Government’s Team Shares Information about Next Phase of Economic Program

The Barbados government unveiled its economic program a few minutes ago. Time to buckle up and ask what you can do for your country it all the blogmaster will say.

171 thoughts on “Government’s Team Shares Information about Next Phase of Economic Program

  1. I never said anything about grammar schools. By the way, have a look at the Chinese league football (soccer).

  2. re could one say a Chinese spin bowler was bowling a Chinaman?




  3. The PHASE II Bandaid (BERT) will not control the bloodletting, whats needed INITIALLY is a tourniquet(Currency Devaluation) applied excruciatingly tight. This will have the effect of strangling ALL GOVERNMENT negative cash-flow Financial PROGRAMS, IDENTITIES and STAFF. Then a followup program needs to be implemented based on COST/BENEFIT analysis and RETURN on INVESTMENT philosophy.

    As the saying goes…. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

  4. Ellis Edgar “Puss”Achong was a left-arm spin bowler, who was the first cricketer of Chinese extraction to play Test cricket, appearing for West Indies in six matches against England and taking eight wickets at 47.25.

    Chosen to tour England in 1933, he played in all three Tests but with limited success, and in all first-class matches that season took 71 wickets. Essentially an orthodox slow left-armer, at Manchester he had Robins stumped by a ball which,–bowled with a wrist-spinner’s action, turned into the right-hander from the off and gave rise to the use in England of the word chinaman to describe such a delivery.

    A chinaman is essentially a googly bowled by a left armer

    The term is more traditionally believed to have originated with the former West Indian spinner Ellis “Puss” Achong. In the 1933 Old Trafford Test, Achong, a left-arm orthodox spinner and the first Test cricketer of Chinese ancestry, bowled an unexpected wrist-spin delivery that turned from off to leg, and had the English batsman Walter Robins stumped. Legend has it that Robins, as he walked back to the pavilion, remarked, “Fancy being done by a bloody Chinaman.”

    In the utube below the chinaman is demonstrated by our own Sir Garry

  5. Never have I listen to more poop than what I heard from Avinash Persaud and the fella Greenidge et al.

    Since Mia likes to be transparent and up front with the people,why wasn’t she leading the team yesterday in communicating to the public.Didn’t you all congratulate her for having press conferences and talking?

    Why was she missing in action at this most important time ?

    Was it more important to go to Grenada with Jong and tell the Grenadians how important it was for them to join the CCJ – while you send in your third rate batsmen to face the bowling.Please.Steupes.

    I keep telling you that Mia does not have a clue how to run this country and she has NO plan how to proceed from here.Its all hocus pocus and optics and spin.Opposition is not governing Mia.

    Meanwhile Civil servants going home ,but the largest cabinet in history 28 ministers,consultants,ambassadors,advisors,

    tsars etc collecting their pay and a cool 5% salary incease added on.Now tell me how that could be right especially given their attack on the former govt of 17 ministers as being to big and then demanding that the last ministers not take their full salary.

  6. But David cricket is we national game and politics is only a side-bar to conversations about cricket. I knew about the origin of the “Chinaman” but I don’t know if it is politically correct to call that particular turn of the ball by that name today.

  7. @T.Inniss August 31, 2018 7:59 PM “…the former govt of 17 ministers as being to big and then demanding that the last ministers not take their full salary.”

    Stupssseee!!! You int tired of defending your namesake Donville “I got bills to pay too” Inniss?

    I thought that the former ministers had VOLUNTEERED to take a salary cut, and then they got their money back. [really our money]

    When I was small and somebody gave a gift and then took it back we “set a cat boil” for them.

    It looks like the people gave the DLP a 30-0 cat boil too.

  8. i listened to the play by play poop yesterday nuff singles taking them to the end of day play
    But the one that almost hit the boundary but was caught at mid field was Persaud big swip at an IMF ball that had me running for cover while laughing at the numerical poop of 1000 workers to be sent out
    At that point i muttered that man need to be out.

