fear of exposure. The clock is ticking, and all the medicinal controls Dr. Greenidge implements has not changed the realities. This government has made the lives of Barbadians worse, and can’t even say when it will improve. So madam, ‘give me the vote and watch me’ we are indeed watching you.”


  • So the IMF head honcho for barbados is letting all know that the heat would be turned up on the Publicsector as job losses continue
    A small economy with no productivity cannot is unsustainable without money flowing throughout the economy
    This mad rush by govt to appease the IMF by increasing unemployment is going to having the small businees crying tears as as stagnation because of lack of the flow of money throughout the economy mostly available from those now unemployed force them to close their doors
    This mess of economic doldrums cannot be solved by layoffs and increased in unemployment


  • @Mariposa,

    Can you plse explain why it is that technocrats continue to deliver government economic policy while the elected ministers appear to be hiding or are playing dumb?.
    Also, leading economists are predicting a recession by/in 2020, has BERT factored in this in its assumptions? If so, can they plse publish their methodologies?
    @Mariposa, I know you have a line to the prime minister. Plse ask her what is her vision for the future of Barbados: short term, medium and long-term? Plse ask her.


  • Q. why it is that technocrats continue to deliver government economic policy while the elected ministers appear to be hiding or are playing dumb?


  • Yeap Hal !from my observation Mia long term solution is to squeeze the financial daylights out of everliving soul to appease the IMF
    Right now this country is on the edge of social and economic devastation of each and every household and we have a head honcho who is barbadian and would have knoweldge of how a barbadian community is formulate and would have stayed far away from being influence by the mouthings of the the IMF one armed bandits who have no solutions for the barbados economy expect those solutions that benefit their own interest
    Pray tell how in a country of 275thousand people retirred and the low wages how is this economy going to improve when govt policies are now geared to maintain a high level of poverty through unemployment


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    And lest wunna all forget the cuntributions of her 21 inept ministers here is a taste of one of Mugabe’s chvunts

    “…“We are introducing on every single block, a foreign language, because we believe that our young people must be able to communicate. As tourism is one of our major industries, we believe that they should be able to communicate with persons from outside of Barbados as well,” Forde said in an interview with Barbados TODAY.

    The classes are among a raft of academic and vocational training programmes to be offered at community centres in a bid to steer youth away from crime and into gainful employment, said Forde…”


    Which RH tourist from Germsny or Norway going doing down in Marlhole to speak to a fellow pun de Block to speak German or Norwegian?

    Where de rhole dese effers getting these ideas from?

    This is really a version of BERT AND ERNIE FROM SESAME STREET in Spanish

    Wunna going do 5 years of this shy#e???

    And the sheeple respond “baaaaa…”


  • @Piece,

    The population of the UK is 65m, with 650 members of parliament; there are 21 Cabinet secretaries, along with the prime minister, 22 in all. Why does a little island, the size of a Brazilian sugar plantation, have so many Cabinet ministers?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright December 7, 2018 3:40 PM


  • Well Well Mariposa and Piece like the three stooges think that hogging the blog sll day every day makes them appear bright.Well newsflash you all are becoming very predictable and boring.Today the IMF praised the Government for it’s efforts so far what says the conspiracy j/a.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    @ Piece,

    Evidently you have little understanding of the genius of Mia. She has let her Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde, off his lead to highlight to her fellow citizens the lack of quality in her ministerial team. It is clear from his bizarre utterances that the man has nothing to contribute to improve the lives of our youth.

    Mia has no competition from within her cabinet. Plus there is no opposition. We are in a constitutional crisis.


  • Lorenzo yardfowl…was the debt removed…no??? which means Mia Borrows will still be BORROWING right through the next 4 years 5 months…..ah know it takes only crumbs to appease yardfowls and make them feel special and proud…but at least have some self respect…ya will die in debt..


