• Why should already financially hard-pressed households feel motivated to pay the additional $45.00 p/m levy on their water bills when these large tax liabilities remain outstanding?
    Shiite Miller…. of late you have been punching WAY above your weight class…

    This is even more profound that the blog master’s reference to the prince…


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    @ Tron September 1, 2018 11:57 AM

    Very impressive thanks for the additional items.

    We like to blow steam and in the rum shop we talk nuff nuff. But i guess we are not to actually contribute ideas that they have not thought of first? lol The politicians still want their hands in the trophy if the country happens to succeed.

    However, if we are to be really real and the chant becomes the refrain “not business as usual” then when we come with “(out of the box) idea many will say it cannot work!

    So what is the true purpose of reminding us that “it cannot be business as usual”. Maybe the chant “not business as usual is a PR stunt?” And they don’t want to really change anything? 😦

    Whenever the usa is talking defence of the nation, the generals or president seem to always say “no options are off the table” when it comes to defending the US.

    Likewise “no options should be off the table” to right the ship HMS Barbados.


  • @sirFuzzy

    Good comment.


  • Mia is on record of saying a lot of things many which have not happened
    Expecting a billion dollar debt ridden economy to come out of the clutches of the IMF in a shorten time period is like horse biscuits becoming bakery biscuits ..not goingvto happen
    Barbados does not have sufficient productivity to help pull the wagon and the private sector over the years has shown a stubborn unwillingness to use any of their financial sources in ways which will create growth in the economy which has left the bulk of creating growth on govt
    Mia belives that throwing around sound bites and uttering false promises would be enough to boost investors confidence in barbados


  • SirFuzzy,

    We have to accept Barbados and Barbadians as they are. We cannot change them. That is crystal clear for me after a review of the past 20 years.

    If we look at most efforts from 2000 on, we realise that these efforts presupposed higher productivity or non-available greater skills (enlarging the public sector or industrial diversification, for instance), large sums of the taxpayer´s money (like infrastructure projects or new hotels) or they even caused a drainage of forex. It did not work and will never work.

    What we need are new ways

    which do not cost the taxpayer high sums through public investments or concessions

    which do not undermine the national religion called “peg” (given the political consensus, not my personal view)

    which are very easy to implement and to maintain (easier than a sewage system!)

    which do not rely on compliance

    which do not rely on high productivity

    which allow the black population, the non-educated and the educated, to participate

    which extract as much money from foreigners as possible

    and are still equal to the bottomline of international standards.


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    Tron September 1, 2018 1:13 PM

    From what my parents told me the average bajan was not like this in the 1960/70 or 80s. I wonder want happened to us over those years?

    I was told by my dad a lot that higher education is not common sense; cause many of his friends only got to 5th standard and never thief or try to rob a fella. However he insisted that i attain my higher education.


  • @ Hal
    It is not Bert that frighten muh , um is Clyde and Avin………..

    On cricket
    Wen ah tell peeple dat at bay primary, uh was coach by Weeks, Griffith and Nurse duh tell muh ah lie

    On Road Tennis
    Um shud not tek nuh 20 years. Declare it the national sport and be bold about um. Dey use to play plenty cricket in amurca until Roosvelt suh he want baseball as the national sport all schools

    On Ri Ri
    Everybody should read the editorial in Barbados Today.

    Jah Bless


  • @Sir Fuzzy,

    We allowed lawyer to take over our public life. We must drive them out. Barbados in the 1950s and 60s was a little Heaven. We went to sleep with our back doors open. Then we got constitutional independence, with it the mass production of semi-educated lawyers, and the rest is history.

    @William, You are a good man, but you would have benefited more from going to St Giles. Yes. Everton Weekes was a government cricket coach, and so was Nurse. By the way, Bayland had a very good BCL team, with Vinnie Brewster and others.


  • sirfuzzy (i was a sheep some years ago; not a sheep anymore)

    Hal Austin September 1, 2018 1:45 PM

    it does seem to be a preponderance of lawyers in anything we do. On every type of government agency we will find them as chairperson or deputy.

    But this preponderance does not seem to have aided us in the execution of justice or in the better governance of the the central govt depts or SOEs

    Actually we seem unable to remove our knickers with out assistance from the neighbours.


  • @ Hal
    I had the pleasure of teaching at St Giles. You are very highly respected in your home base.


  • Sir Fuzzy,

    I do not want to seem like I am attacking lawyers. Some of my nicest relatives and friends are lawyers. But our lawyers do not make any major contributions to the progress of the nation, either professionally or intellectually. They have hijacked politics since independence and are holding the nation to ransom.
    We must remove them from public life. Name a single lawyer who, since independence has made a positive contribution to our development, outside the law or has given moral leadership to the nation..


  • @William,

    Many thanks. The first thing I put in my suitcase when I was about to leave Barbados was the book I got as a prize when I won a scholarship from that wonderful school – teachers and pupils. It was down hill all the way after that. We owed it all to J.O.Morris.


  • @Tron September 1, 2018 11:57 AM “b) All illegal guns & drugs (marijuana, coke, herione, meth etc, the whoe gambit,.u name it legal bout hay) trafficking: Legalisation of guns OK (ref: USA), drugs: “light” drugs OK (ref: USA, Netherlands), “hard” drugs on medical prescription; add: shooting galleries for tourists.

    A Simple question: If there are medical costs to treat those who need treatment for their marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. use who pays for the treatment? And how much will the treatment cost?

    d) Child labour: from 16 years on, below with special permission

    A Simple Question: Special permission from whom?


  • Methamphetamine Abuse Costs U.S. $23.4 Billion.Study cites crime, court fees, productivity losses and deaths among consequences

    Looks like even the U.S. is having trouble coping with the cost of treatment, and lowered productivity. $23.4 billion is a nice little piece of change.


  • “It is not Bert that frighten muh , um is Clyde and Avin………..” …. agree with you 100% !!!


  • Breakin News Caswell pelting nuff big rocks at govt
    I am no Caswell fan just sitting watching the bussa bussa


  • The 1000 number is a phony cooked up number between Union and govt to fool the public workers
    The only number that is going to matter when govt negotiate to get the loan is the one written on paper by the IMF
    Toni Moore mouthings are self-serving and makes for a drowning rat catching at a straw


  • Debt default remains a matter of concern says head of the Barbados Economic Society

    Leader of the UPP says the proposed Integrity Act is a Weak Act

    Our own boy Senator Caswell Franklin says the governing BLP deserves no better than an emphatic F – .A failing grade.

    Expect CHAOS says the route taxi and mini bus operators who are unhappy with how they are being transitioned into the new terminal.



    Stay tuned for the continued fallout on the colossal blunder by ‘We got this ‘Mottley of defaulting on the debt.

    What sweet in goat mouth does ………………….


  • Here is what an outstanding Barbadian is doing in the UK. Is he on the government’s list of consultants?

    During Small Business Advice Week, Piers Linney – entrepreneur, investor, and Non-Executive Director at British Business Bank – will be giving UK businesses the chance to win half a day of his time.

    The winning business will get a visit from Piers, who can offer advice and support on how to grow their business.

    Piers believes passionately in the role of small and medium-sized businesses in growing the UK economy and he has an impressive track record in starting and growing businesses.

    He is a great advocate of UK business and is keen to share his experience and knowledge to help smaller UK businesses grow.

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  • So the latest bus fares going up.more sh.tt going in the ocean. Wuhloss muh belly


  • The UK edition of the Nation likes BERT so much, it published the double page spread twice.


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