  9. @Bush Tea ““All it takes is two bad boys to come and abscond with all your garden produce to show you which God you are serving……or worse, for two others…

    I am not sure why, but bad boys seem to have a liking for me.

    And as for “others” I knew them from the time they were little boys in short pants…and they were afraid of me then and now. .just for fun I used to cut boys’ arses on my way home from school, and some have never forgotten…

  10. There is a new reality that Bajans will have to deal with. A decline in your so called standard of living.

    I hope the BLP teams and czars can deliver the promises they are making.

    Give them a chance but ” watch them “.

    For the idiots who don’t know, if the BLP are successful it will benefit DLP supporters just like it will benefit all Bajans.

  11. @ T.Inniss August 31, 2018 7:59 PM
    “I keep telling you that Mia does not have a clue how to run this country and she has NO plan how to proceed from here.Its all hocus pocus and optics and spin.Opposition is not governing Mia.”

    The way you have described the transfer of political power it seems there has been a smooth transition from the Fumbling Stuart and his sidekick of a financial idiot but supreme liar Dolus Sinckler.

    Everything appears to have gone according to plan except that Mia communicates with her naïve people and that she did “A” Level Mathematics allowing her to know (unlike Sinckler) the difference between the decimal 0.03 and the fraction 7/10.

    So what would you have opted for? A devaluation by August 2018 had your deceitful lying party been returned to power and the forex tank displaying empty or a stay of economic execution hoping for a last minute reprieve from the Governor of the IMF on condition that Bajans pay continuous homage to the god of Productivity and Forex?

    • Let us not forget the DLP purged the executive of all the players associated with the defeat at the polls on the 24 May 2018, an admission that it failed or recognized that the electorate was of that view.

      On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 1:24 AM Barbados Underground wrote:


  12. @sargeant

    BTW how did you conclude that India and Pakistan have exhausted their cricket talent?

    Given that india is the next biggest population centre; with 1.2 billion die hard cricket fans. I still believe India has a long head start on china producing the next super starts in cricket. China will narrow the gap especially if the communist party mandates that china rule the cricketing world also lol

    Cricket may come to be dominated by the india vs china. Given that china seems to be home for the stars at the end of their rein Many past England Aussie and windies players etc may end they playing days in China if they actually start a semi or pro cricket league.

  13. Ghee whizz howmany times you David going to kerp regurgitating 30-0 defeat
    Ok my hands in the air i concede
    But what i would not concede is that Mia niw having a mandate to govern has failed miserably in performance in so much that her political language and that of her miniters are mirror images of past govt
    All hands on deck
    There is no quick fix
    T. Innis is correct this govt is lost not having a plan on which they can have alternatives have chosen to invite the IMF as the sole alternative to fixing barbados economy
    I hear you mention time and time again the dlp need for response
    The dlp was handed by the electorate a vote to remain silent as this they would do until if and when necessary to speak
    Until then the hog is Mia to do as she dam please
    The dlp party has enough of there own problems no need to join Mia in another five years of punishing pain

  14. if 1000 are going home? will the unions insist on the out dated LIFO CONVENTION? to be honest some of those long lifers are the ones need removing from the workings. i look forward to the “employees unions” playing business as usual in the :”not business as usual” environment. time will see what cards the “employees union” plays.

    If i was a true “workers union” i can see that a LIFO convention will be appropriate as they would have being all productive members of the respective “work forces”. and losing any “worker” would be a blow to the productivity of any organisation.

  15. Politico-phobia? is this banned in Barbados? Do any “big ups” suffer from capiophobia disorder here? Metathesiophobia appears to be rampant in barbados.

    I looked and searched there is no suffix +phobia that i found. which meant “fear of lawyers” I guess there is not such a disorder.

    maybe this is why Metathesiophobia is rampant because capiophobia is non-existent for the connected few, these few are not Politico-phobics.

    Just asking. .