  • Lorenzo. Does a fisherman or a butcher ever say their products stink
    In this case the butcher IMF and the fisherman govt are in bed together
    It would hard to perceive one telling different stories about the catch of the day
    The IMF writes the menu and and Greenidge and govt sells the rotten goods to the public
    The IMF praises govt for putting a stranglehold on the public to pay the rich wealthy financial institutions
    You lorenzo the duffus claps loud and hard of govt and IMF policies while everyhousehold in barbados suffer
    Wuh kind of RH are you


  • Now talking pig about teaching people two languages in the same nonsensical manner talking about paying workers with junk bonds


  • Mia said that the layoffs would be around 1500hundred and now today the mouthpiece Greenidge sings another tune
    By the the time IMF and govt finished with barbados nobody would be working and the whole country would be starking mad


  • “You lorenzo the duffus claps loud and hard of govt and IMF policies while everyhousehold in barbados suffer
    Wuh kind of RH are you”

    Seems like the yardfowls who are too far gone will NEVER LEARN.

    There is nothing to be proud of being in debt and BORROWING every week…had both DBLP not been so CORRUPT for so many DECADES…the island COULD NEVER be in such a predicament of borrowing to SURVIVE while people STARVE with their CHILDREN and are UNABLE to send them to school..

    Lorenzo and Enuff yardfowls should ask the Mia government to return all the stolen loot they hid away in offshore accounts for DECADES…. money and land THEY ALL STOLE FROM THE PEOPLE ….return it to help jump start the economy and reduce the BORROWING SPREE THAT MIA IS CURRENTLY ON….

    .,…while they at it, also have the DLP thieves, the LAWYER THIEVES and the MINORITY THIEVES also return what they stole over the decades…. from the island.


  • A Happy Good morning to all…
    I am a man who is on the borderline of being a Christian and an atheist, but it is such a beautiful morning that I must give thanks to our Lord and Savior.

    I am willing to bet that most of you believe that there is a great divide between atheism and Christianity, but in my case I may switch from one to the other several times during the day… Just call me confused

    *******—————my contribution——————————*****

    I am here struggling to remember all of the thoughts of Chairman WARU on yardfowls
    I think I will have to make notes. Some gems are not being recorded for posterity..

    …….yardfowls are ALWAYS THE LAST TO KNOW..
    …..yardfowls who are too far gone will NEVER LEARN.
    ,,,,,,ah know it takes only crumbs to appease yardfowls and make them feel special and proud

    The best was when one person remarked that he was ‘sitting on the fence’ and watching what going on in the yard. and the response was “that is what yardfowls do”, they sit on the fence’ and watching what going on in the yard

    I need to document the “thoughts of chairman WARU”, BU authority on yardfowls.
    Perhaps I should interview her
    Why do you think Enuff is a yardfowl?
    Do you think he earns his keep?
    Is Mariposa more effective than Enuff
    Who is the biggest yardfowl on BU?
    Any free range chickens here?
    Looking at my questions, do you think I am a better journalist than Haha? 🙂

    A Happy Good morning to all. It is a beautiful day.


  • Oh heck, I promised myself I would never use that word again. 100 line “range restricted chickens”


  • TheoGarts

    What is it that you do not understand about Christianity? And what is it that makes you switch back and forth from these two ideologies? I can tell from experience that without the in dwelling Spirit of God … that it is practically impossible to arrive at a true understanding of who God is.


  • TheoGazerts

    And I think that you are more of an agnostic than an atheist … because an atheistic worldview is an absolute one … meaning that you are convinced beyond doubt that the concept of a supernatural dictator is a figment of the imagination … in other words … empirical evidence hasn’t give way to reality of a supernatural arbiter who exercises oversight … over the universe and the affairs of man …


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Mariposa
    @ WARU

    THE two of you need to comprehend the role of the two pooch lickers whose names de ole man refuses to call.

    They have been sent to dissuade both of you from your anti Mugabe Mottley campaign

    Do not pause but WARU, whereas Mariposa is campaigning to reinstate the DLP, might de ole man suggest that you assist the incoming Third Party Movement??

