Barbados’ Systemic, Attitudinal Problem

[Barbados Underground] The following exchange took place between the blogmaster and BU family member Observing between 6:15AM and 9:17AM on 16 August 2018 – David, blogmaster

Blogmaster’s comment:

The situation unfolding in Barbados is reminiscent to what unfolded in Greece. We want to live like there is no problem. Some MPs and Senators want increase remuneration. The unionists want pay hikes. We want every brand of cornflakes on the supermarket shelf. We want the latest ride etc, etc, etc.

Observing’s reply:

Therein lies the problem. As Bush Tea says ad nauseam, our issues are systemic and attitudinal. We want everything the way it was, without sacrifice, without taxes and without austerity.

The BLP deserves their honeymoon but until forex stops leaking, shite stops being pumped into the swamp, government expenses match revenue and we stop borrowing to make our statistics look good we will always be in ducks guts.

  • re. OSA – that 2 billion forex came from sales of entities, international business and increased land prices
  • re. DJT – attempted to keep things as they were in a depressed climate that never had a chance of recovering
  • re. FJS – did nothing really.

So here we are. Promises galore, plenty smoke and mirrors, press conferences grandmudda and then what…..

Same sub cultures, same socio-economic divide, same irrelevant education, same lackadaisical public sector attitude, same low productivity, same square pegs in round holes, same political decisions rather than practical ones.

Why? Because we like it so. Because the last bunch were so bad, that this bunch can now do wrong. Because if you applaud one, it means you are pulling down the other.

The rhetoric is laudable, I await the results. NUPW and BWU for another thread, I’ll reserve comments on.

17 thoughts on “Barbados’ Systemic, Attitudinal Problem

  1. Well, Observer comment says it all. Remember the Chinese proverb that says that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step? Well it doesn’t say an thing about waiting for 100 days before pushing off! I too thought that the Bimmyconomy is facing a situation similar to Greece but CARICOM is not the EU, and has no capacity to provide any mitigation of the pain that IMF measures will bring. In large measure the IMF supported effort to rebuild the economy poses a real threat of destroying our society as we know it. But doing nothing, or worse, doing the wrong things will sure as hell take us to perdition in a wicker basket as well when all is done, even though not said. So as DJT used to say, we should wheel and come again before the boom falls on our backsides.

  2. Too damn greedy, am sure this one was either born in the US or got dual citizenship otherwise, why don’t she go to the US and look for a real job instead of sitting on her broad behind trying to milk taxpayers.

  3. Speaking of attitude. The barbadian persistent attitude for the past ten years wasone of frequent outcry and demands for the monies invested and systematically lost in Clico Insurance Company was that of getting their monies back
    After a ten year period in which past govt had got an agreement by which the monies would be refunded breaking news reveals because of Mottley brilliant idea to default on govt debt the refunding would stop
    Cant help but wonder what it would be like socially as well as economically for the bajan household
    The recklessness of this govt makes me think of the word Scary


  4. The problems are indeed MAINLY systemic and attitudinal, ….but then there are the jackasses.
    Mariposa comes to mind, and brings into memory the recent DLP of Froon and Stinkliar….

    Even with our flawed systems and our mendicant, albino-centric attitudes, Barbados would have had a small chance at recovery …were it not for the jackasses that constituted the DLP – and who are now represented on BU by Mariposa.

    Seriously though David… While ac / Mariposa played a useful role in highlighting just how low minded, stupid and retarded the DLP was during their term of sewage,….the VERY least you can do now is to delete her idiotic comments that only serve to give people the impression that normal Bajans are such rabid jackasses…

    The other thing that would be VITAL for any kind of justice now, would be an URGENT and accelerated investigation into the actions of the past sewage government (starting with Froon and CAHILL) and prosecutions WHEREVER it is found that the laws were broken. Given the situation with Dumbville, and the history of Auditor General reports…anything less will be national suicide.

    The VERY WORST of all of our ‘attitudinal problems’ is this stupid tendency to ‘let bygone criminal activities be bygone’. This has been the main recipe for our demise… it is a guarantee for future continuance…

    EVEN BBE (with perfect love) demands repentance before forgiveness and restitution ….
    and repentance begins with sack cloth and ashes.

  5. I have no issues whatsoever with elected politicians being highly paid. that way we would get the best people, I hope, vying to be elected instead of some of the riff raff masquerading as politicians. and then they should be held accountable for their actions when it is against the best interest of Barbados, which we will have to define broadly or specifically.

    there is no real need for an unelected senate. i cant really understand its function. if we need two bodies for filtering how govt functions both should be elected, perhaps, one at the national level (senate) one from each parish, and the other at the local level (HOA).