  16. To sum up: The Barbadian opera goes on. Nobody seems to be willing for a system change.

    What we see are frightened so-called educated men in suits and with a tie, pretending to be in control of the situation and to know a solution which does NOT need any significant change. They promise us “business as usual”. Hollow words about increasing productivity when everybody knows that the Caribbean is always in party-mode and “work” is just a word, not part of social culture. Non-binding “recommendations” wich will not be implemented.

    And on BU? Some praise cricket and street tennis as a solution for all problems …

    Given the Barbadian elite´s unwillingness for any change, the island will remain a non-developing country for the foreseeable future. The IMF programme won´t be a success. Consumer prices will increase, the living standard will shrink further. More IMF programmes will follow.

  17. People spoke often about the need for confidence and how with this change in government confidence will be renewed.

    If people are honest they will realise that now that Charles Herbert has been charged with importing drugs the private sector seemed to have lost its steam.

    In addition, businesses just like ordinary folks are realizing the impact on these not well thought out new impositions such as the new taxes in Tourism,the 50 % increase on their water bills,the increase in their contribution in the NIS,the increase cost of doing business as a result of the gasoline tax and on and on.

    Ordinary folks are crying out about the effect of that sewage tax,the new tax brackets some have been placed in because of the 5 %,the increase in gas,increase in food etc.

    Are we really seeing any confidence in the atmosphere? I think not.

    Phase 2 of the real deal still to come.

    Watch Muh and see lol.

  18. I will suggest a radical strategy. Legalise the below or make the punishment faced insignificant or no punishment at all.

    I also know we suffer from acute metathesiophobia. However i think that my suggestions will more than remove that phobia “forthwith” as there will be nuff money to be made by the usual money makers.

    Let use decriminalise or legalise or permit.

    a) Prostitution
    b) All illegal guns & drugs (marijuana, coke, herione, meth etc, the whoe gambit,.u name it legal bout hay) trafficking.
    c) Casino gambling
    d) Child labour
    e) corruption
    f) Homosexuality

    Many of these activities are conducted in forex currencies therefore the tax and/or license will be the currency of origin.

    Therefore you will need to pay an annual licence to conduct buisness in (A & B &C) also and a rate of xxx % of gross sales/invoice amt will be charged on activities (C & B)

    Activities F & E will be as there are now not enforceable thus not taxable or licenceable.

    Exemption. No taxes will be levied on (D). cuzz the family probably need the money in the first place.

    Let see if the removal of guard rails these will increase both the governments forex and local tax revenue.

    The proposals may bring some financially stability but we will be socially and morally bankrupt. I guess we srteering bankruptcy i in the face no matter waht we do?

    A Change in attitudes will bring about changes in outcomes. Metathesiophobia run that from bout hay.

    • @sirFuzzy

      To what degree is the society already socially and morally bankrupt and how will legalizing what you have suggested marginally benefit to reduce the death sentence?

  19. No comment.
    No point in repeating Tron at 1.35 am.

    @ T Inniss
    It was not really a call for confidence.
    It was a cry to get rid of the bunch or thieving, illiterate JAs that had become an embarrassment to us all…
    …and to allow the (US) law to take its course…

  20. David September 1, 2018 7:28 AM

    I am compartmentalising stuff. These measure is a new approach for govt to raise much needed revenue. As it cannot be business as usual, we cannot preclude any activity. Many here will acknowledge that what i am suggesting already is occurring without govt permission so why not get some revenue from the “dark economy”.

    We have tried the other way for many years and look where we have arrived; lets stop and try doing it another way and see if we get better results.

    I will direct your attention to china. China imho has by and large has broken many of the rules that we consider “law-abidding” nations follow
    China broke these laws/rule in order to achieve its development objectives. it appears that China views your(intellectual property) IP as their, therefore it will not be protected under china’s our laws; actually (no enforcement of the law) until we have mastered it or have gain an advantage in producing it. for this wanton law breaking we have rewarded china will billions of dollars of capitalist investment etc. lets go figure? break the rules and u get investment? hmmmm

    To me if you play by the rule you are destined not to win; cause the rules were not written by u so guess what will be the result of your efforts.