    This duo WHOSE NAME DE OLE MAN REFUSES TO CALL, because they both are non entities, have been sent with one purpose

    To run interference against people who will not drink the Mugabe Coolaid

    They understand that Mugabe’s government and governance IS FAILING and they have been sent with the tantric chant of the fallen ones WHICH WOUKD ENSLAVE MERE MORTALS were there not saints and angels of light appointed to preserve the believers in the Christ

    Ignore them

    Ignore them and watch as they come with their impotent dribble and try all sorts of things to engage


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ Grenville Phillips You cocontinue to show yourself to be the absolute worse political aspirant there has ever been, to mount a Third Party Movement

    For besides 1. Muzzling your team members 2. And launching multiple articles simultaneously NONE OF WHICH YOU REVERT TO NURTURE you 3. Continue to congratulate Mugabe Mottley and demons from the DLP as well and 4. Choose all the donkey topics you can.

    Here is a suggestion which you will not take


    Let me explain the idea to you rufus that you continue to be.

    I offer no apology to you for this disdain that I accord you publicly BECAUSE YOU ARE YOUR OWN WORSE ENEMY.

    Launch this online petition at which specifically asks We the Bajan People to come and sign it and give their support against the Plan by The Mugabe Government to cut off all cases older than 10 years.




    You are aware a third party movement will gain traction only if the third parties are credible in the eyes of the electorate?


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster

    I look at this in the perspective of options really.

    And how people are “encouraged ” to see those options

    Let me explain

    The Barbados Labour Party did not “win” this election inasmuch as the Democratic Labour Party convincingly LOST IT

    Exposing their incompetence to the suffering populace only hastened their departure from the scene.

    There are only 3 things that a third party Movement needs to do to win a General Election in Barbados in 2023.

    THEY MUST SHOW THAT “MIA DOES NOT CARE” and that her tenure of 5 years was one of unfairness and dismissals, breaking and rewriting the laws and the quashing of alternative opinion.


    THE THIRD PARTY MOVEMENT needs to bring options to the table EVEN NOW WHILE MUGABE IS IN POWER.

    it has to show people that it is capable of delivering EVDN WHILE MUGABE IS AT THE REINS.

    And that is one of the easiest things to do aided as one is by social media.

    And it has to promote people of integrity and MAKE SURE THAT THEIR MESSAGE IS HEARD.

    As people look carefully at this blog Honourable Blogmaster one of the things they are seeing is that, irrespective of the bias your household has for the Mugabe regime, you are afraid.

    You and all citizens are afraid of the rule of thugs and criminals who Mugabe is copying to assist her regime

    But the thing about that action by her us that IF SHE ESTABLISHES THIS, she will become a casualty of that structure!

    Two smart rats cannot live in one hole.

    And ALL THESE SANCTIMONIOUS PEOPLE who always talking bout Barbados is a Christian nation need to get up off their asses and open their mouths against this shit while they can.

    INCLUDING YOU, cause Mugabe is plotting to eradicate all these blogs

    And all these survey documents and pdfs from the GIS websites are designed to put keylooging software on viewer machines

    But you dun know that dont you?

    And now you start to see why these impotent half assed comments by your bloggers about pup is really waste foopism WHEN THAT BIGGER PROBLEM LOOMS


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster your assistance please with an item for you thank you



    What viable options can a third party movement deliver when underlying all the policies of the political parties is an objective to fund consumer conspicuous consumption?




  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    Any Third Party Movement coming to the fore MUST BRING ONE SINGLE THING TO THE COUNTRY!!!!

    Every candidate IN ADDITION TO THE MANDATORY REQUIREMENT OF BEING MEN &WOMEN OR MORALS must show that they are bringing something to the table.

    Let me explain this to you in terms that you and other readers will understand Honourable Blogmaster

    Here is what My God has shown me

    There are men and women of all ages and colours and races who love Barbados
    The campaign that will be run on is a simple one.

    Worship, Faith & Truth

    We worship the One Living God through whom we live and breathe and have our being.