  6. Bush Tea now you have spoken your peace
    Phase two is for you to go take your early morning dump ole boar
    Dont get your draws all knotted because of Mariposa.
    The election is over jack a .ss the people voted for better and every day it is getting worse and all you and the blp yardfowls want to bring to the table are the same ole talking points about FJS and the DLP get over it and fast forward to May 24th when a new govt was elected on a promise of better
    Today the breaking news is no more payments for the Clico investors
    RH that is news worth bringing to the table
    Jack..a ss yuh igrunt self cant tell me what to speak never was a member of any group i speak and could not careless who is offened
    While the blp ministers bellies are filled up the rest of the country is starving
    Get loss and crawl back into uh grass bed uh braying jack.ass

  7. The blogmaster intended to post a brief comment on the outburst by Senator Taitt.

    A bit of advice to her, she should resign if she is unhappy with the allowance.

    We need people coming to public life to serve. This is not the time to be making noises about increasing the allowance for Senators, this is not to suggest that it should not be more.

    Now is not the time for ministers’ salaries to be increases either, the point that a parliamentarian’s salary is linked to public service is taken but… The optics is very bad, like the number of BLP ministers at this time.

    As a country we have the opportunity to learn from others that have had to travel this world, it appears we hesitate to take the bold decisions, it appears we are not attracting the right people to public life. it appears we all want to go to heaven and not die to coin Arthur’s saying.

    After all the country has gone through in the last 10 years we have not learned one damn thing.

  8. Good morning to you too Mariposa…
    Just let Bushie know when you will be taking your morning dip in the Graeme Hall ‘Spring’ …and the bushman will time his dump appropriately…
    It can’t do you any harm – it will be the same as taking coals to Newcastle…..
    ha ha ha

  9. Every since this present govt held office their has been this relentless approach to aattack opposing views by the blp yardfowls
    Hell this govt is not perfect but also the recklesdness and callous approach is going to hurt all barbadians in the long term
    I will continue to speak my peace especially in areas where self interest supersedes the country interest
    The need for default was unnecessary …now the painful effects are beginning to kick all in the ars..e i would be the loudest and most vocal

  10. Here’s what happened up the road in the Turks and Caicos.

    While it is hard to imagine OSA or Froon attracting the attention from the opposite sex that Misick did, there is the underlying feeling of graft and corruption associated with their regimes.

    It took the British Government to bring T&C to heel, from their own Governor back down.

    But one wonders what was the point, a court case lasting 3 years and costing $1 million USD per month!!!!

    Even Mueller in the US can’t top that spending.

    Same result though … nothing so far!!

  11. Misick and other ministers were accused of financing lavish lifestyles by acquiring publicly-owned land and selling it to developers.

    Before charges were brought, Misick moved to Brazil where his claim for asylum was rejected and he was handed over to Interpol to be returned to the Turks and Caicos.

    He has spent the last three years on trial in a court case which is estimated to be costing the country of just 31,000 inhabitants around $1million a month.

    Misick denies embezzling more than $16million and maintains he is the victim of a ‘political witch-hunt’ by the ‘racist, oppressive’ British government.

    A short-lived attempt at a political comeback ended in failure in December 2016 when Misick stood as an independent candidate in the Turks & Caicos general election but received less than 6% of the vote.

    It is always somebody else’s fault and usually a racist, oppressive white somebody!!!

    … and still this joker ran again in the election in 2016!!

    How utterly childlike in thinking and attitude.

    If we ever got to the stage of calling someone to account, there would always be the same standard excuses and waste of time trying to shift blame.

    Donville just made one mistake …. he went outside of the lawless jurisdiction in operation here for children and broke the law in an adult jurisdiction.

    No point him squealing and blaming some imaginary white oppressive racist system.

    Just got to go through the process!!

  12. There is no way $36 million is spending to recoup the $16 million claimed to have been embezzled by Misick!!

    My guess is it is the money laundering aspect … Misick just lived for a while as a parasite and sucked a little something from the system.

  13. David August 17, 2018 9:30 AM

    We are often given clear and definite choices. Choose Jesus or choose he Barrabus. We over the years have choosen to follow he wrong path. We are at another WYE in the road let us see which exit we choose?

  14. “I will continue to speak my peace especially in areas where self interest supersedes the country interest” Amen.
    you really thought anyone believed the poor and vulnerable rhetoric?

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