    Barbados may have to see that playing by the rules may not allow us to win either; so lets us be radical, mix up stuff let try a new thing; “be sincere let it not be business as usual”. Tell me why it cannot work if we try these things. Also don’t tell me that Barbados is a Christian nation, because if we were many of the above proposals would not be already happening in our midst in the first place.

    Metathesiophobia is rampant in the lil Barbados. However a change in attitude will produce changes in outcome.

    what says u?

    • @sirFuzzy

      Yes your theory is sound however the practically of it to consider is that China is an economic power. Not even Trump’s bluster appears to be intimidating the Chinamen.

      The following timeless prescription from the master supports your view.

      It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things; for the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order; this lukewarmness arising partly from the incredulity of mankind who does not truly believe in anything new until they actually have experience of it.

      Nicolo Machiavelli (1469 – 1527)

  21. Heard yesterday about the GoB’s thinking in response to current challenges from the EU and OECD – my only comment is too much incest leads to deformities

  22. Some of the benefits Civil Servants enjoyed in the past will now have to be revisited,like:

    Paying civil servants for going and get a degree – however useless it is to the current tasks being performed;
    Eliminating some of the paid leave,vehicle benefits etc
    In the ministry of Education, teachers should no longer be paid for study leave and then paid extra for the degree – since this is a personal benefit to you – instead extra pay should be given to teachers in specialist areas like those stem subjects – so as to attract the brightest and the best,and special Education teachers;
    Have about 8 disciplinary panels – and empower them to deal with matters of attendance,productivity,theft etc with all levels of staff – from the maid to the permanent secretary

    To show that she intends to lead from in front,Mia can start by:

    Reducing the big cabinet to 15 and cutting the extra lumps of fat by sending home consultants such as Billie Miller,Charles Jong,Avinash Persaud,Commisung,Jessica Odle,Pat Parris and the like.

  23. @ David September 1, 2018 8:09 AM

    I think u missed the point. China is indeed an economic “powerhouse today” because the leadership in china had a long term plan in moving china in that direction from the 1970s. China has not be stealing Ip from yesterday they have been doing it for over 25 years as this was part of their long term development palns/stragedy.

    China move from cold to lukewarm and not have reach hot.

    Any journey usually starts with the first step?

    They say that once u taste victory or winning you are very hard to convince that second place is the best plce on the podium.

    David we may need a new PM and ministerss. i suggest
    Mr/s LukeWarm as minister of culture.
    Mr/s Tepid as Foreign Min.
    Mr/s Warmish as Finance Minister
    Mr/s Boiling as PM.

    what says u?

    • @sirFuzzy

      You point is understood, a strategy driven by many variables that do not exist in the Barbados experience. Their culture, their physical resources fuel a different experience. It is not to say there are not things we can borrow from the Chinamen. The Barbados model is infected, we are not sure if the sickness is terminal at this point. We need to identify the treatment to catapult to good help but we struggling with the diagnosis.

  24. I think we can get over and out of this. I think time is on side; cuzz we aint got much else on our side.

    We may need to fall or bust we toe and suffer some pain in order to recognise that we have being reading the compass the wrong way for quite a while.

    If you are a diabetic and you have been a bad boy eating and drinking the wrong stuff because you could there comes a day of reckoning.

    You will be put on a regime. medicine; exercise and diet. if your MD wants u to survive., However you the patient has some options

    a) ignore all the advice
    b) adhere to all the advice
    c) adhere to some of the advice

    If u are faced with an amputation of any part of the leg; u must understand that after the amputation you will not be same.

    You may walk funny; (so expect the uneducated/uninformed to steer and maybe laugh); karma can be a bitch
    You may not be able to walk without an attachment
    You may not be able to run

    Looking back can be painful, but we have to accept that you may never play football again etc, but look for sports/games that you can play and maybe excel in.

    Basically you may not be able to do what u did before in the manner you did before. You will have to adjust to the new
    reality. You may not be able to punch above your weight etc.