    Our Faith in Him gives Us all the Tools our nation needs to overcome all these trivial problems

    We will accord, and afford, ALL MEN, IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR “STANDING” IN SOCIETY, the dispensation of TRUTH.

    And men like Jeff Cumberbatch, and Caswell Franklyn and Leigh Trotman and women who de ole man ent going mention here cause…

    These will be the sort of agents that the Third Party Movement will search out and appoint and all the posturers and slothful people will be shifted BECAUSE THEY ARE KILLING OUR COUNTRY.

    Every ingrunt Law Mia Mugabe passes between now and 2023 WILL BE REPEALED
    ITS CANDIDATES WILL TAKE $19.66 CENTS for the first 6 months of their appointment to the House of Assembly and Senate when appointed as the government of Barbados

    The rest of their collective salaries will be distributed to those civil society organisations which have been in existence for > 5 Years and which (1) feed the less fortunate and/or (2) cater to the needy.

    The “Power of Recall” shall be implemented immediately upon being given the mandate by the people
    The Manifesto of the Third Part Movement will be published in 2020, 3 years prior to the Election and a mini series of actions will be implemented by the Party, during the following 3 years, to SHOW BAJANS CONCLUSIVELY, THAT IT WILL BE DONE, ACCORDING TO HIS WILL!


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ the Honourable Blogmaster de ole man has responded to your query thank you


  • Word on the ground. The fish at Greame Hall sanctuary has died/dying because if the daily deluge of toxins which have been deposited into the swamp from the sewer plant
    Where are the socalled enviromentalist like Kammie Holder and all the other enviromentalist mouths who had invaded the island three years ago
    Where are all them at a crucial time when Gods protectors of the enviroment are being killed through no fault of their own


  • Piece @ 6:03 a.m.

    Your comments above are spot on.

    I agree that :

    A) That the DLP lost the election rather than the BLP won it.

    I believe that the DLP contributed to this by some of their ministers actions – the lack of communication from the prime minister as well as other ministers some of whom had some achievements under their belt like Richad Sealy in Tourism, Stephen lashley in Culture, Donville in Health, Jones in the area of the increase in new schools, Sinckler in what he was facing and how he was able to keep the ship afloat and the behavioural changes he needed from the populace which required effective communication ,etc etc.

    However ministers such as Estwick, Lowe, Michael Lashley in the second term – added to the negative narrative out there to an already struggling DLP.

    However with time – honest analysis will show that The Nation Newspaper and VOB under Ellis and his moderators and News Manager – all worked with diligence in ensuring that the government was changed by promoting every issue whether big or small as a crisis – AND NOW WE ARE WITNESSING THAT THE SAID VERY ISSUES THAT WERE MAJOR BEFORE 24th MAY ARE NO LONGER HIGHLIGHTED ALL DAY – EVERY DAY – ON THE VOB NEWS WITH STETSON BABB, OR ON THE VOB CALL IN SHOWS,AND ESPECIALLY ON THE NATION’S FRONT PAGES.

    David Thompson during his short reign – decided to limit his party’s business transactions with that newspaper and their nasty hidden agenda was eventually exposed by Roy Morris when he left that newspaper.

    God doesn’t sleep – what goes around comes around.

    Many persons for a number of ears before the last elections – were manipulated by that Media Group Nation & VOB as well as by the paid BLP Plants on Social media orchestrated of course by Charles Jong (now a paid gov’t employe – well,well), they were also manipulated by the Unions working together with the Private sector, by certain lecturers up at Cave Hill e.g. Tennyson Joseph,George Belle. While at the same time the government was being undermined by SOME of the very public servants who are now feeling the pinch of the shoe.

    The people were short- changed, fed propaganda, whipped up in a frenzied state of frustration and sold a defective bill of sale – while at the same time all the defects in the item (Mottley) that was for sale – was hidden and presented as shining and bright.

    People it seems are now having Buyer’s remorse.

    2) The suggestions for the 3rd parties are also very useful – and my only advice for these 3rd parties – is don’t wait for things to fall in your lap – but go out there and get to know the people you want to “SERVE” – AND DETAIL YOUR PHILOSOPHY AND PLAN.