    Maybe ur leaders need to start preparing us for the period after the amputation. Barbados may have to come into a new normal where punching at or about our weight is the norm and will be so for the foreseeable future.

    Or will our leaders play the “political card” and lie and blame others while is Rome is burning to the ground?

    Just asking?


    • @sirFuzzy

      Mia is on public record as saying she is interested in two terms only. How long will the IMF program and other proposed initiatives take to force the fundamental change required? To what extent will it impact the re-election? The point is that politicking will always be in play in the decision making.

  25. You point is understood, a strategy driven by many variables that do not exist in the Barbados experience. Their culture, their physical resources fuel a different experience. It is not to say there are not things we can borrow from the Chinamen. The Barbados model is infected, we are not sure if the sickness is terminal at this point. We need to identify the treatment to catapult to good help but we struggling with the diagnosis.(Quote)

    What is this is plain English?

  26. @ David September 1, 2018 8:09 AM

    What an excellent response to “sirfuzzy’s” ‘thinking-out-of-the box’ proposal!

    Your ‘quoted’ reference to the ‘Prince’ of the practical art of political conduct is worthy of exemplification.

    So should Barbados, then, bite the bullet currently encased in a sheath of moral hypocrisy and follow the lead of Amsterdam by decriminalizing, initially, marijuana and regulating prostitution to earn a few dollars for the Treasury instead of all the money going underground to the ‘black’ economy as presently happens?

    What’s wrong with issuing licences to ‘professional’ prostitutes even if, in the true spirit of CSME, the market is open to other Caricom nationals?

    Amsterdam was the springboard from which the Bajan sugar cane industry was launched to make a gem of a king out of a little coral island.

    Why not go back to basics to learn a few modern-day lessons from a black Prince in the art of economic survival?

    Why not make mary jane our modern day ‘sweet-tasting’ street girl?

  27. @ T.Inniss September 1, 2018 8:14 AM
    “To show that she intends to lead from in front,Mia can start by:

    Reducing the big cabinet to 15 and cutting the extra lumps of fat by sending home consultants such as Billie Miller,Charles Jong,Avinash Persaud,Commisung,Jessica Odle,Pat Parris and the like.”

    In addition to your proposals given above what about adding the following revenue raising measures to your list of expenditure cuts?

    How about investigating the millions lost in blatant tax evasion schemes similar to what you lot accused her dad of doing?

    Why not investigate the dirty launderer Greenverbs tax affairs to see if the $3.3 million and other amounts received the ‘correct tax’ treatment?

    How about the tax treatment -both VAT and Income Tax- on the many millions received by the court jesters Hal G. and Michel Y since Lord King Fumble ascended the throne?

    Did the $1.5 million billed to the BWA attract the VAT and associated business taxes and their subsequent settlement?

    What about the former speaker the crooked M C’s billings to the BIDC for legal fees?
    Did they undergo the BRA’s radar to escape from the tax net just like Pornville’s overseas kickbacks?

    What about the many others whose known associations with members of the political class effectively insulate them from tax investigation and liability?

    Why should already financially hard-pressed households feel motivated to pay the additional $45.00 p/m levy on their water bills when these large tax liabilities remain outstanding?

  28. @SirFuzzy
    If we let aside traditional Barbadian moral values and focus on business,
    your list is a true improvement since it is
    INDEPENDENT from any wasted effort to improve local productivity
    AND independent from a true reform of the public sector
    AND without big public costs to implement it
    AND attractive business without tax concessions.

    Your list would also greatly improve the rule of law, since it brings the law closer to social reality.

    I would like to streamlight it in the light of international cooperation and international rules (so there is no second Grenada …) and add more suggestions:

    a) Prostitution: OK

    b) All illegal guns & drugs (marijuana, coke, herione, meth etc, the whoe gambit,.u name it legal bout hay) trafficking: Legalisation of guns OK (ref: USA), drugs: “light” drugs OK (ref: USA, Netherlands), “hard” drugs on medical prescription; add: shooting galleries for tourists

    c) Casino gambling: OK (all CARICOM and other nations, except locals)

    d) Child labour: from 16 years on, below with special permission

    e) corruption: Comprehensive legalisation not possible, but certain “incentives”, “kick-backs” , “shared profits” yes, PROVIDED there is a statute on this and taxes paid.

    f) Homosexuality: OK, including marriage

    More suggestions which do not rely on increasing productivity, on a reform of the public sector or on the taxpayer´s money:

    g) Copying the offshore financial laws of Bahamas, Bermuda and Caymans, which are the most aggressive

    h) Copying the legislation of Ireland and the Netherlands to enable a “Double Irish With a Dutch Sandwich”

    i) Enabling “Cum-ex-Trade” at the expense of foreign entities

    j) LOWERING (!) the standards of IP-protection concerning up- and download-services and INCREASING the standards of IP-protection to enhance streamline-services

    k) selling local citizenship to everybody (without criminal background or on an international or US sanctions list) investing a certain sum of forex in Barbados

    l) Better services for cruise passengers: Bring the shops, the brothels (a) and the drugs (b) close to the pier.

    m) Allow private companies or clubs to simulate historical battles for US tourists on the many plain fields of this island (Civil War, Second World War)

    n) Marketing of Barbados as a “Pirate Island”, ref: Stede Bonnet

  29. Why should already financially hard-pressed households feel motivated to pay the additional $45.00 p/m levy on their water bills when these large tax liabilities remain outstanding?
    Shiite Miller…. of late you have been punching WAY above your weight class…

    This is even more profound that the blog master’s reference to the prince…

  30. @ Tron September 1, 2018 11:57 AM

    Very impressive thanks for the additional items.

    We like to blow steam and in the rum shop we talk nuff nuff. But i guess we are not to actually contribute ideas that they have not thought of first? lol The politicians still want their hands in the trophy if the country happens to succeed.

    However, if we are to be really real and the chant becomes the refrain “not business as usual” then when we come with “(out of the box) idea many will say it cannot work!

    So what is the true purpose of reminding us that “it cannot be business as usual”. Maybe the chant “not business as usual is a PR stunt?” And they don’t want to really change anything? 🙁

    Whenever the usa is talking defence of the nation, the generals or president seem to always say “no options are off the table” when it comes to defending the US.

    Likewise “no options should be off the table” to right the ship HMS Barbados.

  31. Mia is on record of saying a lot of things many which have not happened
    Expecting a billion dollar debt ridden economy to come out of the clutches of the IMF in a shorten time period is like horse biscuits becoming bakery biscuits ..not goingvto happen
    Barbados does not have sufficient productivity to help pull the wagon and the private sector over the years has shown a stubborn unwillingness to use any of their financial sources in ways which will create growth in the economy which has left the bulk of creating growth on govt
    Mia belives that throwing around sound bites and uttering false promises would be enough to boost investors confidence in barbados

  32. SirFuzzy,

    We have to accept Barbados and Barbadians as they are. We cannot change them. That is crystal clear for me after a review of the past 20 years.

    If we look at most efforts from 2000 on, we realise that these efforts presupposed higher productivity or non-available greater skills (enlarging the public sector or industrial diversification, for instance), large sums of the taxpayer´s money (like infrastructure projects or new hotels) or they even caused a drainage of forex. It did not work and will never work.

    What we need are new ways

    which do not cost the taxpayer high sums through public investments or concessions

    which do not undermine the national religion called “peg” (given the political consensus, not my personal view)

    which are very easy to implement and to maintain (easier than a sewage system!)

    which do not rely on compliance

    which do not rely on high productivity

    which allow the black population, the non-educated and the educated, to participate

    which extract as much money from foreigners as possible

    and are still equal to the bottomline of international standards.

  33. Tron September 1, 2018 1:13 PM

    From what my parents told me the average bajan was not like this in the 1960/70 or 80s. I wonder want happened to us over those years?

    I was told by my dad a lot that higher education is not common sense; cause many of his friends only got to 5th standard and never thief or try to rob a fella. However he insisted that i attain my higher education.