    For me right now I am more interested in honest information, honest analysis, workable solutions for this country – and less of the political Fluff.

    Right now it is about exposing a sinister agenda that is afoot and calling right – right, and wrong – wrong.

    Barbados is at a Tipping Point right now.


  • re honest analysis will show that The Nation Newspaper and VOB under Ellis and his moderators and News Manager – all worked with diligence in ensuring that the government was changed by promoting every issue whether big or small as a crisis – AND NOW WE ARE WITNESSING THAT THE SAID VERY ISSUES THAT WERE MAJOR BEFORE 24th MAY ARE NO LONGER HIGHLIGHTED ALL DAY – EVERY DAY – ON THE VOB NEWS WITH STETSON BABB, OR ON THE VOB CALL IN SHOWS,AND ESPECIALLY ON THE NATION’S FRONT PAGES.





  • Sorry to burst the bubble but govt already has an iron clad mechanism which has locked down and locked out all arguments against its policies
    Hence we have the IMF already taking control and the media doing the bidding of that organization with articles that only make their policies seem necessary for barbados recovery
    At this point it really doesnt matter which govt wins unless their is an opposing voice that can take the fight to the IMF and wins a fight which would mean cutting ties from that institution and relying on our policies for survival


  • Georgie Porgie

    Trump, also said that he would erase the national debt in 8 years. And when he said that the national debt was $19 trillion dollars … it has since risen to $21.7 trillion dollars GP … so your boy is doing an excellent job …


  • Social partners have now decided to meet after the first IMF initial report – but notice they didn’t think it was urgent to have such a meeting after the botched rollout of BERT and the continued chaos and hardship of the lay offs in the public service.

    Remember Toni Moore, Akanni Mcdowell and Charles Herbert telling the public that the last government would not meet with them – which was refuted by P.M. Stuart ?

    Remember Charles Herbert telling Prime Minister on the Thursday – that he Stuart had to meet with the Lion and the Lambs (Business & Unions) by the next Monday morning or else – there will be SOCIAL UNREST ?

    And dat had to do wid the NISRL Tax that the businesses had to pay upfront and not hide – and not something as serious as poor people – sometimes both husband and wife being sent home without the financial pay out – yuh hear

    Well you would think that with every single Union in Barbados crying out about the offensive and high handed way these lay-offs have been done -that Akanni,Toni Moore,Mary Redman,Rosalind Smith,Pedro Shepherd – would all be marching for the breach of all conventions and lies being told by Mia about employees going home with their packages.

    Not so ! Instead the maguffies have been making token comments about their concerns about the lay offs while the spirited representations have been left to the juniors in the Union like Wayne Walrond, Delcia Burke -nupw; Paul -BWU; the new kid on the block Edwin O’neal Sugar workers Assoc and then The Real Deal Himself – Caswell.

    So what do we have :

    Mia is carrying out her Agenda and Not the Agenda of Barbados;

    The Media is covering for her and facilitating her pushing her Agenda through,they’re not giving any critical analysis to what she is doing – AND THE PEOPLE ARE LEFT IN THE DARK;

    The Unions bar one have sold out the workers;

    The private sector have paid the pipers and are now calling for the tunes they want played;

    The IMF laughing because they got us by the short and curly

    And I suppose all is well in the kingdom right ?

    Ah well. Sigh .


  • @TI
    It took Barbadians many years and numerous downgrades BEFORE they marched. They SHOULD have been marching YEARS BEFORE. What makes you think the ethos of Barbadians has changed?


  • What is most interesting to me, is the IMPORTANCE placed by those with a political axe to grind, on that peaceful little March. Obviously, it had a LASTING effect on many, as they raise it constantly.