  34. @ Hal
    It is not Bert that frighten muh , um is Clyde and Avin………..

    On cricket
    Wen ah tell peeple dat at bay primary, uh was coach by Weeks, Griffith and Nurse duh tell muh ah lie

    On Road Tennis
    Um shud not tek nuh 20 years. Declare it the national sport and be bold about um. Dey use to play plenty cricket in amurca until Roosvelt suh he want baseball as the national sport all schools

    On Ri Ri
    Everybody should read the editorial in Barbados Today.

    Jah Bless

  35. @Sir Fuzzy,

    We allowed lawyer to take over our public life. We must drive them out. Barbados in the 1950s and 60s was a little Heaven. We went to sleep with our back doors open. Then we got constitutional independence, with it the mass production of semi-educated lawyers, and the rest is history.

    @William, You are a good man, but you would have benefited more from going to St Giles. Yes. Everton Weekes was a government cricket coach, and so was Nurse. By the way, Bayland had a very good BCL team, with Vinnie Brewster and others.

  36. Hal Austin September 1, 2018 1:45 PM

    it does seem to be a preponderance of lawyers in anything we do. On every type of government agency we will find them as chairperson or deputy.

    But this preponderance does not seem to have aided us in the execution of justice or in the better governance of the the central govt depts or SOEs

    Actually we seem unable to remove our knickers with out assistance from the neighbours.

  37. Sir Fuzzy,

    I do not want to seem like I am attacking lawyers. Some of my nicest relatives and friends are lawyers. But our lawyers do not make any major contributions to the progress of the nation, either professionally or intellectually. They have hijacked politics since independence and are holding the nation to ransom.
    We must remove them from public life. Name a single lawyer who, since independence has made a positive contribution to our development, outside the law or has given moral leadership to the nation..

  38. @William,

    Many thanks. The first thing I put in my suitcase when I was about to leave Barbados was the book I got as a prize when I won a scholarship from that wonderful school – teachers and pupils. It was down hill all the way after that. We owed it all to J.O.Morris.

  39. @Tron September 1, 2018 11:57 AM “b) All illegal guns & drugs (marijuana, coke, herione, meth etc, the whoe gambit,.u name it legal bout hay) trafficking: Legalisation of guns OK (ref: USA), drugs: “light” drugs OK (ref: USA, Netherlands), “hard” drugs on medical prescription; add: shooting galleries for tourists.

    A Simple question: If there are medical costs to treat those who need treatment for their marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. use who pays for the treatment? And how much will the treatment cost?

    d) Child labour: from 16 years on, below with special permission

    A Simple Question: Special permission from whom?

  40. The 1000 number is a phony cooked up number between Union and govt to fool the public workers
    The only number that is going to matter when govt negotiate to get the loan is the one written on paper by the IMF
    Toni Moore mouthings are self-serving and makes for a drowning rat catching at a straw

  41. Debt default remains a matter of concern says head of the Barbados Economic Society

    Leader of the UPP says the proposed Integrity Act is a Weak Act

    Our own boy Senator Caswell Franklin says the governing BLP deserves no better than an emphatic F – .A failing grade.

    Expect CHAOS says the route taxi and mini bus operators who are unhappy with how they are being transitioned into the new terminal.



    Stay tuned for the continued fallout on the colossal blunder by ‘We got this ‘Mottley of defaulting on the debt.

    What sweet in goat mouth does ………………….

  42. Here is what an outstanding Barbadian is doing in the UK. Is he on the government’s list of consultants?

    During Small Business Advice Week, Piers Linney – entrepreneur, investor, and Non-Executive Director at British Business Bank – will be giving UK businesses the chance to win half a day of his time.

    The winning business will get a visit from Piers, who can offer advice and support on how to grow their business.

    Piers believes passionately in the role of small and medium-sized businesses in growing the UK economy and he has an impressive track record in starting and growing businesses.

    He is a great advocate of UK business and is keen to share his experience and knowledge to help smaller UK businesses grow.

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