  • NorthernObserver

    The problem with most Barbadians is the fact that they do not know our understand the value of their liberties. Even when their liberties are threatened they still cannot find the courage and will to stand up in the face of this adversity …


  • Lexicon

    One of the good things about living in America is the fact that it teaches you how to value your rights … and the importance of exercising them when others try to undermine them … some here have endeavoured to decry the effectiveness of the union … but if it is one thing the union has taught me after three- decades of membership is the importance of social- protest …


  • Only those who are discerning would understand what went down there with that so called ‘peaceful little march’.

    So to the discerning – Remain Vigilant.

    If the Unions felt it was so important to march because the NISRL was moved from 2 % to 10 % – then.cuhdear – how come something that is even more egregious – that is – the sending home of staff without any notice to their Unions which is standard employment practice – and the breach of agreement to send home workers with their moneys in their hand on the same day – as well as to honour the last in first out principle as agreed – and finally the decision to pay workers some outstanding money by way of government bonds – how come that did not result in an island wide shut down huh ?

    Yuh mean the Union sit down and take dat blow in duh stomach without a whimper ?

    .Something like that which directly affects the future of the members of their Unions who have been paying their dues ?

    But they march because of an 8 % increase in NISRL. ? .Man gimme a break .

    Remember Akanni,Toni Moore,Mary Redman and those Unionists said the last government was dis respecting them ?

    So wuh yuh call this ?

    Acting Gen. Secretary of the NUPW – Delcia Burke said – ” about 290 workers from Central Government and the Civil Service were terminated yesterday” ( ie 16th November 2018)


    “We have not been given any real concrete information.We have been trying to get details and information and we really have not received anything.”


    R- E – S- P – E – C – T.

    All we want is a little respect.

    Now dat is something to march for no ?

    Similar comments from Edwin O’neale – staff Association for Sugar Workers

    But the Unions don’t see the need to march now – instead like Caswell Franklyn said – they want to roll over on the back and let Mia tickle their bellies.HAHAHAHA.


  • Talking Loud Saying Nothing

    I wonder if the female empress has been made aware of the outcome of the social unrest that hit France over the last weekend. As a result of four weeks of mass demonstrations laced with violence that severely damaged the french economy. Macron has finally caved in to the voice of the street.

    Here are the salient points that have come out of his capitulation:

    – declared an ‘social and economic state of emergency’
    – Addressing the nation this evening he promised minimum wage increases
    – He also vowed to crack down on tax evasion and state bureaucracy

    This comes after weeks of violent protests by members of the Yellow Vest movement ”

    Is there a lesson that Bajans could learn from their french counterparts?


  • Talking Loud

    Strange coincidence.I was thinking only this afternoon that there are lessons to be learnt by Mia – from the French unrest,as well as the Brexit fiasco.

    On the matter of France – what comes across clearly is that voters can love you today and reject you tomorrow – so never get so emboldened by the media hype.

    Macron was the voters darling in 2016 (or was it 2015 ?) – yet the people quickly soured on him as they felt he was pushing his agenda rather than listening to them.

    In Barbados on 25th May when bajans woke up to the shock that they had given all 30 seats to one party – reality started to sink in. As time progressed and they saw Mia boldly doing ALL THE THINGS SHE CRITICISED THE LAST GOVERNMENT FOR – and lying at a the drop of a hat – while at the same time seeking to milk this ‘woe is me – I get a bad deal and its all their fault – whatever I have to do.’ sad song – THEY KNEW THE GOT TEK..

    People have slowly but surely soured on Mia as well – the full extent will only be known when an opportunity arises.


  • discerning? as in ‘insightful’? or as in dis-earning?
    do you think the Unions were marching against a rise in NSRL, or was that increase the apex of other taxes, while they had not got a raise for their dues payers in umpteen years? And while GoB expenses were ballooning outta control, they weren’t getting a piece?
    do you think the business community was marching against a few point rise in the NSRL, or against an administration who had the mathematical skills of a first form student, and couldn’t come close to balancing a RH budget, even as the debt growth spiraled upward. And who has dis-earned multiple credit downgrades.

    You think the ethos has changed, or like before, Barbadians going to do nothing and watch, and give them a chance?


  • I would not know where to start to rebunk all that was just said.

    So I will let my post speak for itself.


  • Sorry should read * debunk * and not rebunk.


  • Alright den….but TI, doan waste time worrying about lessons which apply to MAM. She is just like FJS, she will do whatever the hell she wants. You think we call them the DBLP for sport?


  • They are not 2 sides of the same coin, although I will not stand and defend any except to point out flawed reasoning where I see it.


  • pieceuhderockyeahright

    @ T. Inniss

    You seriously did not wrote

    And I quote “…some of whom had some achievements under their belt like

    Richard Sealy in Tourism, (Free Willy of de Visa Card expenditure of $15k to de thang in de Pine?)
    Stephen lashley in Culture, (lil Caesar and de world bank money)
    Donville in Health, (pornville in ankle bracelet in Miami)
    Jones in the area of the increase in new schools, (schools like de one in Casa Grande dat de CEO get lock up)
    Sinckler in what he was facing and how he was able to keep the ship afloat…? (When you say ship afloat are you referring to launch afloat in Port St Charles or de shite that he was floating as a homegrown economic programme dat give de cuntry 23 downgrades?

    When you and Mariposa compare your notes do not either of you throttle the other and rein in the nex body by saying “down write dat” or “doan mention dem name?”


  • Piece sometimes u talk nuff shite compare what notes i am a spokesperson for myself.


  • Massy Stores is positioning itself to cash in when Florida-headquartered Ross University, moves to Barbados in a month.

    The Trinidad-based conglomerate has taken over the Fresh Market supermarket, just a year after it opened at the Villages at Coverley, Christ Church.


  • We could write a new verse starting with ” Barbados really fuh cup.”


  • @Hants

    It is unfortunate one of the local operators did not have what it took to win the supermarket concession at Coverley.


  • @ T. Inniss

    You did not have to cite coincidences using France and the UK, when we had a perfect example right here in Barbados.

    In 2008 Barbadians loved the DLP and in 2018 they rejected the DLP to the extent that Bajans did not give DEM one seat in parliament.

    Many of us here believe the political philosophies of the DLP and BLP are similar. The evidence is there.
    Your response to NorthernObserver that they are not 2 sides of the same coin confirms you are a DLP lapdog. You and Fractured BLP come with the same type of silly criticisms.

    Liked by 1 person

  • It is unfortunate one of the local operators did not have what it took to win the supermarket concession at Coverley.
    Perhaps if you speculated on ‘what it took to win the concession’ your question would be answered…

    What has been the wont of people of the ilk who made these decisions …when it comes to disposing of Local assets…?

    Did Bushie not spend MUCH time explaining that, rather than empower typical locals (read Black), they were disposed to giving deals and bargains to Trickidadians, Canadians …anyone else…
    …better yet…
    Ask MoneyBrain about his father’s thinking…..

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  • I recently heard a well respected American historian lamenting the fact that with the ascent of Donald Trump into the Whitehouse – his brand of politics has so tarnished the political landscape, that what is emerging is a disregard for positive traditions and conventions – a disregard for political truth.

    The historian compared past U.S Presidents like Lincoln, then the notorious Nixon and down to the modern day ones like the late George Herbert Bush,Obama,Ronald Regan etc and noted with despair how these Presidents who would have made certain pronouncements whether with sincerity or not – were made to pay in some way for these mis- statements .Like for example, George Herbert Bush :’ Read my lips no more taxes”,

    However with this new type of politics – there seem to be no regard for truth by both Trump and the Republican elected officials.Trump seemed to have mastered this telling of untruths to an art – with no sense of shame.

    Closer to home we are witnessing a most disgraceful mirroring of Trump’s political playbook by Mottley – with her bold faced lying to the Barbadian electorate – One after the other,after the other the lies come – and on serious issues as well.

    Even while she was Opposition Leader Mia came in the House of Assembly and lied – saying that Sinckler had defaulted on the Credit Suisse loan.Chris asked her to produce the evidence – she had nothing to produce – so he produced the evidence in the next sitting showing the loan had been paid.No apology from Mia,she just moved on to the next lie.

    Then again as Opposition leader she accused Dennis Lowe of having a fake degree from a University overseas – again she was asked to produce her evidence – she could not so Lowe produced his and asked her to show whether she in fact had a legal certificate – not a sound from her on that anymore.

    Owen told us how as Leader of Opposition she met with her parliamentary group and agreed to support the change to BRA – because it was started when they ( the BLP) was in office.However when she got to the house she proceeded to move against the bill and instructed the other opposition MPs to do the same.Owen refused and later resigned.

    Doesn’t that remind you of Trump’s accusation before he became President, that Barak Obama was not born in America but in Kenya – and when asked to produce evidence – he kept promising and promising – Until Obama decided to shut down that lie by producing the original birth certificate.

    Now Mia is Prime minister and the lies continue – whether it is that a Cabinet of 17 ministers means that (and I quote) “some ministers don’t even see 10 files a day”. So that they don’t even have a half day job – But she however decides to have 26 or more ministers and when challenged she laughed I the face of the stooge who asked the question and said – ‘many hands make light work’. In other words ‘yuh fool stop asking me foolish questions – I am P.M. now.

    She also decried the use of Permanent Secretaries – but she is now using them also.

    She lied and told the Nation – all public servants will be going home with their severance package – until it was discovered that they were not .

    She lied and told the Opposition leader – Bishop Joseph Atherley – that he will get a meeting with White Oaks – to find out what that company are the terms for hiring White Oaks – but nothing further on that.

    She lied about the reason for the termination of public servants and the method to be used;

    She lied about how she will deal with the affected businesses on the South Coast Sewage matter;

    She lied about never printing money if she got into Parliament and when she got in that was the first order of business for her;

    She criticised Freundel Stuart in 2013 for his overseas travel saying:” Stuart should limit his travel and right size his 17 member cabinet – yet every week she is on a plane going some where overseas – usually on trips that should rightfully be attended by the line minister.




  • In every democracy/capitalist society there is the ruling class we have to rail against to ensure justice is delivered. It is a battle that will continue until the end times.

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  • The photo in this article shows shelves of produce that are as well stocked as those in the best Canadian Supermarkets,

    I hope those sweet peppers are grown in Barbados.

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    With Barbados on the verge of launching a legitimate marijuana industry, prominent former politician and community activist Hamilton Lashley is calling for the policy to favour Rastafarians and small farmers.

    Following Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s announcement on Friday that a legal framework to legitimize medical cannabis was taking shape and could be in force by Christmas, Lashley said the Rastafarian community, as well those that have long touted the medicinal value of cannabis, are in danger of being cut out of a potential financial windfall by wealthy landowners.

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  • @ T. Inniss

    A brilliant post. Where are the press and blogs? We were promised here on BU that after six months we would get , or be entitled to, a proper analysis of the new government. So far it has not happened.
    BERT is economic kindergarten stuff, which was delivered by three technocrats by powerpoint (the prime minister introduced the meeting and ran away because she had another meeting. What could have been more important?) Not a single elected official was in attendance. Since then we have not had a well-written and detailed plan. Just waffle.
    Sadly, for a people who claim t be so well educated, not a single word of protest; our great university has not held any seminars or teach-ins on BERT; our great newspapers have largely ignored the subject, unless it is a picture opportunity for our Chinese-managed prime minister.
    All the chairman of BU has to do is commission someone like yourself to write a analytical essay and get other contributors to critique it. Easy. It will be a great contribution to public education. But is that what the public wants?
    On BU we prefer to shout and scream nonsense, led by the chairman, because that is our way, what I call a cultural tradition. Just read and analyse the contributors made by our keyboard warriors and tell me what you think.


  • You were a media person? Why do the analysis amid the noise of the Christmas season?


  • Yes T. Inniss excellent post bringing home the pivitol point of a woman fueled by deceptive practices
    Unfortunately when the Intelluctual among the masses awakes from their slumber it would be too late


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